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August 27, Live Feed Updates

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Eric joking that he'll have to wear no pants to the veto ceremony tomorrow, as he has no clean clothes (washer broken for a few days). HGs were told it will be fixed tomorrow. Jess received her laundry back today (done for her as HOH).

(Showtime is on & crawler says Amber isn't campaigning, but earlier I saw her in HOH w/ Jess & only caught bits of it as my feeds have been breaking up all night. What I caught was she was asking Jess if she should talk to Eric about using POV on her. Jess told her she thought she should.)

Eric says he's extremely tired, even after a nap today & gets into his bed. Jess is outside playing tether ball w/ Zach. (I guess Eric isn't the night owl Jess is)

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Amber now in HOH w/ Eric....small talk about temp in room (cold). Feeds still cutting in & out, but I'll catch as much as I can for you since I see no one else posting.

Amber telling Eric she spoke to Jess earlier & told Jess she wasn't mad for being nom'd, but really doesn't want to give her vote to someone like Dick at the end. She still considers them a group (A/E/Jess/Jam). She doesn't understand why she was put up this week, but isn't mad about it. She's asking Eric if he will use POV this week, as she knows it will put him in a bad spot. She's crying now...she doesn't know what D/D are capable of, if they'll convince everyone to vote her out. She doesn't know where she stands, she said Jess told her if it's a tie, she'll send Zach home.

Eric saying from a strategic standpoint, everyone is leaving Jam alone since she can't play HOH. He says he doesn't like that point of view, but that's the way ppl play. He thinks by taking herself out of a power position, Jam actually helped herself by giving up the 5 HOHs. He has mixed feelings about veto, he's against the concept of backdooring ppl, but sometimes it's required, as in the Jen situation since she got herself off everytime she was up.

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Eric says this is the last week that someone can be backdoored anyway, so it won't be a consideration anymore, but from a moral standpoint, he didn't like backdooring. He's going through his m.o. of very long & round about way of talking, but hasn't answered her question as to whether or not he will use it. He's saying if he uses it, someone will have to be backdoored. He's rehashing the Dustin eviction, etc. He says he felt that having Dick here, at least he & Jess aren't targets. Amber says she's not threatened by he & Jess as partners. She's not trying to throw D/D under the bus & asks him not to tell them. She thinks leaving D/D here is scary, as she & Jameka won't come after Eric/Jess. She says wouldn't you rather have someone like me around that you can trust? The only ones that would target you IS D&D, so wouldn't it be better to keep me around? She gives him her word that she would not put him or Jess up if she ever got HOH (hasn't sworn on her daughter yet...lol-ed.)

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Eric says he agrees w/ Amber, but he feels for himself, (goes into story about how he almost left). Goes back to he feels that whether this is warranted or not, he feels he will be targeted every week. Talking in circles about him being a target & not sure if he can win HOHs to protect himself. (Amber seems confused, as she is trying to convince him to get rid of those that are targetting him-ed.)

Eric says he looks at all sides of things & tells Amber she will be harder to be against at the end, but he would rather see her win over Zach, but would much rather see himself win over both of them.

Still talking in circles.....blah, blah, blah. Now telling her about Zach's presentation when he campaigned to Jess hoping not to be nom'd.

(Eric's talking so much he stops to gulp some water in between)...He understands how previous HOHs let Zach slide w/ his great presentation & agreements. Eric says he would hate to see Zach have a free pass to the end. He says he (Zach) is a bumbling moron & doesn't have the relationships in the house that he should at this point.

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Jameka and Dani in bathroom, just chatting about whos where and whos doing what; amber and eric in HOH; Jess in DR; Zach outside and ED sleeping; jameka was shocked he was sleeping, dani told her he said to wake him up when everyone starts drinking

kind of boring, just chit chatting about how time flys but it seems like its taking a long time

