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July 17 Live Feed Updates

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Janelle, Howie, & James in the HOH acting silly & cutting up.

Janelle: so here's the deal. we have to tell Kaysar the plan is to keep Nak

James: Kaysar didn't tell us the plan

Howie: I didn't know there was a real deal w/chilltown

James: I didn't either

Janelle: no matter what. our alliance isn't breaking up

James says Boogie told him that the SOV would have been nom by them but Kaysar is the good guy & saved them. Janelle says chilltown sux. They say getting rid of Nak later won't be hard. James & Howie tell Janelle that she is the greatest player in BB history. Janelle laughs confidently & raises her hand in the air. They say CG is scared of them & Jase is so with chilltown. They watch on the HOH TV CG hanging out w/chilltown. They say Jase is on the show to get famous but James says nobody gets famous on BB that they all look like tools. They leave the HOH.

Now Janelle, Kaysar, Erika, Marcy, Nak on the BY sofas. Janelle smoking. Erika says she quit in college because a relative of hers dies of emphysema. HG keep mentioning peoples names & we keep getting FOTH.

(Nothing much of interest going on)

The hookah is out. Boogie says he doesn't like smoking just like Kaysar won't drink. They are trying to get another 6 pack out beer out of BB. Someone starts singing & FOTH.

Inside James & Howie hanging out in the LR. They are rehashing BB6 (again :rolleyes: )

FOTH again

(I am off to bed. nite all)

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Most HG outside.

Kaysar brought out the hookah.

Nakomis has bright red hair. It's Nak, Kay, Erica and Marcellas outside. Kaysar puts on his shades! and starts the hookah prep.

Janelle comes out, takes out a cig. lights up.

Kay says he stopped smoking regular cigarettes.

Erica says she quit a long time ago. (89?) her whole family were big smokers she says. Janelle asks how old she is. (I didn't catch the answer).

janie says her family smokes - a lot of her family is hunting fishing rednecks. Marcellus asks if it was like Brokeback Mountain and says "I wish I could quit you Kaysar!"

Kaysar smoking hookah and tending to it.

marcellas is transfixed by it.

Erica is trying to peer pressure Boogie into smoking the hookah. She says there's no tar, etc. He says no, he doesn't want to smoke tobacco, he can't explain it. Then says he does'nt ask why kaysar doesn't drink, he just respects it. Meanwhile Kay doesn't look like he cares, he is puffing away happily.

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James, Janelle, Howie, and Danielle are in the bug room talking about what to do as far as the vote goes... Danielle is going to talk to Nak in the morning... They are thinking hard about voting for Nak either way...

10:22 BBT James says he has to give birth to a small child and Howie asks to go before him... He lets Howie go first... He is now whispering to Janelle and I can't tell what they are saying...

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Marcellas and Janelle in the HoH room... Marcellas is whining about the whole thing not being fun... Janelle saying she didn't want to be the girl that sat in the HoH room and bitched...

Janelle asks Marcellas what they should do and Marcellas says that Kaysar isn't the one that is going to use the veto, Erika is... He says "I trust Danielle more than I do Dr. Will and Boogie... How the hell did that happen? The one person I know will cut my heart out and eat it"...

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The hookah is out agian tonight... Diane has really been smoking it tonight... Diane, and Erika are all going inside right now to change into their bikinis for the hot tub... Danielle, George, Dr. Will and Boogie outside talking... They are still drinking...

Howie and someone else (I can't tell how) are playing pool... Marcellas, Jase, Janelle, and Kaysar are in the HoH room still talking about nothing really...

Edited to add that it James that Howie was playing pool with...

10:57 BBT the ladies are in their bikini's... Even Nak joined in... They are getting into the hot tub...

11:05 BBT Boogie tells George to go get Jase... George asks where he is and Boogie tells him he is in the HoH room and tells him not to knock to just walk right in... George does ring the bell...

The hot tub is too hot for them... They are adding cold water... George comes back down and says they are sitting up there stratagizing right now... They weren't... they were talking about the fact that everyone is drinking and acting like kids...

Jase now joins... He says I was sitting with the Queen Bee... Boogie is trying to get Erika and Diane to let him put whipped cream on them and let him lick it off... Diane agrees... Boogie really has a face full of whip cream now... Now Nak is letting him do it to her arm and we get fire...

Feeds come back and the whip cream is gone...

Howie has now joined them in the HoH room... Jase is telling everyone that Janelle and Marcellas were sitting up there talking when he went up...

Fire again... Feeds are back... Nothing really going on now... Someone just said I am glad I am not in the red room tonight... They all have bad gas from the oatmeal...

Boogie says ok lets think of a game that doesn't involve whip cream...

