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July 16, Live Feed Updates

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11:42 BBT: Jen just told Joe she is putting him up and he said that he wanted a better reason and she told him she didn't have to give him a reason... Jen is telling Joe that it's not his place to be telling what everyone is doing wrong... That everyone sees that he is only doing it to take the attention off of himself and it's not working...

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FOTH Veto ?

No, they are back.

Eric still denying that he crawled into bed with Joe. Eric is so loud.

Amber and DAni are whispering. Sorry, I can't make it out

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Nope I am now wacthing Amber tell Daniele that she feels bad that she told Dick that she would vote him out to keep Nick and now she feels different...

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Joe is pushing for Zack to go up in place of Dani.

Joe says he thinks Amber pushed for him really hard. Eric says he thinks so too. Asked Amber how close she and Jen were getting and Amber said her and Jen were only talking about cakes, and birthdays, etc...Said Amber had another "Kail moment" of proving they are not in an alliance. "Kail moment" seems to mean...trying to deny the obvious?

Amber and Dani talk about the next HOH competition. Amber says one on their side needs to win it. Dani thinks Zack might throw it again. She thinks Mike isn't strong enough. AMber immediately is defending Mike, "I am not falling for him or anything, but he's a good person."

Danielle reitterates that she thinks Kail is a "mess."

Nick, Joe, Eric & Dick are outside talking and Joe is saying how he'll be going up. Dick says he thinks Nick is going up. Joe pushed Zack and apparently Jen told him it's their problem if they have a problem with him. Dick said, "She won't put up Zack, that' her alliance."

Dani now joking that she won't use the Veto. :animated_rotfl:

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12:20 BBT: Jessica and Daniele are sitting at the kitchen table talking and Jen asks how long they have been in there... Daniele says they came in on a Saturday so this would make it day 16... (guess that means they came in July 1st)

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12:32 BBT: Jameka was just telling Joe that his only hope is for Daniele not to use the veto, or else he's going home... Joe of course went to find Daniele to try and talk her into that...

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Joe went to Daniele and tried to talk her into not using the Veto (can anyone say Marcellus). She said she would think about it. Dani then talked with Jameka, and she told Dani she had to use it. Joe would say anything to not go up, but there are no guaranteed votes in this game. Dani seems resolved to use it, and wanted to go outside because she was cold.

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Dick is inside talking to Mike and Kail. Kail seems extemely bored.

Dani and Jameka went outside, joked that people have spent all of that time outside and they will be on outdoor lockdown for at least an hour. Zach, Amber, Jen on couches, talking about nothing much. Discussed names Jameka has picked out for her kids, but she won't tell what they are. Also discussing old TV shows.

Dick talking about being in Egypt, and a room full of mummies. They are stacked one on top of another. He was afraid of getting arrested in Egypt. he thought it would be like turkish prison. The tour buses take you where they want you to shop. Some old guy tried to sell hip drugs, but he refused. He did not feel safe. He felt safer in Isreal, where 13 year old kids are dressed in their school clothes, and carrying uzis. He said he lived in Cyprus, near Lebanon and Isreal.

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1:13 BBT: BB calls Daniele inside and calls a outdoor lockdown... Everyone is going to the bathroom before the LD starts...

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Dick is still giving his history lesson. He told of taking his ex-wife to Athens. He wants to go back. He said he likes Athens better than Rome. When he and his ex went there, she had her *ss grabbed or pinched at least a hundred times. Kail said "in Rome? I thought that was more in Italy". Dick patiently told her Rome IS in Italy!!!

Dick would like to go to Venice. Mike has been during Carnivale. He said the gondolier wouldl row a little then flip them off, then row a little more and flip them off again. Evidently he didn't want to be filmed.

Plane went over (have on quad feeds), it dorwned out the whole house.

Jen is outside talking with Nick and Joe. Dani and Amber on on opposite couch. Zach is there too. Dani gets called to the DR, so they get up to go pee....it is about time for Veto meeting. Should be outdoor lockdown first.

Joe talked to Nick about asking Daniele to not take herself off the block. Nick said he thought she was going to use it on herself, it was her only choice. Joe said he had to try. BB calls outdoor lockdown. Joe runs in to bathroom, asks Nick to save his seat. (Jr Hi now?)

All 4 feeds to Kail and Jen in HoH bathroom talking about someone (maybe Jess). Jen thinks Kail will be next HoH. BB announces again there is a lockdown. Dick, Jen and Kail all walk into BY together.

Dick asked who found the bunnies today. He then asked if they think he is an idiot, or just fun. One said idiot, most said fun, one said both.

Now talking about Carol. Hope she is banging on KC's door asking for her cheering job back. They said they hope she gets it. Someone else said what about the girl who took her place? They said maybe Carol could be an alternate. Dick said .."hmmm how to put it....the vagina Daniele came out of was a Rams cheerleader for a very long time". Laughing about his ex might wish to have signed the agreement with BB instead of the way she is being discussed. Everyone sitting around, not much talking.

