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August 16, Live Feed Updates

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12:09 BBT

Eric and Jess talking outside telling her "the way I see it " "i didn't come here to be a pussy" talking about making "big moves" and this is "one of them" sayting if they do it they are only two HOH away from being in to the final two........

Eric saying "everything changes every week" "you can align with the weak or align with the strong" saying that there are advantages to both saying "there is honor with thieves" Eric saying that they are not thieves Jess after this "we will be"

Eric really feels wierd.....Jess asking what did Dani said that Dick didn't and WEric says "nothing" but he relected on it. Eric says he's always seen "eye to eye" on how to play...Eric says that they have the four plus Zach and Jen but if they go the other way that have Dani after them who is by far more vicious....

Eric says "me you Dick and daniele can wipe the others out with ease" talking about stipulations like keeping jen longer then they want......Talking about Zach has deals with everyone..Aber is "insanely paranoid and is useless" can win anything "what kind of ally is she" and Jameka "would be very difficult to win in the end".....Telling her she has the best chance and says she doesn't after tonight since she told them all night she wanted Dick out "i'll look like the biggest liar" and Jess says alright.....

Eric says Amber and Jamek adon'r look at the same and Dustin is conspiring against all of them...Eric talking about him and Danile being washed up and says "making a big move" shuffles the deck and Jess says she doesn't have enemies....and Eric says she should stand up and says "i'm here to win" he says "we all want to win" telling her her chance of her winning are better and even better with him in the game taking bullets......

Talking about not being fun being out 6th and have her follow while Jameka Amber Dustin still in the house......Eric says "who did they cast me as on the show" saying he was the person who knew the "show inside and out" saying he skated throiugh and had a "horrible scare" and is in an alliance that 3 people doesn't trust......saying maybe its time "to be badd asses" about and tell em if they think if they can stop it and when the get to "final four" it will be a big fight...

eric says we will ruffle feathers but it will be feathers that "can't strike back"

againg saying they are only 2 HOH away from getting to the end..Jess says "you are trusting their word" and Eric says they have no other otions" Jess asks about Zach and Eric says we need to rope them in "today's your lucky day " and they have a ticket invited..

Talking they are targeted by Dick and Dani and Amber and Dustin...Eric says he wants Zach out before Jen who will put Dani'Dick up..

Eric says we can break the tie or work at getting the vote 4-2....talking about the votes.You.Danile and Zach and maybe getting Jen on so she doesn't have to break the tie....

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Jen is up in the HOH with Jameka and Amber.

Jen says she is going to shower. She sarcastically and with a laugh in her voice says that if she had showered downstairs, they would never have known (that she showered)!!!

Amber: Shut up, Jen! I didn't say that, you little brat! (Amber sounds irritated)

Jen: What?

Amber: I didn't say that.

Jen: Yeah, you did.

Amber: No, I didn't. Dick did.

Jen: Uh uh.

Amber: Yes, he did.

Jen: No.

Jameka: What, you mean in the beginning, originally?

Jen: Yeah.

Jameka: ED made that up.

Jen: Oh.

Jameka: MMM hmm.

Jen: He said he didn't come up with it. He just spread it around.

Amber: I didn't say that.

Jameka: Ooooh.

Amber: He asked me if I had ever seen you shower. I said honestly, no. I wasn't saying you didn't shower. I just never seen you shower. I haven't seen a few people in this house shower.

Jen: But obviously people shower.

Amber: Yeah, I just--

Jen: (laughs) That would be weird! (Jameka gives a small, fake laugh)

Amber: I said I don't see Dustin shower. I told him everyone I don't see shower.

Jen: Dustin doesn't shower! Who are we kidding? Dustin showers. He even admits it. (Jen to someone in shower): I just want to wash my hair. Get the chlorinated dryness off.

Amber: You want a piece of banana bread? No? (She says this while Jen is talking, to Jameka)

Jameka refuses the banana bread.

Jameka: Mmmmm hhmmmmm

Amber says she doesn't want to work out.

Jameka: Oh, you will!

Amber: Tonight?

Jameka says she will maybe want to take a couple of days off.

Talk of periods.

Jameka didn't get a period last month.

Jameka says she had symptoms, though, and she was glad she didn't have to play POV because of cramps.

