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July 24 Live Feed Updates

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Kay, James and CG in HOH. James and Kay are giving props to CG for stepping up in the game. CG appreciates it. CG leaves and James says that he wants to believe he is evil but he is not. James and Kay laugh.

James: I'm completely fine with this decision. He was coming after at least one person in our alliance and people we need in this house. He is a part of CT. The fact that Will made that speech to try to get him voted out instead of Jase is simply because Jase is Boogie's biggest ally in here and Will wants to go home.

Kay: What were we talking about yesterday? Will is going to try...

Feeds change to BY. Mike, Dani, and Di in BY

Talking about how this isn't a backdoor. Mike is saying about Jase that there is many reasons to be mad about it, but that is not it. To say that you were forced into this alliance, now you are f-ing lying to my face and insulting my intelligence. Give me some phone records from the last months, June at least.

Dani: Did they say what time they are going to have food for us?

Erika: No

Diane: that's what I want in my HOH basket...season 2 (the people in the BY were talking about shows on TV and how the public is getting 17 hours of BB)

Will and Mike talking about how it was like that all the time in there season (how it was on the DVDs).

And feeds go back to James and Kay in HOH.

Taking about last season.

James: I like how Mike tried to call us out about not voting for Diane. It's the wrong person to try to use against us. She's the most clueless one in here. For her to step up would be a dumb f-ing move.

Kay: She'll play it clueless until she has too.

James: until a longevity comp comes up and she's up there for 20 hours with you.

Kay: I don't want to stand for another 14 hours.

James: Just don't take your finger off the button.

Kay: Howie will talk all this game saying he'll be there for 24 hours. Whatever

James: He'll like fall off.

Kay: He'll be crying begging for his momma.

James: I'm going to come out there all drink just like Howie did...pass out in the yard like a wino would

Kay: can't wait

James: Jase's "I'm broken" kind of got to me. If he was dumb enough to throw an HOH and walk out of a veto competition...

Diane asked me if Will and Mike threw him under the bus. I told her you are a smart girl, you know what's going on. She said that's what I thought. I'm going to let them think that. I really think this is coming together nicely.

Kay: Me too. I think it is great that CG is staying

Kay: you know Will and Boogie are going to have a fight because Boogie wins HOH.

My feeds messed up, but basically they were saying that Will did not want Boogie to win it yet, because then it would set Will up to be in sequestor by himself. James and Kay laugh about it.

Marc is now in the HOH with them. They are talking about strategies of past seasons.

Erika enters. James leaves to get his laundry.

Marc: what I thought about All stars was that we all saw the seasons, saw how we messed up and would change this time in the game.

(feeds messed up again)

Erika: it's the only way he knows how to play the game (not sure who) You can't fault him for bringing his strategy into the house.

James: Jases fault is that he once again formed an alliance with a group like the four horseman.

Erika: But that's the only way he knows how to play the game.

Marc: Jase turned on his alliance. They voted Holly out.

Talking about a showmance.

Marc: Why do people always bring up a showmance.

Marc: I'm not talking the rest of this game. I am mute...give me a chalk board.

Everyone in the HOH is cracking up.

Erika: I really like this new silent Marcellas.

Now they are teasing Erika about not really having a broken rib. They are laughing about it.

Marc changes the subject

Marc: Erika just posted a great query. Do we have the votes to get Jase out?

Kay: Hell Yeah. You obviously do not want him hear.

Marc: Are you kidding me?!!?! The man has given me an ulcer in the span of...

Erika: 5 minutes

James: Marc, yes or no? (marc looks at him so seriously in shock) Just kidding.

Marc: Jase has to go, Jase has to go. That's all I've been going around saying. Just listen to me.

James: Danielle will vote him out. Counting votes.

Now they are making fun of CT for trying to turn the SOV against their votes.

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Erika: Who did Will and Mike want out?

James: Marc can answer that for you.

Marc: The black gay guy.

James: Not because of that, but because they were annoyed by you.

Marc: Why did they turn on me?

Kay and James said deflection, so it is not them...couldn't go after the damsel/girl.

Kay: they have to use what they have which is the charm.

Marc: If they wanted to play that game, I would have taken a BJ from Mike. I would have banged Will. The only one I wouldn't have anything with is Jase. I'm all for a showmance.

