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July 23, Live Feed Updates

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Danielle was in her room and is going to Nick for advice.

D: I'm sorry.

N: Don't worry about it. I mean you're dad just headed up you know.


D: You're so upset at me.

N: No I'm not..Danielle, don't worry about it. It's all me. What are you thinking

D: How much I hate being here.

N: Why?


N: Hey. Talk to me. Can I talk to you?

D: Yes.

N: Here's the deal, okay? Basicly, I like you so much, it's tearing me away. I know that the fact is when I get out of here, it might not work. You have a boyfriend.

There's a lot more but I can't type all of it. lol

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Dick and Amber still in SR

He is rehasing the argument with dani earlier

AMber is listening((getting her dad fix it seems. has that puppy dog look on her face)

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He is pointing out all the crap that danilee doesnt do

doesnt do laundry..cooking..nothing

she spends all her time in bed or with nick

He tells amber again to keep her self together

amber again says she cries cause she cries..its me blah blah blah

He asks her to try

she said she will

more rehashing...this has been exhausting for me..can only imagine what they feel

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Dick jsut approaced Dani in the hammock in the by

Said..this is the last thing I am gonna say anything personal to you

He said if she wanted to go to family counseling when this was over he wants to

He siad..It is important to me.

She said nothing

Then got up and left the by

Dick out there with Amber and Dustin *who is wearing a party hat and mustache*

DIck is explaining his blowup about the three in the HOH..jen mike and zach*i think*

Amber going back inside

Nick called to DR

Dustin and DIck now outside. Saying the card for Jameeka was nice for her

Jameeka felt bad no one else got anyting from famly

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(I'm going to try to summarize, as I'm watching Show2 right now, and everything is going to hell in a handbasket in the house--Cat)

Earlier, Nick went upstairs and wanted to listen to music. Dustin came up and they talked about Dani and Nick's feelings. Zach and then Jen came up the HOH, too. Dick came up and threw Nick out of the HOH, saying he doesn't trust him.

Dick was doing dishes with Amber. He was slamming the dishes (according to Amber). He told Amber that he wanted to talk to her about her talk in the hammock with Nick. He told her that he didn't want anyone up in his HOH any longer. This made Amber feel that she was being questioned, when she didn't do anything wrong.

Dick and Amber in the storage room. She starts crying (God, I wish I was playing a drinking game right now--ed). She says that he questions her like he doesn't trust her. Dick tries to spin it that him asking her about her convo with Nick shows that he trusts her. Amber fights back and little and says that it doesn't feel that way to her--it feels like he doesn't trust her. She brings up a convo she had at night with Kail. She feels Dick is accusing her. As the tears start to pour, Dick hugs her. He starts in on a big, long lecture about how Amber is using her emotions instead of her head. He says that he isn't accusing her, and half of the time she uses her emotions when she shouldn't let things get to her. She screeches that this is her--she can't change who she is, and she's sorry if he doesn't like her because she cries or something.

The feeds switch to Nick and Dani, at the hammock. She walks up and asks him if he is upset with her. He says no--he is sad. She sits on the ground next to the hammock with her face turned toward the ground. They sit there in silence for a loooong time. He asks what she is thinking, and she won't tell him. He says okay, and gets up to get another beer. (He guzzled the last one and crushed the can and threw it across the yard). He comes back with the beer. She has been sitting on the ground, sobbing. She tells him she doesn't know why he is upset with her like this. He says he is sad, not upset. He says this is the deal: He is so into her, and he realizes she doesn't completely trust him, and it is killing him. He says he is screwed, because he has been hanging with Dani so much and has feelings for her that are completely true and real. He says that he knows from things she says and does that they will leave this show and not be together, and that kills him. She doesn't say anything. He says that he understands--it's all on him.

