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July 30, Live Feed Updates

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Kail and Jen by hot tub, sounds like Dustin has decided to back door Evil Dick!

Jen says that Dick is just like Joe except better at it.

Jen is saying that she feels that if Dick were the replacement nominee, Dick would be voted out by everyone except Daniele. Talk about having both Dani and Dick on the jury together would be a problem unless they both like you.

Kail agrees.

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Jen took her birth control pill and got in her itsy bitsy black bikini to go out to the hot tub. ED stopped her and asked her if she's showered today. She said yes and her & Kail went outside. Kail & Jen think Dustin might put ED or Dani up and they are stoked. ED fixed the thing on the sink to spray someone again and got Dani again.

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Kail talking about her kids, telling how handsome and smart they are (like all mothers do). She also says they'll want to meet Jen. Jen asks if she'll be able to date her oldest next year (when he's 18). Evil is outside with Jen and Kail but at the couches.

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11:03 BBT

Amber Jen Jameka and Kail in the small room talking. Talking about slleping arrangements. Jen-"once evel's gone we'll have a big round bed" for several people to share.

Dani comes in and out.

In the dining room dring games are going on with Zach Jess

Dick and Dani now outside and Dani says "I like how Jen and Jameka are budy budy" Dick said "I saw Kail in there too"

Dick talking about Jameka being the odd man out. Dani depressed saying "doesn't matter"

Dick doing laundry

Dick saying once it gets down do it with Dustin and Amber he thinks it will me him Dani Jess and Eric. Dani says he could get HOH again.

Dani is saying that they hates us more than them. Dick saying how close Dustin and Kail are. Dick saying Dustin "needs to go" before Zach and "even Jen"

Dani says they're "playing that way" because just in case they get HOH.

Dani calling both Jameka and Dustin dumb. Dick pissed off about Jameka playing through religion.

Dani says Amber said it was "fate in God Dustin not pick her as POV host" Dick says "she's a bozo" Dick says without Dustin she'll fall to pieces. Dani saying she has Jameka because they are "very close"

Dani''this house I can't take in anymore"

Dick "tell me about it"

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11:12 BBT

Dani has moved up to the HOH to Nick laying down listening to music.

Dani asking why he's mad. Nick saying "I feel like shit"

Nick saying "I want to know what happened with Amber" saying I bet you told Eric and your Dad. She says she didn't.

petty arguing...

Nick saying he was concerned about her and Amber....Dani ..silience....

"don't worry I'm not mad at you" and she says "you're upset" and he swears on his life he isn't he says he needs food and "had all that caffeine which isn't good" Dani asking what she could do for him.


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11:21 BBT

Dani still pestering Nick..."your breath reeks like dirty coffee" and nick keeps telling he he doen't "feel good" Dani thinks he's upset about something.

Downstairs drinking game contines and Eric keeps refering t his underwear as "panties"

Dani's finally left Nick alone and has come downstairs with the group.

Dick goes outside no doubt to smoke.

Zach looking pretty worried...

Eric and Jess challenge loser must wear the unitard. Jen says its hers while Eric says it's not hers and jess says it is .

Eric asks if she'll lend it to the cause and Jen agrees.

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11:31 BBT

Dick talking to himself or to us however you look at it.

"dustin amber proved you don't have to be two gay men to be the gayest thing" calling them unbelievable

"giving me a headache thinking about these mother fuckers in here. ay yi yi yi yi"

" oh my God what a band of idiots"

" double eviction week would be really really nice..can only hope"

"i can't even go inside or I'll throw up on the table or on their laps" saying that all of them sucking up to dustin "taking all the attention off of me..perfect"

"oh God damn man" "one is like a bleeding puss filled hemmroid the other a painful kidney stone" saying being around them makes them want to splits his wrist also saying he feels sorry for Ambers boyfriend "only shows there someone for everyone"[lol] taking about desperation.

"is there socket to stick my finger in while I'm taking a shower" Dick saying Eric is an awful practical joker.

Dick saying how funny it would be to put the moth in Jen and kails bed.

Dick goes in

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11:44 BBT

Jess lost the game and has to wear the unitard with boxers until bed.

Dick realling looking like he really wants to slit his wrists

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11:48 BBT

Dustin came into HOH and lays on top of Nick telling him to drink lots of water. Asks about him and Daniele saying she came downstairs awhile agao and didn't say anything... and he says it's ok and says he thinks her and Amber had a falling out.

Dustin "Girls" Nick "no shit" Dustins "that's why I don't date em"

Dustin says he just came to check on him..Nick saying he's dizzy and got up and went downstairs to the bathroom.

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11:55 BBT

Amber whispering into Eric's ear about something and finishes with "whatever"

Nice bra shot of Jess putting on her unitard and boxers with Dick calling her a cheater for wearing it [the bra]. people telling her "you look cute"

In the hot tub Dustin and Kail talking about what's going on. Kail says "something is going down call me paranoid"

dustin telling her that both of the being caught doing something. she says what does it matter since it's only natural to be friends when they get to five. Kail says she's keeping quiet and Dustin says "it needs to stay". Kail says " i don't talk to Jen for the most part" Dustin telling her it will be good she'll be off the block next week.