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Amber saying previously they talked about it as a group & now that's not happening anymore. She feels like she doesn't know what's going on. It's scary, it's her 3rd time up on the block. If it's her time, it's her time, but she'd rather stay. Hinting around to find out where Eric's vote is. She says she just doesn't understand how she's a threat right now. She says loyalty is everything in this game. He says he agrees & then goes into how many thousands of ppl tried out to get on the show & how he doesn't take it for granted and that all 7 ppl left deserve to be here whether or not he likes them.He says regardless of whether or not he uses the veto, it's really all about the votes since it's usually late on Wed. when anythings decided. He's telling her he needs time & doesn't want to guarantee anything yet (waiting for AC). He's telling her that she knows that already she's up 2-0 for the end vote if she were against him. Eric says he's probably playing for 2nd place now. He feels at least if Zach were sitting there ppl would really think twice b/f voting for him to win the money.Amber says because of her personality, everyone's holding it against her. Is she supposed to pick fights w/ ppl so as not to be a threat with her winning personality (my adjective, not hers).Eric explains he was also talked to about having too many friends in the house & how that doesn't work. He says there are positives & negatives to everyone left in the house. He goes back into Zach's presentation. Amber's still looking perplexed on the bed while Eric talks on & on & on from the chair.

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Eric wonders how Amber views him now in the game. Amber says I still see us as a group (herself, Eric, Jess & Jameka). She understands why they sent Dustin home. She's not holding anything against him & she knows he's a good person & means well. She says she wasn't even going to talk to him about the veto, but she decided to. The discuss how sometimes Dick is fun to be around, but they all know that he's an asshole. Amber is concerned Eric will tell D&D that she came up to talk to him. Eric says there's no other options. Everyone understands that if one of the noms comes down, one of D&D is going up & going home. Now he's going into his how he thought this game would be easier story....

Eric is trying to explain why he wouldn't want to be the first one to strike (against D&D). He says he's not intimidated, but isn't sure he wants to strike first.

Eric restating that he agrees w/ everything Amber said, but he feels totally overwhelmed right now & probably won't make his decision until right before the ceremony. He's trying to take an analytical approach to this, but tells Amber that he does care about her & does not care about Zach. He's trying to figure out how he can ensure himself & those he cares about being at the end.

They see Jess sitting on couch outside HOH & Eric goes to call her into the room. I can't quite hear her response, but Eric says we'll talk to you in a minute & she leaves.

He's basically wrapping up convo. now, by reiterating the entire convo. over again in full Eric style. I'm not going to continue typing it, as I'm getting carpul tunnel during this convo!

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Amber really making her argument for Eric to use the POV on her, he is really telling her in a long round about way that he understands where she is coming from but he hasn't made a decision yet... he says that he wonders how she view him

Amber says she still sees him, jess, her and jameka as the final four, she means it, she understands that he felt out of the loop with the week that dustin is up, how he must have felt that he was going to be the first to go out of the 5 of them, she considers him a good person and she tells jameka that all the time

Now they are Dick bashing saying that he's an asshole

She doesnt want him to slip and tell D/D that she talked to him because they might get mad at her and vote her out

eric says that D/D know if he uses the veto that one of them is going up and going home, he says he sees both sides and thought he would know what to do, but he doesnt know what to do, its hard.

Jess is sitting on the couch outside of HOH with her feet up and Zach is at the bar in the kitchen

Amber is yelling at Jessica and Eric gets up and ask her "what you doing little baby", he tells her she can come in but she says she will wait (not sure but i think she said that zach wanted to talk to her in the HOH)

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Eric finally tells Amber that he hasn't made a decision and doesn't want to promise anything to her at this point but maybe later in the week weather he uses it or not he is open to talking to her

Amber says she would rather him not tell her anything

He is using Dustin as an example, how he told him he had his vote and then felt like crap when he didn't give him his vote, he wants to wait and see how the week goes, he doesn't want to put himself in a situation where he goes back on his word

Amber says she understands and Jess walks in the room

They thank each other and Amber leaves

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Jess questioning Eric how they know for sure they can trust D/D next week, he says how do we know we can trust Amber

Zach comes in and asks to talk, Eric asks for a few

Eric says for him even though hes concerned and its a big risk, hes looking at how they make it next week, why piss them off when we would have to go up against them next week

Jess says she understands the competitive part, but if amber and zach stay then he would only have to compete against dick and we get front of the house

When they come back, he said something about scratching each others back

he says he sees the delima (looks like jess wants to backdoor dani)

Eric says the only person he really trusts out of everyone else is jameka mostly because she cant play for HOH

He says he cant really trust Amber because she 1) went off on him about how a horrible person he is 2) gave his word to keep dustin and didn't

Hes basically telling her that they have to think about votes and the only way one of them wins is to take dick or danielle and goes over how he thinks everyone will vote

His gut instinct is to keep things the same but will probably debate all night with himself

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Jess and Eric discussing what to do with the POV. Jessica just said how could Eric not win HOH next week if he was up against Amber and Zach? All he would have to do is beat Dick. (She might backdoor Daniele this week). Eric is trying to talk Jessica out of backdooring, but Jessica is trying to get Eric to see things her way. Brief FOTH. Eric saying he doesn't trust Amber because of the Dustin thing and the blowup. He's campaigning to try and get Amber out because she would have more votes on jury than Dick or Daniele.

