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July 16, Live Feed Updates

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Daniele is feeling bad that she was nailing Joe's coffin shut

Nick feels next week Zach and/or Kail should be targeted

Kail would still like to get Evil out if possible

Kail counting votes... me/you/Zach/Amber, maybe Eric... Dustin, if we told him you have to go with the group...

Joe defending himself to Amber/Jameka on the patio... friendly conversation between them

Jameka going over an incident that wasn't blown out of control(but explaining it's an example of one that could have been)

Joe: I can see being agreeable, saying yea yea yea, but as for standing up for people, when I've stepped in, Jen said I shouldn't do that, because it's none of my business... I told her I hoped she had a specific example

Mike/Kail plotting who they need to talk with to get votes to save Joe

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3:51 BBT: Kail and Mike are in the HoH room and Kail is talking to Mike telling him he HAS to work on the guys to get Dick out. She says Joe isn't so bad and can be gotten out later... She is saying Evel has to go... They are going over the votes and alliances... They think Joe isn't with anyone, but Dick is... They are talking about who they can get to talk to Amber to vote for Dick to leave... Now Kail is talking about going to Daniele and telling her that if she wants to experience to the fullest she has to vote her dad out and that she thinks it will work... Mike tells her he doesn't think it will work, that no matter how akward it is it's still her dad and he has shown since being in the house Dick has shown he cares about Daniele... Jen walks in and they start talking about how well Joe is taking being put up...

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Jen joins Kail/Mike on the HOH bed... Kail pushing for Joe to stay... at least he didn't flip you off

Kail states to Jen it is not going to be a girl getting Jen out

Eric joins Joe/others on patio... Joe going on point Jen made saying 'everyone' felt this way about Joe

Joe: either 12 people are lying to me, or one person is

Jam: if you go to people and ask, they are only going to lie... they can tell you one thing, and then go to the DR and do something else... worse case is Julie says 9-1 you are voted out, and you still don't know who that one is... nobody convinced her

Joe: that's what Kail said... and then her final comment, you need to work on your attitude...

Jen: Joe is very smart, then he tries to cover and say why he isn't smart.. the longer he is here..

Kail: I'll try to talk with people, and see what they say... I'll talk with Evil

Jen: so if Evil got HOH, he wouldn't put up Amber, Dustin

Mike: or Daniele

Kail: or Nick

Jen: I'm not sure if others are confused, but Dick and Daniele talk ALOT... I've seen them in the storage room... they may be good actors, but I'm not confused at all (Jen IS smart about that!) The only reason he'd put up Nick is because Daniele is a target.. so back to the list... he'd put up Zach, definately, I think... much as I like Zach, he should stop being so touchy... he's one person everyone recommended...

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Amber telling Joe that she only likes genuine people. Not fake people. "I didn't laugh at the cancer joke. I didn't think it was funny. Other people came up to me and said they were offended but still laughed anyway just to fit in. I don't do that, I don't say things just to fit in. I dont like people who say things that people want to hear. And you do that joe. I feel you say things that people want to hear. that is not genuine. There was a lot of tension when dustin came down. You are a great guy. When I give my good bye message you will see I like you (now she is crying). Me and ED where consistant. I dont know what is going to happen, I hate to saay it but ED has a good number of votes."

Jameka 'mmmmhmmmm' at least ten times through the whole thing.

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(was away for a bit)

back in the HOH, Jen/Kail/Mike still talking... about alternately winning HOH all summer

decide it would be good for Kail to throw HOH to Zach, so the target isn't on her back for winning HOH again, and since Zach is already being targeted....

Mike questions who would put him up

Kail: who is on Jessica's hit list?

Jen: Joe would go after Mike

Mike: Jessica would be like Jen, no one would really know

Kail: they knew you wouldn't put me up... I tried to deflect it, well, she still might, I never said she was safe

Jen doesn't feel Nick would be upset if Daniele goes home

Kail: did you hear Dustin when Amber told you(Jen) that she was willing to be a pawn? He freaked out!

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Amber, Dani, Jessica and Eric in the BY. Jess asks if Eric really climbed into bed with Joe and nuzzle up against him like a cat. Eric said sure, that he rub his head up and down his leg like a cat...that is the most rediculous thing he has ever heard. Dani asked what he was talking about and he said Joe had asked if it was him. Joe said earlier(see posts). Of course, this was the America's Choice task.

