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August 16, Live Feed Updates

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Amber leaves after primping

Eric says that Dustin has broken up at least ten of his conversations today.

Jess: He's on the block. Cut him some slack.

Eric: He voluntarily put himself there, and in theory should feel like he is completely safe, whether he is or isn't.

Jess: Yeah.

Eric says as little as he wants to say this, they should be sure to get Jameka out while she can't compete for HOH.

Jess says she completely agrees. She doesn't want to go up against Jameka in the end!

Eric says he feels bad saying it--he doesn't want to get rid of her! It's hard to put the personal feelings aside for the game. But he did notice that the three of them (Dustin, Jameka, Amber) were whispering together. Eric thought about pulling Jen aside and trying to go over the stuff with her.

Jess says she was sleeping earlier and Dick woke her up, and claimed he didn't know she was sleeping.

Jess: So, I guess you don't even have to talk to Dani, if you don't want to!

Eric: Should I? I don't know.

Jess: Or maybe you want to open the lines of communication between you and her, because she is staying! I mean, even if Dick isn't going to be part of this super four, that doesn't mean that we can't consider, you know, her down the road. Her going after Dustin. I know--I know! You are considering it the other way.

Jess says that unless he wants to keep the line drawn, and Dani is definitely going after Eric.

Eric says that he thinks if he goes against Dustin, he would win, because Zach and Jen would vote out Dustin.

Jess agrees, especially that Zach would vote out Dustin.

Eric says whatever happens this week, a strong person will go. They will be choosing how they want to align themselves. It was a great HOH for Jess. But Eric wishes it was more fun--it was stressful.

Jess says she has had a lot of fun this week.

Eric says that he thought he would be better than he is in the house.

Eric says he will shower and they'll have some fun. He says no more beer pong, though, right?

Jess says okay.

Eric leaves to shower downstairs. He says he'll be a new man in 30 minutes!

Jess: Adios!

Zach offers Eric food as he goes downstairs (he's cooking for the "date" with Amber)

Eric thanks him, says he appreciates it. He's getting ready to shower.

Dustin and Jameka have been exercising.

Jameka to Amber in bathroom

Jameka: Something's going on tonight. You hear me? Something's going on tonight!

Amber: What?

Jameka: I don't know. Something's going on. Dustin feels it.

Jameka says that all nine of them can try to get a veto. Let's say one of them gets a question right and maybe they get a veto. Then maybe they get another question right and get a veto. It doesn't mean that each houseguest gets a chance at the veto.

(They are worried about what all of those vetos mean).

Jameka; If it is double eviction, that means three people have to be nominated.

Jameka says you can't nominate someone and not give them the right to try for the veto. That's why there are six vetos there!

BB tells Amber to get her mic.

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Approx 8:45 hamster time

Dick is complaing about "too many fucking bugs out here" as he is on the hammock.

In the silhouette room, Jameka is talking to Dustin. He says they need to go up to HOH.

Jameka: Why? Just to touch bases, or are you worried?

Dustin says he isn't worried. He wants to let Jess know what he was thinking. He thinks it is probable. Dustin says that six people can vote, and there are six vetos.

Brief FOTH

Jameka says one person could maybe win three vetos.

Dustin agrees.


They go upstairs.

Jess is eating chocolate cake.

Jameka and Dustin are in the HOH with Jess.

Jess says Dick woke her up earlier.

Jameka: Oh, he had another talk with you?

Dustin: Did he? What did he have to say?

Jess sighsJess says Dick was telling her that he didn't have to go this way (with Dick leaving). Jess says that isn't happening, though. She wanted a stress-free week.

Dustin says that he wants to tell her the ideas. The jester kept "tapping at the clock" at 6:45, and they think it will maybe be a sleep deprived HOH contest.

Jess: Maybe it will be a long HOH, like an all-day type deal.

Dustin: Six POV's were in the middle. Three people were on the outside. There could be six vetos. Dustin says each veto could be for "vetoing out the votes" and the three on the outside are the nominees.

Jess says so many things could be taken out of what happened today--she doesn't know where to begin.

Jameka: Something is going down!

Jameka: What was the word he used? The pirate.

Dustin: It is not enough to succeed. Others must fail.

Jess: ALL others must fail.

Jess: What is the truth, but a lie in masquerade?

Dustin says there was an "A" word in the front of that, like "Although what is the truth.."

Jess: And he also did the stream one.

Jameka: Always drink upstream from the herd.

Jameka is eating. Dustin asks how it is and she says good.

Jess: How weird was today? All that crap? We woke up to a freaking little person in our house, running around!

Jess: And then there was a pirate outside, some old men, a living statue, and rabbits! I mean....

Dustin: I'm flipping out, Jess! I'm flipping out!

Jess: Why?Dustin: I'm on the block!

Jess: But you're safe!

Dustin says with all of this going on, though!

Dustin: Anyone can go up. Anyone can go home. You never know, with whatever is going to go down tonight!

(So, do they know something is going to happen tonight, for sure???--Cat)

Jameka: One thing we have to learn is that we never put up one of our own. It's too risky, man! Especially with all of this crap happening!

Dustin says with this being the first jury week--he knew this wouldn't go down (easily).

Jess says she thinks all of this stuff means another twist.

Dustin: Like with the people already here?

Jess: Yeah. I don't know, though.

Jameka: Mmm hmm

Dustin: 5, 9 and 1. Five of us. Nine people left. One person in the middle...

Jess: New power, maybe!

Jess: Let's think about it. First, it was the little guy. I mean, don't even think about anything they said. First was the little guy. The next thing was the pirate and the singers.

