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Friday, July 29, 2022 - Big Brother 24 Live Feed Updates

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12:15AM BBT

Monte is whispering to Joseph in the Car Design Bedroom. Monte says, "We are in this situation where the head of the snake is still here."

Joseph says they need to make sure it doesn't look like either of them are leading things. They discuss Nicole and say that she thinks she is the mom of the house and has things under control.  Monte tells Joe that he is doing a great job keeping himself on the outside of suspicion. He wants to make sure that the alliance makes the deicisions, not just him. They decide to discuss things more once they get the HoHR.

Monte: We have the fucking power this week

Joe: There is no rush

Monte: No rush; but if we have the trust in the Leftovers....if we give Taylor a reason

Joe says that Taylor has a hard time trusting men.

Monte: Actions speak louder than words

Joe: We have to bring her in the room and ask her what she thinks

Monte: MOJO, we are here to stay, mother fucker.

They go separate ways.

12:48AM BBT

Monte is talking with Nicole in the Car Design Bedroom about getting Taylor out this week, "We have multiple routes."

Nicole: For sure

Monte: If it's backdoor strategy, I got to figure out who I put up first.

Nicole says she has shown her allegiance by picking Taylor as her Festie Bestie, "I am a no bullshit person. I feel like I have done a lot to prove my allegiance, specifically to you. Picking her as my Festie Bestie...I did that for you. I never had a problem with her."

Monte: Right.

Monte says he needs to figure out who will buy in to the pawn situation

Nicole asks Terrance to leave so she can talk with Monte alone. Once gone...

Nicole: How did Taylor find out about Po's Posse?

Monte delivers the pre-fabricated story.

Nicole: Are we going to reevaluate, or are we going to...

Monte: It depends on how everybody feels.

Monte says Taylor took advantage of something she overheard. 

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Turner and Jasmine are the Have-Nots this week.


1:55AM BBT

Monte: Who wants to see my HoH Room?

The HGs all head up and Dan helps Jasmine get up with her bike. He comments that she is already dressed for the Have-Nots room. He struggles with the door

Daniel: Every time!

Monte: Oh, there it is.

They all head straight to his photos.

Every one oohs and ahhs.


Monte's pictures are of him when he was 11 or 12 which he calls "young, chubby Monte," his mom, a pic of his little brother Dante, and his dad.


His music is Bad Bunny.

Monte: Everybody must listen to at least one song.


His letter is from his mother:


Olah hilo Mijo,


First, I want to say that I miss you terribly, especially our morning text messages and our talks. But, I keep telling myself, just remember, he has a goal to achieve and every day is a day closer for when he comes home. I hope you are enjoying your time in the big house. I can't wait to hear all about this journey/adventure.  All is going good here. everyone is so excited for you and praying for you. I've been working on the weekends andt hat is keeping me busy. I will be heading to the beach soon for some much needed rest. Guess what? I started putting the timer on the oven when I cook now. You know I don't really need it, but I am doing it more because I miss you and your cooking. Lastly, I so admire the man you keep evolving into.  You continue to make a very proud madre every day. Remember who you are, and stay true to yourself. Like I have told you plenty of times, the best thing about me, is you. 

Strive for more. Stay Focused, and Have Fun!


Con mucho amore,


du Madre aka Mama

P.S. No Chicas


Everyone laughs, and Monte begins going through his basket items. He has Cocoa Pebbles, Whole Foods items, water crackers, Vaseline cocoa butter lotion, SmartFood chips that he says "are jumpin'" face masks, headband, protein bars, socks One bars and various other snacks. His fridge is fully stocked with items incuding prosciutto, Naked juices, Corona, salmon, humus, dips, ginger shots, spinach dip, canteloupe, Nitro, Greek yogurt, pineapples. The freezer has cookie dough, mochi, shrimp from Trader Joes, mozzarella sticks, breast nuggets, meatballs, several other things.


Monte: I'm feeling pretty good! Good job, production!





Monte says his mom was adamant about him not getting involved with girls on the show.



Monte tells everyone they can congregate and relax or go to bed, 'mi casa es tu casa."

He asks them who he favors more, his mom or dad. They all say his mom. Monte says his height "is an anomoly" His mom is 5'4" and his dad is 5'11" so he says he got his tall gene from someone else in the family.







4:23AM BBT

Taylor, Michael and Britt are talking in the bathroom.

Taylor: Everyone is happy. Nicole thinks she is the pawn.

Britt: I don't know how she can think she is the pawn.

