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August 9, Live Feed Updates

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1:34 BBT

Amber and Jameka whipering "I think jessica is depressed" [i didn't hear what Jameka said]

Talking about who's going after her...

Dustin comes over and jameka says she'll go with the group and Dustin says "i won't do it if you're not ok with it"

dustin keeps saying "its a numbers game" and Amber says "he's coming after me" and dustin says even if he does they have the numbers and Dustin says "talk to him" "he does love you" and Jameka and dustin working to get Amber to change her mind..

Amber "Dick and daniele will come after me now" and dustin says that they will come after me...

Both jameka and Dustin working Amber hard...

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1:45 BBT

Amber talking about lying to Dick and Amber and what lie she's going to tell Dick and Dani and Dustin says I don't care if I lied "through my teeth" even though Amber says dhe told them Dustin "swore on his mom"

looks like Amber has agreed to go with voting out Kail and Jameka says ED "he took credit for that" telling Kail she's staying "that ain't right"

1:51 BBT Jameka and Amber just have filled in Jess about the vote flip and she seems to be on board.

1:59 BBT Kail and Jen in bathroom talking hoe Jess went to DR and Jen says to do her goodbyes. [i say redo them]

[i'm out til tomorrow night ..night all]

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During the Amber, Dustin, Jameka convo at Amber's bed: Amber is still processing Dustin's plea to keep Eric when Jameka comes over. Jam tells Amber that keeping Eric is the best thing for them, strategically. She tells Amber while it may not mean much to her, Eric said that while she (Amber) may be coming after him, he's not going after her and that he was upset and nearly in tears over what happened when she spoke with him upstairs. Jam tells Amber that Eric said he screwed up and was sorry. She tells Amber to talk to Eric tomorrow. Dustin comes in mid-convo and he and Jameka both tell Amber they need Eric for the numbers and to compete in HOH. Dustin says whatever happens, the house is split and is not getting back together. Dick & Daniele will be after him (Dustin) now. Amber begins to agree and say "ok" "ok." She says she'll go with whatever the group wants. She then agrees they need him to compete. She adds that Eric is smart and they can use that to their advantage. She also thinks it's good for Dustin to not be the only guy in their group. They then fill in Jessica and she is quick to agree that keeping Eric is the best thing.

Approx 2:10am BBT: Dustin & Jessica on the couch in the living room saying how happy they are Eric will be staying. Dustin says he's shaking he's so happy. Jessica says she's surprised Eric is asleep, but it's good because he'll need his rest if he's going to compete tomorrow. Dustin agrees and says he should go to bed too.

2:15am BBT: Dustin & Jessica in bathroom getting ready for bed. Dick & Jameka in BY playing golf.

2:22am BBT: Jessica & Amber in bathroom. Amber reconfirms that should Eric put her up she will have the numbers to stay. Amber goes off to bed. Dustin in bed.

2:35am BBT: Dick in BY alone playing golf. Jen & Kail in bed speculating who Zach would put up. They think Jameka and Amber.

2:43am BBT: Kail & Jen discussing whether or not Jen can win the money in the end. Kail says after she stays this week, it's "game on." Dick still playing golf in BY.

2:50am BBT: Dick takes a quick trip to the bathroom then returns outside. Kail telling Jen that Daniele said Amber lied to Nick (about the votes). Talk turns to Jen's convo with Eric. Jen lists off Jessica, Jameka and Dustin. Kail says, he has a deal with them, and not Amber? Jen says, yeah. Then "Not a deal, but that's who he's close with." Kail "Eric must feel so betrayed. He must be so hurt." Jen "Oh, you know what, all the things he told me, he told me not to say." Kail says Amber has different personalaties. At 3 o'clock in the afternoon she's happy then at 7 she's unapproachable. Kail wonders if it has something to do with the drugs she used to take.

3:04am BBT: Jen says, "I wonder what it is she did to her boyfriend." Kail "I know!!" Kail says she doesn't think it's cheating. Jen tells her Amber said she used to cheat all the time, so she doesn't think it was that. It must have been something really bad. Jen says she's not sure, but if Amber told her she didn't think it was a big deal. Jen says "well, you know Dick". They were probably sitting around and Dick was raving about Amber so Eric said, oh I've got something on her that would change the way the whole house feels about her. Jen says that Eric said that he wasn't going to say any more, but then Dick took it and ran with it.

