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August 14 Live Feed Updates

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Houseguests are split up with the guys (Howie, James, George, Marcellas) in the red room, girls (Danielle, Janelle, Erika + Will in the backyard).

Not much game talk . . . Marcellas just reliving his season for George, telling how he was shy about getting close to people at first because he didn't just want to be the 'gay guy' but Tonya figured out he was gay from the second day from his clothes and said 'honey if I'm wrong I'm so sorry'. James relates a similar incident saying that Jennifer also asked him on day 2 whether he was gay and he was tempted to say yes so that the alpha males wouldn't see him as a threat and the girls would feel comfortable around him. lol

Over in the backyard, Booger has joined them - all are in the hottub and they have win and beer ;) Boogie is occasionally massaging Erika's shoulders and they seem to be fishing for a topic of conversation - flipping from relationships to Howie to the hottub to Janelle's hair . . .

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After a short discussion about where/what sequester might be like the guys move over to the kitchen . . . Howie (aka 'big boy') just helped himself to 3 scoops of vanilla ice cream :o Some jedi alliance banter between Howie and George, James leaves to go do his 'business' in the privacy of Janelle's HOH bathroom . . .

Out in the backyard Janelle is letting Erika and Danielle take drags off her cigarette and the guys think this is hot . . .

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Feeds 3 & 4: The booze crew (Jani, Erica, Will & Boogie) in the hot tub, we've got wine & beer tonight! They are talking about Jessica Simpson's Dessert products (this is what was being "licked" in the shower last night) and we get FOTH. When feeds return, Danielle has joined the party. A few minutes of non-game chatter and more FOTH (makes me wonder what is going on with the kids on Feeds 1& 2).

Feeds 1 & 2: Howie, James and Marci playing cards in red room.

Feeds 3 & 4: Erica refills Jani's and her own wine glass. Boogie hoping they bring back Monica for a competition, Dani hoping they bring back Amy, doing a great "Hey Ya'll" imitation. Will asks Jani to open his canned beer and Jani says "My nails are jewels not tools!!!" According to Dani, they are finishing the 2nd bottle of wine. Will tells "the girls" they should become alcoholics because they are "much nicer" when they drink.

They are talking about slop, salsa soup and Erica's horrible "Ketchup and Creamer" soup. Will says Howie actually gained weight on slop.

Feeds 1 & 2: James and Howie in kitchen, Howie doing the "Oh James, Oh yeah

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Back to the Hot Tub

Dani and Howie calling each other out, Howie saying she wants to see the pipe, she says go ahead whip out the tic tac

Howie pulls off his underoos and grabs Dani. Dani throws them in the yard then puts them on and walks around imitating Howie.

Howie has put a bucket over his nakedness in the hot tub (lol)

Boogie making fun of James

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FEED 4 12:17 BBT

Boogie & Erika in the HoH room,...er...BED! Kissing and talking, totally going down the road to make some interesting late night feed watching.....

In between kissing and climbing on top of Boogie, Erika is saying she can't believe that like 9 million people will be watching them.....and that her Dad could be watching.....Boogie tells her that he doesn't even think that the camera's on the HoH are on since there is no RED LIGHT on.

Stopped talking, more smoochy-smooch kissing noises.

Kissing has stopped, Boogie asks if Erika wants to hear some music, and grabs Janelles headphones.....feeds just switched to Howie in the HT talking with Janelle and Will.


Feeds 3&4 back in the HoH....

Erika on top of Boogie,.. kissing, no talking seems to be going on. (I can hear faint music in the background, must be from the headphones)

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Howie insists he has most things figured out, that Dani put James up because he was protected.

Dani says her word is gold in BB All Stars. She says they should have come individually to cut a deal. Janelle says we don

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Howie, Janelle and Will have gotten out of the HT...Howie gets out naked, covers his frontside with a towel, or shirt (not sure) and walks into the bathroom where Dani is getting to brush her teeth and she asks where his underwear is, he replies he doesn't care, steps into the shower to pull some shorts on.

