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August 16, Live Feed Updates

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Cams 1 and 2 on Dick and Dan whispering excitedly in round bed room. Cam 3 on Amber alone putting on balm then cams 3 and 4 are on Jam and Amber. Jam was reading her bible, now they're commisserating. Jam saying "that's cool", "I'ts all good, man" ...

Dick asks Dan if they should explain Eric about their plan, she says "to get him out of here? NO!" Dick says why not, it's over, just to let him know that it wasn't mine...Dan says "I don't know, I want them to be a bit stupider than we are" Dan says "I don't care... no, I just would rather not" Dick asks "Why? He knows we are not" more low whispering dan says "I burnt the crap out of me" looking at her hand...

Dan is very excited to have HOH on her B-day week...Dick says Eric was really upset that he didn't win HOH...

Everybody, except for Jam resting her head on her arm and Amber sitting sitting quietly at the DR table, are in the kitchen talking very lively...They comment about the missing things in the kitchen...

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Dick talking to Dani.

Dani does a little dance while sitting down.

Dick says that Jameka hasn't said a word to anyone. Dani says she knows. They giggle.

Dick says that they are still on with the backdooring of Jen, right, and putting Amber/Jameka on the block?

Dani says yes, but she wants to talk it over with everyone.

Dick says "fuck that" talking it over--it doesn't have to be done by committee. She says maybe talk to Jess, though.

Dick asks if they should tell Eric about their plan? She says NO! Why? He says to let him know they weren't lying. Dani says she wants to make Eric think that they are dumber than they are. Dick says Eric knows that they aren't, though.

Dani says she is SO excited! HOH and her birthday, too. Dick says that he's still here, too!

Dick: Eric was really upset with himself. He wanted to get it.

Dani tells how Eric told her that Eric heard Dani not turn her answer thing, and he put the opposite so that one of them would win. Dick agrees you could hear it, and he knew that and made sure he flipped his several times so Amber wouldn't know how to vote. Dani says she knew you could hear and told him (not sure if it was Zach or Eric) to listen, but then she forgot to listen during the comp, herself.

They leave the room.

Zach: Did you guys hug?

Dani: No! I'll never admit it! (joking voice)

Dick: I hugged her and --


Dick and Dani are talking about things missing.

Eric says it must be for SOMETHING..... (ROFL--Cat)

Zach wants to know about it. He's frantically looking for the spatula now.

Jen is there but says nothing, talks about tacos.

Jameka is sitting at the table, and so is Amber. But Jameka has her head down on the table, and Amber isn't talking, either.

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6:30BBT Amber goes to kitchen table. everyone is in there now.

They are noticing all the missing items in the kitchen and wondering what is going on.

Everyone on slop is now eating - Jen eating cereal, Dick says he just ate a roast beef sandwich.

Jameka sitting across table from everyone else with her head down in her arms. Amber sitting with all but not saying a word

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6:40 Talk of cartoons.

Dick says he hated ScoobyDoo. Zach then says he hated Scooby, too.

Dick talks about the Groovy Ghoulies.

Dani talks about JEM! Jem and the holograms!

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2 cams on Jam in bed 2 in DR table where Dick, Eric, Zach, Dan are discussing how much they all loved "speed Racer" Jen and Jess are there...

So is Amber who's just sitting there saying nothing...Dans asks amber if she watched Even Stevens and Amber says "yes" quietly...Dan asks amber something about her daughter and Amber answers "yes' as she starts to tear up...Dan consoles her telling her her daughter probably will enjoy somehting very much...Now Eric is talking about how he pays his bets when he loses...

1 & 2 cams on Jess and Dick unpacking their clothes in the room downstairs and 2 on DR where Jen, Zach, Dan and Eric are talking animatedly while Amber sits there watching...

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Dani asks Amber about how it was talking to her daughter. Amber starts to cry and can't really talk about it. Dani tells her that her daughter will be thrilled to see her talk to her.

Jameka is in bed with the covers nearly over her head.

Dani talks about when Eric streaked. She said good morning to him and he didn't answer, and she thought he was mad. He says that was "determination." He suddenly streaked, and Dani thought "Oh, my!"

Eric says he does follow through with something he says he will do, like streaking.

No answer.

