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July 16, Live Feed Updates

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8:12 BBT: Daniele and Nick are in the BR talking in wishpers and it's hard to understand them, but he asks her if her dad had told her that Jen came up to him and told him that she wanted to keep him around now and that she was putting up someone that didn't have the votes to stay... Nick says his guess is that it will be Joe or Zach... (we know it won't be Zach)

Daniele leaves and Nick tells her he will be out in a second and lies there for a few seconds and the feeds change to Jessica in the bathroom blowdrying her hair... Then to the kitchen where Daniele, Dustin, and Kail are and they are talking about how late the slept today... Daniele says she didn't get up until 12:30... Nick comes in and then Zach is shown too...

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9:23 BBT: Amber is admitting to Mike that she did speed... Telling him about lying to a doctor about it and then telling him the truth... She says it's a year she was on it and after her doctor told her she should be getting high on her daughter not drugs and she's never touched it since... She says she was a size 5 and never been below a 7...

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Dustin, Nick and Dani in small bedroom, Joe walks in and lays down next to Nick.

Dustin: Showtime isn't on.

Joe: It's not?

Dustin: No only Monday thru Friday.

Joe: F this then.

He gets up.

Mike and Amber date is going on 2 1/2 hours...they just got to the desert.

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Dustin, Joe, Jen, Dani, and a few others in kitchen. Joe eating cookies. Dustin is carving a bat (ChenBat) on a watermelon. Dani takes over the butter knife now and continues to work on the bat.

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Dani and Dick in the Mushroom Bedroom. Dani saying she will put up Kail and Jen. Dick says have to get Kail out. Dick saying don't trust Amber she is an emotional basketcase. Dani: I trust her. Dick: Ithink I have a really good shot against everyone. I think its going to be Joe.

Whispering and others talking can't hear anymore.

Dick to camera: Ok, it's time to kick them out of the back yard. This is F'n crazy.

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10:59 Dick talking to himself saying it's time to kick Mike and Amber out of the backyard. "date night is over" Probably dying for a cig

Outside Mike's date from hell continues going on about someone whose sick. brief FOTH. OH she's talking about her sister. Wow Amber just said "I'm not the type of person to hold things in" [no kidding]

Mike looks like he wants to die or drown Amber in the pool.

Amber-"blah blah blah blah blah blah"

At the table Joe Dustin Eric Jess Jen playing little slap gains pounding on the table.

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6 of them are around the table playing Big Booty aka Zuma Zuma. they have to say their number then someone elses number. (ex: 1,1 2,2 ....2,2 4,4....4,4 6,6..etc) They cant get it started. Now they got it. Jen messes it up.

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11:11 BBT Looks like game time has broken up. Dick asking if Jess has to go to the bathrrom since she was playing a water drinking game.

Nick goes to the bathroom in preperation for the water drinking game.

Zach still upstairs talking to Jameeka

Dick says they need to end the date now ....again

Dick saying the lazy susan needs wd-40.

Jen eating a snickers jess telling that it's her favorite.

Everyone coming back to the table.

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12:21 Amber says the date will end in a few minutes and is asking if she can keep the flowers on the table.

Looks like Zach has joined in on the fun with the rest of the HG.

Dates OVER!

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The First confirmed NUDITY of BB-8 . Amber Changing after Date Like No one was watching , so we Get a Side Boob Shot and a Nice Mooning with the Thong. For those of you who Care :smitten: Maybe the Wine made Her light headed....

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11:27 BBt Dani telling Jameka she wants HOH so bad Telling her if both of them want her up she's going to put them up. [jen and Kail?]

Dani says she can't stand Amber because "she's so rude"

Inside lockdown

Whispering to Jameka while she brushes her teeth and I can't hear. I think she's talking about Zach and putting him up as the relacement nom.

Dani says she wants HOH soo bad she's dying. Dani says she's hardly eaten today.

Dick reminds Jameka about Zach being fake. Jameeka tells them not to worry If she win HOH she'll keep the door lock from them

Jameka says she can't wait for tomorrow so they can move on. Jameka says day 4 on slop. Dani says she's dying.

Jameka asks why dick isn't playing. He says palying drinking games without alcohol "is retarted"

Jameeka leaves saying she needs to get water and may join the game

tries to convince Dani to go in the room. Jameka says she doesn't think she'll put up Zach. Dani says she's going to bed and Jameka doesn't realize its so late and says "today is over"

Dick asks about slop and Dani says he asks that 5 times a day doesn't want to talk about it and tells Dick "I don't wann be rude"

Amber in bathroom saying "I drank two bottles of wine"

Dick and Dani ..no convo.

Amber keeps asking Dick if he's alright.

Lockdown is over

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Amber, Jen, Jessica, Mike, Eric, Nick, Zach, Jameka, and Dustin playing Zuma Zuma. They're drinking water when they mess up and the rules are that you can't pee for an hour.

Daniele, Joe, and Dick in the by smoking and being mopey.

Don't know where Kail is.

