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Thursday, September 7th


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I've been posting to the HOH thread, but I'll post it here too:


J: What are we gonna do?

E: I gotta win the next one

It was obviously a physical comp because Janelle was talking about Boogie had more arm strength than her. The questions had to do with the people in sequester. Janelle and Mike had to guess how a juror answered.

E: If he wins this who do you think he will take?

J: It doesn't really matter because if he wins this he wins the whole thing

J: The comp was totally geared to him

E: Were you in the air?

J: Yes, I was hanging in the air. To get around the thing you had to like pull yourself around it.


Erika: I think he'll throw it to me

Janelle: you do, why?

Erika: Because he needs my vote

(more whisper chatter)

Erika: I think he'll throw it to me because he thinks I'll evict you and take him to the finals.

Janelle: It doesn't matter....he already has the votes.

Erika: He needs me. He'll probably evict me...he needs my vote

Mike now out of DR, Janelle in DR

Erika: So?

Mike: So?

Erika: Whats up?

Mike: I think I'm pretty straight foward. I don't want to sit next to her (Janelle) in the end.

Erika: So you'll take me?

Mike: Yes of course. There is no way I'm sitting next to the girl who has won 9 comps and has all those friends in the jury.

Erika: You know you'll lose my vote if you evict me

Mike: Yeah. You lose 2 votes if you evict me.

Mike: I think it will come down to Danielle andd James (deciding votes)

Mike: I told Janelle that you ruined my dream of being in the final 2 with Will.

Mike: I think I have a shot (without Will there). With her, all she has to do is stand up and go like this (holds up 9 fingers) and they are gonna like.......

Mike: I'm never gonna get chicken george. I'm not going to get Howie so I don't mind evicting his friend.

Mike: I want to be sitting next to you. If I lose then I am losing to a good friend you know what I mean. I'll be just happy if you win as if I win. (Boogie is stuttering a lot....lol)

Erika keeps asking"would'nt you want me on the jury so I could vote for you?"

Mike: No. I don't expect you to vote for me if I evict you.

Mike is REALLY playing her hard.......

Mike: The only thing I was worried about, and I've kept my mouth shut for the last 24 hours, is that if she won that she would take you because you had convinced her that you were a better choice.

Erika: So could you trust me to let me win it? (the HOH)

Mike: Why would you want me to throw it?

Erika: So I could evict her

Mike: No, I couldn't trust you to do that. Lets control our own destiny. I wouldn't ask you to throw it for me.


Now Erika in DR and Janelle & Mike in KT

Janelle: So what did Erika say?

Mike: She asked me to throw the comp to her

J: Why? SO she can evict me?

Mike: I dont know. I told her i want to control my own destiny

(Mike and Janelle chit chat)

J: Have you thought about what you are gonna do if you win it?

M: You know, its overwhelming right now I really havent thought about it. All I thought about was how I was going to convince either of you to keep me. I gotta start thinking about it, but I'll be honest with both of you......I would much rather see you win if I can't. I dont know if I can beat either of you but I have to give myself the best chance.

(Mike going over jury votes)...calls Erika a snake; tells Janelle she is a demi-god

Mike: I've really grown to like you Janelle and if I had the options....and I couldn't win...I'd really like to see you win.

Mike to Janelle: I was really scared to play you and to be honest.....not to make you feel bad....but I had a little advantage...you know? (he is talking about arm strength)

I'm taking a snack break.....be back in a few.

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Right now Mike and Janelle are eating. Mike made some turkey/taco thing. Just general chit-chat. Erika wandering around.

Mike asking Janelle how tomorrow nights HOH will work.

Janelle talking about how the buzzers broke during practice of last years HOH comp so they had to use paddles.

Mike and Janelle discussing what wines they like.

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Janelle talking about her best friend Carla got in a fight with someone and then we get flames.....

Erika sitting at the bar drinking wine......not saying a word.

Feeds back....

Mike discussing hiring good looking girls to work at Le Deux....boring talk between him and Janelle.

Janelle: I don't think most of America knows what a VIP Cocktail Waitress is.....they think we serve drinks. I don't serve drinks.

Erika just brought up an interesting point......she asked Mike why he cut his shirt. (He cut the sleeves out of his CT shirt so its more like a muscle shirt aka wife beater). I didn't notice until now but it is cut.

Mike: I dunno. I just wore it yesterday and I wanted to wear it tonight...so I dunno.....I dunno

(sure would make it easier in a reaching/stretching/pulling arm strength competition) Things that make you go hmmmmmmmm


Still haven't learned what kind of car Boogie won, but Erika said its a really cool car.


DIscussing the jurors flying back. Mike asked Janelle if people recognized them.. She said YES, it was awesome.....said they had them wearing disguising wigs and stuff......Mike was like You're kidding me!! Then it went to flames....lol

(Sounds like Mike is looking forward to the "fame"....little does he know.....lol


Still flames......I'm off to bed for a few......someone else can take over......

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The girls are up talking. Janie said that Boogie is talking to her like she is in the Jury already. (arrogant ass)

Janie is saying that when Erika evicts Boogie you have to say the the speech about the dresses.

* I hope that Janie keeps it up with Erika and works her. She really needs to not give up on Erika. She needs to remind her about swearing on her Mother. She needs to tell her not to trust Boogie and do NOT throw the comp.

I think Erika is acting a little bit edgy.

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Not really a Booger FAN per say, but more of a CT fan because of all the domination they've done this season (plus made it very entertaining). Will is my fav, and a Boogie win will mean a CT win. It's a combination of my CT love and Erika dislike (I cant stand floaters). Erika winning BB Allstars will be like Amber winnign survivor allstars.

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I've known Boogie was like this since BB2, and he's actually DONE stuff in this game, and dare I say made the show interesting. Where as Erika just floated to final 3, by winnign an HOH and POV along the way. Can't stand floaters, and am looking forward to seeing Boogie convincing Erika of her chances vs him in the finals. THus sealing Janelle to a final 3 exit again.

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Quote Marty: Soul you say Boogie has made this game interesting? By jacking off all the time. By subjugating woman and treating them like trash? Oh very interesting

That is apparently what some men like to watch.

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ok, so i was watching one of the videos from a link on Mortys bb main page and then i saw another clip that i wanted to watch.. titled " i am gonna find a way to make sure you leave the show..."

i think it was tuesday night.. after the first part of hoh comp and the 3 of them were in the kitchen area talking.. Erika was saying "come on, cant we go outside for just a little bit" and then bb opened up the door so they could go outside. Boogie says to erika that she is just getting her way all night tonight. erika and janelle go outside and boogie is talking to himself and says:

"mark my words, i am gonna find a way to make you leave the show. I will find a way and you wlil lose the show. mark my words"

i believe he was speaking of erika when he said this. did anyone remember seeing this happen?

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I saw that clip too.

The only problem is see is the fact that when Boogie was talking to Erica while Janelle was in DR he seemed more honest and was sharing more information than when he was talking to Janelle while Erica was in DR.

Who the hell knows. At least it's making things interesting, even if I AM disgusted.

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