They are waiting for Chinese food.

Dani says she has been threatened by BB with a penalty nomination, but she doesn't believe it. We immediately get FOTH

Dick says this is one more night when his son is going nuts!!!

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Dick and Jess are talking in the round room. Dick says "Game on" and high fives Jess, after saying that Jameka hasn't talked to anyone.

Dick says "no more of this POV shit with them." He says that they will backdoor.

Jess says that Amber and Jameka will freak out, and Dick says everyone has to have their turn...

Jess: No, thank you!

They laugh. She leaves. Dani comes in.

Dick tells Dani that he told Jess about her plan and about Jameka.

Dani says she is surprised in a good way that Amber is taking it as well as she is.

Dani says that "this one" (points toward other room, and Jameka) is taking it a lot harder than she thought she would. She thought it would be the other way around.

Dick says that's too fucking bad.

They think Jameka is "freaking out" and acting bad.

(Has Dani forgotten her reaction when Eric stayed?--Cat)

Zach enters the room.

Dick farts and Dani tells him he is so gross--she is going to nominate him to just get him out of there! (joking)

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Dick is unpacking, showing all of the stuff he has collected, including something that fell off the chandelier when he was going up the stairs. Dani jokes that BB will tell him to return everything.


Jen has joined the round room.

Zach says that Dick has said on national t.v. that he wants to make out with Carol. Dick quotes what he actually said.

Dani says that Carol's parents hate Dick now, too. Dick says everyone hates him!

Dani lists everyone that hates Dick. Jen says her family, too. Dick agrees.

Dick: I'm Joe's hero! I am!


Dick says that when Dustin left, he said, "Interesting," and Dick thinks Joe then said, "Awk-ward!"

Dick says that this week has been un-fucking-believable!

Dani says he should say this whole summer.

Jen says Dick says that every week.

Dick says that this way was the worst.

Dick says that this week, there was no way that both of them were staying. Period.

Jen: I'm so glad she didn't put me up!

Dick: I'm so glad she didn't, too!

Dick says there couldn't have been a more perfect person to put up against him than Dustin. He says they will see him on the video, dancing, after she put Dustin up.

Dick says he doesn't believe in God, but he believes in "Fred." So he was saying, "Thank you, Fred! Thank you!!"

Dani: God!

Dani says people are probably saying, "Who's Carol?" After you've been watching a while, you forget the people at the beginning.

Zach: Would that be considered a call out?

Dani: A shout out?

(They are not allowed to do shout outs--Cat)

Dani says that it wouldn't count. It was a joke.

Dani says it is so weird--even on live shows, she doesn't feel like she is on t.v.

Eric is whispering to Jess, saying that "they" said it was the best thing ever that they went against their alliance.

Eric: We are officially reality t.v. badasses!


Zach is sitting on the end of the bed that Jess and Eric are lying in, and he is making fun of Eric's feet. He calls him a hobbit and asks him "What's going on, Frodo?"

Jess: I think that went well.

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Dick and Jen are whispering in the kitchen. She asks who Dani is putting up. I can't hear what he says because I am on quad feed and Zach is blabbing loudly.

I switch to the feed with Dick and Jen....

Dick tells Jen that he stole Dustin's clothes. He took the tattoo sleeves. Jen says she thought maybe he took her clothes, too.

Dick says it was great that Jen was "adding to it" and saying he may have taken her stuff, too.

Dick: I took the robe. I should have taken the crown, too. I took the tattoo sleeves. I just knew that fucking asshole was planning on sitting next to me---I should have let him.

Jen: You never gave them back?

Dick: No. I took his white little hoodie and threw it up on the roof.

Jen: Yeah, they put it in storage (it had black all over it, too--Cat)

Dick: They returned it.

Dick: I took his blue cutoff shirt, tied it in a knot and threw it over the roof.

Jen: He never got it back? No?

Dick says no, and Jen laughs

Dick: What else? I had a grey sweatshirt of his, or a grey v-neck. One of his grey v-necks. And I almost threw his flip-flops over the wall, too.

Jen: It's just funny. He had no idea.

Dick: That he was leaving? None! He was just a cocky son of a bitch.

Jen says she is so glad Jess didn't put her up.