Michael: SHe is probably going to assume she has Daniel, Joseph, Indy, Terrance; she thinks she has me

Britt says that Nicole thinks she has things all figured out just by cooking and cutting hair. They laugh about how they can figure it out. Taylor thinks them for being loyal to her. 



Taylor: I just want to keep that room, back to back to back...the three of us and the boys.

Britt says she is surprised that Kyle wants Alyssa out.

Michael: I think Kyle wants Alyssa out because of the perception of a showmance, and he literally told her two days ago that they are not a showmance, then she said 'a showmance has never betrayed each other like this'

Michael says he doesn't want Alyssa to think he is using her in the game.

Taylor: She is going to the jury house and they can have all the fun in the jury house.


5:02AM BBT

Monte, Turner and Joseph are the last ones awake. They are talking poorly about Nicole and how she talked shit on people then tried to say they were best friends (Do they hear themselves? -MamaLong)

Monte; Nicole is a whole mes, but she is still willing to throw a comp.

They say Taylor is a trooper.

Monte: We just have to make sure she feels good. It was good that we had her tell us what she is comfortable with. If she wants Indy and Alyssa up, okay.

Joe asks who is Monte's bigger target. Monte says Alyssa because she is tight with Jasmine and can finesse people and influence others. "Nicole is just with Daniel right now. She don't got Jasmine, She don't got Indy. She don't got Alyssa. Alyssa is a very good liar, but she can say things..."

Joe says it's the one thing that worries him (that she pillow talks too much)

The guys say they can't get too cocky and that Nicole is a comp beast.

Joe: you came in a clutch. Alyssa scored a 4, Nicole scored a 9. It was the Ameerah thing all over again. She is a comp beast.  (Meaning that Monte barely won the HoH over Nicole, much like Turner barely won over Ameerah)

Joe says she (Nicole) has a profession that if it is known, she would be targeted. Joes says it isn't his story to tell even though she never said he couldn't. He says only a few pople know. (He does not reveal that Nicole was a cop) They resign to the fact that Nicole is a threat and must go soon.

Joe: It would be Alyssa then Nicole. I'm fine with either one.

Monte says he will lock the door because he knows Indy will go "bat shit crazy."


[Okay, so the plan is that Monte will put up Indy and Alyssa. Nicole could be a replacement nom. -MamaLong]




5:45AM BBT

All BB24 HGs are tucked in bed, and the Big Brother house is dark and silent.


8:17AM BBT

All HGs are still sleeping, and Joseph is snoring, loudly, in the Golf Pro Bedroom.

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9:47AM BBT

WBRB for "Wakey, Wakey Houseguests!"


9:59AM BBT

The feeds return to the HGs starting their day. Monte is listening to his music in the HoHR. Turner is talking with Daniel in the kitchen while he makes coffee.


10:08AM BBT

Terrance is cleaning himself up in the bathroom. Monte has joined Daniel in the kitchen to make some breakfast.

Brittany is taking a shower. There is no sign of anyone else.


10:13AM BBT

WBRB, likely to warn the sleeping HGs it is time to get up for the day.

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11:26AM BBT

Turner is showing Michael and Terrance his favorite color combinations using the screen in the living room that says, Nominations Today.



11:40AM BBT

Monte is talking with Alyssa in the HoHR. He says he wants to know her opinion on who should be the pawn. He tells her that Taylor is the target. Alyssa says she doesn't think she would be a good pawn to put up because she might not win the veto. She says Brittany and Michael shouldn't go up since his birthday is Monday.

Alyssa: I can see who your target is, and I respect that. 

She tells Monte that she understands he has a big decision.

Monte says the worst case scenario is if Nicole were to win and not use the veto, "That would leave you and Indy on the block."




11:49AM BBT

It's time for Indy to have her one-on-one meeting with Monte. He tells her that Taylor is the target after hearing from multiple peoople, including Ameerah, that he was her target. Indy says she never talked with Taylor about game, so she has not heard that, herself. Monte says he needs a backdoor pair that could easily win veto, or he would win veto, and have them come down for Taylor to be the backdoor. He goes through each possible duo. He says Michael & Brittany are a no because Michael has been up "a billion times" and it's his birthday this week. He wants to reserve a good relationship with them. Monte says that Turner and Jasmine are not a consideration because of Jasmine's injury. He says he is in good with Kyle, Joe and Daniel. Nicole has already agreed to be a willing backdoor pawn to get Taylor out. This leaves her and Alyssa, "But I want you to know that neither of you are the target."