Eric says they should talk about it throughout the night. Eric says his gut instinct is to keep noms the same.

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Eric is saying to Jess that he told Amber that if she put up Zach and Dick, and one of them got the POV, who would she put up? He knows it would be him (Eric)! He's not stupid!

He tells Jess that he is now over trying to figure out how Eric, Jess, and Jameka can go to the final four. She says she isn't trying to have him do that, though. He says and he's over trying to figure out how Dani, Dick, Eric and Jess can go to final four. He feels that he is just concerned now with getting Jess and Eric together to the final four.

Jess says that she is worried about NEXT WEEK, though.

Eric says when it comes down to it, they do have an agreement with Dick and Daniele. Jess says, "So?" She says they had an agreement with Dustin and sent him home!

Eric says that after this POV ceremony, it will be "blatantly obvious" whether or not they are with or against Daniele and Dick. They have to decide which course they want to take, and which is safest for them.

Jess says that they do not know, even if they are definitely shown to be with Daniele and Dick, that Dani and Dick aren't going to come after them, regardless! Eric says that he doesn't want "fear to dictate their decisions." Jess says that they SHOULD, though! Eric says that they aren't afraid of competing against Amber and Jameka. Jess agrees.

Eric says that he sees it as having powerful people on his side (Dani and Dick) and to him, that's better. Jess says that if you have powerful people on your side, that doesn't mean that they won't come after you, though!

Eric says obviously Daniele realized that this was a possiblity, and that's why they came up to talk to them last night.

Jess agrees.

Eric says they can't keep going to Dani and Dick for assurances, like, "How do we know?" because that will look sketchy.

Jess says it just doesn't feel right.

Eric says it is really important to him for Jess to feel good with what they decide.

Jess: Well, whatever you decide, I'm gonna go, we're gonna go with it, like, 100 percent. It's just getting to that decision that kills me.

Eric: I know. On the positive side, I don't have the stomach flu this week!

Jess says she feels like she is getting it, though! She says it is the stress, and this house, these people!

Eric laughs and does funny voices.

Jess: Oh, Eric! How mad are you gonna be next week if Daniele gets HOH and puts us UP??

Eric says she had the chance to do that last week, and yet they are all still there.

Eric says Dani had him 6 feet in his grave, doing a dance.

Eric says that he is sure that Dani and Dick were dying and their faces will be funny on the tapes when Eric didn't go home that week and then Jess won HOH.

Eric: The thing is, everyone else may see it another way, but we are the ones who have beat their asses so far.

Eric says that they saved Eric, which was a power play on their end. They saved Dick, which was all a power play on their side. Eric says that people perceive it as Dick and Dani doing it, but they are the ones doing it all along.

Eric: Face the facts, Jess. You and I are simply the best players in BB history!

Jess laughs

Jess: Oh, no!

Eric says the only reason they have to have these conversations is that they are so good, and they are HOH and POV winners!

Jess says he needs to shut up--that's enough! Laughter

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Dani in the room with Eric and Jess in HOH talking about the Eric/Amber conversation.... Eric is telling them how she wants only the 4 good people to go on and Eric questioned if he was one and she said yes, and he said you yelled at me at how horrible i was and i voted out your best friend and you still think im a good person, she said i see it in your eyes, both jess and dani were shocked and laughed at the same time

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Eric says that he refused to commit to Amber either way. He told her the reasons pro/con using POV or not using it.

Eric says that he and Jess are the good cop/bad cop and it's something you use in parenting and in the BB game. Jess is the good cop, and he's the bad cop.

Eric says that Jess will have all of the votes against him at the end.

Jess says that's why he wants to keep Dani and Dick, so he can go to the end with them!

Eric asks Jessica to stop that, seriously. She says no. He says you really won't stop saying that?

(She seems a teensy bit serious here, imo --Cat)

Eric says at least he can be absolutely sure she (Jess) will take Eric with her to the end! She says yeah, why wouldn't she??!!


Dani knocks and comes in and talks about Zach. Zach said he wouldn't compaign.

