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Thursday, September 17, 2020 Big Brother 22 All-Stars Live Feed Updates

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To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who.  Mortys-TV-BB22-HG-Reference-Guide.pdf

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Photo bedroom (PBR)
Key bedroom (KBR)
Showmance room lounge (SRL)
Kitchen (KT)
Dining Table (DT)
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...And pictures, screen caps are welcome here too.

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12:05AM BBT: After David agrees to give Ian his vote and they shake on it, David leaves the lounge. Da'Vonne, Enzo, and Keivn are in the KT as the havenots get ready to eat. David, Cody, and Nicole join them and they watch the clock count down. 


12:09AM BBT: Cody and Tyler are in the PBR, Cody tells Tyler about his conversation with Ian in the lounge earlier. Cody says Ian is "f***ing spiraling." Tyler says Nicole told him it would be unanimous to keep Tyler. Cody says David is "all over the place," and updates Tyler on what David said to Nicole earlier. Cody calls David a "f***ing mouthpiece" and BB quickly cuts the cameras away from their conversation to the KT where various HGs are eating.


12:14AM BBT: BB finally puts the cameras back on Tyler and Cody in the PBR. Cody is saying he's not "f***ing dumb" and he's tired of playing nice. He says he had to play nice with Kaysar the entire time. Cody says he's very upset that Dani didn't put Da'Vonne on the block. Tyler says everyone is spiraling. Cody says he's "so frustrated." Tyler says now he has to pretend to be forever grateful for them to keep him. They talk about Nicole telling Tyler it would be unanimous. They joke around about what bad things Ian could possibly say on his way out of the house. They talk about Ian never having been on the block before. 


12:17AM BBT: Cody talks about how frustrated he is over and over again. He says he doesn't understand how they've gotten to the spot. Tyler tells Cody he's only going to vent to Cody about this. Cody says he's tired of this being Dani's HoH and people are still talking about him. "We've just got to win and go from there," Tyler says. Cody agrees. Tyler is frustrated that the "girls" are wanting to make a "girls alliance." He doesn't understand why they would want to. Both Cody and Tyler agree that Da'Vonne has to go next week. They're both very frustrated with her. Cody talks about Bayleigh and what Bayleigh would have done if she stayed. 

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1:30 AM BBT

Kevin and Da'Vonne heading to bed  

Ian, Enzo and David talking about past BB seasons and plays in the Love Lounge

David: if we were playing Survivor right now, we would all be skinny; Have Nots for months

Enzo goes to bed




1:45 AM BBT

Ian finds a broken light bar on the wall and messes with it "piece of crap". He is the last one awake.



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12:21AM BBT: Tyler says he's going to act like David is his "number one" just to "f**k" with Da'Vonne. Tyler says he just wants to "throw some distrust" to Da'Vonne and Kevin about David. Cody says he doesn't trust Da'Vonne at all. Tyler agrees. They don't understand the Da'Vonne and Dani friendship and try to figure out what happened there.


12:23AM BBT: Cody and Tyler talk about Memphis. Tyler says there's "something" about Memphis and Da'Vonne. Both Cody and Tyler agree there's some kind of agreement between them. Cody says he doesn't think it's a serious alliance, but there's something there. Tyler says he just overestimates everyone. Cody says that's not a bad thing. 


12:36AM BBT: The HGs are starting to get ready for bed. David and Enzo are in the LR whispering about Ian. Enzo says he just wants to "relax" because he's "f***ing tired." David asks Enzo what he's going to do on the vote. David says the house is going to keep Ian. Enzo disagrees, he says the house isn't going to keep Ian. "We'll find out tomorrow," Enzo says, "they're not coming after me so I don't care." David agrees. David says the whole thing with Bayleigh left a bad taste in David's mouth when it comes to Tyler. Enzo says Tyler isn't coming after him now and he knows Tyler's going after other people. David says Ian will too. 


12:39AM BBT: Enzo tells David he needs to get some blood on his hands, "once you taste that blood, yo." David and Enzo laugh. Enzo says once you get that "first kill" you're addicted to the HoH. Enzo says he believes in David and says David will win an HoH. "Ty f**ked up his own game," David says. Enzo agrees, "he's a sitting duck." Enzo talks about the girls in the house. 


12:41AM BBT: Enzo asks David what Da'Vonne wants to do. "She wants to get Tyler out?" Enzo asks. David says yes, he says "Tyler did her dirty." Enzo agrees. In the havenot room, Da'Vonne is getting ready for bed. Kevin walks in and says he's "hiding from Ian." Da'Vonne laughs. Kevin says David is talking with Enzo in the LR. Kevin says he "feels bad" for Ian. Da'Vonne says they can't realistically keep Ian. 


