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Are you on the West Coast (or Mountain Time) and have to wait hours after the show airs in the Eastern to see it?

Do you want to know who was voted out and who got HOH before your friends do?

Do you want to have the inside track on the Big Brother discussion boards at Morty's?

Well your wait is over! Experience the Live Show live and in Chat! Only at Mortys!

Fuskie will be doing the Real Time Live Show Play-By-Play in chat on Thursday, September 7th. Just go to Live Chat and then to the Thursday_Night_With_Fuskie Room after 7:45 Eastern for a minute by minute simulchat of the Eviction show.

What: Real Time Live Show Play-By-Play

Where: Live Chat, (must be registered member of Mortys to enter) then go to the Thursday_Night_With_Fuskie Room

When: 7:45 Eastern, 6:45 Central, 5:45 Mountain, 4:45 Pacific

If you have an emergency and can not be there, the transcript will be posted in the Updates Thread shortly after the show.


Who hopes to see you there...

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Places Everyone!

Cue Previous.

Cue Open.

Roll Open.

Previously on Big Brother All Stars, at the Head of Household competition , Boogie took control. And with their plan working perfectly, Chill Town continued to showmance the girls. At the nomination ceremony, Boogie kept his partner in crime safe, and the lying continued. The women battled for safety in the final Power of Veto competition of the summer. With her back against the wall, Erika went on the offensive and she made Janelle a promise.

When the two girls compared notes, Chill Town was exposed. Will sensed he was in danger, but Boogie refused to believe it. And the Puppet Master finally met his match, leaving Boogie stunned. Part I of the final Head of Household competition was over prematurely. When Boogie pulled an unexpected move, one of Janelle's hands came off her key. Who will win the final 3 part Head of Household competition ? And who will make it to the final two? Find out tonight on Big Brother All Stars!

Roll Open.

Quiet on the set!

Cue Julie.

And we're live in 5





Julie Chen: Good evening, I'm Julie Chen and welcome to Big Brother All Stars. It's day 67 and in less than one week, one HouseGuest will go home a half a million dollars richer. It has all come down to the final 3. Boogie, Erika and Janelle have been competing in a 3 part Head of Household competition to determine who will become the final and most powerful Head of Household. That person will decide who to evict and who to take to the final 2.

Julie Chen: But first, it was a big night on Tuesday when the Puppet Master, Will, had his strings severed by the girls. And no one was more surprised than Boogie, whose jaw is still on the ground.

Replay of Will's eviction.

Boogie in DR: As she started to speak, I got a weird feeling in my stomach and I knew he was about to be evicted.

Erika in DR: I was watching Janelle and I was so in awe of her. I was like, you get'em, girlfriend, let's get these boys. Oh G-d, it's so good! I love this game! Sometimes I really love this game!

Janelle in DR: Evicting Will was horrible for me. I lied and told him I was keeping him, but I felt he was in the way of my winning the game.

Boogie in DR: Will came to me today and said he was nervous, but I thought he owned Janelle and Erika seemed resigned to be going home. But the girls did an excellent job of acting and I am totally flabbergasted.

Boogie to Erika: Congratulations.

Erika: Checkmate.

Boogie in DR: Erika was like, 'Checkmate'. Showmances can be very effective for you but it kind of turned into a homance. And I'm just glad that America now knows that Erika is in fact a ho. I've used that girl up for all I need. I've gotten myself in a position to win this game and that's all she was good for.

Boogie: Wow, you're good.

Erika: You turned white all of a sudden.

Boogie: I'm happy for you, but obviously I'm surprised.

Erika in DR: I think the baby plans are probably going to be put on hold now. I think he's a little upset with me. I kind of had his best friend booted from the house. It happens.

Boogie: This is the first time all season Chill Town really got played. Erika was moping around, had her ugly long face on all day, so I give her credit for being a backstabbing witch. So now the gloves are off. Let's do this.

Boogie: Smart move, Janelle.

Janelle: Sorry.

Boogie: Nobody here could beat him. It was a smart move. I give you credit. Took a lot of guts.

Janelle: I just felt like you guys would team up against me and all.

Janelle in DR: I think Erika and I are getting the last laugh. I mean, what goes around comes around, right?