Jess: Whatever! He'll be up here next!

Dani says that Amber and Zach had a toast downstairs, and Amber told him, "Here's to either you or me staying!" Dani says it was awkward!

Eric says Zach approached Eric IN THE SHOWER to try to coach Eric as to how to make himself physically fit for the future challenges. Zach offered himself as "trainer."

Eric laughs and says that of course he would keep Zach as a trainer--it's such a good incentive for him to stay.

Jess says that Eric should tell Zach that he wanted a trainer all along, so he should keep him....

(sarcasm and Zach bashing abound)

Dani: So, did Amber have a good speil, or not?

Jess: I'll bet you can guess exactly what it is, too.

Dani laughingly suggests that it is that she is a "good person." Then Eric and Jess confirm that Amber wanted the "good people" to stay.

Dani is shocked that Amber said that.

Eric says that Amber gave him that big speech, and he asked her if he had this straight--ERIC is one of the good people? After telling her best friend to his face that he was staying, and then voting him out?

Amber told him, "Yes, I can see it in your eyes that you're a good person."

Dani; OMG! These people!

Jess confirms, and says that Amber had a vision.

(Jess can be so funny sometimes!!! ROFL!! -Cat)

Dani says it is funny, because everyone wanted Zach out week 2, and yet he's still there.

Eric says at least Zach has moved on to rinsing his dirty clothes out in the pool, instead of preparing dinner with dirty hands after he uses the bathroom.

Dani says Zach is driving her nuts, but so is Amber!

Dani says she thinks everyone is "just waiting, hoping" Eric will use the POV.

Eric says he thinks he will just speak jibberish, going on a "long, rambling manifesto" about why it could be each of them that he would take off with the veto.

They suggest he should cry.

Eric says he doesn't know what he will say.

Dani says she is so tired that Amber talks about how great she is all of the time. She says there is a difference between Jen, who was conceited, and Amber, who constantly gives herself compliments.

Eric tells how Amber said that it is not her fault that she has a great personality.

Dani says some of these people will be shocked when they come out of the house and see how people think of them.

Eric says Amber will be horrified to see that she has a .5 popularity rating. (Close! --Cat)

Eric says that Amber was saying to him that "Maybe down the road" she could see getting rid of her, but wait until down the road. Eric told her that there aren't that many weeks left.

Eric says Amber will be ass-kissing until tomorrow, and then she will make that "game-face mean look" like she wants to kill you.

Dani says she knows one of Amber's faces, but doesn't think she has seen the game face.

Jess: I'm going to go start drinking. I'll send up Zach for you.

Eric: Thanks.

Dani says that Amber told him that he had a good relationship with him. Dani says that Amber says that to everyone in the house.

Eric asks Jess to do him a favor--to tell Zach that Eric does want to talk to him, but he wants to "come down and hang around with everyone," so keep it to about 10 minutes if he can.

Jess: Ok. I'll tell him that.

Dani: You're evil! (to Eric)

Jess; Or...that you want to have a really long one.


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Amber is telling Jameka how when Zach tried to go in the HOH when Jess and Eric were talking they wouldn't let him in the room but when Dani went up they let her right in

Amber: I know their in an alliance, i just know it, whatever

Just then Jess walks out and Amber puts on a fake smile and says "Hi girl"

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All the girls are outside on the couch, Jameka is sitting there with her hair dryer on, Jess sitting there with her blanket on, Dani in the corner, Amber is sitting with her legs open and feet up on the couch and complaining how Zach told her he wasn't campaining and why was she, she says she told him she was just having a nice talk with Eric about how she wanted to stay, she said what is she supposed to do just lay down and die

Now they are talking about how they love how the place looks different when set up for comps and stuff

Dick just walked out and Jess said "good morning"

Now they are talking about how the "mushrooms" (from the very first comp) were set up

Dicked moved over away from the girls so he can smoke

Now just general chit chat about the first comp and how everyone did and how they can't wait to see the shows when they get out

Dani now talking about how she should of told jen when she said "thanks for having my back" she should have said "i didn't even have to compaign", that Jen basically made sure she was going out

Dick said Jameka has one of the easiest weeks except for Amber in the first week, amber says "bullshit" that it was hard to have to talk to all those people

They think if Jen and Carol had been up the first week Jen would have went then, dani says "stupid kail"

Amber complaining about Zach again and the convo about campaigning

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Just flipped over to the Zach and Eric show and eric is telling him that he has not made a decision yet and it probably wont come untill 10 minutes before they call him into the diary room and he will make it then, zach says he understands

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Dani says "hate is a strong word," but that's about how she feels about the people in the house. Eric says he feels that way, too.