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11:42 BBT

Dick sitting outside talking to himself "every once in awhile it would be nice to talk to her on a personal level" about Danile.

"can't be seen talking together"

Joe comes out to smoke laughing abou Dustin messing up the drinking and says he's not throwing comps he just sucks.

Danile comes out.

Talking about Kail saying she's just horrible and has been in bed all day. Joe says Kail very snippy because she's on slop. Dick says she's going to be a fucking mess.

Talking about how you can't hear inside and Dick says he's so sneaky that's why he tries to leave the door open a crack. Dick says if he wins HOH he will put up Kail and Mike.

Danile says she can't even talk to Jen because she's so rude.

Dick suspects their is a leak because Zach has done an about face. Dick suspects it may be Amber and Dustin. Saying she is too emotional. Dani tries to justify her behavior by what Jen did.

Dani says "I wasn't a mess" she says she is so grouchy "I'm so humgry" Dick says ask for blender to make it smoother.

Joe goes back in.

Dick and Danilel . Dick gives here words of advice that he's heard she doesn't do anything around the house.

Dani says from who..."MIKe"

Out comes Kail. Mike asks if she's OK and says yes.

Dick says he can't believe they can't have milk or gatorade to replace electrolytes. Kail asks how Dani's doing and she says "good" "i'm just hungry"

Dick asks who she thinks Jen will put up against me. Dani says I don't know. Dani says she can convince "her group" to do what she wants.

Dick says it will be a landslide. Dani says that Jameka may want to give him a pitty vote. Dick gets upset about it and Dani says "relax" Dick says he's going to make that clear to her she can't do that just in case... tomorrow.

Everyone playing the drinking game except Dani and Kail who are watching and Dick who's walking around the house

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12:08 BBT Drink game continues. Everyone having a great time except for Kail and Daniele who are just watching. Dick isn't playing either. Said earlier doesn't like playing drinking game without booze

12:17 BBT Jameka is out of the game now

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12:19 BBT Kail and Danile in the bathroom. Danile is cleaning up gathering the towels so I guess she took her fathers advice to heart.

Dani is putting the towels into the wash and folding the clothes in the dryer

Jamekka comes out to help her turn on the washer since Dani couldn't figute it out.

12:26 BBT Jameeka asks "where's you dad" Dani thinks he went to bed.

Danile says this place is a disaster.

Jameka helping closing the hot tube and Dani picking stuff up outside.

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12:31 BBt Jamekka is getting ready to shower and Danile tells her that she's going to clean the kitchen. Tells Jameka about the watermelon her and Eric carved for Julie. Jameka tells her it looks cute.

Dani is now in the kitchen cleaning "this place is so gross"

Everyone still playing the drinking game

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12:41 BBT While Dani was washing dishes Jen comes over to fill up the water bottle and Dani tells her ther is cold water outside..if looks could kill jen would be dead.

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12: 46 BBT Dick talking to Jameka about the vote. Dick wants Jameka to support him and for her not to give Joe a sympathy vote.

Dick tells her that he would always give him her support.

Dick telling her that he doesn't want his fate to be determined by her in a 5-5 vote. He's been staright up and been telling Jen what everyone thinks.

Jameka says that she wasn't going to vote against him. Dick feels stupid realizing he was getting all bent out of shape for nothing.

Jameka says Nick and Joe may go up. Dick says rumors and whipsers about Zach. Jameka tells Dick she was trying to persuade people to get him votes to stay.

Nick says he's not going to campaign to stay[exactly what he's doing now]

Talking about it being a close vote against Nick because he's likeable and Dick says he is too.

Dick says he'll take it one step at a time and will see what will happen.

Jameka thanks him for being upfront about his concerns.

Dani comes in tells Jameka she's finished cleaning and Jameka tells her that she's not feeling well because she needs to replenish her body to help fight "bacteria and infections"

Jameka says tomorrow will probably be POV ceremony.

Dani tells Jameka that Zachs laugh is so annoying. "he's an idiot" "psycho"

Jameka tells her she needs to figure out what she's to say. Dani wants to fake that she might not use it.

Jameeka sats "I respect the HOH decision..but I'm using the veto" Jameka ask did you respect the decision and Dani says no.

Dani says that Kail is faking being weak. Amber comes in.

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1:03 BBT

Dani ask about her date. She says it was good. Not awkward. Tells jamekka that they talked about her being one of the few genuine people in the house. Jen says that Mike gets the vibe from her but hasn't had the chance to get that connection.

Amber says she told him she was grateful for picking her since she was on slop. She said that he was her first pick and Jameka was her second. Tells Jameka he will approach her. Jameka says "I hate to send him packing and all" Amber says Ya but "fuck it" just talk.

Amber talking about the food being cold. She says she didn't talk about the game. Tells her Him and Kail are not that much alike. Telling them he doesn't have any bonds in the house.

Dani says is because he doesn't open up. "It's like talking to the wall"

Amber says what is good for the situation that being handcuffed to Kail...SHE THINKS MIKE HAS A CRUSH ON HER because she can totally tell [laughing as I type] Jameka and Dani "really?"

