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This season is full of super dumb people. Last season was so much better.  Back to twinkies, this year.  Daniel is a horrible HOH.  He sits around, lets others make decisions???  Paloma is a mean girl with micro aggressions, well most of them are like that.  Oh, "Taylor might get crazy if she is put up, REALLY?  They are so tone deaf.  Taylor did nothing, they are explaining her wrong doings.  What wrong doings? She wore a dress, she asked someone to do the dishes, and some other lame thing.  I can't believe casting, they don't even google people.  Google the dude with the thrift shop, explain that!

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It is being reported on Twitter from sources that Paloma has left the house, which may explain feeds going down. There are other reports about Jasmine but not sure they are true. 

Edit....sorry bb lurker already posted this on live feed page 

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13 hours ago, Fuskie said:

Previously on BB, 16 strangers entered the BB Motel and began a battle for $750k. After dominating on the BBFest Main Stage, Daniel became the first HoH of the summer. But a new twist also gave Pooch power and he had to put 3 HG games in jeopardy: Paloma, Alyssa & Brittany.  Almost immediately, Paloma didn't like Taylor so Taylor was left out when Paloma formed an all-girls alliance with Alyssa, Jasmine, Indy, Ameerah & Brittany. 


Michael wanted to make sure he wasn't on the HoH radar but Daniel quickly soured on the fellow Super Fan. Paloma pitched to send Taylor to the block but at the nom ceremony, the Vegas Performer unveiled his star-studded lineup of the Super Fan & the pawn. Tonight is the first PoV comp of the summer. Will Terrance or Michael be saved from the block? Find out right now on BB!

Day 3, after the nom ceremony. Daniel hopes everything will go to plan to get Michael out because he's a Super Fan and he's not to be trusted. But with Veto and the Backstage twist, he had no idea what will happen. Michael comes up to HoH to talk with Daniel. Daniel tells Michael he's heartbroken. It's not fair, but only going to get harder. Michael says even though he's nom, it's not changing his approach to the game. Daniel appreciates it. Michael tells us he's not going to roll over & die but will smile & say we're cool.

Michael adds that he's going to get his revenge. Daniel respects Michael for coming up right after (noms). Michael says he's been dying to talk game with him but Daniel was too busy. Daniel tells us that Michael coming up to talk is BS and he'll take him out given the chance. 
Daniel tells Michael he could win the Veto and they'll be right back there talking. He tells us Michael is still the target. 

In the Space BR, Alyssa tells Paloma she feels good with noms - nobody's looking at them. Alyssa says the Girls' Girls escaped noms, but 3 of them are Backstage and cannot comp or vote, but they could still go home. Alyssa tells Paloma she just wants the week to be over. Terrance is playing pool in the loft and Daniel asks him to come into HoH. He starts with the same "heart is breaking" speech and Terrance cuts him off. Don't feel that way. Daniel says he adores Terrance and is not the target. 

Since Terrance is not aligned with anyone in the house, Daniel tells us, it's good to have a free agent in his back pocket. Terrance tells him that artist-to-artist, they should have each others' backs. In DR, Terrance believes he's not Daniel's target but has to win Veto. 

Jasmine, Indy, Nicole & Alyssa are in the Space BR when Taylor comes in with some glam dresses to put in the closet. She tries them on for the others and says once she's worn something, it's open season on her closet. They can wear anything.


Joe comes in & asks whats up! Taylor tells us she's a pagaent girl and knows how to bring the glam. Joe says he doesn't mind a fashion show and takes a seat with a view. He tells us you can tell why she was Miss Michigan! Joe announces her to the rest of the house as she takes the show on the road.

Kyle decides to show Taylor some of his own dance moves (no twerking) and tells us it's nice to dance with someone other than his mom. Jasmine calls her Miss Big Brother. In DR, Jasmine says Taylor is just doing this for attention. Paloma says flaunting it is a bad idea.  Paloma tells us Taylor has a lack of self-awareness. Taylor jokes to the house that when she wins HoH, she's wearing the dress the entire week. 

