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Tuesday, October 20, 2020 Big Brother 22 All-Stars Live Feed Updates

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To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who.  Mortys-TV-BB22-HG-Reference-Guide.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:

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Photo bedroom (PBR)
Key bedroom (KBR)
Showmance room lounge (SRL)
Kitchen (KT)
Dining Table (DT)
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Thank you!

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12:11 AM BBT

Nicole, Cody and Enzo are in the HOHR. Nicole yells down to Christmas to join them with the backgammon game.

Before she enters the room...

Nicole: Are you guys still keeping me?

Enzo: yeah, of course.....Well, he has the power. I put in a good word, Nicole.

Cody: I have a lot to think about.

Nicole: Thanks Enzo!

Christmas walks in.

Enzo: I wish we had liquor.

Cody: Moo-Lawn better watch herself.

Christmas: Liquor? You just met her (teasing about Moo-Lawn).

Enzo: Oh, I like that.

Nicole and Christmas begin playing backgammon while Cody and Enzo begin playing chess.

Enzo: Yo, she is coming with me back to Jersey. She is the most famous cow ever.

Christmas: You made the bitch famous.

Moo-Lawn: There you go again Holiday. I'm a VIB, not a dog!





1:05 AM BBT

Cody has parked himself on the hammock in the backyard. Christmas is making a calzone in the kitchen. 

Enzo is playing ball in the foyer "8 days! It's 1 AM, 8 days"

Christmas: I can't believe it is 1 o'clock and they are DRing people

Enzo: I know. It's crazy!

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1:28 AM BBT

Cody and Enzo talk privately in the HOHR while playing chess. He repeats Christmas' latest pitch and they laugh about how Christmas considers herself a comp beast and that she thinks she could shift Cody's vote. They both agree that they love Christmas and really respect how hard she is trying.






1:53 AM BBT

Christmas has gone to sleep in the key bedroom after reading the Bible for over an hour.


3:11 AM BBT

Cody heads downstairs to get ready for bed. Enzo listens to his music in the HOHR so loudly we can hear it clearly on audio.




3:43 AM BBT

Enzo has shut out the lights but is enjoying his music in the dark. The feeds cut to stars for a full hour, and when the feeds return, the BB house is dark and silent.


7:47 AM BBT

Enzo can be heard snoring loudly. Everyone is sleeping.

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2:00AM BBT: Christmas has gone to sleep in the KBR after reading the Bible for over an hour. Upstairs, Cody and Enzo continue to discuss Christmas. Enzo says Cody knows what he's doing. Enzo says he thinks Nicole is the better player, but he says Cody can do whatever he wants to do. They discuss Christmas "burning" herself with some of the jury members. 


2:06AM BBT: Cody and Enzo discuss the jury, trying to figure out how they may vote. Enzo says he just doesn't "f***ing know." They try to figure out who may be mad. Both Cody and Enzo agree they have no idea what the jury is thinking. Cody says he'll prepare for their questions once he gets to the final two. He says he'll prepare "blanket answers" to any question. Enzo says he thinks they'll get caught in lies. 


2:08AM BBT: Enzo and Cody joke around about answering jury questions, he says he feels like he and Cody are "meant to be" and that they'll be at the final two. They laugh about Nicole thinking she's going to final two. Cody says he's trying to "play the pity card" with everyone. "She's won her money," both Cody and Enzo say. Enzo says he hopes he gets to put the "nail in the coffin" and take Nicole out. Enzo says Nicole will absolutely throw Cody under the bus and take Enzo to final two. 


2:11AM BBT: Enzo discusses the final three comps from his previous season. They discuss studying for potential comps. 


2:16AM BBT: Cody lifts weights in the HoHR while he and Enzo discuss Nicole and Christmas. Enzo says he thought Christmas was going to do a lot better in the last POV. They talk about the comp. Enzo repeats again that he's going to send Nicole home because she won her money. Enzo says he needs this money for his kids and he "deserves it." He says Nicole has played it three times and she's only made it this far because of Enzo and Cody. They talk about Nicole peeing her pants earlier, "what the f**k, yo?" Enzo says. They laugh. 


2:20AM BBT: All four cameras are on Christmas sleeping. 