Indy: I understand and I know you have to do what you have to do. But, I would never do that to you. That's my heart. That's Indy talking. I could never expect that from you. What you said, I respect. But, I would never do that to you because you are my people. But I get it. I respect.

Monte: It's not final. 

Indy: I know

Monte says the people he has talked with thus far it seems this is the option the majority of the house is okay with.


Monte: I want to make it very clear, if I put you guys up, you are not my atrget. And at least I give you and Alyssa a chance to play.

Indy says that someone could still backdoor her by not using the veto.

Indy brings up that she is disappointed that they did not tell her they were voting out Ameerah, 'So I could say goodbye to her properly." Monte asks if she was told what happened. She repeats the fabricated story she heard. Monte confirms.

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Monte tells Indy that she can confirm everything with Jasmine because she saw what happened. He outlines the story in detail, again, for Indy while she puts on her sunglasses. [It's my opinion that she is not buying that "Shit for Sale" story. Indy knows shit is abundant and free. -ML]


12:01PM BBT

Monte: That's what happened and you can believe what you want. I understand how you feel and want to apologize to you for you being on the other side fo the vote. I just didn't know how to communicate to you guys that this is happening. I'm not that guy to blow things up. This is why I am coming to you directly, now, because I want to be very clear on what my intentions are.

Indy: Okay, okay

Monte: Are you okay?

Indy: Mm Hm

Monte: What are you thinking?

Indy: I don't even know any more.

Monte: I don't want you to feel like we didn't talk about what you want to talk about it

Indy: I get it. I get your point. I see the bigger picture here. I feel you would have a stronger opportunity to win the veto with Kyle and Daniel, but it's your option. I cannot tell you what to do. I would not do that to you.


Monte continues repeating the same sentiments sprinkled with compliments for Indy and apologies for how things have come down. He asks for a hug.

Indy: Okay, bye. I love you.

Monte: Bye Chica

Indy: Bye Chico




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12:25PM BBT

Nicole, Indy, Alyssa and Jasmine are talking in the Space Age Bedroom

Indy: (to Nicole) If Monte puts us up and you get win the veto, are you gonna play it?

Nicole: If I get picked for a veto, I need for use to lose so that they can win the veto so they can replace them with me. That way she can't go home.

Jasmine: Are you okay with losing?

Nicole: Um, I'm sorry. WHat? Can you ask me that question one more time.

Nicole is prodding Jasmine to ask again...and again...and again.

Jasmine starts laughing and snorting.

Nicole: I'm gonna go to the storage room and come back in 30 minutes, and you can ask me again.

If you guys go on the block. I will do anything and everything to get you off.

Indy: Thank you

Nicole: But that bitch is fighting for her life. She is a fighter. (Taylor)


[Isn't this so good, y'all. I can't remember the last time I enjoyed Big Brother this much. The house is full of lies on lies on lies and so many excellent players.  -MamaLong]


When Nicole leaves the room, Jasmine says that she is lying. She was reading her body language. 

Alyssa agrees, saying her body language reveals so much.

Jasmine: Pay attention to her body and her eyes.....and she will look around and say um. I don't trust that shit. 



12:32PM BBT

Alyssa appeals to Indy that they have to win the veto, "We can't trust anyone to take us off."

Indy shakes her head.

Alyssa: I get what you are saying. I get why you are hurt more. (to Jasmine) I feel stupid. But, at least we are not the backdoor.



12:33PM BBT

Jasmine asks Indy if she will make some fried rice slop. "I don't want to be a burden."

Brittany walks in.

Alyssa: We are anxious about noms, but you guys are good. Michael has been up a bunch and it's his birthday.

Brittany says she is trying to find something nice to do for him on his birthday. "I know how to make a really good peanut butter pie, and I know he loves peanut butter." The girls encourage her to ask for pie crust.

Alyssa: That what be really fun...really good to celebrate his birthday. How are you feeling?

Brittany: It's been a crazy couple of days. I slept on things last night just thinking on things. I hope you girls know that it wasn't against you...it was only because I heard her saying things about me. It was between me and Ameerah. You know what I mean?

Alyssa: I understand, I just wish we had known.

Britt: The thing is, why did everyone think to tell me just 15 minutes before

Jasmine: Well, at least you found out

Britt says that once she heard the rumors abotu the alliance, she wanted to check with Michael first and he confirmed it.

Alyssa: We have to move forward one way or another.

Jasmine: It's going to be a hard week for me being on slop and everything. I just don't know about nothin' anymore. I feel like I have to start all over.

