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Friday, August 26, 2022 - Big Brother 24 Live Feed Updates

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3:57AM BBT 

Kyle and Turner are talking in the HoHR about Michael and Brittany playing both sides of the house. Kyle says that he is still bothered by Michael picking Monte over him for Brochella when he knew Kyle didn't have a realtionship with Terrance at all. They discuss that Jospeh revealed to them the trio of Michael/Taylor/Brittany as something they could ask Monte if he knew about. Kyle says that if they screw Terrance and Alyssa, they will be screwed on that side of the house. Kyle, "but, Dude, this group of players are not strong players." (meaning Alyssa/Terrance are not good at competitions.)

Turner: I fucking love having her in the house, but putting my faith in what was happening to my left was crazy.

They discuss scenarios of getting Monte back on their side and targeting Michael/Brittany/Taylor. 

Turner: We have to make Monte see the light some way

Kyle says get Monte back on their side but target Michael/Taylor/Brittany "Put of Michael and Brittany or Taylor and Brittany and backdoor Michael." Kyle says Taylor won't even look at him and she bawled her eyes out that Joseph is gone to jury. 'I want to get him in the room and say tell him, Dude, we are in trouble. Jospeh told us that Michael/Brittany/Taylor are' (solid and working together)

Kyle: Our biggest competitors are Monte, Taylor, Michael, Brittany.

Kyle says they are too smart to let the two of them last in the game.

Kyle: The ideal scenario is we take out mIchael this week and then get Monte on our side and still have the trust of Terrance and Alyssa.  

Turner agrees and says Monte asked if they are still a thing. He confirmed

Kyle: What are you leaning toward right now?

Turner: I swear to God I am just int heright in the middle. If I were to lean...Putting my hands in Alyssa and fucking Terrance is fucking crazy becausxe they are not good. It would be us carrying them every week.

Kyle: It would!

Kyle says he doesn't trust Michael/Brittany would choose them over Taylor. 'If Taylor, Michael or Brittany win, it's me and you on the block.


4:09AM BBT

Turner says he is going to talk to everyone and then talk with Kyle right before noms.

Kyle: It hinges on Monte. If he realizes they are the tightest three in the house, we take that shot. Michael is gonna run the game. I feel llike if we don't take him out now, he is going to run the game. I think we tell Monte what Joseph said.

Turner: I will definitely do that. Obviously, I will call you back in right before.

Kyle: I think that's our only shot, Bro. We can't take a shot at Terrance and Alyssa. They are no threat to our game.

Kyle says Monte wouldn't be on board for putting up Michael or Taylor.

Kyle says they knew for a week that Jasmine was going home and they were able to build a bond. Turner asks him to send Monte in and then he will report back.




4:28AM BBT

Turner tells Brittany that he trusts her the most. He tells her that he hopes the Leftovers are united and not looked at as two separate Leftover groups (inside/outside) Turner says he is defintiely going to go back on the promise of safety for the ones he promised in the backyard, but that means he will lose two jury votes and he has to make sure that he will get her support. He repeats to her several times that she and Michael "will be fine." Turner says he doesn't want anyone to play as pawns this week. He says he will put up Terrance/Alyssa. "If you hear we have an allegiance to Alyssa and Terrance, I just hope that you realize..."

Britt: You were in a rough spot.



Turner says he likes them both outside of the game and putting them on the block will be tough, but that's what he is thinking at this point.

Britt: I am right there with you.

Turner: Okay, good.


4:32AM BBT

Monte is up next in the HoHR.

Monte: Her Brethren, How art thou?

Turner: Okay, I am going to just get into it. The week was messy in the backyard and everyone touched the block. Joseph was falling apart and I want to tell you some things he said. I am only running this by you because I trust you a lot.

Screenshotter--StreamBigBrother2021LiveFeeds-WatchonParamount-123684’27” (1).png

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Turner reveals that Joseph said when he was chained to Taylor, Taylor was talking about them being in a final 4 with Michael/Brittany. "I don't know what to do about this."

Monte says he will lay it all out and wanted to talk before the HoH comp. He says the week Taylor was HoH and the idea of Alyssa being backdoored came up, Taylor sensed that Kyle didn't want to do it. Monte says Michael/Brittany and Taylor were talking about how good it would be to get Alyssa out "and I felt indifferent."

Monte says he trusted Kyle. He didn't want anyone to feel bullied. Monte says when he tried to defend Kyle that he was just frustrated because they were trying to switch targets a thousand times.

Monte shares that Michael/Brittany/Taylor said they would target Kyle and Turner and he just went along with it.

Turner says that is exactly what happened outside (menaing Joe's pitch)

Turner tells Monte that he asked Brittany if he became a target with the Leftovers inside the house and she denied. He knew she was lying.

Monte: They said one thing to me, but truly they wanted Alyssa out

Turner says one alliance was doing two different things


[Um, yeah, because Michael/Brittany/Taylor have plans for final 3. -MamaLong]


Turner says there are two routes to go. They could either attack them directly with a Taylor target or take out Alyssa to give them false hope/loyalty.

 Monte: I think Alyssa and Terrance just for show. Next week, Michael takes out Alyssa...My loyalty came from the Pound.

Turner: I think we have kept each other safe and we keep with that then go 3 on 3.

Monte: The fact you won this week is perfect because you can show where your loyalty is at.

Tunrer talks about his promises to the Dyre Fest, "I like you guys, but we have been talking game for three days now. I had to act like we were best friends 'til the end to stay alive out there."

Monte says this play (putting up Alyssa/Terrance) will keep Turner safe and keep Kyle safe, "I feel Terrance needs to be the priority because he could win over Alyssa."

They say goodnight.

Monte: It's the funking Pound!

Turner: 100% until I die


4:53AM BBT

Michael is up next. Turner gives him the same story of having to fight for his life in Dyre Fest, "Bro, you are so safe...obviously, they think they are fine. My allegiance is to the Leftovers. I will put both of them up. I don't want any pawns."

Michael: I like that

Turner: I am going to put them up and lose two jury votes, but that is fucking fine. (Terrance & Alyssa)

Tunrer says he promised them safety but tomorrow he will show his cards (actually, later today  -ML) "All my allegiance is with the people I started with. I want to get to final six and figure it out from there. I don't want anyone to think my allegiance is not with the Leftovers."

Michael: I didn't think that at all.

Turner: I will happily send my friend out the door to show everyone (that he is loyal)

Michael: Okay

Turner: Also, I would love to....I fucking like you. You and Brittany were the only two to come to me before we had anything. I would love to talk about further down.

Michael concurs.


5:02AM BBT

Turner meets with Taylor and tells her the same plan he told Michael of putting up Alyssa/Terrance. 'It's going to be the easiest week, and I don't care who the fucking target is."

