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Friday, July 23, 2021 Big Brother 23 Live Feed Updates

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12:00am-12:30am BBT: Alyssa and Christian now in the CBR talking about Brent and Alyssa tells him everything Brent said and how he read her lips to learn what she was saying , She says she felt uncomfortable at how close Brent was sitting to her, She is worried he might win the POV this week and not go home. Derek X is in the KT making Hamburgers ,

12:30am-1:00am BBT: Sarah goes to the HNR and talks to Kyland about Brent and how he came into the house wanting to be the stud of the house and he found out he isn't and all he wants to do is get the girls out first. Claire comes in and talk stops then Sarah ask if they will get the BY tomorrow and Claire says no they will set up for POV i am sure. Sarah then talks about wanting to play in the Veto comp this week and thinks Tiffany should play the wild card comp instead of Claire, Then she tells Claire about Brent's deals with her, Alyssa and Christian.

1:00am-1:30am BBT: Sarah , Kyland and Clair in the HNR talking about past seasons of BB and how Sarah loves Dani Donato and Janelle. Tiffany talking with Christian and Alyssa about her liking her toes sucked and Christian says no one is sucking on his toes at all. Xavier  gets his HOHR and opens the door to pictures of his Mom , Sister and brother and then in another his dad and step mom and other brothers, His letter is from his Mom Says she is proud and loves him and tells him about the dogs .

1:30am-2:00am BBT: He thanks everyone for coming to his room and hugs them as they are leaving the room. Kyland stays for a minutes to help Xavier  find everything then leaves , Xavier sits and cries and reads his letter again, Most HG are now getting ready for bed. Derek F goes to the HOHR and tells Xavier sorry he cares about his room he was sleeping, Xavier says that is fine i will meet with each team tomorrow morning. Xavier gets a beer out and is happy he got what he wanted, Derek F says that is why it took so long to get your room they had to fly to go get it and they laugh. Derek F now back in the YBR with Sarah, Azah and Britini talking about keeping the team safe and Christian going after Brent.

2:00am-2:30am BBT: Azah and Derek F continue the talk about Christian going next week, Azah says she will not go for HOH next week as she does not feel she is a threat to anyone, Britini then talks about her having a crush on one person in the house but it is not going to happen she says so Derek F ask who it is and she says it is Christian but he is more of a brother to me now.

2:30:am-3:00am BBT: Azah tells them she watched Xavier  when she is wearing her sunglasses. Tiffany and Claire in the HNR talking about bringing Hannah in on their side and who they need to get out before Jury, Tiffany says Whitney does not need the money she brags about everything she has already. Lights out in the BB house all HG in bed sleeping.

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8:30AM BBT

The Houseguests are still sleeping.


8:33AM BBT

Feeds move to WBRB for Wakey Wakey


8:53AM BBT

Feeds return to HGs getting ready for competition day.

Britini is doing her hair in the bathroom


9:05AM BBT

The Coral Reef Bedroom HGs are just sitting in their beds talking.

Sarge- Derek X, please put on your microphone




Meanwhile, in the Have-Not Room, Tiffany is talking with Kyland, alone, saying how proud she is of him and that she will always have his back. "I can never ever lose you." They are holding hands.  


Tiffany says she isn't sure she really has a chance sitting next to him at the end, but there is no one else she wants to go with. "I wouldn't feel like I lost and I wouldn't be mad about it, and it would be genuine." Ky tells her he feels the same way.

Tiffany- are you saying you want to be a final 2?

Ky- he defers to her to make the decision

Tiffany says all of her family would tell her yes, she should be final 2 with him. "I will let you take me to prom."

Ky jokes at first, saying he needs to think about it, but then says he is honored

Ky tells Tiffany that he wants to make sure they get to the end.

Tiffany thanks him "for saying yes." (she means them as a final 2)


They begin discussing F2 names. They discuss "Ultimate" 

Ky- We can be called someone's name

They begin wondering if the said it out loud yesterday (that they were considering being final 2) They say that The Hitmen was such a great name. They want to make sure they have an equally great F2 name.

They begin thinking of movies

Tiff- you have to have a guy/girl combo sitting somewhere...besides Bonnie and Clyde.

They continue to brainstorm [Should be noted here that BB will not let them use anything copyrighted.  -MamaLong] Ky mentions Slim and Queen. Tiff says she loves anything with Queen in it. They are playing with the terms "boss" and "CEO"...


Ky interrupts their brainstorming and says "the 4 of us will rock together" (Tiff+Claire+Ky+DerekX)..."if there is another girl we want to bring in for support" Ky says he trusts them to add that person in and just let him know. Tiff says she trusts Claire of all the girls the most but doesn't even tell Claire everything she is thinking. She says she bounces ideas off of Derek X then explains that she used the chess board to gather ideas and lay out a plan. Ky says Derek X showed him that.


