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July 24 Live Feed Updates

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Kaysar said he wants to clarify that for this deal to go thru they must put up Marcellas? Boogie says yes that's the deal. He isn't saying CT will come after SOV if they don't nom Marcy but for them to work together it has to be Marcy. Howie comes into the HOH. James asks Howie if he can come back in a few. Howie leaves.

They ask what if they nom Jase. Boogie says why not Marcy, are they scared on a fluke vote & Will going home & then Marcy will come after them. James says he has to consider how the other 2 of the SOV feel about the noms. Boogie says he's not after the SOV anymore & yet again starts rehashing everything. Boogie says that if Will goes out this week that he will def go after those that voted him out even if it means he leaves afterwards. He says he won't cowtown to people like Marcy & his plan is a win/win for everyone.

Janelle comes into HOH. Talk changes to non-game. Will & Boogie leave.

Janelle says what happened. James says the funniest thing they said is that they will tank future competitions & haven't they already been doing that. They say nominating Marcy is not an option. Howie comes in. Kaysar says they need to take Jase out now because Will will go soon & that will leave Boogie all alone. Kaysar runs down what Boogie & Will were saying for Howie & Janelle.

Howie says Jase & Marcy got in a fight about an hour ago about Jase's rapping. Howie says it's not their job to protect the floaters like Marcy. Janelle says no but they need to make the floaters think they are protecting them. Kaysar says they have to take out one of CT now. Then Will goes, then a floater can take out Boogie & the SOV can pat them on the back. James mentions that of the floaters Erika & Danielle will be the last to stab them in the back (James protecting his other alliances ;) )

Talk goes to who they should keep between Jase & Boogie. They say Boogie is more of an athlete than Jase & that Jase has made others mad & isolated himself from others. Howie says after they pick off CT then they have to get the floaters. James says he would like to get rid of floaters just on principle but he knows that's not good game. Janelle says they should keep Boogie. James says Jase really wants that money for his family but Boogie doesn't really need it that much because he is doing so well in his life. James says the SOV will prob win HOH next week but if Danielle wins it she will go after Jase & Marcy & if another floater gets it they will go after CG. They are worried about having Jase in sequester. James begs to finish his train of thought but Kaysar ignores him & continues his interuption. Janelle interupts. James begs to finish but Kaysar keeps on yakking.

Finally James says that if Boogie stays he fears that a non-SOV HOH will forget about Boogie because he is alone & go after the SOV. Janelle says if they don't go after Jase the rest of the house thinks the SOV have a deal w/Jase. Howie says SO WHAT. Janelle says Dani & Marcy think Jase is going after SOV. James (kidding) says he would like to get rid of Marcy because he is so annoying. James cussing (F word approx 7 times in 1 sentence) & dogging the floaters. James is tired of the floaters & complaining that the SOV isn't doing enough for them & they have no right to say that because they aren't doing shit. They tell Howie to go get Erika & Marcy & bring them up. Janelle says for James to calm down & be nice to them because they need to make them believe they are safe & part of their alliance.

(I'm out, nite all)

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9:25 pm BBT

Will is talking about his GF Erin (Brodie) and stating that she is probobly gonna dump him. He (will) states that Boogie has seen her... they beg for erin not to dump him

Will n Boogie leave HOH room leaving James, Kay and Janie... they start baggin on them...

james - marci is a f***** bitch that will stab anyone in the back

janie - I am not going after marci

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Will & Boogie still in HOH. Janelle comes in and talk changes to Jenga "dead". Hoping it makes it to TV. W & B ask if Howie should come up. James explains to Janie & Kaysar that CT has agreed to "tank" HOH if Marci is put up. Janie says he's not coming after us.

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howie enters room

kaysar is talking about taking jase out

james - if he goes up agains will, boogie is going home

howie - he keeps saying please vote me out

janie - that itallian food was... uuuugh

kay - gross

kay starts giving howie and janie the run down on the convo with will and boogie

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In BY: Erika, Will & Boogie playing pool. Marcellas watching. Don't know where CJ, Diane & Jase are. Hear yelling in background.

Kay: "Floaters are scavengers. They clean up after."

James: "only trust Danielle not to backstab us."

Kay: floaters always feel paranoid.

Janie: call them up & ask what they want

James: had Erika up here and she never said a thing

asked her when she was going to get HOH & she said when she needed to.