Nick says that he is an alliance with four people--Amber, Dani, D (Dustin) and Nick. He says that he isn't including Dick in that. He isn't actively trying to get Dick out or anything, but he isn't watching out for Dick. He says that Dick chewed him out a little while ago and explains what happened when he went up in the HOH to have a half hour or an hour alone to think about things, and Dustin and then Zach and Jen came up. He says that Dustin left, after he had told Dustin about his feelings for Dani and how they are fruitless because she doesn't trust him. So, that left Zach, Jen and Nick alone. He says he asked them to leave. But then after that, Dick came in and told him to get out of the HOH--he doesn't trust Nick. So, later on he was outside, and Dick came out and again sought him out, and Nick asked if he had a problem with him? They had it out. Nick says that Dick is a target every week because he calls people out, but Nick is worse than even Dick, and people don't realize that. He says that he can't be "chill Nick" anymore because his cover is now blown and everyone knows he has a short fuse, now. He says he is screwed, because he has now burned bridges with just about everyone, but he doesn't care because he has to show his feelings for Dani and he doesn't care who knows. He says that he knows Dani doesn't trust him, but he will stay 100 percent faithful to her, and those he is protecting, and he will do everything he can to get her to the end of the game.

The feeds go back to Dick and Amber in the storage room. She has stopped crying for the time being. He is lecturing her and she is mostly saying "yeah." He tells her how he sees things from a more suspicious or wiser (he said she was stupid at one point) viewpoint. He talks about people eating his food, using his room and not doing anything for him (of course, he leaves Amber out of this). He talks about how she is emotional and she needs to stop that and be wiser and decide if it is more important for her to try to stay calm and clear and try to win money for her child, or be emotional.

Outside, Dani has climbed into the hammock with Nick. He tells her it is frustrating to him that she doesn't trust him. He is telling her she can trust him 100 percent, but it is "on her." He says that if she doesn't trust him 100 percent, that's fine (it isn't, obviously--ed) and it is the context of the game. He says that he has done some things in the game to show that certain people can't trust him in the game, but certain people CAN.

Nick: So, if you can't trust me, then I'm going to have to show you that you CAN trust me.

Nick says that if that means he goes on the block with her and he tells everyone to save Dani, then that is what he will do.

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Oh man Now Amber is telling Dani everyitng dick said about dani not doing dishes or laundry or anything

This of course is irritating Dani

*way to go amber*

(I am outa here..gotta get up at 4am)

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Dick comes up to Dani and tells her that obviously what they are doing "isn't working," and he offers to go to counseling after this. He says this while Nick has gone in to get yet another beer (about three in the last 20 minutes).

Dick called to DR

Nick: That FUCKER! Sorry.

Dick is crouched beside the hot tub, with Dustin and Amber with their feet in the hot tub. Dick is saying that he's be damned if they (the other alliance he suspects--Nick, Jen and Zach) will use his room to have a talk about their alliance. He says it has nothing to do about Dustin. He tells Dustin that if he ever feels that, to please tell him.

Dustin says that Jameka is upset about her card. She feels she shouldn't have had to read it out loud. She feels that others feel bad that they miss their families, and just because she had her birthday, she got a card and it was kind of rubbing it in other's faces. Dustin says that he told Jameka she needs to be selfish just this once--just bite the bullet.

Dick says he is so glad Dustin didn't think he was talking about him being in the HOH! Dustin says he knew that Dick would have told him if it upset him that Dustin was up there.

Amber goes straight inside to talk to Dani. Amber is saying that she was upset because of the "hammock thing."

Dani asks what Dick said.

Amber tells her Dick said he just wanted to talk to her.

Dani says that he questioned her, and she told him that she didn't feel the need to explain to him--he's not her owner!

(Amber's eyes are darting around, clearly afraid of being caught talking about Dick)

Amber says that Dick was telling her earlier that everyone in the house didn't like her, and she thought, "Give me a frigging break!"

Dani says that Dick told her that "Amber is an emotional wreck." Dani told him that Amber is a real person.

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Dani and Amber are sitting together, talking about Nick. Dani says that he makes her feel like crap. Amber asks what he says. Dani says that he told her that he will tell anyone how he feels about her, and she can't deal with this right now, at all!

Amber says she told Dick she is scared of him!

Amber says he looked at her like a piece of shit because she cried.

Dani says that is just how it was when she and her brother were kids!