Tiff- I told him to...that's how I ended up seeing that Frenchie had to go. When I lined up all of those pieces and named them off and surrounded them with all of the relationships I could see that he was protected by way too many people and had to go. We can't just see it in our mind and in the way we want it to be. We have to see it the way it is. In our one-on-one I wanted you to see the position you were in and wanted you to see the power you were in and that you could shift it. You did it beautifully!

[Yes, he most definitely did!  -MamaLong]


9:15AM BBT

Xavier is talking with Christian in the bathroom about Brent. Chris says Brent woke up and said he slept like a baby, but Alyssa was pissed because of his snoring. Then he asked her what he looked like when he was sleeping "and she was looking at him  like 'I don't fucking know, I sleep with my eyes closed"   [Brent truly does have a massive ego. He thinks everyone is watching him all the time.  -MamaLong]

They high five and X says they have to keep him away from Alyssa before she snaps.


X heads into the YBR and chats with Azah and Big D. Big D asks if the Cookout can get together to talk. X is worried it might look obvious but Big D suggests that Hannah and Azah say they are heading to the Have Not Room but really head to the HoH. Just at that moment, Brit walks in the room. Big D quickly shifts the conversation to discussion of Team Meeting times.



Xavier walks out to deliver his laundry bag to production.


9:20AM BBT

The cameras move back to The YBR where Brit, Azah and Big D are talking about today's competition

Big D- (to Britini) What's that face? I know that face!

Brit- no, I just got a comp to worry about today. I have one way to make sure I don't go up again. I got one chance to save myself which will give my family sanity.



9:20AM BBT

Baby D and Xavier meet in the SR. Xavier is hoping the veto competition tomorrow will be individual and mentions that he would like him to compete because there are few he can truly trust. Baby D says that he doesn't want to make it seem like he is a competition threat. X says they will talk about it more later. Xavier tells Baby D that he will meet with teams beginning at 10:30AM alphabetically: Aces, Jokers then Queens. They hug and X leaves the SR




9:22AM BBT

Xavier checks with Alyssa in the kitchen and asks how she slept. She says she didn't sleep very well because Brent snores more than he does. Xavier is happy to hear that Brent is more annoying than he is when it comes to snoring.



The cameras move back to Tiffany talking with Claire and Ky in the HNR. Tiffany says that it's intimidating for the other HGs because they can't get any closer to Xavier (because of the teams) ...whatever is offered to him has to be offered to his entire team.

Tiff- Everyone handles their HoH differently. We will see how it goes. I also want to see if he still thinks it is in his best interest to target Brent regardless of what everyone else wants. I mean, I think it is. But I don't know what his target would be...another strong person. I don't know his relationship with Britini.

Ky- Whitney or Britini?

Claire- she said Britini

Ky- I don't know Whitney's relationship with him. Alyssa hates Brent. I'd be surprised if he doesn't.

Tiff- I just wonder who is going to sit next to him, though. You can put two players on the block and neither one leaves the house. I don't know what he's thinking, strategy wise.

Ky says it is rare that what she described happens unless they have no idea what is going on. He uses FOUTTE (Five of Us Til the End) as an example.        LOL!


They discuss worry that Derek X would be used as a possible pawn and how cruel that would be. Tiff says day 3 he was public enemy number one. Claire thinks it is because he talks to all of the girls.

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10:00AM BBT

The Feeds went to WBRB Bubbles then immediately to RCHS for the Wildcard competition

Playing in the Wildcard Competition today:


Aces = They are using a draw with eligible players being Whitney or Derek X

[Edited to add that X asked Baby D to play in the Wildcard. He said he will do it but the wavered worrying about looking like a comp threat]

Jokers = Britini is playing. Big D is eligible but wants to hold on to his chance and knows Brit wants it.

Queens = I'm not sure who is playing. Claire and Tiffany are eligible.  

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1:41PM BBT

The feeds have returned post Wildcard Competition

The players were: Tiffany, Britini and Derek X

Tiffany won the Wildcard competition and her story is going to be that X told her she needed to win it, so she did. It sounds like the competition involved cards.

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In the HNR, Tiffany tells Claire and Ky that she didn't want it to look like she was targeting Britini. She says Big D called her out during the competition and "that wasn't cool!" Ky says they are scared.



In the YBR, Britini is expressing frustration and having a bit of a meltdown. She says she is happy Tiffany won but she felt they both wanted her out. Big D tries to talk but Brit talks over him and interrupts. Azah tries to talk but she is interrupted, too

Brit- I don't want to see my face on that wall again.