In the Space BR, Michael is frustrated. He needs HG who will fight for him in the Veto comp. He sets out to find out who is in his corner. Indy tells him she isn't ready to play Veto. Turner won't commit. Ameerah doesn't know if she's his best chance. Michael tells us it's becoming clear the only one fighting for him is himself. 

Time to pick Veto players! Only six play, the HoH, the 2 noms and 3 players selected by random draw. The winner of the Golden Power of Veto is safe for the week and has the power to remove one of the noms, including themselves. In that case, the HoH picks a replacement nom. Pooch, Paloma, Alyssa and Brittany cannot be picked to play because they are Backstage this week. Daniel wanted Nicole but picks Indy. Michael picks Turner. Terrance picks Ameerah. 


In the HNR, Michael gets in the right mindset to win the Veto. WWJD - What would Jannelle do? Janelle would fight her ass off to win Veto, Michael tells himself, and then make a big scene. You can prove all these HG wrong, he's not a weak player, he's feeling good. He'll let his anger and his rage motivate him. 


It's time for the Veto comp! Kyle is hosting and is dressed as an 15th century person. The BY is set up as a medieval tournament with a long lancing track. There are swords and shields and all the HG are similarly costumed. There's a long table full of food... and napkins? Jasmine tells us she's ready for some jousting and jivin'. The HG are eating turkey legs, grapes and drinking mead. Here ye Here ye, says Kyle, we are gathered on this most equisit of days by BB Decree for the unveiling of the 1st Veto comp, Ye BB Joust Tournament.

Here's how it works. There will be a series of head-to-head bouts. Competing knights will mount a noble steed (mechanical horse), pick up their lance, & hold on tight. The must hook rings along the track onto their lance. The knight with the most rings after 3 passes wins. At the end of each joust track is a smaller Golden Ring. Any knight hooking that ring will be handsomely rewarded with 3 extra points. The last night standing at the end of 5 bouts will be the winner of the Golden Power of Veto. Who's ready to play RingFest?

The HG compete by random draw. Turner/Indy are up first. Turner says the lances are floppy. Indy loves horses. They go at the same time in opposite directions. The steeds turn side to side as they make their way down the track. If not careful, the rings fall off the posts.

After the first pass, Indy takes a 2-1 ring lead. In the gallery, Taylor holds up a turkey leg and says there's so much meat to eat. So much meat, Paloma echos. In the second pass, Turner hooks but loses 2. Indy adds 1 to her lead. After the 3rd pass, Indy beats Turner 5-4. Turner is eliminated. Joe feeds Taylor grapes and Paloma scowels. 


Ameerah & Terrance are next. Terrance has to win because his wife won't let him home without the money. Ameerah wants to keep the Girls' Girls safe. The lance is like a limp pool noodle. After the first pass, Ameerah has 3 rings, Terrance has none. In the second pass, Terrance adds 3 and Ameerah none. In the third pass, Ameerah goes on a run, adding 4 more. Terrance blanks and Ameerah wins 4-2. Terrance is eliminated.

Daniel & Michael are next. Daniel wants to keep noms the same. Michael suspects he's Daniel's target. Going home week 1 is not an option. After the first pass, Michael has a 3-1 lead and he realizes he can use his height and reach to his advantage. Sir Michael the Tall. In the second pass, Daniel goes on a 3-2 run, putting the score at 5-4 in Michael's favor. In the final pass of the Battle of the Super Fans, Michael reminds us he's joust there for the Veto (groan). In the final pass, Michael scores 4 rings to Daniel's 3 and wins the bout. Daniel is eliminated 9-7 but Michael still has to win the war. 


Ameerah and Indy are next. Indy loves gold and the gold ring is worth 3 points so she's going to take her lance and put a golden ring on it. After 3 passes, Ameerah wins 12-6 and Indy is eliminated with no gold. 