Jasmine's belly keeps growling. The girls tell her how to make the slop.


12:40PM BBT

Terrance and Michael are playing bumper pool and enjoying each other's company.



12:52PM BBT

Kyle heads into the Space Age Bedroom to talk with Alyssa. He tells her he just finished talking with Monte and realizes he is an option and she is an option. Alyssa interrupts and says that Monte pretty much told her she is going up.

Alyssa: I'm gonna go up and figure it out from there.



Alyssa: I feel like I got hit by the ugly stick multiple times

Kyle: Stop saying that

They hug and go separate ways.



1:07PM BBT

Alyssa repeats her conversation with Kyle to Jasmine. She explains the alliance she had and that Indy asked her about it, directly, but she didn't know what to say. She asks Jasmine not to repeat anything

Jasmine responds that she isn't saying a thing, "because you are the only person in this house I do trust."

Alyssa sayss he is not going to tell Indy abotu the alliance with Kyle because she doesn't want Indy to fight for the veto. She says Monte told her that if it does end up with her staying on the block, she would be saved against Indy so she could "prove" herself. Jasmine says she would never evict her over Indy.

Alyssa: I want Daniel, Nicole and Taylor fucking out. I don't trust them in this game. And I guess Monte, I don't trust. I just want you to hear it from me, first.

Jasmine: Well, you told me you were in the alliance but I didn't know who it all was. You're good with me.

Alyssa: I love you

Jasmine: I love you, tooimage.thumb.png.1956b731d0e1dff5f4d0ed025a1f6c4c.pngimage.thumb.png.e5ebe089200fcd77782349daa7594ab9.png

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Monte now has Taylor and Nicole in the HoH room. He's going over his options on who to put up. "In my opinion, Taylor you've been on the block how many times by now? I don't think I necessarily want to continue that trend..." and also mentions that he doesn't believe it benefits his game to put her on the block. He tells them that he's thinking of putting up Indy and Alyssa and that most of the house seems fine with that.  Although Indy doesn't feel comfortable going on the block, she knows she's sitting next to someone who is a bigger threat in the house.


Taylor tells Monte she appreciates him not putting her on the block this week. She admits there was no secret that she was going to come for him, but that he's given her more grace in this game than she ever thought she would get and pure game talk, "she (Nicole) was never going to come for you".


Nicole, trying to be funny says there are other things she can do for Monte, because he's a man and has a penis (yikes).

Nicole goes on the compliment Taylor saying how she's a force to be reckoned with, she's a badass and that while they each have their own thing they've experienced in the game, they are going to fight their own battle, but will come together to fight. She's selling them (Nicole and Taylor) as allies. Nicole says based on previous convos, she's indicated to Monte she wants to work with him and Joe. 


Monte says he doesn't have an issue at this point on putting anyone up. 


Nicole - If we were put up and won the video, do you have anyone in mind on who you would want to put up?


Taylor says she doesn't have strong opinions on who to put up in their place. Monte says that makes his decision a little harder.


Nicole says they will keep noms the same if they (she and Taylor) win the veto to keep things easier for Monte. (aw, how nice). 


Monte - I don't have any crazy reason to want Indy and Alyssa out of the house other than what the house wants. 


He says he likes them both but it's just based on what the house wants. Nicole says she doesn't really talk game with either of them, so for her it's putting up noms because it's beneficial for Monte, she just wants to figure out how they (she, Taylor, Monte, Joe and Terrance) will all work together in the future. 


Nicole then jokes that next week will be great because Monte won't be standing beside her to compete and beat her by 2 points. They start talking about shuffle board. Nicole blames her shoes and clumsiness for losing. 


Taylor says she wants to talk to Monte before leaving and Nicole excuses herself to give them privacy. 


Taylor - Do you actually have a target this week?


Monte is talking kind of low but he's comparing Indy and Alyssa. He says Indy was going around talking to everyone after the veto ceremony and that Alyssa has lied to his face. 


Taylor says she, Michael and Brittany are at risk that's why she never wants to volunteer as a pawn again. She says not to let Nicole volunteer herself.  She says again how she was coming for him until "this happened, our conversation happened". Monte says he values her trust and that is more important to him than getting the right person out of the game. Monte assures Taylor she will never be a pawn again and that she doesn't have to be discreet anymore. He says talk to him, communicate, they don't have to worry about it now that he has the HoH and he doesn't have a problem telling anyone to fuck off. He wants to be 100% transparent with her because if he or the group doesn't have her trust, he (Monte) is fucked. He doesn't care what anyone else says. 