Replay of Head of Household Part I

Boogie in DR: I made a quick decision at the beginning of the competition to reference the Richard Hatch Survivor One move. He knew he was the most hated and he bowed out early of the endurance portion. These two girls did very well in their respective seasons. I knew they would be very determined to beat me. I was not willing to stand on that block for 14-15 hours, however long it would have taken. Part II, I'll take my chances.

Replay of Janelle's disqualification

Erika: I was like ready to tell Janelle, like , Janelle, I'm going to let go. I'm giving it to you and all of a sudden she let go and now I won it.

Janelle in DR: I did want to win. I had never won an endurance competition and I pride myself on winning competitions. I lost it. Erika won it. I have to win the next one.

Boogie walks into Green Room and throws sheets onto the floor, goes to the bed, puts his head in his hands and lets out a hard sigh.

Boogie in DR: Clearly the girls struck some kind of deal to get rid of Chill Town. We let down out guards, got cocky and she got to Janelle. To be honest, I'm gonna miss my buddy and I really had a dream of the two of us standing in the finals. I just don't know what happened.

In the Backyard, Erika and Janelle compare notes.

Erika: Did I tell you he'd jump off?

Janelle: I can't believe he did that, though.

Janelle in DR: I was extremely surprised Boogie jumped off and said we had to take him anyway. I was like, what? Crazy.

Janelle: I got to beat Boogie tomorrow.

Erika: You will be fine. You're great at this. Don't stress.

Erika in DR: I just hope that Janelle smokes him in the next round and I have all the faith in the world that that girl will.

Janelle: Boogie is pi$$ed.

Erika: Good.

Boogie in DR: I have never been in the Big Brother house in 2 seasons without Will, so it's a very odd feeling. I am very upset right now. We can dish it out, but we can't take it. Its like the emotions are all over the place and I don't feel very good.

His nose is stopped up like he's been sniffling.

Back in the Backyard, the girls continue.

Janelle: I wonder what Boogie is thinking right now?

Erika: He's thinking I'm all alone in this house and I'm miserable

They share a laugh.

Janelle in DR: If any girl has ever been played by a guy, she should feel great for what Erika and I just accomplished.

Boogie is alone in kitchen playing solitaire.

Boogie in DR: I am alone in this game and I have to reset and figure out how I'm going to play this game without Will. I have to circle the wagons and figure out how I am going play this game to get to the end.

Boogie walks through house forlorn.

Boogie in DR.


No answer.


No answer.


There s no one to answer the phone.

Boogie: Oh, man.

Fade to black.

Julie Chen: Boogie and Janelle will be competing in Part II of the Head of Household competition. Whoever wins this round will go head to head with Erika in the final round. Which of these All Stars has what it takes? Stay with us.


Julie Chen: Welcome Back to Big Brother All Stars. On Tuesday, Erika won the first part of the Head of Household competition, automatically advancing to round 3. Boogie and Janelle are about to face off in round 2. The winner will compete against Erika in round 3. Who will it be? Let's find out.

Erika: All right, guys, time for the second part of the final Head of Household competition. Everyone to the Backyard.

The HouseGuests go outside.

Janelle and Boogie: OMG!

There is a car suspended over laser beams. It is a silver convertible.

Boogie in DR: So the three of us walked outside and immediately saw laser beams, smoke and we looked in the sky and there was a GM Pontiac Solstice convertible floating in our little Backyard.

Erika: It's time to elevate your game for Part II of the final Head of Household competition. Not only will the winner advance to the third and final round of the Head of Household competition, but the winner of this challenge will elevate themselves to a new level of confidence when they win a brand new Pontiac Solstice from GM. However, if either of you fail to complete the competition in under 5 minutes, I as winner of Part I of the Head of Household competition will take home the car!

Erika in DR: The Pontiac Solstice is a little 2 seater that I would look really cute in.

Janelle is alone in Backyard.

Janelle: It's time to play Fly By Night. You will play this game suspended in the air. The names of the past Big Brother winners are located around the ring underneath 6 small mirrors. Once you are in position, a laser beam will bounce off the mirror of the first winner and the clock will start. Then fly around the ring adjusting the mirrors so that the laser beam hits each winner in the order that they won Big Brother. Once you have reflected the mirrors of all six past winners in the correct order, you must then hit the answer button. If you are correct, a bell will sound and the clock will stop. If you are incorrect, a buzzer will sound and the clock will continue to run. The player completing the puzzle in the shortest amount of time will win Part II of the Head of Household competition, and the Pontiac Solstice hovering above you.