James: floaters are putting us at risk cuz we're balls to the walls all the time.

Kay: they're not the force to reckon with cuz they know they can be defeated. We need

to dissolve CT (Jase & Boogie"

James: not to join us, but to help us

Kay: let them kick off floaters

James: boogie's going to run to anyone who wins HOH and say what he's said to us, Jase is not

He has no one.


Kay: Jase is like Dennis the Menace

James: He's isolated himself from everyone except CT

Howie: When CT is gone the game's on

James: I would love to annilate floaters

Janie agrees

Now talk that if Boogie is gone this week, Will is gone next week. Danielle & Jase are trying to win. Erika won't try.

After that it's sequester and the game changes. Then they go after CJ. Jase will have more motivation to win HOH & they don't want him in sequester.

James: If Jase goes this week, no one will go after Boogie, they'll come after the "group". If Boogie goes now, the rest of the house will go after Jase.

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by pool Erika & Jase talking. Erika wants Jase to work together.

Jase: when only 8 left & hard core 4 still here, I'm all for going for it (meaning teaming up with her)

Boogie tells them he's offered SOV full protection. They revealed 2 for 2 in next 2 weeks. Boogie thinks he can offer SOV protection if he isn't put up this week.

Howie wants to talk to Erika privately. She asks in jack shack??

They go inside. Jase left alone by pool.

Erika in HOH: talk about Jase "calling" someone out (missed who) Erika has empathy for someone on receiving end. Asked who she wants.

Janie: trying to get your & Marci's opinion of who to send home.

Kay: r u leaning toward Jase?

Erika: I don't know. Ok, w/out leaving this room.....ummm.....

SOV: we're split down the middle & we want to vote after talking to you (between Diane & Jase)

Erika: I'll vote who ever HOH wants. Either one you're breaking up either CT or MMSmith. I guess I lean toward Jase. But CT remains intact.


Janie talking to Dani in kitchen about who she wants. Marci invited to HOH. Jase called out Marci earlier in a rap song.

Marci defintely wants Jase out. He's so tired of playing around...............Fire!!

......they're both Frat boys. I think Boogie should go.

back to Janie & Dani in kitchen: this game's a tough game. Past season you had people you hated but not this season.

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(SOV's are deciding between Boogie & Jase, NOT Diane)

Diane: I hope everyone regrets not putting Dani out the first week.

Boogie: Do you know Dani f***ed over Marci? He hates her.

Marc is going to jump sides as to who has power.

Jase: Erika is straight up. She sucks up to every HOH.

Will: she could end up 4th

They talk about sequester. 6th place is the worst. Alone a week.

Boogie: If they get rid of Marci, we'll stay & help them for another week. They wanted me to throw you under the bus.

Jase: Yeah, I knew that was going on.

Boogie: I just don't want to stay here with Marcellus & Will & you gone.

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in & out of fire.....this is so annoying!

Now Dani & Marci are alone whispering in red room. Just re-hashing what they talked about with James.

Dani seems non-commital. Marci tells her about calling out Jase.

can someone take over? I have to go but will check back later.

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11pm bbt (my feeds are slow from home so mainly have sound)

4 feeds of Diane/James/Howie talking about nothing much of anything for a while

Diane mentions wanting to 'be a part of everything', says Howie was taking appointments

James says 'I told you a million times come up any time'

Diane: when I did come up, everyone disappeared...

D: everyone has an agenda, even Howie

J: Howie's agenda is to get a piece of $&%$... he knows he won't win, so

D: that's CG...

J: he was amazing yesterday in the POV, best effort of all time

D: what time is the ceremony tomorrow?

H: probably 11 or noon?

Howie didn't remember Diane when BB6 was over, says everyone said she 'was a tiger in the house'

D: people don't recognize me outside... my insurance agent didn't..

J: I like the black hair

H: I think you look better in person

D: you didn't like how I looked on tv?


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Ok, I'm back.

James: Diane & Dani say do what you want to do. And Marci & Erika don't say anything.

They are setting themselves up for the rest of the season & we're doing all the work. They are not part of this alliance. They're using us worse than CT. They don't trust us enough to take a stance. Erika is going around telling Diane that SHE talked everyone into voting out Nakomis.

Janie: then put Erika up

James: No way, she's the least harmful.

