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July 16, Live Feed Updates

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2:17 BBt

Amber Dustin Talking telling Dustin that Mike is so in love with her[ya she's seriously saying it again]

Dustin is saying he has doubts about Jameka since her mind is so in the game. Dustin says she talked about the pairs being put up. dustin says she's not a liar.. but .. Amber says "she's a floater" Amber says that both her and Evil told them to stop "being lovy dovy" Dustin says that they need to tone it down and says they still be close. Dustin says Evil hates them anmber say Dick loves her and Dustin

Zach comes out talk turns to "pee" and sandwiches

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2:23 BBT the paranoid talk between Dustin and Amber continue Telling Dustin Evil has "a big crush on her" and that he's telling her not to trust him.

Dustin is saying that maybe they should consider teaming up with the Mrs Robinson alliance.

Dustin tells Amber that Nick is not going up and that Jen is considering Zach. Dustin thinks that they have an impression on Kail.

Amber tells Dustin about he talk with Jameka.

Amber says that she thinks Jameka is playing a lot of sides and Dustin says who? and Amber says "maybe not"

Now the paranoia has turned that they may be the replacement nom

2:29 BBT Joe and Jen talking. Joe telling her how attitudes have changed since she has been hoh. Jen says ya even if it's just for the week.

Jen say they come to some sort of truce. Asks Jen if Zach has com running to her about him.

Joe say nominations are tomorrow. jen says "who said" Joe said they were told. Jen goes to the bathroom.

Nick is really sick kneeling at the sink [water intoxication] says he's close to puking.

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Jessica, Jen, Jameka and Mike are all in the Kitchen talking with Mike about his date with Amber.

Dani and Dick talking in Storage room about Jen and how she has to go next week. Dick asks Dani if she knows who Jen is putting up against him, and in walks Jen.

Camera back to dr table with Jameka, Jess and Mike. More talk about the food from the mike/amber date. Was the broccoli steamed? No stir fry?

Mike says that the date was delightful. I enjoyed it for you.

Jameka appreciates that, and if Mike had chosen Jameka, once the food had arrived, the conversation would have ended.

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2:43 BBT

Joe hopes they don't want to go home and that they need each others votes. joe tells them that Dick is nervous because they whisper and Joe says that he's even freaked out" because they are always talking.

Amber ask who's talking. Joe say no one. Joe say Nick and Dick are wondering if Mrs Robinson has promised them safety if they voted a certain way.

Joe says they spend a lot of time up there and Amber says that she doesn't care because they play "honest and fair"

Joe says Dick trust amber" and Joe says he trusts Amber. Joe says they need to get Zach out.

Dick asks if he can play. Amber says only if he doesn't keep being asshole like he's been all day.

2:55 BBT Joe seems to try to get Ambers vote. Joe says he wants their respect to tell him how their voting so he knows where to campaign.

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2:57 Dick and Amber talking telling Amber that she and Dustin are the tightest alliance in the house and that Dustin spent the night up there and that they might be joining their alliance. Amber "I'm not"

Dick said that she spent all day with Kail and never told him what they talked about. Amber says they talked about nothing.


My exit til tomorrow night

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Many of the gang are still awake. Amber and Dick were outside. Jen put in laundry. Amber asked if she could talk with her, so they plan to meet upstairs. In the meantime, Joe trails after Jen as she goes from the kitchen to the bathroom. He's pleading his case and offering other people to be put up. Jen won't hear any of it and tells him so. Her frank stubborness leaves Joe little room to maneuver. She hasn't said he is her definite choice but she does openly discuss the possibility. Amber eventually joins up with Jen and they retreat to the HOH together, where the lights are off and someone (Kail?) is asleep. They head into the HOH bathroom.

In the meantime, it sounds as if everyone in the tiny room is still awake, but the lights are off. I heard Jessica, Jameka, Eric. I can see Nick's awake face.

Dick, who is probably still outside, had offered to switch Jen's laundry over, and to put her leotard outside the HOH door when it is dry.

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Jen and Amber discuss Joe, Nick, the nomination ceremony, and how much Amber wants to get to know her (video coming).

It does sound as if she's going to nominate Joe. They breifly discuss the leotard - how guys tried it on last night and everyone should do it before they're done with it. Then, of course, they discuss how good she looks in it - luckily.

They discuss Nick - mutual admiration. Amber says he has never flirted with her, but that she also sees no real feelings when he flirts with Dani. She compares them to Drew and Diane and how Drew never got angry. Then they move on to discussing the potential Strongest Woman Competition. Jen mentions how well Jameka is doing with the workouts.

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In other feeds:

Dani is standing over Nick, whose in bed, whispering. (Put on Microphone bellows out). She puts it on, but then leaves the room to go outside.

Dick is outside, talking with Jameka, Joe, Jessica and Eric. Dani sits down next to Dick, talking about Jen's plans (not gunning for him), and then moves to other couch.