Janelle in DR: I have to win tonight. I have to because I want to have the final say in who leaves. It's too risky to leave in anyone else's hands.

She climbs up the scaffolding and hooks into the wires. And Go.

She floats around and sets up Lisa's mirror to Maggie's in the middle.

Janelle in DR: The green laser started at Eddie's position and I moved it to Will's position. It was hard because I'm not as physically strong as Boogie and it was hard to pull myself around. From Will I pointed to Lisa who won BB3. Then from Lisa to Jun, who was the BB4 winner.

She has trouble with the mirror because Jun's laser was hitting Drew's mirror. She floats over to Drew and adjusts the mirror to reflect the laser to Maggie. She hits the button and gets a bell and has the puzzle solved.

Boogie in DR: I definitely feel like the underdog tonight. I want to be able to control my own destiny and not worry about what these girls are going to do.

He starts.

Boogie in DR: I made a map in my mind of each winner and used my upper body strength to launch myself off each person to make my way around the ring. I got half way around to Lisa and realized the laser wasn't matched up and had to go back to redo it. I was worried that I was losing valuable time and when you are up against Janelle, there's no room for error.

He lines up the last laser and rings the button. He has solved the puzzle.

Boogie: Yes! Beat that!

Everyone gathers in the Backyard.

Erika: Now it is time to reveal the times for Part II of the final Head of Household. Mike has a time of 1:57.

Boogie in DR: I felt really good with my time but was sweating it out, because you just never know with Janelle.

Erika: And Janelle's time, 3:45. Mike, you win Part II of the final Head of Household competition. Congratulations!

Confetti drops from underneath the car.

Erika in DR: Mike and I will be playing for the final Head of Household. I'd much rather be playing against Janelle because I think we came to an understanding that the two boys played us and if he gets to the final, he'll win.

Janelle: I feel kind of bad that Erika and Boogie get to compete in the third part. And I have to watch. I am worried that they won't take me to the final two. Why would they take me?

Boogie: That's for you, mom, I told you I'd get you a convertible!

Boogie in DR: Mom, I got the car for you.

The car is lowered to the ground, Boogie gets in and is lifted back into the air. Streamers fly through the smoke and lasers.

In the Kitchen, Erika touches base with Boogie.

Erika: Would you much rather be sitting next to me?

Boogie: Yes.

Erika: Honestly?

Boogie: Absolutely. I don't think either of us can beat her. You just have to decide if you want to trust me and let me be the bad guy. I'm not going to ask you to do that. There's no way I'm sitting next to the girl who's won 9 competitions and has all those friends there.

Erika: Well, if you evict me, you won't get me.

Boogie: Exactly. And you'll lose two if you evict me.

Boogie in DR: I wanted to threaten her that if she evicted me, not only would she lose my vote, she'd lose Will's vote as well.

Erika: Do you not trust me?

Erika: I don't know.

Erika in DR: I hate him! I hate the fact that I'm still attracted to him because I hate him so much.

Julie Chen: It's time to head to the Living Room and talk to the final three. Hello HouseGuests.

HouseGuests: Hello, Julie.

Julie Chen: In just five days, one of you will be crowned the winner of Big Brother All Stars. First, Mike, congrats on winning the car.

Boogie: Thank you very much.

Julie Chen: Janelle, that was a shocking decision to evict Will.

Janelle: Yes.

Julie Chen: You miss him?

Janelle: Yeah, I miss him.

Julie Chen: Mike?

Boogie: Yeah I miss him a great deal. I was a little surprised as you can probably imagine.

Julie Chen: Yeah, the bromance is over.

Boogie: Yeah the bromance is over, the showmance is over.

Julie Chen: You've never been in the house without Will. How are you coping?

Boogie: It was a very strange feeling. In 2 seasons, I have never spent a day in here without him and I just tried to think how he would handle himself in the game because obviously he's the best that's ever played.

Julie Chen: We've noticed you and Erika are not sharing a bed anymore. Erika, why is that?

Erika: Oh, G-d. Um, I don't know. I honestly can't say. It's so weird in this house. Things change, feelings come and go, and it's just kind of awkward.