Someone brings up Howie

Marc: Howie is some old guy in Boca Raton walking around in floral shirts and hiracha's (?) with socks.

Erika: He needs a makeover.

Marc: Howie is what he is going to be 20 years from now.

Kay: You are saying to me that you do not get a tingle when how says he wears his had to the left side because that's the way the Crips do it. You do not get that tingle?

Marc: I get whatever the opposite is of a tingle.

Everyone laughs.

James: Has everyone said happy birthday to Sarah.

They all say happ birthday.

Erika and Kay leave with a spider Erika wanted to save. Sent it to the BY via a rose in the HOH room. :lol:

Erika and Kay are back. Bug is supposedly safe.

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More talk about strategies, throwing comps...

Marc wants a facial.

James: Can we do facials next Thursday?

Marc: Yeah, okay.

James: It will be in your HOH room.

Marc: Aaahh...

Kay to James - I think your jokes suck. You should take lessons from Howie. He's a professional.

James: F*ck You!

They laugh.

James: The thing that hurts Jase is that he goes from a sincere guy to a crazy guy.

Erika: I don't like eratic behavior

Marc: I don't like that, exactly.

Kay: You think he's letting his guard down or having a moment.

Marc: Or he's breaking something. He's a frat boy on steriods.

James: He busted part of the deck when he threw the fire extinguisher at it.

Marc: Well he threw the raquet at the wall above a window

James: Because I beat him at badmitton

Marc: Are you serious?!?! What do people have to do to get penalty noms?

James: the way BB thinks is then you should vote them out

Marc: At the end of the day, I guess that is the way it is.

Feeds switch to BY where Will is sleeping on a lounge chair. I hear Diane and Mike talking in the pool.

Mike: the game is on but not REEEEALLY.

Lots of splashing water.

Mike: they should make people pay to get in here, have us be completely quiet. They stare at us like a zoo.

BY is boring, I'm out for the night. Could someone else take over?

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Up in HOH room talk of how Jase flipped and threw the fire extinguisher and broke part of the deck

Marc goes into a stpory about how he was at Longs (the drug store) getting stuff for goodie bags and he saw a guy shoplifting and how they got into a huge fight

james says "lemme guess he was white, the guy probably claimed you hit him cuz he was white"

marc - no actually he was hispanic...

more idle chat

feed out of HOH room changes to pool where boogie is talking about how some lady saw him and recognised him from TV

jase chimes in that he is the star of BB

complete verbal silence... all I can hear is a plane flying overhead and the water in the pool bubbling

feeds switch to store room

dani and diane in store room talking about jase, boogie and will diane tells dani she should confront him...

BB - james please go to the DR

dani is in kitchen making food

james comes downstains "what you makin there dani?"

dani - beans cheese and salsa

james - can you save me some guacamole?

dani sure

james - you know howie got stung by a bee right?

dani- yes

james - I have been trying to sleep all day but they won't let me

james starts singing a song about the BB house... Flames

up in HOH room

k- he always whoops and whoops like he is at a football game

erika laughs

k- imitating "and we have a fumble!

e- laughs

k- these are nicer sheets

e- I want pink

k- do u think they make it for each person?

general chat about sheets

e- unbelieveable!!! You are the star of BB6

k- yeah the boring one

e- she called you out? what did she say exactally?

k- she said that I should be back in the house, but I am boring

e- what!!!! I know that you are not called the kaysar-bot


e- she said I was the ugliest person in BB history, and man I apologised and everything

then she talks about his shaved head and says that other than that you are perfect, general talk about K's eardrum bursting...

k- can u see yourself with someone like howie?

e- ummm no

k- you know all that class and stuff

laughing & flirting

k- sighs

e- what did u think of CG speech? do u think it was sincere?

k- did I think it was sincere?