Jen: That would have been me. I don't know if you could have gotten me outta here. I'm sure you could.

Jen, Dani and Dick are in the round room, and Dani whispers something to Dick, and the mic is completely off so we can't hear at all.

Jameka is in bed in the silhouette room with the covers up over her head almost.

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Dick goes outside, and Dani asks if he wants company. He says yes. They go outside, and Dick says he wants another hug. (BB goes to the blue swirly at this point, but we can still hear them).

Dick says that he can't believe they pulled it off.

Dick says not just because he was on the block, but because of the way they treated everyone in the house this week!

Dani says that plus, she nominated him (Eric)!!!

Dick: They did what they said they were going to do.

Dani: I know!

Dani says that on the couch she was still 50/50.

Dick says Zach came up to him earlier in the day and said that Jess told him to switch his vote. So why would he say that?

Dani says they would do it to make it a tie, and then Jess could vote out Dick. Then Dani would be frazzled for HOH.

Dick says it was smart of them to do what they did (Eric and Jess).

Dani says yes, because their butts would have been on the block!

General gloating, with them saying that Dustin would probably be wearing his king robe. Dick and Dani talk about how they would have told Eric and Dustin that this would have been the week that Dani would put up Nick and Dick, but since they aren't here, Eric and Dustin were going up!

Talk briefly is about the comp.

Amber comes outside and asks if she is interrupting, and they say no.

Dani whines about her hand.

Dani grabbed a hot pan earlier.

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Dick goes over to Amber, who is in the hot tub. He says that he took Dustin's tattoo sleeves and would have given them to him as he left, but it would have been too much of a "fuck you." So, he will give them to Amber later and she can give them to Dustin. Amber says that's fine.

Dani complains about her hand some more, and Dick tells her maybe she should report it to the DR for treatment.

Dani says she is afraid of the pictures she will get in her room. (Pictures of Nick?--Cat)

Dick says that is a weird thing to be afraid of! He says that's as weird as Jameka's comment that she was afraid of the midget coming to "hover over her at night." Dick says how could he do that, when she is in a big bed? Dani says he could stand on the bed! Dick laughs. He says it is "like Chucky or something."

Dick says that Jen "stole all of that stuff out of the house," and she was doing it to get people to think of other things and not the HOH. Dani says it is funny because everyone was paying attention to it! Dick says Zach started that.

Dick says that he hopes the midget comes to the wrap party. (Dick is calling him a midget--not me--Cat)

Dick says he knows he's seen him around Hollywood.

Dani says she liked him a lot.

Dick says he told him he "thinks he is the bass player in mini-Kiss."

Dani says she liked when he rode the "red horse around, spanking it."

Dick: He was chasing the pirate on stilts around with the golf club.

Dani: The pirate wasn't very funny to me at all. He seemed kind of nervous.

Dick says the barbershop quartet was sweating their asses off.

Dani says she loved their BB songs and she wonders who wrote them.

Dick: Big Brother.

Dick says he would love to get the lyrics. Dani says they were perfect.

Dani: How about Rich's BB joke today?! That was----


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Talk of ways to die. Dick thinks a car wreck would be best. Zach thinks burning to death would be awful. Dick says that when the people in the WTC were jumping out of the WTC, that shows burning to death is worse than anything.

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Zach saying even though Dustin is gone, he's won more stuff than anyone in the house cuz he has 5K and a trip to Barbados with a friend...

Jess and Jam going up to couch outside HOH to talk..Jam asks Jess if the reason they (Eric/Jess) did not tell her (Jam) was because they thought she would tell Amber.

Jess says it wasn't decided till the last minute. Jess says she wanted to tell Jam but did not want to put her in a tough spot. Jess says she was scared that Dustin would come after the rest of the people in their group...Jam asks how would he (Dustin) do that...Jess says that's what she (Jess) thought Dustin would do because of how he did things...

Jam says she heard it was discussed as a group by Jen, Zach...Jess says she didn't want to be blind sided...Jam says Dick will come after Amber and Jam...Jess says she doesn't think so, she can guarantee it is Jen D/D are going after.

Jam tells Jess that this was a backdoor and she (Jam) knows Jess doesn't like that. Jess says yes, this was pretty much a backdoor, and she doesn't like that.