Janelle put on her robe and found out that her mic got wet....(not sure where she went, all feeds are on Will in the shower and Dani doing her nightly ADLs)

now we get FoTH

(will try to post more after the midnight feeding as I watch the feeds....baby before BB!!)

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Janelle and Will are playing the card game 'bullshit' where you put down cards face down and you may or may be lying about what numbers they are . . . if the other player thinks you're lying they call you on it and if they're wrong they have to pick the pile up, if they're right the person lying has to pick them up.

Will's gotten Janelle to declare 'bullshit' about 8 times and she's be wrong every time; he's called bullshit about 4 times and been right every time . . . kind of ironic since she's never thought he was lying to her but he does it to her all the time . . .

* * * * *

Before this, Will was trying hard to persuade Janelle to put up James then tossing in Marcellas' name every couple of minutes - I think Marcellas is the true target, though. Unfortunately for Will, he's too persuasive for his own good and Janelle started to seriously consider putting up James . . . then he had to back off of the idea saying of course James would just be the pawn with Erika going home, and that he was just tossing ideas out there . . . (they stopped talking strategy and started playing cards because they're on the big couches and Danielle came out to fix herself a snack)

Chemistry-wise, I'm not sure what's going on . . . earlier they shared a couple of kisses, but when they're just talking it seems almost awkward (?) Not sure how others see their interactions, though . . .

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Wow, no posters. I'll try to remember things in order.

Earlier: During the end of the hot tub stuff, Dani and Marc talking alone in red room. Dani talked a lot about how everyone thinks they know what she's up to, but they don't. How it's not Dani from BB3 anymore... (keep in mind, she's had a lot to drink) They talk about possible replacements when Veto is used. Dani tells Marc if he goes up, she will vote to keep him. Marc asks why. Dani says redemption. Marc hugs her.

After the hot tub stuff, H and Jan went upstairs to HOH to get some stuff for the night. Luckily MB and E were only listening to music at the time. The four of them made chit chat for a while before H and Jan returned downstairs and played cards with Will. Meanwhile, Dani made a steak at 1:40am. Not sure if she made one for herself, but she definitely made one for H.

After cards, Jan went outside to talk to Marc while he was doing laundry. Jan told Marc how Dan (who was drunk) told Jan she was coming after her. That it's game on. That she (Jan) doesn't know everything Dani is doing and she's working with people and (something I don't remember). (Dani lets a lot slip when she's drunk.) Jan laughs it off to Marc. Dani also said she was offended that no one (from S6) came to offer her a deal. Jan tells Marc she is putting up CG, not him. They argue a bit about Jan coming after "them" (the floaters) instead of CT but leave on decent terms.

Approx 3:00AM BBT: Jan and H are in bathroom area on couch talking about whether or not they think Will is playing them (to which H says yes, a bit and Jan isn't sure) when James comes by to use the bathroom (he has been in bed asleep for a while now). When he gets out they sit and talk for 45 mins! James, again, tries to get Jan to put up Marc. H wants Marc to go up too because if something happens and CG leaves they are screwed. Unlike before, this convo is a little less heated (bec James is only half-awake). They talk in circles. Jan says CT will vote with them (to get out Erika instead of CG). James says, if you trust CT then why not put up Marc? Jan doesn't want yet another enemy gunning for her. In the end, James is too tired to keep debating and backs off a little. He tells Jan to do what she's most comfortable with. Jan is putting up CG.

James returns to bed. Jan heads off to bed too. H plans to take a shower.

3:55am BBT: H knocks on HOH door, waking up Mike and Erika. M opens the door, which was locked . H's stuff is apparently in the upstairs bathroom so he can't take a shower without them. H takes a shower in the HOH bathroom!

4:16AM BBT: H finally finishes his shower and leaves HOH.