Dick comes out and ask him what's going on..Dick says "a wierd vibe" Dustin says "I can't put my finger on it"

Dustin over dramitizing about it being wierd. Dustin defending "selfish move" saying he won't feel bad about it when he has money for college and being in Barbados for a week with his best friend he won't feel bad.

People moving outside.....

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12:06 BBT

In Bathroom

Dani asking Amber why she's mad and Amber telling her she doesn't want to talk about it "right now"

Dani says "well I tried" Dani storms out

Back in the bathroomat 12:09

Dustin asking Dani if she's pissed and says she doesn't want to talk about it and Says try to fall asleep "If you so choose"

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12:12 BBT

Dustin and Dick talking about Amber Danielle says she is really mad at Amber right now.

Dani is really mad at her and Dick says she gets mad and blabs to everyone in the house about it.

Dick "she's emontionally unstable" saying "she needs to go"

Eric tickling Jess and says that reminds of her of her uncle when she was little.

Dani asking what Amber said about her and Eric tells her Amber is saying Dani is trying to blame the whole Nick think on her. Dani says she needs to get a hold of herself.

Dick reappears.

Dani saying Nicks a mess about being on slop and Dick say "he's has 6 bowls" Dani sayting he's laying down in HOH and dick says he doesn't know if he could lay down in there because of "dustin jerking off in there"


12:19 BBT

Dick saying he would take pleasure in watching Amber cry for a week...Dick saying as as far as Eric if he goes on sleep he's going to be done and people will have it with him

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12:22 BBT

Dani and Dick talking about going insane about people in the house. Dick saying "they're so full of shit"

Dani heads to bed

Zach tells her "you can totally talk to be if you need to" he says he may be a wierdo but he will still listen if she needs to.

Nick comes in and Zach asks "are you feeling better dude?" and says uh huh.

Nick climbs into bed with Dani whispers sounds like she's crying...

Nick and Dani just laying in bed together heavy breathing

12:30 BBT They are whipsering but can't make out what's been said.

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12:36 BBT

Dick Eric and Dick talking about what other twist can be in store. Dick saying Dustin and Amber are brother and sister and Jess says no because Dustin is already been part of a twist.

Dick joking that Eric and Nick are related and that eric was "the runt of the litter"

Jess says "danile is not really 21" that's why she doesn't drink..Dick says yeah she's really 16 to try to blow it off.

Jess saying she never met a jewish person before.

12:44 Dustin is having his abs class in the backyard. The camera decided it would be better to focus on Nick and Dani under the blanket in the dark room instead..What's going on?...use your imagination.

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12:49 BBT

Talking about Zach saying he doesn't have achance to win HOH. Jess saying if he does they can go up to him and tell him to put Jen and Kail up and be a "part of us"

Dick talking about Dustin taking the prizes again....Jess says she remembers saying when she watched the shows she said "I will never be that person who doesn't take the trips and what did I do? I just sat there"

Dick now telling them that he truly believes Amber is emtionally unstable. Eric agreeing and Jess says "I feel bad for her" Dick says I don't but he says he feels bad for her boyfriend. Dick saying he looks like the guy [sloth I think] from the GOONIES "hey you guys" Jess saying about her boyfriend "he's ghetto"

Eric saying about Dani and Amber "the two of them are ready to kill each other"

Dick saying "with one shot we kill two" Eric saying Dustin is smart but made bad decision. Dick saying he's an idiot because if he's smart he wouldn't be taking trips

Dustin comes in.......talking about Jen being oblivious to conversation and Dick says she probably tried to turn it to about her. Jen basshing ensues. FOTH

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Nick and Dani are done cuddling and Nick has moved back to his bed[floor] on all four feeds....

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1:05am BBT Nick in bed with Dani still. Nick says "good night dani" and they kiss for a few seconds. Nick got into his bed.

Quick FotH

Now they are both laying in their own bed.

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1:14 BBT

Dick with almost all the awke HG talking about bathrroom in the Beverly grand hotel...in the living room

Nothing too interesting.........just talking Seinfeld episodes.

1:29 BBT Not much has changed just sitting around talking about mundane things.

1:44 BBT same as above except with Zach bashing

1:52 BBT same as above so with that I'll make my exit til tomorrow. night all

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3:40am BBT Jessica heads to bed

3:50am BBT Jameka & Amber head to bed then Eric goes to bed leavin Dick last 1 awake.

in Bed Amber & Jessica talk about Dick. lots of FOTH on & off look as if all are asleep except Dick.

4am BBT Dick doing Dishes & washing Big Table.

4:09 BBT Dick puts Grass rabbits on top of Shelf in Kitchen and puts cowboy hat on the one rabbit. and goes back to cleaning table. Dick burps and at same time in feed 1 Amber moves to other side of bed(i guess it woke her lol)

4:11am Jen awake and walk by Dick and Dick says "o you look lovely" as Jen heads to BR. Dick head s outside as he spits heading for a smoke on the couch on the patio. As Jen goes back to bed at 4:14am.

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