e- yeah

k- yeah he was trying to protect himself, he is here because he has that fire in his eyes and that drive, he is doing it for his family and his kids

e- yeah it is just so strange, I have watched him try to connect with everybody, it is just so hard for me to connect with him

general talk

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jase in backyard talking to dani and diane

he is doggin dr will

he said he is happy to stay, happy to go

he needs ppl he can commit to ppl who can commit to him for real

dani says that everyone is scared to do that, to say the a word

jase, except for the ones who are in it

jase, i want janelle gone, she plays her whole gig, i wanted janelle gone because she is a good player but....i want her gone and i am not diggin on marcellas or erika

dani, its weird the same convo you had with james i had with marc

they talk about who knocked who off the pedestals on day one for first hoh

jase...i dont do the hush hush, its me and you im gonna call you out

it should work in my favor, ppl know what my beef is

thing of it is, if dr will does his laying low thing too long, then everyone else is thinned out...maybe he wants seas six to keep winning, he;ll keep going on the block and weeding ppl out

they go to talk about cg and his diary rooms, earlier dani was saying that she has never worried about ppls diarys before but she really wants to see cg cuz she doesnt what he is about

now jase says that he thinks cg is trying to work america

thay all say that it would be great if he was like ....make crazy and evil sounds here

talk of dr will....saying he wants to leave, but keep me here one more week

jase counting votes

...you think i made marcellas mad?

they all laugh

jase, my whole thing was i knew if i called marc out he would lose it

dani i am surprised at that moment that james didnt make a decision

jase i went and sat in the orange chair and i waited for james to say, jase move, marcellas you are up

diane, i thought james was gonna make a decision

dani, i was looking at him thinking, dude this is your time to really turn things up

jase knew he was going up this morning, the mood, the energy, you can smell it..if youre an all star you can smell it

diane, we are such all stars ...i knew k was putting me up

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Jase and Diane are talking.

they are 10000% in a secret alliance. Jase complaining about how much he hates Janie, Marc and Erika. Jase calls her mrs smith in private.

Diane wants to vomit every time she sees Janie and Erika.

Jase realizing with Diane that it was stupid of him to tell Kaysar that he wanted Janie up. Diane says K & J are the masterminds.

Diane said Janie and Kaysar are very tight. Diane feels Jase should back track with kaysar but "not really"

Diane feels that he should have a heart to heart with georgie and

Di: I need you here. We need to be sitting together at the end of this game. It was one thing to lose Nak.. but to lose you? We have a whole day tomorrow. We can do this.

Jase: lets hang out in public now. fuck it.

Di: We can hang out and tlak in public... but no talking in private rooms.

D: If I win Kaysar and Janie are goging on the block

D: I think it's funny we make fun of the mr and mrs smith alliance... HAHA

D: Listen stay calm. STAY CALM. don't kiss ass but stay calm. No more flip outs. no more calling anyone out. you're safe. NO MORE THROWING THINGS.

they disperse. Diane calls over her shoulder.. : i'll get your votes.

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diane dani jase in by

counting votes

jase thinks that kaysar really likes him

he thinks kay is genuine and k thinks he is genuine

jase needs 2 more votes....he never finishes counting so i dont know who he is referring to voting for who

talk of being in final 2...keys being pulled out one at a time

last 2 seasons the winners won by one vote

dani says that she would rather have her ass handed to her then lose by one vote

they talk of drew kicking diane out and diane giving cb her vote

dani talks of her heart going out to cb..she could see the hurt in his face

jase, when he got out he didnt know that ppl made fun of cb

they all agree he was the most loyal

dani says he is gudd people, not a mispelling

dani says drew is the most selfish winner in big brother history

he says that drew "forrest gump'd" his way to the end

and just always would say...I'M SORRY

more drew talk

diane interjects with ...they voted holly out and not me cuz holly didnt have the back up and i did....keep patting your self on the back diane

they all wish they could go back to their season

they dont know what anyone is doing this season

can't read anyones intentions


jase is in the hammock

diane and dani are on the ground in worship position

jase does not like erika...inside the house

when she came out here and had a heart to heart with me

i was just thinking that she just did damage control with me in case i stay, then she is going to go do the same with dr will and then whichever one of us stays she will say she really fought for us

diane tries to find out who the other votes were to get her out

they think it was will

he never gave a yes or no answer

i guess will brought this up in the middle of the pov fight....to cause chaos and boogie ran with it

dani, i was watching dr will and thinking this guy is the puppet master

jase, i dont want to get out and hear dr wills diarys laughing at me and making me look like a fool

jase again says that his mother told him to not even talk to or be in the same room with will kirby..MOM YOU ARE RIGHT AGAIN I KNOW YOU KNOW THINGS THAT I DONT KNOW..I WILL GIVE THAT ONE TO YOU

he says his mom told him that will would pin shit on him

diane, now he is fucking with your game, i hate to say you go out, wills ass is on the block and he threw his veto right out the window, you stayed in and you didnt have to...i think there was a throw under the bus in there too

jase, another part of my freak out, i was fishing to see if james was going to say that he is going to throw out those 2, then i realized..I'M ALONE

he and dani then commiserate that they are the long rangers

jase is the lone horseman...