Jess and Eric decide to move to the hammock in the shade. Jess said she has hairy legs, and Eric said "oh good, and they are going to be up around my head."

Talking about Joe thinking he has the votes to stay. Kail told him if he has enough votes to let her know and she will vote for him to stay. Eric said if Joe stays, he feels he will be at the top of Joe's radar. Jess said Joe feels Eric will be the deciding vote. Jess said Zach told her he thinks Dick is going home. Eric was surprised because he thought Zach thought Dick was funny.

Talking about Dani and Nick voting to keep Joe or Nick. Eric said without them, Joe doesn't have any hope of staying. Jess said Joe told her if it was obvious he(Joe) was going home, then to vote with the rest of the house so she wouldn't be so obvious.

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Jess and ERic in the hammock.

E: if dick doesnt have danielle and Nick's vote he is going home.

J: He doesn't have their votes but he doesnt know.

J: i hear Joe and Dustin arguing last night, they didn't know I was up'

E: I would be threatened if Joe had hoh.

Eric now lays closer to jess and says he stinks , jess said she doesnt mind.

Dick comes over and gets in the hammock.

D: I guess I have be selfish with my feelings.

J: I think it was cool that danielle said we dont know about the two of you outside of the house"

D: Jen sounded mean and horrible with what she said. I am not saying anything around Joe, he could really F things up before he leaves.

J: no he won't

E: yea, he would go down in a blaze of glory

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Jess and Eric saying Joe is dangerous, that he has been making deals all over the house. Eric wants to move to the other end of the hammock so they could talk better. As eric moves, and apologizes for smelling, Dick comes over and sits down to talk. He asks if he is interrupting anything. They say no. dick starts in again about how what Dani said really got to him. They said she did good.

Eric said neither one of them will go out without a fight. Dick said he knew when Jen won HoH, that he and Daniele were going up. Eric said like he told Amber last week, don't change, just be yourself. Dick said he is sure Joe will mess up or come up with a master plan. Dick feels he is more trustworthy and honest than Joe, so he thinks it is too early for him to go home.

Dick said next week they need to get HoH. Talking how Kail was all out of it yesterday, then today she is all excited. Jen keeps saying Kail is going to win the next Hoh. They talk about how Kail always answers a question with a question, or turns the conversation around. Kail asked if she was on his radar, and he answered the way she always does. Dick said he has to be careful because Kail is staring at them.

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Dick Eric Jess in hammock

all feeds on this

Jess: I think it is funny Kail is all happy today, yesterday she was all tired. I am not stupid.

Eric: dick you are on Kails radar.

Dick: Yea , i have heard from other people.

Erick: she(kail) is staring right at us.

Jess: jen said Kail is going to win HOH again.

Eric :when the whole house hates you youhave no leg to stand on.

Dick; cut the head off the body dies.

Dick: I was saying to amber yesterday, this place breeds paranoia, just say one thing and it breeds, Like kail is looking over hear thinking we are talking about her.

Eric: its just this place.

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Dick: Best case scenario would be Jen and Kail both up next week. If one gets off, then Mike would go up. Eric says even if Mike was mad at you, he still wouldn't show it.

Dick said this house breeds paranoia. He said all those people over there looking at them, knowing they are scheming, and each one feels like they are taling abot them. Dick said Amber told him last night she doesn't think she could trust anyone in the house, even Dick. He asked what he did? She was just paranoid.

Eric and Dick talking about winning HoH, and maybe for the next 3 weeks so they all get into sequester. They said they can take out Kail and Jen and Mike, then turn on each other after that.

Feed switches to Dani and Kail in Bathroom

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Kail is telling Dani that when she was HoH Dick asked her not to put up him or Dani, because he needed time with her. After noms, he gave her a kiss on the cheek and said thanks. Dick said he owes her one. Kail said she has heard from several people that she is at the top of his list. She is confused. Dani asks why would he do that.

Dani offers to talk to Dick for Kail. She tells Kail she really likes her as a person, and she doesn't know where she stands with her in the game, but she will try to help her.

Dani goes outside and tells Amber about the convo with Kail. She said she will talk to Dick and try to get him to put up Mike and Zach or Jen, and Kail will know she talked with him. She wants to get in good with Kail to find out what is going on.