Taylor: Sweet

Taylor asks if he knows why Terrance put him up. Turner says he thinks Terrance wanted to target Kyle but get all three of them on the block for a level field of play. 'Winning the veto was perfect for him so he could get the last one up." Turner says he was sad and confused (about going up) and didn't know how to act.

Turner: I had to do what I had to do. There was no option. If there was talk about forming stuff, it's what I had to do to survive. I am putting both of them up and losing two jury votes and I don't fucking care.

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"As long as one of them is out and we are in the Leftovers for the next two weeks then.."

Taylor: Mm Hm



Tunrer gets ready for bed.



5:19AM BBT

The Car Design Bedroom is lights out and sleeping.

Taylor is awake in the bathroom talking to the cameras saying that she will only get 5 hours of sleep now, "I hate this. I hate noms."


5:25AM BBT

Everyone is in bed drifting off to sleep except Taylor, who is sighing deeply in the bathroom. SHe finally gets up and gets ready for bed.

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09:50 Looks like they were on lock down in HoH. Came downstairs to smaller table and dishwasher. They also noted the clock on the microwave was off but thought they had to turn the power off to put the dishwasher in and maybe they can reset it otherwise they don't know what time it is.

9:55 Kyle & Terrence in the bathroom. Terrence asks when noms are who Turner is putting up. Kyle says he thinks Taylor & Britney. Terrence goes to eat cheerios. Britney comes in and is putting her hair up to shower but they call her to the diary room. Monte & Turner are asleep in HoH. 

10:05 Terrence & Kyle in the pantry. Terrence says Monte & Taylor might be up in HoH with Turner right now [I see Monte and Turner on the camera but they are both sleeping] and they were the last ones up there last night. Kyle says they aren't even trying to hide it, but Kyle says Turner said he would do it, he said it was going to be a long damn day and hopefully they are fighting against each other and their only pitch is we're leftover strong'. Terrence says Michael was cheering on Monte saying "Come on Monte, you have to win!" and Kyle asked if he told Turner that and he said yes.

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Overnights. Apologies for any duplication.


12:00am BBT The former DyreFest HG talk about their ordeal. Turner built cushion structures to keep the sun off their faces. They had little apartments and Alyssa kept telling Kyle to get out of her apartment. Everyone laughs.

12:02am BBT Kyle says their last, they picked up the mats and there were ants eerywhere. Joe got up and shoved the couch leg, which caused the roof to cave in. And Turner was kicking my leg, Alyssa says. And he snored. Worse than me, Terrance adds.

12:20am BBT In the SR, Michael whispers to Britt, did Turner talk to you? Yes. What do you think? I don't know. In the KT, Taylor says they have so much beer. Monte was drinking one per night. Terrance doesn't want to drink. 

12:35am BBT Britt/Taylor in the SR. Taylor is sad she didn't get to say GB, she doesn't have Joe's friendship anymore. Britt gives her a hug. Joe understood people, she says, it must have been a hard vote for Turner. Taylor agrees, Turner is not cut-throat, has feelings.

12:37am BBT It is probably better that I didn't win HoH, Taylor says. There are still 2 non-Leftovers, Britt agrees, we can do this. I could be blinded but Turner is usually straight up. Taylor wrapped up a guitar pick in the poem candy wrappers as a gift for Joe.

12:39am BBT Taylor says she won't see Joe for 5 wks. If she lasts, she quickly adds. They will get an Air BnB and hang. It's a different game now. Joe was the heart of the season and he would say she was the face. She was frustrated with Kyle but stil loves him & he her.

12:41am BBT Britt says it is odd Terrance nominated Turner first, then changed his own noms. But she believes Turner. Taylor says he's in their F4. It could have been F5 with Joe. Turner is the first 2-time HoH, Taylor says, this should be an easy week.

12:43am They discuss whether Alyssa or Terrance should go next. Britt thinks Terrance because Alyssa isn't targeting her. And Terrance won HoH & Veto, Taylor adds. He didn't win, Britt says defiantly, he came in 2nd to Michael. 

12:45am BBT Taylor says Alyssa has done nothing (comp wise) or even come close. She's like Joe. Joe's loyalty cost him, Britt says. Taylor says Joe/Britt caused chaos inthe house and it cost Joe. Britt says being a double agent was high risk, high reward.

12:47am BBT Taylor tells Britt that a small part wants to go to the JH to be with Joe for the next 5 weeks. But she really doesn't. Joe isn't dead and the game goes on. They will have to let Kyle/Turner go at some point, but they have Michael/Monte.

12:49pm BBT In the Cars BR, Alyssa asks Michael what he got in his HoH basket. She is sneaking White Claw in her water bottle. What flavor, he asks? Mango. 

1:10am BBT Kyle says he stopped shutting the porta-potty door for #1 because he'd hit his head, but BB made him during the Veto comp. It's all documented for TV, Taylor chides. She says Jasmine gave a shout-out for her business in her eviction speech. 

1:35am BBT Talk turns to Indy. She used so much butter in her cooking it probably gave them high cholesteral. She thought baby powder would help on The Wall but it's slippery. She hid ingredients from the other HG (I wonder if Jasmine recovered all her hidden snacks?).

1:40am BBT Taylor likess Ghardeli chocolate over Hersheys (I agree). Terrance says dark chocolate is good for your heart. Terrance says his bed told him welcome back. Or maybe he was just talking to himself. In the CBR, Monte/Turner/Britt startplaying the name game.

1:44am BBT Taylor says the JH will be a riot, with Indy/Jasmine on one side, Joe on the other. Turner thinks he's called to the DR but wasn't. The HG start discussing what ZingBot may say about them. Monte's will be about being old. Britt's will be about being boring.

1:55am BBT Turner tells Monte/Britt about his speech at the Veto meeting. He was surprised when Terrance used it on him. Monte says he gave a shout out to Rhiana in his speech. Turner says he sold candy for profit in school. Kyle is sleeping alone in the GBR. FotH.

2:45am BBT Turner got his HoH room. He got a letter from mom, Megan is doing well, the rent for his store went down. He got new pics, including a baby pick - he was born 11 lbs. He will do 1-on-1's tonight. He offers Kyle a beer. With Joe gone, he'll be up the latest.

3:45am BBT For the last 45m, the HG have been playing the picnic game. Turner heads down to the CBR to get his letter (from Megan) and pics from his first HoH to add them to his new letter (from his mom) and pics. He returns to HoH and says it's time to start talks.

3:50am BBT Kyle is the first to meet. It's 4 on 4, he says, so there are 3 votes (to evict) and no pawns. Turner says Monte asked if The Pound was still a thing. Turner says he didn't want to win HoH, he was waiting for Kyle to win (Kyle came within 1 twice).

3:52am BBT Turner says it's been a month and a half of worry-free BB with The Leftovers. Do they stay with 2 HG who've won nothing and go against the power in the house? Do I go with the new group or the old group? It's a big decision. He asks Kyle's opinion.

