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July 24 Live Feed Updates

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7:30 am BBT.... All the hamsters are sound asleep...

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Dani told Will that as of 4a.m. that it's Jase. Will told Boogie, who is not happy. Boogie told Will to change strategy and not say he wants to go. He's afraid people will believe Will and vote him out. Will agreed.

Dani and Boogie talked outside and Boogie said he didn't want Jase to go since he knew Will would be going in two weeks anyway. He doesn't want to be there w/o one of the two.

Dani told Boogie she kept trying to redirect them away from Boogie and back to Marcellas and the SOV don't realize that people like Marci and Erica are getting the SOV to do their dirty work.

Boogie and Dani are talking about maybe going gangbusters instead because they either want to go out in the first five or 10 or later - they don't want to chill for a month in sequester. Boogie says "I've been to Cabo" and "I have a business to run - I can't stay here unless I'm in the game." Dani says "yeah, I'd prefer to just go home than to wait around for a month just to fly back to give someone else $500,000."

Boogie and Dani are talking about maybe going gangbusters instead because they either want to go out in the first five or 10 or later - they don't want to chill for a month in sequester. Boogie says "I've been to Cabo" and "I have a business to run - I can't stay here unless I'm in the game." Dani says "yeah, I'd prefer to just go home than to wait around for a month just to fly back to give someone else $500,000."

Now Dani and Marci are talking and wants to know why James isn't listening to Dani, that James is her (dani's) boy. Dani said she can lead a horse to water, but that she was frustrated trying to get him to listen and agrees that putting out Jase is smart. FLIP FLOP!!!!

Marci asked what Boogie was talking about - Dani flat out played Marci and told him that Boogie was saying that Jase wasn't his boy - that Will is. Marci said people think Jase would be with will gone and Dani said No, Boogie doesn't think that @ all.

Then she told about how Boogie doesn't want to go to sequester, and Marci agreed. He said I need to go to the end because if they put me in sequester, I won't go, I don't care about the stipend.

Then it went to flames and has been there for a few minutes now. Either Marci's getting his ass chewed or the POV ceremony has finally started.

Either way, Marci has more than a stipend to lose. CBS could hold his gig on HC over his head since Bunky is doing such a good job right now.

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All feeds on Janelle in HOH bathroom

Just heard Kaysar say - Its not guna be easy any more, its not an honest deal they gave us

Now all feeds BY George & Danielle, talking bout nuthin interesting

Back to HOH

James, Kay & Jan in HoH, talking bout sequester, who has the majority, floaters or sovs (not sure who they've put up yet)

HG's on outside lockdown (dont think they've had veto ceremony yet, Janelle looks like she just woke up)


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12:15PM BBT: Feeds come back to Kaysar and James in the HoH room. Then they switch to Dani and CG outside. George and Dani are talking about the veto competition again. George asks he if she would have shaved her head. First she says she doesn

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Marci is really upset. First he had a heated discussion w/ Dani where we only saw the end where Marci says "You and I had a conversation. I'm sorry about that. I hope we're cool"

Talking to Janie in the red room. Says "he calls Erica and Me out" for going after the four? Why do that and then say I'm the fifth member of the four? Now I'm bad because I felt Diane needed money more, that she has no where to live? I thought Nakomis was a bigger threat. I feel like the brains of the four."

Janie told Marci that CT wanted them to go after Marci.

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Boogie, Erika, Will, Jase and Howie on LR taking a poll on who's been throwing HOH comps after Howie says SOVs may never win another one and Boggie says yes they will as long as others are throwing them. Jase and Will say they have, Erika says she hasn't been.

Erika left. More complaining about how the game is faulty, the floaters, the people playing just to get to sequester and how much they hate all that.

Switch to close up of James looking miserably at the ceiling laying on his HOH bed.

Switch to George, Kaysar and Erica in kitchen, nobody talking...Kaysar leaves for BY

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Howie, Jase, Will and Boogie are talking with Jase and Will still in the nominee chairs. They're bashing BB saying HOH should be a wheel spin not a comp and that people should have to make moves. Jase isn't talking - just singing. all of them are moaning about sequester and now Marci is doing the same to Janelle. Marci says he has to consider his relationship with CBS.

