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July 22 Live Feed Updates

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9:19pm BBT

Kitchen: Diane, Danielle & Will (CG nearby)

Will & Danielle are cooking fries and CG and Diane are cutting them from potatoes. There is a lot of oil in the pan.

Dani says she wants Mexican food really bad.

Will loves refried beans

Bookie enters the kitchen and then leaves .. pool stick in hand.

James, Erika and Boogie are playing pool in the BY.

9:23pm BBT

All 4 feeds on pool table in BY

Mike, Erika & Kaysar playing

Erika is doing really well!!

Mike says "I hate it when I'm in the diary room and....."



9:25pm BBT FOTH

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james and danielle in the HOH room:

danielle: you and i have this mutual understanding

james: i talked to you know who about that

danielle: who? marcellas?

james: no.....no, the powers that be

aaaaaand: FIRE

james: i never got to show my competitive nature last year


danielle: you know, lisa played the perfect game our season, she got the 500K


danielle: i was like will, you will be here next week

james: you need to tell will to come up here

james:kaysar howie and janelle are people that stick by their word

danielle:i dont believe anything marcellas says,if marcellas wins hoh im dead woman walking

danielle:ok, so i need to talk to boogie and let him know the votes are secured

james:i think boogie is such a distrustful person it disrupts.....boogie's a f-up

james:chicken george.....i feel so bad for him, if i was his kid id be so embarassed

danielle:its so funny because people think you and i are in an alliance together, but we have never said the A word...but jase is so focused on it

james: well chicken george said 'well i was forced into an alliance'

danielle: what alliance

james: he's with chilltown

james:you and i like playing a game of deception

james:he(will) has got to understand he's not going home...

(im missing transcribing a lot, they keep saying the same stuff over and over....but basically danielle,james,and will with this 'unspoken' alliance, although they keep repeating it!)

danielle:i cant believe im still here, thank you james

james:youre welcome

james:alison named three people that would vote for me, and that was dumb

danielle:as much as i dont think i can win this game, i didnt want to be the first (first out, like alison)......continue talking about alison

danielle:people wondered why i denied i was coming to allstars, i got a call from amy that alison wanted to be in an alliance with me and i said i dont want to do an alliance with you (they went to fire, but not until after she finished that sentence)

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back from fire, now its erika and james in HOH...talking about upcoming veto competition

james: george said "oh duh, veto competition is tommorrow?"

erika: (on bikinis)...i know my role, you know yours (meaning her role is to wear bikinis, and his is to win competitions) :P

james: i need some sleep, i have no idea what the competition is tommorrow (he sure is wired and talkative, i dont think he'll be asleep until his HOH is over!)

Fire again for a few seconds

erika:and you know im never coming after you, thats a given

james:after tommorrow i will be able to relax and get drunk, but this competition tommorrow is very important to me maintaining the way i want things to go....maybe you,howie,and janelle get to spin...my worst case secaniro is boogie gets a spin and takes will off, then someone might vote to keep george...that would really F every thing up

erika:he's not going to win it

james:are they all having fun in the hot tub?

erika:they're talking about movies.....

james:did you see marcellas get up and kiss me, i dont think that's ever happened at nominations

erika:do you think george even gets it?

james:i think he understands more than we see, i know he was all over the web reading everything

james:CG has lived the past six years on BB information...i could be completely wrong, but he had to have been preparing for this

james:i cant believe i won the HOH, it shouldnt take 12 times to win one, when are you going to win one?

erika:when i need it ( :rolleyes: )

james:the closer it gets to sequester, the more nervous he gets(will)...

erika:dana was actually in sequester longer than she was in the house

james:were you surprised that she didnt make it in?

erika: i thought it would be her and alison or me in alison

james: oh right, it couldnt be the three of you

james:i was kinda shocked that they put boogie in, but now i know why

erika:i know, just look at him

james:im glad ivette is not her, as much as i like her, everyone would have looked at us as an immediate alliance