3:54am BBT Kyle says if they don't take out Michael, he'll win the game. He talked to Britt in the SR. His gut tells him that Monte/Taylor/Michael/Britt are together. Turner wonders how to find out. Kyle says they aren't talking (about their week), only asking questions.

3:56am BBT Kyle tells Turner that Michael/Britt are working both sides of the house. If they can get to F4 w/Terrance and Alyssa, they would be golden. But they can't win comps, Turner worries. They have a better chance if they stick with The Pound. 

3:58am BBT Kyle says everyone will come to Turner with Alyssa/Terrance because that's what they think he wants to hear. Monte won't talk game with him. He doesn't feel safe with The Pound. And Taylor won't look him in the eye, she's coming after him too. 

4:00am BBT It's an uphill battle, Kyle says. Turner returns to Alyssa coming in last in HoH. How can we put our game in her hands? He is sure they can get Monte back. And take a shot at Michael, Kyle asks? Turner asks Kyle to stay up so they can talk after his meetings.

4:02am BBT Kyle says Monte/Taylor/Michael/Britt are the biggest threats. They have to take out one. Take out Michael and bring Monte to their side. A good plan in theory, Turner says. Should he expose what Joe did to Monte? Kyle worries he'd run and tell Taylor.

4:04am BBT Turner and Kyle both trust Monte the most from the remaining Leftovers. Maybe Joe was the glue that held Taylor/Monte together. Maybe Monte/Taylor/Michael/Britt bonded while Jasmine slept. 

4:06am BBT Turner is torn. They would be carrying Terrance/Alyssa. Kyle doesn't think there's a way back in with Michael/Britt. He believes Joe that the two were playing them. They would pick Taylor over them. They might put Turner up next week (more likely Kyle).

4:08am BBT Turner says he'll talk to everyone then talk to Kyle again. If Monte is on board with taking a shot at Michael, they'll proceed. He trusts Britt over Michael. Kyle says if they don't, Michael will just keep winning and winning. 

4:10am BBT Turner will talk with Monte next. He promises to be careful. Kyle just doesn't feel comfortable with those 4 (Monte/Taylor/Michael/Britt). They had an easy week and bonded. He tells Turner he's going to sleep but to wake him up. Good luck, Kyle says.

4:15am BBT Terrance comes into HoH and tells Turner what he's been telling the others about his nom choices. Alyssa is next and says she threw the HoH comp. Turner didn't either but was afraid the other side would win. Alyssa calls him one of her best friends. 

4:20am BBT Alyssa says his letter was so sweet, she almost cried. Tomorrow will be like ripping off a band-aid, he tells her. Alyssa gushes over Megan's pic (and her shoes). Turner just wants to power through the talks tonight, so she leaves.

4:22am BBT Britt is next and brings Turner a blanket. What are we thinking, he asks? He trusts her a lot but feels like there were Leftovers inside and Leftovers outside. But there's no world in which I am putting up a Leftover. 

4:44am BBT Britt admits that she and Michael thoguht about taking a shot but put their trust in The Leftovers instead. Turner says Joe acted like Pooch in the end. He is going to be going back on his promies of Safety to those outside. He'll lose 2 Jury Votes. 

4:48am BBT Turner tells Britt that she and Michael are fine. He doesn't want to put up a pawn. The Leftovers can be peaceful for 2 more weeks. We looked like we had an alliance outide but my actions will prove that false. I acted like we were best friends to get by.

4:35am BBT Monte is next and Turner says last week was messy, Joe just fell apart. He tells Monte he's only running his noms by him. Please don't f*ck up my game. Pound first, Monte promises. 

4:37pm BBT Turner says Joe told him when he was chained to Taylor they had a F4 with Michael/Britt. Monte says they are just sitting out there. He wanted to talk with Turner before the HoH comp but couldn't. 

4:39pm BBT Monte tells Turner that it was Taylor/Michael/Britt pushing the backdoor of Alyssa during Taylor's HoH. When they didn't think Kyle would go along, it was them who cut him off, no talk, no communicatin. He wants to bring Kyle up but Kyle's half asleep already.

4:41am BBT Monte swears Taylor changed her mind so many times, it was Taylor/Michael/Britt talking about getting Kyle, not him. They said they should go after Kyle/Turner if somethign shady went on outside. 

4:43am BBT Turner tells Monte he expects the inside bonded the way the outside bonded. He told Britt it will be hard going against them so soon. Monte says they need to talk to Kyle and get on the same page. Turner doesn't want to go full Taylor-mode and get distracted.

4:45am BBT Turner tells Monte all he cares about is F3 with Kyle/Monte. Monte asks who Terrance would put up? Taylor/Monte/Michael, Turner replies. Take out Terrance this week, Monte suggests, and let them (Michael/Britt) take out Alyssa next week. Then we are 3 on 3.

4:47am BBT Monte tells Turner that Taylor/Michael/Britt want Kyle out more than Turner. Terrance is the priority this week - he can win over Alyssa. Turner says he is screwing himself doing this. Monte asks if Kyle is on board? With The Pound, Turner says, yes. 

4:50am BBT Kyle joins Monte/Turner in HoH. Turner says he was fighting for his like at DyreFest. He promised Terrance safety but he's still loyal to The Leftovers and will put him and Alyssa up. 

5:00am BBT Monte offers to give Kyle a haircut like he did Michael (I thought Michael looked a little barren up top). This is the longest it's been in a decade, Kyle says. He goes to Dollar Tree for his haircuts, a $12 haircut. 

5:05am BBT Turner rounds out his 1-on-1 talks with Taylor, saying he was blinded by Terrance putting him on the block after Terrance told him he was safe. Taylor agrees, the target should be Terrance. Turner says you just don't do that. Taylor leaves HoH.

5:25am BBT Turner looks at the camera and tells us tomorrow will be sick. Tomrrow will be messy. He's trying to get the money and he's doing it for Megan. Downstairs, Taylor winds up her bedtime ADLs. In HoH, Turner re-reads his letter. 

5:48am BBT Lights out, all HG are in bed.

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7:00am BBT FotH as BB wakes the HG up.

7:20am BBT In a dark HoH, Kyle quickly catches up with Turner on his plan. He goes downstairs and thinks quietly by himself at the KT Counter. 

7:40am BBT Kyle moves to the WA lounge and closes his eyes. FotH.

9:50am BBT Feeds return. It is the BB milestone of the large DT being replaced with the midsize DT. They also discover a dishwasher has been installed under the KT Counter and the microwave replaced with a model that has no clock.

10:30am Monte/Turner/Kyle convene in HoH. Kyle reveals it was Michael who warned him of Taylor/Joe's plan to BD Alyssa, then not saying anything when The LO discussed it. Michael was neutral, Britt was silent. It's no coincidence they are close w/Taylor.