12:45AM BBT: David tells Enzo that he and Tyler "got into it." David says he told Tyler that he kept "making moves" but wouldn't talk game. David says he told Tyler that Tyler was "playing games." Enzo gets up, says he needs to use the WC. In the havenot room, Da'Vonne and Kevin try to figure out who is going to win the next HoH. Ian is in the WA, David walks in and sits down as well while Enzo uses the WC. 


12:55AM BBT: Enzo and David are chatting in the lounge, Enzo talks about making the vote a tie so that Dani has to decide. Enzo says he "doesn't give a f**k" who leaves and who stays and says Dani needs to decide. They talk about Memphis not voting for Ian. "You need to watch out for Memphis," Enzo says if Memphis wins HoH. David says he's tried to talk to Memphis but Memphis doesn't want to talk to him. "Motherf***er is too comfortable in this house," Enzo says, "motherf***er's are dumb in this house."


12:59AM BBT: David says he asked Dani why she didn't put up Memphis. David says Dani says Memphis is "scary." "His f***ing back is broke," Enzo says. He says Dani's reasoning is dumb and he can't believe these are the players they have. Enzo says Memphis is dumb and old. Enzo says if he wins HoH, he's going after big targets. He doesn't want to go after someone that doesn't matter. "I got no problems with anyone in this house," Enzo says. David says he'll win the next HoH. Enzo says he has a good chance of winning. David says he hopes he gets to choose havenots if he wins, "oooooh sh*t," Enzo says. 


1:01AM BBT: Upstairs in the havenot room, Kevin wants Da'Vonne to tell him who has the powers and what they are. Da'Vonne says she won't do that, because Kevin will slip up and say she told him. Kevin wants to know if the powers will "f**k up" his game. Da'Vonne says they won't. Downstairs, Enzo tells David he could see Da'Vonne winning HoH because as soon as you win one thing, you get the confidence to win more. Enzo tells David that "you can't get bullied" for voting the way you want to vote. He says it doesn't matter what anyone else thinks, you should vote the way you want to vote. Enzo says he's leaning towards voting Ian out. "It is what it is, yo," Enzo says, "but you're safe with me, bro."


1:06AM BBT: Ian walks into the lounge, Enzo asks if Ian is going to be up late tonight. Ian says yes. Enzo tells Ian that he's doing a "great job" campaigning. "I want to stay," Ian says, "I've been watching this sh*t since I was ten, I care a lot." "That's a true champion, bro," Enzo says. They talk about their seasons. Upstairs Kevin is trying to get the powers and who has them out of Da'Vonne. She's not budging. 


1:33AM BBT: Enzo has left the lounge, David gets up to leave and says he's going to bed. Ian tells him good night. Ian leaves the lounge and walks into the WA to sit on the couch. David asks if Ian's just going to sit in the WA. Ian says he's going to stay up a little longer and talk to the cams a bit. David asks if Ian's going to try to "catch people" in the WA to talk to them. Ian says no. 


2:00AM BBT: The lights are off in the BB house, but Ian may still be awake in the WA. All of the cameras are on sleeping HGs. 

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Week 6 Recap


Week 6 had Dani serving as Head of Household. Dani nominated David and Kevin for eviction. David used his Disruptor Power to remove himself from the block. At first, he hid the use of his power from all the HG’s, even though everyone knew. He did eventually reveal using the power to Da’Vonne and Kevin.  Dani nominated Tyler as the replacement nomination.


Da’Vonne won the Power of Veto and used it to remove Kevin from the block. Dani nominated Ian as the replacement nomination.


Tyler had been wanting to go home for several weeks, but his self-sabotage was unsuccessful, and he changed his tune, claiming he is now there and ready to play. Both Tyler and Ian have displayed defiance at going to jury, stating they would forfeit their stipend and just leave the game.


Tyler’s campaign has been quiet, as he knows he is not the target. However, he did campaign to everyone yesterday. Ian has slowly concluded that his game is over, and he is very angry that things have gone down like this (yet, at the same time claiming he can't be angry for a game move). We’ve had a lot of stars on the feeds this past week due to tempers, alcohol and a cautious control room. There have been a few tense moments, only sealing Ian's fate in the game.


Nicole and Dani have worked hard to make sure they don’t look like “monsters” for Ian being on the block and going home. Ian will be evicted tonight. It could be an ugly departure, but I'm hopeful for a double eviction so Ian wouldn't be alone in jury. In light of a pandemic, it's the human thing to do. Just my opinion.


