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August 13 Live Feed Updates

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12:27 BBT

Will comes back and tells Janelle she needs to strike quickly. He said he went downstairs and James was down there talking to Dani. Says talks to Danielle too but they are sitting there having a deep conversation. He says this is one of those moments on the show where you have the ability to get rid of him. He says if you don't get rid of him he's going to jump ship and go with Marcellas and Dani.

J: Why does James have to be such a fucking asshole.

More talk of keeping Erika and calling a truce. Janie asks who's she going to go after? Will answers Chicken George and Marcellas. Janie doesn't think she would do that.

Howie comes out of the BR and he doesn't have his mike on so I couldn't understand what he was saying. Something about votes and sequester. Will tells him that James was downstairs whispering and plotting with Danielle. Will says James is going to play it week to week. There's loyalty amoung thieves. Says he and Boogie are ruthlessly evil but play fair. James is not, he's fearful player. James is with Danielle and with you, he's also with us and probably with CG and Erika. He can throw all the competitions and be in the final two. Be there in front of you saying he stabbed Season 6 in the back and here I am. This is a chance to backdoor him. He'll whine like a little whore. Send his ass out. There's bigger fish to fry and we have to get rid of him now.

Janie and Howie think that sounds like a good idea.

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Will went into HOH room to wake up Janie and Howie a little after noon BBT. They got up and Janie started telling Will about how pissed they are at James. Janie/Howie discussed the possibility of getting rid of James with Will. Will suggested making a truce with Erika to swing her to their side. Will emphasized that James is in an alliance with every person in the house so he's just going to skate to the end because no one is after him. (he didn't reveal the Legion of Doom alliance.. he said that CT is aligned with James through SOV). Will is worried about Marci winning HOH. (ed. umm.. if he takes a break from being horizontal and actually puts an effort in.. could he actually win? probably not... seems too unmotivated at this point)

Still talking together... Janie looks like she still needs pushing before making the decision to put up James... she keeps making arguments for him staying this week and getting rid of him the following week (ed. if Howie and Will keep this up maybe we'll actually see something not so predictable at veto ceremony)


feeds back for a little bit.. still talking about James

Will saying "you guys told me about James and Dani's alliance a couple weeks ago.. now i'm telling you about it.. doesn't seem right because you were the ones that told me in the first place"

Janie brings up the fact that James might be good to keep this week just because he'll probably throw the HOH competition

Howie: i told the producers i didn't want him in the house


feeds back.. cam 1 shows Janie still sitting in bed.. no talking.. Janie gets up and goes into the bathroom where Howie is taking a shower. Janie goes back to bedroom.. Will is still there.. they start talking

Will advises against calling James out because it will make him work harder with Dani

cam 3&4 show Boogie getting dressed/walking around the house

1&2 are on Janie and Will chatting in HOH room

Will said "great, good reason to keep him" (i missed the reason Janie gave, sorry)

BB: attention houseguests, the storage room is now available

Will leaves and goes downstairs

Cam 1: Janie in bed; Cam 2: on Howie.. bathroom to HOH room; Cam 3&4: Boogie in kitchen

Janie: that guy's a fuckin' piece of garbage, here's the thing though we can't put him up (muffled, not sure), it would be like taking a step backwards.. it would be like what you did last year

Janie goes and gets Boogie to talk about putting up James

Will, Dani, Erika, James are in BY on couches

talking about the phrase for coup d'etat

Dani: the fact that she had a pink bow can mean two things to me... Dolly or ewe.. that's a female sheep

switching back to cam 1.. wanna see what's going on with Boogie/Janie/Howie

Boogie says Dani's game is open.. she's not crawling into bed with him lying

Boogie wants to get Erika out, leave Marci in the bedroom playing cards, CG in the kitchen, and then they just have to deal with Dani and James

Apparently Howie really guessed "wolf in sheep's clothing" but told everyone else in the house he guessed "spool of lies"

Boogie is totally going against the whole nomination of James thing, as compared to Will earlier who was pushing it

Boogie is now telling them about last night when Erika climbed into bed with him.. he said that he was about ready to jerk off and had his lotion, paper towels, and had his pants down (ed. us feedsters watching last night got to see his naked butt :blink: )

Seems like Boogie has pretty much got them backed down from the James idea

he's gone to go get some people to bring up to the HOH room

CG, Howie, Janie in kitchen... CG was vacuuming but stopped to chat.

Howie and Janie don't know who <a href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jack_LaLanne">Jack LaLanne</a> is so CG is filling them in

Janie back up to HOH room with Boogie and Will

chatting.. sees James in dining room on HOH tv.. Janie calls him and Howie up (Howie is cooking eggs though)

they are watching CG on the tv while waiting for Howie

the 5 start their meeting... Will starts off saying that his alliance is to Boogie first, but everyone else in this group too

Howie and Janie confront James about past acts; James says it's water under the bridge, mistakes were made but it's important to be on the same page now and not focus on the past

i'm off for a while...