I'm out for now

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they are all in the kitchen fixing food....slop eaters not doing anything

cant pick up any stategy talk

looks loke Joe is up after catching a very fast talk in the br with dani and joe

then they left to join the others

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2:28 bbt

general talk after feeds come back...

Joe/Dani in bathroom

Joe: (explaining he understands why she DID use the POV) it seemed you had the votes(to stay if you didn't use it), but you never know, so don't worry about it... I can move forward, or... it is what it is

back to kitchen counter with others

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Kail/Dani chatting

Kail: I'm proud of you(to Dani)... you're a trooper... won 2 POVs... won slop 2 weeks.. you're just... good girl

Dani: that's life in the Big Brother house

Kail: I look at you, and at your dad... look at you now, I mean really, keep happy and.. stuff

Dani: I'll be 100% honest with you, when Jen said I'm nominating you both for the same reason, that's not right... the first day it's akward and uncomfortable.. we are opposites... that's not right... certain things that are said don't need to be said like that... it's a game, that's fine, you have no choice, but the wording was like... I'm not like my family, I don't fit in with them... may sound rude, but I'm proud of that... for someone to say that I am, we've only known each other in the house for 2 weeks, for someone to say that... I know him better than anyone in the house, and I know we are nothing alike, I told Jen, the way he treats you, that's how I grew up, he doesn't care who he's talking to, I grew up with that... I told her, I'm sorry, that's from him, but it sucks more being the daughter of someone, the things he's said to others

Kail: I look at you and think, I came from a good homelife, it's hard enough not to be messed up, to be so solid and secure like you.. your dad asked me, do you think I'm a rotten dad, and I said I've only known you for a couple weeks.. now I'd tell him, Evil you made a good decision to leave her with her grandparents

Dani: I told him I'm sorry I'm not the person you want me to be... you didn't raise me to be, it's not on you... it sucks but after so long I've realized, it's not that I'm numb, but you get to a point I'm not going to have a family until I start my own.. thank you for showing me who I don't want to be

Joe walks up: do you mind if I steal Kail?

Kail: two seconds...

Dani: everyone falls short... there was a point, going to religious school, I got to a point before graduating, I want to believe this because I believe it, not because you are making me believe it... once I'm away from you, how will I know, every religion, kids are so strong because that's what their parents say, I took time away, you can tell me what you want but I still believe this... I totally understand, but, you get over it...

(they hug and Kail starts to go meet with Joe)

Dani: to lay out or not to lay out, that is the question

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Dani meets up with Dustin

Dustin: to make his(Joes) last few days happy, I'm actually going to give him a hug


Joe: her reasoning was, people think you are negative

Kail: I don't see it

Joe: thank you!

Kail: others talk about it, I don't know if it's because I don't hang with you, or I'm up here(HOH), but I don't see it

Joe: then what people?

Kail: I promise you, it's not me

Joe: things like the cancer joke, I've done things that are questionable, but I've come to them, like you...

Kail: it's not me.. I have teenagers, I don't think about it, I don't hold it, I didn't take offense.. in this with Jen.. it wouldn't have gone down this way... she does her own thing, I'm glad we are friends cause she didn't put me up...

Joe: well thank you, I wanted to ask... either this is her, with her army behind her, or this is just Jen... it's like I talk to each individual, and they are you are always happy and funny, not at other's expense

Kail: from my chair, everyone is expecting you to handle it worse than Evil, so if you are nice

feeds switch to patio

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Joe and Kail on the mezzanine

He is asking if he ever offended her he was sorry.

She said *I had no input into this decsion. If I had, it would not have goen down like this*...

She gives him the advice to handle it better than Evil has.

Joe seems to be really sincere in talking to her. He has talked to most everyone else and none of them are offended at thim despite what Jen has said. He believes she is th eonly one who does not like him and she is putting out the perception that it is the house.

They hug and rehash

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Discussing Dani wasn't the target of Jen

Nick: I went to her and talked... in 15 minutes she said I'm off the block... I was like 'yes' but I said don't say that... if you want to switch it up... do what you need to, I understand if you need to put me up

Jam: I'm sure Joe is up with Kail talking to her, saying he is a big player

Amber: she wants Joe gone

Jam: he doesn't have the votes

Nick: even in a tie, Jen said she's keeping Dick... she's smarter than we assumed, she has a bit of a front, but she's looking down the road

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2:49pm bbt

Joe has joined Dustin/Amber/Jam on the patio, sharing what Kail told him

Eric passes Kail in the house, makes sure she is ok

Kail goes to the HOH to sit with... Mike on the HOH bed

Daniele/Nick by the pool, calculating votes to save Dick

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Joe is asking Kail if she thinks he is negative or mean like jen said. She said no, but we dont hang out that much.

Kail says that the house is expecting him to handle the nominations worse than Dick, so play it cool and be nice.

Joe goes in back yard and announces 'here is cancer boy'

Joe is now repeating the conversation he just had with kail.

Kail is upstairs talking to Mike. Dani and Nick are whispering. Everyone talking stragedy

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