It's very possible that Dani will use her power to play in the HOH competition tonight given her alliance is losing a number.

Tonight's HOH win will be essential for David and Kevin to win to stay off the block. They are the clear targets for the majority in the house.



9:00 AM BBT

The lights are up in the BB house, and I'm sure BB wants houseguests up for the day.


9:30 AM BBT


Few HGs are actually up out of bed. The feeds switch to stars.

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9:30 AM BBT Kevin is sound asleep in bed. Memphis is up drinking his Coffee, Enzo is also up drinking coffee along with Dani. 

9:40 AM BBT Enzo and Dani leave and Leave Memphis at the table drinking his coffee. Enzo says this is the season where he dont give a crap. 

9:45 AM BBT Dani Enzo and Memphis talk about Ian Speech. Enzo says it was like a DR Will speech with the analogy of putting alcohol on a wound

9:48 AM BBT Stars are on the screen. 

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9:50 AM BBT Memphis Enzo and Dani all talk about Tyler being friends with Kaycee. Dani says they are best friends and that the 2 of them talked before the show and she was supposed to be on but not sure why she isn't on. 

9:55 AM BBT All cams show Kevin sleeping. 

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10:10AM BBT Feeds bouncing back and forth between stars. We get Xmas and Enzo talking in the KT and then stars.


10:13AM BBT Cams on HG resting. No talking.


 10:30AM BBT In the HOH BR, Enzo says 15 minutes until HOH LD. He finds a place to lay down. Dani is already in the HOH. HG starting to come in.


 10:43AM BBT We get stars and then puppies. HOH LD time!

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12:02 PM BBT  Still on puppies

12:05 PM BBT  Feeds are back.  Christmas is yelling about her legs.  Cody and Ian put their blankets/comforters back on their beds, no talking.  Enzo is in the LR working out, Ian gets called to return his battery, Christmas starts to whisper to Nicole in the CBR, then all feeds cut to Enzo.  People are getting something to eat, getting in line for the shower, etc.  Not game talk going on. 

Enzo wishes he had his ipod or iphone so he could listen to music.  He is pacing in the LR, alone, and all feeds are on him 

It appears that Enzo has created his own circuit routine.  Weights then pacing, then the resistance bands in quick burst, then more pacing, Raise heart rate, then cool down, about 30 seconds-1 minute.

12:15 PM BBT  All cameras are still on Enzo, working out alone in the LR.  Christmas comes jogging by, Enzo says to get it in, Christmas Joy.  Memphis can be seen in the distance, he is finished eating.  He walks past Enzo, Christmas is still jogging around the house.  Da'Vonne gets called out by BB to put on her microphone.  She said she will, thank you.  Feeds are not on her to know if she was talking with someone. 

12:21 PM BBT  After watching Enzo exercise and Christmas jog past him for the past 16 minutes, we get music/stars.  No idea why.  Feeds back with all 4 feeds still on the LR and Enzo alone.

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12:28 PM BBT  After watching Enzo for 25 minutes, the feeds switch to 1/2 on the WA with Nicole shaving Memphis' back.  Feeds 3/4 are on the HN room, with Day and David talking.  David says Memphis is voting out Ian, Christmas is voting out Ian, Day says are you sure?  She feels Christmas is close to Dani and Nicole.  They talk about both of "them" are going to throw the comps.  David said he feels safe if Enzo, Kevin, or Day win HOH.  Day thinks she, Kevin and David will be gunning for it, Enzo will throw it.  Day says she is going to talk with some people because they need to vote with the majority.  They don't want to stick out and put a bigger target on themselves.  Day thinks Tyler is staying, David isn't sure.  (Sounds like Nicole and Cody are the two throwing comps but being safe). 

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12:35 PM BBT

The HGs are cleaning up around the house. 


Ian is talking with Dani in the PBR

Dani: are you okay?

Ian: we will find out in 5 hours...can I tell you something?

Dani: yeah

Ian: this could be bullshit; lying. Last night I got David to say he would save me.....he shook on it and then he said I only need one more vote to stay

Dani: that scares me...the day before he came in my room and agreed he wouldn't come after me and then the next day he said to Nicole that he would get rid of you to spite me

Ian: I basically promised him everything. I told him his best chance to win is against me because nobody would give me the money again...he seemed really on board

Dani: how many votes does he think you have

Ian: three

Dani: you have to go to Day

Ian leaves




David is bringing bedding back into the PBR


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12:35.  Day and David finish up their convo, go downstairs.  Dani is talking to Ian, whispering.  Cut to them mid conversation.  She said David said he wouldnot come after her, and shakes on it, then said he will vote against Ian just to spite her.  She is warning Ian that David's handshake doesn't mean anything.  Quickly cuts to the LR, with Tyler and Christmas going over who is left and from what season.  General talk of previous seasons.