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Kail is talking to Dani in the bathroom. Dani is annoyed by Dick because he is saying she is his only vote. She says she doesn't understand that, as there are so many other people voting in the house. He is getting on her nerves.

Kail tells Dani about how Dick came up to the HOH and talked to her when she was HOH. Dick asked her to please not put Dani on the block, as he wanted another week with Dani. Kail says she didn't make any deals with anyone to keep them off the block and she didn't ask Dick for any deals. But she gave Dick her word that she would not put up Dani. Dick kissed her on the cheek and told her "I owe you one. No, really, I owe you." Kail thought she was good with Evel, and then now she hears that she is on his radar and he would put her up if he got HOH. She tells her that this worries her and she really can't see keeping him if he is after her. Dani agrees and says that she can understand why she wouldn't want to keep him if he is after her. She tells Kail she will talk to Dick for her. She tells Kail that she doesn't know where she stands with Kail in the game, and that is okay, but she really, truly likes Kail as a person. She tells Kail that she "has her word" that she will intercede for her with Dick.

Dani leaves and goes immediately outside to lie down beside Amber. She relates the convo with Kail to Amber. She says she told Kail "I really like you as a person and blah blah." She says that she told Kail she would talk to Dick. Kail says that if they get HOH they are putting up Kail and Zach. Dani says that she wants to appear to be keeping her word to Kail. She says that she wants Amber to talk to Dick and perhaps ask him if he would put up Jen and Zach, or something like that, and then if one of them gets POV, then put up Kail.

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Dani in HT with Nick. Water is swirling, can't hear convo. Probably about the Kail convo earlier.Nick puts his head closer, looks like he can't hear either. Zach remarks how close they are, thought they were kissing. Nick said no, he wishes, he won't lie, but she has a boyfriend and she is sticking to it.

All feeds on HT, voices from off camera. Sounds like Zach is close by.

Nick said he might go take a nap. Dani calls him pathetic. He said "why, because I nap like 5 times a day?" He doesn't care, he is bored. Dani threatens to get him wetter, he says if she gets his face, he will get her back, hair and all.

Dani gets out of the HT and lays down with Amber and Dustin. dustin invites Kailover to sit with them. Kail says most people think marriage get more mundane as time goes by, but hers just gets better and better.

Talking about eating slop. Dani said it made her sick. Kail said she tried it, and she couldn't sleep at all, she was really wired.

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All feeds switch to Dick, Jess and Eric in the hammock. Dick said he has heard Kail is worried that ske will be put up. Dick said there is a leak, and he thinks it is Joe. Joe always says he heard this or that, but when asked who said it, he always says he can't remember.

Dick talks to Kail (across yard) about Vegas and where to go. Jess gets up to get some slop, dick leaves, and Eric stays alone in the hammock.

Switches to Dustin, Dani, Amber and Kail. Dustin talking about going to the Crazy Horse and getting lap dances. He explained they were barking up the wrong tree. Kail said she never would have guessed he was gay. She asked if he could tell if a guy is gay. He said of course. He said it is in the eyes, and how they look at him.

Kail asked if Dustin were looking for a relationship and he said no, he was looking and looking for a cat, then he adopted his cat, and she adopted him. He said he doesn't seek out a relationship, but he longs for someone. If it happens that is fine, but he isn't going looking. Amber starts explaining the same thing to Kail.

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Kail is outside. Dick offered to have her and her husband come to Vegas, and he would get her a lap dance. She says no thanks. He says he will get her husband a lap dance, then. She walks on by him.

Kail sits next to Dustin and gets a crash course on gayness. She asks if lots of girls try to hit on him, and he says no. She asks if he can tell if a guy is gay, "even if he is like you?" She says she would never have thought Dustin was gay. He says that he can definitely tell if a guy is gay. She asks how, and he says that it is all in the eyes. He says a gay man will look at him in a different way than, say, Mike would, if Mike were gay. She is surprised that it is easy to tell.

Kail asks Dustin if he is looking for a relationship, and he says no. He says that he needs to take care of himself first.

Feed switches to Nick, in bed with no shirt on, and it looks like he has a little mustache now and a little "flavor saver." (I don't know what to call it--a little dot of beard under his bottom lip. We call them flavor savers at our house--ed).

Nick goes into the silhouette room and lies down on one of the beds there, with his legs hanging over. He asks Jameka if she is "pickling it up." He keeps talking to Jameka and she doesn't listen to him, and he and Nick joke about her not listening as she is wrapped up "in the pickle."