Dustin: No. Next was the singers. The pirate spoke after the singers.

Jess: OK. The singers and then the pirate. Then it was the rabbits and statue. What is the deal with the statue? That's what I can't figure out!

Dustin: Five emotions!

Jameka says that it might be the evicted houseguests' emotions.

Dustin (does faces of emotions as he does this): Don't be surprised. You might have to endure (pain) through a challenge (bow and arrow motion). Or like, think about (think) a surprise (surprise) endurance (pain) challenge (archery).

Dustin: I mean, I think the mime was definitely trying to tell us something.

Jess: I'm just glad he kept his eyes shut!

Jameka: Until the end!

Dustin: No, he had his eyes wide open! (at the end)

The singers were a barbershop quartet.

They are trying to figure out if the different rooms could be related to the people they saw.

Jess says that a little person, and they have a little room. The big person could be the pirate. Dustin says that there are four in a barbershop quartet, and there are four people on two beds in the hooka room.


9 p.m.

Dustin: It's gonna happen tonight. I just know it.

Dustin says he doesn't like it that "he" (Eric?) said he wasn't worried about this stuff.

Dustin says that 6:47 is an important time, and today is day 47! There are 6 votes on day 47.

Fish and visitors stink after 3 days.

There is no little enemy.

A snitch in time saves nine.

What a tangled web you weave when first you are trained to deceive.

Three can keep a secret if two are dead.

Dustin: Five phrases on him. Five things (emotions) on the statue.

Dustin: Six songs that were sang outside.

Jess: It's all just one huge puzzle.

Jess: Do his five sayings match up with the emotions of the statue? No?

Dustin: No.

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Jess: The bunnies were not in a closed-in cage. With a top. Were we supposed to pull them out??

Dustin: I don't know.

Dustin: Why aren't other people freaking out about this?

Jess: I don't know.

Dustin: That's what I don't understand.

Jess: They don't want to think about, probably?

Dustin says the game is what they are there to DO!

Jess: If the statue was an emotion of everyone who has been evicted, maybe there is someone coming back.

Dustin: Maybe!

Jess: That would explain the ten people who were here today.

Dustin: Ten total people, you mean including the three different bunnies.

Jess: Yep.

Dustin: Three can keep a secret if two are dead, and there were three bunnies in the cage.

Dustin yells to Eric, asks if the DR person is who Dustin thinks it is? Eric says he doesn't know. Jess says she doesn't know, either.

Dustin: Let me just say. The night crew people are here, EARLY.

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Jameka comes in with (yet more) food. Eric just came in and got something and left again, said he would be back. Jess is not in the room.

Dustin asks Jameka if she noticed that the night crew are there early? She realizes what this might mean.

Dustin: It's gonna be a long night.

Jameka; Wow. Wow. Mmm hmm!

Jameka; You better not be going home! You better not!

Dustin: Jameka, if I am, I'm gonna flip out. This house is gonna turn upside down!

Jameka: NEVER put up one of our own, ever again! Huh-uh!

Jameka: I think you're good, though. You know what I mean, considering...but it's scary.

Dustin: Yeah. It will be scary if I walk out the door tomorrow.

Jameka: You better not. ED is not even worried. And he should be!

Dustin says he knows that is Evel's tactic. But still, it worries him that ED isn't worried.

Jameka: yeah. Yeah.

Jameka: Did Jess or Eric say anything else?

Dustin: Eric is acting very nonchalant. Which is a little scary.

Jameka: Umm hmm!

Dustin says that Eric has seen every season of Survivor--he knows stuff like this doesn't happen for no reason!

Jameka says Eric is making sure he isn't "giving up" stuff.

Dustin says that Eric is thinking that it could alter the game for Eric personally.

Dustin says that Eric claims he didn't read anything into the stuff that happened today. Jameka says she doesn't buy it. Eric, of everyone, reads stuff into everything!

Dustin: Not for one second am I buying that, Eric! Uh mmm.

Dustin leaves the room.

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Dustin goes downstairs and gets water, comes back up to HOH.

Dustin says that ED told him downstairs that he regretted giving the slop pass to Jen.

Jameka says that ED was calling Jen a bitch again. He said that she was a bitch and never even thanked Dani, and that it was the biggest mistake he ever made giving Jen the slop pass.

Jameka: M&M's still under the bed, ED!

Dustin: All I know is if one of us goes home this week because of the events that occurred today, I'm gonna flip out!

Jameka; Oh, yea! Oh, yea! Easily.

Dustin says that then instead of 5-3, it would be 4-4.

Jess comes in the HOH

Jess: I may regret what I said in the DR. I said I felt a special connection between me and the little guy. And then I thought, Oops! That's not what I---


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Jameka; What is happening, guys?

Dustin: Jess, I know that you and Eric are close, but I just can't point out enough that he is acting--

JEss: Is avoiding it?

Dustin: Very casual. Yes.

Jess: I haven't really asked him about.

Dustin: Well, but the fact that he's not bringing it up! You know, Eric. Mr. Speculation!

Jameka: Every angle.

Dustin: He's acting like this is nothing. I told him over by the hot tub, I hope this has nothing to do with tomorrow's eviction.

Dustin mocks Eric in an angry voice: "I don't think it DOES!"

Jess says Eric doesn't think it has to do with eviction. He thinks it has to do with the next HOH.


Dustin: All those numbers, all those phrases, can't mean absolutely nothing.

Jess: No way!

Jameka: And if you think about it, 6:47 tomorrow still gives them time, if it's a two-hour (show), if they do 5-7 tomorrow, 6:47 could be something critical. If they're having a two-hour special for some reason tomorrow. 6:47 is still airtime.

