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Wednesday, September 16, 2020 Big Brother 22 All-Stars Live Feed Updates

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 12:08 AM BBT 

The feeds finally return after being out for hours

Nicole is crying in the CBR to Tyler and Christmas enters to console her too. Nicole is really torn up over Ian's pending eviction.

Nicole: I was supposed to be getting to be a better person not a worse person. I get it, I need to do it but I can't look him in the eyes. This is the hardest thing I have ever had to do in three seasons. I get it. I know I have to do it.

Tyler and Christmas try to comfort Nicole



In the upstairs loft, Enzo and Cody are trying to explain to Ian that Nicole is upset that he is on the block because she looks at him like a brother.

Cody; she really cares about you so seeing you and you getting upset

Ian; I don't think I am freaking out, nervous. I think I am handling it well

Cody- you are like her brother. You are like my little brother, so I am tougher on you

Cody- this game makes people feel some kind of way...if I was pissed off

Ian- I'm not pissed off, I'm not really upset. I'm just a little frustrated. That's all.... I'll go chat with Nicole

Ian and his puppet, Isaac, leave the loft area.



Cody: dude this is brutal...I feel fucking...I feel fucking  horrible for that kid

Enzo: let's get rid of Tyler.....let's get rid of Tyler, Man

Cody: you want to

Enzo: if that will make Nicole happy

Cody: I don't know man. Ian is a fucking great play. Tyler is a great player. I am mad because Dani didn't put Da'Vonne on the block and now Ian is going home

Enzo- there is a lot of bad players on this season





Tyler: I just want to express how appreciative I am

Nicole: I know...it's just the lying part. He is believing in me.




Ian joins the room and looks forlorn over Nicole crying



Tyler (to Ian): I am sorry man (Tyler hugs Ian)

Ian: no, I'm okay...I am okay

Christmas: I am sorry I got short with you. It's just I see one of my girlfriend's crying and I just get...I don't know what to do. I don't know what's going on

Ian: okay, I didn't know what I did

Christmas: I'm sorry     (she hugs him)



Nicole (to Ian): you didn't do anything to me (to Ian). I'm just emotional. It's just a stressful week for me. I mean you...you are having a stressful week too, but it's hard for me  (Nicole leaves to wash her face)

Ian tells Christmas that he has noticed a lot more talking and whispering and stuff, so he is feeling some type of way. Ian talks about how he was in a bad mood because he knew there was a chance of him going to the jury house and he is considering just forfeiting the stipend. I just said "I am very disappointed that this is the situation that I'm in....and she took it really hard"

Ian asks if people are asleep

Christmas: David is asleep, Memphis is asleep, Da'Vonne was asleep but they just called her to the DR

Ian: I just told her that "I'm sorry isn't going to do much and I am just disappointed" and that's all  (to Dani)

They discuss that Ian is not a touchy feely person and he tries to not let emotion in 

Christmas: Yeah, you said you don't even cuddle with Chicky

Ian: I think all I said was just very logical...whatever happens, I'm still gonna be friends with her...she had to nominate four people...people had a couple of drinks and emotions run high. Tomorrow will be a new day. But when we have a couple wine coolers...molotov cocktail

Christmas: popping bottles

Ian: Nicole really cares about me..Nicole and Dani were the first two to check on me. I really care about those two. I really care

Tyler: they really care about you, too, obviously

Ian: it's just alcohol gets involved and emotions rip

Tyler: I don't know what the hell is happening man, but before we know it this will all be over and we just have a memory

Ian: I don't want my last days to be mud-slinging

Christmas: none of us want that

Ian: the reality is, we are getting 2nd place money

*feeds cut at this slip of production payouts*

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Ian: I'm glad I'm against you because you are a good player and a good guy

Tyler: me too....it just sucks....I wish I hated you because it would be easier....we will be alright, man. We'll survive, and we will be better people afterwards. We grow from this shit.