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12:28 BBT

Talking about being in a weak alliance that they enjoy but will be the first two out .....saying they don't have Jameka..

or play "with a little bit of an edge" and Eric says he hope he sincerely hopes to have relationships not a slumber party saying he came to play and if he can't win they he wants her to win....

Eric saying the final four is an important landmarck and have the opportunity to be in the final two and being with strong players is a way to do it.......

Eric say if it totally falls apart they can always try" Zach or Jen " or a seriuols desparate Jameka three weeks from now...

Eric says the season could of been titles "sleeping with the enemy" and it woul;d drive him crazy to see people at the end that did nothing like "Zach and Amber" at the end he would be upset..he was part of that season not making moves or strategic decision...and would be disgusted he didn't try.......

Jess telling him how paranoid that Eric wasn't involved with them and Eric says "I believe we should do this" "it's a ballsy move"....Eric says "why did you chose to come here" Jess "obviuosly to win" and Eric says the same m"maybe its time stand up and sya" it's time to take control of the game saying eventually you have to vote them out anyway and will still have the same problem....Eric says it will be awkward and says how long after "Amber tore me a new asshole" before they were talking and says 18 hrs.......

Eric says it will look like it was me and Eric says "I will say its me" and Jess says a tie wouldn't be her choice...

Eric says they can say it was a plan all the long but would be "ballsy" even the Eric nomination...and the other option is "stand up and say we believe we are going to beat you guys ..come and get us" and pretend that Jen and Zach are part of it....Eric says he doesn't care if you have sex with zach and Jess say "i do" and says he should have sex with Zach and Eric says I would rather have sex with Zach rather then Jen.

Jess worried Jen may tell them but agree that they should tell her as she may get HOH...

Talking about talking D&D of not putting Jen up first.

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Amber asks Jen who she predicts will win HOH? Jen say she doesn't "have those." She just has a feeling when she is going to win, herself.

She asks who Amber thinks?

Amber: Eric or Dani.

Jen says she did feel that Jess would win the beer one when they walked out.

Amber asks if Jen will try to get HOH?

Jen says of course she will try! Otherwise, she will probably be nominated!

Jen: So, yep! Plus, I have this really big problem.

Jen says she gets in competitive mode. The week Dani won HOH, she was hanging on and didn't even want to win. It wasn't in her best interest to win because she wanted to be able to compete the next week, instead, for sequester. But in the heat of the competition her instinct to compete too over and she wanted to win.

Jameka: HHHHmmmmmmm!

Jen: I guess it depends on who's, like, at the end. Depending on who's here, if it's Dick or Dustin that's here, which is Dustin, you know. I mean, I'll make sure it's Dustin.

Jameka: Well, I won't put you up!

Jen: Thanks, Jameka! You're so sweet!!

Jameka: Yeah, yeah.

Jameka says she wants to compete so much! Jen says she does, too. That's why that's the only thing she wouldn't give up (5 hoh's). Jen says that's what is fun about being there, so why else be there?

Jen says she sorry--she just means for HER, that's why she's here.

Jameka: But I would see it as an easy week.

Jen: I can see you going up, but I can't see you going home. If someone uses you as a pawn, you can't get mad at them and put them up.

Jameka: This is true. All possibilities are possible! If you will.

Jen: For sure, it was two black and one white. And there was an ace of hearts.

Jameka: Well, we know that!

Jen: So, just steer clear of Zach's comments. I don't know why he bothered. Or if he feels that way, he does.

Jameka: He just wants to win a challenge.

(Zach supposedly told them false info about the stuff that happened today, to throw them off).

Amber: I should have asked Nick about Zach, before he left, considering Zach knew Nick a lot. I was so close to Nick. I don't know. You'd think he'd tell me stuff about Zach. I don't know.

Jameka: Maybe he couldn't because of a secret!

Jen: I remember, once Nick told me about--

Amber: The alliance.

Jen: With Kail and Zach or whatever. He said everything is not going to be able to stay how it is. He sees Zach was obviously causing problems for himself and he probably won't be able to last, and you're going to lose people along the way and stuff like that. But nothing about his personality or to trust him or anything like that. What does he know more than we do? I can compare him like to Kail, who talks about random things that don't make sense. He doesn't say anything either. He doesn't give up any information! Why do we keep him around??

Jameka: Cause!

Amber: Zach?

Jameka: Because, do you know when to trust them?

Jen: No, I'm saying WHY keep him around?

