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August 13 Live Feed Updates

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Danielle and Erika were in the Red Room talking abut Janelle. Erika thinks she is playing the game the way ALison did. They are emotional players and they need to have that hate in order to play the game. They ask James if Janelle would take a truce and he says No.

We dont have the numbers. Those two (CT) are while card and we dont know what they will do.

James says that they have the numbers in sequester now.

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Dani,Erika and Marcy:

Erika thinks everyone on the Internet hates them. Dani said she came here for redemption and she doesn't want to be hated. marcy thinks they're both off-base. That people see them as the underdogs - that fans didn't want Sov4 to have all the power.

Marcy also does not like to be called Marcy on the internet,his mother named him Marcelles.

They also think the fans are upset because diane,jase and nak were evicted.

Editor Note: They are drinking alcohol:

James told dani don't be getting drunk and running your mouth.Her glare back was not nice.

Dani wants to call a truce and James said no way...Janelle will not do it.Erika says im not making a truce with her.

Dani considering talking to Howie......James said no.

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Marcy worried that erika and dani drinking is not a good combination. Everyone is to emotional and thats how fights start. Erika hollers out of the red room Janelle lets get drunk.....Dani and Erika now outside.

CG comes in and says no game talk tonight...Saturday night...let everyone put the game aside.

Editor Note: James is really concerned about dani wanting to call a truce with Janelle and Howie.

Janie talking about how much she likes April - she just got in with the wrong crowd .April was at comp today.

Will and Boogie in the SR......Boogie just made out with erika in the bathroom. They are encouraging more alcohol...says it will explode tonight.

Janie told Will she would vote out CG.

Will says Janelle tried to make out with him He said Janelle, I cant do this unless...and she said she thinks its feels right, and then Howie came in the BY yelling Dr McDreamy.

Will wants to keep Janelle in the game.

Will and Dani in the BR:

If it comes down to it ...we'll sacrifice Erika. Dani and Will laughing at the bad acting of James today.Not happy with him.

Will, dont worry we took care of pov today, i'm taking care of this tonight. Trying to get more alcohol and he thinks the game will explode.Dani and Will laughing at James' bad acting job today .

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Erika can be heard in the DR asking for more alcohol some guy says "sorry the guy who does that is already gone" Erika offers to flash her boobs. Goes outside to get in the HT with Janelle,Will, Boogie and Dani. No more alcohol.

Dani, E, and Jan in hot tub talking about how scary Alison was glad she is gone.

Editor Note: Can someone take over...long night.

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(from earlier) Will & Boogie in the SR...

Will says Dani is drunk & saying she can't vote out CG. Will says CT is def not going on the block even though everyone thinks you are.

Will says Janelle is drunk & he was talking to her in the BY...

Will: I said you are drunk & I have to hear it from you because I don't belive that you really like me. She was like I really like you (W&B cracking up). (Janelle said) I was in the DR & I was like I am into you & if Julie Chen asks me live I am going to tell her that I am way into you.

Will says they have got to get Dani under control. They saved her today & now she is drunk & acting like she can't put CG up. Boogie thinks Dani just meant she didn't want to vote out CG this week only. Will says that they have GOT TO get more liquor NOW!

Will: It's got to happen. This is about to explode.

Boogie: I just burried Erika in there (I think he dogged her in the DR) & then went out & made out with her in the bathroom

Will: Janelle was like literally when we were out there she was about to kiss me. She was like literally coming at me & I'm like Janelle I am really sensitive & if you think this is right thing to do. She was like it's the right this to do. Howie comes out & he starts saying Ohhh Dr McDreamy & I am like lets wait. So they go inside & I am like (he looked at the camera, made a cutting his throat signal, & said something funny but I can't make it out)

Boogie & Will are jumping up & down laughing really hard.

Boogie says not to worry about Dani. They just have to ease her into the fact that Erika is going home. Will says he told Dani earlier that as long as it is not one of the LoD then he doesn't care who goes home. Boogie says even Marcellas & Erika think Boogie is going up. Marcy asked Will if he was about to become a floater. Will says he's a little bit nervous because he busted into the redrum & caught Marcy, Erika, & Dani playing cards & he could tell they quickly changed the convo. Boogie says it's OK Dani is in our alliance. Will says everybody is in 15 alliances. Boogie says it's OK cause nobody is in as many alliances as we are :lol:

Will says with Janelle it's wrap city. Hook, line, & sinker.