10:35am BBT Monte says it was a sign when Michael selected him for Big Brochella instead of Kyle if he was so concerned about Kyle working to save Alyssa. He says when DyreFest returned, Michael/Britt were saying Kyle/Turner wanted to keep Alyssa and evict Joe.

10:37am BBT Monte says Michael/Britt/Taylor were coming hard for Kyle. Michael said Kyle was the one who convinced Daniel to use the Veto, Monte claims (Monte is making much of this up to throw Michael/Britt under the bus). Kyle says not true. Monte knows it wasn't.

10:39am BBT Kyle tells Monte/Turner that Taylor/Joe were protecting Michael/Britt, having different convos with than than with him. He thinks they set him up to protect Alyssa, then take the heat (that was just the fallout when the plan to trick him failed).

10:41am BBT Kyle says why would Michael/Britt tell him one thing and Taylor/Joe somethign else? Monte says they tried to pull tha hokey doke on Kyle. He felt Michael/Britt were throwing Kyle under the bus and waiting for the other LO to do something about it.

10:45am BBT Monte says if Terrance would have picked him, Michael was going to pick Joe (to protect him). Kyle tells him that Terrance told him that he and Michael had talked about Michael taking a shot at Monte and Terrance would take a shot at Joe.

10:47am BBT Kyle says Terrance isn't happy Michael didn't follow through on his end. Monte thinks Michael folded in the Veto comp so Britt could earn letters and stayed to force the other out (he actually came pretty close to winning). 

10:49am BBT Monte says Michael knows every BB season inside and out and will win Veto if he can play. Unless it's endurance and someone else comes in strong. 

10:51am BBT Turner asks if Monte is OK with putting up Taylor, Britt or Michael? Monte counters they should just put up Taylor/Britt and hope Michael cannot play/win Veto. Kyle says if they don't BD Michael, they'll look back at this moment with regret. 

10:55am BBT Turner asks Kyle/Monte what his nom reasons should be. Kyle suggests blaming Joe, saying it was his wish that Turner get Michael/Britt out. That's something Joe might say, Monte agrees. They can say that Taylor is going along with Michael/Britt.

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10:57am BBT Monte tells Kyle/Turner if they hear anything from Michael/Britt/Turner, he was just trying save himself last week (riiight). Kyle says Joe was a homie to the end, kept their secret and never went after them (riiight). 

10:05am BBT Kyle is frustrated that in private, Michael/Britt say they want to keep Alyssa but won't stand up in the group. Turner asks if it should be Michael/Britt or Britt/Taylor. Monte says Britt/Taylor so there's a chance Michael doesn't play Veto.

10:07am BBT Monte thinks Michael/Britt believe they can manipulate Taylor. He doesn't agree but he can see them trying. Kyle thought he was tight with them and then they didnt pick him (for Big Brochella). Turner says all he needs now are the reasons for his nom speech.

11:10am BBT Kyle tells Turner that getting out Ameerah, now Michael will be great for his resume (why not hand him a brush to paint a target on his back). It sucks turning on them, Turner says. Kyle disagrees - they got themselves this far and don't owe anyone anything.

11:15am BBT Turner tells Monte he and Kyle were getting in with Alyssa/Terrance the same way Monte was with Michael/Britt. Monte is totally down with The Pound's plan, particularly the possibility Michael doesn't play Veto. 

11:20am BBT Kyle wonders how they've had an hour in HoH alone. Why isn't anyone else scrambling to get HoH time? Monte says they are too comfortable. Maybe it will be like the Ameerah week, Kyle hopes. They fist bump. 

11:30am Turner tells Kyle that went amazing with Monte. He wants to loop Monte in with The After Party. How do they tell him what they did (to Joe) out in the BY? Kyle wants to nap because he only slept for an hour and a half last night. 

12:00pm BBT General chat. Turner had the must f*cked up dream last night - it was like Inception on meth, a dream within a dream and each time, he'd wake up in the BB House. Taylor says sounds more like a nightmare. 

12:05pm BBT Alyssa says a friend had nighmares and sought help. They were told to count your fingers - you never have 10 in a dream. Brittany think seeing the smaller DT was a let-down for feeders after the HoH LD. She starts talking about her favorite flowers.

12:15pm BBT Taylor is in the WA drying her face with the water running. BB asks her to please conserve water. I'm washing my face, she protests. Alyssa tells Britt she and a friend would hang out at a local florist. Flowers are the best thing ever. 

12:20pm BBT Brittany tells Alyssa about an old gas station in Austin that was converted into a flower shop. She wanted to include flowers in her intro but BB said it wasn't interesting and not part of her "character". 

12:22pm BBT Alyssa wants to create plantable greeting cards with poetry. Britt thinks that's sentimental and a great idea. She gets goosebumps thinking about the possibility. Terrance says just remember the little people when she's big and successful.

12:24pm BBT Alyssa's plantable card company will be called Our Love Grows. Terrance is hired to do commercial voice overs (when you want to plant the very best, say it with Our Love Grows greeting cards). Monte likes the idea too. Maybe Turner's Rug Shop will sell them.

12:35pm BBT Taylor/Monte talk using Chinese Checkers to study the house. It was supposed to be a fun game, she says. Monte says it's all about finding the quickest way to the middle, but you have to trust your partners to get there (sounds like an alliance).

12:40pm BBT Brittany tells Alyssa she discovered something and might have a surprise for her. Alyssa is excited.


12:55pm BBT Brittany is emptying dishes from the new dishwasher. But they are still wet so she has to dry them (BB should supply them with a drying agent). Monte thinks it's the angle of the dishes in the rack. Michael needs to do SOMETHING or he'll fall asleep.

1:05pm BBT In the WA, Kyle replaces Alyssa in the shower. Alyssa whispers to Terrance that the plan is put Brittany/Taylor on the block and BD Michael, and they are not in any trouble. (Turner or Kyle must have talked to her to let them know the plan).

1:07pm BBT Alyssa is excited for the plan. Terrance jokes to Kyle/Alyssa they were Apartments 1a and 1b (referring to their DIY apartment compartments they constructed in the BY to shade their heads from the sun). 

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2:55PM BBT

Monte has been whispering with Terrance in the Car Design Bedroom for an hour. They both agree Michael will win this game if they do not get him out. Monte says the plan is that Turner will put up Brittany and Taylor then backdoor Michael.


3:05PM BBT

We have RCHS cuties for the nomination ceremony.

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1:35pm BBT Turner tells Terrance if the Veto is not used, Taylor will be the target. I am ride or die with the After Party, he promises. They'll meet in a few days, maybe bring Monte into the after Party. 

1:40pm BBT Turner tells Kyle/Terrance he told the other Leftovers Alyssa/Terrance would be nom. Everyone said Alyssa/Terrance but Monte. He wants to bring Monte into the After Party. 