Britini says she was backstabbed "That was my comp. That was my comp. I gotta get over myself right now. I'm pissed. I'm pissed.....My heart sank. I couldn't move faster. I was like, I'm done. I was by myself. I was by myself. That sucks. I don't get it. I haven't won anything."


Azah says that this is a good thing because now they know they can't trust Tiffany. "I couldn't believe it (that Baby D and Tiffany both targeted Brit in the competition). My demeanor completely changed. Y'all know Tiffany is my girl, but I just sat there. Don't say anything to her until after nominations. Just sit quiet."




[Y'all, Britini doesn't handle losing well at all. I worry for her!  -MamaLong]


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1:44pm BBT Ky, Claire and Tiff are in the HNR discussing how Tiff won the WC Comp. It was an elimination comp of some kind. Britini and Derek X also are wearing Comp t-shirts. X has moved quickly to his 1-on-1 interviews.

1:48pm BBT Tiff wants to say X told her to play to win. Ky doesn't think that's necessary.In the YBR, Brit is upset she was targeted to be challenged. She thinks it was her comp and she was robbed of her chance.  Derek F, Azah, SB and Christian listen to her rant.


1:50pm BBT Brit is calming down. She's happy Tiff won but she really wanted to win to make sure she isn't nom again. In HoH, X grills Brent on the all-girls alliance - maybe Brittany, Claire or Tiff are in charge. They think SB is good though.


1:55pm BBT Big D tells Brit he feels for the house the day he finally gets upset. Brit thinks it made her look bad. The comp appears to have been a blackjack game. Azah said the WC comp was a wash this week.


2:00pm BBT Azah says they will learn their lesson after the WC Comp. Big D thought DereX was cool but not anymore. Be careful what you share with her (Tiff) too. In HoH, X tells DereX noms are looking like Brent and Brit.


2:02pm BBT  X wants to make it seem like Brit is the target to throw Brent off the scent, but she really is just a pawn and he's really the target. DereF tells Azah Tiff will be the first targeted from Cookout.


2:05pm BBT X tells DereX he has a good relationship with Brit and is trying to figure out how to nominate her gently. (given her response the first time, just rip the band-aid - she'll fall apart either way -- Fuskie) Hannah is next with X.


2:07pm BBT In the HNR, Tiff tells Ky that Brit will freak out if nom. Tiff is worried it looks like she targeted Brit on purpose. In HoH, Hannah says her team (Aces) are OK with Brent (their teammate) going up. 


2:08pm BBT SB tells Tiff she's glad she won the WC Comp but it is  unfortunate how it looks. No matter what happens, she says, someone is going to be pissed. Do you want Brit, Big D and Azah to be pissed or Whit to be pissed?

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2:10pm BBT The question in the HNR is who will go up next to Brent. In HoH. X leads Hannah to guess Brit will be the pawn but says she needs to feel like the target. Brent cannot get pumped up if he feels targeted.

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2:12pm BBT X asks Hannah if she has anything to add? She says no. Then get the hell out, he jokes. Whit pushes in front of Christian and Alyssa to go next. She asks if Azah is the nom because Brent might have lied. X says it is not Azah but a Joker.


2:16pm BBT Brit asks Whit if Brit can keep it secret if he tells her that Brent is the target and not her. Whit thinks so. He hates doing this to her. Whit thinks he should offer her a couple week's safety. Whit wants Brent out before Jury.

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2:21pm BBT Alyssa is next with X. He tells her Brent was his first 1-on-1 and he brought up the girls' alliance. X tells Alyssa that they have to stroke Brent's ego by telling him after noms that Brit is the target. He will use Azah to message Brit she is safe.

2:23pm BBT Alyssa tells X that Tiff almost blew it during the WC Comp when she said something that could have revealed noms. She asks what he'll do if Brent wins Veto? X won't say but says he trusts Whit more than Brit.

2:26pm BBT Christian joins X and delivers the same speech, including Brent's claim of a girl's alliance. Christian wonders if X will tell Brent before noms. He says maybe. Christian says Brit is really upset and should be warned as well, told she's the pawn.

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2:29pm BBT Tiff talks to Brit briefly and attempts to smooth over the WC comp hurt feelings. X tells Christian Brit will be his last 1-on-1 and he'll let her do the talking. X says the week will go fine if everyone keeps their mouth shut. 

2:31pm BBT Christian tells X that he washed the dishes and then Hannah called him lazy. He asks if other HG think he's lazy. X advises him to make sure others see him doing the dishes. SB is next and says the Jokers are all upset that Tiff & DereX are targeting Brit.

2:33pm BBT SB tels X that putting up Brit will just make the Jokers mad. Nominating Whit and Brent will make fewer HG mad at him. Downstairs, DereF tells Ky they need to make sure they and X are solid for F3. DereF thinks he is doing crowd control for X.

