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August 16, Live Feed Updates

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1:38 BBT

Dustin and Zach are in the Gym. Zach is running and Dustin is lifting weights.

Dustin is trying to get Zach to vote out Dick. Zach says nobody has offered him anything yet. Dustin is saying if Danielle wins HOH that he(dustin) will be going up. Zach says if he won HOH he would put up 2 of the girls to level it out. Dustin thinks its going to be 5-3 this week for Dick to leave.

1:40 BBT

Dustin: "If dick and danielle stay in this house, they are going to have to be put up again next week, because they will continue their fashion"

Zach: "The only way it can become an un-easy situation is if Jessica says "your on your own", It's up to her."

1:50 BBT

Jameka and Dick are in the Kitchen. Dick is making slop I think. Jamkea is all cooking.

Jen and Danielle are getting prettied in the bathroom. I think the are talking of possibilities for what HOH could be.

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The two of them are listing items they have found missing. Drawers, Occupied sign, something from the gym, thinking maybe BB did it. These are items hidden by Jen and Eric this morning. In the kitchen, Dick is looking for a utensil - also hidden by the pre-dawn duo.

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2:00 BBT

Dick And Danielle are in the round room talking.

Danielle: I dont want to not talk to you all day and make it obvious

Dick: If this doesnt happen this was a very good experience for me with you, it is the beginning of fixing and eveything, and this will be something we will share for the rest of our lives, but hopefully i wont leave

Danielle: Mmmmhmmm

They are talking about Jenn's slop pass being not fair, because of when it lasts until.

Dick: If i give my you my pass, i shouldnt have to be on slop either.

Danielle: Im just tired of her(jen).

Dick: next week if we get hoh, jameka and amber are up and jen is a replacement.

Dick: This will be such a disappointment for amber, she will be crying all week.

Danielle: She will have jameka..

Danielle: All I want to do is sleep, i have been on slop for 2 weeks in a row.

Dick: Dont tell me you'll be okay on slop ever again.

Danielle: All I want to do is sleep!...

Dick: I want that bitch out of here.(jen)

Danielle: If you leave i will do it after HOH.???

Danielle: We will talk to zach before the show.

Dick: Ill talk to him like I talked to jessica.

Dick: I dont care what your deal is, im not voting for him(zach), I dont have a deal with him.


Im out for a bit

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Not only did we go FotH, but now Player/Reloader has the feeds "unavailable" until later.

Anbody still have them? if so, update please.

ETA: 2:20 BBT Back to trivia, but no sound.

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Dick and Dani are talking in the round room.

Dani says she wants to know if it is a surprise for Dustin and Jameka. Dick says he thinks so. She doesn't want to not talk to Dick and possibly tip them off.

Dick says Dani looks tired. She says she doesn't feel good.

Dick tells her to eat slop.

Dani: Okaaaaaay. (sighs)

Dick: In case this doesn't happen. This has been a really, really good experience for me here with you. (Dani is stonefaced throughout this talk). And I'm very--I'm happy that it happened this way. And, uh, I hope this is like the beginning of fixing everything. It's going to be something that we share for the rest of our lives, no matter what. We'll have these memories--we'll have this experience.


Dick: But, hopefully it won't be.

Dani: Mmm hmm

Dick whispers

Dick: I could not (Dick laughs) a week ago, could not even imagine the possibility of (sounds like "What happened last night"). Could not even imagine it.

Dani: Didn't I tell you, I said the only glimmer of a chance is if you have him (Dustin) next to you. I said it even before we were nominated.

Dick says he doesn't even understand why that happened--he still doesn't understand.

Dani: Because he wanted to be sitting next to you and be like, "Looks like they like me more than you!" type of thing. (Dani says this in a mocking Dustin way)

Dick: Such an enormous backfire!

Dani: I'm dying!

Dani makes fun of Dustin's shirt.