1:43pm BBT Terrance leaves and Michael comes into HoH. He hopes the LO can get together today. Turner says they couldn't talk in secret outside, all 1-on-1s were in public. Michael wants to learn more from Terrance how Joe supposedly went crazy. 

1:45pm BBT Turner tells Michael that he doesn't think Joe spilled The Leftovers but can't be sure. As long as one of them (Alyssa/Terrance) goes home, Michael says.

1:55pm BBT In HoH, Kyle tells Turner that Brittany's a liar. Big time, Turner agrees. 

2:00pm BBT Brittany tells Michael nobody's shown their cards yet. Terrance said Joe was denying being close to Monte. 

2:25pm BBT In the CBR, Monte tells Terrance he respects that T has always been true to his word. They work through their issues in the game, including Terrance's sympathy votes for Nicole and Daniel and wanting noms to say the same to evict Monte when they were Besties.

2:35pm BBT Monte and Terrance find new items of commonality. Monte didn't undertand why Michael made his schoolyard picks the way he did. Monte agrees, it was confusing to him too. They agree Michael will win if they don't get him out and on the plan to nom Taylor/Britt.

3:05pm FotH. Time for Nominations!

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4:26PM BBT

The feeds return and Brittany is crying, "Oh, this sucks."


Turner nominated Taylor and Brittany for eviction.






4:35PM BBT

Turner is talking with Brittany in the HoHR saying that he hopes she trusts im this week because Taylor is his target, "and I know Michael is going to be pissed at me."

Turner tells her that she needs to go win that veto.


Terrance is talking with Taylor in the Car Design Bedroom.

Terrance: I'm gonna be transparent with you.

He tells her that Joseph told him that he was Taylor's target when she was HoH.

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4:26pm BBT Feeds return. Brittany is crying in HoH as Turner promises she's not going home this week. Brittany and Taylor have been nominated for eviction. Brittany says her head is hurting.

4:28pm BBT In the CBR, Taylor is asking Terrance why Joe put her in this position. Why did he drop that bomb and plant that seed? She feels like she was set up, used. Joe had no reason to be nice to her when he was and then do this to her. 

4:30pm BBT In HoH, Brittany says it's not fair. Turner says he knew Taylor/Joe were close. Brittany says she took 90% of the heat with Indy/Jasmine. Turner explains that Taylor was making plans without him, Joe told him things at the last second trying to save his game.

4:34pm BBT Brittany says she wasn't involved in those convos. This is how alliances crumble, Turner says. I hope you believe me, you're not my target. People are orchestrating things. He knows Michael will be angry with him. 

4:36pm BBT Turner explains to Brittany that the people he thought he was rocking with had no intention of keeping him around. He will let Brittany have the HoH room alone if she needs to. She says she's OK. He says he's going downstairs anyway and they can talk later.

#BB@4 Fr 4:38pm BBT Alone in HoH, Brittany says this sucks. Turner grabs Michael to talk. In the HN, Michael calmly asks what's going on. Turner knew Michael would be p*ssed. He apologizes for putting up his friends but says he had to go rogue. Michael is just glad to not be nom.

4:41pm BBT Turner tells Michael that Joe told Taylor was making plans for The Leftovers without him. That's news to me, Michael says (no it's not). He knows he should be sad but he's just glad it wasn't him. 

4:44pm BBT Turner says he was going to be an island with The Leftovers. Do you want Taylor to go, Michael asks? Turner likes Brittany and doesn't want her to go, but he doesn't have a target, maybe neither has to go. It was a last minute decision, he says.

4:46pm BBT Michael asks Turner to check if they are alone. He says he would have liked to have seen the six make it to F6 but can separate game from personal. He's lumped in with Brittany and Taylor and loves them as people, but if one leaves, he won't be mad.

4:48pm BBT Turner tells Michael he had no intention of putting him up and was worried he wouldn't talk to him anymore. Michael says game is game. You never burn a bridge or stop talking to someone. Turner feels bad for Taylor, she wasn't expecting it and was crying.

4:50pm BBT Kyle/Monte talk in the gym. Taylor/Brittany/Michael are still denying everything, Kyle says. Monte was worried where Terrance/Alyssa would be on this. Michael tells Turner that he didn't pick Joe to keep him away from Taylor. They needed a week apart.

4:52pm BBT Terrance quickly tells Kyle that Taylor just admitted he was her original target. Brittany was claiming she would never have come after him, Kyle reports. In the SBR, Brittany cries to Alyssa that a F3 with Taylor/Michael makes no sense. This sucks.

4:54pm BBT (it sounds like Turner really let them have it in his nom speech). Terrance tells Kyle he's been saying Joe spilled all this sh*t and made everyone uncomfortable. Kyle says Monte assured him the F3 was a thing and they were coming after him and Turner.

4:56pm BBT Alyssa says Brittany's looked her in the eyes multiple times today and lied. Brittany apologizes. Kyle tells Terrance they have the After Party and Monte is alone. Let's reel him in. This is the beginning of the end, Kyle says excitedly, rolling on the floor.

4:57pm BBT Michael comes into the SBR and Alyssa gives them a moment. Michael tells Brittany he doesn't think either her or Taylor are Turner's targets. If you come down, he says, I'm going up. 

4:58pm BBT In HoH, Alyssa says Britt is laying it all at Taylor's feet. Turner says he did damage control with Michael. It was easy with Michael, Brittany was crying. Alyssa says Brittany told her a seret that she really hates Taylor. 

4:59pm BBT Michael tells Brittany their best hope is he gets picked to play Veto, wins, saves them both. Then they figure out how to go forward from there. Brittany says Turner's logic doesn't ring true. Michael thinks maybe Taylor did pitch the idea to Joe. But why?

5:00pm BBT Brittany wonders if she should tell Alyssa about The Leftovers. Michael doesn't know, maybe they should wait. Mihael says Turner claimed he did not know his noms until he pulled the keys. I know he's lying.

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5:01pm BBT Michael tells Britt they can't freak out, have to play nice. She didn't expect to get into a situation for something that never happened. Turner and Taylor said they wouldn't pick him (to play Veto) but, Brittany says, she will. 

5:04pm BBT Michael says they have to get Kyle on board first before talking to Turner. He took his shot and there's no coming back from that. In HoH, Alyssa tells Turner she's said nothing about The Leftovers. It would not benefit her to do so. 

5:06pm BBT Michael says he knew last night when Kyle was in HoH for 30m and he only got a 5m convo that Turner wasn't being straightforward. Britt thinks Joe blew them up. She needs to get Alyssa to trust her.

5:07pm BBT In HoH, Alyssa asks Turner what happens if Michael wins Veto and saves Brittany? He doesn't want to think about it but they'll get together and pick a pawn and vote out Taylor. Britt thinks they already have Terrance or the numbers wouldn't work.

5:08pm BBT Michael needs to talk with Kyle though he doesn't trust him. Britt says she tried to talk to Alyssa/Kyle but he bolted as soon as she came into the room. Brittany's gut says she's not going home but she doesn't want him going either. 

