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August 27, Live Feed Updates

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Just before Witch's post ......."just popped on..."

Dani, Dick and Zach were sitting in BY and Dani states " if anyone in America is out there watching and wants to buy me a new car, I'd be happy to accept it."

Both Dick and Zach were amazed she said that, calling the comment Jen-like.

After a minute, Dani stormed off inside and sat down at the table

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Popping in for a few minutes:

7:22 BBT:

Jess and Eric are talking on F1/F2 about his move to Kansas. He says he'll keep his dentist in NY because he will go back and visit. She says really that much? he says yes well at least to shop. She agrees. She says that he will love Kansas and FOTH.

Back from FOTH: Dani is out of the bathroom fixing her hair on the other 2 feeds. Eric is talking about all the great pizza by him. Jess is talking about being able to order pizza hut. Dick is in the storage room now looking for food. Dinner time is near I guess.

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Dani is now at the kitchen table eating something and talking to Zach. DIck has returned from the storage room and is making stuffed chicken with mozzeralla, spinach. (sounds yummy!) He asks Dani if that sounds ok and she whines that she didn't want anything. Dick says "well it will be there for you if you want it later."

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When it came back from trivia, Dani walked up to Eric and Jess and said..."I'm not talking about the thing we're not allowed to talk about but" ... and then it cut immediately to FOTH. When it cuts to Amber and Jameka in the gym, Amber is mad, saying "This is crap!after this happens and we get a few more minutes of "trivia" it comes back and daniele is at the counter about to cry and ED tells her to c'mere, it's ok and then we got trivia again(I'm assuming the 1 hour of trivia had something to do with them mentioning "the power of 10")as it seems now they are not to mention one word about it

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Zach and Dani are in the workout room together, again. They actually seem to be getting along. Dani says she likes the pictures on the machine, she doesn't get to see alot of pictures in the BB house, except julie chens head, although its a lovely head.

Zach keeps talking about how many calories he is working off

Dani just sped up her running, zach said it looked to easy for her, she said she was cramping and he said not to overdo it but she keeps going

Zach announcing that this is dani's 3 time in the gym today, she says it went from boredomto pure depression, she turns her machine down now

Zach asks how much time is she gonna do and she says i don't know im at 88 calories

Dani says shes gone 5 miles and shes still going, zach says " 5 miles?" and she says today.

Zach just announced he has worked of 1 of 7 hot dogs then dani announces shes burned 99 calories and she just wants to finish her lap

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Nothing much really going on:

Dick and Jameka cooking dinner

Zach in bed, ERic is taking his clothes out to wash

Jess and Dani just hanging out in kitchen

Amber is alone in her room, first tracing her tatoo on her right front hip, it looked like a V and Z, the she quit rubbing and tracing that and moved to the one on her right ankle, it looked like letters also

Dick is now out back back having a cig while Jameka continues to cook with Eric, Jess and Dani chatting with her

They got beer only tonight, 12 cans

FOTH for a few seconds

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Dick went outside & sat on the couch. He's alone but said, "This whole thing with Nick is f---ing rediculous. Figure it all out when you get out of here. Stop letting it sidetrack you."

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Eric said he should ask BB for an HOH comp that asks about past seasonsDani says that was for all stars onlyJess says yeah we just get questions about past houseguestsNow they are talking about how Kail and Jen and Joe were the biggest liarsDani is talking about how she heard Joe and Jen talking and heard Joe telling Jen, don't worry Jen Ill throw and vote her out (dani laughs) and then he comes to her and tells her the oppisiteFeeds 1/2 show Amber again talking with GOD, im switching over to hearShe was telling him how she was going about her dayshe is telling him that anytime he wants to go into her heart he doesnt have to knock, just come in, she loves him and trusts him and blesses him, i love you god, amen and then she kisses her necklaceAmber: "God i hope something comes out of this for me, i want to go to school, i want to be a motivational speaker so bad, i want to be a model, i want to be so many things. Being in this house makes me realize all i want to do." (not sure if she is just talking to herself or god)

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9pm bbt

Amber in bedroom, Eric, Jessica, Dick, Daniele in kitchen(and I think Jameka also)

Eric doesn't have a MySpace account, feels it's rediculous how people get into fights over it, getting upset over who is in top 8 and friends lists... Jessica says her mom has a MySpace... Jessica has facebook... Eric says maybe he will need one, half jokingly says for his fan base, Daniele says doubt it! lol Amber still working on her Vegas water bottle balancing act

9:05pm bbt Amber has gone outside to lay on the patio alone, is moaning some and talking to herself(or maybe praying, can't really hear her)

Daniele: I hope we get another cake with all of our faces on it.

9:10pm bbt Jessica mentions that last night was the show where they were seen naked on tv.

Daniele: but it was blurred

Jessica: how do you know they didn't miss a niplette? (the HGs as well as I chuckle at the term lol)

Dick: the oddest moment for me was when I was in the HOH bathtub naked, and Joe was sitting on the side of the tub having a conversation with me

Jessica shares that Joe was willing to hook up with all the guys in the house

Dick: I think his biggest fantasy boy was Nick

Eric: how about the night I nuzzled up to him in his bed?

Dick: oh yea I forgot about that! You didn't like him at all!

Eric: I didn't like his style of game play

Dick: obviously you weren't the only one

Eric: I've told Jessica, if we all went out, I'd enjoy Joe, but his game play...

Some whistling causes a FOTH for a few seconds, when they return Eric says that's not even a recognizable tune. Jessica says it was 'Showtime' and Eric starts to sing a word or two and the HGs yell at him for singing

Jameka is getting a closeup of the kitchen mirror as she cleans it, while Eric/Jessica discuss if Jessica is angry or not, causing her to pretend get angry. Jessica then obsesses over her hair, thinking she has sideburns. Eric says it isn't sideburns, it's hair on the side of your head!

9:15pm bbt It's Jen-bashing time, as Eric remembers commenting that Jen had a 'tail'. Eric then asks the others if they would mind if he hit Jen at the wrap party. Dick says it's not violence against women, because she has a beard and a tail. Eric says if Jen hits him first, he'd go out like a light. Discussion of Earl(Eric's brother?) who lives with his parents(unless I heard wrong). House is 3 levels, upstairs bedrooms and bathroom, first floor and basement... tv in each room, 6 or 7 of them.

BB gets on Eric for whistling agian... he's not even sure what song he was whistling.

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They must have watched the trip to Power of Ten during the FOTH earlier...

ED, Dani, Jam, and Eric in KT

D: You're a wreck Jameka, you're not yourself today.

J: I know

ED: She was mad she came in third in that contest (POV last week) cause she wanted that million dollars.

J: In which one?

D: What are you talking about?

ED: Uh, nothing. Ooops.

Eric giving funny looks at them from the table.

D: I have no idea what he's talking about, personally.

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