2:24AM BBT: Two cameras are back on the HoHR with Enzo and Cody. Cody is talking about a comp from his season. They talk about Nicole and Christmas "knowing the information" for a potential memory comp. "F***ing study," Cody tells Enzo. "I was never good at school," Enzo says. "This isn't school," Cody says, "you lived this." Enzo says he "knows everything" but just needs to practice. "It's like kicking a f***ing soccer ball," Cody says, you get better by repetition. They study dates and talk about their previous seasons. 


2:50AM BBT: Cody and Enzo shift back to talking about Christmas. Cody says he doesn't talk to Christmas in the KBR, he says when he walks into that room he goes right to sleep. Enzo says Christmas is going to come to him tomorrow and ask if he and Cody talked. "She's getting buddy-buddy with Nicole," Enzo says. 

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10:59 AM BBT

Christmas and Nicole are trying to figure out how to make an apple pie with the ingredients they have.

Christmas asks Nicole if she knows how to make apple pie

Nicole shakes her head no, 'I wonder if they will tell us how to make it  (production)

Christmas: I can use the wheat chex to make a crust, like a graham cracker crust

Nicole: It's literally just butter and graham crackers

Christmas: yeah, so I'll use Wheat Chex....it will be bootleg apple pie

Nicole laughs that they are going to make a meal for the guys that will be awful. "It's gonna be hilarious because we are gonna get them all psyched up for this meal and it's going to suck!"

Christmas shares a story about a previous roommate who would eat everything and so she made 'corned beef hash" with dog food.

Nicole: Christmas, oh my gosh. Did you tell him?

Christmas: eventually  [If not, he knows now.  -MamaLong]





11:13 AM BBT

Enzo is awake lounging in the HOHR and listening to music. I imagine COdy is still sleeping in the Key Bedroom

11:15 AM BBT

Christmas and Nicole are planning to prank the guys all day. Another prank involves the toilet and making it look gross with fake poop. (why is this funny?)

Nicole asks Christmas to go look at it and see if it looks believable.

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11:01AM BBT Nic and Xmas talking in the KT about different food. Enzo in the HOH BR. We get stars.


11:10AM BBT Xmas is cutting up apples. Nic getting out dishes. Enzo is listening to music with sunglasses on. Looks like he is napping.


11:16AM BBT Nic is melting chocolate. She and Xmas decide to play a prank on the guys with chocolate and the WC. 


11:29AM BBT Nic and Xmas talking. Xmas says she wonders how many people from her season is talking crap about her being in the house for All Stars. She yells out F4 MF'rs! She then says she thinks most of the cast is rooting her on.


11:39AM BBT Nic and Xmas still talking. They are saying that they are glad they got to know each other. Enzo still in the HOH BR.


11:44AM BBT Xmas talks about how she divides her friends. She has ones where she waves hello, she has front porch friends that she will bring a tea out to but they are not welcome in her home. She has living room friends who can come in but they are not welcome in her KT. She then has KT friends who are welcome to just come in. She has broken up with some friends over the past few years when she realized they were walking by friends instead.


11:58AM BBT Nic and Xmas still just chatting. They are talking about previous HG and what the HG thought of the two of them. We get stars.

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1:58 PM BBT

Nicole, Enzo and Christmas are hanging out at the kitchen table talking about spirit animals and questions Julie asked on live shows.

Christmas says she is a bad bitch and not a squirrel. Enzo said it fits her well. Enzo said Tyler is a shark. Nicole said she gave him snake.



Cody has a headache and has gone to lay down in the key bedroom.

2:02 PM BBT

Nicole joins Cody in the Key Bedroom  

Nicole: What are you doing?

Cody: Just laying here.

Nicole: Do you need me to pitch to you?

Cody: let's hear it

Nicole: I have been working with you this entire time. I have had your back this entire season and have not done anything, except that one time, I've had your back

Cody: What one time?

Nicole: When I said that thing to Dani and you were like Urgh! but I told you about it and you were laughing about it.

Cody: Oh, and that makes it okay. (he is being very sarcastic with her)

Nicole: Not throwing you under the bus. I knew she liked you most out of everyone in the house.

Cody: So you had a calculated reason to throw me under the bus. You just threw yourself under the bus. Great! Keep going! Go on.

Nicole: I panicked and I said your name but I didn't really throw you under the bus. And I told her I lied. So it's fine. And, if I win I am taking you to final two.

Cody: Why can't you look at me when you say things?