Ian tells Tyler his Boy Scout story "stupid activity where you built a wooden sailboat and you put in a water trough and you put it in and with a straw (he blows) and I got to the semi final and I was so sure I won. They said I lost. I threw a huge fucking tantrum...a massive tantrum. I take this trough of water and I flip it over. My dad had to carry me out on his shoulder. I was just super competitive. I don't like to lose"

He tells another story of playing Twister and losing...same thing happened so the Scout leader told his parents he needs to learn sportsmanship "I have to learn how to lose"  [This is a major problem in our current everyone gets a trophy youth sports programs! Learning how to fail and lose is essential in growing a child to an adult.  -MamaLong]

Ian says "in the DR last night, I definitely took it out on the chair"   

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12:18AM BBT: Ian joins Christmas and Tyler in the CBR [MamaLong has that conversation above.] Cody and Dani are chatting in the HOHR, Cody is talking about David and all of the conversations that have happened throughout the day. Dani seems to be a little annoyed about some of Kevin's conversations today. "I wish I never gave you half a glass of wine," Dani tells Cody. BB cuts the feeds. 


12:21AM BBT: Dani and Cody continue to talk about the day. Dani says she wouldn't do what she's done to Tyler to Cody or Nicole. Cody talks about the "Enzo thing" and then they talk about Ian. Cody talks about having to "lie to someone's face." Dani and Cody's conversation is all over the place, they change subjects every few seconds and talk in half sentences, no one is drunk but they're definitely feeling better after some wine.


12:29AM BBT: Cody says he has a "more comforting feeling" with Ian than he does Tyler. Cody says this whole thing will bring Dani closer to Tyler. Dani agrees, she says she told Tyler that Dani is "sacrificing a jury vote and Nicole is sacrificing a friend." Dani says she spoke with Memphis and Memphis is "really opening up" to her. "Oh sh*t," Cody says. Dani talks about Memphis, she tells Cody not to repeat this to anyone. Dani says Memphis says he would like Tyler and Nicole to be evicted. Dani says they have to "cut Christmas" soon. "Who has to go first? Tyler or Nicole?" Cody asks. "Tyler," Dani says, but goes on to say "Christmas has to go." Cody says Tyler has to go before Christmas. Dani says that Memphis says Christmas has to go because if a "single mother" is on the block she'll win. Cody says he wants Tyler to go before Christmas, but is fine with the other way. "Next week, Kevin has to go," Dani says. Cody agrees, says after next week he's down to get "f***ing dirty."


12:34AM BBT: Dani and Cody continue to talk about their alliance and who they want to get rid of first. They talk about Dani's "magic beans" and Dani probably having to break a tie on Thursday. Cody says he needs to talk to Memphis. Downstairs, David, Kevin, and Da'Vonne are whispering in the lounge. They talk about the pros and cons of Tyler and Ian. David says he wants to disrupt the house. Da'Vonne says she doesn't care how they vote, but the three of them need to all vote together. She leaves the lounge. 


12:39AM BBT: David and Kevin talk about a bigger alliance. Kevin talks about Da'Vonne not ever confirming with him that she would use the VETO on him. Kevin says that means he can really tell people that he didn't know she was going to use it. They talk about Ian, as well as Dani and Nicole. David says that Dani and Nicole had a "pregame" alliance. He also wonders if Ian and Nicole did too. In the HOHR, Cody and Dani are talking about Cody's previous BB season.


12:48AM BBT: BB moves the cameras away from the HOHR when Dani and Cody start to talk about how much BB has changed. In the CBR, Ian, Nicole, Tyler, and Christmas are talking about Ian's previous BB season. In the lounge, David and Kevin talk about Ian and Tyler. Kevin says if Ian came back into the house, he wouldn't be as upset as Tyler. Kevin says Ian is a "high valued target," and says this week is the "perfect week."


12:55AM BBT: Kevin says he thinks Cody is in two alliances, he says there's the one with Dani and Nicole, but he thinks Cody is also in an alliance with Tyler and Enzo. "A dude's alliance," Kevin says. Kevin also thinks Nicole is also in multiple alliances and that all these alliances overlap. "It's wild," Kevin says. They talk about Tyler's pitch to stay.


12:58AM BBT: Nicole and Christmas whisper in the CBR after Ian and Tyler leave. Nicole says she's "very upset" with Cody, because she feels like Cody doesn't care about her feelings. Nicole says she's also upset with Dani and that they need to stop "shutting down" her feelings. Christmas says that Cody is not "emotionally mature." Nicole says she's used to Victor letting her talk and seeing her points. But Cody just shuts her down and doesn't care. "I had no say in the decision," Nicole says about Ian going on the block and that Cody probably did have a say. Nicole is crying, "I'm doing the best I can," she says and would like "a little empathy." 