5:09pm BBT Even if they survive this week, Brittany frets... We've been in worse positions, Michael says. I thought they liked us, Britt says. It's not that, it's just game. It's a free ticket for Terrance/Alyssa to the end, she says. She'll be an easy nom, he says.

5:10pm BBT Alyssa realizes that if Brittany and Taylor are evicted, she'll be the only girl remaining. Michael never tells her anything, he just agrees with whatever she says. He only talks Leftovers with him, Turner says.

5:12pm BBT Britt doesn't want to make Kyle/Turner made but she needs to tell Alyssa about The LO. If they haven't already told her, it'll mean the end. Michael promises his vote, and Terrance's vote. She's not so sure. Taylor put him on the block, he won't vote for her.

5:14pm BBT Michael hopes they'll let them slide another week to take a shot at Monte. They've had a free ride all month, he says, now they have to play, but the don't have many options. He hopes they'll want Taylor or Monte gone first. Monte was focused in the HoH comp.

5:20pm BBT Taylor is in HoH w/Turner, who swears Joe told him about the F3. Tayor says it was Joe's idea and she never signed on to it. She understands he acted on info. She did the same with Terrance. 

5:24pm BBT Taylor counters that there was a F4 with The Leftovers guys. It was never locked in, Turner counters, using Taylor's defense against her. Taylor says Joe's words hurt more than Turner's nom did. She may have flirted with Joe but had no real feelings for him.

5:26pm BBT Taylor asks Turner what else Joe said. He imploded, Turner says, like Pooch. The more desperate he got, the more he talked. Taylor leaves and Turner says to the camera that was awkward but he's not lying about Joe. It really happened. 

5:28pm BBT Taylor goes to talk to Michael, who really thought it would be Terrance/Alyssa. Why would Joe throw 2 Leftovers under the bus for 2 outsiders? (it's called survival). Michael says Taylor says Joe said. Tayloy says we DID talk about an F4 with him and Britt.

5:30pm BBT Michael and Taylor are sure Monte didn't know about noms. What do we do, he asks? You have to win Veto, she says, or they'll BD you. They have the votes, he says, Terrance/Alyssa will do what they want. This is doomsday, Taylor says.

5:33pm BBT In HoH, Kyle tells Turner they were so dead-set on taking out Alyssa or Terrance this week. Then they'd start picking us off, Leftovers or not.


6:05pm BBT Terrance tells Taylor every time that key is turned, he's nervous, whether he's been told he's safe or not (this implies he was told he was safe by Turner). Taylor wonders who the replacement nom would be. She thinks she's the backup target.

6:07pm BBT Terrance expects both Taylor and Brittany would pick Michael for HG Choice. Michael won't use it on me, Taylor says. Terrance thinks he'd be the replacement nom. He tells her to fight and win. He couldn't do it. You did it last week, she points out.

6:10pm BBT Britt is crying in the WA as Monte showers. He knows it's not true, she sobs. This week isn't what we expected, Monte says. In HoH, Kyle is listening to music. Michael on the couch. They talk about Lil Uzi Vert having a $24m diamond ripped off his forehead.

6:15pm BBT One of their 4 will be gone this week, Brittany sobs. She hopes Monte believes her. You have to undertand my position, Monte equivocates. Michael comes into the WA and Brittany says it's easier to avoid people with fewer HG in the house.

6:20pm BBT Michael tells Monte know he knows what it's like to be downdstairs while everyone else is upstairs (in HoH). In the SBR, Kyle tells Taylor what she's saying about Joe makes sense. 

6:23pm BBT Taylor tells Kyle she has a soft spot for Joe becaues he helped her to the detriment of his game, but she cannot understand why he would throw her and Britt under the bus like that on his way out. Michael then Alyssa pop in to the WA to interrupt them. 

6:26pm BBT Taylor tells Kyle that Joe wanted Kyle out first from The Leftovers and lumped him with Turner a lot. Kyle doesn't think Joe meant to hurt her game, he was just desperate to save his. In the CBR, Britt is assuring Terrance there's no F3 w/her, Taylor and Joe.

6:29pm BBT Kyle says he was fighting to stay in the game last wk and nobody was talking about going back into the house. Taylor asks if he thinks Alyssa/Terrance know about The LO. Kyle says he and Turner didn't say anything but they don't know what Joe might have said.

6:32pm BBT Taylor asks Kyle who she thinks Turner would put up if Taylor or Brittany come down? Hejust hopes it's not him. He would play Veto for her if he's picked and wins. Taylor says she got nothing from Turner today; last night they were fine and now...

6:34pm BBT Michael asks Kyle if he can delay his shower to talk. Again?, Kyle jokes. Kyle says it sucks to hear that he and Turner were targets within the 7. Sticking my neck on the line for Alyssa wasn't my best game move. Michael says he was surprisd by noms.


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6:40pm BBT Kyle tells Michael his HoH House Split picsmade sense. Picking Monte/Taylor gave him a backup in case Jasmine won Veto. Joe had been throwing every HoH comp because he was in an alliance with every HG and thought he was safe. 

6:43pm BBT Being on the block was so stressful, Kyle tells Michael, it's a miracle he survived. Joe would have hour long convos and Terrance would only talk to him for 10m. 

6:46pm BBT Taylor tells Alyssa Joe said she was laughing about taking the trip. Alyssa insists she was sorry, she didn't mean to offend her. Taylor feels dumb now hearing what Joe was saying outside. 

6:48pm BBT Brittany comes into the Space BR and insists to Kyle/Michael that the F3 with Taylor/Joe isn't true. She swears on her husband. Taylor makes the same claim to Alyssa, adding she loves Michael and wouldn't do that to him. 

6:49pm BBT Alyssa asks Taylor if she asked Michael to use the Veto on her, and Taylor says yes. I appreciate your honesty, Alyssa says. It's just game. She thinks Joe must have been telling lies to everyoe. She never had a F2 with Jasmine but he said she did.

6:50pm BBT Taylor feels stupid now having a crush on Joe. In the SBR, Kyle tells Brittany she has his vote. What do I do, she asks him? I don't think you're a target, he says, he thinks Joe was closer to Taylor.

6:53pm BBT Taylor tells Alyssa she leaned into flirting with Joe after joking about a fauxmance as a cover for his talking to her. She blames Joe for making her feel Alyssa was overconfident in her game, taking the trip prize. He put the idea in her head. 

6:55pm BBT Alyssa says the Five Squatters only met once and was clearly a joke to Joe to keep the other side off track. She backtracks and says she doesn't know what his motive was. Alyssa tells Taylor to come to her if she has any questions or wants to talk personal.

6:57pm BBT Taylor feels guilty about trusting Joe. Alyssa tells her not to. When you spend time with someone for so long, you grow attached and he had everyone trusting him. Taylor apologizes for talking to Alyssa last. It wasn't intentional. 