.......Fire.....just a few seconds

erika:i cant technically play the game like i did....here, im like free floating

james:i like the way you are playing, if you get to the end people would have to say you are playing the game....i think you are playing very smart...but you know its only week 3 and it feels like week 10

james:its so weird this is the first time i havent been nominated every week

erika...laughing...that was great

james:its not great when you are that person

james:george's attitude toward me has definately made this an easier decision....if he were just a nice guy bursting into tears it would be more difficult, but he's not

erika:i dont think its going to change (the plan to vote george out)

james: i have those three (season six).....danielle cant because she gave CG her word, marcellas said he would, im sure diane votes the way i want, obviously jase and boogie vote to keep will, and i have you

erika:did you hear jase came downstairs and said i know who threw me under the bus

james:..............(sorry, he rambled off a lot of nothing)

all four cams are still on james and erika...and they've dwindled off to rambling and bored me now.....im off to bed , nite

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[Hi, it's my bedtime. I hope you'll all keep your eyes open and your keyboards clicking for me until I can return tomorrow. Here's my last post on the Big Brother Page:]

James didn't want to do any drinking tonight so he would be at his best for the veto competition tomorrow, and he wished that George would do some drinking tonight. James still thinks that George has spent the last six years studying all the seasons of Big Brother and is the ultimate Big Brother historian. [Give me a break, I'm a living example that you can't make a living by knowing Big Brother trivia.]

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Boogie and Will going to bed, Will saying he hates Kaysar and wants to leave soon. Boogie convincing him to stay.

Big Brother sternly tells them twice to put on their mics. Will says "Suck this"

Kaysar and Jase come into the bedroom, laugh about George sleeping and snoring on the floor in the first bedroom.

After Kaysar leaves, Jase and Will start talking about Janelle. Jase calls her a Bar Whore, Will can't understand why people like her, thinks she is stupid. Jase says he will nominate her and call her a Bar Whore to her face. Will starts to say America should boycott Cristal (because Janelle sells it) and we get flames.

Jase continues ragging on Janelle, starts a rap about her moving to Miami, doing drugs, and becoming a prostitute. All the while Boogie and Will are cracking up. And we get flames.

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Erika / James in HoH room after Dani leaves, discussing the strategy of the game. James insists he likes the way Erika is playing the game. She won't be considered a floater. Doesn't like the way CG has spoken to him. She asks about who he has as solid voters....he talks about the people who he knows will vote for CG. Boogie & Jase (and Dani) will probably vote for Will.....everyone else will probably vote to evict CG. He thinks Will is the perfect person to put up against CG because he won't get all scared and worried later. King James tells Erika she is one person he definitely wants in the house. Talk about when he & Sara were on BB together.

FOTH............. <does the flame dance, bored> :rolleyes:

Back. James comments he likes being HoH. Talk about Nak getting voted out. Both were scared of her as a strong player. Can't decide why everyone wanted her in.

Marcellas arrives (in robe) ....they talk about CG being ok.....M says he's ok...laying on the floor asleep. Will came in and then Boogie all in the bathroom....M says Boogie made a HUGE fart. Will thinks he's now going to be nominated each week. James asked M if he feels comfy still voting out George. M primps saying he hasn't looked this good in years. Happy with his new malnurished look! Talk about shrinking pores! <ick>

Marci says Jase feels like he's going to be backdoored. Jase feels like a caged animal. James says Jase's game is intimidation and is a smart way to play. Marci disagrees....James offers him peanut M&M's...but it's after midnite so he doesn't touch them!

Cam switches to Jase and Boogie talking.....Jase says he's just gotta :get the f**k outta here." They're in the BR altogether. Lights are out.....someone snorts.....silence......Jase laughs and says "Did you see CG on the floor??" (they all laugh).

Jase says Janie's a wh**re, and says a few more derrogatory things about her. Jase is undressing as he talks to the camera to America........pretends he's talking to us all. He continues to bash Janelle. He then says he's going to take her out....doesn't want a bar wh**re in the house....do you want to marry someone like that?" Will, Boogie laugh. Jase strips and wraps towel around himself.