Howie: Just do what you want.

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Janelle joins H/Diane/James chatting...

(family talking too much, switching to headphones lol)

James: they are making agreements/etc

Jan: so what are you doing tomorrow

James: I don't know yet... they are talking all kinds of.... they are worse than CT... Erika was saying stuff... she wasn't a vote for us last week... she was going around telling Diane that D should be thanking her(E), because she convinced everone to keep Diane and vote out Nak... Erika is playing!

Jan: so put up Erika

James: NO WAY! She's the least harmful

H: I agree... if she won HOH the next week, accidently, she wouldn't put us up.... they should have a comp where they can win accidently... win HOH out of the gum ball machine... they win it and have to use it...

Jan: how did you find that out about Erika?

James: Will told me

Jan: why would Will tell you? Did Diane tell him?

James: don't know, he was saying put me up as a pawn, he didn't care...

Jan: do you feel a certain way?

James: if Will goes home, the floaters go after Jase... if Jase goes home, the floaters feel safe...

(2 feeds switch to others in BY playing charades)

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12:10 bbt

James/Diane/Erika/Danielle and/or Howie playing badmitton

Jase/Mike/Will inside in bedroom lights off discussing James options for tomorrow's POV ceremony

Mike says James said 'they will discuss it more tonight

they say one option is for James to trust Marcellas, other option is to trust the three of them

(Quad feed has group outside talking loud, especially Howie, changing to cam 4)

Jase says he can make offer to James, if I win HOH next week...

Erika walks in on them, turns the light on...

one of the guys:can you turn the light off, we are having a non-secret meeting... she agrees and leaves... calls for Kaysar who comes in...

Jase:I'm most likely a target to go up

Kay: you are

Jase: I haven't talked to anyone so....

Kay:well, obviously, it's James decision, there have been several scenarios... I want to be honest your name has come up

Jase: top of the list

Kay: well, I wouldn't say that

Jase: the list is Jase and Mike, and you are both the top?

Will: you aren't the top, but there are only 2 on the list lol

Jase: what is plan C? here's my outlook... we actually need James in here

Kay: yea, it's not my decision

Will: I'm gonna eat and take a bath... want me to send James in?

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(waiting for James)

Jase: I'm tired of the game and ready to get out of here!

Kay: all game aside, I know how you feel... I'm getting to point I'm moody

(James enters, discussion of Jase hurting nose, joking blames James, lights still off, Janelle enters)

Jase: I know I'm high on the list.. as we talked... I hate floaters, like Marc, people who won't play the game

James: I agree 100%

Kay: we want everyone to play

James: is why I put up CG, and he rocked the game

Jase: it's your decision

James: before last week would be easier to make decision on my own, now we have been lumped as a group, trying to get out S6, we have to think what is best for the group

Mike: it is for group, you can't play HOH, Kay can't play POV... why would you trust a floater more than someone saying we won't come after you

Jase: the floaters tell you what they want to say... the same floaters tell us that when you aren't around... whatever, they are up with you, like Marc, says to me we've got to get S6 broken up, thinks he's being crafty

James: I liked that you called him out at dinner

Jase: the floaters didn't appreciate, Marc and the other floaters, it exploits them...

(Howie enters, may have left again)

James: here is the position, everyone comes saying, CT we've got to get rid of them

Mike: yea but why do you think they are saying that?

James: self preservation

Mike: I'm saying we aren't doing that now

Jase: I want to play head to head week 10, not this made up rigged stuff

Mike: we are going after floaters, we draw the line and then play

James: final 7(jokingly).... theoretically, it sounds great.. but the trust factor has to be high

Mike: I don't want to sound desperate, but I had this same convo last week before the HOH... said you are strong, but I ended up liking you... can say I was playing it just in case, but...

Jase: when I was coHOH with Janelle... I worked with Janelle to keep her here... you have my word, if it came down to us in the end... that POV upset me also, if I win HOH next week, I'm putting up floaters... in BB5 me and Diane stood on the block for 9 hours, I would have put up floaters.. I swear on everything

Mike: I think Will's rep

James: the image is Will saying 'sucker' as you walk out the door

Mike: Hardy offered me a deal, but I said no way.. I left week 4, it's amazing I'm in here.... I'm running it this year, Will doesn't want to be here, he left the room now to take a bath... if a floater wins the next HOH... I think I'm going to be friends with you after the show.. except for the first 2 weeks lol

Jan: what did you say? lol

Mike: you know, I'm coming after you...