2:37pm BBT X tells SB that he is looking out for Brit. If she takes the risk this week, she'll be protected for future weeks. She'll gain the trust of the house and have extra safety. X assures SB that no other Joker would go up if Bent comes down, but won't say who.

2:39pm BBT X plans to tell Brit that if she does this, the Kings won't tough her. SB again pitches Whit sitting next to Brent, no Jokers, and tell him you're going after girls this week. He'll believe that. She tells him to talk to Tiff because she just talked to Brit.

2:40pm BBT Clair tells DereF people are conspiring against him. Tiff tells him to stop sleeping and mingle more. Claire says HNR is dangerous because you can sit up there and plot all day (nobody who is not a HN comes in). 

2:44pm BBT Tiff tells X she is uncomfortable (nominating Brit, I presume). She does not like playing on emotions. She tells X that Azah is really upset and is playing too personal. X says he'll deal with the Jokers, he'll keep the Cookout 6 safe. 

2:47pm BBT Tiff is upset with comments DereF has been making. X says Brent bought up a member of the Cookout but he steered him back towards Brit. Tiff warns X to not promise Brit Safety since he cannot guarantee it. 

2:49pm BBT Alyzza tells SB they need to put up Whit against Big D or Azah. She says the Jokers are comp jokes. Except maybe Brit. Alyssa would rather see the Jokers upset than Whit and Hannah. Tiff tells X she told Brit that she went after the WC because Brit was safe.

2:55pm BBT Azah meets with X next and says Brit is emotional. They are both confused why her? They don't understand why Tiff went after Brit instead of DereX in the comp. She says she needs to work on her poker face; she wears her emotions on her sleeve.

2:28pm BBT X tells Azah he wants Brent gone and has a plan, that Brent suggested noms. Azah guesses Clair and Ky but X says no, two Jokers and not Big D. Azah asks him to not put put Brit. Don't put her up. Don't put Brit up.

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3:23PM BBT

X tells Britini that Brent feels she is the biggest threat in the house. Brit explains the French Kisses alliance to X who responds "apparently he see you as some juggernaut"

X tells Brit he needs someone that Brent will believe is the target "you or Azah, I'll let you two decide."

Brit tells him she just sat there and it was a lot to go through, "I do feel like I would be afraid...I would feel nervous that if, God Forbid, Brent comes down; if he wins that veto. I'm going home."

X tells her that is an extremely valid point and asks who Brit thinks he should put up

Brit - Oh God I don't know. I mean I would say Whitney or Derek X if he doesn't win 

X- Okay, we can leave it at that

Brit- my question for you though is, what about Brent and Whitney situation....less blood for you kind of thing?

X says he wants to do what's best for the house but has to look out for his own game

X says that if he puts up two from the same team, Brent would think he is the target.

Brit asks who is leaning toward putting up against Brent. X says he is undecided. Brit asks if there is a potential for Brent to throw the veto. He says he thinks there could be. Brit asks if he (X) wins veto, will he swap her out. X says it is a good thing to consider but doesn't make any promise.

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3:05pm BBT Azah continues to plead X not to nom Brit. Put me up against Brent, sh says. You say you want my opinion but your minds sounds made up. If Brent mentioned my name, put me up against him. If I leave the game, at least I won't be afraid of that Mother F*ker.

3:08pm BBT X tells Azah he promised he won't nom anyone from The Cookout and he won't. He doesn't want her going home - they are playing for something bigger than money. Azah says she's playing for the same reasons. I'll still have my job, Azah says, please don't nom Brit.

3:10pm BBT Azah leaves HoH and heads straight for her bible. She tells DereF that Tiff needs to stop being fake. She tells DereF to have a smile on his face when he talks with X. Claire is next to talk with X. He says the Jokers are making this so hard and emotional. 

3:14pm BBT Claire tells X that nominating Brit and Brent makes sense. She hopes next week they can put up Whit and one of the Jokers. She worries they will try to work together with Whit after Brent is gone. 

3:17pm BBT In the Coral BR, Tiff talks to the feeds, saying she won but some are not happy about it. She's not emotional and has a hard time bonding over emotions. She came to play and is playing the game. She says she has a gift to make people mad at her like her.

3:18pm BBT Tiff continues talking to America. She's cool with X's nominations and is comfortable having turned down safety (whatever the risk/reward proposition was, she apparently decided to not accept).

3:22pm BBT X is now meeting with Brit in HoH. He tells her he needs to keep Brent calm if nominated and that he named her and Azah as masterminds. He is laying the case for nominating either Brit or Azah against Brent to convince Brent they are his target and Brent is the pawn.

3:25pm BBT Brit is calmly listening to X explain his nomination strategy. Brit says she was just up for 7 days. If Brent wins Veto, it will be her going home. X says her concern is valid. He asks Brit who should go up in that case? Brit says Whit or Derex. The Aces, X confirms.