Boogie says they will have a talk w/Dani so she will understand that they will have to go after CG.

Will: This is what we need to do. We need Janelle to win HoH & we save Dani then the next week we need Dani to win HoH & we save Janelle & then Dani HoH, Janelle HoH & we need to do that til the final 4. The 4 is me, you, Janelle, & Danielle & then let them destroy each other (Will laughs) but that is never going to happen.

Will says he knows in a few weeks it will be him & Boog on the block & he is going to say vote me out & then go to sequester & work the jury to be sure they give it to Boogie. Will then reconfirms their "we are splitting the prize money 50/50" agreement. Will tells Boogie that if he can win the show then they go on to win Amazing Race that will be $500K each.

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Will, Boogie, Erika, Janelle in HT Danielle on side all talking about Wills BB season food competitions.

More idle chit chat about each others seasons.

Now talking about fan websites and one about BB members portrayed as South Park members.

Another fan site about CT and why they hated him, will says it was awesome. Great site was www.killwill.com (Checked site no longer available) he says when he got out of the house he saw someone wearing the shirt and all the HGs from his season had signed it and he was like WTF.

Now talking about hording Alcohol, getting it and putting it in back of fridge then take two or three nights worth so they can actually get drunk.

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Feed1: CG and Mar in redrum chatting. Mar playing cards in bed. CG sitting on couch holding a ball. Mar is whispering (hard to hear). Mar seems to be talking about how he doesn't get anything in comparison to other HGs. (ed. could be misunderstanding this.) FotH

Mar to CG: Diane wanted to make to sequester to make the big chunk of money. Says that he was in it to win, not to be in sequester where he can't even watch the show.

CG leaves redrum (Mar alone now). Mar is singing to himself and then we hear Howie/CG (and others?) from the other room. How was dinner James? FotH

Switched to Feed2 hoping to get HGs in BY (the girls are at the hot tub) but it is FotH.

FotH let up... shows Howie and James in kitchen. Keeps switching to FotH.

service interruption on my end... finally got feeds back...

F2: CG, Howie, James in HOH room. Not really talking much. James is eating.. looks like ice cream.

James: Fun competition today

CG: except the sushi

James: it was fucking cucumber and rice, man


James is looking at all the pictures in the HOH room

James says Busto was there today at the competition, thinks she had work done because her boobs looked bigger this year.

Howie says he hasn't seen her in 10 1/2 months

James says hi to Kaysar, apologizes to him for disappointing Howie so much this season. Feels bad for Erika because certain people shouldn't have been able to compete in the second HOH competition - the people who got out before the buzzer problem. Howie and James figure that if those people weren't able to play, James would have won HOH.

James says someone is a dirty player.. think he's talking about Janelle (not sure). Advises Howie that it's in his best interest not to celebrate so much... it cost Ivette Rachel's vote last season.. so Ivette lost $450,000 because of the way she acted when winning stuff.

James is talking about Janie and Michael's relationship. Says that when they broke up, Janie let into him. James says that Janie uses a Sidekick.

George has been quiet but now is joining the convo. Think he was listening to headphones.

They're talking about working out. James is talking about different fitness places he's been to. Likes Lifetime Fitness in Chicago.

James: When's the baby due? (not sure who is pregnant but he's talking to Howie)

Asks if the baby will come to the wrap party. James says that he's not bringing any family to the wrap party.

James is giving a family history to Howie.

Ed. Switching feeds.. James is kind of annoying.

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still in HT Boogie hopped out and put on a shirt but hanging around. Janelle talked about them meeting April from BB6 today (Part of the Veto comp?)

Jannelle says lets sing, then says I want Alan Jackson. Will replies Chatahoochie or.......FOTH (Thanks guys)

feeds back and no longer on HT.

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I just posted a whole conversation but it didnt go through (Damn internet) basically Janelle Erika and will in HT. They are trying to Seduce will and get him to take off his shorts.

They are offereing to take off their clothes, hug each other, take a shower with him.

(This is the funniest thing ive seen in ages. )

Now offereing to go take a shower with him in HOH room. They said why not we took a bath with boogie, why not take a shower with you.