4:18AM BBT: H in bed. Everyone else is asleep (or trying to sleep). (goodnight all)

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Dani is outside on the couch playing solitaire. One feed is on Janie, sleeping. The other feed is in the room with Boogie and Erika, Boogie just got (back into?) bed with Erika. Lots of sniffing (maybe he has a cold?) and occasional little moans from Boogie. He is spooning Erika. I thought I heard one or two kisses. Boogie is making the sort of little moans like he is trying to get her attention. BB is constantly changing the sound of the feed so that they can catch every sound.

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12:15pm BBT

Janelle agrees to put up Marcelles after being "persuaded" by Will, Boogie, James and Howie.

She tells Marcy who says "you do what you have to do, but I don't know how you can trust them'. She promises him over and over that he is safe.

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Janelle goes downstairs to the red room to talk to Marcellas.

She tells him that she is going to put him up today as a pawn, and guarantees him that he will not go home.

There is a long quiet pause, where Marci is simply staring at Jani.Then BB calls Marci to the diary room (what better time to get a good DR out of him huh?)

He stands up, grabs his robe, and say fine, do what you have to do.Your making mistake because I am the one person you can count on to the end......those boys are lying to you about things I have said.

He walks out of the room and nearly collides with Will in the hallway.

Marci shoots Will a dirty look as they walk past one another.

Will walks in the red room and says,'BOY HE IS PISSED HUH?"

Jani says, "Well, yea!!".

Will grabs Jani and says come here, they hug and he says its okay, you did good, your fine.

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Back from flames

Howie, Jani and CG in Kitchen

Howie says CG lived to see another week

Jani: I hope I don't regret this (I assume putting Marci up)

James comes in George I know you are upset about not being nominated

Howie and Jani wispering - Sounds like Marci is blaming Chilltown

Will, Jani, and Boogie

W: Janielle you did well

B: He seems okay with it

J:I don't think Dani knew

W: no they wanted to send CG home

B:Dani is in an incrediable pickle now (exact words) She is going to come to us.

* got a phone call and missed a little

Jani and Boogie just chit chat by the pool

J: says you guys have to win it

J: Dani came in the hottub and threatened us, and said we never make a deal with her, you are going to awaken the sleeping giant

B:after a few drinks she gets kind of tough

Erika, Marci and Dani in RR

Dani pacing

they are pretty quite I just came in though

D to Erika come outside and walk with me

D: Yes CG you are not up accept it.

Dani and Erika go out side

Marci playing cards

Ericka and Dani in back yard

E: this works out better for me

D: They want him gone

E: I guess this is a better move for them

D: they don't where he stands

Howie and Jani in Kitchen

H: Dani is coming after us no matter what, Marci is now going after Chillitown

J: I am giong to talk to Marci and see if he is okay

Marci and Jani in RR

J: Are you okay? They aren't going to vote you out

J: This new power I was going to put up Boogie or CG

M: They ask me if we had a deal, Ericka wants to know if I cut a deal with you to stay I told her no deals

J: just don't tell Dani or Ericka, I think she thinks she is staying now.

M: Of course she does after she spent last night upstairs doing the 4 way with Boogie and then before that was in shower with 3 powerful people.

J: I wouldn't think I was safe, I am going to go brainstorm

M: I am going to take a nap

Jani leaves room

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FotH... HG's doing veto ceremony

Feeds back and CG is still sitting on the couch (everyone else has left the living room). He is shocked/speechless because Janie said she was going to put him up and she didn't. Howie, Janie, and CG try to make light of the situation. Janie apologizes to CG for breaking her promise to put him up (lol!)

some HGs in the kitchen... Janie says to Will "go clean up your scandal" (or something to that effect) and Will leaves kitchen

Erika, Mar, and Dani in redrum.. not really saying much.. Mar is shuffling cards

Will, Boogie, Janie in BY next to BBQ... saying they don't think Dani knew (who Janie was going to nominate)

Will: Dani is in an incredible pickle right now because she's close with both of them and has to make a tough decision

Boogie.. thanks Janie for the use of her HOH bedroom last night... says it's like a whole different world up there... says he needs to win HOH so he can get back up there

Janie tells Boogie about Dani's comments last night (when she was drunk and cryptically revealing stuff) and he laughs them off

Janie goes inside.. Howie in kitchen being Howie.. cam 4 shows CG back on the couch still in shock (ed. anyone besides me think there's more to the chicken man than meets the eye?)