Dick picks up something that he has hidden. It seems to be some sort of sleeves or something that are Dustin's. Maybe gloves.

Dani: I was going to ask you if you had those!

Dick: Yeah. You're gay, and we all know it, now! Don't let me forget to stick these in his hand! (As Dustin leaves, so Dick isn't technically stealing them, from what I can make out--Cat)

Dani says she is going to ask in the DR when they go off slop, and Jen goes back on slop. She says that it's not fair if she (Jen) gets to eat before the HOH.

Dick says it will probably be through until tomorrow-that's the way the slop pass works. From food to food comp.

Dani: That's still not fair!

Dick asks why not? That's the way it always works.

Dick says that if he had used it on Dani or himself, then he shouldn't have to go on slop before the comp, because he had the slop pass!

Dani: But, she's different.

Dick says he's been thinking about it and it should be that way--the same for anybody. (Yay, Dick!--Cat)

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Dani says she is tired of Jen.

Dani says that Jen sat down, sat on the couch in the bathroom and Dustin's lotion fell. Jen just turned around and looked and didn't even pick it up! Dani doesn't understand that.

Dick says the "epitome of what Jen is, is the statement about the gardener and the maid."

Dani agrees.

Dick: Next week, if we get HOH, Jameka and Amber are up. Jen is the replacement and we get her the fuck (Jen) out of here.

Dani: The only thing we have to worry about is if they do something. I don't think they will, but say somebody in this house gets upset again. I know they did it last week. I'm just throwing it out there.

Dick starts to stand up for them. Dani says she is "just SAYing!"

Dani says Amber knows everything Dustin has said, and maybe she will upset someone with something, and they could flip.

Dick says Amber will be crying so hard, she won't say anything.

Dani; She'll have Jameka!

Dick: Jameka will be like, eyes bugging! She won't be looking at anybody!

Dani: I know! Nobody!

Dick: She'll be reading her Bible, and they'll have Bible study together!

Dani: Shut up! (joking)

Talk of HOH

Dani says Dick or Dani have to get it, and Dani wants it.

Dani says if it is physical, she isn't going to do good at all. Dick tells her to eat slop.

Dani says she will, but she doesn't feel good!

Dani says that her heart and lungs hurt to breathe.

Dani: I'm a mess!

Dick: Don't ever tell me that you'll be fine on slop again!

Dani: Well! It's stupid, though, because I've been on slop for two weeks in a row!

Dani says she thought she'd be fine, as she had the break in the middle. But it seems like it is worse with the break in the middle than if she had done it straight through.

Dani says it doesn't make sense.

Dick: I want that bitch out of here. I fucking hate her.

Dick tells Dani to not forget her fingernail clippers are there and she should "move some shit in here" just in case shit happens.

Dani says she will do it after HOH if that happens.

Dani: We'll talk to Zach before the show and see if he talked to him and stuff.

Dick says he told Zach to talk to Jess, and Zach said he wanted Jess to talk to HIM. Dick thought, give me a break! I don't care who talks to who! Talk to her!

Dick says that he doesn't care what Dani's deal was. He is not going with Zach until the end.

Dick: I never made a deal with him!

Dani: I know!!!!

Trivia FOTH approx 2 p.m. hamster time

Still trivia at 2:30 hamster time

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Will the live feeds reporters who are having troubles with their feeds please try switching from either the BB to the Morty's uninterrupted feeds, or vice versa? I'm using the BB feeds, and they haven't had problems. I'm wondering if maybe BB has messed with those no time-out feeds somehow. Please let me know in a PM if it makes a difference. If not, then we'll just muddle through and do our best. :) I love you guys!!!!

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3 p.m. hamster time--Still FOTH with trivia. (It seems very early to be shutting us out--I wonder if anything good is happening that they don't want us to see?)