7:05pm BBT Alyssa tell Monte in the KT about the Dyre Fest House Meeting they had where she raised her voice at him, and she never does that. She moves on and Taylor moves in. Joe, Joe Joe, she says. 

#BB23 Fr 7:07pm BBT It's hard to say if they are making this up, Monte tells Taylor, because some of it is real. I guess when you're on the block you do things. it just doesn't sound like Joseph. He was probably defending himself.

7:10pm BBT Alyssa joins Michael/Britt in the SBR. Joe told her he had her back and everyone else was against her. Britt can't believe it. Joe rejected Taylor/Brittany's F3 and would work with her against them. Joe better hope she doesn't leave this week, Britt says.

7:15pm BBT Britt says Joe was taking advantage of their kindness. Britt thanks Alyssa for the info. I just want to ask him why, Britt sighs. In the GBR, Monte tells Taylor they're making up stories out of convenience. Joe was always loyal to them. Maybe he got emotional.

7:20pm BBT Monte tells Taylor the outsiders are just making stuff up about Joe because he's not here to defend himself. Taylor thinks if Kyle/Turner felt they were on the bottom, they felt they had to take the first shot.

7:25pm BBT Taylor tells Monte Kyle may have felt he had to do his own thing after the Pool table talk (when they tried to strong arm him into using the Veto). Monte agrees, Alyssa is in Kyle's back pocket and Terrance is stringing along. 

7:27pm BBT Monte wonders if the LO was exposed and Joe had to defend himself. Now they are manipulating it to their advantage (ding ding ding). Taylor says Joe told her they needed to distance themselves after the Pool table talk night. She also distanced from Turner.

#BB@4 Fr 7:30pm BBT Taylor just doesn't want to feel like an idiot for trusting Joe. Monte tells her to be strong. This is what they thought might happen. They shouldn't feel bad about the game they played. He or Michael could be a BD. He promises to use the Veto on her.

7:32pm BBT Taylor says Terrance thinks he's the BD target. Why would he be targeted, Monte asks? Monte thinks it's Michael (Monte suggested it be Michael). Monte thinks Alyssa may have already known what Kyle had done when Joe told her (ding ding ding).

7:35pm BBT Taylor says Joe told Alyssa about her being mad about the trip. Monte says Joe didn't do that. Who else knew about it? Kyle and Turner, says Taylor. Exactly. In HoH, Michael talks to Kyle/Turner about how to reveal Leftovers to Alyssa while keeping Kyle safe.

7:45pm BBT Brittany tells Alyssa Jasmine didn't leave because of the Fly Swatters. She apologizes and says her back was against the wall. She doesn't think she or Taylor are the target. Maybe Monte or Michael will go. Why am I here, Alyssa wonders, I'm not part of this?

7:50pm BBT Alyssa thinks maybe Turner didn't tell her what his plans were because they talked personal stuff. Taylor comes in and Brittany says they aren't done talking and Taylor leaves again. Great timing, Brittany says. Brittany has something she needs to tell her.

7:52pm BBT Brittany has something she has to tell Alyssa but it's difficult. Alyssa says don't tell me if you don't want to. Brittany says there's an alliance of 7, everyone, including Turner. Turner broke their alliance early and is goign to BD Monte or Michael.

7:53pm BBT Brittany doesn't know whether Alyssa was sent to the BY to be evicted. Jasmine was next and they took her out inside. Britt was hoping to save Alyssa. Britt apologizes for keeping the alliance from Alyssa. It's a game, Alyssa says, pretending this is new news.

7:54pm BBT The founding members were Kyle/Turner/Joe/Monte and they brought in her and Michael, Britt tells Alyssa, leaving out Taylor. Now we're expendable. Alyssa says she just hopes Kyle has her best interests at heart. I was going. I honestly don't know, Britt says.

8:00pm BBT Terrance tells Kyle he told Britt he had no ill will towards her, she always encouraged him. The others are freaking out about the votes, Kyle says, especially Terrance's vote. 

8:02pm BBT Monte tells Turner Taylor said it was Joe's idea to form a F4 with Michael/Britt but he doesn't believe it. Why would he do that when he already had The Pound (it's a rush to be part of multiple alliances). 

8:04pm BBT Michael tells Taylor he can't believe Joe would tank her and Britt's game this way. Taylor thinks Kyle/Turner knew what was up beforehand. Taylor asks if theres a world in which Alyssa convinces Turner to BD Kyle? If she finds out about The LO, Michael says.

8:10pm BBT Taylor tells Michael everything Monte toldher. They now think Kyle or Turner leaked The Leftovers to Alyssa. How could she work with him after that, Michael wonders, after he sent all her friends home (easy, they weren't as close as The LO thought).

8:15pm BBT Kyle/Monte/Turner are in HoH. Alyssa knows Britt is lying to her, Kyle says, but her head is exploding. Michael/Britt/Taylor are trying to figure out what happened outside. They'll spill The LO soon to Alyssa/Terrance.

8:20pm BBT Alyssa comes up to HoH and Monte leaves (he's not part of the After Party yet). Alyssa confirms that Brit just spilled everything. She doesn't want Monte to know yet. Kyle doesn't want to leave Terrance out on decisions again. 

8:23pm BBT It's only been a couple hrs, Turner says, they're all exploding all over the place. Kyle says they'll try to make themselves look innocent. He tells Alyssa he's sorry, but they're going to say bad things about him. Britt already said you started the alliance.

8:25pm BBT Alyssa assures Kyle she's OK with whatever Taylor/Brittany/Michael say about him. They are After Party strong, Kyle says, and they can bring in Monte. Alyssa says with 5, why not bring in Britt too? Kyle says Monte comes with info. For you two, Alyssa notes.

8:27pm BBT Turner tells Alyssa he trusts Monte much more than Britt. Kyle/Turner/Alyssa gree that Michael should next to go, followed by Taylor. Alyssa says Britt just kept talking and talking. Kyle says Monte said Michael/Britt pitched targeting him and Alyssa.

8:29pm BBT In the GBR, Britt tells Taylor she's still shaking. She doesn't want to roll over for them. After their talk, Britt doesn't think Alyssa knows everything (about The LO). Taylor thinks Kyle just left out it was his idea (he didn't). 

8:31pm BBT Alyssa tells Kyle that Taylor admitted she was her target last week. That's good, Kyle says. Taylor blamed it on Joe saying she laughed about Alyssa taking the prize. Alyssa doesn't trust Monte because he lied to her face about the Ameerah vote.

8:33pm BBT Kyle asks if Taylor said anything about trying to shove her as a target down his throat. No, Alyssa says, she left that out. Kyle says to weigh any info before she gives it away. Turner says don't worry about sharing w/ Monte, they need to be on the same page.