Jase interviews Will now....asks him about what kind of girl he'd drink champagne with. Gets out of hand and BB does FOTH on them. <crude conversation>

Jase is still going off on Janelle when they get back. He continues to look right into the camera and completely bash Janelle. The other 2 still continue to laugh. *** Too vulgar for me to continue posting on. Jase is obviously drunk.

Meanwhile, a larger group accumulates in the HoH room. Janey, Marci, Dani, Erika, Howie, Diane, Kaysar. Diane would like it to be her room to "make passionate sex with a guy" in.....

James offers candy to everyone and they all chow-out and sayt they are all glad to be together. Howie licks Erika's wrist. Janey says she's the best kisser ever. Teased Kaysar about sleeping 8 hours. Janey thinks kissing makes a girl fall in love. The girls say kissing makes them want to have sex with them. Dani says it's all about the kissing. Dani says women are very good at faking it.

FOTH on complete quad-cam....could the whole house be drunk??

Jase is rappin' (badly) to the camera. Jase stumbles around the room.

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Jase continues rapping about Janelle, her implants, her being a prostitute. Boogie says tomorrow it will be on You Tube. Jase goes on that its America's fault you voted for a whore. He ends with Goodnight, I love you Jesus. He is egged on by Boogie. They finally settle down to sleep.

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Jase has been freestyle rapping for like half an hour, mostly about Janelle. Kaysar comes into the room, so Jase starts rapping about having a farm(Very funny stuff. Hope someone captured this for the clips on the homepage)

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(approximately 12:30 - 1:22AM BB time) Diane, and Janelle joined James and Danielle in the hoh room, Erika & Marcellas were already there. Janelle was/is so drunk that she fell off the bed while trying to catch almonds with her mouth. Her breasts kept popping out of her bikini and everyone tried to calm her down. Finally Marcellas took her under his wing (arm) to care for her, "my god, what have they done to you? honey, where's your lipstick?" It was hilarious. Then, howie joined them and of course things turned sexual. They got a vase and named it "Maggie", and started enacting various sexual acts on it as if it were her. They were showing how loose she was... first a finger, then a hand, then Janey's foot.

Now, they have moved downstairs to join Jase rapping.

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The boys bedroom, Boogie, Jase rapping to a roomful of HG. Lots of screaming and approval. Raps have moved on to more innocuous subjects.

Dani, Kaysar, Howie, Erika, Janelle enjoying the show. Others encouraged to rap.

Trying to get Will to rap, begin singing go Caspar its your birthday

Will: I'm not gonna scream, I'm not gonna shout, come this Thursday vote my ass out.

Dani sounds very drunk, calling for Will to rap. Janelle says "Come on little Willie"

Will sounds exhausted and tired of all the screaming and loudness in the room.

Diane is also present, her and Janelle try to get Will up.

Jase goes to get Chicken "Floors" up to come rap.

George joins in the fun, rags a little on James.

Says James wil get his I hope its quick cause he's a little pr*ck :blink:

Danielle very loud, someone asks who let Monica in here. Danielle tries to rap, very weak. Will boos her.

Group shouting for Boogie (who hasn't been drinking) to get up and rap. He says he will do it if everyone clears out afterward.

Mike raps, about the HG, claims an ear ache. Dani and Howie the last to leave.

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Meanwhile...30-35 mins. later, Jase is still rappin'...this time about a barn and Allah (and a whole lot more!) Boogie and Will are ROTFL as Jase climbs on a footstool to keep singing.

The girls in James' room are talking about the different kinds of waxing ....women talk....sex talk (as Kaysar called it....when HE went down to tell Jase, Will & Boogie what was happening in the HoH room. Kaysar then heads back up to the HoH room, to tell those there what the guys were doing. Do I see a traitor in the crowd? Kaysar says he sees Jase rappin' about some barn, and Howie and Janelle start doing a little rappin'.....

The room suddenly empties out and Dani, James & Howie are alone in HoH. James likes his mousepad.