Marci is now saying Jase lied about saying that if he (marci) got HOH he was putting 2 of the four up. He's proud that he called Jase out on that. Marci is repeating himself over and over what he said ab. Diane and denying the HOH comment.

"integrity, Integrity, Integrity - when he'e a f*cking liar?"

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2:10 bbt: stupid flames again. Damn Jase!

It's definitely Jase and Will. Boogie is giving Jase counsel on how to play it if he really wants to stay and WIll really wants to go. He said Will won't give BB soundbites but Jase has already made Thursday's show for them.

Boogie just ripped off his mike punctuated with the f word and left the room. Howie is going to take a nap so he doesn't eat. Now marci is taking one too in a diff room. Jase is eating like a damn pig - grunting, slurping, etc. while he moans to george. "you promise me you'll vote me out?" Geroge says he can't promise that, Diane asks do you really want to leave. Jase says "I've got a three year old @ home and i missed her b'day monday to be in a house full of people that... you know"

Boogie tells Erica if you came here just for a check, you're cheating yourself. You leave with a friendship, that's worth more than $500,000. Then Mike and Jase have a mutual admiration party.

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Two cameras now on Howie in bed talking to Marci. One on George, alone, and one on Jase telling all who want to hear how much he loves Will, how he didn't expect to totally fall in love with Will and how that's legit.

*Switch* to 2 cameras on Danielle talking up Kaysar and Janie in BY. Two on James telling Jase how much he hates playing the game as a team sport and how hard it is to not take things personal and how much he wanted to strike the floaters, then Boogie and Will come in and Boogie tells James he's pissed because he (James) made a bad move, because he (Boogie) is a man of integrity and had given James his word in HOH room.

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2:20 pm BBT

HOH room with James, Jase & Mike

Jase says he's so mad, saying he had your back (James). James wants to be playins as an individual, not as a team. James thinks he will be put up with Janie on the block next week.

Jase tells James he wants the floaters out just as James does.

Cam goes to redrum with Di & Dani. Ultimate floater says Marc. CT hasn't been to Marc to bring him in. He wishes they had. Marc thinks they tried to throw him under the bus.

Cam returns to HOH Talk about James damaging the wood deck with the fire extinguisher. James tells Jase and Mike everyone's strategy. He is in a position of not liking sending people home. Jase tells James he was shocked James 'backdoored' him, but James and Mike tells him it wasn't a 'real' backdoor since it wasn't intentional.

Mike so angry cuz he says James knows he wasn't going after him. (James talking so fast cuz of his anger.) All three talking smack about the floaters Erika and Marcy, but nothing being said about Dani.

Mike keeps remind James that when he talked about James, he always called him as a distant part of their group. Until people can trust that you really want to break off with them..............

Jase brings up the 2 alliances, bounce Marcy, then bounce the next floater, then we can play head to head. Mike reminds them that sooner or later the floaters will win HOH.

Janelle rings and walks into HOH room and then the guys begin talking about almonds.

James begins again with the biggest issue is trust, and Mike says, too bad you couldn't trust us (CT) because you could've. We really meant that we were going to work with you, but it won't affect the badmiton contest.

Cams go to redrum with Dani, Marcy & Di

2:36 pm BBT

Dani telling them action speaks louder than words to me--talking about the others.

Cam back to HOH with Janelle saying she doesn't like floaters either, but..... (evidently talking about Marcy)

Mike is so frustrated cuz it was a better decision if you went with the other plan. You're not here to make friends, and somehow it might come back to bite you. James doesn't want to be bitten by Dr. Will. At least Jase got Marcy to vent. (Everyone quiet and munching on almonds)

Cams jump back to redrum with marcy talking about someone not having a problem with one thing he did. CG's comment wsas right on with coming back and make things right. Marcy doesn't want to be a sarcastic bitch anymore and lose his core values.