3:29pm BBT Brit says Whit is a bigger threat. X says he has to look out for his game first. Brit says Johnny Mac was used as a pawn back to back to back. She says once was hard - she was shaking as the was read. X says Azah preferred Brit be nom. Incredible, Brit says.

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3:43PM BBT

Brit asks X directly who he feels most comfortable putting next to Brent knowing it will be either her or Azah (because Brent pushed those two as the leaders of the girls' alliance so putting one of them will keep Brent comfortable). He says he doesn't know. "I know who I want out. I know who the house wants out. That person can't know that."





3:53PM BBT

Ky is meeting with X now and asks what would be better for his game: Brit/Brent or Whit/Brent.

Xavier says Brit/Brent because Brent thinks they are tight (he crosses his fingers for effect) and Brit is Brent's target.



X asks Ky which he prefers: BB or BW

Ky says BB


4:03PM BBT

Sarge- Xavier, please go to the Diary Room downstairs

X- Can I have a meeting first

Big D asks what he wants to say

X- I'm going to the Diary Room first


4:05PM BBT

The feeds move to RCHS


4:06PM BBT

The feeds pop back to X meeting with Big D

Big D- I am trying to do crowd control for you; the Wildcard threw me off because

X interrupts with it looking like they were going after Britini

Big D- it threw me for a curveball


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4:20PM BBT

Hannah and Tiffany are sitting in the living room. Hannah looks at the screen and says, "Nominations Today."

Tiffany- Mmm Hmm



4:23PM BBT

Brent and X are meeting in the HoH again. X asks him if he can ride for him. 

Brent- as a houseguest choice?

X- as nominee

Brent says he can't be a nominee because the Jokers want him out.

X says everyone is talking Britini

Brent- I can't go up. I am too much of a threat. I am not pawn material

X- if you win the veto you are good

Brent- I can't risk that. We have the numbers right now. We can't get soft. We have 8 people.


X- you feel I am betraying you if I nominate you

Brent say he and his team will feel that way "God Damnit man! It's gonna happen. I'm telling you. The best thing to do is to go with the girl alliance thing. Wholeheartedly, I would go home...As soon as you do it. You lose all them. If you are gonna use a pawn, you have to use an actual pawn, man!"



Brent- is that what you are thinking of doing?

X- possibly 

X says he needs someone strong in veto.

Brent- it's a beautiful thing we have. If you are willing to risk that....Big D has already betrayed us.

X- Do you feel you can trust me?

Brent- I do, but if you put me up, my team will be offended.

Brent says their relationship would not be the same going forward "Once people get scared feet, people are like 'who can I trust.' My team really trusts you, but obviously, it would damage everything we've built."

Brent- my loyalty and my team's loyalty is with you; I think it would do a lot more damage than good. This is what Frenchie did. We had something simple and guaranteed to work and he messed it up.


Sarge- Xavier, please go to the Diary Room downstairs

Xavier- I know; I'm coming


4:33PM BBT

The feeds pop back to RCHS  


*The feeds pop right back to the house with Tiffany talking about her son. 


4:38PM BBT


Azah and Big D are preparing the salmon burgers in the kitchen. Big D tells Azah she needs to stay calm and cool. Azah says she won't stand for the Jokers being a punching bag "Oh, let's put Brit up; let's put Brit up; That's the shit that makes me pissed."




4:42PM BBT

Feeds pop back to RCHS. It's time for the nomination ceremony


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3:34pm BBT Brit tels X that Azah is her girl and she'd do anything for her, but she'll get more vote to evict than Azah would. X says he's not sure which way he's leaning; he just wants Brent to go home. Brit is scared if Brent comes down. 

3:35pm BBT Brit asks X why she is such a threat? He tells her she's a big fish but he doesn't want to see either her or Azah go home. Brit says she's won nothing. No matter how hard she tries. She doesn't want to be on the block all season.

3:43pm BBT Christian and Alyssa are lying together and she says her first dream in life was to become an Olympic gymnast. Christian wanted to be a spy. He says Drama Club in high school was lame; he played baseball. But he dreamed of being an actor. 

3:44pm BBT Alyssa says she ways weird things during sex. Christian says he is also very vocal. She says girls watch porn too. 

3:52pm BBT Ky is next. X walks him through his strategy of targeting Brent & using the HG Brent wanted nom to mask his intent. Ky assumes it is DereX but X says no, Jokers. The girls, Ky asks? X says Azah offered but he just cannot nom her, it's bigger than game.

3:55pm BBT Ky says SB was pushing Brent and Whit. Brit is Brent's target, X explains. He tells Ky that he is looking out for the Cookout 6 first. It's good that the Jokers are mad because it makes it more believable to Brent. Brit goes next, Ky asks? Eventually, X says.