Erika and Dani go for a walk in the BY

Janie goes to check on how Mar is doing

Will and Boogie on the lounges talking privately---on quadcam so i can't hear everything but they were talking about what it's going to be like when Howie leaves.. Will says he hasn't been in the DR since he made his guess on coup d'etat

cams 1&2 on Will and Boogie

cams 3&4 in redrum on Mar and Jan

Janie and Mar are discussing what the power is.. Janie says it could be eviction.. Mar says it wouldn't be that powerful... Janie says she thinks that it has to do with nominations.. Mar says then it would be like POV.. Janie says she's going to do some brainstorming.. tells Mar not to worry, he's safe.. then leaves

Erika and Dani on their walk around the BY... Erika is talking about something in her season.. how someone wanted to get rid of Alison and Nathan.. POV was new so people didn't know how people would use it.. etc.

Will is inside now

Dani goes over and talks to Boogie

Will: hey George, you need to see the doctor?

James looks like he's getting ready to try to tan in the shade.. lays on lounger next to Boogie.. joins the Boogie/Dani convo

James: CG is still sitting on that fucking couch.. it's driving me fucking crazy

cam 1 is CG standing in kitchen completely confused.. he's deep in thought over what just happened at veto

Howie: (singing) can the chicken man get a table dance?

CG goes upstairs to HOH to talk to Janie

she apologizes, says she was going to try to grab him this morning to let him know that she wasn't nominating him but she didn't get to it

CG tells her that he had it figured out that he would end up going home because Erika would figure out something.. so he figured that he would only have 4 more days on slop

CG reminded Janie she has to do what's better for herself

Janie says she doesn't want to be HOH again because she doesn't like nominating people

CG reminds her that if she's HOH, she's safe

(ed. if Janie was smart, she'd use this opportunity to pick up CG and make a Howie-Janie-CG alliance to add numbers to her side because CT and James cannot be trusted)

Howie comes in the HOH room with CG and Janie

out in BY James and Boogie are talking about how they're taking Mar out but Boogie wants Erika to get a couple of votes

CG is out there now and James and Boogie are encouraging him to go all out for HOH "step up and take that key"... "we want to see your family"... they're telling him then he'd have his own room where he could snore all by himself and could have his Eagles greatest hits

CG is still amazed at the fact that he's still here... Boogie says "we all have a 1 in 8 shot at all the marbles"

Will is in HOH room talking to Janie and Howie.. they are saying that certain competitions are geared towards certain people to keep the balance of power.. Will tells them about the competition with the waterbed and the key... he says that they didn't show this but BB gave them all the water they could drink, played all these water sounds, and had water fountains set up so that people would have to pee... Will says that the first thing he did was pee all over the bed (HOH room feeds automatically switch to redrum where Dani, Mar, and Erika are talking)

not too much exciting going on.. the other two feeds show BY with James, Boogie, and CG and i can't stand watching James be so fake so i'm out.. someone else will have to take over

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2:30 BBT: In BY, Boogie and James tell CG how they collectively saved him from going up on the block 20mins before nominations. James said it was a 4 to 1 vote (as in him, B, W and H vs Jan. Is he trying to broadcast their alliance?). B says how Jan was saying she couldn't stand to watch Marc cry all week if she put him up. B says W offered to cry then, and if he cried would Jan put up Marc? Jan agreed and W cried on cue (so B says, I didn't see it). CG's mind is blown by this. W comes out and CG asks him if he needs a tissue (lol). W asks B if he's going to tell everyone.

A few minutes laster CG and W are alone together as W gets ready to lift weights and CG says, "I watched you all that season and I was amazed. I think I'm even more amazed now." (I guess he can't pretend he didn't watch any of the other seasons anymore.)