Jase: that's the thing, they will float

Mike: that's why we came to the decision, go after floaters, then if it's 4 vs 2 or whatever.. there isn't someone hiding under the covers... I talked with you before the HOH

James: one thing to consider... understand... will the votes be there?

Jase: you've got me, Mike, Diane, Danielle... and you guys are voting, you have it right here, us 2 and you 3... aren't you sick of Marc?

James: I can put up with anyone, cause I'll have the last laugh

Mike: Janelle, I know you are friends with Marc... but you can say, look CG won the POV... and he won't be difficult, cause you can say he will beat Will... you can say....

James: I can't lie, I told Will he wanted to leave, and CG, he earned it

Janelle: let us go talk about it...

(S6 leave Mike/Jase)

Mike: we SOLD it! use cars... they are considering it! I might put up two floaters next week, just to... we kinda threatened them... in other words, if one of us goes, the other two are coming after you... they can't risk it, they are smart

Jase: they know Marc would go

Mike: yea, they have us and their 3... this floating thing scares them... we've got to make this work... can you imagine if Marc was told he was being put up as a pawn, so we won't come after them, and then Will stays? How about Will leaves, he doesn't even care enough to stay in the conversation, he's up in HOH taking a bath

(Kaysar returns)

Kay: who has said they are coming after S6? besides Marc

Mike: everyone has said they would vote, they've agreed

Kay: that's how they play... but only Marc directly?

Mike: yea, Erika has said there are 4 of them...

Jase: Marc will go kiss up to you, then come to me in the hammock and say we have to get them out

Mike: we can't have floaters win.... even if I have to blow it up as I'm going out the door

Kay: so who do you consider floaters?

Jase: when I was floaters... Marc the first night he came to me in the storage room

Kay: the first night?

Jase: yea... then when you won HOH, he came to me, we've got to win HOH the next couple weeks... that's why I called him out at dinner, and he totally shut up

Mike: I can't let him go far

Jase: and there are other floaters, they are better at it...

Kay: they shut their mouth

(Kaysar leaves and Mike/Jase laugh)

Mike: we are too good, the thing is, we aren't lying... Marc said to me, I'm not having another Jason, meaning Kaysar, and Howie is so annoying to me...

(fire on cam 4)

12:42am bbt (cam 2 in the HOH, James/Janelle/Howie/Marc/Erika)

general talk about slop, what they'd do if offered money/veto/etc

(Janelle leaves)

Erika shares when her season Julie offered veto in exchange for house on pbj for 2 weeks

(ed. waiting for others to clear out to hear S6 thoughts about Jase/Mike offer, I HAVE to get to bed!)

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12:47bbt (Janelle has gone back down to talk with Jase/Mike)

Mike saying he didn't give his summer up to play badmitton and have someone like Maggie win

Jan explains that Erika went to Diane saying she switched the votes to save Diane last week

Jase explains again Marc playing both sides: remember Tuesday night, I was in hammock, and Marc came to me?

Jan: oh yea

Mike: cause he knows he won't take the brunt of it, you guys will

Jan: he wants us to take you out

Jase: he'll be in final 4, and you'll think, how did he get here?

Mike: I want this to be a deal, not just this week... Marc, then Danielle and Erika... if we get together

Jan: we went upstairs to discuss it, and two floaters came up there... Erika and Marcellas

Jase: I'll leave you alone to discuss, but the floaters won't leave you alone

Jan: they want to know, they are paranoid, so paranoid, even before the HOH comp, we said don't worry you are safe, but after James won they came asking are we safe?

Mike: I said to James before HOH, whatever happens, we are going after floaters... that was before HOH.. it was 3 of us 3 of you playing

Jan: and they are getting frustrated, why are you leaving the big threats in the game!

Mike: every year, those type of players go very far

Jan: if you want them gone so bad... win an HOH

Mike: you know why, cause they are telling me the same thing... Danielle and Erika know coming to me now does them no good

discuss floaters going around, Jan says reminds her of April... lot of talk and no action, then sit back

Mike: six of them and they haven't won a thing... you know how they would act if one of us left?