1:01AM BBT: Ian and Tyler are playing backgammon in the loft area upstairs. They both agree that whatever happens on Thursday happens. Tyler says he's "used to losing" and that he's been a "f***ing loser his whole life." [Says the BB20 runner up and the winner of America's Favorite Houseguest.] Tyler continues to talk about how terrible his "adult life" has been. Kevin and David continue to talk in the lounge, they circle around on their conversation. Talking about what they've done throughout the day and who they've spoken to. They discuss Ian and his ability to sneak around the house and into conversations. 


1:06AM BBT: Nicole continues to be upset about Ian on the block, she tells Christmas in the CBR that Dani leaves the room when she walks in. They discuss Dani and her HOH. Nicole is very upset, she says Ian is "just so innocent." In the lounge, Kevin and David continue to whisper. They want to talk to Da'Vonne more tomorrow. Kevin says he's going to be "open-minded to Tyler" tomorrow and he wants to hear what he has to say. David wonders if Tyler has a power. "He better not sh*t on me," Kevin says, "that would be irritating as f**k." Kevin says Tyler needs to tell him who he has secured to vote for him to stay.


1:11AM BBT: David and Kevin discuss Ian and Tyler. Kevin says Ian just "asks questions." "At least he talks," David says, "Tyler doesn't f***ing talk." Kevin and Tyler also agree that Tyler probably has a final two deal with everyone in the house. They say that's just the way he plays the game. They continue to do a pro/con list of Tyler and Ian. In the CBR, Nicole reads a Bible verse to Christmas. Ian walks in to check in on Nicole. 


1:14AM BBT: Ian tells Christmas and Nicole that he tried to walk into the HOHR, but the door is locked. He says he knocked but no one answered. Christmas tells him that it's probably better for Ian to just "leave it" and try again tomorrow. BB calls Nicole to the DR. Christmas says she's going to bed so BB doesn't call her. In the lounge, Kevin and David talk about Dani. In the HOHR, Cody is telling Dani that he "f***ing loves Enzo." Dani says Enzo will be really hard to beat.


1:15AM BBT: Kevin and David talk about putting Cody on the block if they win HOH. David says he wouldn't even try to backdoor Cody, says he'll put him on the block and let him play for VETO. He says if Cody takes himself off, he'll put Dani up. Kevin wants to make the other side of the house "shoot at other people." David tells Kevin about his conversation with Dani. He says he asked Dani why she wouldn't put Memphis up instead of Ian, because Memphis has been "acting crazy" and is "kind of scary." Cody and Dani discuss who is closer to who in the HOHR. 

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1:27AM BBT: Tyler and Enzo are whispering in the PBR, the lights are off. Enzo says he's just going to "pop people up" on the block if he wins HOH and isn't going to talk to anyone. Tyler laughs. Kevin has left the lounge. In the HOHR, Cody talks about his season of BB. David and Ian are sitting in the LR. Ian says everyone is in bed, except for Cody and Dani who are in the HOHR. Cody gets up to leave in the HOHR, Dani really wants him to stay, she says if Cody leaves she'll just "wallow in self pity." Cody tells her not to do that, because she's playing the game of BB. Dani begs Cody to stay. Cody says he's tired. "Sit down, you're not even tired!" Dani says, "hang out with me or else!" 


1:39AM BBT: Dani continues to beg Cody to stay, trying to get him to stay. Cody says he'll talk to Dani tomorrow. "Please?" Dani begs. "Dani," Cody sighs. "Hang out with me a little bit longer, I'm guilting you." "I don't get guilted," Cody says as he tries to leave. Dani threatens to scare Cody if he leaves. Cody opens the door and Dani continues to beg. Cody leaves. 


1:43AM BBT: Dani lays on the couch in the HOHR watching the feeds. She wines to herself as she searched through her feeds. "Why do I care about Ian so much?" She asks herself, "Kevin has to go next week." Cody walks through the KT and greets Ian and David. Ian asks how everything is going. Cody says everything is fine and asks if they've been up this whole time. Enzo is out of bed and walks into the WA. Nicole is out of the DR, she also walks to the WA. Dani sees Nicole on the feeds and hopes Nicole comes up to the HOHR. "Anything she tells us is a lie at this point," Dani says about Da'Vonne. She talks to herself about Enzo and Christmas and if they'll put her on the block. She says Enzo will, but Christmas won't. 