(will talking himself into going to hoh to take a shower with them)

W: there is nothing wrong with a shower

w: would it offend you if i didnt do it, i would never want to offend you

J: no, we will just go up together and shower (meaning J and E alone together)

W: opk we will jsut go shower

will talks them into him bringing mike boogie to shower too

(They are off to shower)

will to boogie in BR "You up now with me lets go"

m and w go to HoH howie is outside now listiening at the HoH door (Looks jealous or confused, maybe both)

E and J come out to go downstairs to bathroom and say to howie, dont worry we wont be long.

YOu can hear will yell form HoH "HEYYYYY"

Erika yells back "Hold on She's peeing" (They needed to know that i'm sure)

J and E go back to HoH and LITERALLY push howie out the door

Will, Erika, Boogie and J in the shower in HoH and they are having FUN

(This old man cant take it, im just gonna watch)

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Feed3: Will, Erika, Janelle in the hot tub

Will: what is this? the menage-a-trois alliance?

Will keeps saying how wrong this is.. trying to get Erika and Janelle to hug. Erika says they will if Will takes off his pants.

Jan: give us more wine, BB!

Will needs a moment alone so he goes off to the otherside of the hot tub and talks to God.. "what should i do? what should i do?"

Will goes back.. "Alright, what's my name?"

Erika & Jan: Dr. Delicious

Will: what if this was the final three? not strategy but just hanging out all night. you could bump me out and you would be 1 and 2

Erika and Jan are coming on to Will and he reminds them that he is seeing someone. Jan says she is seeing someone too. Will says Erika is kind of seeing someone (ref to Boogie?)

They're talking about showering together. Will says he prefers baths and they say they will take a bath with him.

(ed. this is pretty funny because Will is obviously stalling them.. could be a strategy move to be all cute and bumbly when the girls are making advances on him)

the three of them finally decide to go up to HOH room and shower. Will runs into the house.. goes and gets Boogie out of bed to go join them in the shower.

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Boogie and Will go in HOH room. Howie is outside HOH room listening to what is going on. Erika and Jan leave HOH room. Howie goes in and asks what's going down.

Jan and Erika in downstairs bathroom getting ready for their shower date with CT.

They go back into HOH room and Howie immediately comes out. Howie is wandering around downstairs... finds James. I think they are going outside but Howie needs a jacket because it's cold.

(ed. want to switch feeds to find out what is going on in HOH room but we have FotH on all 4 cams)

feeds back. camera 1 shows HOH bathroom.

Will, Jan, Erika, Boogie in HOH shower together

Will is putting on a show for us feedsters.. keeps opening the door trying to get away but the smile on his face proves it's just an act.

can't really hear what is being said in the shower except snippets here and there

Janelle is saying "lick it off me, please Will"

Boogie says "aww yeah" (I assume that Will licked whatever it was off of Janie)

reprise of that... Will says "one more time"

Janie says it's edible and they're going to put some of it on Boogie to lick off

Janie wants to put some on Will and lick it off of him

we can't see in the shower, obviously.. but it kinda looks like Boogie is still wearing his headband


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Will: seriously, no, i'm ticklish!

Will keeps trying to escape but the girls pull him back in.

there might be some kissing going on.

Boogie and Erika leave the shower.

Exit Janie... Will is going to finish showering by himself.

Janie goes back into HOH bathroom to brush her teeth.

Exit Will.

Boogie: hey, by the way, Brian.. that was with no alcohol.


Will: this is one of those life moments where you really don't know what to say.

Will is talking to Janie in HOH room about how it's wrong even though they didn't do anything in the shower because they are both seeing someone and he has someone back home that he cares very very much about.


Janie is showering alone in HOH bathroom.

going to switch feeds to see what other HGs are up to

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James & Howie in HoH. James is pointing out to Howie that CT is happy because the SOV & Floaters are in a battle with each other keeping CT safe.