They then start talking about Dr. Will and his girlfriend... Saying that when Boogie and Will first saw her Boogie said I think thats the girl that was on that show and won 2 mil go hit up on that... Will says I will have her in my bed before the night is over...


Feeds are back and they are trying to get Diane to take a body shot off Boogie... He keeps saying they gave us the beer come on... He keeps saying I'll be respectful... Diane says I gave you tounge action I don't think so... Dr. Will says it's his 36th birthday give him a thrill... Diane is laying on the side of the hot tub so Boogie can suck beer from her navel... She says Happy Birthday...

Dr. Will says Boogie tell that story of that girl that kicked you in the nuts and you chocked... Boogie says I didn't get kicked in the nuts...

Feeds switch to Danielle and James... They are talking about what to do with the votes again... James says that he has to do what's right for him and Danielle says right cause Kaysar's doing just that... James says Kaysar isn't putting up Chilltown and I have to vote out Nak...

Feeds switch back to the hot tub and Danielle has gone back outside to clean up...

Boogie is now trying to get Erkia to do a body shot... She says no and Boogie says aaahhh another floater...

Jase says I just want one person to go home then I'll go home... I don't care...

They start talking about how bored they are again...

Boogie asks if Nak wasn't with Donald would she get crazy and take her top off... Nak says I did that last year... But Me and Donald are pretty serious...

Talk about Queen Bee being Janelle...

They start talking about making a deal with Kaysar if Erika uses the veto... Dr. Will says he's willing to risk it... Erika says that if I use it it will be one of use sitting here, It sure won't be someone in the house...

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They are now talking about trying to get Kaysar to put up one of his group... Erika say he ain't doing that... Boogie says it don't take much to say true or false... They are trying to talk Erika into asking Kaysar what will happen if she uses it... Dr. Will says just tell him that the whole house is gunning for S6 and if you do this (putting up Marcellas) it will buy you time... Everyone says it won't work... So now they are going to talk with Danielle about it... they ask if there is anyway to save Nak and Diane... Danelle says on the only way to do so would be the veto is used and the person that replaces them is voted out of the house... They ask her what the chances are and Danielle says no way in hell...

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Marci, Janelle, howie, james trying to talk kaysar into getting rid of boogie and will

Will and boogie were talking crap about janie in the hot tub...saying

"why won't she sit next to us" "why won't she come down here" Boogie also called janie "the queen bee"

Janie says they make her feel uncomfortable...she thinks he's an awful person


"Don't let these guys get to you"


"They feed off it , it's like highschool"

2 sceniros going on

Get rid of nakomis or get rid of Will


"What do you want kaysar"


"I say we get rid of boogie now"


"Boogie is trying to be the mastermind in this game"

Kaysar keeps trying to justify not putting up will and boogie and leaving nik and diane up.

james janelle and marci keep trying to push it into his head


"My thing is we've evicted on person ...you need to allow the game to play out. We dont know whats going to happen. We're going to try our best next week.....


"I see the logic in keeping the big targets in the house"


"If they would just shut up I wouldnt mind keeping them in the game."

talking about chicken george making it to the end


"I'm winning the next HOH. I want treats and cookies and to nominate them."

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11:35 pm BBT

talking about jase and nakomis


"You either keep nakomis vote out diane ...get her to help us take out chill town.."


"You think diane is a weak player? You are all getting played."


"I think diane should go home. And nakomis as week goes by ..people will start going after each other....and if you know nakomis she targets over the top people and all that




"To chilltown she doesnt even exist. If she won HOH she would of came after the 4."


"The game changes ...the power shifs...you have to plan accordingly..you need to plan 3 moves ahead."


"Nakomis will be the biggest threat down the line"


"She is the bigger threat down the line when our numbers are diminished"


"Diane will go to where the power is. Nakomis thinks with the numbers.

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11:47 PM BBT

Diane and Nakomis talk


" I want to know why Diane should go...or should Nakomis go"


"At first I wanted Nakomis should go...but now i'm leaning towards Diane.

getting heated between James and Kaysar...can't type this fast lol


"You still haven't answered my question yet"

JASE COMES IN NOOOOOO it was getting good


"Kaysar ..will and boogie want to talk to you about the game. I swear."


"IF they want to talk to you have them come up here"


"Are you ****** kidding me"


"Will and boogie are freaking out"

James is going off




"Will and boogie are freaking out and what there going to do is say WHAT ARE YOU GUYS TALKING ABOUT AND THEY WANT TO EXPOSE THE 4. If they play that game THEY HAVE TO GO AND YOU HAVE TO WEAKEN THEM. THEY OVERPLAYED THEIR HAND AND SHOWED THEIR GOING CRAZY. Let them freak and not know whats going on in this week.


"Show of hands who wants nakomis out?"