Nicole repeats while looking at Cody.

Cody: Oh now you look at me, obviously......

Nicole: Did she tell you she's taking you to FInal Two

Cody: Yeah, and I believed her more than you.

Nicole: Well, that's a lie. She is def not taking you.

Cody: I believed her more than I believe you saying it.

Nicole: I am taking you to final two you ding dong.

Cody: Yeah, yeah....ding dong.

Cody continues playing with Nicole. He loves having this power. Nicole gets upset with Cody for teasing, "Cody, I'm gonna kill you. I'm leaving."

Cody: What kind of pitch is that? You storming off?

Nicole: If you take me to Final Three you have 100% chance of going to Final Two. I you thinking of cutting me?

Cody: No

Nicole: I can't tell if you're being serious. 

They decide to go upstairs and play backgammon

Nicole: Okay, let's go. I'll give you my real pitch.

Cody: yeah, cause that one was so weak.

Nicole: Okay, I'll give you a real pitch. Come on.

Nicole complains that Christmas is following her around, and it's hard for her to talk with him alone.






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2:02PM BBT Nic doing the dishes. Enzo and Xmas sitting at the KT table. Nic then goes into the KBR and tells Cody that she is reading to pitch to him. Nic tells Cody that she has been with him since day one except the one thing she told Dani. Cody tells her that she threw him under the bus, And tells her to keep going. She says she admitted to her that she lied. She says she thinks she can beat Enzo in the final comps and will take him to F2. Cody is teasing her that he doesn't believe her. He says that Xmas told him the same thing.


2:07PM BBT Xmas and Enzo in the HOH BR. She says that she will talk to Cody again today. She says that she wants to push it. Enzo says that she can sell it. Enzo says he wishes that Xmas had won the HOH. Xmas says that Cody came after her. Enzo says they could have gone after Nic. He says that he has been honest with her. He wants her in the F3. 


2:09PM BBT Enzo tells Xmas to throw whoever under the bus she needs to. He says he is trying to save her. Xmas says she believes him. She wants a heads up if she is going out. Nic came up to get the backgammon board. Enzo says that Nic will run to Cody that he and Xmas are talking. Xmas says Nic was supposed to take a nap. Enzo says that he and Xmas need to get to the F2. Xmas says that he should have thrown the HOH. Enzo says it was hard to help her out.


 2:13PM BBT Enzo is trying to help Xmas comes up with things to say to Cody. He says that she can tell him that Nic got rid of him on their season.  Enzo says that Cody will blow smoke. Nic and Cody playing backgammon. Nic trying to pitch to him. Cody says that Xmas told him the same thing. He says that he told Xmas that she does not feel that she will lose to him in comps. Cams switch to HOH. Enzo says that Nic is probably upset that he and Xmas are talking. (Nic isn't talking about them or upset). 


 2:17PM BBT Cody is still teasing Nic about not taking her. He finally says for her to stop, he knows that she wouldn't cut him. They continue playing.


 2:20PM BBT Cody tells NIc that he finds it funny that Xmas tried to vote Nic out but then the next week she tried to make Nic use the veto on her. Nic says she wants to say in her speech that she has been with Cody since day 1. She asks Cody if that is ok to say. He is undecided. She said she won't say it then. Xmas leaves HOH. Enzo is talking to himself outload about if he did enough jury management to beat Cody.

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2:22 PM BBT

Enzo is in the HOHR ranting about Nicole and how she hasn't won enough comps to win this game. "Cody is my guy and I want to go to final two with Cody, but....do I have enough votes in jury to beat Cody? Did I do enough jury management? Oh shit! It's not gonna be easy. COdy is a beast. Nicole is a beast, too."

*feeds cut to stars


2:27 PM BBT

Nicole and Cody settle in the LR to play backgammon. Christmas pulls up a chair as close as she can get.








2:45 PM BBT

There's not a lot going on. Nicole and Cody are still playing backgammon with Christmas watching. Enzo is listening to his music in the HOHR. Moo-Lawn is enjoying the peace and quiet.  (actually, there is no audio on Enzo, likely because his music is super loud and he is singing along.)



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3:05 PM BBT

Nicole is giving Christmas a facial in the key bedroom

Cody: Do I get a commission since you're using my roller (Cody received a facial massage roller in one of his HOH baskets).

Cody leaves yelling for Enzo to come join them for facials.