Dick: I was going to fart, but since this is your bedroom too, I'll refrain.

Jameka asks when that has ever made a difference before??

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Jameka and Dick are talking. Dick claims that there are no closets in the house because people would hide in them. He says that there is a reason for everything that is missing in the house. He says that the reason they don't have a garbage disposal is that people would talk while they used it, and use it to cover their voices.

Talk turns to farts again. Jen is now in the room, standing, and talking about a fart that spread worse than any other.

Nick says he wants to sleep. Jen says that she isn't going into the HOH if he wants to listen to music and sleep. Jen tells Nick that he has two of her favorite pillows, and Nick says somehow they got on his bed.

Nick thinks that "somehow" they are going to get beer tonight, he is guessing.

Zach and Mike are playing chess out on the balcony of the 2nd floor, outside the HOH room. (I've just noticed, they are both really tanned compared to when they arrived; especially Zach--ed)

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Dani and Nick in samll bedroom. Jameka is in bed, and Dick comes in. Talks about how they are really into their pickle. One thing they can eat while on slop. Dick said he needed to fart, but he wouldn't do it because that is their bedroom. Jameka asked when did that ever matter. He asked if he had farted in there, Jameka said yes, so he said...what the hell then

Dick said no closets in the house because people would be hiding in them. No garbage disposal or vacuum cleaner beacause people would be talking with them running. Talk about farts again. Jen comes in, Dani and Dick leave. Jen offers to let Nick use her room to sleep. They think they will get beer tonight.

Switch to Zach and Mike playing chess. (How stimulating)

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Jameka thinks that BB should give them some more games. Nick says that BB might as well give them games to play, because if they aren't doing that they just substitute sleeping, and that's boring for feeds viewers.

All four feeds switch to outside, where Dick, Joe and Jess are sitting on the couch outside. Dick says that he and Joe will be asked to go on All-Stars in seven years.

Joe goes inside. (He seems to be trying to be very pleasant--ed.)

Dick tells Joe that they will talk more later, and he agrees. Dick tells Jess that he truly does like Joe. Jess says everyone does, except for Jen. Dick says "trustworthiness in the game," 2x.

Jess: yeah.

Dick says that he told Jen he hasn't bullshitted or lied to anyone, and he has been totally and completely honest with Jen about his feelings, and there is no denying that.

Jess: No, there isn't.

Dick says that his son probably had his head in his hands yelling at Dick.

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Dick says that "he can talk to" Jess because she is "friends with Dani." She agrees.

Dick says that he wants to put up Jen and Kail. He doesn't care which one goes. Jess says Kail would go.

Dick says that Dani would "still have two enemies in the house, though." Jess says yeah, but at least not three.

Dick says he is tempted to flip Eric over in the hammock, where he is sleeping.

Jess: Nah.

Dick says that he thinks that Jess calms Eric down because she "plays with him." She says that he does get riled up sometimes. They are happy he isn't on slop now.

Dick says that he told Eric that if he had been on slop two more days, he would be "in the place I'm in now."

Dick told Eric "He was losing his shit."

Jess: Yeah, I know. He's asked me that before, and I'm like, well, sometimes you get a little crazy.

BB tells Dick not to obstruct his mic.

Dick: It's right here! Motherfucker! God Damn!

Dick says he asked people what they would do with the money, and Kail freaked. Both Jess and Dick feel that Kail should have at least made something up. Dick says he "caught her in a lie."

Dick: I'm gonna talk to her this week. See where she's at.

Jess: You know where she's at. She looks thinner. She's not eating.

Dick: She is trying tactics of distracting me.

Jess: Really?

Dick: She came to me and I asked how she was doing, and she said I'm fine. I'm feeling better today. You should worry about Dani. She's lost 9 pounds already. I'm like really? I don't see it in her like I saw it last time. No, she's not doing good. You should worry about her. I was like, you know what I mean?

Jess: Yeah.

Dick: She knows how it got to me last time, and she's trying to plant that.

Dick (to Jen across lawn) It's unitard girl!

Dick (to Jess) If anybody should be worried, it's Jen with how she treated everybody this week.

Jess: No. No way.

Dick: You don't think so? I mean, in her head, I think she should be.

Jess: Yeah, in her head she probably is. She knows after today she's done. They locked her HOH room, too. SHe can't get in it.