they all 3 say they have never felt this way, so alone

i see an alliance in bloom...

jase, if i could swing some sort of deal with kaysar to stay another week

i want to take janelle out, but i am cool with kaysar...keep on thinking that james...one person who will do no bus throwing is kaysar in regards to janelle

jase really seems to be under the impression that it is just fine with kay that jase is going to go after janey first chance he gets and kay is going to try to keep jase in the house....bwhahahah

dani walks away

diane, remember in the beg you told me to play smart, well youve gotta play smart, today put you on the block

jase, no i knew i was going home, but i wrecked marcellas game

diane, if you stay....

jase, mrs smith im telling you i am down to the end

diane, erika gone gone gone, janellee gone

jase, janelle, shes a prostitute outside of here basically...shes gone

jase, i meant that, i hate every one in here

to diane, i like you for real

jase, i hate erika, i hate diva marcellas, dr. will...really not that funny, i like kaysar, i dont like howie, he is a creep

diane, you need to stay...i think dani wants you to stay...chicken george should be good he looks at me like i am his daughter, ive been pretty genuine with him and i like chicken george

diane, kaysar and janelle are like this..fingers crossed

jase...sounding astounded, kayser is really tight with janelle?...he sounds totally baffled by this and repeats it several times, then says, well i might have screwed up the

jase, do you think kay with his belief system, why would he like janelle?

di, some bond from their season, when i see them huddle, they are the brains, i dont know why he adores janelle like he does

jase, i dont think james is that good, i bet he could do math like there is no tomorrow, but his mind won't shut down and he talks so fast

diane, i can usually get out of james what he is thinking, he is attracted to dark haired ethnic looking women, he thinks i am really cute (ed. HUH??)

jase, we are officially gonna start hanging out now

di, i think it is funnier that we make fun of the mr and mrs thing, they havent even asked me about it in the diary room

jase if i am still here i am brining it

diane i am bringin it with you

jase soemoen else is going to win hoh and the 6'ers are going to implode

di if i win hoh next week i am putting up kaysar and janelle, ppl will vote out janelle

jase says he is putting up how and jan...he says he wont play for veto and tell them that whoever wins it and takes themselves off that james is going up in their place....

diane that is a good idea

jase i dont want to bring anything evil into the game, but its time

di, stay calm, dont kiss butt, but stay calm, no more flippin out, no more calling anyone out

jase, i never kiss butt, good talk

diane good talk...then i swear to god, she says...love you and walks away

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Erika, Boogie, Will, Howie, Janie, James, Dani in the hoh room talking about the comp today.

Will it complaining about how bb says 90 minutes and it isnt 90 minutes at all (to comps). Boogie talked to them in the DR bout it... how they wish DR would come on the intercom and say "hey we need another 45 minutes." boogie also asked for a the spider light to be shut off. He also asked for a board game out back. Boogie also asked for more alcohol. Boogie said with both these additions, there could be better interaction because backgammon could hide private convos, and alcohol will get you good footage.

Will : preach on!


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switch to hoh room

janey and erika in bed under covers

howie on end of bed laying down

janey about to fall asleep and erika staring off into space

dr will in a chair giving a medical speech about bubonic plague and other diseases that may or may not be cured in our lifetime

boog enters

dani is also in there in a chair, james too

boog talking about his diary room...

someone named cory? sounds like a woman

he says that he told her that they need some consideration

waking them up and then not having the comp for so long is unacceptable

i am getting that he got approval from this cory to talk to everyone about this diary room

why did spider light take 18 days to turn off?

he is giving his d.r. verbatim

he requested a board game

it will be good for secret conversations

howie interjects with preach on

on to alcohol..putting another bottle of win and another 6 beers is only a drink a person, is that too much to ask for...i know we are not actors...to give you the footage that you want....and then, you guessed it


ED. boog can be quite diplomatic when he choses to be

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7:08 bb time

back to the hoh room

boog will james dani in chairs

howie erika janey in the bed, janey may be asleep and erika is not talking

will and boog have the floor as usual and will is talking about spider bites

ok, kay is in there too, he must have been standing in the corner

kay whips out some hidden candy

kay leaves, erika gets out of bed

now they talk about jackass...not the one in the house (which one?) but the tv show...