Dustin says they could also still have time to "edit a package" before the episode.


Jess: You know I was saying little person, little room. Big person, big room. I figure the rabbits, backyard, because the cage is open. What do we have left? The singers. You guys said the round room.

Jess says the statue is left. Jameka thinks maybe the single room, then?

Jameka says maybe it will be a hide-and-go-seek thing?

Jess says she thinks that Alice followed the bunny in the story. Jameka says she doesn't know the story. Jess says the little guy was telling them to "hop like a bunny," and they followed him.

Jess: Those were big old bunnies today!

Jameka: They were humungous!

Jess: I did not like those, Jameka! Those eyes!

Jameka: Albinos. Uh uh!

Jess: Don't touch me!

Jameka: I hate to be prejudiced and all, but I ain't gotta like you, bunny!

Jess: Uh uh! You're the one coming into my house!

Jameka: Jess! (laughs)

Jess wonders if the bunnies were let loose and they have to find them, and they will start stinking after 3 days. Jameka says that would have PETA all over it!

(They are joking)

Jess: Little statue! Would you come off there and tell me what you're here for! They probably don't even know what they were here for!

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Talk continues in the HOH

Jameka says that times like this make her think Joe would have had good insight. Dustin says Joe would have been worthless, as he would have been all over the place. And he would have been saying it is a double eviction week constantly.

Jess: What the houseguests don't know is that they now live with a midget!

Jameka; And that would be fine. That's not a twist!

Talk about the three days comment. They try to remember what happened three days ago. Nothing happened on Sunday.

Jameka: Maybe something will--maybe he will be here for three days.

Jess: Maybe he'll be here every day!

Jameka: In the morning, more clues. At that point, we don't want more information, so we're like, go away!

(Fish and visitors stink after three days)

Dustin: We need to make sure we have everything from today memorized.

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Approx 9:45

Jess says that when Joe left, she asked him if he had last advice. He told her to "watch Dani."

Dustin: Really?

Jameka: He told me, don't trust her. And this was two different occasions!

Jameka: Specifically, Dani.

Dustin: And he didn't say anything like don't trust me or anything, did he? He said fucking Dani!

Jameka; No, nothing.

Jameka says that when they were told that first day that there was a twist, Dani just sat there! It was like she KNEW she was a part of the twist. Dustin says she did know--they watched her just sit there, when they were watching the t.v. upstairs!

(Yeah, she did know! --Cat)

Dustin says that they know Daniele is good, but maybe she is a part of something bigger that they don't know (a twist).

Dustin says that the cards on the guy's head were probably irrelevant, as they don't match up with anything else.

Jess: Where's Eric?

Jameka: He left.

Dustin: Getting ready.

Dustin: He specifically said, do not trust Dani?

Jameka: Mmm hmm

Dustin gives a big sigh.

Jameka says that maybe Joe said that because he knew that Dani would vote for Dick. Dustin says they knew that, anyway.

Jameka: I don't know about Jess, but I know that, something has come up and people say stuff like "Look at the source," like Joe. But he did make a point to tell you (Jess) that, and tell me that. Nonetheless.

Dustin says that "three can keep a secret if two are dead," and Joe and Carol were downstairs with Dani.

Jess says how do they know that Dani wasn't in sequester earlier for three days with Carol and Joe?

(They think Dani knows a secret, as part of the twist--Cat)

Dustin: She could have known that secret, and that's why she's been so standoffish with every person in this house! (Nope, she's just a snob.--Cat)

Jameka says that BB couldn't let her have a big advantage over everyone else in the game, though.

Jameka says both Carol and Dani are "Cali girls," right?

Jameka: It's almost like you look back and she was so..whatever...with Jen. Just like, uh! Was it really too much, or did you not like her? Was it a little overboard, your dislike for her, or....?

Jen comes upstairs to primp in the HOH room and use the bathroom (and spy--Cat).

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Jen says that she was thinking, unless Dick is allowed to participate in this twist, then she thinks they will wait until after eviction to do the twist. Jameka says they said "nine," though.

Jen: Do you think they'll do it before he leaves? So we should stop sleeping?

Jess: What's so special about 47? Why today?

Jen called to DRJen says she's already been in there four times, and they keep trying to ask her a "stupid question" and she is ready to "flip them off." She leaves.

10 p.m.

Dustin again says that Eric is too nonchalant. Jess says that no, Eric thinks it is going to matter in the HOH. She says that Eric always thinks of things in the simplest light.

Jameka and Jess say not to overanalyze, and Jameka says she can hear her Dad saying not to over think things.

Dustin says he doesn't understand why BB waits until this week to pull this, when Dick is on the block.

Dustin: Why is he given the advantage over everybody else?Jameka says because it is the first person to go to the jury (My feed cuts out at this point--I'm refreshing)

Eric (who was supposed to go up to the HOH room) is outside talking to Dani.

Eric says that he knows that Dick is saying that "some of the things he thought to be true he now doesn't think to be the truth." Eric says they need to be okay with him, depending on what they think is true about him.

Dani says that she thinks strategically, and the past is the past, and they can take a fresh step forward, and this is "honest to God" how she thinks about it.

Eric asks Dani what she really thinks would be most beneficial to her? Keeping Dick or voting him out? Dani says that she honestly thinks it would be best to keep Dick.

Dani says Dustin is playing both sides, and it wouldn't be good for Eric to "butt heads" with Dustin.

Eric says it is obvious to him that eventually he and Dustin would be sitting on the block together, whether next week or a few weeks down the line. He says he knows he is on the outskirts of Amber/Dustin/Jameka.