Christmas: Whatever just don't fuck up my zen

Cody begins with zen chants

Enzo walks in

Cody: I need you to watch so you can do the same thing

Enzo: shit...how do I do this?

Cody: You are not touching my face







Cody: alright I'm done

Nicole: Cody that's mean

Cody: he was talking dirty

Enzo heads back upstairs

Cody: I feel like you guys have had facials before and know what to expect, but Enzo was like just pressing on my face with lotion

Nicole: The human touch is nice

Cody: His was not. It made me feel weird. And he just kept breathing on me. 

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4:25 PM BBT

The cameras are still on the key bedroom where Christmas and Cody are napping.

BB: Nicole Franzel, please go to the Diary Room downstairs

Nicole: Jeez-o-Pete

Christmas: Damn they keep popping her.

4:39 PM BBT

BB: Wakey Wakey Houseguests

Christmas is awake, and Cody gets out of his bed, but Nicole is fast asleep in the Comic Bedroom.


4:43 PM BBT

Christmas is alone in the KBR. She talks to the cameras, "I plan on telling him that she won't take him, and if he does, she is highly likely to win the HOH. If he takes her then she's gonna win hands down. And I'll even tell him that Enzo told me he doesn't want to sit next him...h thinks he has a good enough argument against Nicole but Enzo said....I don't know if I should say that, but.....he said that to me after the triple eviction. But he wanted to vote Nicole out."


The cameras switch to the kitchen where Enzo is preparing a snack and and Cody is about to work out with the bands.



4:48 PM BBT

Cody and Enzo hear building in the backyard.

Cody: They are doing something out there

Enzo: yeah, they are doing some shit

Cody: they are building something intense

Cody realizes the black band was left outside, "Damn...this one is always chewing up my fucking arm, man"

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 4:00PM BBT Enzo in HOH looking at photos from the PBR. Xmas is napping on her bed.


4:10PM BBT All 4 cams on Xmas and Cody sleeping.


4:20PM BBT In exciting news, Cody got up to use the WC. He washed his hands and is back in bed. Xmas hasn't moved.


4:36PM BBT Cody rolled over.


4:39PM BBT BB calls for the HG to wake up. Xmas shakes her foot. Cody gets up and tells Xmas that he is going to go work out. 


 4:43PM BBT Xmas in bed talking out loud about how she was going to do her talk with Cody. She is going over her speech to him.Cody working out. Enzo prepping food.


4:53PM BBT Xmas still in bed. Cody still working out.



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6:20 PM BBT

There's nothing to report other than plans for Taco Tuesday.

6:47 PM BBT

Cody has finished making guacamole and tastes it. He declares, "I won"

Cody: Nicole, explain to me what happened this season

Nicole: we went from 9 people to 6 in one night

COdy: absolute madness

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5:17PM BBT: Feeds are back after about 15 minutes of stars.   Nic and Christmas are playing backgammon at the KT counter while Enzo watches.


5:39PM BBT: Enzo is eating at the KT table.  Nic laughs that she can't believe Cody missed the toilet  paper in Enzo's crack yesterday. You can hear his voice from the other room "I'm not in the habit of looking at his a$$".   Christmas looks at herself in the mirror and can't believe how out of shape she is.


5:57PM BBT:  Feeds are back and Christmas is staring off while eating pizza, deep in thought.


6:13PM BBT:  Christmas is reading the Bible in bed and Enzo is listening to music in the HOHR.


6:24PM BBT: Cody and Nic start to get the ingredients together for Taco Tuesday.


6:41PM BBT: Nic cooks the meat on the stove while Cody preps the other ingredients.






6:56PM BBT: Enzo heads downstairs with a coy expression on his face.


7:05PM BBT: The HG are eating tacos for dinner.


7:13PM BBT:   They all celebrate "SEVEN FULL DAYS" left.  


7:15PM BBT: Enzo asks the other HG about winners from previous seasons and they reminisce. 

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7:24PM BBT: Feeds are back and all F4 are still in the KT talking through previous winners and good players.


7:28PM BBT: The HG talk about how the hot water has diminished in the WA.  Enzo says he didn't shower that long.  Feeds cut to stars.


7:31PM BBT:The HG decide to play Hide and Go Seek.  Home base is the front door.  Cody puts dishes away first and then they start to scatter.


