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July 28 Live Feed Updates

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feeds back.

they must have done some sort of competition because Howie, James and Kaysar are talking about balls and how they reached for them

james wondering why CT isnt going on the block because they've been a target 3 wks and they're ignoring them.

James feels boogie needs to go.

James reallllllly wants to put boogie up.

I guess comp was food comp, sovs aren't on slop..?

James says "they're" not on slop (howie james and kaysar)

kaysar agreees and says H/J were on it before, he wasn't

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Feeds 1&2 Diane, Marcellas, and CG laying around discussing the slop diet for the week. Diane is excited about losing weight, CG tells her to not get to excited.

James is not happy to hear that Janie, Kaysar, and Howie are not thinking about getting rid of CT.

Janie joins the 3 in the bug room.

Howie is saying someone from BB was saying "put Erica on slop." It sounds like James ahd to pick someone to go on slop. Dani vounteered, so he did not choose Erica.

The four decided to go discuss strategy in the HOH room.

Howie and Kaysar stop in the LR and Janelle takes clothes up to HOH.

Diane said Howie was really playing for the food comp.

James enters the HOH and discusses the new set-up for Janelle. They both like the new set-up for the room each week. Janelle says she always wanted a hot pink room.

The house is discussing the Food Comp. in the LR.

James and Janie talking about winning 5 times in a row...HOH

Janie is happy she won this week, but James says next week is a neccessity.


James says the targets are CT, Marcellas, and Erica.

Janie does not agree that Marci is going after them. James said he was going after Howie and Kaysar.

Janie is describing there are 4 floaters, 2 CT and 4 SOV. SHe is trying to show James why they need to get rid of a floater for number sake.

James doesn't understand why they are afraid of CT. He finds them as a huge threat. James wants Boogie to leave this week, but noone else in the group does.

Kaysar explains the idea: The floaters are getting together and it is making us nervous. If we take out CT, than the floaters have numbers.

James thinks one of them will go up if a floater wins HOH. He is more worried about making it to sequester than anything else. They discuss how many more evictions until sequester.

James doesn't think they are safe with Marcellas, but Janie says they are. He also wants Erica out, and Janie doesn't like that either. James says he trust Dani, but Howie thinks she will come after the others in SOV.

James- THey do not want us all to make it to sequester, so they will vote us out so we will not have the votes. Howie wnats to make a decision that will give them the best odds for winning HOH next week.

Feeds 1 & 2 - CG and Boogie in the kitchen. Boogie is making something to eat.

Feeds 1 & 2 change to WIll and Erica in BR. WIll tells her he is totally comfortable with going home this week.

Feeds 3&4 - Kaysar says Diane went on slop for the week to get in good with SOV b/c Kaysar got her out first in the HOH comp. and she probably knows they are coming for her. Kaysar talks about getting the snakes in the grass, rather than the ones in front of thier face.

Will comes up to the HOH and asks to take a bath. Kaysar asks if he can go back out for 10 minutes. WIll leaves and says he will be waiting in the ottoman. (spelling sorry!)

Boogie is NOT on slop, b/c he is eating P.F. Changs again.

James is not happy about the decision. Janie tells him to Shhh b/c Will is right outside. Janie and Kaysar says CT are a joke and they are not afraid of them, when James wants them out more than anyone. HE also keeps bringing up Erica's name.

Feeds 1&2 Erica, Boogie, CG, and Diane and the table.

3&4- Sov in HOH

James thinks if they go after Diane this week, then the floaters will think they are coming after them. James asks who they will put up. Janie says Boogie and Diane. James says they will not have the numbers and Boogie will be voted out. Janie says no, if we have your vote, then wose case, I can break the tie.

Howie - if Boogie or Will get HOH, 2 of us will automatically go up.

SIDE NOTE.....Diane said she ws on slop, but is eating P.F. Changs....maybe it starts at midnight??

Janie says Marcellas is a good player and James says she needs to strick that b/c he IS NOT good. James says he talks way to much. James is worried about Marcellas but Janie says she will Kill Marcellas if he puts any of the SOV up.