Dani: When we were kids, we would seriously hide in our rooms, and he would get in our face (Dani puts her hand right up to her face, near her nose), this close to our face, screaming at us, spitting. And we were so scared!

Amber agrees.

Mike comes in and interrupts, laughs that they are eating in the bathroom (on the couch). Amber says there is nowhere else to go! Laughs.

Amber says she told Evel she isn't going to change for anyone.

Dani: At least you are real.

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Amber is whispering 100 mph telling Dani everything Dick said to her.

Dustin and Dick are now arguing in the living room!!

(Which is hilarious, as Dustin is wearing his mustache, pirate eyepatch and hat)

Dustin tells Dick that he is mad at him right now.

Dick is following him, arguing.

Dick told something that Dustin had told him. Dick claims he didn't know that it was supposed to be secret.

Dick says everyone is pissed at him, and he is going to go to HOH and disappear!

Dick says he is sorry.

Dustin says Dick immediately went and told something that Dustin had told him!

Dustin says he had better expectations of Dick.

Dick is rationalizing what he said.

Dustin asks if Dick gets where he is coming from? Dick says yes, he didn't know it was in confidence.

Dick claims that Dani also told him that Jameka was crying.

Dustin makes a frustrated sound.

Dick says he has "had enough of this HOH."

Dick: I can't take it anymore.

Dustin: It's not just the HOH, Dick.

Dick says he is sorry--he was just trying to make Jameka feel better.

(It sounds like Dick went straight to Jameka and told her that he heard she was upset about reading her letter aloud, and Dustin feels Dick broke his confidence by going straight to Jameka and telling her that).

Dick says hell is paved with good intentions--looks like he is ready to cry.

Dick says he is doing the best he can with everything.

Dustin: I know.

Dick says he has "Daniele screaming at me upstairs."

Dick starts talking about Amber and how she took it personally when he exploded about people being in his HOH.

Dustin says that when Dustin got upset about Joe, he (Dustin) apologized for letting his emotions carry him away. Dustin says this is the same type of thing.

Dick says that Amber shouldn't have taken it that way, but he understands.

Dustin goes in the room with Jameka and Jess and says, "This is a party!" He says that everyone needs to remember they should be having fun.

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Amber and Dani still talking.

Amber is talking about how she would control her emotions if she could, but she can't.

She's been that way her whole life.

Amber says that the beer was taken away from all of them. They had to put it in the SR.

Amber says that Mike said all fun and games, and one ruins it for all. They got it taken away because of Nick.

Amber says that's what she thinks--it was because of Nick.

Nick comes in and uses the bathroom. Leaves.

Amber says she has seen some sides of people...

Dani: I know!

Amber says like Dani's dad, that she didn't think were possible.

Amber is telling Dani all about what Dick said about Dani.

She eats his food in the HOH, sleeps all of the time up there, but won't give him the time of day.

Dani: Oh, my God! Get a grip on yourself! (Dick)

Dani says that Dick told her he is "taking so much crap" and dealing with so much because of "her thing with Nick." She doesn't see how he has to deal with anything due to her and Nick! She wants him to shut up!

Dani says part of her wants to put up Zach and her Dad, and asks if Amber feels the same way, and Amber says yes.

Dani says that the person she is is due to Dick, because she doesn't want to be like him, and that is her goal.

Zach comes in and out of the bathroom and Dani and Amber try to talk on the sofa in the bathroom area.

Amber says "You have to imagine how he makes me feel, and I'm not his daughter! He's too much!"

Dani says she tries to get him to get a perspective of where she is coming from, but he doesn't and it is so frustrating!

Amber asks if Dani talked to Nick? She says yes, kind of--not really. He said some stuff, but she didn't.

Amber says that Dick told her, "It's so hard for me--It's so hard for me!"

Amber says Dick complains about how hard it is for him to be there with Dani because he wants a relationship with her, and can't get one.

Dani; I wonder why, you stupid?! I wonder why?

Dani sighs

Dani says trying with Dick is more stress than it is worth.