Monte reminds Taylor if she did go up for some reason and Nicole is evicted, Taylor has the opportunity to pick her next festie besties and Taylor chimes in with Indy and Alyssa and Monte says yes, because you'll be fully insulated. Monte says if Indy and Alyssa came off the block he'd put up Daniel and Kyle. "Daniel to me is low on the social spectrum". He doesn't want to put up Turner and Jasmine because Jasmine is on one leg and they're both on slop, doesn't want to put up Brittany and Michael because "they need a break". 


Taylor asks if Indy and Alyssa know they're going up and Monte says he's told them they're not the target (with air quotes).


Taylor and Monte wrap up their conversation, hug it out and Taylor leaves. 


Monte calls Terrance in, they start to chat, but production interrupts them (I think he was called to the DR), so Terrance makes a quick exit. Monte says he has to use the bathroom and then he's on the way. (1:12PM BBT)

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1:17PM BBT

Kyle is working out on the bike and using the hand weights.





1:19PM BBT

Jasmine is finally making herself some slop.



Jasmine asks Terrance what he is going to cook for her once she's off slop since she cooked for him.

Terrance: What you want

Jasmine: chicken wings and spaghetti...that's all I want. Hopefully the replenish the chicken wings, and I want a whole pack to myself.


1:24PM BBT

Nicole and Daniel are preparing to play backgammon.



1:24PM BBT

Joeph asks Jasmine if they gave her an update on her foot. She says they told her it's just day by day.



1:29PM BBT

Jasmine weighs herself in the gym and tells Kyle that she gains weight when she doesn't eat.

Kyle: You gain weight when you don't eat? How does that work?

She says if she doesn't eat three meals a day, she will gain weight, "That's why I don't do intermittent fasting."

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2:11PM BBT

Taylor is putting on her face in the bathroom while chatting with Nicole and Daniel. Daniel says today is day 24.

Nicole: Oh,  it's day 24. I have to change that on the Q-Tips. It's my job now.

They question what the L means in Roman numerals. Taylor says it's in the Super Bowl emblem. They ask Terrance, but he is not sure. [L=50]


2:20PM BBT

Indy is finalizing her nomination look in the Space Age Bedroom.



2:26PM BBT

The HGs are just sitting around waiting for the nomination ceremony.


2:28PM BBT

Kyle has fallen asleep in the livingroom. Joe, Britt and Michael start placing game pieces all over him. He wakes up and catches them in the act.

Joe: The sleep bandits strike again

Kyle: I knew something was up since it was too quiet and they just let me sleep.





2:38PM BBT

Monte is talking with Jasmine about his plans in the Car Design Bedroom. He tells her that he told Nicole and Daniel what hiks plans were and then when he called in Alyssa, she seemed to already know the deal. 

Monte: I see how she plays subtly, not obviously

Jasmine tells Monte that Alyssa said she doesn't trust Daniel and Nicole. Monte says he knows they are working together, though. Otherwise, she would not have known the plan. Jasmine tells him that she will respect his play no matter what.

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Monte makes it clear that he wants to backdoor Taylor, but if for some reason Indy and Alyssa stay on the block, Alyssa is the one he wants out.

Jasmine: I respect your decision.

Monte: I just want to say...

Jasmine: Does the house feel the same way?

Monte: Yeah

Jasmine: I just want to be on the right side of the house, please.

Monte: Yeah, I just want complete transparency at this point. 

Jasmine tells him that he can trust her. She won't say anything to anybody, 'I'm just gonna be chilling out on slop and blame it on slop brain. I'm down for whatever."

Monte wants a unanimous decision, "that would be my ideal because it looks like everyone is on the same chord. It looks good."


Monte says Turner told Alyssa stuff, too. They discuss how Alyssa just talks too much.

Monte: You are making it to jury

Jasmine: We don't know who HoH is next week

Monte repeats that she is going to jury because Daniel and Nicole have made themselves big targets.



Monte says the HoH competition opened his eyes to Nicole and how "she could win a competition, if she wanted to."

Jasmine shakes her head in agreement.

Monte tells Jasmine that he is giving her the heads up to not be attached to Nicole. "I want to insulate you from that."



2:57PM BBT

Brittany and Taylor are whispering in the bathroom about the votes and getting down to a double eviction. They want the three of them to be protected (Taylor/Britt/Michael)

Taylor: We have to think long term. If there is a double eviction, there's only two duos I want to go home. I want to keep Terrance.