Kail says she feels bad for Eric. Kail says it's a good thing "they're picking off their own people." K says Amber's outburst was really immature and the worst thing she could've done. That she should have talked to Eric privately. She thinks Amber might one day turn and do something like that to Dustin. Kail asks Jen if she remember's her sister's (Amber sister's) advice, "Don't trust a gay guy." Kail says a week or so ago she talked to Amber and said "Dustin's really close to Jen and you too (Amber)". Amber asked Kail if Dustin ever talked bad about her. Kail said no. Kail says she thinks Amber doesn't like it that Dustin is so close to everyone. K says whenever A's around she stays away from Dustin because Amber will get jealous. Kail thinks Amber hung all over Dustin yesterday to prove that Dustin is hers to Jessica because they spent 24 hours in bed together. Kail, "If you want to be safe with Amber, stay away from Dustin. That's how I look at it. I'm still trying to figure out the dynamics between her and Jameka though." Jen, "They're closer." Jen tells her about "the Bible group." Jen says she doesnt know if Kail of herself or both of them are part of it with them. Kail says they should go in the DR tomorrow in the Bunny outfits and say they're the energizer bunnies of BB, they keep going and going and going. Jen says her ear feels better.

3:20am BBT: Kail & Jen sleeping (or trying to anyway). All houseguests except Dick are asleep. Dick in bathroom.

3:28am BBT: Dick outside by himself. (I'm out.)

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The girls are definitely asleep. Dick was outside (on Feed 2) for a while. But we've were on FotH for at least 10 minutes. Feeds now on Dani and Dick outside. They're currently discussing Kail - what a stress case she is and that she said tis has been the happiest week for her.

4:20 - 4:45 BBT

Dani just shut Dick down on a conversation about their relationship. He asks if they can discuss it when they're out of there and she dodges the question.

Conversation switches to Jen. She told him she couldn't get her head shaved because of her modeling jobs. Dick says the slop and her earache are really getting to her. She told him that she has thought about eating normal food, taking a penalty nomination, and going home. But she's concerned that she has never really 'finished' anything in her life.

Dani on Eric: The one thing they did agree on was that he was the smartest player in the house. He said that on a ten-scale he was only playing at a one - that he had been holding back.

On Dustin: Dick asks, "Did you hear him say there was too much pussy in this house? " They both comment on the house being 6 women and 2 and a half men. Dani says if Dustin wins HOH that Dick has to keep his mouth shut and just accept things until the POV meeting is over. Dani says that, in general, Dustin is the next biggest threat in the house. They think the best nomination scenario would be Dustin and Jameka - that he would go home.

They move to DR and production topics and we get quick FotHs.

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4:05 BBT

Dick and Dani in the BY talking while Dani is eating some chips. They complain that they don't get a variety of food in the BB house. All other HGs are asleep.

Dani tells Dick she wants to tell him something Eric told her, but tells Dick he can't say anything about it, and that's the reason she hasn't told him about their conversation.

Dani: Eric told me that people think I've been killing people in the DR, but people will be surprised how nice I've been in the DR about people. What a liar.

Dick: Zach told me that Eric told him that Eric has the votes. Zach said no, he thinks it will be a land slide (with Eric leaving) Eric then told Zach that he'd bring him the people he has.

Dani: Who is he going to bring to Zach? Amber?

Dick tries to bash Jameka, and Dani says she doesn't want to hear it, because she likes Jameka. She says that's how she thinks, and is being honest with him. They say about how they don't like how they're playing the game.

Dani: They say they're doing the right thing. This is a game. Just a game.

Dick: Jameka's game sent Nick home.

Dani: I don't want to talk about game. I really don't.

But they still continue talking about the HGs.

Now they are talking abour Kris, Dani's boyfriend's jobs.

Dick: What's been going on in your life for the last two years?

Dani: Nothing.

Dick: Oh. Come on.

Dani: I'm serious. Absolutely nothing. My life is boring. My life is dull. This is why I wanted to do this. I wanted a change of pace.

Dani talking about her bills, and how she wants to take a month off. Dick says to go to Europe, how he knows people over there and they could go together. Dani says that Nick told her he was taking a few months off and he said they should travel together and go to Europe. Dani says Nick said he was just throwing that out there.

Dick: What do you think our chances are of making it to the end?

Dani: Slim to none. Together? Slim to none.

Dick says something else and Dani replies again with I don't want to talk game.

Dick: Okay, so we're outside of this house, traveling in Europe, where do you want to go?

Dani: I don't care.

Dick: You must care.

Dani: I want to go to Jamacia.

The continue talking about this, and Dani says she doesn't want to talk about certain things. Dick says she doesn't want to talk about game, she doesn't want to talk about this.

Dick: Do you want to go to Paris?

Dani: Yes.

Dick: What about Venice?

Dani: My wonderful mother went there FOTH

They're talking about their relationship and Dani says she doesn't want to talk about it right now.

Dick: Just know one thing. I've always been there.