CG comes in with Marcy, Dani, Di. Marcy congratulates CG for his POV victory in competition. Dani sounds apologetic to CG also.

Cam back to HOH room. Howie knocks and comes in. Arguing about Howie not one of the ones the others want to come after. Jase gets off the bed when Howie sits on it with him. Howie and Mike left for a bit.

CG comes in to HOH room, looks around, then he says, "My stuff is burning" and leaves. Howie returns to HOH room.

Jase, unless you come up with something great............... Will sticks his head into the HOH to say:

The tarantula is molting.... he wasn't dead, he is now coming out of his skin. Everyone leaves the HOH room and goes down to the tarantula. Will says that the spider is molting his exoskeleton.

BB calls for Erika AND James to go to the DR. Erika thinks that it is very strange for a dual DR.

2:57 pm BBT

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Will in kitchen says Jase may be the only person other than Will he will be friends with after the game.

James/Diane start up to the HOH room, Will/Mike start calling Diane out about planning for next week.

James/Diane in HOH, James starts saying he made a bad decision based on his alliance's wishes... says they have become the Nerd Herd... whenever he(James) is talking with someone, Jan/Howie come up to HOH to be in on the conversation...

Diane starts asking why James made the decision to put up Jase if he doesn't feel it was the best decision for himself... James says he has been alligned with the others whether he wants it or not...

James says Happy Birthday to Sarah, sorry I messed it up...

Diane wants to go talk with Jase/Mike to figure out what they are doing/how she will vote

James: and I thought it was going to be a smooth week

(Diane leaves and Erika enters, asking to laydown)

E: don't try to do anything funny

J: are you kidding? you are crippled, and old!

E: only 6 years between us!

female BB: Erika... can you come to the storage room?

J: is it something I can get for her? since she is injured?

(Erika leaves, James moans about the game, says he is addicted to it!)

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3:00 pm BBT

BY Jase tells Dani & Kaysar that he is going to put Dani and Marcy up if he gets HOH. Dani wants to know why he would do that and Jase says James told him that. Those in the BY on sofa: Jase, Dani, Kay, Marcy. Jase tells them he is telling everyone of his intention, not just them. CG comes out now with his cooked slop and a drink.

Dani asks Jase if she can talk with him in private. Dani asks if that was true if "he" took the will out of you. Jase wants to play Survivor. He is meant to play Survivor. He thinks the people at home want him to be back home. It took it out of him by being nominated and he doesn't even fit in with anyone since he is like a floater. Dani asks if Heidi (Jase's gal) would want him to give up like that. Jase says he thinks Dani was gunning for him. He threw the competition because he didn't want to be one of the ones to take out some of the major players.

Dani telling Jase to fight for not being booted out. Jase asks who does he have right now in BB house, and he answers his own question of 'no one'. Do what's best for you in the game Dani says cuz everyone is working their own agenda. James put Jase up not for his agenda but for the group.

Jase & Dani calling this a backdoor, which Jase says it technically isn't, but he calls it a backdoor and doesn't like it. Jase likes Mike & Will, yet maybe they threw Jase under bus because it is Will's plan which he's done in the past. Jase again brings up how he thought Dani hated him, and Dani says, No, no, and how she would've liked to hang with him and have fun. She's not there faking the funk (whatever that means).

Jase talks about staying on the sofa when Nakomis left because he knows she was responsible for getting him out of house during his last season. Dani says she votes how she wants to vote and no one will change her mind, and if she votes Jase, she will look him in the eye and tell him. They shake hands, Dani walks off, and Jase looks at his nose in the window reflection... (he must've gotten hit in the nose during a competition.) CG remains on sofa in BY by himself, eating the remains of his slop which appears to have been baked. Jase walks past him and CG says, You really want to quit Jase? Jase says I really don't know... I freaked out... that's my MO. Jase sits on sofa with CG.

Jase says "Do I have your vote?" CG says "Do I have a couple of days?" Yeah Jase replies.

CG When you get upset and angry and say things you don't mean......... just chill out on it for a while.

Jase leaves to lift weights and CG says, talk to me after this has blown over, okay.