Dani: I can't physically or emotionally do it. I tried so many years, and I can't!

Amber: He's too much. It's all I can say--I can't even put it into words. He's too much.

Amber says she told Dick he can't go around saying whatever he wants to people like this. Dani says she told him the same, and people aren't going to like him.

Dani says he still gets pissed off, and she told him that it wasn't just her feeling this way.

Zach is heard in the background.

Amber: I hate him. I hate Zach.

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Dani is mocking the fact that Nick told her that he wasn't upset--he's SAD.

(Zach comes in and uses the bathroom at this time)

Dani says that this is all because last night Nick asked her one question--he said he wanted the answer to one question. Was it possible that they could continue on after the show? She told him she didn't know, because this house isn't real. People aren't really completely who they are in the house. In this house you are together 24/7, but in real life you are out doing stuff. It's not real life. And so this upset him, and he took it the wrong way. He told her he felt she didn't trust him.

Dani: Amber! At least we have each other!

Amber: Totally!

Dani says she would kill herself or walk out of there without her.

Amber says that she is the only good thing about "this fucking house."

Amber asks for a hug, and they hug.

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In the silhouette room, Dustin, Jameka and Jess are laughing, as they do an impression for Jameka of the home shopping channel, and Jess models a ring. Dustin is doing the voiceover of a "faux" ring.

Dani hurries outside.

She gets in the hammock with Nick.

Nick is silent.

Dani is swinging them back and forth with one foot on the ground.

Nick: I want one person to trust me wholeheartedly in this game and that's you. OK? And I know you don't right now, but...so be it.


Looooong silence.

Nick has his arm around Dani's shoulders.

She has her head on his chest/shoulder.

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10:40 BBT

Danile tells Dustin he looks like the pringle guy in the kitchen

Nick talking to Jameka ask if "you cool" she said yes abd ask how he was tells her that him and Dick had some tension "F boms involved" He feels bad that the beers got taken way

"life in the BB house" says Dani. Nick tells jameka he's going to bed and says no..telling her that he talked to Dustin about all the "things going in my head" Tells her about how Zach and Jen who was sitting on the bed in HOH when he was up there...people come in and doesn't finish.... Kail's in there

"If looks can kill I'd be dead" to Jess and Jamika Dani says as she passes Kail.

Everyone in bedroom eating ice cream and Jen asks where's Evel..she says "he must be in the DR"

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10:48 BBT

Jen Mike Zach and Kail eating ice cream now in kitchen while Jess does dishes FOTH

Nick continiues with Jameka and Nick tells her he told them leave HOH and Dick came up and Kicked him out because he told them "I don't want the three of you scheming " up in the HOH.

Nick says him and Dick had it out in the BY. Telling her he was swearing at him and he was pissed off. Zach comes in and says he wants to go to sleep and Zach says "how long" Nick gets rude "fucking eh" Zach says he wasn't doing anything "I was just asking a question" Says he was filling Jameka and Jameka says that's ok "tomorrow's another day"

Now Dani and Nick talking saying "i'm losing my cool in here" she says relax

Nick talking to Zach about his fight with Dick in storage room explaining what went on.

Zach says "he's paranoid" he's going soon. Saying he'll go up later and Zach says he's got no beef with me dude.

Dick now telling Dani he "loves her very very much"

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In the silhouette room, most of the hg's are in there, saying there is nowhere else to go. Jen says that Zach will probably want to go to sleep soon, and they can't go outside or upstairs....Zach says he's fine. Think of it as lockdown.

Outside in the hammock:

Nick: Lots of stuff went on today in this cat's head. You know? Fuck, I lifted four times.


Looooong silence

Feed switches to the silhouette room as Eric says something about not believing "he" is involved in all of this.

Jen: I don't think Amber is involved. (Amber is not there)

Uncomfortable silence. Kail's eyes dart around.

(Times aren't right on this--I backed up the DVR to quote)

Outside again

Nick is now murmuring into Dani's hair

Nick: I just want you to trust me, you know?


Nick: (Smiles) Or robots. (Who knows what this means--ed)


Nick: You know what's really funny?