James Howie Marci and James raise hands

"She is the smartest person in this game"

11:54 BBT


"They keep sening punks (jase) up here to do their deeds. This is there moment they showed there cards

Kaysar comes back

"They tried to call me out. They sat me down and said " were sitting around and thinking about who to send out...nakomis or diane...And they were sitting right there putting on a show. He said he called them out heres the story


"We cant figure out a reason to send these ladies home."


"What are you implying? Who should go home? Who deserves to be here more?"

back to talking to the group


"Dont talk to me about opening lines of communaction they are open. Then they started walking away.. Then will said " FINE I'LL GO UP THIS WEEK. Kaysar " DONT TRY TO PLAY ME...STOP TRYING TO BE THE SUPERHERO AND TRYING TO SAVE THE LADIES....I'LL BE UPSTAIRS THINK ABOUT IT..He made himself look like a fool.

"You cannot let them get to you.


"Take out the buddy"


"I dont agree"


"You dont nominate him you weaken him...by putting up his main guy.. HE THREW DOWN THE GAUNTLET!"


"Based on my gameplay of last year I DO NOT AGREE."


"You are playing the same game you played last year. You went after james when you should of went after a huge threat like maggie"



they start talking about bb6...april and etc to just look like random talk....


"Im sorry i didn't want to come as harsh"


"It was honest..its your right"

(sorry for typos)

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Booger: Marcellas thinks hes mean with all his gay fu$$king black ass :o I will Fu$$cking serve him tonight (okay that sounded gay) You know why Marcellas came and sat with us and had dinner and he was like yeah I'm down with you guys (im assuming chilltown) and hes now trying to be the monkey bitch :angry: ...Im gonna fu$$kin service him tonight (umm okay still sounds gay)

You with me? (talking to will)

Will says No...I'm a doctor and I have to go back to work after this....

Jase and mike go to the HOH room and feeds go back to the hot tub...

Erica Alert: Erica did eat today WOOO HOOOO

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Mike Booger just went to the bathroom and is now back in bed 8:15 am atlanta time ;)

alot of snoring and tossing and turning :unsure:

All of this snoring is making me sleepy.....peace OUT!!!

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Good Morning House Guests The VETO ceremony will take place in 2 hours.

It is 10:10 BB time and alla re still sleeping..WOW


Marcellas is UP"

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11:12am bbt - All 4 Feeds in the kitchen/dining area. I see Diane, nakomis, erika, danielle, james in the kitchen. Diane says she's goin right back to bed after 'this crap's over"

It looks like CG has made a large "slop pancake". Nak and DAni are talking about whether you should put preparation H under your eyes to reduce puffiness, or whether it's just better to have the puffy eyes.

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All feeds back on nak and jan outside. Jan drinking coffee. They are both thinking that they for sure have lost weight on the slop diet.

(lol) they have been saying that CBS should advertise the diet on CBS.com. Nak said you can lose weight and not even exercise.

Erika comes out and joins them and says someone is singing inside and wont stop.

E - my throat is scratchy and kinda hurts from last night I think (the hookah)

N - yeah, you were snoring a little last night.

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11:41am bbt - all 4 feeds on the bathroom with Marc, Dani, and Erika doing ADLs . James in the toilet

Nak and Diane in the red room - Diane asks Nak if she is gonna say a speech. Nakomis doesn't see the point in it.

N - I dunno, I hope she uses it

D- kaysar and janelle stood in front of the memory wall for hours talking last night. i dont konw if they were pre-game strategizing or what

N - i dont know

D - no one has the balls to use the veto

N - hopefully erika will

D - CG should go up just for bein a friggin idiot. he's such a fuckin kiss ass. i cant even stand it. Erika already said to me once 'i wish you'dve won the veto diane' - which means she isn't going to use it right?

N - dunno. you never know, she might use it.

Nakomis says that it was a fun week either way and that whoever stays...stays...

D - god forbid they put people in semester so they could bring someone back

N - I dont think they would do that 2 years in a row.

Diane lends a general thanks to BB : thanks BB, some of us got on time like we were told, so we're reaadddyyy whenn you arrrre."

F3 & 4 show janelle, marc, CG, Erika, will, howie, james, will, and kaysar in the kitchen eating/milling around

switch to Marc and Kaysar outside on red couches.

Talk in the house in general is that there is going to be a lot of sleeping in the house after the veto ceremony....

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Erika walked in... told Diane/Nak "I wish I could use the veto on both of you"...

mumbles of agreement...

then Nak says "it only takes one"

(inferring that if Erika would use the veto on one of them, whoever Kaysar replaces could get voted out and that way both Diane/Nak survive the week?)

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12:14 bbt (just for the sake of picking on BB/CBS)

just had the pleasure of watching Marc/Kaysar sitting outside on all 4 feeds saying absolutely nothing...

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