8:35p BBT Kyle wants to get Terrance up there to decide about bringing Monte into the AP. They have the HoH room for a reason and it doesn't matter who knows. Downstairs, Taylor tells Britt Monte never got over Kyle not using the Veto and holds Turner accountable.

8:37pm BBT Back in HoH, Kyle says he thought Monte/Joe/Taylor were a tight group but Michael/Britt/Taylor may be tighter. This was a misread on his part. In the GBR, Britt says it wasn't supposed to be like this. The LO was fun while it lasted, Taylor says.

8:40pm BBT In the HNR, Monte tells Terrance he thought the outsiders were teaming up. Terrance says no. Kyle was crying outside about being forced to use the Veto. Next door in HoH, Kyle says he realized how close Michael/Britt were to Taylor when he picked her third.

8:41pm BBT Monte tells Terrance any issues he had with Kyle are in the past. That's how they run, no head of the group. That agrees with Terrance. Alyssa says Britt is a mess, she's in the GBR talking with Taylor. 

8:43pm BBT Alyssa says Britt told her that if anyone finds out about her knowing about The LO (after Britt told her), just blame it on Joe. Kyle says Joe's MO was to have private convos and then spinning them into larger conversations.

8:45pm BBT Kyle says it didn't work for Joe in the BY because everyone already knew the facts and he couldn't spin it any different. Kyle brings Monte up to HoH. Monte says he knows now that Michael only picked him to put Kyle at risk outside. He's all for the BD plan.

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8:50pm BBT Alyssa, Turner, Kyle and Monte are in HoH. There's no way Britt doesn't pick Michael to play Veto, Alyssa says. Monte suggests feeding her a different target. Turner points out there's only one HG Choice chip. Unless BB adds another one, Kyle says, for drama.

8:52pm BBT Michael/Britt are on the bikes in the gym. He's not going to be petty or blinded by anger, but he's not going to stop trying to win the game. He says Taylor asked if he'd use the Veto on her and he said he'd use it but didn't promise to use it on her.

8:54pm BBT Michael says he doesn't want to screw over Taylor but he's got to play Veto for Britt. Britt tells him to do whatever he needs to do. If she doesn't win, she needs Michael to win (if she wins, Michael will still be at risk, so he needs to let him win).

8:56pm BBT Brittany's worry is that now they (Terrance/Alyssa) know they can win things. They are in Chapter 2 of the game (I was thinking Chapter 3). Britt hasn't eaten since breakfast. You lose your appetite when you're stressed (she wasn't nom until afternoon).

9:00pm BBT Alyssa wonders if she should she go upstairs or is it weired? At least it would stop them from talking, Michael says. They need to get Alyssa on their side. Maybe Alyssa already knows about The LO, Britt wonders, and doesn't hold it against Kyle. 

9:05pm BBT Brittany says The LO are over now and Alyssa is in a great position. She doesn't want to lie and Pooch herself. Those are 2 things tha send people home, so she's going to keep quiet and and be a fun girl. 

9:10pm BBT Brittany thinks Veto will be ZingBot. She wishes she could enjoy it. Michael says they just have to clear their heads and have fun. Brittany heads out and asks Kyle who she should should pick if Michael is already chosen for Veto? He suggests Terrance.

9:12pm BBT Monte checks in with Michael in the gym. Michael says Kyle/Turner seemed unconcerned about whether Alyssa knows about The LO. He thinks Terrance/Alyssa know everything and are asking them questions to get more info by denying what they know (ding ding ding).

9:14pm BBT Monte tells Michael he thinks Joe is being blamed for saying things he didn't say. They had him against a wall and are using things he said in his defense against him (ding ding ding). Monte heads off to share his theory with Brittany.

9:16pm BBT In HoH, Alyssa shares what Taylor told her with Kyle/Turner/Terrance. Kyle says the schoolyard pick really showed Michael's cards, choosing Britt and Taylor. Downstairs, Monte talls Britt/Talor to be careful because he thinks Alyssa/Terrance know everything.

9:20pm BBT Terrance tells Turner/Kyle/Alyssa this is the first time he's felt like he could breath in the house. He says he meant it when he told Turner/Alyssa he'd never let anything happen to them. 

10:10pm BBT Brittany is in bed in the GBR. Monte/Taylor/Alyssa/Terrance/Turner play Chinese Checkers in front of the Mem Wall. 

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10:10pm BBT Kyle is alone in HoH speaking to Feeders. He's freakin in love with America and wants to make sweet love to America's face. You are beautiful to me. He's in a good spot for the After Party plus Monte to make it to 5.

10:11pm He gives a recap starting with Michael revealing his cards with the schoolyard pick for the two festivals. Why would Michael send him to Terrance with whom he had no relationship if he was trying to protect him? That really annoyed him.

10:12pm BBT Kyle says he brought Michael/Britt into The Leftovers and now they're trying to take him out. He had no choice but to butcher his own alliance to take them out first.

10:13pm BBT Kyle continues w/his realization that he was in trouble since Terrance promised Alyssa/Turner safety. It would be him and Joe and Joe could spin himself out of anything. But info in the BB House is worth more than gold so he had no choice but to spill The LO.

10:14pm BBT Kyle excitedly explains how he appealed to Terrance and somehow got him to target Joe and he managed to not be nom. Then Terrance pulled a Veto out of his *ss (Sorry, mom) and blindsided him by using it and putting Kyle up. 

10:15pm BBT Kyle says he thought he was good with Alyssa/Terrance, but Alyssa said she wasn't sure what Terrance might do if it's a tie. She said Joe wanted to have a house meeting, so he told Turner what he'd done and hoped his F2 and Showmance would have his back.

10:16pm BBT Boy did it work, Kyle says. They formed the After Party and Joe spun his story to make Kyle look bad but Alyssa/Terrance/Turner had his back. Joe was evicerated because he had no new info provide. Kyle pasuses to realize his hair looks terrible.

10:17pm BBT Still, Kyle says, the eviction was the scariest thing he'd been through in the house. Returning to the house after Joe's eviction was crazy. He came close to winning HoH twice but Turner winning was the best thing, because he can play for HoH next week.

10:18pm BBT Kyle says before he started 1-on-1s, Turner suggested going back to The LO and putting up Alyssa Terrance. My mind exploded. We'd be right back where we started. I told him the insiders would never trust us and thankfully he changed his mind.

10:19pm Turner realized Taylor/Michael/Britt considered him expendable, Kyle says, and when Monte suggested backdooring Michael, the plan fell into place. We could keep The Pound together, which appealed to Turner, and get out a big player. 

10:20pm Kyle says the best part is that Alyssa and Terrance both have power for the first time and it is fun watching them enjoy it. Terrance was skeptical at first but he's actually enjoying it. This is the greatest game and he's having so much fun playing it.

11:30pm BBT All the HG have been in bed for a while and BB turns the lights out. 

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