Boogie: She's focusing on the end game.

Erika: It's really hard. It's really hard.

Julie Chen: Anything else to add to that, Mike?

Boogie: I think we are both just getting focused. We don't want to get any feelings confused. We both came here with our individual agendas I want her to do what's best for her and I want to do what's best for me and we'll just hope for the best for each of us.

Julie Chen: Thank you, HouseGuests. We'll come back to talk with you in a little bit. His eviction was a major blow and a surprise to many. Coming up, how did the jury react when the man responsible for their eviction walked through the front door?


Julie Chen: Welcome Back to Big Brother All Stars. Chill Town was blindsided by Will's sudden eviction on Tuesday night. He's now part of the jury. How will the puppets react when the puppeteer walks through the door?

At the Jury House, James is pouring through the fridge, George is making eggs, and Danielle is offering to cook.

Danielle to Camera: Look, we're all here in the Jury House. We're all losers. Let's have a good time and enjoy it. Let's just have some fun.

Danielle: I thought cooking would get me to the final two but that didn't work.

The jury members wait at the front entrance for the next evictee.

Danielle: Come on, you want someone new. I know you are tired of me.

Marcellas looks at her like you nuts?

George: I made a drink for him.

Howie: We're out of sun block for Will.

James: We got Ice Cream for Janelle.

Howie to Camera: I would hate to see Janelle come through the door because I want her to win the whole thing.

George to Camera: I have no idea who's coming through the door. I've been waiting for the pizza man for 5 days and still haven't seen him.

George takes a sip of the drink he had prepared for the evictee.

Will walks up and opens the door.

Will: Reap what you sew!

The jury erupts in celebration. Marcellas rushes up and hugs Will while the others congratulate themselves before going up to greet him. Howie gives Will a hug and gives him a kiss on the cheek.

Marcellas to Camera: Will is the newest member of the jury. I couldn't possibly be happier. It's sweet poetic justice.

Will: I got the worst boot in Big Brother history. I made BB3 look...

Danielle rejoices at this and Will can't be heard from the chatter.

Will: I got a bad boot.

Danielle: Oh, Boogie scum bagged him!

Will: No, worse. Wait 'till you see the tape. You're not going to believe it. You're not going to believe it.

Will to Camera: I'm going to show the Jury House members how I got kicked out. Am I embarrassed? Of course. But it was a great time so I can't complain.

George is the last one in the house, carrying Will's bag.

George: Doctor, Doctor, not you!

He did give Will the drink that he sipped out of. They watch the DVD replay of his eviction.

Danielle: What, he put your a$$ on the block?

Will smiles.

She nods, appreciatively.

Danielle: So sweet.

Janelle on the video gives her eviction speech.

James: Completely trying to get votes.

Danielle: Totally trying to get votes.

James: Marcellas, don't you believe that crap.

Marcellas is clapping.

Marcellas to Camera: I loved hearing Janelle dedicate Dr. I'll's eviction to me, even if Howie's name was mentioned in the same sentence.

Marcellas and Howie do a fist shake.

Danielle: Look at Boogie. Close your mouth, man, close your mouth.

Danielle to Camera: One thing about girls, girls talk and those guys should have known the ladies would compare notes and they did what they had to do.

George: Wow.

Will: I will give credit where credit is due. They spanked my a$$, both cheeks, and it still hurts.

George is laughing. Howie gives Will a hug and a kiss.

Julie Chen: When we return, round three of the final Head of Household competition will take place live. Will Erika or Boogie become the final Head of Household and who will they choose to bring with them to the final two?


Julie Chen: Welcome Back to Big Brother All Stars. In just a few moments, the final round of the Head of Household competition will play out live. Erika and Boogie will compete to determine the last Head of Household of the season. The winner must evict one of the remaining HouseGuests from the Big Brother house immediately, choosing the remaining HouseGuest to go with them to the final 2. Let's go back to the Living Room to get the final Head of Household competition started.

Julie Chen: Hello again, HouseGuests. For the last time this season, the power is up for grabs. Erika and Mike, as winners of the first rounds, you are the only ones eligible to compete. Janelle, you will not be able to compete, but you will be able to hear what goes on in this competition.