jase and marc and erika on red couches

marc is saying....its how you go out of the house...above and beyond all this he said she said stuff

jase to marc, so do i have your vote or not mother fucker

marc, you think its funny, but my friendship is a gift i give ppl

marc is upset...and he gets up and walks away, saying..i don't play like that

erika walks away and i see kay on the couch too

jase says to kay, she is such a floater, she cant even be out here right now

jase, kay you guys think about this...dr will that he is, has got some ultimate game going down that is actually working

he sucked me in to their alliance for me to leave the house yet he is still in there

jase goes on to lay out dr will and boogs whole plan, ...says they had all this planned out in depth...for wills alliance to be that he doesnt want to be here...

and yet i leave and they stay here in the house

...they have matching t-shirts for their alliance....and yet i get voted out

i was hashing out with diane and dani...they think this is all part of wills master plan, that he is heckling us in the dr

kaysar, this is the problem, i cant figure out if he wants to leave or if this is one big joke for him

jase, he wont campaingn for himself..boog does the work, boog is up in the hoh, i used to hang out at the pool with them, now they shun me...they are actually up there right now

and now jase says.....they are like sure jase you are in our alliance, we dont have a tshirt for you ...then another throw under the bus reference...

meanwhile dr will laughing at us all in the diary room

kay, theres a bunch of ppl in there, i was on the floor kinda napping

theres a party in there...in all honesty they did not say specificaly to go after jase...they did say that their allegiance was to themselves first..

jase, if i was involved with them, wouldnt i have been in the mtg with them?

jse, heres where i got outplayed, they come to me and say they want marcellas out..kay interrupts and says..here is my theory

they came up with marc idea, pitched it to you, you decide to bring it up at ...missed it..kay is mumbling....

kay is not telling jase what the sovs have done for the past 24 hrs...

he keeps talking about "that dinner thing" not sure what he is talking about

kays says that at one point he was like, holy crap, they staged the whole thing!! he sounds amazed and very frustrated

kay they play this game of chaos and disarry

thats why they went after marc..they knew he would cry

jase, then last night i was just gonna go to bed, then will is like you need to talk to them about htis, lets get kaysar in here...then i look like i am in ct cuz they got me in my weak spot...cuz i am all passionate about floaters...now i am the one pitching this to you because of them....

kay, its a logical thing, its like putting sugar on poison

i was upstairs and i was like this is a good idea...we dont want floaters in here, then i was like wait a minute..what just happened...? (he is explaining to jase the plan he thinks willboog have and when it dawned on him that they were playing the sovs..i would guess about 6 mth before the show started, but what do i know)

kay thats why we couldnt take the deal, the whole thing was a bust

jase, im alone, dr will should go, he is a mastermind, he set stuff up that is like 5 steps ahead in the process

kay,...those 2 are like water snakes, when the water is clear they get caught, but when you stir up the dust you cant see em, you just got caught up in the middle...

and we have FIYAHHHHHHHH

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in HOH james, janie, howie and jase talking about selling stuff on ebay

james - what is going on downstairs

jase - i was hanging with kaysar, will and boogie have shunned me, they used me up and threw me under the bus

janie - that sux

james - does will ever talk about the game

jase - that is the difference, will says i want to go home, i want to go home but he really doesn't, they even have matching t-shirts that say chilltown, so when i get evicted, we have an alliance with two matching t-shirts

james - does he ever talk game

jase- yeah

james - will is smart, real smart

james I have never seen marc go apeshit like that ever, it was funny

jase - i sure have his vote

ha ha

jase - he was shaking

james - i was right next to him

jase - it was good tv

jase is talking bout how and why he called marc out...

jase - I don't know if you caught this but he said ... FIRE! uuuugh

7:47 pm BBT

house has to go outside, they are on lockdown

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kay, i am not sure if he wants to stay or if this is an act or if he wants to set up for boogie to stay..

jase, he wants to stay, once he stays past week 5, he is really in

willboogie come out

ask guys if they wanna play backgammon

boog is drinking

says to someone that he can personally guarantee that everyone will be good this evening

switch feeds to janey and howie and james in bed

talking of guaranteeing someone sequester, i think they are talking about cg

james, they guy stepped up

howie we protected their ass for 3 weeks

james, hell yeah, ill make marcellas cry

howie, yeah, we'll take shifts...