Jan: they would be cheering...

Mike: at some point you have to take leaps of faith, it's hard for us to embrace and trust each other, but better for us to trust each other than them

Jan: let me go and see...

(Jan leaves again)

Mike/Jase alone again, feeling good about how it's going

Mike: I'll bet Erika staying up there is driving Jan crazy, it reminds her of April.... this is going to be a tough night to sleep (ed. tell me about it! lol)

(Jan back up in HOH, Erika/Marc still camped out in HOH, Danielle/Howie/Diane on BY talking NFL, Danielle is a Steeler fan, Diane hates them, has something about Bill Cower on her MySpace page, Danielle says she'll open a MySpace page when she leaves BB House, Diane happy Jerome Bettis won a ring)

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1am bbt (HOH-Marc/Will talking of BB budget, Kaysar/Jan settle in at chess table to discuss strategy)

Kay: they are scared

Jan: remember, HOH comp I told them they were safe, they still came to me after James won, saying are we safe?

(someone sings so we get FOTH!!!! grrr)

Kay: Alison, Diane, Marc... he was so deep, it wasn't funny... and I know for a fact Marc keeps saying...

Jan: I don't want to get rid of Marc, I want to get rid of Erika... leave Marc in the game, he'll go after Jase

Kay: really? will Danielle flip out? like why are we turning on her allies?

Jan: because she said she was the one to get S6 to change their votes!

Kay: why are they trying to take all the credit?

Jan: she's planning ahead, she knows she'll need Danielle

Kay: I don't like this, them stabbing us in the back

Jan: I say take out Erika, Marc will self distruct

(Marc comes out of HOH)

M: oh, you found him

Kay: I was hiding outside... I feel like going to bed soon

M: I'm gonna brush my teeth and do the same (he leaves)

(BB decides to turn up sound on Danielle talking NFL still, switch from quad to 4)

Jan: ...he won't come after us, he'll realize he has to play, needs somewhere to go, sends a message

Kay: what will James say? he wants to take out Marc?

Jan: it's stupid... take out Erika

Kay: what happens to votes, will people vote the way we want? she hasn't won anyway

Jan: exactly, she'll float to the end... here's the thing, take out the floaters, and it's a real game, everyone is playing to win

Kay: so we go head to head against CT, but they only have 2 players... who will the floaters go after? us or CT?

Jan: CT, it's numbers, if they go after us they know we will go after them

(ed. CT has S6 convinced?)

Jan: what do you think we should do?

Kay: I don't know, it's crazy

Jan: it is much more interesting

Kay: what do we do with Diane? they are idiots

BB: Erika, please go to the DR

Jan: they did that on purpsose

Kay: so we can talk

Jan: thank you BB! I'm so disgusted...

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Kay: Marc can't look us in the eye, because he knows he has been talking to the others...

(Kay/Jan go to HOH room, cam 4 goes to FOTH, I go to quad all feeds on HOH)

Jan: several scenarios, all make the game more interesting... who doesn't plan on winning HOH... Erika, I think if Marc wins HOH he'll go after CT

James: he'd go after Danielle and Jase, or CG

Jan: I say go after someone not planning to win HOH, it sends a message to Marc

James: I'd rather go after Marc than Erika... she was loyal to Jack

How: she voted Jack out

Jan: she sold Jack out

Kay: I don't like her trying to take credit

James: you want to talk with Diane to make sure that is true? I can talk to Diane....

How: huh?

James: we tried to make them a part of the group, but they won't participate... Boogie for being dumb for trying to make another alliance

Kay: at least they are playing the game... we need concensus...

James: here comes Erika

Jan: just lock it

(Erika went outside)

James: Marc won't even say he won't come after us

Jan: he told us

Kay: I went to Mike/Jase, said who is coming after us, they said Ali/Marc/Diane... who do we put up?

James: I say Marc

Jan: he won't come after us

James: not RIGHT now

How: can you stop for a sec? CT, the house is against them

James: not necessary...

Kay: they know Will is leaving...

James: and we are the first target by the house

Kay: they are mounting their effort now... they get all the slop, the floaters...

Jan: I say keep Marc, Jase hates him, Diane hates him

James: Erika has never said she wants to nom Howie

Kay: she won't take a stand

Jan: Erika is April

James: and what is Marc, Maggie?