Talking about Zach creeping around. Talks about him being a "fucking pervert" Amber say Kail told her "you need me" said I knew you were a good person. Kail told her she can't be so emotional and Amber says she told her she can't help her. "she says kail said "You need me because you can't look beyond the box"

Again saying "MIKe has the biggest crush on me" she says she likes mike but "fuck them" Amber said how many time he caught him starring at her eyes. Amber says Mike says about Zach "he means well but tries too hard" .

Jamekka believes they will sacrafice one to be on better terms with the house.

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1:16 BBT

Amber still talking about Jen. Saying that she was going to put Joe up. Said Jen ask what her opinion was. Amber says Jen says the house is split. Talking about who was close and Amber says she wants to break up their group.

Says Jen said "how would I benefit from Joe going". Amber says Jen is not stupid and That her and Kail are smart players.

Dani says that the reason she put them up was to make them closer. Amber says she's really smart and that she knows exactly what she's doing.

Amber about Jen "that girl is fucking smart" Amber says that she so in love with Nick but because of that it's preventing her from playing right, "it happens every year"

Amber Kail is not the smartest in that group but Jen is. "we all have to be careful" Amber says she offered to be the pawn and just to feel them out. Begs them not to say anything because she wants to get in good. Dani and Jameeka says "where's that coming from" She doesn't want Eric to know.

Talking how Jen loves Nick and said that if she went downstairs and sees her and daniele in the bed she was going to put up Nick. Tells them that she told Jen that she will vote to keep Nick. Amber asks who would she vote between her and Dick. Dani says she would want to give him apitty vote but would make sure she was safe and still be able to give him the vote.

Jameka talks about her convo with Dick earlier[see post from earlier to see what was said]

1:28 BBT ask s how trustworthy Jess is and Dani says she's easily persuade because she isn't close to anyone in the house. Amber begs for discretion. They tell her "you have nothing to worry about"

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1:31 BBT talking about who they will put up. Dani says she would put up Zach and Jen. Ambber says it doesn't matter but Jameeka says it does and that shee needs to consider who she would put up. Jameka calls her a flip flopper.

Ambner says she will agree with the group who to put up. Dani says Zach has to go and don't trust them. Jamekka worried about if they drink do they have the tendacy to blurt things out because Amber says she has had 2 bottles of wine. Dani says she doesn't drink.

Jameka to DR

Again Dani telling her that she's asfe if she goes up "I promise you"

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1:37 BBT Jamekka comes back to get dressed and put her hair on for DR Agrees that Jen is smart but her thing with Nick is messing her up and if it weren't for that she'd be playing.

Dustin comes ask why she didn't play she says because Jen told her 5 times she was a distraction and tells Dustin she hates her a feels like punching her.

Danile and Jameeka talking Dani asks who she trust most in the house she says her Amber and somewhat Jessica. Dani say she trust her and Nick.

Jamekka says they need to be careful that they don't cause a revolt with the guys. Can't believe they are still playing for nearly three hours.

Dani says Amber is safe with everyone and could be dangerous but they can trust her and that Carol was to wishy washy and Carol would have opened her mouth to verfy things with other people.

Danile says she thinks the whole group is after her and can't figure out why. Jameka say Kail doesn't like her. Danile says it stresses her out so bad.

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1:55 AM BBT

Dani say she's alittle nervous that Nick might be playing her even though she knows he's trying not to get nominated. She says it makes her nervous. Amber assures Dani that Nick isn't

Ambers back Dani reassuring her that she'll be safe even if she gives her dad a pitty vote. She tells Amber to be careful and tells her she 100% trust her. telling her they trust her so much.

Amber says she's a little nervous because she's vulnerable.

Dani says she trusts Nick soo much and again is a little worried she may be played. Again Amber says not to worry.

Dani says its so stressful.

Amber ask if she's eaten and says no but will eat slop tomorrow "I have to"

Dustin comes in. Jen and Mike won because Nick dropped out. Dustin says he gain 10lbs of water.

Eric threw up from the game.

Joe comes in and asks what's going on and Dani says they are talking about Amber's date

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2:05 BBT Dani says she will keep Nick "100%" against her dad. She says she told him that.

2:07 BBT Nick and Jen on the Hammock talking how much fun they had. Nick wants to have a drag day where girls dress as guys and vice versa.

Jen talking how annoying it is to have to decide things. Jen said Mike advised against putting him up. Jen asks if she's a part and Nick says it will probably come to an end since Zach is going to go soon. If noth this week or next. Also none of the girlswant him sequester because he's so annoying.

Jen says sequester will be crazy because people will have to stop being nice. Talking about people watching them on TV. Nick says when he's in her he doesn't even think about it.

Zach shows up. Nick says he might puke and has a headache [water intoxication].

Zach says he's really sleepy but can't. Nick says he might go to bed.

calling the people who didn't play "party poopers"

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