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1:00ish BBT

HOH room

Boogie Janelle, Howie talking about putting Boogie or CG on the block.

Boogie is playing Erica, letting them get footage of them kissing and such then hes going to cut it off. This is for all the guys out there that have been manipulated by women. Says Erica is too sure she staying.

Boogie goes to fill Will in.

1:17 BBT Goe vacuming J and H in kitchen

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1:20 p.m BBT

Will, Boogie, Dani, James outside talking about the clues. They have the ewe and sew. They think it is "You Reap What You Sow". Will wants to wait until the third clue before he guesses. They say they can beat Janelle to the bell. Dani suggests one of them guess it now. Will says that only leaves one guess for us and Marcellas is smart too. James says Howie will do whatever Janie tells him to do. Says he guessed "Wolf in Sheep's Clothing". Says the pink bow was there for a reason - to designate that it was female. A ewe.

More talk of Janie protecting Marcellas. Dani says she sees Marci as a vote for her in sequester.

Boogie: That's a bad ass bitch

Will says it will be super painful if he guesses this and then Janelle says sorry, it was this.

Boogie says there's no way Janelle could beat me to the bell.

James says you have no idea what you are dealing with. James says he was not scared of anyone in competitions last year except janelle. James expels on Janelle's cunning and how much of a bad ass she is in competitions. He says she's fat and out of shape ( :unsure:) and wins competitions on sheer determination and the need for money. Says Janelle will do anything to get to the bell. She sees the bell as her sponsor. They compare her to the movie "Monster".

They are back to discussing the clues, asking if the phrase You Reap What You Sow applies to the BB game. Asks if it's common enough. Erika says she's never heard it used. Boogie says it's too general. Decide that Boogie should ask for clarification of what Julie said in the DR.

Everyone is plotting to gang up on Janelle. Will wants everyone to distract Janelle and Howie when the clue comes out so Boogie can get to the bell and ring it before Janelle. He tells James to tell Janelle he knows what it is to give them extra time to get to the bell. (What if the clue is inside instead of outside? :P )

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Danielle, Ericka, and Howie talking in the BY...Howie's talking about how he's gotten big (15 pounds) and how he's not an allstar...hasn't been in any comps.

Danielle tries to make it sounds like Howie's just saying that...he's hiding the fact that he's really playing and that's his strategy. Then she tells him 'I'm gonna tell you something; and I want you to tell Janelle....I don't send little birds to tell my messages. If I wanna say something to you, I'm going to come up to you.'

a couple minutes after that Howie asked Dani what LOV meant. Explain that. She goes 'Love one day' and he goes 'LOD?? It's LOD, you wanna explain that?' and Dani tried to play it off on you have to love one day at a time in here. She's not too good at it but maybe for Howie it was.

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Not sure how this came about, but there was a lock down and HG were outside. We got flames for a long time then when it came back on Boogie was screaming he did it. I guess Boogie figured out the clues and the answer was "You reap what you sew". Dani, Erika, James and Marci aren't appearing to happy about Boogie winning this contest.

Now Dani thinks Boogie is going to bring a guest back, but James keeps saying that is crazy, who wants to bring someone back. Howie and Janie aren't on the feeds, not sure how they are reacting to this.

Erika and Dani are in the red room complaining that they should of waited before guessing but Erika keeps saying she was HOH and she thought she would be protected. They are sure that this isn't immunity, it has to be bringing someone back. Dani is sure this can't have to much power as a reward.

Dani wants to get Boogie to tell her what the reward was. They think Janie won't put Boogie up now because she doesn't know what his reward is, so who is it going to be now up on the block?

Someone, or something pointed at Dani when they got the last clue as if to say "stupid girl you had it but you guessed to early." Dani is kicking herself. Now Dani is thinking Boogie can send someone home, that everyone should pack their bags.

Erika just told Dani not stop beating herself up over it. Erika is sure Janie won't risk putting Boogie up now.

Erika and Dani are in the red room complaining that they should of waited before guessing but Erika keeps saying she was HOH and she thought she would be protected. They are sure that this isn't immunity, it has to be bringing someone back. Dani is sure this can't have to much power as a reward.

Dani wants to get Boogie to tell her what the reward was. They think Janie won't put Boogie up now because she doesn't know what his reward is, so who is it going to be now up on the block?

Someone, or something pointed at Dani when they got the last clue as if to say "stupid girl you had it but you guessed to early." Dani is kicking herself. Now Dani is thinking Boogie can send someone home, that everyone should pack their bags.

Erika just told Dani not stop beating herself up over it. Erika is sure Janie won't risk putting Boogie up now.

(sorry about the repeated post, computer acted up)

Dani just caught Janie and Marci go off together. Dani is mad at Marci for offering Janie a deal, which she refused. Dani is sure Marci will vote out Erika just to protect himself from Janie's wrath. They are just waiting to see who she puts up tomorrow.

Just adding up statements Dani is saying, there must of been a live person dressed as the grim reaper and that person pointed at Dani. Dani is sure that it was a former house guest who was dressed like that. She is thinking it was Roddy or Kaysar making a point to Dani.