Will, Booige, Erika, & Janelle come running in HoH (Jan & Erika are drunk) yelling for Howie & James to get out. The guys said Erika & Jan promised to take a shower together for them. Boogie says he was asleep but Will woke him up to see it. They are expecting nudity but unfortunately for them the gals jump in w/theri swimsuits on & pull Will & Boogie in with them. They have been in the shower for awhile being pretty loud. It appears as though Janelle has some edible product in there. Janelle says she wants to lick it off Will & Will keeps saying no no stop seriously no no seriously stop (no means no Janelle :P )

The camera keeps focusing in on the only part of the shower door that isn't frosted, the bottom part, & Will & Janelle's legs are staying pretty far apart. Janelle begs Will to take his shorts off. She keeps saying please please. Janelle throws herself on Will (you can see her arms go around his neck) & Will says (laughingly) no no stop seriously. Will tries to get out of the shower saying I can't do that & they pull him back in. Janelle says Will is mean because he won't kiss her. They keep saying for Will to kiss her w/no tongue just a little peck. Will says no. Janelle keeps begging him (how pathetic). Will must have given her a peck when she wasn't expecting it because they all say that wasn't good enough. Janelle says Will you are going to kiss me & like it. She says "Pleeeeze Will". Boogie & Erika get out but Janelle has her arms around Will's neck & won't let go. (evidently Janelle tries to kiss him again) Will says no I can't do that. Janelle gets out of the shower & brushes her teeth. We get FoTH.

Come back to Will saying to Janelle he doesn't know what to say. Jan says she doesn't know why he gets so embarassed. Will sasy they both have people in their lives that they care about. Jan says she knows & they are just good friends & FoTH.

I could hear the beginning of Will whispering & they switched all feeds to Janelle showering in the HoH (dang you BB)

Now Will, Boogie, Howie playing pool. Erika & Dani watching. Janelle comes out & her & Erika keep saying nothing happened. As Erika goes inside Will asks her if she could please go into the DR & do some damage control for him.

Erika goes & climbs into bed w/Boogie in the dark. He says he is naked. He's not lying because his entire ass is hanging out from under the comforter :blink: (& just in case I had any doubts of what I saw Janelle comes in & turns the light on & yes it is Boogie's big white butt cheeks in clear view :huh: Help me I'm blind I'm blind :wacko:)

(Nite all, I'm off to bed)

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all feeds were on Janie/HOH bathroom for a while. now all are on BY.

James and Howie are playing pool. Erika and Dani are watching.

James just threw the white ball across the yard. Howie and James are both complaining about the table.. saying they need to fix it.

others have joined them in the BY.. Janie and Will are there for sure, Janie offcam, Will is oncam bouncing a pool stick

they are talking about the shower. Erika says that nothing happened, it was just a shower, just like the hot tub but standing up.

camera just panned out and we see Mar but he goes back in the house without a word. Jan and Dani follow.

Erika heads back inside. Will asks her to do damage control in the DR about the shower situation. James, Howie, and Will are now playing pool together... apparently they fixed the table.

James: you got purdy hands, doctor

Dani and Erika return to BY. Erika says "nothing happened, we just got clean"

camera switches to kitchen.. Janie and Mar are talking.

Mar: she's just a little black bitch

Mar: bring back Beau, he was cute

Jan and Mar hugging, whispering (can't hear)

Mar wants meat... they are eating something. Erika walks by.. goes into bedroom.

Erika: are you sleeping?

Boogie: almost

Erika gets into bed with Boogie... they appear to be spooning. they are talking (muffled) and laughing.

Erika: if he goes up, then he goes out (talking about Will?)

Janie comes in and turns on light.. she needs to find some clothes. she apologizes, doesn't know they were both in there. she asks what they are doing.. Erika says just talking..

they say they were just talking about the body butter. Janie says "it's edible.. it's good, isn't it"

Janie leaves, the lights go out and Erika/Boogie are talking again

Erika mentions something about how they kind of liked each other on the outside first

Erika and Boogie are kissing. they aren't spooning but he has his arm around her.

FotH, camera back, repositioned

Erika says she wants to go to sleep, Boogie says okay and kisses her (openly on cam)

Erika gets up, leaves, and goes to redrum where Mar is sitting shuffling cards.

Erika: that was interesting

mentions something about shower, then we get FotH

feeds back.. James joins Erika and Mar in redrum and starts blabbing (ed. can't seem to get away from him tonight) so much for Erika going to sleep

they are talking about the former-HGs...