Eric says that most of the people in the house, all 14, he could see himself sitting down to dinner or drinks with them outside the house, but not in the house. He says that after the show, most won't feel that way about HIM, though.

Eric says that Zach is on his way up, but he has to say that he didn't expect all of these meetings with people about POV. He expected vote campaigns and campaigns to Jess, but not him. (This is sort of the only week this has happened with POV--Cat)

Dani stays and Zach comes in. Zach asks her if she needs some time. She says no and stays. Then she says she will leave them alone, and leaves.

Zach seems to be in the bathroom, and Eric is talking to him across the room (Eric is in bed). (I can't see Zach, as the close up is on Eric--Cat)

Eric says Zach knows the story, to some extent, but when Dustin was HOH he came to each of them and told them that he wanted his nominations to stick, to play as hard as possible for POV, and show the truth of loyalty to him as HOH, and "fight to the death to win this veto so he wasn't in the situation to make another enemy." Then, they did that, and Dustin didn't do anything and just watched them try to protect his choices for HOH.

Eric: We all see how well that worked for him, and that was a pitiful idea.

Eric says that since then, he has not had a chance to play POV, and he decided that he would play for the HOH if he had a chance and actually honor the HOH's request.

Zach: Sure!

Eric says that he doesn't want to put Jess in any situation that she doesn't want to be in.

Zach says that no one ever asked him in the past to work hard on their behalf when they were HOH.

Eric says it wasn't an option for him, either, as he never got to play for POV before this.

Zach says he has some ideas, and he doesn't want to "bag Amber" or slant things, but he is wondering if anyone has "falsified" things about Zach. From the time that Eric asked Zach for Zach's vote, that was the "point when Eric and Zach started playing the game together."

(This was when Eric approached Zach for his vote when Eric was on the block. Zach did not vote to keep Eric, if I remember correctly. But Zach is using this as a show that he was playing the game as a teammate of Eric.--ed)

Eric says that at the time he told Zach that it was ridiculous that Eric approached Zach for his vote, when he hadn't really talked to Zach up to that point.

Zach says he knows that Eric has wondered if he is in an alliance with Dani and Dick. He says if that was the case, he wouldn't have voted against Dick on Jess' behalf (Jess released him from that promise, but he said he would keep it--ed).

Eric agrees.

Zach says that if he has to play the game with his cards on the table, he will.

Zach says that he tried to take heat off Jess during that week, so that she knew he would vote against Dick as promised.

Eric completely agrees.

Zach says that he has proven that he keeps his promises. He understands why he was on the block. He says that he didn't understand until he went up, and that was when he realized that Jameka and Eric are Jess' closest friends.

Zach says that it was the best thing Jess could do in case something went bad with POV.

Zach: She was willing to take the risk of putting me up on the block to do that.

Zach says he was "willing to take the risk." Zach says that he doesn't have an alliance--he is alone.

Eric says he doesn't have an alliance, either--he has a close friendship with Jess. Zach says that is more than he has.

Zach says Amber and Dani can offer Eric lots of things. He can "do it with the numbers, is a stat guy" and if it was his turn to go where it made sense with the numbers, he would tell Eric to let him go. (Huh?--Cat)

Zach says that if Eric tries to go to the final two with Dani/Dick, it will be nearly impossible to get to the final two. Not with people who have won so many comps!

Zach says that he would love to get taken off the block. He'd love to see Dani or Dick go home--either one. He says that they have an "unfair statistical advantage" because if Zach leaves, Dani/Dick control a third of the votes.

Zach says it is "highly unfair; the same with the jury."

Zach says that he would never vote against his brother, if he were in the game. (And Dick and Dani will never vote against each other--ed)

Zach says that he will give his oath that he will make a one-week alliance with Eric that he won't put him up or backdoor him. He would expect the same from Eric on behalf of Zach, if Eric is willing to take the risk.

Zach says at that point, it would leave only one person in the HOH that Eric would have to deal with.

Zach says "Those are the three things I think I can provide for you, given the position you are in."

Zach says he can provide things for Jess, too. Plus, offering his vote to keep her from having to break a tie, keeps the heat off Jess, too.

Eric says agrees that he understands.