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Dani and Nicole are talking in the PBR.  Nicole says Tyler is acting scared, Dani said she told him last night that he is safe.  Dani says Ian can't be saying he has Cody, Nicole and Dani as a vote, Dani says he has said it three times, they can't have that.  Dani claims it is putting a target on them.  They know Ian is angry, and they don't want him blowing up their game.  Kevin comes in, says he is voting Ian out, so is Day.  They said they will be fine if Tyler and Christmas don't win HOH.  Kevin leaves, and Christmas comes in.  She said Ian has resorted to threatening them, not voting for them in jury. Christmas says that Ian has never had to pack his bags, Dani said they all have.  (Ian was never nominated in his season) Ian was campaigning that he just wanted to make it to jury, now he is proving that was a lie.  They don't want to be left alone, there is safety in numbers.  No one wants to be trapped by Ian.  They discuss that he stated he was going to pull each person into the SR right before lives.  Dani said he is pulling a Janelle.  Christmas leaves, Dani jokes she can go scare someone else. (she has on a facial mask). 

12:50 PM BBT  Kevin goes to get his clothes, goes into the KBR.  Ian is crying.  Kevin asks why he is crying, Ian says he really wants to stay.  He says if Kevin and Day vote for him, then he can stay.  Kevin asks who else he has, Ian says David.  Kevin seems surprised by that.  He says he (Kevin) needs to go talk to David.  Ian says that David shook on it.  Kevin still questions whether that is true, since he didn't tell anyone about the power.   Kevin finds David, and David said yes, he wants to vote out Tyler, make it a split vote and let Dani get the blood on her hands.  Kevin goes back to Ian and tells him he has to quit crying and showing his cards, or David will back out. 

Kevin tells Day about David changing his vote.  She said no one can know this, not Cody, not Christmas.  Day says to go talk with Dani.  Kevin goes to Dani, says David shook on it, if Day and Kevin vote, then Dani will be the tie breaker.  She swears she will vote out Tyler.  Kevin says that David wants the blood to be on Dani's hands.  Dani said she started out liking David, now she can't stand him.  She said whatever, do what you need to do. 

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 12:06PM BBT Feeds return. We have Ian getting dressed. 


 12:15PM BBT Cams on Enzo working out and Xmas running laps through the LR.


12:30PM BBT In the WCA, Nic is shaving Memphis'  back hair. Cody is finishing up Tyler's hair. Memphis goes to shake the hair out of the rug and Nic starts to brush her teeth. Cody has done his hair and is cleaning out the sink.


12:35 PM BBT Dani and Ian talking in the PBR. She is asking him about if he had spoken to certain HG today. HE says he knows what he is going to do and they will find out soon if it worked. He tells Dani he got David to shake on hhis vote to keep him. Dani says David scares her because he hates her and he told Nic that he was voting Ian out to spite Dani. 


12:39PM BBT Nic and ian talking in the KBR. Ian tells her about David shaking on his vote to keep Ian. Nic suggests asking Kevn for his vote because he and Day will most likley vote the same way. Nic tells him to keep her updated and leaves.


12:51PM BBT Kevin walks in on Ian crying in the KBR. He tells Kevin that he really wants to stay and to please vote for him to stay. In the WCA, Cody is cleaning his ears. Nic tells him and Xmas about Josh telling her on her podcast that he flushes his down the toilet. 


12:54PM BBT David is talking to Kevin. He assures Kevin that he will vote for Ian to stay. He wants a split vote so that Dani has to show her cards. Kevin agrees. 



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1:00 PM BBT  Kevin and Day are in the KT, David comes in with a bottle of coke.  DaVonne says he was hiding it.  David says they could have had a coke float last night.  When David leaves, Kevin tells Day that he talked with Dani, and she didn't say anything to anyone.  Nicole goes to the PBR and talks with Dani.  Dani is upset, she doesn't want to break the tie.  Da'Vonne comes in.  She said "he"s freaking her out.  Dani explains about David saying they are good, and shaking hands on it, then does this because he wants to ruin her game.  Day says he is looking at what makes good TV.  She is going to play up to him, so he will do it.  Day will check back with them later.  She leaves.  Dani and Nicole continue to discuss the votes.  Dani says Nicole can't vote for Ian under any circumstances.  She promises.  Nicole isn't sure what to do, maybe run to the bathroom.  Dani says that will make her look guilty.  She said just look shocked/mad.  Dani says Tyler is going to hug David and say thanks, man, I appreciate it.   Nicole says if David win HOH he will be gunning for her.Still running scenarios to not look guilty for doing what they are doing.