James is saying how he hopes that they show when Eric's spirit shows up.. claims he banged on the glass and James nonchalantly said "dude you can't scare me" (ed. i seem to remember a different scenario on the show?)

talks about how Busto was there today.. said something (muffled) against her

James: i'm going to be nice to every ex-HG from now on (ed. hah! can't wait to see that one)

Mar says that he heard that Beau hates him

talking about the cast party.. Mar says that everyone was swarming him and he was like "what? it's all about the new cast"

James rebuts and says that he was quite popular thank you very much

Howie comes in and acts like Howie, Erika tells him he's gross

James and Mar talking about beds.. James says beds are probably from season 6

starts talking about Sarah.. saying they behaved and slept in separate beds

enter Black Widow (James announces her)

they turn lights off and camera changes angles... Erica and Mar in bed.. James and Dani on couch in redrum

i'm taking a break for a few then switching feeds

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W: But how are we going to do that? If you get HoH would you put her up?

James: We have to backdoor her. I would have to say you could put up Howie so Howie can't save her in Veto.

Will: What if he put up Marcellas and Cg and let one of them win POV?

James: That's perfect.

W: I'm just going to have to say, "We're backdooring you!"

James: (smiles)

W: Danielle needs to win (HoH).

J: Yah, she does. But if Danielle wins, she's going to put up Janelle and Howie ...and then who...the problem with these competitions man is that they're so f-ed up.

W: If Danielle puts up Jan and Howie and I'll win the veto. I'll just say, "Look, I can't use it because she'll put up Mike Boogie." And then, we're voting out Janelle then?

James: (screaming whisper) F*CK YA!!!!!!

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Been watching the feeds on and off here...


Will, Janie, and Howie were in BY playing pool. Dani comes out and bitches about how she can't go to sleep because of CG's snoring. Doesn't know where she's going to sleep. Howie went to get ice cream but I never saw him with it. Eventually Will decided to go to bed and Howie and Janie sat outside (Janie had a smoke). Will decided he wanted to talk to Janie so they kicked Howie out of their convo. Howie went in the house to work out. (ed. by now the drunkeness of Janie previously shown in the shower incident has worn off)

Will at some point said that Howie's guess for the coup d'etat was "spool of lies" and was making fun of him for it.

Will eventually went to bed. He said that he felt like Janie really opened up to him tonight and that they made "progress." Howie was still working out. Janie went to take a shower (for the 3rd time tonight, counting the Will-Boogie-Erika-Janie shower earlier)

3:00 am BBT

Janie and Howie in HOH room. Talking about a variety of things. First Howie confronts Janie about if she's still loyal to him (ed. he's getting a little worried because of how much time she's been spending with others... esp. the shower incident) she assures him that they are partners and she doesn't see why he'd think otherwise

Talking about James... is he loyal? is he more loyal to Dani than them? they think that Dani's just his parachute.. they're not sure what he's about but they know they can't trust him.

CG's hat is on Janie's bed. she asks why and Howie says he was in there earlier listening to music (pre-shower incident when James was eating and blabbing as always to Howie and CG)

Howie: CT needs to step it up this week

they are pissed that James is throwing competitions

Janie: Howie, you or Boogie or Will have to win HOH

Howie says that they have to get Erika out or else she and Dani will both be coming after him and Janie; says that if James wins HOH he plans on putting up Mar and CG

Howie (about James): such a weasel, such a weasel... he's not even a man in my opinion, just a big pussy baby. i'll vote for Marci over him in the end

Howie takes some stuff from HOH room and goes to kitchen, goes to BY, back inside, up the stairs to HOH room, leaves again, is in BY, back to HOH room (emptied the HOH bathroom trash outside)

Howie getting ready for bed... taking a shower (ed. the HOH bathroom is an absolute disaster.. i noticed this earlier during the shower incident.. even my apt isn't that messy and i'm not being filmed 24/7!)

Howie is out of the shower.. goes back into HOH room from HOH bathroom

Howie says what's up to Janie and says that he thinks he needs a shrink because of the game

Janie says "i'm just fuckin' pissed off that James.." and is cut off by FotH

6 or 7 minutes later FotH is gone but all cams are on sleeping HGs... no HOH room. CG is snoring up a storm on 2 cams (think it's focused on Boogie but not sure), the other 2 cams show someone sleeping on the couch in redrum... maybe Dani?

heard a door open.. can't tell where or who because it's offcam. don't hear CG's snoring anymore. heard the door again... guessing that CG got up to go to BR or something.

4:01 am BBT - yay! cam 1&2 finally showing HOH room.. back to Janie and Howie...