Eric says that Jen is "retarded" and he doesn't see her as the best choice to leave first.

Eric says that Jen told him that he has "the five" and she has no one, so what should she do? Eric told her that things change quickly in the house and relax.

Eric: There's part of me that thinks, you know, for a week or two--

Dustin comes outside.

Eric: Could we possibly have a moment or two, if you don't mind?

Dustin: Um...I was going to do my laundry.

Eric: Good! Get the hell outta here! (He acts like he is joking--I don't think Dustin took it that way--Cat)

Dustin leaves

Eric says there is "safety in numbers" and there should be a fifth in the deal, even if it is temporary.

He says obviously it would not be Amber or Jameka.

Eric says they have all expressed doubt about Zach.

Dani says Zach is not a threat in her eyes.

Eric says he doesn't know why Zach wouldn't just go with Dani and Dick and take out Eric/Jess at that point? He says Zach has always had a closer relationship with Dick/Dani.

Dani: With ME??? Are you kidding me???

Eric says after Nick left, Zach felt close to Dani. Eric says the first time he had a conversation with Zach was last week.

Eric: Just because he is in love with Jessica, doesn't mean that there is anything more to it than the fact that he has an embarrassing infatuation with a girl he has no chance with who is half his age! There's nothing really more to their relationship than that. I'm sorry. So, he sketches me out a little bit. Jameka would need to be handled by that time, because I'm not giving her the chance to fight for it. We would all lose 7 to nothing to Jameka. She's the last person I'd care to go against in the final vote.

Eric says Amber would be miserable in the house, to live with.

Eric says he doesn't want to lose control of the votes in any way.

Dani: Yeah, but in HOH next week, it would be you, me and my dad against Zach and Jen. That's it.

Eric: Of course, this could go down the shit immediately because Jen could fucking win and nominate any combination of us.

Eric: It's a roll of the dice. God, if Amber beats all four of us in the HOH--

Dani: Then we deserve to leave.

Eric says it's true.

Eric: It's pretty sad when you have everyone saying that. Jameka can't play, and Amber can't win. I think she claimed the other day that she got a 4 on that test out of 50.

Dani confirms this.

Eric: That's unprecedented. Did she know there was more than one page?

Dani: Who knows.

Eric says that if they do this, they can 100 percent get Zach's vote.

Dani says that Zach wants Jess to approach Zach to release him from his promise.

Eric: I know that neither Jen nor Zach likes Dustin at all.

Dani says they hate him, and she doesn't know of anyone but Amber who actually likes Dustin.

Eric says that Dustin "seems to have drawn the ire of people" by just being himself.

Eric says he does like Jameka. He thinks it would be an unfortunately drawback to the plan, because Jameka couldn't get out of it--she'd be done.

Eric says it's a messed up thing--to decide what you would make the decision based on.

Dani: Where do you stand with this plan?

Eric: I'm leaning toward it being a good idea. But I don't know where Jess stands.

Eric says that even if Jess wanted to do it, they would have to secure the vote.

Dani: All Jess has to do is tell him to vote that way, and there's Zach for sure.

Eric: On a personal level, and this is not for you to do anything about it.

Eric says he would like to enjoy himself for the next couple of weeks. He doesn't want dragging people's names through the mud, fighting, screaming, inappropriate remarks. He knows this is a conversation to have with her dad. He says that this hasn't been as fun for him (Eric) and Dani as they thought it would be.

Dani: Yeah.

Eric: If you ask my friends and family, what are three things that Eric would die to do in his life, this would have been one of them!

Eric: I just absolutely would have killed to be a part of this. And now that I'm here, I'm not digesting a second of it. I'm not appreciating it the way I should be, and I'm not enjoying myself the way I thought I was going to.

Dani: Yeah.

Eric: I would like for that to change. I would like to do well, be happy and kick ass. Moving forward. I don't know. It would be a huge game.

Eric says that it's not a problem for the three of them--but Eric will be the one who gets the blame this week, like Dustin took the blame for saving him last week.

Eric: If I do it, there's no turning back. So, I'm taking the line Dustin drew, redrawing it and saying oops!

Eric says he would have outright hated enemies in the house at that point, but he is leaning towards thinking it is the right move because he wants Dustin out.

Eric: And we are the four best players. I don't know what you guys think about Jess, but she is a kiss ass player and a kick ass person, and I believe she is far superior to the other people. I don't know, you know, what you guys think about including her in this, but I really think she has been embarrassingly and grossly underestimated by everyone, and I was thrilled this week that she had her chance to do her thing and show just basically, fuck all of you! I just, you know, I want her 100 percent on board.

Dani: Would you want to talk all four of us, or would you not want it to be seen that way?

Eric says he would like the opportunity to speak with Jess again, and then for at least 10 minutes they would all need to talk together.

Eric: It would be easier for any of the three of us to step up and say we're about to blow this game wide open, and enjoy the ride--hope everyone is entertained--than it would be for her.

Eric says Jess is in good standing with everyone, and she hasn't ruffled feathers. So for her to stand up and say she is making a big-time move, he hopes she would be interested in doing that.

Eric: She certainly seemed like she was willing to consider it, and was open ears for sure.

Dani: All right. You know where I stand and you know where my Dad stands.

Dani says that if he wants to talk to Jess, he can, and they can have a group chat.

Eric: I feel good abou it. If we do it, we do it. The way your dad described it was to the end. Obviously, if any one of us is on the block, all votes are going to save that person, obviously. If two of us are on the block, we understand that we need to vote for our own against ourselves or whatever. Like if you are up against me, Jess will vote for me and your dad will vote for you and it won't be held against anyone. He mentioned to me whether we want to discuss final votes.