The BB feeds do time out after about two hours. I know some people were having troubles with the reloader and the feeds that don't time out, so I thought we might give the BB (CBS) feeds a try, even though they do time out. It is frustrating when they time out during a crucial time, though. I was having problems with the no-time-out feeds, so I switched to just the CBS BB feeds about two weeks ago. If you aren't having problems, though, stick with what works!!!

And it could just be a problem because of high traffic as this is a huge eviction night.

I'm going to leave these posts we've written so far about the feeds here, as all of the people watching the feeds may need the info. If there are any other questions/answers to the problem, let me know in PM, and we'll hopefully figure it all out before show time!

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4:06 pm BBT

No change, still TRIVIA on all feeds. I would assume we aren't going to get anymore until after the live show since it's after 4pm and nearly 5pm here in CA....it's so close to live show time anyways.

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DUSTIN IS EVICTED!!!! Vote was 4-2 with Jen, Zack, Dani and Eric voting to evict Dustin...

Votes are: Amber - Dick; Eric - Dustin; Jameka - Dick; Daniele - Dustin; Zach - Dustin; Jen - Dustin

The look on Dustin's face was priceless!!



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6:05PM BBT: Feeds back.

Zach and Dick are talking about the HOH contest.

Dani, Eric and Jess are talking fast about the comp.

Over at the counter in the kitchen, Jameka is sitting. Amber is doing dishes, upset.

Daniele is eating chips. So, apparently she gets to eat as soon as she gets the HOH.

Jen asks if Dani has laundry, and Dani says yes. She seems to be friendly with Jen now.

Dani hopes she gets new food. She says "red lime!"


Eric is explaining to Jess how he really tried to win HOH. He wasn't looking at the costumes yesterday--he thought that it would all be about the numbers. He seems upset that he didn't win, somewhat.

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Major flirtation between Eric and Jessica.

She tells him about what Julie asked, about her attraction to him. She says they're both trying to stay focused on the game.

Eric adds, 'But after we get out ...'

Nervous laughter, and joking about throwing Jessica up on the counter (implying something naughty) and getting a penalty eviction for it.

"There's a connection between me and Eric that's like no other ..."


Someone quicker than I should really transcribe this stuff. There's was something about electricity, and Jess claimed that she told Julie, 'Just look at him, Julie. How can you not love him?'

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Jess is joking about Julie asking her if she is in love with Eric.

Jess says she said "There is a connection between me and Eric unlike any other." (They are joking about this). Eric says that when they "finally touch" it will create sparks, and he's not sure they can wait until after the show is over. Jess says she should have said, "How could you NOT love Eric?"

(Earlier, Jess said that Dani needed a letter from Nick. My feeds were cutting out at the time so I didn't get the exact quote--maybe someone else did? Anyway, Eric said that if that happened, he would "vomit into her hair" and into the basket.)

Eric says that HOH birthday week is pretty cool. Dani is VERY excited and happy and upbeat now. She says she knows, and he asks if that is the first time it has happened. Dani says they are breaking records all over the place!!!

Eric says he hates the true/false questions--if they had asked him everything they said yesterday, he could have quoted it all. Dani says all of that stuff was to distract them from the things they would be asked.

Eric says to Dani that he could barely contain himself. Eric tells Dani that he knew that Dani had left her answer on true. He didn't hear her spin the answer thing. He wasn't sure what the answer was, so he turned his to false, just in case, so one of them would win. Dani says that SO smart of him! They give each other a high five. Dani says she thought if "these people were lying to her again" she would be crying.

Eric: They knew it was happening, too, because they seemed panicked all day today!

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Jameka is changing clothes alone. She is mumbling to herself. "Okay, I'm tripping. This is a trip!"

Jameka is reading something--I'll post a picture later. It looks like it is the letter she got from home. Yep--I've got a close-up of it.

(The feeds are really choppy--everybody hang in there and refresh if need be--we'll get as much as possible. I'm sure the feeds are being watched by a LOT of people right now--Cat)

6:22 and Amber is sobbing at her bedside.

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