Marci has joined Dani and Erika and just announced that he is going up because the Boogie thing has changed the game and Janie doesn't know what he will do. Janie told Marci that everyone said Marci should go up and Dani and Erika instantly defended themselves. Marci told Janie that if this is what Janie feels she must do then go ahead, but he is very upset.

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James just joined D,E and M and Marci asked them not to tell James what Janie said. Marci is acting "ok" now in front of James. Before James came in, Marci was complaining that BB told them about Boogie winning before veto ceremony, that wasn't fair. Dani told him that it was because Boogie won it and they needed to know there would be no more clues.

Now just talk about walking down the street and seeing a clone of yourself.

Dani and Marci left and James instantly told Erika that Janie is f'ing protecting Marci, that is why she won't put him up. Erika is playing stupid very well. James told Erika that she is safe because Erika would have the votes against CG if she got CT. Erika says that Dani can now vote out CG. James said Janie said five minutes ago she couldn't put up Marci so it had to be CG. Howie must of said something to James about Erika voting in the jury and he confronted Erika about it, but Erika said she didn't threaten Howie, she just said think about who is going to be in the jury and voting for the winner.

Now she is going on to James about how Howie keeps telling her America will hate Erika because she voted out Kaysar. James says they are so f'ing last year. Erika keeps asking James if she looks like she can threaten Howie, James doesn't say anything each time she ask and she gives up and says "whatever."

(I am sorry this post is so long, I have posted updates four times and it keeps adding to the first post.)

Dani and Erika is alone now and Erika thinks she is going to put up CG NOT Marci. Dani is in the defensive mode now while Erika is explaining what James just told her. Marci just joined them. Erika is asking Marci what exactly Janie says. He tells them that Janie said that people were pressuring her to put him up, so she might have to. She said if she didn't do that then she would have to put up Will or Boogie and they would go home. Marci wanted to know what the problem with that was? Janie had no answer. Marci told her that if she puts him up he will go and she will be surrounded by the most dishonest, betraying HG in the house and he doesn't understand why Boogie and Will have had a free pass week after week when they are the ones who need the money the least.

Marci says it is great to know people are plotting against him. Dani thinks Janie is just seeing how Marci is going to act about this, Marci doesn't understand why she would need to test him. Erika says why would she be getting pressure to put someone up if that person would be safe. Janie assured Marci that she had the votes to keep him, Dani reminded him of Nic and Diane and Jase and how they got the same story.

Marci says if he goes for the two girls to fight like hell and he will lobby like crazy for them in the sequester house. Marci says he is ready for this to end, it is time to relax and just hang out for three weeks. He is really acting mature about this one, yet you can tell he is so hurt and Janie has burnt the last bridge with him.

Dani is not sure that people are lobbying to get Marci out, that maybe this is a trick Janie is using against Marci. Marci is back to complaining how Janie wants Boogie and Will in, Howie is just stupid and James is just James, where does he fit in with that group and does he even want to fit in with them? Now he is upset that CG is going to outlast him. CG is out in the hot tub with CT and that upsets Marci.

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Marci is explaining that he couldn't talk to James because he thinks James is the one who is trying to tell Janie to put him up. Dani thinks it is Howie and wants to know why Marci didn't ask Janie who is plotting against him.

Dani is now thinking this was Kaysar's plan before he left..........she said Kaysar said that last year when he left the second time, he told Janelle to get rid of James because he blah blah blah.......... Erika is shocked.

Now the girls are trying to convince Marci she won't do it, the only way Janie will do it is if she had let some people down and she is trying to get back in thier good graces. Marci declares he holds a grudge and if she doesn't think he does, she is a fool.

Erika has figured out Janie is keeping CT to strengthen her numbers and weaken the floaters. Marci says that even if she doesn't put him up, by just telling him she might, she has ruin their friendship. Dani wants wine, Marci wants Jesus. He just wants to go home, not in sequester. Marci says he had a good run, played a game he was proud of and at the end of the day he got out played by CT. Dani says Marci got out played by the best. Erika says CT is dangerous, they are that good. Marci says it is good because as long as Boogie has that reward, everyone in this house is a sitting duck and NO ONE will put CT up. The worst thing that could of happen, happen.

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8:53 PM BBT

Erika and Danielle talking in the Exercise Room.

They are discussing that putting Marcellas up is a dumb move and they would put up Chicken George. They say it's best for them to keep Marcellas cause he's better at challenges.

Dani says she needs to take out Janelle. She wants her gone. Repeats again.

Erika says she wishes she could kick both her and Howie out. Exasperated, she says I'm done with it.

Someone asked Erika if America hates her now. She says she doesn't care. She says she's here to play the game (could have fooled me).

James comes in. Dani asks since Boogie got that thing, what is Janelle going to do? Dani asks him if she's going to put up Marcellas. James says she doesn't think so. He says whatever deal he has with you, hers supercedes it.

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