Boogie sharing food comp's from his season. Estimating your weight....

THe conversation in HOH is going in circles. James doesn't agree and Janie, Howie, and Kaysar are having to defend themsleves constantly.

I am out....Goodnight!


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summary of hoh convo:

circles. Janie and Kaysar wants boogie and diane up with Diane to go. Howie is neutral and believes Diane, Boogie or Will need to go, and James REALLY wants boogie out.

sidenote: Howie seems spot on in these hoh convos.. he is a lot smarter than he lets on.

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the hoh room dispersed... things are still undecided.

Janie won't put Diane up and James won't vote with them because she doesn't want Diane pissed off at her

Kaysar comes back and Janie is distraught.

J: what should I do? James obviously doesn't want to vote our way.

they discuss how great of a move it is to get Diane out, and REALLY don't understand James lack of cooperation.

they're confused and think James can't see the "note obvious move."

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Will is taking a bath in the HOH room

Janie: I could put a pawn up against her.. I could put up danielle.

K: *GASP* *GASP* *GASP* Don't do that!!!!!!!!! That will send James over the edge and sever my ties with her.

J: he doesn't want Di to go because it's good for HIM

K: maybe that's not the case. maybe he sees it diff. don't jump to conclusions. he's still harboring resentments from last year. he thinks we have a secret deal with chilltown.

J: HA. we don't.

J: But Kaysar! I"m not putting her and him up if I can't guarentee she leaves. I don't want to leave her in here pissed off at me.

they pause for a drink of juice.

J: you know who else is gonna be pissed? Marcellas.

K: if anything, James should see us. you're going directly against marcellas's wishes.

J: I kow.

J: do you think we should guarentee a vote from CG? I get nervous about James's vote because its uneasy, it isn't a definite yes. It's reluctant.

K: would he sabotage this?

J: if he felt... cuz he knew hes the swing vote.

K: that would be a stab in the back. that'd be huge

J: I bet he thinks he can get away with it

K: how

J: we won't go after him

K: I don't want to do anything that causes him to be like ok fine forget you guys

J: I don't either! He's disgruntled because we don't wanna get rid of boogie.

K: He doesn't see the logic. James thinks we had him put Jase up to have James take the hit.. and now we're not going hard at chill town... that's what James thinks, guarenteed.

K: week 5..the floaters know they can strike. because they're going to sequester after

J: we need to take out a floater now

K: right. weaken them. cuz then.. you think marc will turn on you if you don't take out boogie?

J: hes gonna be pissed at me. he's gonna have a big problem with it.

K: oh man.


J: he's gonna be sooo pissed. what should I do? Safe route and get taken out next week by Diane.. no thanks.

K: and next week could be endurance, although we don't know for sure. how many to compete?

J: 8

K: that's perfect for endurance.. how many did last time?

J: 7.

J: heres the thing. these noms are gonna be really hard because what if one gets taken off the block.

K: Well.. send boogie home. You put will up, and send the other person home. Diane gets it, we'll takes her off, send boogie home. boogie gets it, boogie off, put up will, send Diane home.

meanwhile Will is singing in the hoh bathroom.

J: if I really want I can use a pawn and secure Dianes leave.

K: Can't be Dani. Erika would freak. she's sooo sensitive.

K: that's not an option.

J: what do you think I should do then?




K: where do you want me t get ducks?


K: they'll yell at me!!!



W: fine give me the sponge and the loofa... im making up the characters as I go.

Will explains to Kaysar how he plans to get a penalty nomination by eating food tomorrow.

W: It will be awesome.. 3 people will go up!!! I asked in the DR, they're checking on it. they told me they'd check into it for me.

Will has a pink duck named "funelle." Will is excited for his props.

K: wills taking a penalty nom this week

J: NOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! by what?!

K: eating.

W: I gotta get out of here (the house) look at me! I'm sitting in a tub with plastic ducks.

W: LIsten, I have a top priority right now and it's doing a puppet show. do what's best for you.