3:57pm BBT X tells Ky that Azah wants to go after Whit, but that's not his game. Make her feel comfortable this week then all of them will have to go because the 6 are playing for something bigger than the game. X says let them be mad - he doesn't fear anyone.

4:02pm BBT Ky also prefers Brit be nom over Azah. X says Brit wants assurances. Azah wants to go up instead. But he's protecting her whether she wants it or not. Downstairs, Brit tells Azah she's gunning for Veto. If she plays scared, she goes home and it's Azah's loss.

4:05pm BBT Brit wants Azah to talk to X last before noms. Azah doesn't think noms will be today (uh, right). Brit assures her noms will be today, the Veto players picked in the morning. How do you know, Azah asks? Because that's how it happens, Brit explains.

4:06pm BBT Azah tells Brit that she offered to be the pawn. Brit tells her to go up to HoH one more time to talk with X. She heads upstairs. 

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5:54PM BBT

The Nomination Ceremony is over.



Xavier has nominated Britini and Brent for eviction.


*Brent is his target. Stay tuned for a truly interesting week of camouflage and counterfeit campaigning*


Britini is crying in the YBR. Xavier is assuring her she is not the target.

Xavier is talking with Brent in the Reef Bedroom assuring him that he was nominated because he needs him in the veto competition. Brent is not angry, just very disappointed. "I'm not stupid."

X- please stay calm to limit paranoia

Brent- I'm not shocked


X- I don't want this to damage our relationship

Brent- Who is the replacement nomination?

X hints at the name he (Brent) mentioned earlier (that would be Azah)

Brent tells X that if he really wanted a girl out, he would have put both of them up. "There is four people in the house that are not a part in our two alliances. Logistically, you are willing to risk two alliances for four people. I'm a numbers guy. Numbers don't lie. People do. Logistically, that makes no sense. I'm glad you pulled me aside. But, the way the numbers lie, it looks like I'm the target. I have to play like I'm not the target....it doesn't add up. A lot of things come crumbling down."



Xavier says he should proceed as if he is not the target.

Brent- Now I gotta do a lot of damage control. As you can see.

X- They were shocked.

They hug

X- I love you, man.

Brent- Actions speak louder than words.

Brent leaves to talk to his team.


6:05PM BBT

Xavier is meeting with his team in the HoHR. They tell him he made it very believable that Britini was the target.

X- I hate making that girl cry. I had to.

Alyssa asks if she should act mad or shocked.

X and Christian both tell her to let him to do the talking 

Alyssa asks them to not let her be alone with him.

X- maybe say...well, he is under the impression his team will hate me

Alyssa- why

X- well, it's his team (they will have to fake it)

Alyssa- We have to make it seem we aren't working with them

Christian- I'm going to shut the fuck up

Alyssa- good job

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4:08pm BBT X tells DereF that his main allegiance is to The Cookout. DereF was confused about Tiff winning the WC by going after Brit. He thinks Tiff and DereX are working together. DereF says the Slaughterhouse is slaughtering each other while The Cookout remains strong.

4:10pm BBT X says that the two possible pawns are on DereF's team but Whit is a potential BD option. DereF says he wants to make sure the camera hears that he and X have a F2. X doesn't respond and goes over the plan again.

4:14pm BBT DereF tels X he told Azah & Brit that a girl would have to go next week and they balked. But 4 guys in a row is too much. Downstairs, Tiff asks Hannah who should go up against Brent, but we don't hear her answer. 

4:16pm BBT X tells DereF that Azah offered herself up. Big D says Azah thinks Brit is her girl. He says Hannah doesn't know much about The Cookout but they are protecting her anyway. Big D thinks f Whit or another girl wins HoH next week, he, Ky and X will be targeted.

4:18pm BBT X notes that Brent never brought up Claire as a target. Why not, wonders Big D. X tells him to play up the emotions after noms. Big D says he doesn't want Brit to go through another week of noms. BB calls X to the DR.

4:25pm BBT Azah wants to talk to X, but Brent comes into HoH. How do you feel about being nom, X asks him? Brent thinks too many want him out. Frenchie warned him. (Frenchie warned everyone). Brent says he is not a pawn. X says Brit is the real threat.

4:27pm BBT Brent tells X he cannot risk being on the block. X asks if Brent thinks he is being betrayed by being nom? Yes. Brent says he won't tell his team what X has said. Use an actual pawn, not me. He would never put X up as a pawn. Don't destroy something beautiful.

4:30pm BBT Brent continues to plead with X. Big D has betrayed us twice. X says to trust him. Not if I go up, Brent says, the Aces wanted to work with the Kings. His team will be pissed if he's nom. Don't be a Frenchie - keep the plan simple. FotH. Time for nominations.