Kay: it's a tough call, Marc is going to bury himself

Jan: Erika is going to last

James: and so is Marc

Kay: if you take out Marc, who is Danielle going after?

James: Jase! she isn't coming after us.. I think if we take out Erika now, we are stupid... she isn't undermining us.. if she's planning for future, that's game play... she was going to give us the votes... Marc was saying get rid of Mr/Mrs Smith, but led the charge to get rid of Nak

Kay: marc is out of control... won't vote the way we want, going around saing be careful of the 6... then comes in saying play the game

Jan: no one will go after Erika, they will go after Marc

James: Erika will be loyal, Marc won't... don't trust for the future... we have to go with what we've seen... two people who won't take a stand...

Kay: do you believe them? (CT)

Jan: they are on the same track, to play the game... I don't want people changing their mind

James: you'll never know if it's the right decision, there are two sides, and then people in the middle wanting us to get others out... I don't want Erika, Marc is working against us

Kay: in that respect, who can he work?

How: there are lots that want us out of the game

James: the game evolves week to week

Kay: they are scavengers

How: will we be here in 4 weeks?

Kay: one week is dead, cause Will will go home

James/Jan debate Marc more

James: there is no reason to keep Marc unless it's a personal move

How: what upsets me is if CT won HOH, the same floaters would be up here talking to them

James: who did they say called us out?

Kay: Marc... Jase said on my week, Marc went to Jase in the hammock

James: he wouldn't even vote for us, Erika would

Jan: so you'll take out someone who isn't even coming after us? Erika stays in the corner, she'll make final 5

James: she won't, they are going after her also... if we aren't HOH we'll control the votes from now on

How: do we trust CT? we are a powerhouse right now

Jan: how do we know CT isn't getting us to attack our allies?

James: they aren't our allies!

Jan: Marc is NOT going to put us up!

How: if CT wins HOH and they come after us...

Jan: Marc is not going to put us up

James: he has sold us out over and over...

How: how do we know Jase isn't lying to us?

Kay: Danielle said it to... she's honest... Marc game is sneaky

Jan: so is Erika!

Kay: they are playing the same game, he just doesn't keep his mouth shut! only difference is he has more enemies

Jan: Marc has a better chance of winning HOH, and he won't put us up!

James: he will because he can't have all of us in sequester! if he puts us up in sequester, he knows he won't get those votes... fine, you don't want to put up Marc, I'm going to start calling him out!

How: lets look at history... BB5, 4 horseman put up Holly who wasn't going after them..

James: if we are on the block next week, Marc is NOT voting for us

Kay: if we are on the block, we can vote for the other

James: good point.... but he was spreading it around before Jase came to us

Kay: he went to Jase the first night

How: he was texting me before coming in the house

Jan: there are so many coming after him

Kay: I'm torn... there is never a time to go after Erika

Jan: she is going to hide behind us

How: why don't we take out CT, then go after the floaters

Kay: that's what they are waiting for

Jan: there is no one coming after Erika...

James: he came in here saying it was our fault Mr/Mrs Smith was still in the game?

How: he needs to be bullied some how, he needs to be humbled

Jan: it's a mistake to get rid of him

James: what has he done for us?


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1:34 bbt (3:34 my time, I'm going to be soooooo tired at work Monday! lol)

Kay: what happens when we say CT and SOV have a pact... Marc knows he sold us down the river

James: exactly!

Kay: are we assuming the floaters will come after us?

James: if we target Erika, who has voted with us, and not talked about us?

Jan: why tell Diane she got credit... she knows she can use Diane later

James: that's acceptable strategy

Jan: that's selling us out!

Kay: we know they will sell us out sooner or later

James: if we go after Erika now, that's a direct floater, creates an us vs them, take out Marc, it's based on the rationale he has undermined us, it's not a direct attack on the floaters

Kay: if we don't have a motive

Jan: why not stick with the original plan

How: I'd be upset if that came back to bite us... the floaters know we are coming after them eventually

Jan: we don't want Jase/Mike/Will to do what the Nerd Herd did last year

How: don't forget we are in the BB house

Jan: they did the same thing last year, we need to come after James

James: you are going with the BB story line, not what actually happened

(ed. oh no, not more talk about what did/didn't happen on BB6!!!!)

James: we aren't going to argue about last season

How: look at history... the 4 horsemen won...