Dani: What do you mean?

Eric says that if it is like Amber versus Dani, ensuring votes for each other. He says maybe that is too far down the line to talk about, though.

Eric: One thing I was curious about is whether or not you felt a straightforward blitz was a good idea, or if you guys were willing to theoretically go up as pawns if we were going to masquerade as this is not like a 100 percent solid thing, where it would just be one of you against whoever the fuck, with the knowledge that whoever the fuck was going home.

Eric says or it could be a shit plan and maybe they shouldn't dance around like that.

Dani: I don't know. I think maybe the best idea would be this was thought out, and it seemed most strategic to get Dustin out because he's a great competitor.

Dani says they could say Dick is a "dramatic character in the house" and would draw attention away from them.

Eric says that Jameka and Amber would be furious, for sure. But if your choice is to have two people who are "down the tubes" furious at you, or have people who can actually do something about it, it's a tough choice.

Eric says it seems pretty clear that no one in the house trusts Dustin.

Dani: Yeah.

Eric says he doesn't think Dustin is of value to anyone moving forward, other than he is a shit-stirrer.

Eric says it will probably be tricky to get Jess alone, but he will do his best.

Dani: We have all night. It's only ten.

Eric says they also have until 5 p.m. tomorrow.

Dani says next week is a tie breaker, anyway.

Dani says Zach will go the way any of them wants to stay around, and that is more than enough.

Eric: Zach or Jen have the option of being pretend a part of anything because they are so desperate not to be left out.

Eric says he doesn't think Zach or Jen are really "down with" Dustin, Jameka or Amber.

Eric says Zach is "panicked about all of the girls aligning and all of that shit."

Dani says Jameka mentioned that to her.

Dani says that Jameka made a comment to her the other day when they were yelling at each other, and Jameka said she "still wanted to talk to you about the girl thing!"

Eric says they aren't in sixth grade, and that is such a stupid way to base decisions!

Eric: What an idiot! What a moron!

Eric says Jameka approached Jen with that, too.

Dani says that Jen told her that no matter who she put up, she will vote against the guy.

Eric says this has come full circle to him now. They are all lying and she can't believe anything anyone says.

Dani says she can't figure out why Jameka won't wear a bunny suit, but she will give up 5 HOH's!

Eric says that Dustin wouldn't either.

Dani: Dustin obviously just wanted out of it.

Eric: Yeah.

Eric says Amber's head is spinning with conspiracy theories.

Dani says that Amber told everyone that bandana was Nick's, and made a big deal of it. Finally, Amber admitted that she found hers.

Dani: She's on her own planet!

Eric says that Amber tried to make accusations about Dustin, and why was she accusing her own closest ally?

Eric: She's instigating shit all of a sudden.

Eric says that he doesn't understand what some people are doing when they are instigating arguments, and he thinks maybe they are trying to play the game, but they are horrible at it.


Eric says he'll talk to Jess.


11 p.m.

Eric is playing beer pong with Dick in the dining room.

Dustin is up in the HOH (quad feed) and he says he is leaving his robe on top and putting it on!

Jen is in the HOH hanging around Jess.

In the main HOH room, Jameka is talking in low tones. I hear the word "Daniele" and switch to that feed, but now they are interrupted. (I think she was talking to Dustin or Amber)

(I'm taking a break--Cat)

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Eric says this deal may make him lose the game as he will probably lose Jameka, Amber and Dustin's jury votes. Dan says eric may be wrong about that, that maybe he'll lose Amber's vote but not D/J's. Eric says this move will get him sworn enemies, but they can'tdo anything so it doesn't matter (ed. ehem...there's no small enemies, Eric). Dan tells Eric how she has not played the game on a personal level, just strategy. that her dad may have played personal, but that was his thing, Dan says this is a great strategic move for all 4 of them (E/J, D/D). dan says her and Eric are huge targets. so despite of their "trust issues" with each other, if they can get over it and take Jen out, they will run the house.

Dan asks Eric how does he feel about this deal. Eric says he likes it but needs Jess to agree with it also. Eric says he hasn't enjoyed all the fighting and mud dragging. Eric says he is not enjoying himself in the house the way he thought he would and he would like that to change. He wants to have fun. Eric says that if this goes thru, there's no turning back cuz he'll be taking out the person who saved him and that would mean he (Eric) would be re-drawing the line Dustin drew in the sand and he (Eric) would be the one blamed for that move...

He tells Dan that he (Eric) doesn't know what D/D think about Jess, but for him, she's a kick ass competitor and a lot more compliments about Jess....Then dan asks Eric if he thinks they should have a meeting with all 4...Eric says to let him talk to her first...

Dan says "Alright, you know where I stand and where my Dad stands, so, if you want to talk to Jess about it and then come back to us..." Eric says he feels good about and keeps talking, talking, talking...then says one thing he's curious about is if D/D are planning to use them E/J as pawns or be open about their alliance...Dan says they (I guess E/J) should say to amber and Jam something like, it was thought out and the best strategy was to leave Dick in the house instead of Dustin...something like that...This repetitive convo (ed.mostly Eric blabbing, as usual) goes on longer, but it ends up with the same resolution they decided waaayyy back in the begining of it...Eric will talk to Jess and then get back to D/D...

In HOH Jess is wondering out loud why was that little man (the mnad hatter) folling Eric around ..."He would just not leave him alone! I wonder why?" They ask what was the guy saying and Jam says "What a tangle web we..." (ed. uhmmm)...Jen and Dustin are also in the room...