Jam says it's hard for her to...Jess cuts in and says "to understand" Jess says she knows. that it took her (Jess) a while too to understand why she had to go with it because she (Jess) did not want a 3-3 situation where she had to decide...

Jess tells Jam that the only thing they needed from her was to tell Zach to vote for Dustin...

Jameka keeps repeating that something "ain't right"...jameka says Eric is up to something because why would he(Eric) Keep Dick after Dick tried to get him (eric) out last week. Jam keeps saying over and over something aint right something is up...she thinks there's an alliance between Zach, Jen and Eric..."something is not adding up" Jam tells Jess...Jess tells Jam that she trusts Eric but in the back of her mind she keeps asking "what are you pulling?"...

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Dick is talking about high school. He went to "Jordan High School." His Junior High School was "Carmelitas." He says the back fence backed up to the projects. He says going to school was an "Adventure in not getting your ass kicked."

Zach asks if they were Raiders fans.

Dick asks if there is a camera on him and then yells "Raider Nation sucks!"

Zach laughs.

Dick says that when his son was 14, they were at games and people were spitting on them and throwing chicken bones at them during the game.

Dick: What am I going to do? Am I going to get into a fight with like a 150 people and get my ass kicked in front of my kid?

Dick says from that point on, they didn't wear Jets shirts to the games.

Dick says they spent the night in a hotel where the Raiders were before the game. They went into the sports bar (with his 14 year old?--Cat) and it was like a "country bar" and everyone stopped and looked at them.

Dick: I made a bunch of bets, probably like $200 or $300 worth of bets.

Dick says he paid off his bets, and he didn't pay for a drink the rest of the night. All of those guys paid for his drinks--all of those guys "you see in commercials and stuff" were surrounding him.

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Jess is talking to Jameka up outside the HOH house.

Jameka says that now they are going on the block.

Jameka says she doesn't know why it couldn't have happened later. Jess says that was her thing, too--Why now??

Jess says that they talked to Zach, and he said some more stuff about Dustin. (and that affected their decision).

Jameka wonders if Jen is being truthful about wanting Zach out?

Jess: I don't know. Why would she want Zach out??

Jameka: I don't buy it!

Jameka says "Obviously, Eric was talking to ED."

Jess: Yeah.

Jameka: That's what I don't get.

Jameka: I don't know how much of a role he played in it, to get Dustin out this week, but that's messed up!

Jess says she doesn't think Eric played much of a role.

Jameka says that ED called out Eric, and why would you save a person who did that to you?

Jess: I don't know.

Jameka: That doesn't make sense! And why would Jen be worried about how Eric would feel?

Jess: You mean, it's like Eric, Jen and Zach?

Jameka says that when you are fighting with someone one week, then friends, then calling them bitches again, something is not right.

Jess says that they didn't talk strategy last night (her and Eric).

Jameka: I don't know. Something's not adding up.

Jameka says she wants to trust him, but part of her is wondering what is going on.

Jess says she is that way--she trusts him (Eric) but part of her is wondering, but it's best to just lay low.

Jameka: You're saying it wasn't Eric?

(Since Jess didn't vote, she is pretending ignorance about the plan.--Cat)

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Loads here,

Dick and Danielle celebrate her wins and already start plans to get out the next victims. They are on a roll.

There has been no sign of Amber since the last minutes after the HOH comp, she did approach Jamkea with questions, Jameka did go to bed and pray I figure.

Jameka now has Jessica upstairs on the couches asking what the HEAVEN happened, she cant figure it out..stunned..Jessica gives a little info but not the truth..Jameka says she will fight for POV...I hope she gets DICKS ball. oops sorry


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Jameka asks if Eric has any side deals?

Jess says he hasn't told her anything! (I have a picture of her looking up as she lies. ROFL! --Cat)

Jess: I would disown him so fast if he did that, because, like, I don't think I could trust you, you know? I would like to think not, because I spend the most time with him, you know? I just don't know. I have no idea what to do in this game. Like, I thought it would be so clear, but it's not!

Jameka says the good thing about Jess is she has Eric, Zach, Jameka. Those are three guaranteed votes for Jess.

Jameka says that Dustin took the target off Amber's back, and now it is put back on her.