Dani: See, I don't agree with that. This is why I don't want to talk about this.

Dick: Will you talk about it after the game?

Dani: I do't want to talk about it now.

They're now bashing someone, don't know who. Seems like Jen. Yes, it's Jen.

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Dani is surprised at what Eric said to her during their conversation reagrding 'the Amber thing'. Eric asked her if he was holding out this Amber info, then wasn't she pretty much doing the same thing? <???? It didn't make sense to Dani either.>

Eric told her that he'll be leaving here with nothing, to get nothing. No job, no money, no former girlfriend.

< Hurray, Lala's here. I gotta get some work done. ciao >

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6:43 AM BBT all HGs are sleeping

and for once there are 4 different camera views:

camera 1 - - small beds - - jameka eric zach amber

camera 2 - - round beds - - kail jen

camera 3 - - big beds - - - - dustin jessica

camera 4 - - HOH bed - - - - dani

so where's dick?

7:25 AM BBT cameras switched

camera 1 & 3 - - small beds

camera 2 & 4 - - round beds

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7:00am bbt - reporting for duty and all HGs still asleep - (resting up for a full day of campaigning ahead if word gets out about the flip that took place again last night)

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9:10 am BBT

Feed 1 & 3 on little bed room with sleepers

Feed 2 & 4 on round bed room

Someone is restless....can't tell who it is. But everyone is still sleeping

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9:43 am BBT

Kail made coffee and then went to the bathroom and is now back in bed.

All 4 feeds back on sleepers!

(BB should be waking them soon it's nearly 1pm eastern time)

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9:54 am BBT

Zach is up, turned on the shower and went to the bathroom (knocked on door first...that is nice). Zach out of the bathroom and into the shower. Zach blowing his nose in the shower many times (you know he isn't blowing his nose into tissue and probably doing it onto the ground.....yuck!)

Brief shot of Jen she is up and in the storage room.

Feeds back to Zach in the shower....all 4 feeds on him.

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10:06 am BBT

Everyone appears to be waking up

All 4 feeds are on the bathroom where Zach is but I can hear people in the background (Dustin, Jameka, etc).

Jameka in gym doing make-up Dustin comes in and whispers to her (couldn't hear what she said) then in his normal voice says "because i couldn't sleep" and she says "really?" in her normal voice....more whispering that I couldn't hear then Dustin leaves.

2 feeds on Jameka in the gym and 2 feeds on the hallway.....

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10:23am BBT feeds back w/ Jameka in Gym as they get another call from BB to wake up and go to HOH room as Zack talks to Jameka.

10:25am BBT Dick talks to Jessica and when Dick walks away he says to himself about Eric "see ya moutherfucker"

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10:24 am BBT

Feeds back. Jameka is out of the gym and talking to Zach.....

BB just announced (again) that it is time to get up for the day and they have to report to the HOH room.

Feeds keep flipping around various places showing people getting up and ready.

Dick getting ready in his room saying "turn the god damn speaker off" and "turn it off mother fucker" walks out of the room saying they played one song mentioning Kansas and Jessica says "yeah" and he says "see you mother fucker" as he walks past the memory wall with the pictures (can only assume he is talking about Eric)

Everyone heading up to the HOH room. Dick is called to the DR.

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10:31 am BBT

hearing Dicks' DR

Woman saying "just a couple of questions" and "it's my job to keep you on your toes"

All 4 feeds on Jen in HOH bathroom. don't see or hear anyone else.

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10:27 am to 10:43 am BBTBB says "thank you very much" after everyone changed their batteries. The girls said "awwwww you're welcome"Small talk about the song this morning and talk that they thought it was Reba. Jessica says no it wasn't Zach says "do you have a lot of folk singers in Kansas" and Jessica says "folk?" and Zach says "well country singers" and Jessica says she guesses so.Eric is called to the DR.Danielle says "what is going on"Eric says "is this a lockdown or what"Jen says they are trying to cause drama before our lockdown.Dick comes in and says "this place smells like shit" and Danielle says it is the shower.Everyone talking over each other....hard to hear anything specific.Danielle talks about the DR and asks Dick if he was questioned. Dick says he isn't allowed to talk about his DR session.More talk of the song this morning and Dick says that Jessica was "yeehawing" with the song.HG's all talking about how it's unfair that they have to wear the bunny suits during the live show. That the bunny suit thing was for 120 hours and Jen says that they can't decide to take away some hours so that we have to wear it tonight. Jen says that they did it with the sludge dunk and with the bunny suits so why not change the slop. More discussions between everyone.10:44 am BBTEric was back in the HOH after his DR session, everyone just generally talking (mostly Jen) or laying down not talking.We get FOTH

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