The others end up downstairs wanting to hear Boogie rap. He doesn't take much encouragement. Boogie changes mics and starts again, rapping about the BB'ers.....

Dani and Howie hit the kitchen, but then they join the others in the rap room. Jase is coaxed into getting back onto the stool, a barrage of barnyard rappin'.....the girls scream in laughter, and everyone claps wildly. They try to coax Kaysar into rappin'. He mumbles something....

Marci is in his jammies on the BY swing.

Now the room tries urging Will to rap. No one is safe (or sober), and next it's Howie's turn. Says he can't rap, but tires about 2 sentences. Back to coaxing Will, "Little Willie, little Willie, little Willie!" "No, I'm tired....I have an ear ache, I broke a rib" More laughing.

James peacefully brushes his teeth in his own HoH bathroom...missing all the excitement.

Marci is doing swing aerobics in the BY by himself.

CG comes in wiping the sleep from his eyes and to everyone ranting "CHICKEN GEORGE." He insists he has no idea how to rap. He's on the stool. CG does his best....laughing more than rapping! Everyone screams because he wasn't bad. Dani's up on the stool now....everyone is chanting "ONE MORE SONG" trying to get Boogie up and wildly cheer him when he crawls outta bed. He wants everyone to clear out after he raps....party over. Everyone complains. Boogie rantin' about all the BB'ers....random giggles. (Jase is actually better, although way more vulgar!)

Whew! The crowd slightly disperses, still hyped over the rapfest.

<gives fingers a rest>

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Janelle, Diane, Ericka, Dani, Kaysar, Jase, Howie go to backyard. Marcellas on the hammock. Girls hang out on the couch. Joke about an all girl alliance.

Girls call Kaysar over, promise no more sex talk. Girls ask for the hooka.

Erica and Kaysar go to fix it, Howie continues to try rapping. Marcellas joins the group for a minute, goes back to the hammock.

Conversation turns to little Howie.

They talk about Chicken George calling James a d**k and a pr**k during his rap.

Talk turns to Dani's sex life

(OK, I'm out of here)

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2am BBT

Hooka Time!

Kaysar Time!

Kaysar and all the girls (his harem) are in the BY drinking and smoking the hooka. They pass it around so much they worry that they need a hooka-condom. Erika puffs, and they coax Kaysar into doing a little puffin' too. They like watching him, and comment that he's hot and "when ya got it, ya got it." He blushes, and puffs again, but doesn't do any talking....just a shy smile....eating up all the attention. Diane, Dani and Erika continue to tease him as Janelle finishes her cig and heads off to bed.

Diane asks him what the perfect woman for him would be. Dani answers for him. Diane says she's got the values Dani keeps naming, including treating herself to McDonalds some days. Kaysar says he at first like brunettes, but...... Dani prompts him about a girl he's interested in. Dani begs for him to tell them if she's blonde....he won't say....they ALL bug him to say if she's blonde. They get him to B R E A K ! ! !

The girl Kaysar's seeing is a BLONDE!!!! (but, he says she's just a friend....yah, right!)

<heart broken> :(

Darn! FOTH! ....always at the good parts!

"Sorry America, all you Penelope Cruz wannabe's can give up" <-----Erika

Now they want to know how he met her.

Meanwhile, Marci and Janelle pass in the bathroom. Janelle has a facial mask on.

The girls are still grilling Kaysar....asks if he met this girl at work.....(she's a client) - (freelance graphic design he does.) Clients have things to do with the Web. Dani is incredible at grilling someone. She keeps on him until he smiles...trying not to give out anymore info. "Why are you scared to talk about her?" <dani> (More smiles and sly avoidance by Kay)

Diane/Janelle showering.