(My connection timed out--ed)

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Joe is in the silhouette room.

He is talking to Dani, Nick and Jameka. He asks them to put in a good word for him.

He says he's not some kind of mastermind strategist!

Dani and Nick tell him that he is being loud and showing how stressed he is, and he needs to calm down.

Dani tells him he is talking to too many people, too, and they have until Wednesday!

Joe says that he wants a hand job. Nick says talk to Dustin.

Joe says "You better sleep with me if I'm leaving the house!"

Dick says that if Jen won, it wouldn't kill him, but he's upset about the "9 fucking gallons." He says that would kill him. How she got it.

Dick: I don't have to worry about that, now!

Dick whispers that if he can help Jess win HOH, he will. She says she would love to win it.

Jess says that everyone would wonder what she would do, as she "doesn't have any enemies left."

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In the silhouette room, Dani is whining about how the time is going slow.

Outside, Jen and Eric are in the hammock. Eric tells her that he thinks that Zach has gotten a bad rap this week.

Eric talks about Nick and Dani, and says "Too bad she has a live-in boyfriend of two-and-a-half years who she owns a dog and an apartment with. Her life will be a shambles after this."

Eric says that Dani and Dick are walking around moping, using the sympathy card, talking about being in the house with their estranged father/daughter.

Eric asks if he is supposed to just hand them $550,000 because of their relationship?

Eric says that it is driving him nuts, because every time he is sitting with someone, one of them rushes over and sits in between the two of them. He says that earlier he was next to Jess and talking about food, and Joe jumped in between them and stayed for half an hour like they were having some top-secret talk.

Jen asks Eric if it is possible that Jess, Dick and Dustin have an alliance, as they were the three upstairs together? He says no way--she can't stand Dick. Jen says it doesn't matter, she might just say that. He says she can only take so many tampon and fart jokes. Eric says that he does think that Jess is voting out Joe, though.

Jen tells Eric that Mike and Kail want him to be with them, but they want to get rid of Jess because Eric is close to her. Eric asks why not bring Jess in with him, then? Jen says she thinks that would be a good idea. Eric says that Jen can tell Kail and Mike that he is "not a fucking moron" and he isn't letting a 21-year-old girl from Kansas play him, so if people think that is a risk of happening, it's not. He's fully aware of every conversation he has with her.

Jen asks how he talks to her--what conversations they have. He says stupid stuff--not game.

Jen says that's better in a way, because then Jess doesn't assume Eric talks game with Jen.

Jen: A lot of people say, he doesn't talk game--he talks life.

Eric: Is that a bad thing?

Jen says no--it's a good thing for their purposes.

Eric says he thinks that Jess sees him as a person to take her mind off the game for a while, and not as a strategist.

Eric says he feels the only reason Jess has a relationship with Dani at all is that they are both blonde, 21 and like to lie in the sun.

Jen says that Kail was worried about Eric talking shit about Jen. Eric asks if Jen cleared it up for him, and she says yes, she explained that she knew he had to do it so that Dick would trust him and not think he was with Jen.

Dani and Jameka are doing their "mouthing" words thing where they don't even whisper, so it's impossible to hear what they are saying.

I heard Dani say "So, you'll have to deal with them."

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Jen says to Eric that she thinks if she had put Nick up, Nick would have stayed and Dick would have gone. Eric agrees and says "This is better."

Jen says that everyone knows about her, Mike and Kail being aligned.

Eric says that Zach doesn't like Joe at all, and he likes Dick.

Jen says she thinks Jameka is closer with Dick than Joe.

Counting votes.

Eric says that he is so glad that Jen got HOH, because it was not only great for the house and "kicked major ass," but it put Jen into game mode. He says it gave her no choice but to kick it into "fucking gear." Jen agrees, and she says it is a lot of fun.

Eric says that she is the only HOH to wear a unitard all week.

Jen says that she is excited about the possibility of playing endurance challenges. Eric agrees.

Eric: Kail will be there from Monday until Friday!

Jen says Dani will, too.

Eric says that he will just push her off, then, and BB will tell him, "Eric, that is clearly not legal!"

Eric says that Dani has, between her relationship with her Dad, with Nick, and winning back-to-back vetoes, Dnai has put a huge target on her back.

Jen says that what Dani doesn't realize is that Nick doesn't have Dani's back!

Eric says that is sad.