2:01AM BBT: General conversation in the LR with David and Ian. In the WA, Cody and Enzo whisper back and forth. Enzo says he's in a "bad spot" because "none of the girls like me." Tyler walks into the WA. They joke around about Dani watching the feeds in the HOHR. Cody tells Enzo and Tyler about parts of his conversations with Dani. 

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2:44 AM BBT

Dani is studying the days again in the HOHR (talking aloud) "This is so much harder than I remember. It's so different..I'm trying. I'm trying"





David is sitting alone in the bathroom studying aloud

"Cody, Tyler, Dani, Nicole, Ian is the 5th one out? Ian is the pawn. What is Tyler up to? I thought me and him were working together, but he never tells me anything. He threw the endurance comp. Ian threw it, too? Nicole is crying. Is she working with Tyler, too?  Cody, Tyler, Dani, Nicole, Memphis, Christmas, Enzo. Phew! Damn! I don't feel like I have the numbers. Maybe I'm gaming to hard, I don't know. I gotta win HOH! ... I have reason to believe there are pregame alliances"  *feeds cut

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2:08AM BBT: Enzo leaves the WA and sits with David and Ian in the LR. Tyler and Cody whisper in the WA, Cody says Dani wants it to be a 5-3 vote. Tyler says he doesn't. Tyler says he was talking to Dani earlier and she was talking "so f***ing loud." Cody says Dani was "pissed" when Ian walked upstairs earlier. They whisper back and forth about Dani, then David, and then Christmas. They talk about the drama in the house. 


2:16AM BBT: Cody says he tries to talk Tyler up to Dani, but he doesn't want to make her nervous. Tyler says he appreciates that. BB cuts the feeds on and off, so it's hard to get their full conversation. They talk about the rest of the house as well, Cody says Nicole is going to vote to keep Tyler, but that she's going to be upset about. Cody says he just needs to hear that she'll keep Tyler. Tyler talks about Dani and Nicole. Tyler tells Cody about his conversation with Nicole in the CBR earlier. 


2:24AM BBT: Tyler tells Cody to be careful about how much time he spends in the HOHR with Dani. He says Nicole is starting to get "pissed." Cody says "f**k that," and that he's going to win the next HOH. Tyler says that will be an easy week. Tyler leaves to go to bed. Cody joins Ian and Enzo in the LR. Dan is talking to herself in the HOHR as she watches the feeds. She says every week she's picked who has gone home. "Except for Nicole A," Dani says. 


2:28AM BBT: David and Enzo appear to be the last few up as they chat on the LR couches. Dani starts to get ready to go to sleep in the HOHR. She keeps repeating "five weeks, five weeks, five weeks," over and over again. She gives herself a pep talk, "I can do this, final three!" 


2:39AM BBT: David has moved to the WA, he whispers various HG names to himself as he sits there. In the HOHR, Dani is listening to music while she counts the days on a pillow. 


3:05AM BBT: Dani leaves the HOHR, she walks downstairs to look at the memory wall. She stands there in silence as she looks at it. 


3:10AM BBT: Dani walks back upstairs to the HOHR, she hangs over the balcony and yells down to Cody as he walks through the KT. "What are you doing?" Dani asks, "why are you awake? Why are you in the DR?" Cody says he's getting ready to go to bed, but they called him to the DR. "What are you doing? Scheming?" "No, I was in the DR," Cody says, "what are you doing?" Dani says she was "looking at stuff." They keep asking each other what they are doing awake. Dani keeps asking Cody a million questions, but doesn't give him anytime to answer. She really wants to know why he was in the DR "at three am." 


3:12AM BBT: Cody says he was telling the DR about his college experience and his dad. Dani says, "at three am?" She says Cody need more friends. Cody points out all his friends on the memory wall, he says he's slightly terrified of Bayleigh. Cody and Dani talk about who is scarier in the house, Memphis or Christmas. Cody says Memphis, Dani laughs and says Christmas. Cody whispers to Dani about talking to Tyler. Cody is still standing in the KT by the memory wall and Dani is leaning over the upstairs balcony to whisper down to him. 


3:20AM BBT: Dani has joined Cody in the KT, they joke around about the food. The KT island is covered in food. Dani says it smells. Cody says he'll clean up the mess he made. They whisper about conversations they've had throughout the day. 