It all comes down to Michael vs. Ameerah. Ameerah is defending the honor of her girls, but Sir Michael says, "It's time I vanquished the." At the end of the first pass, it's tied 3-3. Daniel is very nervous. In Pass #2, they each add 5 more points. It's an 8-8 tie.

Round 3. Again, the two go head to head and ring to ring, both hooking and dropping rings at the same time. Both score 4 points and the bout remains tied at 12-12. Get out of here, yells Nicole. It's time for a Sudden Death pass. Michael scores 4 rings to Ameerah's 3.

By a final score of 16 to 15, Michael wins the Power of Veto! Michael fights back tears of joy and Daniel looks like rotted mutton. Michael glides over to claim his prize. This one's for you, Janelle, he tells us. And his fiance. America, I'm not going anywhere this week.

OMG, Michael says to Kyle and the other HG, I'm going to throw up! Everyone laughs. Unreal, Daniel says. This is the worst case scenario, he tells us, he has to get more blood on his hands. He starts looking down the table to see who to put up next. 

In the Golf BR, Brittany/Paloma/Jasmine are talking. They are playing the long game to the end. Jasmine says they have to stick together, her word is her bond. Even if you don't want to be in it, Brittany says, we have to. Every season the girs are distracted by the guys. Brittany tells us the guys in the HNR, Monte/Michael/Kyle/Joseph, they are always scurrying around together. It is a concern they are teaming up and the girls have to figure out a plan to target them before they start targeting the girls.

Taylor walks in on Brittany/Paloma/Jasmine and Paloma thought it was a guy. Do I look like a guy, Taylor asks? They wonder what's going on with the boys. They're all together all the time, Taylor says. It's like ride-or-die, Paloma says, we need to look out for the boys. 

Taylor tells us she's hearing this gender paranoia and it's way too early for those lines in the sand to be drawn. I want to play a female-forward game but it doesn't make sense to make those boundries so early. 


Paloma continues to express frustration with the guys. Every time she wants to talk game with one, the others swoop in. Someone has to get in and ferret out their game. She says Taylor's been talking to the guys a lot, what's her intel? I wish I had some, Taylor says weakly. 

I can't trust her, Paloma tells us, she's not a girls' girl. Taylor says she can't be down there too long or the guys will get suspicious. 

In the WA, Monte asks Taylor how she feels. She doesn't want to see Terrance go. And they don't know what's going on with Backstage. Monte doesn't know where Daniel's head is at for the replacement nom. Taylor says surely not another HN. I feel good about us (her & Monte). Monte asks Taylor if she's talked to Paloma. She's terrified you 4 boys together are coming for the girls. Damn, he says. He tells us hearing Taylor is suspicious of him hurts because he thought he was tight with her since the Porta-potty comp. He needs to look into this.

Late at night, Paloma hurries into the Cars BR to talk to Joe & Monte. Monte tells her that Taylor started talking about Paloma going after the big dogs in the house, alpha males. This confirms Paloma's suspicions of Taylor. She's going to take matters into her own hands. Paloma tells Monte/Joe that Taylor is always watching, like a snake in the garden, she'll stab you in the back and make you a turkey-club sandwich. Joe & Monte laugh. I see it, Paloma says, I'm a girls' girl and I know women like her. She's like I'm playing a better game.

Joseph tells us it's hard to know who to believe in the game, but Paloma is devastated, denying these allegations with her entire soul. I tend to believe she's telling the truth. Her personality rubs people the wrong way, Paloma tells the boys, and she's not self-aware. We need to get her out, Paloma declares to Joseph and Monte. 

Paloma's paranoia tour continues as she corners Indy and Alyssa in the WA to tell them what Monte said Taylor said. She says Taylor is making up random lies. Send her home this week, Alyssa says. At the BY hammock, the same scene plays out with Jasmine, Ameerah & Brittany. This time, Paloma says Taylor said Paloma was going after Monte and Kyle. She's making up crazy lies. What is Taylor thinking, Jasmine wonders in the DR, Paloma never said anything about getting 2 big targets out of the house. She's going this low to get in with the guys?