3:16 PM BBT

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Kaysar & Jase in Bugroom.

(I come in on middle of convo) Kaysar trying to smooth things over & talks about how sick of the floaters he is. Kaysar says he wants the floaters gone so they can have a real competition. He says they (the SOV) were between a rock & a hard place. He tells Jase he isn't going home because he is the most distrustful of CT. He says Will & Boogie are manipulative. Jase asks in doing this who do you want gone. Kaysar talks circles but says in doing this they wanted Jase gone. Kasyar said Jase wasn't even an issue until Will & Boogie's style of gameplay forced them to nom Jase. Jase says people can look at him like he is scary or he is a great ally. Kaysar is totally blaming CT for Jase's nom. Jase said his mom told him before he came that whatever he did to not get involved with Dr. Will :lol:

Jase asks if there is any way on his integrity that he can be saved this week & promise to go after floaters? Kaysar asked if Jase has talked to James. Jase says he joined CT because he wasn't really allowed to join SOV. Kaysar says he will talk to the others & see what they think.

Jase said he wants to put it on the line to Kaysar. Jase said he does not like Janelle at all. He hates what she does for a living. She disgusts him. He respects her gameplay but she is someone in their alliance he wants gone. He planned to play along with things & then about week 6 he wants to charge head on in the game. Kaysar says he has looked at things & he knows the SOV can't statistically stay together til the end. Jase asks Kaysar to look within himself & see if anything in the future could involve me & you. He would like to find something to commit to. He says in his season he committed to the 4 horseman & didn't go back on it because that's the kind of player he is. Kaysar says he will talk ot the others. Jase says the only one of their group he would go after is Janelle. Kaysar says if sometime later we do make an agreement (he repeats "if") he would try to look after him as well. Jase would like to get rid of Janelle, open the door for him to join the SOV, & then sever his ties w/CT who he really doesn't believe in. He asks Kaysar to think about it. Kaysar says he will go talk to James about it.

Jase says for Kaysar to please know that he gives his word & they shake on it that he can believe in it. Kaysar asks what about Boogie? Jase asks if he thinks Boog could win an HOH. Talk of the problem it would be if Boog wins an HOH. Jase says if I stay I will take out floater or Janelle (laughs) or we can work on that on. Kaysar says he will talk to James. They say buhbye.

Meanwhile elsewhere in the hacienda...

Marcy & Janelle laying in the redrum. Janelle whispers "Hey Marcellas, you are going to vote out Jase right?" I don't hear a reply from Marcy. Then BB tells him to check his mic. Marcy says quick lets have a conversation while my mic doesn't work. They look like they are trying to go to sleep.

Dr Will in the BY working out.

Diane sitting at kitchen table. People walking in & out of kitchen

Howie & Erika napping on the BY sofa.

CG & Boogie in the kitchen. Boogie says so let me get this straight... I am in an alliance with 2 people who don't want to stay. Wow great alliance I joined. They laugh.

(Feeds are jumping cause there's not much going on)

Diane says something about wanting to still talk to Will & Jase. Those 3 act like they want to go outside but then they see Jase out there & don't go. They are laughing & telling CG that he got the full BB experience today (talking about the POV ceremony)

James & Kaysar in HOH. They say they hope the whole thing makes TV (I assume they mean Jase's fit) James says he asked Erika what she thought of everything & she wouldn't even say one thing. James says that girl won't give her opinion on even one thing. Kasar says during the POV Boogie said he was going after floaters & Marcellas sealed his fate by saying he was going after the SOV. Kaysar says the SOV hasn't been going around stabbing people in the back. James says he has stabbed 1/2 of them in the back. Kaysar says good for you.