3:36AM BBT: Dani talks about season 8 of BB. Cody says he's going to bed, but realizes more of the mess in the KT is his. He cleans up the rest of his mess. Dani calls it "disgusting." 


3:42AM BBT: Dani is back up in the HOHR and Cody starts to get ready for bed downstairs as well. 


4:00AM BBT: The lights are off in the BB house, everyone is in bed, and all is quiet. 


7:22AM BBT: Dani is sitting up in bed, she appears to have been having trouble sleeping tonight and has tossed and turned. She leaves the HOHR to get water downstairs, before coming back upstairs to the HOHR. She sits up in bed and listens to music while looking through the feeds. 

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9:19am BBT: We had Stars for a bit and come back to Memphis sitting in the KT drinking coffee and David in the WA washing his hands, David leaves the WA  walks through the KT and tells Memphis good morning and goes to the STR to change batteries where Kevin is changing his batteries.
9:26am BBT: David has gone back to bed  as Memphis sits alone in the KT drinking coffee and looking around the room.
9: 28am BBT: Tyler up in the KT wearing sunshades, BB tells the HG wakey wakey as there are fresh batteries in the STR. Tyler goes back to his bed as we get Stars again.
9:41am BBT: Christmas in the KT getting a drink as BB says wakey wakey HG, Memphis said that is loud and he never wants to hear that voice again ever after this. Christmas laughs and joins him at the KT drinking coffee. WE get Stars as BB tries getting the HG up for the day.
9:46am BBT: Day is now up going to the WC telling Christmas and Memphis good morning as she walks through, Christmas and Memphis still at the KT talking general talk.
9:52am BBT: Christmas and Memphis have gone to the lounge and are talking about Dani and Nicole and how Nicole wants to give Ian his vote, he says  that Nicole said to them that she feels bad and really wants to give Ian her vote. Christmas says that Ian told Dani if it was a tie she would have to vote for him to stay and Memphis laughs 
 9:56am BBT: Memphis and Christmas still talking about keeping Tyler in the house and do not understand why Nicole wants to give Ian a sympathy vote. Memphis says he does not want  Nicole to give that vote to Ian he  says he will be mad.

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9:55 AM BBT

Christmas tells Memphis about the Ian Drama from last night  "Ian and Dani were talking about votes and Iangot aggressive" [happened while feeds were out]


Memphis: I don't like that Nicole is still trying to give Ian a pity vote

Christmas: she is upset at having to lie to him

Memphis: why lie to him...just tell him straight up.

He says he told Cody "we cannot leave it up to Dani"

CHristmas: they are trying to flip the vote anyway

Memphis: I would rather they just speculate than us lose one of our members

Christmas: they are not even speculating. They are trying to flip the vote. I told him (Kevin) I'm going to do whatever HoH says... then David was working on me like a maniac to flip the vote

Memphis: flip it to keep Ian?

CHristmas: to keep Tyler...so I have been playing hard to get




*feeds cut

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10:00 PM BBT Memphis and Christmas are talking Day says Enzo was offended by her speech in the loft. Christmas aproached him about it and he got mad about it and wasnt going to talk to her anymore 

10:10 AM BBT Memphis says well enzo is not touching the block next week and we need to bring him in, Christmas agrees and says yes, Feeds cut to stars. Christmas says Kevin nicole or Day will not put him up and Memphis says yes they wont know and he is probably the safest in the house. 

10:18 PM BBT Memphis said if he is number 7 that is fine we just got to make sure the nominations stay the same. Christmas said that she hopes someone in the comette wins this week otherwise it going to get crazy. Christmas thanks him for the chat and leaves. 

10:24 PM BBT Memphis goes back to the dining room and drinks on his morning coffee, Christmas is in WA on the couch waiting to use the restroom Kevin is up and doing something else. 

10:30 PM Kevin is awake in the PBR in his bed. Christmas goes back to CBR and is reading a book. Memphis is drinking coffee nothing else is going on. 

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10:42 AM BBT BB comes over the PA system and says they must be awake between the hours of 10 am and 10 pm. Christmas says she is awake. 

10:49 AM BBT Feeds cut to stars for a split second. Feeds come back on and shows christmas still reading, Memphis up and oing something in the KT. 

10:54 AM BBT Kevin is up from the bed and is kitchen fixing to make some food. Memphis gets up and goes the WA to shower. Nicole is up and doing something at the mirror in the PBR. 