janey you think the floaters would fuck us like that?

james and howie both say YES

janey, i dont know why i am so tired, i mean all the time

jase is in there too somewhere i hear him

jase discovers howies bee in a bag

dont know if someone got this but a bee bit howie in the by and he has it in a baggy to sell it on ebay

jase, ill get my acct. set up friday

jase still has a box of bb5 stuff at his moms house

james didnt sell anything, but he did donate some stuff to some charity's to sell

jase, will and boogie have shunned me now that they have got their use out of me

janey, they did what

jase ..repeats

janey how?

jase, im absolutely serious boogies totally changed towards me

jane, that sucks, im sorry

jase, they got a bigger game going, i gotta look in to it

james does will ever talk game

jase, thats their deal, will says he wants to go home but he really doesnt, boog keeps saying keep him one more week...they use me, i get nomd and i leave...and you have 2 alliance members with matching t-shirst left here in the house

james does will ever even talk game at all?

he's a smart mother fucker

jase he did to me, but obviously not to you guys

james to jase, are you and marc still not speaking?

jase, i definitely have his vote

james, i have never seen him go ape shit like that it was funny

jany, no its not

jase he was shaking

james i know

james if you would have waited to throw that you would have had the cam on you

...guess they arent sure if the cams caught it all or not...

janey to jase, why don;t you just do it all again tonight

jase, no i am done

and fiyahh for a minute

come back to a more heated convo about the first hoh

james, there was one day that whatever i told to janelle, she told to you and then a few hours later allison says dont talk to me james, i know youre not on my side...theres no other way she could have got that info

jase starts talking in circles...he wants to know why they turned on him..

howie says that jase did a 360 degree turn, the day after kay won hoh

i was like why is this guy pissed off? he feels threatened somehow...you were hanging with chilltown

jase brings allison back up and swears that he did not give alison any of janeys info, says that he never talked to her after she was nom'd

(ed. as a hard core feeder, i can't remember if he did or not!)

and fiyahhhhhhhhhh

(ed. also as a hard core bb fan and feeder...someone here somewhere said that janey is a bartender, i know she was a vip cocktail waitress last yr and this year she and erika were talking about make up one day about a week or so ago and jane said to erika that she never wears make up except when she has to work, one day a week, mondays...dont know what that was about but that is what she said, verbatim)

come back to james and jase going back and forth about alison and who told her what

jase is cocky and says JAMES YOU ARE WRONG AGAIN

james well then i have bigger problems because it must have been kaysar howie or janelle

jase comes back with dont pin this shit on me, that pisses me off

howie jumps in with a list of rumors...ct, mr and mrs smith



james is in the bathroom and jase is in the chair, jase looks agitated like he gets and is thinking hard

jase, that is such bullshit, you pin that on me

james repeats again that if it wasnt jase that then he (james) has bigger problems cuz then his alliance told on him

they are going on about who told who what...

jase you just assume shit and i am not guilty at all

james, there was no one else to pin it on then

janey chimes in with marcellas

james says i never say anything in front of marcy

janey ...i told him.

james looks exasperated

the whole reason they distrusted jase in the beginning is cuz of this alison thing and now jany says that marcy knew too!

this is big folks....

jase in downstaris bathroom

says uh, get me the fuck out of here

howie comes in to get some stuff, looks like he is going to do laundry

i think theres gonna be another marcy call out in the by now...hang on folks

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HG called outside for lockdown.

Lotsa smalltalk but Janelle & James playing badminton.

Boogie: have you ever noticed how Janelle has a way of being athletic without looking athletic. She has such good eye/hand coordination

Will: Well it's not easy to pour champagne & take someones wallet out of their back pocket at the same. I know I said it outloud mic guy :lol:

everyone laughs

Will, Jase, & Boogie are making fun of Howie. They ask if someone is getting a tattoo. Howie is shaving his body hair with an electric razor & it's buzzzzzzing like a tattoo needle. They say he is wearing mandles (sandles for men)

8:17 BBT

BB: HG lockdown is over you may now move about the house freely.