Britt: There's pros and cons either way. It's a game. It's a game. It's a game. I know.




3:06PM BBT

Nicole has announced that she doesn't know what to do with her hair anymore. She has it clipped up in a mohawk style and asks Alyssa if she has a smaller clip she could borrow.

Michael begins shaving.





3:08PM BBT

We have Rancho Coastal Humane Society on the feeds for the Nomination Ceremony. 


[I expect Monte to nominate Indy and Alyssa for the block with the ruse that they are pawns for a Taylor backdoor. His true target is Nicole, and if he is unable to get her on the block, his backup target is Alyssa. -MamaLong]

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4:35PM BBT

The feeds return after the nomination ceremony.


As expected, Monte nominated Alyssa and Indy for eviction.

Britt (to Alyssa): I'm sorry

Alyssa: It's okay. His speech made me feel better. I'm going to fight in this veto. I think we're strong.


4:44PM BBT

In the HoHR, Joe is saying that Daniel and Nicole think he (Joe) is stupid, "Let them think it." Monte is saying now that the deed is done, it's time to get in good with Indy, "She needs some more reassurance."




Monte: Regardless, I think we could 100% get out Alyssa unanimously


[Looks like Monte is changing his focus after talking with Kyle and Jasmine. Kyle is pushing for Alyssa to go, feeling she is a threat to his game. Jasmine confided in Monte that Alyssa was quizzing her about her business and asking why she needs the money if she is an entrepeneur which made her "feel some kind of way".  It seems the house is gunning for Alyssa, so that's the direction he wants to go. -MamaLong

*Okay, I take this back. At 5:11PM BBT Monte said Nicole is his #1 priority to evict this week.]


Monte: Alyssa comes in here for the one on one and shows her cards. She came in here and said, Hey, Monte, I feel it only makes sense that you would put up me and Indy. I was like, who did you hear that from 'cause I only told Nicole and Daniel.

Joe and Monte continue talking about Alyssa being a liar and talking way too much.

Monte: Anyway, things played out.

Joe: It's good we got Kyle to fold

Monte: The thing is, Kyle is more mature. He was looking for no kind of shomance, so all this information he was getting from her, he didn't even ask.

They laugh over Alyssa.

Joe: I feel like Alyssa has said multiple times that Kyle was not her type and that Pooch was her type. A huge piece of me feels like it was a game move to try and get this boy (Kuyle) to fall for her, but karma got it twisted.

Monte says Kyle is very good at asking questions and getting information without showing his cards, "I'm glad he is a part of our group."

Monte and Joe laugh about trying to figure out what Indy's game is. Monte says she hates him now, "but that could change with the moon, or something."image.thumb.png.a8e4bc56e0659e36a930efb4032b4eaf.pngimage.thumb.png.4e8a23d704dc4c1ea2fd1ed40ae07112.pngimage.thumb.png.123b4a1c2c1975477ba066aaaf248984.png


[I'm out for the night.  -MamaLong]

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9:14pm BBT


Houseguests are just mingling, shooting pool and shooting the s***. No game talk happening.


Alyssa, Joe, Kyle, Taylor in bathroom area talking about weddings.


Daniel, Turner playing pool. Turner won, Terrance now playing Turner.


Nicole, Jasmine, Daniel, Indy watching pool game.


Monte and Michael in kitchen making food. Chitchat about time and sleeping schedules. 


Joe & Kyle asking about time because they are ready for bed.






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Joe, Kyle and Taylor are in the lavatory talking about who might go home this week.

Joe says Monte made it clear that there was a back door plan, but he might have done that to cover the nominations.

It seems Kyle might be pressing the "evict Alyssa" plan he has in mind.

Indy walks into the room on the way to the loo.


While Indy is in the loo they talk about the back yard being open, when is the eviction ceremony, etc. and banana bread they love.

Alyssa comes into the lavatory as well, she sits on the vanity chair.

General talk.

Alyssa says the group upstairs are just talking, Daniel is playing the bumper pool game alone to practice.

Alyssa talks about the perfect wedding ring and her wedding dress style.

Taylor dives into it as well, the boys snooze.

They get a message from Bob, "House guests this is a reminder that sleeping is only permitted in the bedrooms."

The girls nudge Joe and Kyle.

Kyle mumbles a question, Joe changes position.


Alyssa explains what lip enhancement is. Kyle says he kissed a girl who had hard lips once, he says he thought they weren't natural lips.