Brittany asks if Daniel knows all this? He's still in the DR, Paloma says, he has no clue what just broke out. Ameerah tells us she's shocked Taylor said that, is she trying to get on Monte's good side? I really hope Paloma is telling the truth. I'm stressed I have to deal w/ this, Paloma says, but I know you have my back. She wants Monte to tell the guys to make it resonate more. In HoH, Monte talks to Daniel. I don't know why she lied, he tells us, but communicating disinformation can be detrimental to his game.

Monte tells Daniel that Taylor rubs people the wrong way, and tells him that Taylor said Paloma was concerned about all the alpha males in the house, and she wants the replacement nom to be a dude. But that's not the case, he assures Daniel. I don't talk game with Taylor, Monte says, but she drops a name on me? How true is that, Daniel wonders. Exactly, Monte agrees, I just know it's not true. That's aggressive, Daniel says. 

In the Cars BR, Paloma tells Nicole that Monte knew Taylor was lying. She needs Daniel to know. She's not afraid of her because Taylor's rubbed everyone the wrong way. Nicole asks if they've talked. I've tried to be compassionate, she dodges, she's not talking to the girls. 
This is her (Taylor's) last final straw to save herself, Paloma claims to Nicole because she knows she's about to be put up. Nicole tells us she's frustrated because she doesn't believe Paloma 100%. But the concensus of the house is they have an issue with Taylor. The girls are all pissed, Paloma tells Nicole, there's nothing to lie about in this game. She starts tearing up as she goes in for the kill. I'm sick of it, she says of Taylor. 

Monte and Paloma meet with Daniel & Nicole in HoH. The footage is there, Monte claims, framing an invisible TV. She thought she could get away with telling him a lie? Daniel says there's a replacement nom tomorrow. Nicole tells us something just doesn't seem right. Nicole tells us it's like playing telephone, but I also have to think of my end game and if we need to please the house to protect ourselves, then that's what's going to have to happen. 

Monte says it kills him as a Black man to do this. My community would have wanted to see as many Black HG stay and work together. But now I am forced to not do that. Everyone in the house completely agrees. She should go up, get evicted, unanimous vote, and face the truth. A gleeful Paloma tells us that her mission has been accomplished. But to Daniel, Monte & Nicole, she worries they'll have to be in the house with Taylor for 4 more days. Monte assures Daniel he has the entire house at your back, no blood on your hands. 

Daniel tells us he has to pick a replacement nom and Taylor is a huge threat. It's clear the whole house wants her gone, so she's looking like a solid replacement nom. 

Taylor is in HoH talking to Daniel. He can't believe he's in this position. You have decisions to make, says an unsuspecting Taylor. Daniel: Yeah. In DR, Taylor says she has a good relationship w/Daniel & wants to make sure she's not his replacement nom or being mentioned. Taylor asks if he has names in the back of his head. How do I not get nom next week is his goal, Daniel replies. Are people giving you names or being cagy? Daniel smiles, says they bounce around names. I don't really vibe with that person but don't want to say names.

Has my name come up, Taylor asks directly? Daniel stops smiling. He tells us he was caught off guard by the question. I don't want it to be a complete surprise if she's nom. Socially, he says, they, sorry, one or two, wish they could get to know you more. Daniel tells Taylor he also wished they could get to know each other more and they are starting to get there and have this room (HoH) for these moments where we can grow more. But if that's how they really feel, or they're just hiding stuff... I got it, Taylor says.

That's not good, Taylor tells us, at all. Nicole promises Daniel she has his back next week, and they'll see how things pan out. They fist bump. In DR, she's not shocked some HG aren't connecting with her. I've always been a bit closed off but I'm on the outside when I thought I was on the inside just 30 minutes ago. I need to get away and let it all out. This is exhausting. 

In the WA, Taylor is sobbing. She's nervous she'll end up on the block. She's obviously not doing what she needs to do to find allies in the house, it's overwhelming, like being hit by a Mack Truck. 