Dani still grilling Kaysar.....Erika puffin' the hooka....they're both guessing names of the girl. He says there is nothing major about this girl. Howie asleep next to Erika. Kaysar wants to go to bed, to avoid the questions. He insists the only thing that's true that he's told them is that she is BLONDE! Now they're guessing where he met her again....Erika asks..."at the zoo??" Kaysar laughs that the first chance he gets to evict Dani, he's going to (becuz of all the questions). Erika insists "we will break him." He says all this makes him feel uncomfy. Dani runs off to pee. Erika says "people want to know the man behind the curtain." He just wants certain things "locked up." Howie wakes up, but rolls over. Erika says...."Kaysar, you're just soooo mysterious!"


Dani's back! Immediately starts questioning him again about the girl's name. (now peeps, do you REALLY want to know all this?)

FOTH! (of course!)

Kaysar runs off....asking Erika to take care of his hooka. Dani and Erika still wants him to open up...and again insists they'll break the guy...hound him until he spills all.......for his millions of fans!


Dani & Erika continue chatting about Kaysar....obsessively.

MORE FOTH!!!!!!!

FOTH, FOTH, FOTH......c'mon cameramen!

Nite, all......I got you the BIG scoop on Kaysar! Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!

2:51am - BBT

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3:42 am BBT Howie and Dani seems to be in a confrontation. Appears that Howie was asking her how she was going to vote, and she said she would vote for whoever she wants.

D: What will you give me? (Too bad I missed this :( )

Howie walking around asking about "Where's Erika" Howie STILL walking around dark house after many minutes.

Dani in kitchen cleaning up.

Howie STILL walking around in the dark.. finally lying in big bed with 2 gals, Marcy on the sofa.

Huge burp from Dani in the kitchen.

BBT 3:48 am

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BBT 3:54 am Dani in kitchen being excessively noisy. A sleepy Erika walks in.

Erika: What the hell you doing? I've got earplugs in and I can still hear you.

Dani: I'm sorry, I'm sorry... I'll be more quiet.

Dani burbs loudly again. Water has run the whole time she is doing dishes and walking around the kitchen washing counters. Incessant water running. More banging and clanking of dishes and pots. (She hasn't been any quieter since Erika told her she was so noisy.) Went to trash can several times and lets it bang shut after tossing something in. Water is still running.

It appears she has excessive energy after that Howie talk, which I missed except for the tail end where she said, "What will you give me?" while chuckling evilly.

BBT 4:00 am

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BBT 4:10 am Dani walks to picture board standing there guzzling las of her beverage in a can, goes to trash, throws in empty can, lets lid bang shut of trash, and back to board. She goes outside in BY and walks around. She is talking outloud while outside, but even though all my volume is up, I cannot hear what she is saying. (what's up with not hearing her?)

It's as though she is in the DR, but in BY and she is going through her game plan. BB turn up the volume there instead of all the snoring.

"I want the best players to win in this game.... best player.... " She is pacing around spa. "My ass on the line....stupid for me....

All this strategy Dani is letting us in on, but we cannot hear it. :(

BBT 4:16 am

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BBT 4:20 am Dani STILL walking around BY speaking outloud her strategy, but audio is so low I cannot make it out. "Whining, crying.....HOH control...I have no idea..." Now pacing behind the BY red sofa and stooped down facing the corner. She is smoking a cigarette now moves to where her head is hidden behind the sofa.

BB gives us audio! (altho she has quit talking about her strategy to herself)

Dani, after several minutes, is still hunched behind the sofa in the corner--head between the sofa and the house so we cannot see her head. (Did she pass out?) Oh! She is beginning to move. She sits up, checking for the cam out the side of eyes. Gets up holding the butt of the cigarette and places it in her pocket. Walks back to spa, lightly stumbles, kicks ball around near the pool, and back to the spa. Continues pacing throughout yard.

BBT 4:30 am Dani goes into house to the bath taking off her mic which didn't work anyway (or audio men went to sleep leaving her volume low) She went to board and touched two pics... one in second row second from left and one on top row first on left while saying "Nakomis". Walked straight to bed and there she lies.

BBT 4:34 am

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:P All the kids are fast asleep(passed out)

It is going to be a great veto comp today.

Kaysar was the only one not drinking... :rolleyes:

Will keep eyes and ears opent o guest!

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