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BB1, anyone?

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I've been thinking about the original Big Brother recently, after reading a bit about it on Wikipedia. I've gone as far to fine BB1 clips on YouTube and I've been watching them all day. Hehe.

Anyways. Anyone else remember BB1?

-Julie Chen looked different, much older. But maybe it was just because the YouTube clips were blurry.

-The one hour live eviction show worked much differently. They would have a physchologist and the Internet lady discuss things with Julie Chen.

-When evicted, a bunch of fans greeted you.

-Actually, you weren't evicted. You were "banished."

-America voted out the houseguests, not the houseguests themselves. There was no HOH or Power of Veto. The HouseGuests would nominate others -- the two who got the most nominations (or three+ if there was a tie), would go up on the block. Then we would call a 900 number and decide who to vote.

-The HouseGuests were allowed to exit the house. As in, out the front door. When Will Mega was banished, he just got up and left. He was walking down the sidewalk when all the HouseGuests came out and where like, "Will, we wanna say goodbye!"

-Julie called Will Mega William.

-On the first night, the HouseGuests found a clue which led them to the back yard... that started the whole potato clock thing.

-The logo wasn't the way it is now. Now, it says "BIG BROTHER" and there's a number in the outline of the house. The original logo was just "BIG BROTHER" in a blue oval with a camera in the o. It was very childish and reminds me of Sea World.

-The theme music was different, wasn't it?

-Jamie decided to see a casting agent rather than her own mother. Yeah.

-Chicken George's hometown got together and voted out Brittany. That's probably the reason America didn't get to vote who to banish in season two.

It's interesting to note that Season One never had any "Where are they now?" segments, like the rest of the seasons (with the exception of S6, but that's special and I'll tell you why in a minute). Plus, Will has said on the BB7 live feeds that he was told by the producers not to discuss BB1 when he was on BB2.

This could all be because there were new producers/staff for BB2. It could also be because BB1 really wasn't a success in terms of ratings, so they were trying to forget about it. It might also be because the producers wanted to "start fresh" and such and didn't want them to mention the previous season (similiar to how they don't want the HouseGuests discussing BB staff individually now).

Oh - and about Season Six no where are they now segments, it's special because of what season seven is. For starters, it's only just begun, so they could come. Plus, seven is All-Stars -- it'd be weird to do segments for just season six, even though there are HGs from all the seasons. Finally, the HouseGuests America would be most interested to see would are actually ON All-Stars, so, uh, that's where they all are.

But anyways -- anyone remember anything from Season One? I'd really be interested to here what you think/remember.

And if anyone's interested in checking out some old BB1 clips -- here's a bunch on YouTube. There's one clip on page seven, and the rest are on eight, nine, ten, and eleven.


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This is the first year the current producers have admitted BB1 was ever made!

From an outsiders perspective I'm not sure it was so much the format that caused the first series to flop - I think the scheduling was more of the problem.

BB1 was scheduled in half hour slots five or six nights a week, with an hour-long eviction show once a week.

This sort of nightly scheduling is quite commonplace on European and UK TV, where Big Brother proved to be a major hit, but isn't something really associated with primetime US TV.

The three times a week scheduling suits the US audience better - and though in theory the revamped format was also more appealing to the US audience, I think with an improved mix of housemates, better challenges and the revamped scheduling, BB2+ could possibly still have worked with the original nomination format of all HMs nominating and then the public voting for who they want evicted.

American Idol certainly shows that US viewers are willing to vote!

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I didn't start watching BB until the 2nd season....I really love your post...Got me interested and going to click on that link after dinner and get informed...sounds like it was so different....it'll be fun to see it. Thanks! :)

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I also watched Season 1 it was definitely different and I enjoyed it as much as the format now. At least in season 1 the contestant were trying to please me instead of irritate me like some doctor we all know lol. I don't think the viewers should be able to vote out the houseguest since there is no way to control the voting but it would be nice to throw some curve balls to the houseguest so they wouldn't know exactly whose behind to kiss just a thought.

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I think one week there were 4 or 5 houseguests on the block because they were all tied. It was crazy.

I think the reason they took the eviction vote away from us was because we voted out all of the interesting, controversial people right off, because they weren't very likable. The ones that were left were nice, boring people and the show dragged, hence the bad ratings. Think BB6 without the Nerd Herd. We disliked them, but without them it would have been a pretty boring show. :)

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I remember in BB1 was when they were down to the final five, George, Jamie, Curtis, Josh, and Eddie, they all considered walking out together. They thought since the original Survivors had become so big, that they to were going to be huge when the show was over. They were all going to walk out because they thought they could make more money on their own fame then on what the show was paying them. Unfortunatly they couldn't have been farther from the truth. I loved Eddie, the original winner.

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I was working for AOL at the time of BB1 and AOL was the live feed provider. The show actually did pretty good in the ratings at first, but as the interesting people got voted off, the tv ratings started to decline. The feeds did better until there were only the last 3 or 4 people in the house and then the feed usage dropped dramatically as well. But this was right after Survivors first season was sooooo huge, and so anything that didn't make those kind of numbers, wasn't considered a hit. But it did well enough to come back every year.

As for memories of BB1?

The 72 hour dance marathon

Brittany dyeing her hair all the time (she and nakomis would have gotten along great :) )

Joshie getting drunk and crying by the tiny little pool one night and ending up with the nickname "Sloshie Joshie"

George and the Chickens

BB waking the HG's up at all hours by blaring bizarre music through the house (the HG's were required to get up and dance until the music stopped)

Here is a complete cast list and number of days they lasted that I found on another site


William "Mega" Collins 1st Evicted 16 Days

Jean "Jordan" Jordan 2nd Evicted, 29 Days

Karen Fowler 3rd Evicted, 43 Days

Brittany Petros 4th Evicted, 57 Days

Cassandra Waldon 5th Evicted, 71 Days

George "Chicken George" Boswell 6th Evicted, 78 Days

Jamie Kern 7th Evicted, 85 Days

Curtis Kin 2nd Runner-Up, 87 Days

Josh Souza 1st Runner-Up, 87 Days

Eddie McGee Winner , 87 Days


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Re: Viewer voting

I don't think having viewers choose the evictees would benefit the show much at all, but I do think they should get the final say on the winner.

It save CBS the cost of sequestering people in the jury house - and also mean that when it comes to the crunch, the finalists are accountable for their actions.

I think viewers know now how to judge a gameplayer - and I think the viewers would probably reward the likes of Alison and Will for their gameplay.

Don't know much about Danielle and Lisa in BB3 - while I think Drew would have been the viewers choice in BB5.

Last year it would have been a case of voting for the worse of two evils - I'd have given Ivette the nod for being a more entertaining houseguest than Maggie.

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i remember Jamie putting on lip gloss ALL the time for the cameras.....she even put it on right before bed

i remember Karen basically saying she was going to ask for a divorce when she got out of the house...she was a strange bird

i remember not only wondering if Brittnay's hair was going to fall out from all the bleaching/day glo colors, but also hating her horribly tweezed eyebrows

jordan was the first 'controversial' girl voted out, and i remember disliking her too

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