James: they were idiots

Jan: what if we go to them and say, we like the deal, but we have to get rid of one of you...

James: I didn't want to vote out Nak, but we had to vote with the group... Erika was willing, Marc WAS NOT!

Kay: she never said she'd be part of the group

How: if Marc wins HOH, win he put us up?

James: not this week, but next week

Kay: what if... they convince Will needs to go, and we put up Boogie, they will be look S6 didn't take our deal... they go to floaters, vote out Will, go to everyone and say vote out Will

James: we would be super F&$^%... thanks BB, this is what you wanted... the one we trust in CT is Mike...

Jan: Danielle will vote with us, that's 4 votes

Kay: they can promise, just vote Will home... he can be very convincing

Jan: should we just go along with this?

James: Jase wants to play the game...

Jan: I think Marc may want to get rid of Will

James: can you imagine if we think Mike is going, and we are sitting there... I can't play for HOH, Kay can't play for POV...

How: you really think CT is going after floaters?

Kay: they said they tried to mount the floaters, but they couldn't... they want to keep floating... they want to float as long as possible

(James goes to restroom)

How: we need to take another body out that is a direct threat, until the floaters think, hey...

Jan: CT have probably already done the numbers... we can't put up the floaters... sorry, next idea... it's too early...

How: we need to get one of the two out of the house.. as much as we don't trust Marc

Jan: it's a stupid move, we can't put up a floater.. if they want to do it next week, fine

Kay: if they see us going after floaters, the floaters scatter, and all go to them... even if Will leaves, he's trying to set up Mike... we can't do that

How: a floater may win this, but we need this, one may accidently win

Jan: here's what we do, we go to CT, say we love this deal, but sorry, Jase, we can't do it

How: we have to do what we have to do as the SOVs, we are not putting up someone who is not a direct.. it's what we did last year

Jan: they almost pulled it off

How: it sounds good, it's gutsy, but there are too many loopholes... we have power and have to keep it that way

Jan: a floater is not going home this week, a CT is going home... we need to get Erika... look, we put Boogie up... if they tell them it's in their best interest to send Will home...

How: we tell Marc Mike goes home, or we are putting you up...

Kay: if we get Erika also, then we are set

(Danielle/Erika/Diane/Marc outside talking about whatever all during this time)

Jan: we need to get Erika and Danielle... Will is very...

Kay: don't even tell them why...

How: I won't say anything

James: You are in a good position Howie, cause they think you are stupid... they aren't dumb, they know what is going on...

Jan: don't tell them why we want to get rid of Jase

James: the next time I hear Marc say anything, I am going to bust into him... Marc outside the house, I love him, but I hate that each week we are sweating for votes....

(2am bbt... sounds like the decision has been made... I better get to bed)

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It seems common sense has finally prevailed for the SOVs. They have decided it's time to get Boogie out. Whew. (Who would have thought Howie would be the voice of reason!!)

K: 'For us, there's emotion involved (in deciding whether or not to take CT's deal and nominate and vote out Erika or Marc), but for the viewers looking in from the outside, they're probably screaming at the TV, "No! Don't do it!"' (Yep, that's exactly right Kaysar.)

2:08am BBT: Jan just returns to HOH room saying she just talked to E and they have her vote to get Boogie out.

2:20am BBT: K, Jan and H in HOH talking about nothing. Dani, James, E and Di outside, also talking about nothing.

2:30am BBT: Dani shows K a proverb in the bible. She says it's the first thing she saw when she opened it in the morning and she has decided that she won't do any more drinking in the house. (not sure which Proverb it was) Meanwhile James, H and Diane getting ready for bed in the bathroom area.

2:35am BBT: Di and James hanging out in HOH (talking about dogs at the moment). Dani, E, K and Marc now hanging out outside.

2:40am BBT: James and Di talking about her staying over Nak, the lack of luxery competitions... Di asking about finding the Gold Room during BB6.

2:45am BBT: K, H and Jan playing pool.

2:50am BBT: James and Di discussing their mutual admiration for Danielle.

3:00am BBT: Dani and E outside complaining about BB6ers. Dani saying how she didn't like how K tried to sway votes when he was HOH. Dani saying if BB6ers get HOH again next week she'll go balistic. Not because she doesn't like them, but because she needs something new. They complain about how much they go back and forth about what they want (ie - who they want out).