J: go ahead will.

W: its a long process. i gotta name everyone first. This duck.. a little dirty and sick.. you're rick boogie. your name is howie. this duck... his name is will. I need 1 more character. OK. lets name them. this is a princess of the pond.. her name is Funelle.

J: jsut call her Janelle

W: that's weird. this is the special duck.. his name is Dr. McDreamy.

W: this is howie (a sponge).. this is mr. fart

W: can you call boogie up for the puppet show. I need his help.

K: you can't be serious right now

W: I gota get out of here. I'm bored as hell.

Will has to make sure its a penalty nom or expulsion by eating, and he doesn't wanna be sued.

W: the sponge is named 'mowie'

boogie pulls up a chair to the tub

Will is now doing his puppet show.

apparently this puppet show is an analogy of the house.

This is hard to explain... hopefully someone gets video.

W: "rick foogie" showed up and Dr McDreamy was very happy.

W: they were trapped... dr mcdreamy tried and tried to get out. but rick foogie said no.

J: put in the floaters!!

they all laugh cuz the floaters are the ducks.

Scrubaka , aka Erika.. enters the tub.

(keep in mind these are all inadiment objects and Will is telling this bizarre story, it's based on the house obviously)

Will suggests Fuennelle has feelings for Dr. McDreamy... but Mowie was intimidated by Dr. McDreamy.

W: dr mcdreamy has a theory that one time he was almost on his way out the pond... fuennelle dragged dr mcdreamy back in and said im not done with you yet.

W: this brings us to modern day... that was the history and the past... theres some side story like Rick Boogie trying to have a showmance with Scrubaka.

W: Dr Mcdreamy and Funelle had a secret meeting about the game but then the pond got all upset (the rest of the sov 6)

indoor lockdown.

W: Dr mcdreamy was going to ask for something very special from funelle. Dr mcdreamy is confused.. he has so much to do outside the pond....

In dr. mcdreamy / funelle talk, Will asks to be booted out and have them take care of boogie.

11:52 will's puppet show is over.

K; what if rick foogie....

Erika enters.

Will explains the character.

W: continue, Kaysar.

K: dr. mcfullofhimself is right here.. and rick foogie is here... is dr mcfullofhimself rick foogies savior?

W: yes. he has a long standing relationship with him due to pond experience.

they talka bout how sometimes Funelle is intoxicated.

K: you're sober?

W: yeah. it's pretty pathetic.

11:56 FOTH

reminder... this is Kaysar, Janie, Erika and Boogie watching will in a bathtub playing with ducks and sponges.

E: you're getting water on the floor

W: SCRUBAKA. I'm a little busy here. if you don't mind I need to finish this up. As I was saying Funelle before I was rudely interupted.... you need to take a breath, don't make any rash decisions Funelle. I don't know what the future holds for anyone. RICK FOOGIE doesn't know what the future holds. We can't predict the future. But Funelle, do you have any questions for me? What info can I offer you, Funelle. No seriously, Funelle.... any info I can give you?

*Will looks to Janie*

*Janie Laughs*

W: Funelle maybe we should discuss this over a glass of wine.

midnight. lock down is over.

12:02 Puppets are really over, the 3 get up and leave the bathroom

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K re enters.

K: next time I go in the DR... I'm gonna request the therapist see you.

W: please do. I requested 6 times and they wont see me. I'd appreciate your reccommendation. If this doesn't qualify me... I don't know what does.

W: think I can drown myself purposely?

K: no

W: let me try.

*will goes under water*

E reenters

E: what is he doing

K: tryig to drown himself

E: don't stop him.

W: nope. can't be done.

K: lets hang you from an electrical wire from the yard.

W: hang me and electricute me at once!!

E leaves.

K: heres the thing.

W: break it down for me.. can you refer to me as dr. mcdreamy?

K: no.

K: you're gonna take a pen nom because you think boogies leaving this week. now. what if he doesn't.

Janie enteres.

J: HI. go ahead kaysar.

Howie enters.