Janie is "fucking flame broiled pissed" at James for throwing veto comp. says any 3rd grader could recognize that he threw it to Dani

Howie wants CT to win HOH next week and put up Dani

they are piecing together all of the shady things about James: competitions, etc.

Howie says he had a guilty look on his face and Howie said "what's wrong James?" and he said "i'm just tired" but Howie said he knows he's up to something

Howie wonders to Janie what would happen if they put up James in place of Dani

Janie says it would be a stupid move numbers-wise

Howie agrees, then starts saying that James wanted Dani out week one.. says that when things started going sour James jumped ship on them (ed. oh my gosh.. they're so close but then they go back like "ohhh.. he wouldn't do that.. he's in our alliance")

Howie said that they should put him up to scare him.... "you're either with US or THEM"

Janie says "let's go get him now"

Howie says "Dani directly attacked our alliance and sent Kaysar home.. now he wants to go with her"

Janie says "let's go wake him up now"

Howie says "naw.. let him sleep"

Janie: as far as i'm concerned he's not with us

Howie says there's going to be an around the house competition and James doesn't study/hasn't been studying.. therefore he's not going to do very well

Janie said that Dani told her that they compared Dani to Maggie in the DR.. Dani was offended because Maggie's a "vile disgusting bitch"

Janie says she's not going to win this game anyway and wants to make a point and get rid of James

Janie wants to put up James now.. "fuck it.. let's just get him out"... they have a day and a half to decide

Howie is going to approach James saying they have info from the other side.. it's bs but they want to see how he reacts/get him scared

Howie says that they should tell him that they are going to put him up in Dani's place... "oh you felt so secure that you could save your friend Dani? well you're going home now" (paraphrase)

Janie wants to go wake up James.. sounded like they were going to for a little bit but they are both still in bed.. not really talking much anymore

now they think that if Erika goes, that's a hit to their alliance

Janie says that instead of calling James out maybe they should just be really nice to him

Howie says if Erika goes it will cripple the alliance because she's the strength of it

Howie: let's not give James reason to jump ship completely (ed. too late, Howie)

Howie: she's gone.. if i win HOH this week, Dani's gone

Janie: it would be awesome if it was you, me, Boogie, and Will to the final four

Howie says that George is an evil player.. he never votes the way he says he will.. he voted out Jase who he was friends with because Jase made George do his dishes... Howie says too bad he sucks at competitions

Howie says James made Mar cry the other day

Howie: Erika thinks you're putting Boogie up?

Janie: yeah

Howie: dumb bitch

okay.. no one has said anything for a while so it's official.. all HGs are sleeping (approx. 4:50am BBT)

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12:00 BBT

Dani doing wash. Will walking around outside brushing his teeth looking for his shoes. Goes inside and sees Erika in the kitchen. Says we've got to get Janelle on the block, this is killing me.

James comes in and makes a remark about Will being single, I guess alluding to the shower episode. Says the only reason Sarah talked to him on the phone was to get air time. Said he's going to go outside and work out.

Will goes upstairs to get Howie because he says Howie need to work out because he's getting fat. Knocks on HOH door.

W: Where's Howie?

J: Here.

W: Howie get your fat-ass up, dude. We're getting in shape today. I'll do cardio with you for an hour. You're looking like a slob. I'm going to help you out.

Howie mumbles something about breakfast and begs for more sleep.

Janie tells Will to come in and turn on the light. Janelle tells Will how pissed they are at James and how they want to put him up.

Will asks why she is so emotional about this game - someone has to go home.

More talk about how Will told them James was a snake and they denied it.

Will says they are playing emotionally and afraid to put people up. Tells them that James is in their alliance.

Janie says they have to get rid of Danielle first.

Wills says if you're going to do it, go balls out and make a show.

Janie says if Will or Boogie get HOH to put up James and Danielle. Howie concurs.

Now discussion turns to Marcellas.

W: James is going to stab you in the back. He did it yesterday. He's a floater, the worst floater. He's floating with you, Danielle and now with CT.

12:25 BBT

Will tells Janelle to make a deal with Erika. Call a truce, telling her they are going to do something totally different.

They don't like the idea.

More talk about Janelle and Howie being pissed at James. She said they wanted to go wake him up last night.

Will says he doesn't want to talk about it anymore, it stresses him out. He leaves to go downstairs to work out.

Janie lying in bed looking pensive, probably thinking about James' deceit.

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