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Marci called CG into the bathroom and reminded him of how Erika got him out of competitions and that she had been working against CG from the beginning. CG said he hadn't made a commentment to anyone yet and after hearing what Marci had to say he only replied "Ok" then left. As he was walking out of the bathroom Marci watched him and then yelled out "Thank you George" CG just said "I know Marci". Now CG is studying the pictures of HG on the wall.

Dani just walked in and asked CG what he was doing. She told him good news is his face is still in color. He told her he never thought he would make it this far, Dani said this house is crazy and for CG to be proud of himself. She leaves and CG is still studying the wall. He is whispering something to himself, couldn't hear it though. As he is making himself some slop, Erika walks past him and doesn't say a word to him, she goes to Marci and starts talking. Now she goes to CG and wants to know if he will vote for her. CG said he will discuss this with her when NO ONE is around. She asks if he means Marci and that Marci is in the shower so he can't hear them. CG said when NO ONE is around I will talk to you. She starts to say something and he says later and she leaves.

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Erika went inside to the kitchen & asked CG if she had his vote. He said he would sit down & talk to her about it later. Erika went outside & told Dani that she really can't stand CG.

CG laying on the LR sofa napping

Will & James laying on the BY chaises napping.

Erika & Dani chatting on BY sofas. Erika thinks she will be OK becasue she knows CT wants Marcy out (I can't wait til Thurs). Talking about how Marcy gets into trouble because he flipflops & can't make up his mind. Lots of BB3 talk.

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Marci & Dani chatting about how they have to votes to save Marci and how he'll be ok.

Marci wanting to win hoh so he can 'do his feet.' Theres "certain screen caps he doesn't want out there in the cosmos."

A wet Erika joins them. (she dropped her pants in the shower.)

complete silence.

Feeds 1 & 2- continued silence of Dani, Marc and Erika.

Feeds 3 & 4- Janie in HoH room (maybe with someone else and they're sleeping? can't really see)

feeds 3 & 4 switched to George making slop alone in the kitchen.

Dani now either sleeping, resting, or pretending to sleep. Either way, she has her eyes closed and is breathing rhymaticaly.

Marcellas left.

Erika says she just talked to George.

(funny, marc and dani just had this same convo all of 2 seconds ago)

Erika telling Dani that George said Erika has Georges vote.

(really?? Marcellas just said the same thing to Dani!)

Dani says CG needs to go before Howie. But first "she" (Janelle) has to go.

Dani saying sshe is going to talk with CG tomorrow to see where he's at

(guess she's as confused as us viewers are)

Dani: but what if he's lying??

D: he's dangerous. what if he did swear on his kids that kaysar was safe?


D: what if kaysar wasn't lying?

Erika is clearly unresponsive. After she thinks for a moment,

E: then they would have went after him this week

Marc joins them.

talk turns to sundaes and danis dream about her grandma she had briefly a bit ago.

Erika talking about all the "fun youtube stuff" we (internet) have on her.

Marci leaves.

E: we have to get her out next week. (Janie)

George joins.

4:13 FOTH


G: today.. day #42?

D: yep.

Dani asking why they (america) picked Eddie to win.

Howie alone in HOH room staring at the ceiling in thought.

Erika, Dani and George dicuss season 1

the 3 now dicuss how they get to bring 2 suitcases this year, how D/E are just about out of outfits.

talk returns to season 1

Jason (of BB3) really enjoyed BB, he was a huge fan. He really wanted a live audience, and was excited when bb5 and 6 got one.

Dani had a co-worker who told her all about bb2, because Dani's husband thought it was crap.

Dani and her co-worker both thought Will was easily going to lose the finale. Both were shocked he pulled it out.

George talks about how long ago bb1 was.

Dani is excited to see this season on TV. George has a feeling the show is doing well.

Howie and Janie laying in hoh room in silence.

Dani keeps singing, resulting in FOTH.

Howie gets up and makes a loud noise (by accident)


Howie: sorry.