Dani: Hmmm?

Nick: I was just sitting here about ten minutes ago, and Zach came up to the window and looked outside for about 10 minutes, just staring at me.

Dani giggles

Nick: But he knew I wasn't looking at him, because I had my hat down. He was just waiting for me to look at him and go, 'Hey, what's up?"

Dani: Me and Amber were talking in the bathroom and he like interrupted twice.

Nick: What were you guys talking about?

Dani: My Dad.

Nick: Yeah?

Dani: Mmm hmm

Nick: What's up with you and your dad?

Dani: I hate him.

Nick: Why?

Dani: Because of who he is.

Nick: Did I have anything to do with it?

Dani: Uh-uh

Nick: Nothing. Not one thing.

Dani: It's not about anybody in here. It's about my entire life, and--

Nick: Well, something went down while him and I were yelling at each other.

Dani: Why?

Nick: I don't know--you came out in the middle..

Dani: Because I'm tired of him going around talking down to people and making everybody feel like crap, making everybody feel uncomfortable.

Dani says he talks down to everybody, and for her, it's 1000 times worse, and that's why she doesn't have a relationship with him, and she doesn't care either way.

Nick: Don't worry about me!

Dani: It's not about you. It's not anything about you.

Nick says he'll tell Dick off to his face, and if he has trust issues with Nick, that's fine. Dick doesn't trust anybody.

Nick: I told him straight out, I said you don't have to trust me; I don't give a fuck. I'm here hopefully so that your daughter trusts me.


Nick: I'm gonna go to bed soon, ok?

Dani says that Jameka and others are talking in his room. He asks about what--she doesn't know. He asks if Jameka has been crying? She doesn't think so. He says it sucks--it's her birthday and all.

Feed switches to laughter in the silhouette room.

Jameka is saying she loves Jess.

(Hey, Night Owl!! Good to see you! I'm out for the night, I think. Great job, everybody, today!!!! --Cat)

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10:56 BBT

Jameka talking to Dick outside hes says"i had stuff going on you had stuff going on" she says its ok and goes in

Dick smoking outside by himself

In the bedroom Nick in bed[on floor] and Dani kneeling next to his bed[on floor] talking.

Dani wonders why they didn't call anyone in the DR today

Gets a warning fom a voice not to talk about DR [not on speakers]

In living room Mike Kail JEn ERic and Jess talking[hope Dick doesn't go ballistic on Jess and Eric]

Dick on his way to bathroom "HOH sucks Dick" obviously not in a good mood from tonights activities.

Asking Jameka if she was OK and tells her sorry if she made her feel uncomfortable. Telling her how Nick was in HOH with Jen and Zach for 15 minutes. He thinks someone tipped Nick Off. She says no one told him because no one talks to him. He tells here Dustin talked to him for a long time in the hammock. Now he wonders if he said he wasn't in an alliance with Zach and Jen because someone tipped him off or they[Zach and Jen] were just up there[paranoid much]

Telling Jameka he trusts her Jameka hhm mmmm hmmm mmmm hmmm

Telling her Amber get so emotional when he told her he kicked the people out of the HOH.

Jameka hmm hmm

he waas worried they were sheming up there

"maybe maybe not who's to say" Jameka says

Telling her he can't do this and apologizes

"anything can happen I wouldn't worry about it"

Dick says he'll apologize to everyone in the house for getting overly pissed off.

Dick pokes her and Jameka says "don't poke my fat"

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11:13 BBT

Amber and Dustin talking in the bedroom. About Dick saying he doesn't care because he just say what he's thing especially to Jen

Dustin feels bad for Dani "she has so much on her plate" She chose to put herself in that situation with Nick.

Making fun of julie Chen.

Amber says you see someone's true colors when they get HOH Saying Dick goes too far....Talking about how she threw the POV so his daughter can get off the block.

Dick comes in

Dick talking about Kail......

Dustin talking Food comp saying it was played today Dick says yes because the veto will be on tuesday.

