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August 27, Live Feed Updates

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I just popped on for an update & Eric was just called to DR for beginning of POV ceremony (I'm assuming).

**(Where were all the night time posters? Anyone get a reaction from Jessica after Jameka told her that Amber said Eric called her (Jess) a whore???)**

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Eric and Jess have been talking in the HOH for about an hour, nothing major, just joking around about different situations regarding HOH. Eric called to Diary Room, and Jameka pulled him into the storage room prior to his going to the Dairy Room.

Now there is a conversation about Eric's facial hair, and Dick said that Jen had thicker facial hair, and Eric states that Jen had thicker pubes for sure.

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10:25AM BBT: Eric joins Jessica in the HoH room and Jessica explains what Jameka has said to her about Eric. Eric is upset at Amber and thinks that Jameka and Amber are trying to make him look bad to Jessica.

Jessica tells Eric that she said to Jameka that it

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10:45AM BBT: They both talking in circles but, Jameka and Eric have a quick conversation in the SR. She cornered him before he went to the DR. She tells him that she just wanted to tell him that she would defiantly have his back and she just wanted him to know that. She also tells him the hopes that the group still

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Eric just walked into the HOH where Jess and Jameka are laying in the bed chatting; They both tell him he did a good job on his speech, Eric thinks he may have went over the top, Jameka says it's interesting they call it the Power of Veto cuz even when you don't use it you exercising your power (sounds like he did not use it on amber or zach)

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Eric just told Jameka that voting and using the veto were two separate actions. He will hear arguments on both sides to decide who he will vote to evict from the house.

Danielle just entered the room and started talking about Zack campaigning and talking about the veto ceremony. He was talking about what he was going to ask for if he wins HOH. He said that if Dick wins it the house will be turned upside down.

Danielle says that he was just going on and on.

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Daniele was still sitting in the HOH room, Jessica appeared to be falling asleep... Daniele said she would leave so Jessica could take a nap, and Jessica jumped on the opportunity to say bye to Daniele.

Within a minute or two, Erica came upstairs to interrupt Jessica's nap

*I hadn't been watching the feeds, and didn't realize that Jameka was laying in bed next to Jessica*

*my feeds then stopped, and when I restarted, Eric/Jessica were doing HOH training and Jameka was missing from the room. BB calls Jessica to the DR, and all feeds stay on Erica now laying alone in the HOH room

1:30pm bbt

for a while, it's been just Amber in the kitchen preparing food

Daniele just walked in from outside saying "I'm so over him" (Dick?)

Amber replies "you love him"

Daniele continued off camera, leaving us with identical F1/3 of Amber making food, and F2/4 of the round table

Zach joins Amber

Zach: I'd like to stay, but I'm not going to worry about it

Amber: yea, same here

Zach: I'm more worried about my live speech, something other than "I'm the only positive person here". Trying to think if I can use the education that I paid for... can I speak intelligently on tv... "I'm on the block, I didn't realize I had to make a speech" (both times quoting Jen) All I know, either way, things are going to get nasty next week, because the numbers are getting tight, there's going to be trechery, I can feel it.

Amber: mmmhmmmm

Zach: I was a little dumb founded, that Eric didn't use the POV on you, guess that shows how much I know what's going on in the house

Amber: we aren't that close, I knew he wouldn't, he's close with Dick and Daniele, he took the easy way out

Zach: with all that happened with Dustin... litterally one vote... like I said, things are going to get nasty, if I'm here or not... granted I haven't won anything, so I can't do the nasty-ing

Amber: me either

Zach complains about a slice of cheese having 70 calories... that's like 6 minutes on the treadmilll... hello! I'm not spending 6 minutes on the treadmill!

Amber still cooking

Zach: I keep wondering, if one of us goes, like, would your daughter be there?

Amber: I don't think so, I'd still have to wait I think.

Amber finishes making a sandwich... that she gives to Zach who thanks her for it(wonder if she put a slice of cheese on it? lol)

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No, it was Zach. Dani was giving an ugh since Zach is joining in the sunbathing outside.

Only thing that happened while you re-started was that Danielle had her lunch sitting at the counter, followed by Amber making two grilled cheese sandwiches and eating them at the stove.

Dani had gone out to sunbathe. She came in when called to the DR.

Amber went to storage room and found a second quarter left for them to play their other game.

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2:05pm bbt

last 15 minutes feeds have only been on Daniele and Zach laying outside in the sun... every 3 or 4 minutes, the washer with Daniele's clothes starts to beep, and she complains while trying to get it working again. After 3 attempts, Zach goes to try fixing it. Daniele and Zach are playfully joking around, talking about winning HOH(Daniele says she's put her request in for her next HOH, it's going back and forth between the blondes), and exercising(Daniele 'thinks' about getting on the illiptical if she's bored enough today, but then says she's just thinking about it, Zach says he can see her getting on it for maybe 30 seconds)

Daniele says the tallest guy she has dated was 6'71/2"

Zach: really? white guy?

Daniele: yea, white... I think it was right out of high school... I met him at the mall, he was working and I gave him my number, cause I've persued every guy I've ever gone out with! How depressing is that? I've never been pursued by any guy I've dated

Zach: so is it a turn off if he pursues you?