1:13 PM BBT  Nicole goes to Ian, he tells her about getting the tree votes.  Nicole doesn't think he can trust them.  Ian tells Nicole it is at least a chance.  She agrees, but reiterates that he shouldn't get his hopes up, because she doesn't trust them.  She leaves. 

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1:16 PM BBT  Kevin goes to get some clothes in the KBR.  Kevin asks if they will have a formal alliance if he stays.  Ian says yes.  Kevin asks for how long, Ian says 5 weeks, 4 weeks, 3 weeks, however long they can, they have to win HOH or they are boned.  Ian said they will name it and everything.  Kevin says he has to talk with Day, because she is still spooked, she doesn't trust David.  Kevin tells Ian he still needs to pack, Ian said he is, because he could still go home.  Feeds keep changing.

Day tells Nicole that she can't tell anybody, not even Christmas, because it will get back to the boys.  Nicole says she won't. 

Day says she is upset she can't get into the SR, Kevin says he will try, and gets right in.  Day goes in, and says she doesn't know who is influencing anyone, Kevin says David spoke with Ian all night last night.  Day still doesn't trust him (David).  Kevin is looking for razors, Day wants an avocado.  They leave the SR.   David is running the vacuum in the KT, he sings as he does. 

Feeds go to Christmas and Nicole in the lounge.  Christmas thinks things are fishy.  Day hasn't said that she is keeping Ian, she doesn't even want  to discuss it.  Christmas makes sure that Nicole isn't going to vote for Ian to stay, she says no.  She says if it is 3-5, it will look like they voted together.  Nicole says she is going to say she didn't flip, why would she when she has been crying all week.  She wants to cover her alliance.  Dani has been pleading with her not to put her in that position, and she won't because she is loyal.  (except to Ian?)  Christmas says that Kevin keeps coming up to her  making sure they are still working together.  She said Kevin isn't working with her, he would put her up in a heartbeat.  She just lets him think that.  Nicole says she doesn't want to look bad, trying to decide what to say when she votes.  Maybe with a heavy heart, sadly votes to evict, something so she won't look bad.  They are congratulating themselves on shaking up the house and really playing. 




I am out for now, sorry

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1:10PM BBT NIc and Dani talking about votes. Nic says there are two powers out there. Nic says that they can blame the vote on someone using their powers. Nic says if Dani uses her power, it will expose them. Dani agrees. Nic leaves. She finds Ian in the KBR. She tells him that she doesn't trust the others. Ian says he knows but it's all he has right now. In the KT, Xmas is braiding her hair over the KT counter. 


1:17PM BBT Kevin is asking Ian if he is getting an assurance that Ian will not put him up. Ian says that he is good. Kevin asks if he will go to F6. Ian and Kevin shake on it.Kevin says they are putting themselves out there. In the lounge, Day comes into Nic and tells her not to tell Xmas because she will tell the guys. Nic says she won't.


1:25PM BBT Xmas and Nic talking. They are talking about Day, Kevin and David voting to keep Ian. Nic says that with them voting to keep Ian it will look like she voted for him but she isn't. They discuss that they need to win.



1:38PM BBT Dani and Tyler are talking. She is explaining how Nic is voting and going to say. Tyler asks Dani is they want her to vote him out. She says yes. Tyler says it makes him want to win HOH even more. Tyler heads out to get ready. 


1:44PM BBT Dani is telling Cody that if the vote is 3 for Ian then NIc is going to blame it on David. Dani says Tyler is going to call everyone to the room and give a talk. Cody says they have to win HOH. He tells her he laid it allout in his GB message. Nic comes in and tells Cody that it will be 5-3 and he needs to teach her how to act.


1:51PM BBT Nic, Cody and Dani talking about HOH comp. Nic explaining an egg one. Cody says he won it. Nic explaining how Victor did really well. Talk changes to what Dani is going to wear tonight. Cody asks her what shoes go with it.


1:58PM BBT Cody is telling Dani that ay has to go before Kevin. Dani tells him that Kevin is coming after him and he needs to go first. They talk in circles about what Day, David and Kevin doing.

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2:00 PM BBT Nicole and Day getting ready for tonight's episode. Tyler Cody and Dani all in the PBR talking general chit chat chilling before tonight's episode. 

2:14 PM BBT Feeds cut right to puppies for tonights show. Enjoy the Episode! 

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