Will introduces Howie to Mowie, the sponge.

W: Mowie loves Funelle, but Funelle loves dr mcdreamy.

W: dr mcdreamy wants to know whats going on in the pond.

it's after midnight. Will is about to bite into chocolate.

K: wait.. let me finish my story.

Will names the chocolate bar "mr penalty nomination"

W: dr mcdreamy is strongly considering mr. penalty nom.

J: whats the point of the story.

W: there is none.

W: bottom line. why don't you guys do a puppet show.

W: dr mcdreamy has 2 wks to get out of the pond.

J: funnelle says now isn't his time.

W: if dr mcdreamy stays in the pond longer than a week. he's gonna be pissed. if he stays past closed pond day.... scrubaka and mr fart aren't gonna be happy people.

K: what happens when the dr gets upset.

W: dr mcdreamy will get VERY angry. you don't wanna see the dr angry. he throws games and has fun. the pond is trite and simple. he's bored by it. he likes jokes.. the games bore him. he prefers bigger things. he has a better life outside the pond

Will says that Janie and Howie are close (funelle and mowie), James (fames) will go anywhere and Kaysar (faysar) is undecided

W: is rick foogie in trouble this week?

UGHH feed time out

W: rick foogie is open for negotiation. he has an enemy... its farcellas. Farcellas is friends with Funelle. Rick is open minded though..... ugh am I really doing this with ducks? He would get rid of scrubaka, mr fart, or fyeann.

J: what about farcellas getting fnelle?

W: farcellas will get mad at anything

K; heres the thing. that sounds like an ok situation in the pond. but the dr is on the way out. and that copromises the situation. it's different if foogie and the dr. were still in the house.

W: difficult for who

K: it's more enticing..

W: for who?

K: to neither strike the dr or the foogie this week.

W: thats ok as long as the dr goes next week. the dr feels there 3 more exits prior to sequester. dr mcdreay is convined 1000% for reasons he can't say that one of the 4 is comming back or someone else. Dr. Mcdreamy has a wedding at sept. 18-19 and he is on time crush and made it clear he needs to be out by then. Thats why fase (Jase) said he'll be back in 2 more weeks. I believe theres 3 more exits before sequester. He (the dr) can't discuss where this info is from. Dr mcdreamy is open minded.

W: let dr mcdreamy make something clear. he has no personal vendetta against anyone here. Rick foogie does because he is mad about alliances prior comming into the house.. anyways, he (the doctor) know his time is limited he doesnt wanna go to the next holding pond, he wants to go to the big pond in the sky.

marcellas enters.

Will introduces marcellas to farcellas.

W: why don't you 4 split the money?

H: I'm doing that already.

W: take 600 pieces of pond of seaweed and split it 4 ways. don't you think rick foogie and dr mcdreamy talked about that too?

Janelle: its against the rules to talk about that!

W: what are you talking about. dr mcdreamy and rick have many businesses together.. 11 to be exact. and they can transfer whatever they want.. legally.


dani and james enter, will introduces them to Fames and Fanielle.

Will attempts to drown himself again.


Howie Janie chat

Howie asked Diane stuff and is recounting the convo to Janie.

H: di wants to talk to you.. she wants a deal.

J: I do't know if we trust her

H: I don't know if we do either. say hey if we don't put you up... then you dont put us up next week.

J: I don't trust her though!

H: anything changed since I left?

J: we're (kaysar and janie) frusterated that we can't get a definite answer from James.

H: one of the 3 goes home.. we gotta figure out which one.

H: next week we're gonna have a crap shoot for HOH. either that or endurance. i tohught today we'd have a crapshoot.

H: next week is soo huge.

J: I know.

H: i'll stand there all damn week for endurance.

J: I know you will Howie.

H: this is awesome isn't it.

J: mhm


Janie and Howie feel that theres a luxury competition tomorrow night.

H: will wins.. you and me are up 100%

J: he won't win it.

H: boogie is deff. going after you.. i was in the yard and he's like... we gotta get the queen bee

H: james is hiding something. i dont know what it is

J: what?!