Jameka: Oh! I thought you said why DON'T we!

Jen says she doesn't know why he isn't nominated--it's ridiculous!

Amber: He needs to be!

Jen: I see why I kept him on week 2.

Amber: Yeah, totally! It's fucking week seven and he's still--

Jen: Cause I think he tries to make deals with everybody. I won't go after you if you don't put me up.

Jen says if he does that with everyone, it works.

Amber and Jameka: Yeah, he does.

Amber: Yeah, and then he's safe! (Like this just occurred to them-Cat)

Amber: He's never done that with me, though. Maybe because I've never won any comps.

Jameka says he wouldn't mention it to you until he needed to.

Jameka says maybe they might have an HOH where they have to put up people immediately tomorrow. It might be a two-hour show. Like an award show.

BB tells jameka to center her mic.

Jameka thinks maybe they won't air the show on Sunday, and will put the second hour on tomorrow.

Jen says they didn't get instructions about Sunday's show, either.

Jen wonders about football starting. Jameka thinks pre-season, then thinks she is wrong.

Amber: I'm so confuuuuuused! I can't deal with it anymore! These Peeeeeople!

Jameka says a presidential speech could be coming up, too.

Jen says it was funny that people were asking the little guy about things. Evel asked about the Jets, of "of all things."

Jameka says he "wouldn't take any water. I wanted to hydrate him. Keep him safe."

Amber says she can't take it if he is there tomorrow. She was freaking out.

(I watched this feed for far too long, as I backed it up to get quotes. Now, Jen is lying on the very foot of the HOH bed).

Jameka: Finish this sentence, Jen. Houseguests, the 6th person voted out of the BB house is:

Jen: Richard!

Jen: Cause we're all voting Richard out, right? I mean, not Dick?

Jameka: I'm gonna say ED.

Jen asks if Dustin is worried or something? Amber says she doesn't think he is actually worried. Jen says she would be worried if she was up there. Just because.

Jen: With Evel. Who knows with him? He's like Evel. A good talker. That's why I want to get him out, because I don't want to sit next to him.

Amber: Uh huh.

Amber is going to paint Jen's nails.

Jen is going to wear a coral tube top tomorrow. (Amber asked for nail color purposes). Jen isn't sure now. She wants to know what Amber will wear. Amber thinks she will wear Jess' dress.

Jen: The brown one? Was I present when you asked her to wear that?

Amber: I think so.

Jen says good, because she thinks she remembers it, and otherwise she is psychic.

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12:444 BBT

Eric and Jess talking loose ends saying this isn't a day to syay "i'm proud of myself" but a day they decided to play and win the game..

Jess letting him know that Carol and him are not that were backdoored...

Eric "to me" or otherwise it will fall on me and Dustin and Jess says Dustin saved him only for his benefit....

Jess "it willl be a fun week" Eric asks about her persspective and Jess says she was playing personal and now calling Amber a bitch and Dustin talking down to people in his robe and crown and they feel they are "entitled"

Eric says they can always work something out with Zach and Jen[100th time said] and Eric says if Amber wins him and Dick will be put up.....eric doubts she will win Jess "oh God she'll be crying during HOH'

Jess saying she won't have "any girlfriends" and Eric says you Have Jen and Dani and Jess says like "were so close" and Eric says look I have Zach and Dick and laugh.....

Eric said he would rather leave and taking a risk and if it works great and if it doesn't.......Jess "Mexico"

Jess says Danile told her it wouldn't be bad if Dustin left and Jess says that's why she's been paranoid.

Eric talking about the repetitive convos "with these people" and "dumb questions"

Eric talking about being in the "smart kids class" and was "the wild child of the nerds" talking about some trivia game and was in the lead and gave catagory he didn't know much about and bet only 20 and asksed the easiest question and other bet 50 and was out in the first round and says that it comes up every two years for the last 16 years and says now he can bet 20 now or 50....