Zach says that the people who are in the house deserve to be there, but it is very "unbalanced" with both Dick and Dani there.

Eric: I have not made my decision yet, and the way I go about things, it will probably come ten minutes before they call me into the DR.

(Yeah, because he's AP! ROFL!!--Cat)

Eric says that he completely understands Zach's perspective and they "think very much alike in these scenarios." Eric says he has a clear, concise view of the options available. He says he "views the POV and vote separately."

Eric says regardless of whether he uses the POV on him or Amber or not use it at all, he will have to have a conversation later about what the vote will be. (Yeah, because he's AP!!!! ROFL!!! --Cat)

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10:36 BBT

Zach comes in to HOH to Talk to Eric as Dani leaves she says "chat away" tells Eric it will only take "3 minutes"

Joking around as Zach uses the bathroom...

Eric says "you know the story" to extent when he said he wanted hin Noms to stick.....talking about his loyalty to HOH and Eric said "we all said absolutely" talking about taking the prizes...and we see "how that worked out for him"

Ereic talking he played on behalf of the "HOH wishes"....talking about them being safe and doesn't want no not be safe...

Zach "i have a couple thoughts" saying he's not there to bag Amber and is asking if anyone "has falsified" who he is....talking about when he asked him for his vote couple weeks ago that's when they started playing the gane talking about his convos about percentages and strategy.....

Zach talking about "I gave her my word" to Jess and stuck to it and is saying he isn't aligned with D&D and says "I'm playing for me and not them" talking about playing while making difficult descisions......saying he "followed through" with his word..saying :his word" put Jess in a good vote in a 4-2 vote....saying he's proven it and still will vote out anyone they tell him to.

Talking about "I understand" about being being put up......Zach talking about now using the POV "to break up" an "heavy unbalance" in the house..Eric saying he doesn'thave an alliance but "a closeness"

Zach says Amber and Dani can offer them different things but he's "a stat guy" Zach tells him that Dick told him he wants him D&D and Eric and Jess .

Zach's offer "I will sign it in blood" wants to be taken off and "dick or Danielle go home" and if him or Amber leave they will control "1/3 of the game " talking about it being "unfair" ...Zach saying he's willing to make "a one week alliance" and he expects the same from him and saying he has a better shot at HOH than Dick.....Zach says "trying to make the game a little more balanced".

Eric says "I have not made my decision" and says he won't make it unntil 10 mins brefore the DR. Tell him that "we think very muck a like" and have a "clear and concise" understanding of his options.....

Eric says whatever he decides he will continue his dicussions all week and says "I have a one week assurance" that he'll be here for one more week...

Eric telling Zach he's "going give the respect for Jess" and wouldn't leave her in a bad situation...saying "i believe "the process from 100's and 100's and they are the 7 still here and considers everone "armed and Dangerous" at this point...

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10 :54 BBT

Zach says two points and says he may want "justice done" for the so called fabrication of lies and says "he would personally" want "justice done" for the false info...

"something of that magnitude" and warns him not to "push it under the rug"

and other point "danile and Jameka" there something that's there saying "there could be an understanding" if you were to "put her off" the block and leaves him up the votes would probablt a tie.....saying tonight "there has been shady behavior" and says "I have no facts" saying nothing "to back it up" except walking in on convos....

Eric says if anyone goes up they will go home....Zach saying his vote is a for sure ..he then call him Jess and Jameka "thick as thieves"

Zach saying "there have been awkward moments" in other HG and says he's offering his loyalty...

Eric says to Jess that Zach speech "the other day" was a well articulated speech and could have "come from me" saying it was a convo he could have been a convo saying he could have had with someone..

Telling Zach that he's going to think it over....."not make any promises" and will talk during the week ..Zach saying if he's still on the block then "you don't have that" and a "100% guarantee" if he does come off.

Eric just stroking Zach ego by saying he understands...Zach says if he sends Daniele home Dick will be lost "grasping at straws" without her...

Eric for me" hoping i can be "in that 4" and "honestly tell you" and syas "may the best man win" and says "two more weeks I'll be in that position"

Zach trying to offer him "a final 5"

Eric "I appreciate the talk"

Z saying "if you get in the final 4 and both of them are still here ...you're fucked"

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Eric says he is going to give respect to Jess. He feels she will probably leave the decision (POV) in his hands, but he wants to make sure that she is not put in a bad situation. (He truly does watch out for Jess--Cat)

Eric give his speech about how the show started out with thousands and thousands and seven of them are left. He would never take anything away from any of them for being there.