2 cams on BY where Dick is smoking and 2 on new BFFs Eric and Dan preparing the DR table for another pong game session...Eric talking about his "food poisoning" episode to dan...Dick comes in...all buddy buddy with Eric, too...

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10:58 BBT

Beer pong game is getting ready to start at the table

Upstairs in the HOH Jan and Jess looking at themselves in the mirroe getting ready to go downstairs..Jen-"are you ready?" Both are in their bikinis and Jess is looking for her mic.

Amber Jameka and Dustin staying upstairs.........

Jess and Amber head out to the hot tub....

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2 cams on Jen and Jess in HT talking... Jen says she told D/D that she would change her vote for Jessica, but her (Jen’s) plan is to evict Dick. Jess says she wants Dick gone, even though taking Dustin out would not be a bad idea. Jen says Dick will go back to acting like he’s done before, so he (Dick) can't stay, that Dustin can go another week. Jess tells Jen that it doesn’t matter what D/D may try to do, Dick is going home.

2 Cams on Dustin, Amber and Jam under the covers in HOH room, but not sleeping or talking.

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11:07 BBT

Jen and Jess hot tubbing talking "no matter what Dick's going home no matter what they're trying" and Jen says that she would change her vote if Jess asked her to..

Jess "there would be pluses to Dustin going home" but I want Dick to go home.Jen agrees saying smoke free environment and she'll get her bedroom all to herself.

Talking about Eric ..and kail never having conversations before.........Jen says that Eric would tell her things and she would tell Kail when in reality Dustin was teelling Kail that she was safe..Jen saying Dustin is "the shadiest person" in the house

jess "this game is just going to ge crazier and crazier" Jen that's why it's good to get HOH.

In HOH Dustin talking about the votes..saying that stray votes are problematic when there are feww votes.

Amber calling Dick an "asshole " and a "prick" for swearing on her "daughter's life" he was going to "win the veto"

All three of them are laying in bed together.........

long silence..................

Jameka "hmm mmm mmm mmm mmm"

Back downstairs Jen and Jess talking about the events from today trying to figure out their meanings..the clock the rabbits and the statue man....

Jess saying a lot was whit ..the white veto the vite staue and the white rabbits...

Back in HOH Amber talking about her goodbye to Dick saying it was good and it "wasn't rude"

Dustin saying his was telling him he isn't sorry about calling Dani names and both get a waring from BB "stop that"

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Jess and Jen are in the hot tub. (Earlier, Zach was out there, and he said he was thinking of some interesting ideas, but wasn't sure if he should keep them to himself. They ignored him, basically).

Jess and Jen are alone, and Jess tells Jen "Dick is going home. I don't care what they are trying!"

Jen says that Dick talked to Jen today, and asked if she had promised them her (Jen's) vote to vote out Dick?

Jen told him yes.

Jen: And then he said, well if Jess asks you to change your vote, would you change it? And I said I guess. Like, whatever Jess wants. So, if that gets to you, that was stated.

Jess: Whatever.

Jen says she knew Jess wouldn't let that happen, but she just said that.

Jess: There would be positives to Dustin going too.

Jen: We can get him out another week.

Jess: But I'd rather have Dick out this week.

Jen: Yeah. Me, too. I want my bedroom.

Jess: Your bedroom and--

Jen: A smoke-free environment.

Jen says that you know Dick will freak out the same way if he goes up on the block again if he stays.

Jess: You know what he told me? He was like, "If I leave tomorrow, I'm going out and I'm going to bury everybody.' I was like yeah, you're going to bury everybody in 60 seconds? Nobody even listens to you when you go off.

Jen: You can't bury me! You got nothing on me!

Jess says she's pretty sure no one would even listen to Dick. Jen says that he can only tell Dani, and he's done that already.

Jen: Like, cause their whole thing was they thought Eric and Kail were something, and they weren't! Like, I was like, I think that's what happened. When they were telling me that, I was thinking, "No, I was!" I kept thinking that!

Jess says she knew she had never seen Eric and Kail having multiple conversations. Jen says that doesn't matter, though.

Jess: That's true, when you really think about it.

Jen says that people say there has to be more to Kail, but there really wasn't. She says that Kail would tell her that there was definitely not anything between Eric and Kail.

Jen says that Eric would tell Jen things, and then Jen would tell Kail.

Jen: And it was DUSTIN the whole time that was telling her that she was safe!

Jess: Dustin. I don't know about him!

Jen: He's definitely the shadiest person.

Jess says that Dustin is very worried about the stuff that happened today with the jester and stuff, and he is afraid it will affect evictions.

Jen says she thinks it has something to do with a "really cool veto."

Jen: Like a different veto. Like a three-week veto. Something like that.

Jess: That would be cool! Well, it would depend on who gets it.

Jen: If I got it, it would be cool!

Jen says maybe it would be a one-time use thing, but you could use it any of three weeks.

Jen: That would be cool, though. Like if you had it.

Jess: Yeah.

Jess: This game is just gonna get crazier and crazier.

Jen says that's why it's good to get HOH.

Jen says anything she tells Jess she hasn't told anyone else. She was only going to tell Eric and Jess. Jess says she won't tell anyone.

Jen: I've been waiting for Eric and me to be by ourselves. (Is she in a different reality than I am? --Cat)

Jen says the cards added up to 20/20 on each side.

The cards added up to 15 in the cage.

So, it's 55 total with all of the cards.

Jen thinks the 20/20 could mean something.

Jen: Those are things that like, stand out! Some things are sort of fillers.