Eric as stupid as this sounds what are the three things he would "die to do" and playing BB is one of them and it's time to bet his 50 and stand up and say "you guys think I'm a threat you're fucking right good luck"

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12:57 BBT

Jess asking should they bring in Jen and Eric says the should.......laughing at Zach saying he's deranges and she's talke 1.5 hrs and compared to his 140hrs and stratetigally aligned and are getting "married to each other" saying he has reality fantasies and needs "to go get help"

Eric saying it's "ballsy and try to juggle Jen on the side...and Jen thinks "she is with us" and tell her "not tonight" and tell her at 4:00 tommorrow...and told Dick she "would change" and may have said that becaus eshe though Dick was going home"

Jess says "I'll tell Zach" eric says we need to tell him because we need his vote...Eric says for pride reason he wants Jess to go to him about the vote flip and Eric says "that's fine" when Jess says he'll think he put the thought in my head....

Ereic will talk to Jen.....and figure out how

Eric asks who she wants up next week ..."dick and Daniele" and asks if he's going to paly HOH to win and Eric says yes and really wants Jen to win.....

[looks like it's a vote flip for Dick to stay as of 1:04 BBT]

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1:06 BBT

Eric says they will just hang out and Jess is worried how to act and what to say....

Eeric says he can be upset about something "the annisversary of my Grandfathers death" or is depressed because jen "has a crush on me" and we get FOTH

Jess saying they aren't going to leave my side and Eric says to throw them out because its her last night in HOH and "take advantage" of the time to hang out..

Eric says that he's pissed off because they keep question that "everything's fine" and is sick and tired of talking about it "5 straight days" and come up likes nothings wrong and just tell them he's tired of "game talk"....

Eric says he really wants to just have fun and hang out

Eric says should I give Dick and ani 'that's its "a go"....

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Eric is outside talking with Jess. He's telling her about how his friends and family would say that this game is one of the top three things he would do in his life.

He's thinking maybe it is time to bet his 50 crime bucks (from a game he was talking about earlier to Jess) and stand up and say that he's ready to play the game, instead of the game "playing him."

Eric: There's a part of me, a big part of me if not all of me, that thinks it is time to stand up and say you guys think I'm a threat, well you're fucking right. So, good luck.

Jess: Good luck!

Eric says you only have so many opportunities before it is the two of them sitting there and this is a chance for them to do something with people who can "do something for us."

Jess: So, do we tell Jen or not?

Eric says he thinks they should take Jen on, but they would need to come up with a reason why Jen should be the fifth. Eric told Dani that Jen is a liar, and they said Jen was a liar to him.

Eric says he is trying to prevent Zach being the fifth and turning on Eric/Jess. He says that Dani claimed that Zach would go with Jess. So, Eric said to her that they shouldn't bring Zach, then!

Eric says Zach is deranged and demented.

Eric: He has one hour and a half conversation with you.

Eric says Eric and Jess have talked about 140 hours to maybe two hours she has talked to Zach, and Eric and Jess are "aligned, personally dear friends and in love with each other and getting married." Yet Zach thinks he is the closest to Jess.

Eric: I'm sorry. I don't mean to be a dick about it.

Jess: Yes, you do!

Eric says she's right. He says she likes it that he has a little bit of mean-spiritedness.

She says she doesn't. He says this is where his manliness comes in!

Eric says that he thinks they should "juggle Jen on the side" and he knows it will cause a fight down the road, but he doesn't care. Jess wonders if they should tell her? They agree maybe not tonight.

Jess: Maybe at 4:37 (tomorrow)

Eric says he doesn't know why, but Jen thinks she is aligned with them.

Eric: Do you think she will do whatever we want her to do?

Jess: If we tell her that it's the way it's going, why wouldn't she?

Eric: Yeah. She doesn't like Dustin.

Jess: She apparently told Dick that she would change. That's what she told me, and that's what Dick told me.

Eric: She told it to you?

Jess says Jen claimed she only said it because she knew Dick was going home. But Jess thinks Jen really said she would switch to Dick.

Eric: If that means Amber is after us, Big f'ing deal!

Jess: BFD!

Jess says they need to tell Zach. Eric says they definitely have to tell Zach.

Jess says one of them have to tell Jen.

Eric wonders if Zach would tell Dustin? She says no--that wouldn't benefit Zach at all.

Eric says they can play to Zach's "weird ego"--he wants Jess to come to him with the idea.

Eric says for Zach's personal pride, he wants Jess to be the one to tell him to change the vote.

Jess: Well, yeah. He's gonna think he put the thought in my head.

Eric: That's fine!

Eric says that Zach can think that, fucking cook Eric dinner and he'll suck his dick!

Jess says she will tell Zach that, too, and Zach will believe it!

