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July 13 Picture Thread


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Please post screen captures from feeds and any pictures of interest in this thread.

Please include small captions explaining them.

Conversation WILL be deleted. Please use the Big Brother Forum for conversation.

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Elle's photos

I guess it's technically the 13th, though these pics were taken while it was still the 12th for the HGs (10-11pm).

- Marcellas talking about a soft core porn movie that was shot up in Canada with he and Lisa and how Lisa refused to show her breasts so a stand in was used. The boys want us to look up and see if that's why she didn't make it for the show.

- Howie's @ss crack

- the HGs all eating PB and J because there was no food left in the house, what was left, was rotten

- Will, Boogie and Janelle making fun of Howie's reaction when he found out it was a double eviction. Apparently they're planning to react as such tomorrow on the live show regardless of what surprises Julie throws at them.

- Diane waving to us

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A foursome plays pool after HOH competition


Dani, looking relieved after HOH competition


George cooks dinner after HOH competition


He's just co cute when he wants to be!


Erika and Marcellas are whispering so low that it's downright suspicious


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