Eric: I consider everyone to be armed and dangerous and a viable threat at this time.

Zach laughs and says that he's armed and Eric is the first one to say that (he is a danger).

Eric says this whole thing has unfolded to him in a way that was completely different than he expected. He thought decisions would be easy.


(Trigger happy FOTH with Trivia person on board tonight!--Cat)

Zach says that when they decided to get rid of Dustin, that was obviously a decision to benefit all of the group. Eric says that it was something that had to do with Dustin, though, and the group was lucky it helped all of them.

Zach says that it could happen again, and not be favorable to Eric.

Zach says that there is "something there" between Dani and Jameka. He can't figure it out, but he thinks there "could be an understanding" there.

Zach is trying to explain that if he is taken off, he will promise to vote the way Jess/Eric want, and that is something valuable.

Zach says there is some "shady behavior" downstairs, and that Eric should be "careful" and he has "walked in on" some uncomfortable situations tonight.

He says that it might end up that if Eric uses the POV, and he doesn't take Zach off (as opposed to Amber) then it could be that there is an unexpected vote, and the Donato that is on the block might stay. Eric says that he has considered that, and if a Donato goes on the block, they will leave. He says that he guarantees that. There is no way he would let Jess take that risk of the person she substitutes staying. Zach says that is what he is trying to tell Eric--that with Zach, it is guaranteed that the person substituted would leave.

Zach says Eric and Jess seem "thick as thieves" with Jameka. He says he has walked in on some awkward moments (between Jameka and others--not Eric/Jess).

Zach says that he would like to be with Eric and Jess, in a "bond of trust that hasn't been broken with lies" and he would like that.

Zach says that if Eric needs a guarantee, "even if it puts Jess in an awkward position to have to break a tie," Zach is giving the guarantee to Eric.

Eric says that he told Jess that with things that Zach has said, it's like it is coming from Eric in the way that Zach thinks and talks like Eric.

Eric says he will "take his time to mull it over." He says he is a "very analytical thinker."

Zach: Me, too.

Eric says that he learned a lot from the Dustin situation. He isn't going to put himself in a situation like that again unless he knows for sure the vote is going the way he thinks.

Zach says "Sure" over and over, and says that is fine.

Eric says that after the POV, they will talk about the vote.

Zach says that the difference is, if Zach is still on the block, he won't have the guarantee any longer from Zach.

Eric says he knows, and later on when they have the conversation, he realizes the same things won't be offered, possibly.

Zach says he just wants to say he is guaranteeing that he will vote the way they want, to get rid of Dani or Dick if they want them gone and substitute them.

Zach says that if he is on the block, he has nothing to offer at that point (as regards the vote). Eric says he does, though, because he can offer things for following weeks. Zach says that is true.

Zach: For instance, if you put Dani up and she went home, Dick would have nowhere to go. Nowhere to go. He'd be grasping at straws. Finally, he's on the same playing field as everyone else.

Eric says he has to think to himself how in the hell he (Eric) can still be there each week.

Zach says that is why he is offering this to Eric.

Eric says that he will be thrilled if he can get to the final four, he will know that the lying/strategy is over, because at that point you either win the comps and stay, or lose the comps and go. He is hoping he can be at the four, regardless of who is sitting there with him.

Eric says at that point, he will look the other three in the eye and say "Congrats" and that they will fight it out.

Zach says he doesn't want to make it sound conceited, but he is "offering you a chance at the final five."

Zach says that if he doesn't have to worry about Eric next week, that's great. So it would be great if they could make an agreement.

Eric says that they need to get on downstairs.

Zach: If you get to the final four and both of them are still here, you're fucked!

And they go downstairs

Dick is outside bashing Zach to Jameka and Amber.

Jess yells outside: Hey, everyone! Time for drinking!!!!!

Dick laughs.

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11:09 BBT

Eric and Zach and Jess are going to play Zuma beer pond and quarters..

Jameka has her hair dryer and dick says "how long to you have to look like Jiffy Pop Popcorn" and she says 20 - 30 mins..

Jameka unplugs and heads indoors...confusion as to when the last time they played Zuma...looks like the whole house is playing and are sitting at the table.....

Jameka says to get started as she gets herself "together" wity that hairdyer...

Eric going over the rules and Amber chimes in explaining to Dick....

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