Jess says Eric can tell Jen. She doesn't want to do it. He says he will.

Eric asks who Jess wants up next week, if they have any say?

Jess: Dick and Dani. (laughs)

Eric says that's fine!

Eric: Shhh! Don't tell them that, though!

Jess asks if he is going to compete for HOH. He says "Hell, yeah."

Jess: All of the way through?

Eric: Probably not!

Jess says that's what she thought. He says it depends. She asks what if it is D & D at the end?

Eric says he really would like to see Jen win. They would be safe, and she might put up D&D. If not, that's fine, too!

Jess says they did tell Dick and Dani that they wouldn't vote them out!

Eric says if they are up against each other, they have to vote one of them out. She asks what if they get POV? He says they will vote Zach or whomever.


Eric says probably Eric and Jess would go up together, or Dick and Dani. No matter what Jameka says, she can't put them up. So she needs to go up before she can compete in HOH.

Eric says that the possiblity of mending their relationship with Jameka is better than with Amber.

Jess asks what she should say to them (LNC) the rest of tonight and tomorrow.

Eric: What do you think?

Jess says she doesn't want to tell Dustin. Eric says she can say she spoke to Eric.

Jess says she did tell them that Dick and Dani were presenting her with ideas, and she just said "Oh, whatever."

Eric says they could say he doesn't feel well, they are upset about something from home like his grandfather's death.

Jess says that is awful!

Eric tells Jess to say Eric is pissed because he told them a million times that it is all perfectly fine, but they keep questioning him anyway. So, Eric feels he hasn't been able to work his way back in with them and it's all a trust thing. Eric will do it, has said it a milliion times, and he's sick of being questioned.

Eric says that he feels better after talking to Jess.

Eric: So, should I give Dick and Dani like a, like a, we'll hash it out or whatever, but it's looking like it's a go?

Jess: Yep! Was it good to be able to talk to Dani?

Eric says there's really nothing wrong with Eric and Dani.

Eric: What was wrong was she was trying to get me out of the house!

Eric says it was a good conversation.

(I'm out for the night, I think. --Cat)

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1:13 BBT

Dani asks Dick if they got the nod and says they will talk specifics tomorrow...

Dani says don't get his hopes too high telling him remeber last week and "be prepared for anything..that's how this game works"

Dani says she doesn't want to win final 5 HOH becaise she doesn't want to send Zach home and Dick says he never made a promise to take him to the end......Dani says "i did" and says he can do it but she won't....

Talking about Zach saying he feels so out of the loop and tells her that when she finds out she will "let him know" and all his "smart comments" he's driving her crazy..

talking how they wre bickering all day long......

talking about going to DR and Dani says they can go tomorrow Dick says "will we have time" Dani "oh please Thursdays are forever days"

Dick says forget it...."dani says she will do a DR tomoorow and Dick "that's fine" begrudging him about being upset...Dani says we need to talk to Jen and tell her how to vote because Jessica doesn't "want to break a tie'

talking about Jen lies.

Dani wants to win HOH "i'll have it for my brithday" Dick "i hope you get it"

Dani says Zach gets HOH he'll but up ERic and Dani says "who cares" and Dick says we need him for numbers and Dani says its not everything........Dick says he opinion change especially tomorrow after he "betrays his alliance"

Dani says that it would be a strategic to get him out but Dick says it shows "a hell of a leap of faith" and Dani says he doesn't understand......If Zach says if Zach got HOH whywouldn't he put up Eric and there would be no otrher threat in the house other than Jen. Dani says there are no other threats in the house..Jameka? Dick is pledging his "faith to the guy" "and "put his ass on the line"....

Dani "personally I don't think we need him in the house" both telling each othe "don't tell me how I'm thinking"

Dani "sorry I don't trust liars" and Dick says we worked with Jen and Kail who was a liar..Dani says Kail never lied to "me"

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1:29 BBT

Dani worried that someone was at the door Dick says "nobody" and Dani says "I don't want to be sitting next to Eric "in the end" saying I would rather have Jessica and Zach there "rather than him"

The bickering continues....saying if they win the final 4 she's out "that sucks for me" because they want to be next to Dick in the end...

Dick says "if he did this for you I wouldn't be voting him out next week" talking baout who's competeing for HOH and saying Amber is goping to be a "frickin disaster" and Zach is going to throw it and Dani says he isn't he's just not going to win.....