When thay go inside their Mexican feast is layed out & they got lots-o-booze

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"...Marc: Howie is some old guy in Boca Raton walking around in floral shirts and hiracha's (?) with socks..." bb7addict

*Huarachas= Spanish slang for flip flops or leather sandals :)

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janey and james playing badmitton

janey breaks her mic

dont see anyone else

james says into his mic..bb janey fucked up her microphone

she takes it off and goes back to the game

for those without feeds, today janelle is wearing a black tank top covered with an off the sholder green long sleeved tee and some kind of dark gray sweat type pants but not the 2BFREE kind, she has her hair in a pony tail with a black scrunchee

and no make up on

in background i hear will say, i am sorry i called the producers monkeys

boog chimes in with his favorite sentence, I AM PRETTY SURE.....blah blah

silent but for the bonk of birdie

tons of clothes laying on the pool table

james, thats a good color on you janelle, the green

today james is sporting a green miami U hat, a blue t-shirt with the sleeves cut off, and black shorts with white piping

kay has on faded jeans and a black tee, he is enjoying rubbing his head as much as he enjoyed twirling his hair

howie, of course, is styling in his khaki button hat, on sideways, and his blue shorts with white piping and flip flops....willboog wants howie to do a fauxhawk and dye it blonde, earlier they told howie that they were surprised howie is not more daring/adventurous ..howie said that he is a company man but if he had won bb2 and could do what he wanted, then things might be different

James to erika who is laying in the hammock

how come when we are on lockdown you are always so unfriendly

she says nothing at all

back to the bonking birdie

erika looks extremely unfashionable in cut off denim bermudas that are way too long and a brown shirt of some sort, messy updo, and glasses i dont think ive seen before

it is 8:03 bb time and we should have feast when ld is over

how took his entire bathroom bag out to the by and is shaving, james tells him to stop and come play with him

the man the myth the legend, howie gordon

others on the red couches

cg sitting off to the side a bit

janey on the hammock with erika

switch feeds to hear the others

dani sings and fiyahhhhhh

finding a fiyahless feed

and we're back with janey on a lounger, crotch shot..evening cam guys love janey

back to the red couches

they are talking about stars calling their kids weird names

talk of dane cook

cg is sitting there with a bowl of slop not talking to anyone

dane cook went to the rexall and cut this guy in line...will tells this story and he thinks it is funny

he was hanging out with dane cook, this is a private convo he is telling them about, not a show that he saw

name dropper!

someone says magilla gorilla

will says something is SO AMAZING (another bb7 catch phrase, along with kays...here's the thing...everyones..i got thrown under the bus....)

boog thinks they are gonna put the food inside the dining room tonight, hence the lockdown

dani talking about debra winger playing wonder womans sister

they are all just laying about looking bored and tired and unshowered

talk of a show with linda carter and dolly parton being p.i's

boog, dolly parton is gooood, she is funny as fuck

jase, she looks good and she looks good

kay, how old is she

jase, in her 70's (lol)

talk of whitney houston, willy nelson,...singing songs that dolly wrote

dolly saying at an awards show, thank you whitney for making me so much money

they all start to sing...and i will always love you

they all agree it is so hot out there...still

jase, randomly says john denvers full of shit man

dani singing

they all join in different strokes

they compare the flintstones to the jetsons...jase says its the same family just differnt circumstances

boog says...tyrannasaurus bones...LIKE A BEAST (boogs other fav saying)

LD is over

kay guess board game will be there

boog says backgammon

james says theres wine!

will, o boog good work

boog, cory brought the heat!

boog, i want some credit for this

inside there is alcohol and some kind of food involving fish and toritllas

all st up at the table

3 bottles of wine

lots of wow, this is nice

poor cg is drooling

they all applaud bb

boog, lets have a good time and all get along

will, i apologize for calling the staff incompetent monkeys

will keeps saying he is soooo happy

they all comment on him not complaining

will, hey can i get a corona around this f'ing place!...i'm just kidding

jase is calling james out saying james is afraid of jase

jase says, i wanted to get this out and then drink and have a good time

jase, you couldnt play me like a man so you had to back door me, you couldnt step up to me...you're scared..he repeats this over and over