Jen says it is very sad, and she has heard it from both Nick and Amber.

Eric talks about how he likes Dick, but feels he is probably a "scheister" who will work deals as much as possible. Jen says he is trying to stay in the house. Eric says that with Joe and Dick on the block, who is going to believe a word they say right now?

Jen says that if she had been able to give a speech today, if Dani had said anything mean during Dani's speech, Jen was going to give a speech about how she's so happy about the way Dani has grown during the few days since she put her on the block, and she is happy she improved her negative attitude. But Dani didn't say anything negative, so there was no reason to say that. Eric says Dani seemed flustered during her speech.

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Dick is talking to Kail on the hammok. He tells Kail that everybody hates Jen and as soon as her "little reign" is over, she's out.

He tells Kail he asked her (Kail) the first week to do him a favor and talk to Danielle and she did that so he's thankful. Kail says that's why she was surprised to hear that Dick was planning to put her up (Kail) should he win HOH. He says a lot of things are said in the house. Kail asks him if that means he didn't say he would put her up. He doesn't deny it. He says he didn't like that she was talking game with him. she says she didn't Dick says yes, you asked me if you were in my radar. He just wants to tell her two things 1. consider your sources and 2. She (Kail) has made herself a huge target by aligning herself with Mike and Jen

Dick denies ever saying he will put Kail up. He tells her to come to him and don't believe what she hears from people. Dick says he thinks, to be honest with her (Kail) that in the worse case scenario, the vote would be 7-6. Kail says when Dick told her that he owed her (Kail) big , she really felt good about it so it hurt to hear that Dick was planning to put her up. Dick tells her again "they" are making themselves a huge target. Kails retorts "we are only two people, Jen and I" Dick says...and Mike...and Zach. Kails doesn't deny it.

Dick: I got bigger fish to fry here. You have made yourselves a big target and if you don't know that, you're stupid

(ed. had to leave for a moment) Kail is saying that Jen is her own person and that she is not in any firm agreement with her. Dick says that when Jen won Kail had a big smile on her face and that told all of the HGs that they had something going on. Now dick is talking about the "spool of lies" in the house and that he won't get caught up in all that sh*t. Kail says that's why she stays quiet and don't open up because she doesn't want to retract anything she says. Dick says by doing that (keeping her mouth shut) she's actually put herself in the sh*t list of the house.

Kail tells Dick she looooves Danielle "so much" and Dick says he would die for her, give up everything up for her.

Kail tells dick that she thinks he has a huge influence in the house. Dick says he doesn't think so. Everybody is their own person there. Dick thinks Amber is a basket case and "please don't tell her I said so". Kail says "you know me, I say nothing". Dick tells Kail that he had asked Amber the night before that he didn't expect her to use the veto if she got it, but if she had the opportunity to throw the veto to Daniele to do it. He says that amber is stupid.

Dick tells Kail Jen's burnt so many bridges that he doesn't give her more than 2 to 3 weeks max and that's because no one takes her seriously, because she's just a bozo. Mike and Kail are a threat...Kail says she guesses she'll take that as a compliment.

Kails says "you think me being quiet is a liability, some think you being so loud is a liability."

Dick says he's not there to help Kail play the game. Kails asks if that means he doesn't care about her (Kail) as a person?

Dick says he's being defending Zach an awful lot. that one night the whole house was ranting against him (Zach) calling him a racist and other things. Dick says Dan hates Zach and Zach hates Dan and each would put the other one up. That the other girls think he's creepy and are scared of him (Zach). Dick tells Kail to get herself "the f*ck out of that situation". that perception there is reality and all you need is a tiny seed of doubt to have everyone focus on you cuz there's nothing else to do. Kail asks if he (Dick) is focusing on her (kail) if he wins. He says he doesn't plan to put her up unless anything he's said to her comes back to him. Kail says she's already told people she can't believe Dick would say he'd put her (Kail) up if he won HOH.

Dick has no problem with Zach

Dick says he's not being worried once about leaving. he says he can't think on anyone they can put against him (Dick) that he (Dick) would not get the votes to stay in the house. That is not that he (Dick) is so good, it's that the others are more annoying, that Joe will auto destroy in the next few days and will be leaving and he (joe) would had done that all to himself.

Dick repeats to Kail that if he was her (Kail) he would find a way to get out of sleeping with Jen in HOH.