5:56pm BBT Feeds return and Brit is crying to X, who assures her it will be all right, she got through it last week and can do it again. Brit asks who his HG choice would be for Veto and X says someone on the Kings. X leaves Brit to blow her nose.

5:59pm BBT Brent and X talk. Brent says X's plan (to get Brit) makes no sense. X says nobody knew you would be going up. I'm not a pawn, Brent says, I'm not dumb. X tells him that Azah would be the replacement nom if he or Brit came off. 

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6:13PM BBT

SB, Christian and X are watching the kitchen on spy cam. They see that Azah is pissed.









Brent is having a meeting with the Aces in the gym. [Keep in mind that Brent's entire team is working against him, but he thinks they are working with him and pissed off about him being nominated.  -ML]



[I'm out for a good while, y'all. I'll be back with more later.  -MamaLong]

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6:03pm BBT:  In the workout room Derek X, Hannah, and Whitney are talking to each other saying that Britni is the target.  Brittany is crying their whole team(Jokers) are sad.
6:05pm BBT: Brent showed up in the workout room with Derek X ,Hannah,  and Whitney and told them that he is the target this week not Britney.  Brent said that if  Xavier would risk there 8 person alliance to  have  Brent as the pawn.
6:09pm BBT:  Brent says if he wins the veto he will take himself down he said Hannah if you win the veto you take me down. Brent says noms need to stay the same this week, if not one of their team members will be going up in place of Britni is she wins the veto.
6:15pm BBT:  Xavier, Sarah, and Christian are in the HOH room.  Xavier says that Brent is worried because he's perceived as a threat.  Xavier said that Sarah and Christian should be good the only one that should get the heat is Xavier.
6:20pm BBT:  Xavier says his mission this week is to make the Jokers feel good. Alyssa says Brent and Whitney are pissed about the wild card.  Xavier said it's going to be a long week.
6:24pm BBT:  Xavier is now in the have not room with Kyland, and Claire.  Xavier told Claire and Kyland that he took Brittany aside and told her that she was safe  and that Xavier needs to make Brent feel as if he is safe.
6:33pm BBT: Brent is talking to Alyssa in the bathroom about Xavier and how Xavier was swallowing hard before he was telling him that he was a pawn and he wouldn't look him in the eye and he was shaking.  Brent is telling Alyssa that he needs her vote and that they have a final 2 together. Analyssa said of course she would vote for him to stay. Alyssa told Brent he has the numbers to stay.
6:37pm BBT: Azah and Xavier and the HOH room. Xavier said that Britni has the heart of gold and he hates seen her cry.  Xavier said he couldn't put Azah up because he respects her too much. Azah said you made a decision just go forward with that decision. Xavier is upset and he said he trusts Britni but he doesn't like to see anyone cry. and Xavier said he is getting teary eyed and he is a thug

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9:02pm Big Brother Time
Whitney goes to the storage room, tells Kyland Big D says he is not attracted to anyone in the house.
Kyland leaves the storage room with Whitney and they are hugging and cuddling and teasing Big D.
Big D grabs Whitney's make up, “You don't need this do you???” while he caresses the makeup with her brush.
They tease a little more then Kyland leaves the living room area.

Big D continues to tease Whitney, he is telling her, “You broke us up.”  He teases her about her shirt, she keeps telling him she bought it for the gym. (It is a keyhole style shirt that shows off her upper area and her tummy area.,,very very cute).  She tells him the pants were too much for the show. Big D says he wants to put it on..

Camera moves to bedroom area, Azah is talking to Sarah Beth.

Azah is talking about fish and chip sauce.

Britini is in the room, just listening.  When Sarah Beth leaves Azah says, “Damn, I suck at this game.”

Britini says they are just a mess every week, she says when she is HOH she can go after whoever she wants.  She says she knows we don't care about feelings, and no one cares about her feelings except Azah and Big D.  No one cares for anything except they are up there.  

Britini says Azah should go and let Xavier know that Brent knows he is the target, she says she snubbed Xavier in the lavatory area. She demonstrates her stomp with hands in her pockets.  Azah gets tickled at her mean look.  She wipes her forehead to get rid of pretend sweat, saying Britini is certainly scary.

Britini tells Azah she needs to tell Xavier Brent knows, and that Britini is very mad.
Azah leaves and goes to the living room while Britini lands on the sofa.

Britini goes to the camera and send love to her mom, she is okay.  She says she is going after the veto to get herself off.  “X tried to create a master plan to evict..” Camera moves to living room. (I hate it when they do that to her...Grannysue)

Sarah Beth is working on Claire's hair, Claire is fussing about her hair.  She says it looks stupid, Hannah comes in to fix the banana clip. (Banana clips were all the thing in the 80's, it is good to see them coming back, but these girls need a tutorial—Grannysue)

Claire goes to the kitchen counter while she wraps her hair tie around her hair, she sniffs the slop and says it smells like oats, and looks like oatmeal.  Tiffany says she will continue to soak them until tomorrow. Tiffany says she is soaking them like overnight beans to make them softer.