Jess says that Jameka has Jess and Eric and she thinks Jameka has Zach, too.

Jameka: I don't think so.

Jess: I mean, I hate to say it, but he voted to keep Kail because she can't compete for so long. (Zach)


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Jess told Jameka before the vote that they were voting out Dustin!!!

Jameka: Even when you told me that, like my heart was just like trying to cope with the fact that I'm going to have to be here with him, another however long. Obviously two weeks. My vote is not going to change, it's still going to Dustin. Like, what am I going to do? What am I going to do? I tried not to show it on the couch.

Jess: Yeah. You were okay.

Jameka: The part that hurt kind of was that Eric was in the bathroom after it was over. He was like, "Yeah, I'll talk to you about it later, but just know that me, Jess, Jen and Zach met as a group," and I was like (makes scared sound).

Jess: Yeah, like where was I? (sad voice for Jameka)

Jameka: I don't know. I guess it happened for a reason. I know Amber picks up on stuff, though.

Jameka says she kept it from her, but she thinks Amber can read people and could have picked it up from her.

Jess: Yeah.

Jameka talks about Amber's "vision" and Jess says maybe it will be for POV or something.

Jameka: But I'm not mad at you or anything.

Jess: OK, good.

Jameka: This game! This game!

Jameka says it sucks that she can't play for HOH.

Jess says she still gets to play for POV, and if she can she will pick Jameka to play, trust her. Jameka says she appreciates it.

Jameka says she is proud of Jess.

Jameka: I don't think you created enemies from it. If anything, it will get you further in the game. You deserve this. It's fine.

Jess: Thanks.

Jameka: It's fine.

Jameka says she's sorry about her reaction. Jess says it's a lot to take in.

Talk about Grandma Joyce. Jameka says she keeps thinking of her. Jess says she is a wise woman--had five kids, has done well for herself. Cleans all of the time. Was a lunch lady or something for her aunt's school for a while, but was a homemaker. She married her grandpa when they got out of high school and they lived in a chicken coop to put her grandfather through college!

Jameka says she loves her job, but she would like that option (to stay at home).

(I'm taking a break--Cat)

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Everybody standing outside HOH now...Dan says "remember when we all came to see Kail's room"...Dick says "remember when nobody came to see Jens'"

cam goes to a big letter written in pink...from Nick, it ends with "to be continued..." ...Everybody is talking excitedly about the food and pics and stuff Dan got...

Dick says "We'll leave you now so you can read your letter from Nick" Dan says "thank you" but everybody's still there....Daniele growls (that's how it sounded) "I'm so Happy!"

Dick says one of the first things Nick told him was that he (Nick) did calligraphy anf that his mother is an art teacher...Nick wrote the letter in calligraphy apparently, they are saying they're very impressed by that...

Everybody leaving saying "congrats, enjoy"...Jen tells Dan that the food is there and dan says "OK, I'll be right there"

Now Dan is swiveling on a chair, reading her letter and giggling...then puts it down and goes downstairs, tells Zach that Nick says "Hey" and to quit "fake sleeping"...Dan says she's so happy because she can tell that he (Nick) read her blog...

All downstairs now eating their Chinese food...Everybody still very animated. Amber sitting quietly while Dan announces ... "Hey, I'll give a speech, I'll take one! I'll give a speech!...umm...like I was saying upststairs, you know, we started out with a bunch of people and it's down to this, and... we've been through our ups, we've been through our lowest lows. I know for a fact that I, in this house, have hit absolute rock bottom and, you know, stopped up from there and I know a lot of us have, umm...this summer has been nothing, NOTHING like I would have imagined, at all, and...you know your opinions of people in this house change daily. you go from one day feeling one way about somebody, to the next day feeling a different way completely...and, honestly, I can honestly say that I really appreciate and I'm really happy to be sitting here with every single one of you and I'm... extremely proud of all of us, and that's all" Dick starts clapping and the rest do so too.

Amber also speaks ..."I wanna say something to you guys. Obviously this is a hard day for me..." She says she knows that everyone voted how they needed to vote in order to help their own game. amber says, she's confused about a lot of things but does not want to be treated differently. that this is a game and everyone is there for themselves so no hard feelings, she will be fine...

I hear some "thank you"s then talk gors back to the food and ED saying they should read their fortune cookies...