Alyssa says once you start having "things done" it leads down a very dark trail.

Kyle teases Taylor for hugging Pooch before he left. (he says hugging and kissing)

She says they missed the first showmance.

Talk moves on to how tequila motivates bad behavior.


Monte and Michael in the kitchen, Monte shouts out the time.

Monte says they are waiting for 10pm, but no one will go to bed then, he had a nap, he knows he won't go to sleep on time.

General talk.


Cameras move to the lavatory area, General talk in there as well.














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Joseph wonders if Alyssa is catching on, Kyle says she has no idea.

Joe says when he hung out with Alyssa earlier she questioned him over and over again about the possiblility of eviction.

The wonder what Ameerah whispered to Jasmine when she left.

Alyssa returns to the lavatory area.

General talk about age naturally transitions.


Michael and Monte in the kitchen.

Michael says "she was just having a rough day." not sure who it is, Michael says she is laying down in "there". (Jasmine/slop?)


General talk in the kitchen.



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General talk in the kitchen

Discussing the fate of the onion, he has become "squishy"

Nicole offers a burial in the trash.

Indy says she is taking it home.


General talk in the lavatory area, Kyle, Taylor, Alyssa






Kyle and Alyssa in the bedroom alone.

Kyle is trying to appease Alyssa, says he is sorry she lost her friend in the house, he knows she doesn't trust him as much now. He says America hates him now. Kyle says she just has to tell him stuff, he will miss little signs.

Indy comes into the room and leaves.

Alyssa says she will probably say they are making out.

Alyssa tells him she is not mad at him, but is not as excited about him as she won, she just wants to focus on the game.

She thanks him for letting her know he cares about her.


Kyle continues to flirt with Alyssa, Alyssa continues to giggle.



Indy is in the bedroom with Michael, she tells him she values whoever is on her side. Indy says she will always have Michael's back, and he agrees he will try to be better communicating moving forward.

Indy asks him to let her know if he hears people talking about her, she knows it is a game, but as friends they should do that.



Monte and Kyle are in the HOH room, Kyle says the house is split into bubbles in the house.  He thinks the alliance is good, no one has caught on yet.

Monte says he spoke to Indy and Jasmine this morning. Monte says people seem to think he co-ordinated the idea of removing Ameerah. He thinks the girls want to put it out there, but he believes they are starting to move on to the idea that Turner had information. Monte says he doesn't believe the bygones by bygones attitude.

He says his best conversation was with Jasmine, who doesn't feel as close to Alyssa as she has in the past.

Alyssa and Joe come into the room followed by Michael and Indy.


Alyssa says she will be in bed by midnight, Indy says she hopes Alyssa remembers she has a veto competition tomorrow.

Nicole also comes into the room.

Turner is on the bed with Monte, (sorry missed him coming in)

Monte tells the group they can have any snacks they want, with the exception of his smoked salmon.

Indy is massaging Joe's shoulders she says it is "how to put a man down"

Several people try "red vines", not a fan favorite for the HOH review group.











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General talk and snacking in HOH room

Laughter about pranking/scaring each other in the house.


House guests begin leaving the HOH room for their respective beds.

Alyssa leaves the HOH room.

Kyle says he think she is onto them a little, but maybe not.

Joe says she asked him to go with her, he told her 5 minutes.


Michael says Brittany is worried, the girls are mad at her and if they win, the girls will put her up.

Joe is waiting for the veto to play out.

Monte says Indy talked to him today, he told her it was unlikely she would go home this week. He told her that was not his intention.

Taylor says if the nominations have to stay the same, they can wait a week.

(to get rid of Nicole).

Michael might try to sell Indy on choosing him and Brittany with the story that they (Brittany and Indy) don't get along, so Brittany can't nominate Indy.

Joe tells them that Brittany lost a real place in the girls group because she warned Pooch that Ameerah wanted him gone. Pooch confronted Ameerah, then Ameerah told the girls not to trust Brittany.


Kyle says Alyssa cut him off completely.

Monte says he told Daniel and Nicole he was thinking of putting Alyssa and Indy up, when Alyssa came upstairs she revealed that she knew. Monte says no matter how much they say they don't trust each other, they still talk.


Michael says he was supposed to lure Nicole into the storage room so Kyle could scare her. Kyle was trapped in his hiding place while Nicole blurted out that she thought she was going home and was crying.