Daniele: no, not depending on how they do it... usually they are annoying or like come on!

Daniele: his name was Nolan, I like that name, isn't it pretty?

Zach: famous pitcher for the Astros... I think... how long did it last?

Daniele: a couple of weeks

Zach: did you like him towering over you?

Daniele: I've always said, the best thing about a guy, the freakishly taller the better.. and the key word is freakishly

Zach: did you wear 4 inch heels? it's like Wendesday dating Lurch

Daniele: that's rude!

Zach: that's a compliment (huh?)

Daniele: I'm not gothic

Zach: wasn't Lurch from The Addam's Family?

*washer is still working*

Daniele: sexiest thing in a guy, freakishly tall, big man hands, and a pretty smile, and I'm hooked

Zach: where does that put me?

Daniele: in the toilet

Zach: thanks

Daniele: I'm just kidding

Daniele: I'd like to be taller, like 5'9" or 5'10", all in the legs

Zach: what I look for... I'm a butt guy.. I like blonde hair, pretty smile, good skin, I like legs too

Daniele: knobby knees... on my last blog, I ended it with lots of butterfly kisses from the girl with knobby knees... Nick said he came into the house looking for a girl with knobby knees... I can't sleep with my knees touching, they fight with each other... have you seen this bruise?(pointing to her leg) I ran into the wall at the end of the luxury comp... this house will be the death of me

Zach: I can't remember what you are supposed to put on bruises to make them go away quicker

Daniele: Bananna bread (really? lolol I think she just says things some times lol)

Zach: I think you are supposed to use a hair brush, to massage them

Daniele: they say nothing works

Zach: no wait, that's for hickies.. they are broken blood vessels.... I can't believe you got all decked out for a kiss and got denied(refering to an earlier conversation?)

Daniele: who said I got all decked out? you live, you learn, everything happens for a reason..

Zach: I hate that saying... is that in relation to the whole world or just yourself? Like the butterfly theory is based on..... (and they fall into a deeper discussion about this topic)

(Zach replies at one point with 'when it rains, it pours', making me wonder if Amber would ask him to explain what that means if she was sitting with them)

3pm bbt *checking back in again*

Daniele/Zach still laying outside, Zach asks what she'd be doing if outside the house in regular life... she confirms it is Monday/3pm... I'd be at work, bored out of my mind, it's slow on Mondays.. but I like Mondays

Zach: but Monday nights are busy?

Daniele: don't know, don't care, I work lunch...

meanwhile, Dick is fixing food in the kitchen, with Jameka keeping him company for a bit, no real conversation happening between them

3:30pm bbt *one more check before leaving work*

Jameka has joined Daniele and Zach outside, Dick is mumbling to himself inside still

Daniele: I'm bored!

Zach: I'll entertain you

Daniele: I'm not sure how I feel about that... but I am bored... oh Big Brother...

Daniele: I could go for a dvd of 10 things I hate about you... because I love that movie

Zach: I could go for soft serve Dairy Queen ice cream cone with chocolate shell on the outside

Daniele: not DQ, Golden spoon or dippen dots for me please... dot com double back slash yum!

Zach: I coud go for a couple dozen oysters, some crackers

Daniele: I didn't know this was a competition

Zach: shucked, with some ice cold beverages

(with that, they are making me hungry, so I'm leaving to find myself some food! )

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*just popped on*

Dick at table with Dani....keeps asking her if she is mad

She keeps whinning nooooooooooooooo

He says he isnt going to be talked to like this all the time and he is leaving

He walks out to by

she said thank you

*not sure what happened but they sure arent getting along*

zach taking a shower

Dick now in by burping

Jam appears to be in hammock quiet

Amber sleeping, *dreaming of good people*

cameraman is closing in on sunglasses worn by Jam and Dick....scary type close ups

Danielle comes out and gets an armload of clothes and DIck yells...want some help?

She ignores him and goes inside

He says ...lovely

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After a short FOTH

Dani is changing to work out??? Zach is offering his services.

They are now in the gym and she officailly started at 642pm central time

She keeps saying she is gonna die and making cho cho noises as she works out

She is laughing sahying the people on the internet are thinking...It has been 59 days in teh bb house why the heck is she doing this now?? (*she is SO right)

Taking bets now on when she is done

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She yells...One mile!!! Taking a break. I will be back with you in two and gets off the machine leaving zach to run alone

ten minutes for those who were counting

I am perspiring and I dont like it.

She climbs back aboard the work out express....preparing for an endurance??? perhaps

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Eric sitting in living room with arms crossed....looks mad about something

Jessica sleeping in HOH

Amber now out with Jam in the hammock

Dick wandering around the back yard

*things seem a little tense in the house..wonder what happened..seems like more than pov*

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Jameeka has just confirmed there was another fight between Dick and Danielle...not sure what it was about..said Dani and Dick had another blow out and then she went to work out

amber now quoting the bible again......and talking about how *you dont understand*..telling Jameeka how she was a psycho when she was on drugs

Amber is again talking a thousand miles an hour

Saidher sister took over raising her daughter for a while

Now god has made her a better person

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