Stll talking how fun the food comp was FOTH

Dustin says tomorrow no sweets and tomorrow he'ss be on "a protein shake and lucheon meat diet"

Amber wonder where Eric is as she has a "hammock date" with him

Dick tells them he'll see the outside

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Feeds show Kail amd Mike on couch for few seconds and switches[happened several times] LOL

Dick telling Jess his paranoid story of the Nick leak. Dick says is Nick hammered..Jess says no that" he's been acting wierd all day."

Amber telling Nick about her convo with Dick telling nick he warne her "becareful about who you trust". Nick telling her about their fight earlier and say he told him "I don't give a fuck if you put me on the block". Amber tells Nick that he questioned Dick. Nick says he told Dick "you got a fucking problem" "i'm here for your daughter" and he sais he told him if he has something to say then say it.

Amber says Dick told her He needs here and she needs him..

Now their talking in the bathroom with the water running basically going over his argument with Dick.

They hug and say they love each other and Nick says everthing will"pan out with Mike going home"

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11:32 BBT

Talking to Jen in Bathrrom telling her she doesn't like unecessary drama. Mike says soemthing with his mouth full of tooth paste. Mike kidding about his 7 wives.."i'll talk to you in bed about this matter" jen says jokingly..

Dustin tells Mike and Jen goodnight as they head to bed.

Dick asking if the convo involves him in the HOH and Dustin says no.

Amber and Erics hammock date Eric says he doesn't know what's going on and Amber goes through her fight with Dick

Kail Mike and Jen talking and Kail says she hopes the next target is Zach and not Nick.

Jen turns off the light. Someone says he won't put up a pawn. Kail says she meeds Zach to go up.. Some Guy say they need to keep the lights on if they are not going to sleep he say it twice..Mike says it's "bullshit" and Jen says "ridiculous" {i agree}

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Amber just letting her mouth go with her convo with dani about big mean Dick.

Nick and Dani in the kitchen cooking.

I guess the producers relented and Kail and Jen laughing. Apprently about nothing.. Actually Jen turned the lights on to talk since Kailw ants to know.

Jen saying thaey should move to break up Nick and Dani and Zach says they are already have problem.

Kail wonders what's going on with Nick and Amber in the Hammock "over Daniele" Kail said someone said "Nick is the new Joe" and Jen says "Zach is the new Joe" Kail agrees.

Mike says Joe was put up the last week. Mike thinks Nick will be put in Jens place and that what Zach meant "Nick is the new Joe"

Kail says if that was the case she'll go, Mike doesn't believe she will. Kail tries to figure out what votes she's has. Mike says Dick was really pissed off

Talking about the fight. mike say apparantly he was up there doing something else and Jen said no that it happened when Jen and Zach were strategizing.

They think Nick might be going up and that's why she freaked out. Kail thinks she'll go home if Nick goes up. Mike say that if Dick campaigns against Nick he'll go. Kail thinks she can get a vote for jameka to vote to her to stay. All excited that all three still might be here [LOL] "That'll be awesome" says Kail. Kail says Dick likes to make people squirm..Jen says "he's the worst HOH ever" she says he's on the top of everyones list.

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11:58 BBT

The delusional conversation is going on between jen Kail and Mike. Talking about how Evel was comforting Jameka calling her honey Kail thinks he worried she has her vote {lol} to stay.

Laughing abot Dick calling the Jen is the third wheel. Mike warns the not "to get to excited about it" but there is a chance. Kail talking about how paranoid Evel is.

Mike talking about when Dick was yelling "mike and Kail are scheming"

Kail so excited about the three of them might be staying. Kail surprised how close Amber and Nick are. Jen says closer than Amber and Dustin Kail-"interresting" lights out and no more talk.

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12:05 BBT

Dustin Nick and dani talking about how paranoid people are getting "Their behaviors and their actions" are what make them paranoid says Dustin.

Dick walks in about Nick leaving something in HOH.

Dick says "what happened with the beer" and Dani says "we're not allowed to talk about it" and Nick says it because of the tensions and some people were drinking excessively. Nick said he had 7 beers in 1 hour.

Nick talking about his haircut for the live show and FOTH

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