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11:30 AM BBT

Dani apologizes to Ian in the HOHR. SHe says everything he was saying last night was true and she just didn't want thear it because she already knows all of that.

"I know everything you were saying was true and I just didn't want to hear it. I'm not upset with you at all. I'm just upset with myself."

Ian: it's okay...it's fine...it's okay...we just move forward

11:33 AM BBT

Ian: here is the thing. If I stay, there are two people here that have really pissed me off. I offered David safety..."

Ian says he would be happy to see David and Kevin out next.

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 11:04AM BBT BB comes over the speaker "What do you not understand about please. WAKE UP" and we get stars.


 11:09AM BBT Kevin and Ian cleaning the KT. Xmas is playing with a puzzle. Nic is chatting with her.


 11:23AM BBT Enzo and Dani is laughing. Xmas comes in. Enzo says he is done. Dani says she is hiding because everyone hates her. THey are laughing. Enzo dropping f bombs right and left with his usual "yo". Enzo says that Ian keeps asking him for his vote. There was some type of situation last night that they are referring to but not clearly stating.


11:30AM BBT Dani calls Ian up to the HOH BR. Dani says she isn't angry about what he said last night. Everything he said was true and it is hard to hear. They tell each other they really care about each other. Dani is confirming with him that they have the votes to keep him. Ian says that he offered safety to David but David won't commit. Ian says that if he gets HOH, he is putting up David and Kevin. He has had it with both of them.



11:43AM BBT Enzo and Xmas talking in the PBR. Kevin comes in. Enzo tells him he is hiding today. Not going into the war zone. Memphis comes into HOH BR. Dani asks Memphis what he heard. Memphis says he heard Ian got really mad and we got stars. Feeds return and Memphis is talking about hot dogs.


 11:51AM BBT Dani tells Memphis that she wants someone good to win All Stars. She is worried about HOH tomorrow night. She feels like the biggest target. Memphis says he feels the same. He says that Ian needs to f* off. He gets that he is mad but it's a game. He says Tyler gave a nice Veto speech. 


11:55AM BBT Dani tells Memphis that Ian thinks he is still staying. Memphis is surprised. He says he will tell Ian he is not voting for him. He has no reason to lie to him. He says he only lies when it benefits him. He says Xmas told Ian she is voting for him. He says if Xmas wants to lie to someone that is on her. Dani says that it is better for them.



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12:00 PM BBT Tyler and Kevin are in the KT talking about making pizza. Someone used the pizza sauce and Dani said she will put in another request after saying it so annoying. Enzo is the PBR laying in his bed awake after talking to Dani about Ian. 

12:06 PM BBT Ian is talking to Enzo about him getting mad and blowing up last night. He said he had a good talk with Dani and they hashed thing out. He tells Enzo he need his vote now and that dani agreed to break the vote in his favor. Ian says if he was to get HOH the people who shake things up he will put up on the block that is where his head is at the momment Enzo just nodding and haking his head in agreement with him. 

12:13 PM BBT Ian says that Kevin is too wishy washy and he cant work with someone that way. He talk about a handshake and meaning it. He also says that kevin told him he needs more information and Ian told him everything he knew. Ian says he dont want to work that way and wants to stay in the game to prove that. Enzo says he has a headache and he trying to stay out of the drama and Ian says he is trying to as well. 

12:20 PM BBT Nicole comes in after Ian leaves and he starts laughing. They talk about Ian pitching hard and who he would put up. Enzo says he would put up Dayvone and David. Nicole says yeah he really wants to stay in the game. Dani comes in and they rehashes Ian pitch to Enzo again. Dani said she is going to lock herself in the HOHR today and not let anyone in.  She might let Enzo in to talk crap about the HG but that it. Dani then says let talk the 5 fold. 

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12:30 PM BBT Enzo says that Ian made Vaild point about Christmas and Tyler and Cody tell him you know who is gonna go after us Day is. Cody is playing with a camera and Cody says it get blurry the more u zoom in. Enzo says they cant throw the HOH tommorow you can not throw it. 

12:40 PM BBT  Feeds cut to stars for a bit then come back on. Nicole Cody Enzo and Dani are all talking about Zingbot and different zings they think they would get and the comps. Feeds go back to stars again. 