Di, James, Jan, K and H in HOH chatting.

Dani and E now talking about the BB fans. Dani says they always root for the underdog. Dani and E think there was a deal between BB6ers and CT last week and one this week too. E and Dani think if James puts up Boogie next to Will that Will will go home.

3:20am BBT: Earlier at the pool table K and Jan think maybe the floaters will vote out Will instead of Boogie because they think Boogie is a stronger player who will go after BB6ers. They think Boogie will go to the floaters and say, if you save me, I'll go after season 6. K and Jan are bringing this up with H and James in HOH. They decide to try to secure the votes of E and Danielle before nominating Boogie.

3:30am BBT: It seems the plan has changed again. They now believe if they put up Boogie they won't have the votes to get him out. They now plan to put up Jase. This will make it look like they're doing the floaters' bidding (since both Marc and Dani think Jase is after them), making them feel even more safe with the BB6ers, but it's really what's best for BB6ers too.

James says the reason it takes them so long to decide what to do is because they are open-minded.

3:46am BBT: K, H, Jan and James in HOH realizing that they almost just got played by CT. They can't believe they almost put up Marc or E. They would have turned the whole house against them. Jan: "I can't believe we almost fell for it. We are so stupid." H: "I wasn't going to let you guys fall for that crap." K "Thanks, Howie. You saved us."

They wonder if the argument Jase had with Marc at dinner was staged so the deal CT offered (The deal being for James put up Marc and have him evicted this week and then both CT and BB6ers would go after floaters till they are all out of the house) would seem more plausible. (Of course, the second the BB6ers left the room after discussing this deal Boogie, Will and Jase laughed about how they were never going to keep it.)

Again they discuss what they almost did (putting up Marc or E). K: "We almost threw away the whole game." H "No, I wouldn't have let you do it." K "Thanks, Howie." (lol) Talk now turns to the veto competition. H says he wishes he had some popcorn so he could watch and enjoy.

James talks about his nomination cermoney to replace George. James: 'I listened to everything Chill Town had to say, Jase, Boogie, Will. But, we're not that f#$ing stupid. I replace you with Jase.'

Howie's new term: Floatherd. Jan: "The SOVs against the Floatherds."

4:04am BBT: Dani and E still outside talking. They discuss Dani's reasons for coming back. She says it's for redemption because she was so hated when she left the house last time. She says she's playing the game, but she doesn't have the same desperation she did last time.

4:07am BBT: Back in the HOH room, Jan heads off (I thinks she said to bed). K, H and James send a Happy Birthday shout out to Sarah. Talk returns to what they almost did because of CT (putting up Marc or E). James talks about all the live-feeders who must have been screaming, "No! Don't do it! No!" James: "We knew it had to be a f#$k up, James was HOH." K says it would've been the biggest blunder of the season for them.

James, K and H all laying on the HOH bed together. James: "I don't like this picture." Jan comes back and dives into bed with them. Jan: "We are such the nerd herd."

H and Jan do their, "Oh ho ho ho ho" thing at James for about 2 mins straight. Then H says, "I think the live-feeders just cut their feed." (lol, almost Howie, almost)

4:25am BBT: K, H and Jan leave James alone in HOH to sleep. H and Jan fix a snack in the kitchen. The trio hang out in the kitchen. (Ok, I'm off to bed everybody.)

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5AM BBT Kasyar, Jannie and Howie all in BY talking about the game trying to decide if there will be any backlash when Jase gets nominated and voted out.

Trying to figure out who should go out next and in which order the floaters should go out.

The three are still talking in the BY they want Boogie out next week and then Will the following week. When they put Boogie up they are wondering if they should put up CG or Dianne.

They are thinking Danielle needs to go first of the floaters then Marcy. They think that Danielle would be able to keep the rest of the floaters together as a group and target the SOV.

5:21AM they are still talking in the BY. Everyone else is sleeping. I think Howie fell asleep on the couch in the BY.

5:27am This is the order that Kasyar and Jannie have come up with if they stay in power

This week - Jase

week 4 - Boogie

week 5 - Will

week 6 - Dianne

Then it is all out war they said


5:30am they are back Howie is awake and Kasyar left BY. Jannie is filling Howie in about what her and Kasyar talked about while he was asleep

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