Jen says that the gnome was painting with red paint on a rag doll.

Jess: And it was red. It was just like a little bit.

Jen agrees.

Jen: I guess the white veto, there was just one.

Jen: I think maybe they gave us these clues and maybe they will give us more after tomorrow.

Jen says maybe, though, BB wants Dick to stay!

Jess: I don't.

Jen: I know. But maybe they do!

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11:19 BBt

Jen and Jess talking hoping the clues has nothing to do with this HOH and that it may be something foer the future weeks....

Jess is asking "is white more powerful than gold" talking about the white veto.....

Dick comes out.

Jess says "eric will probably know"

Jen saying she wishes she was closer to Daniele as she would probably would know...Jess says that it could be Julie could just be asking questions about it.....

Jen says "I think it would be hard to find albino bunnies"

Back in HOH and Jameka that Eric is being distant and Eric says the evemts of the day really have no important and Jameka says "that's why he's chosing " not to be around tthem becasue they are going over it.

Amber wonders if "zach and Eric are best friends" thing maybe they are "friends from middle shool".."maybe Jen and Daniele are best friends" saying "maybe three can keep a secret" saying Dick Jen and Dani and "dick is about to be dead"

Jameka saying it's "Nick Jen and Daniel" but Amber says Dick would know that they were friends but Jameka says th have been "on and off"

Dustin says "I'm going to sllep" so he can be rested for tomorrow.....says he's going to sleep downstairs....trying to get Jameka to go..

Amber says it was "wierd that Zach found this on Craigs List" saying she's never see anything under "reality TV" or "big brother" "ever"

Talking about Jen and Nick saying she was a finalist for survivor and Amber says Nick knew Robin fron Survivor who did the casting get BB warning "stop that"

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11:30 BBT

Dustin gone to backyard.

Amber ask swondering if Dustin thinks they are doubting him

Amber and Jameka weary of Zach and Eric saying when she tried to talk to Zack "he was too good" "like he was better than me"

Jameka "what's gonna happen is going to happen" and there nothing we can do..."I don't know girl"


Amber-"Danile is so miserable and its sad she's so miserable" saying she's ony 22 years old

Jameka and Amber wondering if Nick knew Jen and Dani but Amber says she doesn't tgink Nick was part of the twist..Jameka wonder saying "then that would make it the Daniele Show"


Downstairs Dani and Dick talking .Dani complaining about her hunger and Dick offers her to make her some slop or a protien shake and bitching she doesn't want any...

In the backyard Eric saying he's in a daze "I don't know if I'm tired or hungry or what"

Dick comes out to smoke asking "what brand of slop" he's eating and Dustin says "cold slop" talking about what it is..

Zach and Dani sitting in silence at the bar in the kitchen...

Zach "hve you been eating" and Dani says not really and Zach says she should try to eat for HOH..Dani "thanks Mom" and Dustin comes in asks if she's feeling ok and says "i'm feeling ok..thanks"

Dustin says "ok guys i'm off to be" and Zach says he thinks he's heading to bed Dani talking about getting food after HOH.....

dustin -"good night all" heads to bed finally..

again Zach and Dani just sitting there in silence............

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Jess and Jen still talking in the hot tub about stuff that happened today.

Jess: What did they say? It's 12:36 IN 47 seconds?

Jen: 12:36 and 47 seconds.

Jess: So that means we spent how much time outside?

Jen: 23 minutes and 13 seconds? Wait. Is that right?

Jess: 24.

Jen: 23. and 13 seconds.

Jess: I'm saying how much time did we spend outside??

Jen says she doesn't know. She just knows that right when they said that, they opened up the back gate.


(longish FOTH)

They are reciting the sayings they heard today.

Jess: And then he would say, "Gentlemen, another one!"

Jen says that only the guy in the green vest would say stuff.

Jess wonders if the actors felt weird because they were staring at them. Jess says she was trying to take it all in at the time and not figure it out right then--she would figure it out later.

Jen says Zach thinks he figured it out, but be careful what you take from him.

Jen: Then he said he was lying about the diamonds and the hearts.

Jess: Plus the whole thing with the boot that he lied about.

Jess says that Eric thinks Zach was serious.

Jen says she thinks that Zach was serious, too.

Dustin comes up and says, "What are you girls talking about??" (In a cold, kind of confrontive way, IMO--Cat)

Jen: How ridiculously much of a liar Zach is.

Dustin: Yeah. About him trying to throw people off about everything today?

Jess: Yeah. That was stupid. Why would anybody do that?

Jen says that Dustin accidentally almost ate oatmeal today. Dustin says that Amber said she made slop and offered him a bite, and it was oatmeal. But he didn't eat it.

Jess: There's a bunch of weird crap in BB world. Little people, common theme in BB. They bring them here all of the time, plus the gnome thing. Old people singing; not so common. Huge, tall pirate? Not so common, but we do have a big room this year. I don't know. Rabbits, with the Alice in Wonderland thing. Veto is normal.

Jen: Weird guy dressed all in white, not so normal!

Jess: Freaky, to say the least.

Jess: I just can't get over why he was in the doorway. Blocking the doorway.

Dustin: I think that was just placement. Open area.

Jess: I don't.

Jess says he was doing the five emotions of the people who left, so why not in the doorway?

Jess wonders why the bunnies weren't on the floor.

Jess: Maybe for three weeks the same people were nominated three times. (Three bunnies in a cage)

Jess: Why was the little guy dancing around? Why didn't he just sit there and say things.

Jen: Why did he weigh himself? Why did he go in our refrigerator? Why did he hit Dustin with a pillow?

Dustin: He hit me with a pillow?