Dick says if they are the blocjk there will be an enemy in Jess and Amber...Dani say why Amber.....

Dick says Amber's going to be an enemy "when dustin" leaves......Dick saying "they are taking an enourmous chance".."they have a lot more faith in me than I have in them" [uh no it's America's faith]

Dick asking id she going to be better off with Zach and Jen and Dani says she's not saying that...Dani is "frustrated" with him thinking she wasn't trying to keep him here.....

Dani says she thinks she is sick and tired that she's turning on people just because she was "weighing out options"

tells Dick "to just drop it" [you both should..shouldn't they be celebrating?]

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1:40 BBT

Dick saying this is big for him "both of us staying again is just unbelievable" saying he had his bags packed when Jess won HOH.

Dicks says "you think I should changed my speech for tomorrow"

Dick "i love you very very much" telling her he would do anything for her and saying there will be disagreements and tension "I know that more than anybody in this house" Dani quips........dick telling Dani he loves her gain sorry they were put into the situation but in ways he's not because he's got to spend time with her and understands they won't get a long "and it is worth it" having someone in your "corner no matter what" and

Dani says she's going to bed and will talk to him tomorrow.....

Dick frustrated talking to himself "oh my God " "I can't fucking wim" "she can treat me like shit" and he's supposed to bow down....Dick says this why things don't work out because he has to "kiss her ass" over everything

"i want to kill myself for giving that bitch the fucking slop pass" saying that's the problems and says "that's not true" "women are so fucking difficult all the fucking time" "it's been a pleasant pleasure my dear"

Dick outside wondering "why so difficult"

In HOH Amber Jameka and Jen and Jess..Amber calling it a night...Jameka "i'll be down shortly"

[with that I'm bowing out for the night til tomorrow..night all]

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Eric, Jess and Jen in hoh room working going over answers to possible questions regarding the riddles etc.. playful taunting.

Dick outside mumbling to self before going back inside to the bathroom. Everyone else seems to be asleep.

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House trivia review is still going on. Eric and Jess are in the HOH bed, but so is Jen - across the foot of the bed, under the covers - putting her head at Eric's feet.

The mood is light but studious, and no one has mentioned being tired. They keep trying to create one sentence out of all the people/clues presented yesterday. This creates sporadic ideas that all start with "Time for...." and all ideas make them giggle.

A gem from Jen: Do you think any of the people who were here today watch the show ... and were excited to meet us?

3:45 BBT

They consider taking a collection of three things from around the house and hiding them - to make it appear that another clue has been placed. The three utensils from the kitchen wall are suggested, among others.

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Production must like their idea of hiding some things because the group notices on their screen that the lights were turned back on downstairs. Eric and Jen go down to find stuff to hide but first Eric switches laundry loads and Jen visits the BR.

Jen gets the "Occupied" sign from the BR stall. Eric takes something from the end of the kitchen bar. Jen takes a key (?) from the memory wall and puts it in the box hanging on the right. Then FotH.

Feed shifts back to Jess, who seems to be asleep. When we them again, E&J are back in the BR, removing a small drawer and hiding it under the couch cushion. On to the kitchen drawers, looking for key utensils - lettuce knife, spatula, and whisk. They then hide them (ain't sayin' where, gang).

Jen goes back upstairs and asks Jess if she were watching. Jess barely squeaks out a "no."

In the meantime, Eric gets some clothes for himself and takes them upstairs, along with the Rule Book. Jess revives herself, but the other two don't give many details on their antics downstairs.

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0430 BBT

Eric, Jen, Jess in HOH.

General silliness, pillow talk. Eric and Jess in the bed, both under the covers. Eric pulled the covers over them, and Jess squealed with delight!

Jen at foot of bed, reading in some binder, saying she is going to bed.

Some mild Amber bashing, talk about a dress she wears, that doesn't fit, or look good on her.

Jess asks what 'silve tongue' means. Says it's another name for ED now.

Talk of Chinese penis size, Jen says yes, they are known to be small(such bizarre convo!)

Eric talks about their hi-jinks in the house a while ago. Eric says he has no sheets on his bed. Jess says she wants Eric to spend the night on her last night in HOH.

Again, Jen says she is going to bed. Jen says 'it was fun'.

Lights off in HOH.