12:44 PM BBT Feed come back and they are talking about a hoodie that they want from Tyler. Ian is by himself rocking. Enzo Cody Dani Christmas Nicole are all talking general chit chat in between stars. 

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12:50 PM BBT Enzo is joking around with Christmas laughing. Ian is still rocking, Stars come on again and go off. Enzo starts to whisper something to Christmas. She says she dont like how they all of sudden come to her and complement how good of a player she is. She talk about Ian guilt tripping Dani and how he know the psychological aspect of the game and how good he is. 

12:57 PM BBT Christmas says he hasn't won anything talking about Ian. Christmas says lets talk about stats Tyler has won comps he has come close to winning. Where as Tyler if he wins HOH he knows who he wants up and you know you are his target. Enzo brings up he mentioned Kevin earlier and what he said Christmas said that is bullcrap. Ian comes in and the chat completely changes. 

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Nic and Dani talking about how Kevin keeps bringing up the first wall yeller. He can not give it up. Dani says that the wall  yeller ruined both of their games.

1:10PM BBT NIc and Dani talk. Nic is looking for info they can use against Tyler. Dani keeps reminding her they need to be strong going into tomorrow and we get stars.
 1:20PM BBT Ian is in the PBR talking to Enzo, Xmas, and Nic. He is making his rounds. He says he has to do so. Xmas says he has too much respect for the game not to. Enzo tells him he has to come up with a slogan.  Ian practices a couple slogans. They are all joking around. Dani is listening to music in bed. 
1:23PM BBT Nic asks Ian if he is going to talk to David. Ian says he has already laid out his pitch to Daivd and giving him all the info he is going to. He is done.  Enzo says the game is rough. 
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1:40 PM BBT

Cody is talking with Dani in the HOHR

Dani: if we can get past the next three weeks, we will be in a good spot

Cody: We have to win, though, I'm not in a good spot; Enzo is in a good spot...he knows when he needs to win comps.

Cody tells Dani Nicole needs to win HOH next "I'm hoping Nicole snaps into it"

Dani says she feels like she will be too "shook"

Cody: Like...we can't have that...you need to play in the HOH; you need to use your power...you have to  (Dani indicates No)  Oh my Goodness. Okay, so we are going to be 5 vs 3

Dani: ugh







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 1:32PM BBT NIc explains about how she felt in her seasons. Enzo asked her if it was fun to play with the coaches. She said it was. She says this season feels harder. Ian agrees. Cody making something to eat in the KT.


1:40PM BBT Cody heads to HOH BR. Dani in bed. Dani asks if Nic talked to him. He said no. She starts to tell him something and we get stars. It appears Nic said that she would give Ian a pity vote and he told her not to. They talk about flipping something (not sure since we missed a bunch of the convo). Cody says he wants to talk to Kevin to see if Kevin said anything to Ian. Cody says that he is going to win HOH. And he will nominate Kevin. He says that it has to be Kevin and Day and not David and Kevin. Dani says that Ian told her that David is campaigning against him. 


 1:46PM BBT COdy says they have a group of HG in their alliance that are proven comp winners. He says that Day and Kevin have only won one each. Dani says that Tyler has only won one as well. Cody tells her she has to use her power and play HOH. She says she won't. COdy says then they only have 5 and Nic is going to be shook with Ian going. They get quiet.


1:52PM BBT Cody is telling Dani that he is never in the good spot. He says Enzo is in the best spot in the house right now. He explains why they are going to be the ones who are not in the best spot because they go to each of the HG. Dani says that Cody and her know what is going on in the house more then anyone else. Cody says they have to do things before anyone else catches on.



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2:10 PM BBT

Tyler and Nicole are talking in the Love Lounge

Nicole: I think everything we say in this house is so different. Any little thing that is said...I never repeat it because what is that going to do for me? Tyler, if I had bad intentions for you, I would have went and said "pspsspppspspspt" and it would have made you look like an idiot. I wanted to clear the air.

Tyler: okay

Nicole: she made it seem like you were throwing me under the bus and it didn't make sense to me. Like 'he knows we are close and it would get back to me.' I'm confused I was like 'he is a saboteur'...but, no, we are good and I think we can grow our relationship. I think we are both shy

Tyler: good...I think it's good

Nicole tells Tyler that he is staying this week, but he can't throw her under the bus anymore or he will be dead to her

Tyler says he won't and he appreciates not being dead to her  







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