Jess: How did he even reach it off my bed?

Talk of whether it would be funnier to have the little person sleep in one of the big beds and tuck him in, or if he slept in a little bed.

Eric joins them.

Eric was teamed with Zach and won against Dick.

Eric says he is sooo checked out right now--he is "just barely here." He's never felt more in a daze in his entire life.

Jess: Yeah.


Dick, Zach and Dani are inside in the kitchen, looking at the memory wall. Dick thinks that it means something that some people are facing different ways in their photos, and the person in the house was pointing at the pictures.

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11:42 BBT

Out in the back yard they all get warning from BB "stop that" talking baout their DR sessions.

joking about the events from earlier in the day.

Zach and Dani in the kitchen whispering Zach saying something about Dustin while Danile has the bitchiest look on her face looking away..

Danile talking about the order of pics as Dick walks back from the bathrrom and talk about what the order means and how people are looking [directions]

Zach talking about the highlight of his day was beer pong and Dani questions "how can that be the highlight of your day" withh all the rabbits and singers from earlier...

Dick asking the if they want to talk in the round room and Dani says "dustin is in bed" Zach says "we'll talk" and "get caught up" and Dani says nothing to be caught up "people need to talk" then get back to them Zach saying he will vote to keep him and says he will be taken care of and Zach says she wants to talk to Dani about it...Zach whispering to Danmile she says something and says smoething about contadicting what was said and she says something..[sorry i missed it] I think it was keeping him informed about deals they are making...

Zach just sitting there biting his nails...looking a little worried.

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Zach and Dick and Dani in the kitchen, whispering.

(It's obvious to me, anyway, that Zach is not a happy camper right now--Cat)

Dick: You (Zach), I can assure--

Zach: Over here--I can't hear you. (Neither can I--Cat)

Dick moves around the counter

Zach: I'm going to vote to keep him in, if that's what I need to do. But I don't care either way.

Dick: All right. But we're working on it right now. I don't want you to think that you're not being taken care off. With all this talk. I promise you!

Dick leaves.

Zach: That's kind of what I wanted to talk to YOU about.

Dani: Huh?

Zach: That's what I wanted to talk to YOU about.

Dani: I don't know anything, though, Zach.

Zach: A couple of days ago you said that you didn't want to put me in a hard spot.

Dani: No, I'm not! How am I?

Zach: OK. You just contradicted what you told me.

Dani: How am I?

Zach: You said that you wanted to stay with me in this and you didn't want me to be put in a hard position about what to do. Now I don't know what the fuck is going on!

Dani: Nobody does. That's the thing! As soon as we do, we'll tell you. Jess and Eric need to talk and then get back to us. Nobody knows what's going on. You're not being left out of anything. I promise.

Dani leaves Zach at the table. She goes outside. He huffs out his breath.

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Jameka and Amber are talking about the rhymes they were told. Dustin said, "Oh, what a tangled web we weave when we are trained to deceive." Amber says not, it was "first we practice to deceive." Jameka says Dustin kept saying trained. Amber says she remembers, and it was "practice." (I wondered about that, too. --Cat)

Amber is lying in bed with a huge frown on her face, staring up at the ceiling.

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In HOH Jameka and Amber stilll racking their brains about the so called clues today "Fish and visitors sting after 3 day"

Amber saying "a lot of three's in there"

In the backyard the rest of the HG minus Dustin out back talking about steroids...

upstairs Amber saying "a snitch in time saves nine"

Jameka says "everything has to do with numbers" talking about all the stuff they say and heard today from ealier....."maybe its going be something to do with number"

repeating all the cliches phrases from earlier...talking how the guy said it differently...

long silence as their brains are working overtime to figure out the events of the day.....

Amber asking if jess has ever asked if her and Eric knew each other ..Jameka "maybe once" saying it was from the whole banner thing

Amber wondering why zach wouldn't talk game to her but to Jessica "he would" Jameka "location" and saying she's HOH .

Talking about waht the cards were .

Jameka "dustin and ERic" co worker Jameka wonders aloud Amber says Dustin was called to be on the show "for Joe"

Jameka to herself "what is it what is it".."zach is a shady one" Amber "why is he telling Dick that Jess" [doesn't finish]....Amber says ED talking about his stomach hurts while doing dishes complaing about the slop pass saying "that ungreatful bitch" Jameka "back to his same ol tricks" Amber "but why when he's leaving"

Jameka "would you die if Dustin goes home" and Jameks said "I would"

Jameka says Dick mad because Dani's "moody with him"

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Amber asks Jameka if Jess ever has said to Jameka that Eric and Amber know each other from outside the house? Jameka says maybe once, but it was about the banner plane.

Amber and Jameka wonder about the possibility of Eric and Dustin knowing each other. Amber says the only thing is that Dustin was called to be on the show because of Joe.

Amber says that ED was doing the same old stuff with Jen, calling her a bitch because she didn't thank Dani for the slop pass. She wonders why he is starting this, as he knows he is going home. Then she says she DOES think he knows he is going home, because he did gripe that being on slop was a hell of a way to spend his last days in the house with his daughter. Amber worries about the "vision" she had, though. Dick was angry in her vision. Jameka asks if Dani was in the vision, but Amber can only remember Dick. Jameka says that maybe it was a vision of something that is going to happen tomorrow, before Dick leaves.

Amber asks Jameka if she would die if Dustin left. Jameka says yes, although they would have sequester.

Jameka: He's going to check on his baby!

(Just after she says this, we see Dick walking by the camera and bowing to it with his arms outstretched. LOL!--Cat)

Dick is packing.

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