Both Kail and Dick say they don't want to win HOH.

Dick tells Kail Danielle came to him for advice on what to say at Veto ceremony.

Dick says "that's my advice, take it or leave it"...Kail says "I'm taking it"...foth

Dick tells Kail to remember "I have the numbers". Kail says she knows, that's why she can't understand why he would be worried about her (Kail)...Dick says he's not.

Dick says the only threat he sees out of the 3 of them is Mike and he (Dick) doesn't know if Mike would put him up or not, but if he did "I don't think I'd go, put me up again. They put me up this week against my daughter...and I was asked how did it feel, that's my worse case scenario, and you know what? didn't flinch. there's nothing that can happen to me, in this house that's going to upset me...well, maybe some of the Jen stuff, but, trust me nothing compares to...anything else". He (Dick) deals at an emotional level with Daniele, but, other than that, he hasn't been worried since day one.

Dick: "I might be cocky and I might be overconfident and I might be that guy who's jaw drops to his bulk (or balls) when he's voted the f*ck out of the house, but...I don't think so...so I have no problem with you.

Dick tells her he (Dick) could be her best ally in the house, that she (Kail) doesn't want to burn any bridges. Kail says Thursday she(Kail) is coming down. Dick says it might be too late by then. Kail says she doesn't have the heart to ell Jen she won't stay with her (Jen) in HOH.

Zach approaches them and Dick leaves. Then Kail.

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Amber and Dustin in HOH talking about being "close" but not calling it an alliance. They say they admit to everyone they are close but each respect the others right to vote how they want. No strings. Amber thinks the word alliance is just negative.

Zach and ED in hammock talking about how they have been honest since day one to each other. Zach saying Amber holds a grudge but ED says she is just emotional. Says he loves Amber because she is a big supporter of his.

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Amber and Dustin think they will make final 2. Dustin is sure Amber would win because, how could anyone not vote for her. Amber tells dustin a friend of hers had a dream in which she (the friend) saw that Amber had won a lot of money, and all of Amber's family were there and there was this oversized door...Dustin is, like, OhmahGod! (ed. actually to dream of winning money is a dream of opposite, meaning you'll prolly lose money :nerd:)

Dick on the hammock telling Zach that he feels pretty bad because he (Dick) has been saying all week that he's sure he's staying and that he said it infront of Joe. Dick says he likes Joe but doesn't trust him, that he sees Joe and comedy relief.

Zach tells Dick he (Zach) had heard that Dick was coming after him. Dick tells Zach he needs to be careful about associating himself with the people upstairs who are Kail, Jen and Mike. Zach says honest to God the only people he (Zach) feels close to in the house are Nick and Dick.

Dick telling Zach that his worse case scenario played out this week with Jen winning HOH...Zach says something about people coming back after being voted out, Dick says that the people that they bring back never have a chance because they've had a vacation in Mexico for two weeks and not endured the house. so he (Dick) is like "f*ck you... welcome to the house, don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out" Dick says how about Carol's little speech that was hilarious... "In five weeks I'll be back to kick all your a**es " Dick says he (Dick) was like "f*ck off! You didn't want to be here you twa*...oops, sorry Carol" (he chuckles)

Dick tells Zach that all in the house is about perception. That he (Zach) needs to disassociate himself...

Dick tells Zach that he told Amber yesterday that she is an idiot. That she's done everything short of putting her finger up Dustin's a**.

Dick tells Zach that he told Kail "I heard you're f*cking gunning for me". That he likes Kail but she's made 2 f*cking mistakes...Dick tells Zach to be careful...Zach asks how do you politely tell people to back off when they keep wanting to hang around you?

Dick tells Zach that the other night people were flipping off over Zach, and he doesn't know how to tell Zach without outing anyone but that he (Dick) had his (Zach's) back. Dick is telling Zach that Joe won't go without a grandiose exit, Zach thinks he (Joe) might roll over and die. Dick says joe told him (Dick) that he (joe) would have had a chance going against anyone else but Dick for eviction.

Dick telling Zach how he didn't flinch when he was put against his daughter on his second week in the house, and if he didn't flinch in that situation "you're never gonna get me to f*cking flinch"...

Dick talking to Zach about past seasons of BB...Dick thinks Erika was f*cking hot. but Lisa from season 3 was f*cking hotter. Dick wishes they would have put a hot chick in her late 20's there for him to get it on with.

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