Fortune cookies say...

Jess's..."The time is right to make a new friend"

Dick's... "Others will be impressed with your artistic side"

Zack's..."Others find your charm irresistible"

Eric's... "Its okay to slow down and smell the roses"

Dan's..."Focus on your long term goal"

Amber's..."Good news are on your way"

Jen... "You're inclined to come up with unconventional solutions"

Jam's..."You will soon be crossing warm waters for a fun vacation"

Jam says she doesn't like hers at all bacause it sounds like an eviction... Everyone laughs...Jam asks if she canwait another month and a half for her fortune to come through...

Dick tells Jam to have a re-do...Jam reads (mocking) "you want to be home sooner than you need" they all laugh, again...Jam reads another one and this one says "It is time to help a friend in need"

Amber reads a new one..."An unexpected visitor will bring you good blessings"

They tease Amber that it will be that little guy...Dick says "he's gonna be back under your bed tonight"...

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It's time for the HOH room opening. Eric says Jen is sleeping and asks if they should wake her. Dani says yes, do wake her. She would feel bad if Jen wasn't there.

Dick says they will just give her the same pictures and letter again.

Dick says that Jess was over by the rail (while talking to Jameka) and BB kept saying to keep away from the rail.

Dick: What were you doing on the rail??

She says something is "The Faint." (no idea), a dark chocolate with peanuts, popcorn, a picture of Vincent's graduation (of Dani, her brother and Dick), and a picture of a baby. There is a "recycled" picture of Dani and her grandmother. A letter that Dani will read alone, from NICK.

Dick says they will leave her alone to read the letter from Nick.

Dani says it is hilarious--she got corn dogs in her fridge. She says everyone is welcome to Trader Joe's popcorn. (At one point, they comment that Dani is a brunette in her picture, and she tells Jess she had her brunette pictures, too!)

There is some sort of picture of Nick in his sports outfit, and they are talking about his artistic work, and Dick says Nick told them he did calligraphy and stuff. They are all impressed.

Dick says that if that is the best picture her grandma could find, they need to "kick her ass when they get home."

The Chinese food is here. They finally leave. Dani reads the letter, spinning around and giggling. The letter is on pink paper, and all in calligraphy.

Dani says that Nick told Zach to stop fake sleeping in the letter. And she is so happy because she can tell he read her blog and what she said to him.

Eric says that's interesting--can he actually "address people in the house?" She says he didn't say a lot. He just said that to Zach. Eric says that he could say that someone is the biggest liar or something....

Dani says that she is so excited. Dani says that Nick said that Joe said "Oh, my knees!" Someone says he was talking to Joe, then. And Dani says "Or he was just saying that."

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8:45pm bbt Daniele gets her HOH room... Jen was asleep, they waited for Eric to go wake her up first before entering the HOH room, Daniele said good idea because this would be the only time Jen would get to be in the room... couple of recycled pics, and corn dogs! plus pop corn...

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Dani gets her HOH room, everyone in there looking at all her stuff...Jameka looks happy or faking it but AMBER is clearly sad..(see video thread prt1 and 2) processing

Dani is very Happy loves her rooma dn is happy to share her bounty. Dick is very pleased and loves the pics, she ahs a letter from someone just not sure who....

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Dani says she wants to give a speech, as they are having the Chinese. (Zach says he will take a "normal portion" and then eat what is left over. Dick calls him "Mike.")

Talk of Eric's allergies, and the food has notes like "May have seafood," and it is shrimp, so obviously it does!

Dani's speech:

Like I was saying upstairs, we started out with a whole bunch of people, and it's down to this. We've been through our ups, we've been through our lowest lows. I know for a fact that I, in this house, have hit absolute rock bottom, and you know, stepped up from there. And I know a lot of us have. This summer has been absolutely nothing, nothing like I could have imagined at all. Your opinions of people in this house change daily. You go from one day feeling one way about somebody to the next day feeling a different way, completely. And I can honestly say that I really appreciate, and I'm really happy to be sitting here next to every single one of you, and I'm extremely proud of all of us. And that's all. (Her voice is cracking at the end).


Eric: And what better than a birthday HOH celebration? Very, very cool!

Dani: And Chinese!!!!

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