H: i don't know...

H: were you happy when you won hoh

J: I shoulda just thrown hoh, but I couldn't

J: so... boogies comming after me

H: thats what he said..

H: Diane said she wouldn't go after me or James...but our alliance.

H: we have to take out immediate threats before we declare war on the house. we have the 3 right people its just a matter of which 2.

H: why are we soo stressed in our hoh room

J: I know it sucks!

H: I don't even feel this stressed on the block.

other people are outside on the red couches but I can't be on 2 feeds at once

J & H said they didn't study the words that were tested today

12 43

will is refilling his bathtub

night all.. nearly 4 AM here!

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3:00 BBT

Janelle, Howie, and Kaysar in HOH discussing scenarios. Janelle leans toward trying to take out Danielle, but the group theorizes that Boogie mightbe the best bet.

They discuss James' attitude and are not pleased with his HOH arrogance and jumping back and forth.

More comments on that gawd-awful pink HOH room.

Marcellas enters. Janelle introduces the Danielle idea to him.

Kaysar leaves.

Marcellas offers two scenarios: Will and Boogie or Boogie and George. Thinks Will should go now.

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Danielle is up. SHe has gone to the storage room.

Dani is now in the bathroom. Putting some goop in her hair, combing her hair, washing her face and putting in contact lenses.

side note: I have never done the lfu before, hope I am doing ok.

Still Dani in the bathroom it appears as if she is looking for something ( I am not sure what) Opening and closing all the drawers in the bathroom.

It appears she found what she is looking for. She cleans her face with the bottle of stuff she was looking for.

She grabs the Q-tips and begins cleaning her ears.

She moisturizes.

She sits on the red chaise and begins to floss.

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Today I'm getting two to three second glimpses before the Real Player resets - same as when I watched house calls just now. All I saw was Dani - she looked tearful but it wasn't on long enough to see for sure. Is anyone else having this problem today? It would have been better yesterday since most of the time it was FOTH anyway.

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feed 4 showed a tv screen saying 'Nominations Today'

so I guess that confirms what we already expected...

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Will talking to Mike outside

W: I told them, you put me up and a floater, as a sign of good faith, and I'll go out next week

(Erika started to come by, Will asked her for a few minutes alone with Mike)

W: they wanted to put up Boogie, and I said look, you put up me and a floater, all is good, I leave next week, but if you put up Boogie and a floater, you will enrage me... they said they would have to think about it... I have the power, because I'm willing to leave.. if you put up Boogie, and I win POV, I'll take him off and a floater will go... if you put us both up and one of us wins POV, we'll come off and I'll swing the votes and a floater will go... you can take it easy and coast this week... I'll give you one week and then I'll go, otherwise you'll enrage me... they said you can't win a contest... I said I won the entire show without winning a contest! I will come after you like anvils... I'll do you a favor... then Janelle said why is Mike after me? I said you are incredibly loyal... he isn't coming after you, he's coming after Marcellas

M: that works perfect, because of the dodge ball (ed. ???)

W: the whole house is coming after you eventually... what you don't want is ME coming after you... I own 11 companies with Mike, I could memories this stuff on the wall... you are gonna feed me these cookies and go get Mike(Will is retelling what happened while Will was in the HOH tub last night)... so Howie went to get you and you wouldn't come up! I was like...

M: he didn't come get me... Danielle woke me up...

W: Howie went down and said you wouldn't get up... Danielle came in and I said just a puppet show and she left, same with Marcellas, I figured I'd throw them under the bus... I said why do you think these people are coming up here? Do they want to see a puppet show? No, they are horrified of me being here with you... I'm going to give you an opportunity.. I wiped all the ducks away... only one of S6 can win... do you think me and Mike are smart? Let me ask, why didn't I take Janelle away today(during HOH comp)? I could of... they said we don't know... Howie, we can continue the banter... this is your opportunity to see the big picture... S6 and CT form a super alliance.. when it comes to final 6... or if you don't want to tell James/Kaysar(ok, so this is when it was just Will talking with Janelle/Howie), final 4... we split $700,000... everyone's happy and you have new friends... or, one of you caniballizes the others, takes home $500,000, and the rest of you get nothing... it's just Howie and Janelle, the chances of winning is incredibly small... but sitting here talking with me... this means nothing to me and Mike... it's about making new friends... Howie looks at Janelle and says we are making a deal with the devil.. I told Janelle, if you don't trust me, put me up and get rid of me... you need to have a talk with Janelle today...