Janelle is sitting in the kitchen while Erika and Boogie are set up in the Living Room at podiums.

Julie Chen: It's time to see how well you got to know your Housemates this summer. I will read you 6 statements made by members of the Big Brother jury while at the Jury House. For each, I will give you two choices of possible endings. Your answer will be either A or B. It is up to you to decide how you think that jury member would answer. For every correct answer, you get a point. The HouseGuest with the most points at the end will become the final Head of Household. Remember; do not reveal your answers until I say Answers Please. Do you both understand the rules?

They do.

Julie Chen: Good luck then.

Question One: George said the most annoying thing about the house was A) Howie or B) The mess.

The correct answer is: B. Both get it right.

Question Two: Danielle said, 'the moment in the house I am most afraid to have my friends and family see is' A) When I was drunk or B) When I cried for 2 days straight.

The correct answer is A. They are tied at 2 apiece.

Question Three: Will said the most shocking moment in the house was A) The Fast Forward Eviction or B) My own eviction.

The correct answer is A. Erika answers wrong and Boogie takes a 3-2 lead.

Question Four: Marcellas said the most annoying thing about the house was A) Absolutely everything or B) Mike and Will's love affair.

The correct answer is B. Both get it wrong.

Question Five: James said the hottest girl in the house was A) Diane or B) Marcellas.

The correct answer is B. Both get it right. Boogie leads 4-3.

Question Six: Howie said the most shocking moment in the house was A) 'When Chill Town threw me under the bus' or B) George winning Head of Household.

The correct answer is B. Both get it right.

Julie Chen: By a final score of 5-4, Boogie you are the new Head of Household. Janelle, please take your place in the Living Room. Now Mike, you have a very big decision ahead of you. Right now you have at least the $50k prize and second place. Think carefully about who you would like to evict. Not only are you deciding who goes, but who stays and competes against you for the half million dollar grand prize. I'll be back in a few moments for your decision.

Boogie: Hello, Concord!

Julie Chen: Who will Mike choose to take to the finals? Tonight's live eviction is coming up.


Julie Chen: Welcome Back to Big Brother All Stars. Just minutes ago, Mike became the final Head of Household and now much decide whether to evict Janelle or Erika, automatically ensuring the other a spot in the final two. What will Mike do? Let's find out. Erika, Janelle, in just a few moments, Mike will announce his vote to evict. You now have a chance to plead your case. But remember, what you say could determine whether you sit next to Mike on Finale night. Erika, you are up first.

Erika: Well, Mike, it's been a long ride. We have had an alliance from the very, very beginning and I've always had your back. You probably have a better chance of beating me than Janelle, since she's, well, Janelle. So I would really appreciate it if you'd take me.

Julie Chen: Thank you, Erika. Janelle?

Janelle: I know you were close with Erika, but we've been talking a lot the past few days and she discovered you and Will have been playing everyone. It would be hard for you to bring her to the end because she could point out the fact that you were discovered early on and that you were playing everyone. And I was so easily influenced, I think I'll loose anyway.

Julie Chen: Thank you both. Just a reminder, the evicted HouseGuest will have one minute to say goodbye, gather their belongings and leave the Big Brother house. Mike, please stand and cast your vote to evict now.

Boogie: I want to say Happy Birthday to Lonnie Moore and get down to the business. I adore both of you. We've both been aligned at different times, and you're both incredible players. I am fans of yours and it is so surreal to be in this position and doing this. Erika, I did hold you responsible for Will's eviction even though Janelle cast the vote. But I am not here for vengeance. Janelle, you are a phenomenal player. I hated you, I loved you, I adore you, I couldn't say a bad word about you. You are too good at this, you won 9 competitions, and you have too many friends on the jury. I love you but I have to evict you, sweetie.

Janelle: It's fine.

Boogie: I am so sorry.

Julie Chen: Its official, Janelle, you are the last person to be evicted from the Big Brother house.

Janelle: Don't worry, I'm not mad.

Boogie: You were amazing.

He gives her one last twirl a-la Will.

Boogie: We're gonna have a lot of fun. Champagne on me, all right?

Janelle: Bye guys.

Erika: Bye gorgeous.

Janelle walks out the door.

Boogie: OMG!

Julie Chen: Hi, Janelle, welcome.

Janelle: Hi, Julie.

Back in the house

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