7:37PM BBT: Cody counts to 90.  Nic watches from the HOHR monitor while Cody searches for them.


7:43PM BBT: Cody, Enzo and Nic are laughing pretty hard.  Enzo was in the shower and Nic in the HOHR.  It's Enzo's turn, since he was caught first.




7:48PM BBT: Enzo was in the SR while Nic and Cody hid in the house.  Cody hid across chairs under the KT table, but made noise because Enzo didn't announce himself and found him.

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7:54PM BBT: Enzo continues to search for Nic. He is heading upstairs, but the BB cam is steadied on the SR cabinet.


7:57PM BBT: Enzo finally finds Nicole in the SR cabinet and jumps.  Nic is up next since Cody made it to home base before he was caught.

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8:05 PM BBT Cody Nicole and Enzo is in the lounge talking. The hide and seek game is over with. 

8:16 PM BBT stars come on n off between conversations 

 #BB22 8:30 PM BBT Cody is talking about Professional soccer league and different players. 

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8:16 PM BBT

COVID testing has been delayed, and it turns out Christmas and Cody just did DR sessions. Cody came out saying the doctor was running late.

Nicole was complaining of a tight chest after dinner and now is having more severe pain. She says it feels like a heart attack. Enzo suggests it is anxiety/panic, but Nicole thinks it's something else.

8:18 PM BBT

The feeds cut to stars

When the feeds return Nicole is not on camera.

Enzo: I hope Nicole is okay.

Christmas: She will be. It just gets to be a lot.

Enzo: Maybe they are gonna give her some medication.

*The feeds cut back to stars.

8:48 PM BBT

Christmas and Cody are playing backgammon in the LR. Enzo is on the couch.

8:59 PM BBT

Enzo: Fucking crazy. Nicole is still in there. I don't even think she's in the DR anymore.

The feeds cut to stars, again.


9:03 PM BBT

Nicole comes out of the DR "Okay, guys. I'm still alive"

Enzo: Did you get poked, too?

Nicole: Yeah.

Nicole says it is apparently muscle strain and stress. She's going to take a hot shower, "It hurt so bad, I thought I was having a heart attack."

Enzo: I think I make you laugh too much.

BB: You are not allowed to talk about your DIary Room sessions with other houseguests.

Enzo goes into the DR for his COVID test and the audio is left on for moment

Enzo: He Doc!

Doc: Hey

Enzo: How ya doin'?

Doc: Good

Enzo comes out of the DR

Christmas: that was very fast

Enzo: Yeah very fast this time.

Christmas: who's next, who's next?

Enzo: Everyone got poked except Cody?

Cody: No Christmas didn't get poked

Enzo: I thought she did.


9:06 PM BBT

Cody begins talking in his best DIckins accent, "Please give us some more alcohol. Please sir...can we have some more? Please give us some more alcohol."

BB tells them to check the Storage Room

Christmas jumps up: Yeah! Oh Man!

*feeds cut to stars


9:14 PM BBT

The feeds return and I see no sign of alcohol.


[I'm out for the night   -MamaLong

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8:40PM BBT Cody and Xmas playing backgammon. Enzo just sitting in the LR.


8:52PM BBT Enzo talking to Cody about that he will miss certain things about the house. Not enough to wish he was back in the house but memories. Enzo talking about the music the HG had.


9:00PM BBT Enzo, COdy and Xmas talking about this season and HG. They wonder if Nic is still in the DR. We get stars.


9:06PM BBT HG are getting their COVID tests.


 9:11PM BBT Xmas calls Cody into the KBR to pitch to him. She says that she is here for her family. Xmas says she was shocked to go up on the block. Se says Enzo owed her one. She says that she was angry that she went up on the block. She is talking about her vote for Nic and that Enzo had told her and Tyler to. She says that Enzo told her multiple times he wasn't going to put her up. She is talking about comps that were thrown by others. Xmas says that she will fight in F3 and promises to take him to F2. She says that it is time for the gloves to come off.


9:19PM BBT Xmas says that she was blindsided by being nom'd. She says Enzo only did it to remain in good standing with Cody. Cody says that he feels that she feels like she was duped constantly.


9:25PM BBT Xmas telling Cody that if Nic gets to F2 that they jury will not care that she has won before.


 9:28PM BBT They are done talking. They talk about how many days left.



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