Kyle says he was thinking "abort abort", he wanted her to get out of the room, his legs start going to sleep, he started moving around so she would catch him.  He says when they went out of the room everyone in the house was standing around yelling, "How did it go"


Joe says Jasmine and Alyssa told him Michael, Brittany, and Taylor are close. He says Daniel and Nicole don't clown with him now that he spends more time with Taylor.


Kyle says Daniel and Nicole blew up at Taylor because they thought she was leaving.


Taylor says the perfect revenge would be if Daniel won the veto, took Alyssa down, Morte puts up Nicole and Taylor and Nicole goes home.

Monte doesn't think Daniel will do that, he thinks Daniel is starting to realize he isn't the big dog.


The others in the Leftovers say Daniel and Nicole are more distant from them because they spend time with Taylor.

Turner mentions Nicole offering his ice cream from his HOH to the other house guests.

Kyle says she scarfed down three of them today.

Turner is mad because she took it on herself to offer it.


Michael says he could use protection for him and Brittany by having the leftover house guest choose their duo to join.


Joe thinks Daniel and Nicole will buy the story that they all want rid of Taylor.  He laughs and says if Daniel says he doesn't want to use the veto, but Kyle does.


Joe tells them that Daniel believes Taylor is an actress that was hired to stir the pot in the house.  He says the girls were buying it. He says the best thing was when Taylor didn't go on the block. Taylor laid back on the hammock eating grapes in her bikini. He has everyone laughing.


No one is impressed with Nicole's plan to choose Taylor as her partner, lie to her, and all the while she plotted to get Taylor sent out and recieve some special power for herself. Everyone in the room heard her story to Taylor and her 180 to the other people in the house.


Michael says they are bullying Brittany now, saying she followed them around, keeping her out of the loop. Joe says it has called Brittany stressed, he says he was so bothered by it, but when he spent time with Brittany, Ameerah and other would cross by, and it was a problem. Joe says he kept her secrets, he didn't tell.


Joe says this room won't lose themselves or their humanity in this game.

Stopping the Taylor bullying was reassuring.











Talk and gossip continues in the HOH.



Darlings, it is time for me to say goodnight, I am going to go say my prayers, talk my puppies into sharing the quilt, and snooze til the sun comes up.  Be gentle with others, we all have a story and our faces don't always show others what those stories are. Your gentle soul could heal a spirit.  goodnight dears, hug, Grannysue.

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12:00am BBT Nicole admits to having sex dreams w/ Indy & Daniel. All the Leftovers except Brittany are in HoH. Joe says the game is set up to see how much of yourself you can lose. Monte wants to do damage while they have power this week. Joe is grateful to be with a team.


12:02am BBT Kyle says the game changes on little things. Turner just beat Ameerah for HoH and Monte just beat Nicole. A Nicole HoH after Ameerah's eviction would have been terrible. Joe tells Taylor she's the real MVP. 


12:15am BBT Nicole tells Indy, Alyssa & Daniel she's scared. She trusts Monte but she's scared because of what happened to Ameerah. She warns Alyssa/Indy she had no clue about last week's plan. She just feels that Alyssa/Indy aren't the target, she is. 


12:25am BBT Nicole spells out the game plan to Alyssa/Indy in case she's gone. Win HoH & target Brittany & Turner. Keep Jasmine & Michael safe. Nom Monte, Terrance & Joe. She thinks there will be a DE after the Festie Bestie twist ends. She says you 3 hold on to each other.


12:33am BBT Nicole thinks the twist will be after all the Bestie teams have 3 HG, two of the last Bestie trio nominated will be evicted in a DE. Think about that as you choose which Bestie pair to join. Indy thinks she's worrying to much. She's sure she's not going.

12:35am BBT Indy doesn't trust Kyle, Michael or Brittany. She loves Kyle but doesn't trust him after he flipped on Ameerah. She doesn't talk game with him. Alyssa says it's OK. Indy wants to know what Kyle said to Ameerah before she was evicted. Alyssa is afraid to ask.


12:45am BBT Daniel believes spirits live in the same realm as radio waves. Candles drive them away, though. That's why theaters have ghost lights, to protect them. It's usually a single bulb onstage. After experiencing a negative spirit, though, he turned his power off.


12:55am BBT Turner says his father saw his grandmother get hit bu a drunk driver when he was just 13. Later, his dad went to Hong Kong to give his uncle a kidney but couldn't get there before he died.

1:04am BBT Daniel says his great grandma named her spirits. He never named them. They would see a chair move in the morning and say hello. He didn't want to welcome the spirits in because once they're in, they never leave. Taylor says they all need to go to bed.

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