It's time for the PoV Meeting. Michael grabs his Veto bling and calls the HG to the LR. Michael says he's using the Veto on himself. Daniel has to name a replacement nom. And neither Pooch, Paloma, Alyssa nor Brittany can be the replacmement nom. But, Michael adds, as JCM said, having the Backstage Pass does not mean they are safe and one of them could be going home. 


Daniel stands and names Taylor as the replacement nom. She gives a sportsman smile. Paloma is frozen to hide her feelings. Nicole looks unsure. He nominated Taylor because it's been hard to open up with her about game and life, but generally he doesn't have a problem with her. It has come to his attention, though, that she's been rubbing the house the wrong way a little and what's good for the house is good for my long term game. You can now rally for votes and maybe even apologize for some things you've said in the house. 

Paloma acts like she's shocked at what Daniel said. Michael Adjourns the Veto meeting.

I didn't want to name a replacement nom, Daniel tells us, but Taylor made my job a lot easier (Nicole gives a crying Taylor a hug) when you lied about Paloma and that's the truth. But with the Backstage twist still in play, I have no idea what can happen this week. 

Joe gives Taylor a hug. I have a million things to say, Taylor tells us, Daniel, how could you? I get you don't want to ruffle feathers but you could have been one of the few guys I'd have taken far. But who knows, maybe my good sis JCM has a nice Backstage surprise.

In the past, Terrance says, you've seen the old guy go home early. But this season, we're spinning a whole new record. Sorry Taylor, Paloma gloats, the next time you want to throw me under the bus, maybe you should ask Terrance for some tips. Time to smile & wave goodbye.

Will Terrance or Taylor be the first HG evicted, or will the Backstage twist send either Alyssa, Brittany or Palmoma packing? Plus, find out which of those three America chose to save. All this, tomorrow night at 9pm ET, live on Big Brother!

I hope someone tell Taylor what is going on.  I also hope she gets saved.  This Taylor hate is over the top.

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It is common for the first HoH to be so paranoid about being targeted because they are the first to make noms that they just want to go with what the house says To make it worse, Daniel waited for HG to come talk to him rather than going out and getting them. It made him look very weak to the other HG. 



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I'm really impressed at how so many of them are good at lying and strategizing -- did it take 20 + years of growing up on Big Brother to master these skills? I don't know but if this year's cast is any indication of the benefits of seeing past seasons (with one BIG EXCEPTION: POOCH), we might be in for a whole new era of savvy game players!


I haven't been this impressed with a cast since Will / Chill Town. :)

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 Sorry guys I haven’t been updating I’ve been sick and busy but my new update is the house guests are still sleeping should wake up soon I miss miss miss miss miss miss miss miss miss missed missed missed missed you guys very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very much

And how is everybody today I’m great great great great great great great great great great great great great excellent excellent excellent excellent excellent excellent excellent excellent excellent excellent excellent excellent excellent excellent excellent excellent excellent excellent excellent excellent excellent excellent excellent excellent excellent excellent bye guys I love you love you love you love you love you love you

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On 8/3/2022 at 4:41 AM, carmen said:

I'm really impressed at how so many of them are good at lying and strategizing -- did it take 20 + years of growing up on Big Brother to master these skills? I don't know but if this year's cast is any indication of the benefits of seeing past seasons (with one BIG EXCEPTION: POOCH), we might be in for a whole new era of savvy game players!


I haven't been this impressed with a cast since Will / Chill Town. :)


Carmen, it comes with having to hide your personal views from your friends and family! 🙂

For me, it's not so much their ability to stragegize and execute with stealth and deception, though that is impressive, but their sincere compassion for Taylor and for not wanting to take advantage of Jasmine while she's wounded. I'm not sure we'd have seen that in other seasons. I wonder if that's generational or an outcome from the pandemic. 


Especially with Joe. He is very perceptive and empathetic. I'm glad that two-timing reality wannabe didn't make it into the house.

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