(I am out, gotta go to dinner, somebody jump in & get this Kaysar/James stuff)

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3:20 pm BBT

Yellow bug bdrm with Kaysar & Jase

Both talking about preconceived ideas about each other that might've been wrong. What Jase is true, accdg to Jase. Kay says Jase IS a man of his word since Kay is a good judge of character. Kay talking about how Jase 'vented' in BY (at a competition or the veto ceremony?). Point isn't that you're not trustworthy, etc., Jase was just stuck in the crossfire. Because Will and Mike playing a bullshit game, which has nothing to do with Jase. Kay wants to be a good guy and do the right thing. Jase talks about 4 horsemen, and not part of SOV 4, and not in HOH with them. Eventually people from season 6 will be leaving, and some will probably be staying. Jase believes in James and Kays gameplay. Jase says that when someone gets HOH, floaters go up there and sit and sit and sit, whereas Jase lets the HOH stay in room by self for a while. Jase telling Kay what he and James talked about earlier while in HOH room (around 2 - 2:30 pm BBT)

Kay tells Jase about why they put CG up on block--the floaters, and trying to get them to side up. But with CG winning POV, things changed. Kay gets mad with Marcy, and the others just.................

Jase again brings up the backdoor thing and doesn't like it (yet he really wasn't backdoored... James HAD to put someone else up in CG's place) Kay reminds how this is 3rd week and Jase brought up so much disarray in the house. Jase is more trustworthy than CT, and CT is so manipulative.

Jase: Do you want me or Will gone?

Kay: In doing this you were supposed to leave because.... You can go through house and try to save yourself. I want you to know that you were not even an issue until Boogie & Will put the squeeze. Because of their shady moves we didn't have any other options. Kay wants to see Will leave because he isn't doing anything, and they won't ever be able to trust him.

It wasn't "you", it was the guys you tagged around with, says Kay. Jase laughs how his mom said, "Whatever you do, stay away from Will!" Both Kay and Jase laugh.

Jase wants to know if there is anyway I can buy my safety this week? I will make this promise?

Kay What would we do with your allies?

J: There would only be one left so that's not strong. I could go after 2 floaters and not you guys.

K: True You talked with James? What did he say?

J: I was campgaigning for myself, told Janelle I would put her up when I win HOH, then I said the same thing to Marcy and Dani. James said he was thinking about working with me to keep me... something like that, you would have to ask him. Last night when I was with them, I wasn't allowed to join up with you guys (4). I won HOH with Janelle and you guys didn't include me, so I went in to something else.

Kay: I don't do the open door and try to ask for your game play.

Jase: There are people that barge in, but you didn't come to me and call me up to your room, I would've talked with you all, but CT did kind of approach me and I felt shunned by you (the 4).

Kay: You're missing home and you need to side up with someone to gel with. When people are floating... "whatever you want" "am I safe?" ...... I don't respect that. A lot of people in this house are trying to make sure that doesn't happen, we got thrown for a loop this week. I just don't know............... I'll talk with the others and see what they think.

Jase: The analysis of my gameplay is, I was kind of with you and unite with people that made it through and try to get with who at that point.................. (doesn't finish his sentences) Whispering... I personally don't like Janelle at all. She disgusts me. She is someone would want gone, I respect her gameplay, but I don't agree with alot of things. I respect James gameplay.

Kay: I sensed that the game will be shaped differently. I know for a fact that the 4 won't stay intact, and I was looking at that and was looking at who is capable, and I've looked at you. This week, you were NOT supposed to be going up. Now you are so now what??? I don't even know. On paper everything looks fine, Will wants to go home, Mike isn't trustworthy, yet Jase is... how do you know what is best in the end? ............... Janelle keeps pacing back and forth here.

Jase: I don't ever do that... If you were in here talking to someone I'd be out in the pool. I want to commit to my word. Like my season I hated one of the horsemen but I was committed to him.

Kay: I'll talk to the others to see where they stand.

Jase: As far as you guys with the group, it's just Janelle that I want gone. You can share that with them if you want.

Kay: IF we make an agreement, and you stay intact, that means we look out for you as well.

Jase: I was hoping that someone would win the competition so that someone else would've been up.

They shake and still continue to talk.... Kay saying that Heidi must love him and that going by watching him on TV Jase was so crazy that Kay didn't like him which is not the case in person. Jase asks for him to work something out. They shake again, Kay walks out of room, Jase changes clothes.

3:50 pm BBT

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