Jess and Eric watch screen, and Jen in kitchen.(remote makes funny flashes!)

Jess: Jen will be so mad at me tomorrow.

Eric: It will be alright.

J: Depends on who wins HOH. This deal...if like one of them was up, would we have to keep them?

E: We'll hash out the details...I told them I gave them the heads up...the reason I think it works to 'claim' its a deal, to keep it for the next week....this deal is a deal made for being broken...lets hope that someone else has to fuck it up first...we can worry about that later, hun...

J: We have to make someone else look bad...

E: Either side wasn't comfortable carrying him along(Zach)....Zach, then Jen, then get rid of Zach..do we all need to agree each week? Or do we put up whoever, and vote on that?

J: ED says he'll tell us what he is going to say about us that's so bad...what he's got on us that is so bad...

E: I'm the mastermind he'll say...who cares....I just hope they both get nominated next week...Jen won't like this at all...best if Jen won HOH, so she can nominate...

Jess talks about how Zach mentioned him cooking dinner for her, and then she lets Eric sleep with her in HOH.

Jess asked if they should tell Jam...she feels like they are setting her up.

J: I don't care if we dont' tell Amber...

E: I don't have a problem with that

J: She's going to be all...which doesn't make sense, she had a deal with Dustin...

E: Tell them Dustiin had deals with 3 different side....

J: Dooesn't if feel wierd to go against the guy who saved you last week?

E: I thought about it a lot...weird yes...this is the best thing...

Talk about the pirate, the little person(Jess said midget, then corrected herself). One of the people whispered something in Eric's ear. Jess asks if midget is a bad word. Eric says technically, it isn't the most politically correct word.


Eric recalls talking to his mother, how she mocked him...how she'd see footage of him in bed with some woman. His dad said, 'Karen(mom), it's not going to happen!

HOH room buzzer sounds. Its Jam, lights come on, and she has to pee.(Is their's the only BR??)

Jam want's to 'go over this stuff'(days activities). Or does Eric still think it's HOH stuff. Eric says sure, he'll talk about it. Says it turns his brain to mush(me too).

Jam: Three bunnines, statue....veto...are they giving us a hint on what question will be asked? White bunnies, white guy, they had white on...black bottoms..um hmm...gosh...(mentions key time)...yeah...um....

Eric thinks time is important. Jam ask again what does 'stitch in time...' mean. Is it snitch, or stitch? Is nine important? Eric says it's 'nine', the real phrase.

Eric talks about what a stitch in time means, how it 'saves time'. Jam thinks maybe rushing thru something. Maybe it's better to take time to do things?

Jam says she specifically sat next to the guy and asked him about snitch, or stitch. Jam told the pirate he was on the wrong stage.

Eric: I wonder though, does everything haave something to do with it, or is there a lot of nonsense? The rabbit has something to do with it...Zach is making things up...he starts talking about spiders, and he lied about the cards...he made up things that happened in the house...does he really think these things?'

Jam doesn't know. Jam is going on about all the little things she thinks are happening in the house right now...the lights, the ticking of clocks, the time, what time it is. She says she doesn't know where to start.

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Jessica is fading fast; Eric even tries turning toward the wall. But Jameka isn't getting the hint. Seems she still hasn't said what's really on her mind. And then -- "Eric, do you think Dick thinks he's leaving?" She goes on to briefly complain about Dick's treatment of Jen over the slop pass. She finally leaves, turning out their light.


Jessica whispers, "We're keeping Dick."

Feeds 3 and 4 show Jameka getting some slop, which she takes outside. She listens to the night noises as we listen to her clanking spoon. That is one deeeeeeep bowl!

5:50 BBT

Jameka gets into her bed and removes jewelry. All HGs are now tucked away.

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9:09 am BBT ahh HG's presumably asleep... all cams still on HOH bed where Jess and Eric are asleep... They are actually sleeping closer that they normally do. At one point Jess had her arm resting on the sleeping bundle we like to call Eric and then at another point Eric moved and then Jess moved and Eric raised his head and said sorry...

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FOTH at 10:56 BBT, so much for the 6:47am wake up (time on little person's hat yesterday) -- FOTH is trivia, so wonder if they're going to be woken to more than just the usual..

(sorry...wrong time...9:56amBBT)'

omgosh...time was on little person's clock, obviously, not his hat.....lmao....sorry, not with it today!

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