he is really getting loud, james says, youre a legend in your own mind

jase, now lets try to have a good time everybody


they are all at the table

some are not too hungry as dani made nachos not too long ago

but they are all eating

howie to storage to change mic

touches will on his way bye

will, stop touching me you fucking freak

food is tacos...fish tacos i guess

diane says they stink

i think they have coors beer

or they are pretending that they do

erika was in the redrum bed

jase came in and inquired about her health

marc came in and laid on the couch

jase started to call him out

marc stuck up for himself something fierce and really tried to talk to jase as a friend and tell him that he shouldn't act like this

marc asked jase if his mom would like how he was acting

jase said no but he was going out with a bang

he said that he hadnt done a thing until today

marc said that he had been volatile the entire time

they go back and forth

marcy holds his own

jase gets nasty and tells marcellas to FUCK OFF and leaves the room

jase goes out to the by and is fuming

quick whisper between willboog

boog, remember those raps the other night

will, yeah

boog, i have a feeling they are going to be verbalized by him tonight

will, i dont know bro

boog i have a feeling he is going to ....go off

boog in mirror to himself, this is gonna be brilliant, this is gonna be awesome

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for some reason they are going to reenact the veto ceremony and they are all going to be other people

dont know who's idea it was to do this

but they are all into it

boog is excited

jase said he wanted to be dani

janey says she is going to be will

now they are all singing jesses girl

jase, marc just had the audacity to call me out for singing in the house

boog, well if you want to host an internet show, you cant be wild and crazy

jase, my wild singing, god jase is a rebel

jase..omg im a rebel

janey, how are we gonna play this drinking game

boog, open your mouth and pour it down your throat

will is making fun of janey

howie is laughing

boog is rounding them up to go into the living room for the reenactment

boog showing janey how to chug

they are all already very loud and riled up

erika is going to be cg

trying to make herself cry

still a bit confused as to why they are going to do this...perhaps for us feeders?

this was supposedly the biggest fight in the house so far, and they want to re-live it again with alcohol

janey has on sunglasses and i guess she is going to be jase

she goes to get a hat

jase is james

boog is will and in the orange chair next to erika who is cg

erika has on the tinfoil hat

and a necklace that boog gave her is the veto

here comes georgie

erika, this is the veto ceremony....she is standing with the necklace pretending to be cg

and my feeds cut

back and

erika, a final word why i should save you...

boog, whats up cg...normally someone would address the person with the veto neclace and ask that i be placed around his neck...stands and says i am the greatest player that played this game

5 yrs ago i came in here and i asked myself where would i find my motivation..well i hated everyone

this yr i decided i would like everyone, but then i took a look around and realized i hate everyone here, i hate myself for being here..this show sucks, and i dont want to be here, so i ask you all to give back to the community, if you dont grant my wishes i will throw every pov and hoh, fuck all of you ..cg deserves it all, not one of you went up and congratulated him..frankly i am ready to go home, i hate ech and every one of you

erika, as cg, turns to willboog, and says fuck you...

erika as cg, i am here to play..and i am supposed to be crying...i am quite the opposite of the good doctor, i am honored to be in the presence of each and every one of you, we got a second chance guys...and im very honored, now fuck you all

boog, now cg this is the part where you use the actual veto

erika as cg, i am going to veto my nom

janey as jase, goes in to the block chair

boog is sounding like bb telling jase to get back in his seat

jase standing as james...i chose to nom you jase

jan as jase, i m not cut out for a game like this, i belong on survivor, i play like a tribe, what the fuck is this, i belong wearing a loin cloth on an island i dont belong in a house with ppl like you, i as well dont wanna be here, send me the fuck home, i hate everyone in here too, i dont expect a xmas card from everyone of you, i am not going to talk to any of you guys, i am not gonna text you and say hey whats up cuz thats just not me

erika as cg adjourns the mtg

jan as jase stands up and says james you are a fucking pussy and she stomps off

i guess they are done

i get that cg made a big speech about being honored and liking every one, but he forgot to actually use the veto

will stood up and told them all he hated them all and that was him motivation

jase told them all that he hated them all too and that he deserved to be on survivor not here

jase, followed by me cut to walking outside and throwing the fire extinguisher

kay comes in and they tell him he missed it

they are going to do it again with different ppl being different ppl

im not going thru it unless they come up with something they forgot

they want kay to be jase

jase is cg

erika is will

will alone on the red couch, i am playing this entire couch...(he's funny)

cg is james

erika seems to think she is an incredibly talented actress

they are all cracking up, but it's really not that funny

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