Bubbles visits again tonight, isn't it good to know she checks in just to let us know she is okay.

Feeds return to Xavier laughing at Alyssa and Christian, who were so involved in not having a relationship with their heads covered with the blankets. They were busted by Xavier, who is teasing them about it. Alyssa is embarrassed, she swats at Xavier.  He says they were in his bed and she is wearing Xavier's hoodie.  They insist they were just playing “Got It.” Christian insists that was the first time, Xavier wants to know how often they have played that under the covers.  Xavier doesn't believe them, and the more Christian denies, the worse this gets.

They dare him to tell them what he “thinks” he say.  Xavier demonstrates what he saw. Alyssa certainly isn't less embarrassed now. Christian is laughing, he says he kept looking at the cameras.  Xavier says “you were in my da**ed room.”  Xavier says he knows who sneaks over to her bed in the middle of the night, and do they think he is stupid.  He climbs on Christian in an awkward manner.

Alyssa now insists they aren't doing it anymore.  Xavier laughs at them, he tells them he woke up and saw them once, he saw Christian go to her bed once.  They keep saying they aren't doing it any more. Xavier says they will just keep working it as acting as brother and sister. 

Alyssa says Xavier came into the room and didn't knock.  Xavier says it is his room, so “excuse me.” Alyssa insists they were fully clothed, Christian tells Xavier he just doesn't get the code. Alyssa says they are not slick as they thought.

They realize Kyland may have noticed touching too.  Xavier demonstrates his “snoring”, when they say nothing happened.  Xavier says people may not know, but they need to keep it that way.

Bubbles comes in, pretty sure she is trying to see what the laughing is about, she doesn't stay long, just being nosy.

Christian tells Xavier they decided to not “do it” unless they had HOH. Xavier tells them they are not HOH right now either but they have ruined his room with hormones.

9:34pm Big Brother Time
Bubbles returns, she sure knows how to clear a room, doesn't she? This time she lingers.

9:36pm Big Brother Time

Feeds return, Christian and Alyssa say their parents are watching, Alyssa says she feels very uncomfortable.

Xavier tells them he thinks they are cute, but be cute privately and stay out of his bed.

In the living room Big D, Brent, Azah and Hanna are lounging on the sofas.
In the kitchen Derek X, Tiffany, Claire,and Kyland are laughing and talking.

Kyland says he need to make it clear to “her” that this is the game. Tiffany is worried “she” will be bitter. (we can assume 'she” is Britini). Kyland wonders why she believes it is different now after she had spoken to him.
Conversation breaks up.

Bubbles has returned . She misses the companionship. She wanders off again, doing whatever she does after just a few seconds.

Conversation in the kitchen is about “slop” and malnutrition.

Cameras in the living room shows Big D and Brent talking about Brent's position in the house, Azah is lying on one of the sofas under a throw.
Brent says he has been honest in the house, he was upfront with Travis.  Brent says someone was caught lying multiple times, and they still believe him.

Azah says she doesn't want to talk about “him” because “he” is not here to defend himself. (Frenchie)
Big D tells Brent that Frenchie was a good friend to him, and as far as he knows Frenchie didn't lie to him.  Big D says he may have lied to him (Frenchie to Big D), but he is unaware.  He adds that they are here to do a show, and he finds out about things people have said about him are not positive he will not take it personally because, “We are doing a showww.”  Big D says he wants this to be a season that is fun, everyone is working their own angles.

Brent says there are bigger problems in the world, so there is that perspective.

Azah says this game is a unique experience, that house guests have said it again and again it is a difficult experience.

Big D says they don't have their own outlets here.

Azah says even though they are provided for, it is a difficult house.

Brent says day 2 no one thought there would be arguments in the house, but giving them teams does give them an outlet.

Big D says even your team member might be working against you, you have a job to do, you do your best. You take out your feelings out and realize what is the best thing for you to make it to the final five.

They continue to talk about the emotional part of the game.

In the HOH Derek X and Hannah are talking. They says Whitney is growing on them and laughing while they watch the monitor. They are nicknaming everyone in the house.  
Xavier comes in to the laughter, he says they are people watching and that is fun.
They laugh about Claire walking back and forth through the house, and say Big D is still saying he can't believe he lost that comp.

Derek X says he wants to watch and see when Alyssa gets up and leaves how long it will take Christian to get up and follow. Hannah thinks it will go from 3 seconds to 5 seconds, he has been doing better.

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