Janie trying to sleep.

Cg/ Erika/ Dani have been silent for awhile, one or more of them may have fallen asleep.

all 4 of my feeds are completely silent... (I thought they were frozen for a minute)

LIFE at last. James just walked across feed 4... where he went is a mystery to me.

Don't think George is asleep, but I think Dani, Erika are sleeping(in the BY). Also I think Janie is in the HOH.

We are briefly shown James doing laundry in the BY, alone.

I think Howie is showering in the hoh bathroom

Howie comes out, drops something again, apologizes, and leaves the hoh room.

James still doing laundry.

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Feeds have shown napping, heavy breathing HG for 30 minutes or more.

4:41PM BBT

(I hear movement!!)

Howie is being loud in The HoH but Janelle continues to sleep

James is folding clothes in the BY

(you read it here 1st folks, that's what's happening in the action-packed BB house :P )

4:52PM BBT

(I think my feeds have frozen up because nobody's moving. Oh wait my feeds are fine it's just that... NOBODY'S ACTUALLY MOVING :lol: )

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feed 1- Erika sleeping

feed 2- Erika, Dani, and CG sleeping.

Feed 3- marc sleeping.

feed 4- James making his bed.

absolutely NOTHING going on.

Howie now snacking in the hammock.

Erika goes inside to continue her nap on her own bed.

only noise on the feeds is Howie's chewing.

only movement is James making his bed.

Marcellas wondering aloud (or to erika, theyre in the same room) why the food never fills him up.

erika doesn't know why.

silence and stillness with the exception of Howie munching away on potato chips. (maybe i'll try to count floor tiles, that seems more exciting ATM)

closeup of Howie's face chewing (he has his eyes closed). I think he's in Euphoria or something.

Boogie walked from one side of the yard to the other just to take a nap on a new chair.

CG wakes up.

Him and James chit chat about CG's dinner.

Howie gets up from the hammock.

James and CG dicuss how theres a high point in the day (today it was veto ceremony), and then after that they have no adreneline left, and everyone gets tired/ bored.

Dani up too now, Howie asks about something in the microwave and if he can have some. Dani says of course he can.

Marci up now. James thought he was in the DR. James asks CG if he's been in the DR. CG says yes.

James and CG say hi to sarah.

CG: HI SARAH. WHAT'S HAPPENING!!?! (I think he gave her the sideways peace sign?)

Howie says hi as well.

CG eating relish for dinner.

5 PM Janie wakes up.

Janie: howie woke me up eating in my room.

James napped by the pool, he woke up with howie eating as well.

Janie joins dani outside, because Janie needs to smoke.

lots of you're cute george, you're cute janie, and oh georgie-ing going on.

*Janie said today is her and howie's first anniversay of the busto rant!!!!!

James thinks Will is the most intelligent person in the house.

Boogie / Dani

Boogie wondering why it matters where CG votes. Dani says its very important, James needs to know where the votes are going so he isn't exposed.

Boogie: should i say we know hes [CG] playing?

Dani: you never tell an enemy you're on to them

B: nobody knows about us (CT +D)

D: i'm working man.. this is harder than season 3.

Dani said in the DR they have charts and graphs.

Dani saying it's not good that Marc is non-commited. Marc said the scary part is I would have never put her up. That's when Dani knew she was voting to keep Erika. "They" [sov?] were throwing "him" [marc] under the bus.

Dani wonders when boogie will know what the power is. Boogie thinks before the live show. Boogies mad they can't get any info from the DR. He asked at 9:30, and it's "6:00 now" (although it's 5:17 there now).

Howie comes to BY

Howie ttalking about Rachel.

Dani is/was confused how they were ever mad at rachel when rachel did nothing to them. Rachel helped pollute the jury because of ivettes goodbye message to rachel, leading to a maggie win.

Boogie thinking it must be terrible to have to vote for 2 people you hate. Dani said that's how season 4 was too.. very cold.

most people inthe BY now, chit chatting.

(i'm taking a break.. be back later!)

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