(Danielle joins them)

W: they didn't like the idea of a Penalty Nom...

M: they put it there as a threat, and he called their bluff

D: ohhh, so no money?

W: they said some people are really enraged, I can't say who or anything, but you need to chill.. they said they know the food comp sucked....(quick FOTH)

W: I told Erika I'm insulted she took out CG... maybe my decision to not remove Janelle, but your's was worse... it is what it is...

D: I told her you need votes... don't even try to call people out

M: so you are the noms

D: I don't think it's Will lol

W: I asked and they said a floater, I said put me up as a pawn then.. if you aren't coming after Mike, put me up as a pawn... but if you just put up Mike, things can flip, so...

D: there is still POV, so you can go after it, or I can...

(FOTH again)


(2 feeds on Janelle laying in HOH bed staring at the ceiling, Kay/James/Will/CG in the kitchen talking about spiders)

W: CG, I'm looking forward to eating slop with you today... oh, I can't take a Penalty Nom by eating... (ed. I'm thinking he's making that up? lol)

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(Will/Mike/Howie talking in corner of the backyard)

Will explaining to Howie that Will/Jace are cool with each other, if Jase returns that is fine with Will

H: so Jase lied to us?

W: let me ask you this, if Jase had stayed and won, do you think he would have come after us or you guys?

H: why did you have enemies

W: that was 5 years ago on my show... this year I'm open minded... at some point you have to trust someone you wouldn't other wise, do you want to trust someone like Erika who is jumping ship to ship?

W: you take up every person to HOH, tell them we are putting up Will to go home, and are going to put you up as a pawn, and watch their reaction... try Marcellas and see what he does...

(Janelle joins)

Mike talks about his strategy of the food comp last night

Will tells Janelle his idea he just told Howie, about having all come up to HOH and watch their reaction

W: they can't trust you... I'm saying show me a sign of good faith... or make it easy and send me home... you have the votes, Mike will vote with you... we came in with one alliance... watch what happens when you put up Erika, Kaysar says no no no, Danielle and James says no no no... you know Mike and I are the only ones together

M: they can't be trusted week 7 any more than week 6

W: ask Marcellas what will he say?

J: he doesn't want to go up on the block, why? because he doesn't trust you...

Will 'says' Marcellas came to him before BB7, thinking Lisa was coming in the house not Mike... Will said no...

(I think) Mike says Marc came after him last night in the food comp...

Will says others came up to him asking why he didn't go after Janelle... Mike says he could have picked off CG and kept everyone happy

W: if you looked up right now, there are 8 people shaking wondering what we are doing... (this is Will/Mike/Jan/How talking, rest of house sitting on other side of back yard)

I'll say in front of Mike, he gets upset at times and doesn't think clearly

M: I'm not saying don't put us up, just think strategically

W: I'm saying put me up, if you get worried, send me home... one person wins $500,000, or 6 win 1.5...

M: if you get a floater out this week, then you are really running things... cause you WON'T need their votes...

M: for Erika to take out CG, shows how afraid she is of you...

W: it's like I said, we TRIED to mobilize them against you, and they wouldn't... (FOTH... had been OD lockdown, maybe it's over now?)


W: there are people burning holes in you right now

(Janelle goes to get a towel)

W: I can tell everyone, put me up, it's the truth... I told Julie

H: shout out to Scout, and willkirby.com

W: thing is, they don't like that

BB: Will, your mic is sliding down the cable

W: here's the thing, the clip is bent...


W: it brings down the morale, when I tell them they aren't good at their job


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