Jessica goes to bed while the group conversation shifts to Amber and how she never has much to report because so much of her conversations are all about her. Dick says she needs to work out a lot of things. They think Joe should go up there and check on them. My quick check reveals that Amber is telling another one of her sob stories. Joe does go up to check (during FOTH) and returns saying "I think Amber's pushing for me to go up," reacting only to their sudden break in conversation.

Dick asks Joe what the deal is with Dustin. Joe says "I touch him - to annoy him." This group is worried that Dustin and Amber have 'turned' and joined the Robinson alliance. Jameka notes that if Joe is nominated that Jen has planned it all the time - because of the Nick-Jen thing.

<I'm off to work - later, gang>

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Jenn and AMber have been in HOH bathroom for a dogs age. They have discussed everything. Amber tells Jenn about the first time she gave BJ, (check video thread) Then they each tell stories of cheating. JEnn tells how a guy cheated on her when she was young and thought no one would ever do that to her. Amber said she has been the cheater in the relationship before and is shocked people are so nieve about cheating, thinking they would never do it so why would someone do that to them

(Amber is very different than her image ths far) tisk tisk..LOL

Jenn is still hanging in there with most of the talk not about her, and not her talking.....All other have seem to gone to bed, or feeds just on HOH....(SEX SELLS)


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Amber left the HOH room, only to run down to the kitchen and start to fill Dick in on Jen's nomination discussion. Jameka also in kitchen. Suddenly there's Jen on the balcony. Doesn't do a 'gotcha' tho, just says she wanted to know what time it was.

General chitchat while Jameka goes off to bed and Dustin gets up for some food. When Jen goes back into HOH, Amber and Dick transfer to bathroom. She says how she defended Dick, how Jen just loves her now - but it doesn't matter - she'll still put her (Jen) up next week if she wins.

In the meantime Joe runs in to talk with Dustin in the dark. Joe pesters him, or course. First Dustin throws the "honesty card" back in Joe's face. (see video) Then, when Joe persists, Dustin tells him he is not going up - how does he know? - because that's what Jen told him, that's how. Then he starts getting really perturbed - saying "what do you want from me? You are trying to get ME out of this house." FOTH They argue some more, Dustin still pissed and coming down on Joe for his lack of honesty. He gives it a "Get out of my face. If you wanted to play honest, you would have told me you suggested putting me up. Not telling someone something is just as dishonest as a lie. And that's a direct quote right from your mouth."

Joe goes to his bed, Amber comes in and gets into bed with Justin. That leaves us with Dick at Night - all alone outside, thinking about their speeches coming up.

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Dick outside smoking right now reciting what he thinks Dani's will say at pov ceremony.

Talking to himself "what a great day, what a great day, today is a great day"

Saying "kail needs to go, i want kail out of here"

Headed inside now

Washing a plate at the kitchen sink, nice loud belch.

Feed out.

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Dick at night!

He is on the coach outside just jabbering. He is so funny. He is squealing like a mouse. Laughing at whom is going, coming, staying. What he will do when he wins HOH. Just summarizing the BB House. Is is cracking himself up. Wants Kail gone, has a speech planned, how Dustin is a rat...Dani is awsome. He cant wait to see the idiots go: Re: Jenn, Kail...Mike..." You set yourself up MF's......

He basically has numbers and is counting on the picking off of them. Talking again about the 9 gallons my balls thing. (Assume the setup by producers)

He now hates chess, ramble ramble. Its like he knows about Dick at night!!

Tomorrow iwlll be another good day...Joe is gonna freak out and tell some bullshit to all..Give it all up basically.

He says Joe is probabaly gonna tell Kail, Jenn etc. He says he should not have told Joe anyhting cause he(joe) has a big mouth. Oh well he says. OMG I am cracking up!

Feeds switch...WHAT.....grrrr.must gonna tape him for live show. be back

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Eric potty break,. did wash hands, and now standing in kitchen. it appears he is doing his "sleep walk assignment" but i can't see who he is getting in bed with. Might have been daniele, now in dr.

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HG's getting up...Joe and Eric in opposite sides of the shower

Joe asks: "Do you like sleep anything?"

Eric: "Sleep Anything?"

Joe is telling Eric about someone trying to get in his bed. talking like he's not sure who it was keeps saying "this person"

Eric: "that's crazy i'm glad no one tried to get in my bed. I'd be penalty nominated for punching them. I still think maybe you were hallucinating."

Joe: "no because the cameras were following this person"

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Nick Zach and Amber sitting by the spa talking about the strong man comp. Nick mentioned that BB didnt call them into the DR afterwards. Zach says he is over it, and he is sure it will still be shown on BB.

Nick goes in the shower. Whispering to DAni 'Amber said that joe is going up forsure'.

Jessica walks in and Nick pretends to be talking about her." yea , I hate jessica too'.

Jessica says that they are just jealous of her tan.

Amber telling Jameka that Last night she was talking to Jen. Jen is so in love with Nick. Amber told her nick has never talked bad about her. Jen was glad. Amber told her to put up Zach.

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