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Wednesday, September 16, 2020 Big Brother 22 All-Stars Live Feed Updates

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2:32 PM BBT

Nicole is talking with Enzo and Christmas in the PBR about Kevin telling Ian what is going to happen "and it is going to happen so that is so bad."

Nicole says that she doesn't care about Ian's jury vote, but she does care about his friendship. "He is not gonna understand. He thinks Tyler is the best player. When he was in the bedroom freaking out, he told me that."

Nicole is concerned that Ian will end up feeling completely played. Enzo suggests they come clean. 

Nicole: coming clean will feel so good



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2:33 PM BBT Feeds come back on Cody and Ian are talking. Ian says that Kevin is voting for him. Ian just nods an agrees with him. Ian says what frustrates him is him making the Pawn pack and he dont even touch the nom chair or anything then tells her that he needs more information. Ian bring up david and said he is done talking to david he gave all the information he had.  

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2:47 PM BBT

Tyler is campaigning to Kevin in the Love Lounge

He tells Kevin he is hoping for Kevin, David, Enzo, Cody and Da'Vonne 

Tyler" I feel like those are my five biggest hopes, if that makes sense...Nicole is a lost cause"

Kevin asks about Memphis and Christmas. but Tyler is "convinced he is with them because of how little they talk" and he feels Christmas is with Memphis

Kevin: I don't know, though, because when you and I were on the block together, Memphis and Christmas were the first two to come to me and say "he has to go" (meaning Tyler)

Tyler: Oh man!



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2:45 PM BBT Tyler and Ian are talking in the loft room. Kevin tell Tyler he has never been capigned too besides Janelle and Kaysar but they dont really count. He says otherwise noone has tried to campign into it. Tyler says that is crazy, He says that he is just trying to listen to what everyone saying and Tyler agrees, They talk about Ian getting mad and Tyler says well alchool was involved. 

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2:53 PM BBT Kevin says he need to talk to David and Day first to see what the dynamic is and what not and he will get back to Tyler, Tyler thanks him for talking to him. Tyler and Christmas talk in the SR about the votes flipping. Tyler says the votes have done flipped already dont he know that. Tylersays he wants christmas HOH basket if she wins. 

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3:05 PM BBT

Nicole is telling Cody in the PBR that Christmas is upset with Dani because she never saw Ian going on the block. She was convinced Enzo would go up.

Ian and Memphis walk into the KBR and interrupt the conversation.  Cody leaves and Memphis asks Nicole if she can speak to Ian alone

Nicole: Sure

Memphis: this isn't your room anymore

Nicole: that's true  (she leaves)






Ian campaigns to Memphis but Memphis straight up tells him that he is voting to keep Tyler "there aren't many people in this house smarter than me but I feel you are one of them and that's where I stand right now. COuld that change? 1000%, but I think I can be honest with you" 

Ian says it's a fair answer and he appreciates the honesty

Memphis leaves to take a shower

Ian: Not good for me. Not looking good for me. 


3:14 PM BBT

Ian heads to the Love Lounge and tells Cody and Nicole that he doesn't have Memphis' vote

Nicole: that's just one though

Ian: But I think Christmas will vote with him.... I think my game is over

Cody: Dude, relax

Ian: this is exactly what I was having panic attacks about last week and now...

*feeds cut




Kevin is talking with Dani in the HOHR

Christmas comes in and Dani says they are talking. She leaves

Dani comments that Christmas pops in every room and that she is frightened of her


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4:00 PM BBT

[We could have had another Ian incident on the feeds which would explain why the feeds are off right now. Production has been very mindful of Ian, his rage, and the audience's perception of him. Ian does have bursts of anger and aggression that he tries to suppress, but I feel that the control room is just on high alert when things seem to be heading in that direction. This is just my personal take, but I'll try and check my CBS source, too.  -MamaLong]

4:29 PM BBT

The feeds are back on Christmas, Cody, Tyler and Enzo in the PBR

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4:34 PM BBT

Tyler is trying to pack but Cody keeps taking stuff out of his suitcase. Christmas says she wants to kick David out and move into the PBR.

Enzo: Do it


4:46 PM BBT

The HGS keep mentioning a "party" and they expect alcohol.

Enzo: what time you think the party is

Dani: I think 5 or 6


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 4:30PM BBT Feeds back. Enzo talking about halfway. It is possible they got a halfway cake. Xmas talks about 6 more weeks in the house. She says 2 DE. She is singing "Chaos". All 4 cams on them.


4:34PM BBT COdy and Xmas talk about the half way party is tonight. Cody says "she" told them not to party too much tonight. Xmas says she loves the PBR and wants to know if they can kick David out so she can move in there. Nic and Ian talking in the HOH BR. Dani comes in and Ian tells her what Memphis said to him. They tell him to talk to Enzo again.


4:47PM BBT Xmas talking to Ian. She is asking his thoughts on David. Ian explaining that David is the top of his target list. Xmas talking about rumors she head before Ian went up as a nominee. They talk about David. Ian says that Xmas has never been her target.


4:54PM BBT Kevin and Nic talking. It appears Kevin has told her he isn't voting for Ian unless NIc can get 4 confirmed votes. Nic says she has no pull in the house. She has people's word but it's stressful. They talk about who Ian would target.



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5:00 PM BBT

Ian is campaigning to Christmas "I have never said anything negative about you and on top of that, you are safe with me. So, what it comes down to is you have two people that are driving my name through the mud. They are saying crap about me that affects you. My credibility is very good. I have been honest with you this entire time. You used  the plus one on me. There is no reason I would never go after you for that. What it comes down to for me is that it seems like you are at a crossroads, I don't know."

Christmas: I want to be completely transparent. You and I have a clear understanding that we enjoy working together

Ian: so you are not at a crossroads

Christmas: there is a crossroads...there is a shakiness in the house. I am a very dedicated ally but how far is that gonna get me if you are perceived as my untouchable....I just want the house to calm down....I know this is upsetting.

[Christmas continues rambling mixed with periods of silence   -MamaLong]


5:04 PM BBT

Da'Vonne tells Nicole on the Love Lounge that Christmas has been campaigning to keep Tyler

Nicole: really?

Da'Vonne: it makes sense because of last week

Nicole: well, I am going to keep trying...I am going to plead

Day: she is the only option

Nicole: that makes me sick

Day: don't show it on your face

Nicole: I know. I cried and cried last night. I bawled and bawled

They begin discussing Kevin

Day: he is terrified this is a set up against him, but I think 1000% have that conversation with Christmas because I've heard from 3 or 4 people that she has been campaigning for Tyler

Nicole: it makes sense

Day: Nicole, he handed it to her...she could have did it

Nicole: I should talk to her before we get alcohol...do you think we are getting alcohol again?

Day: yeah.....But, just be careful with her Nicole

Nicole: I will

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5:00PM BBT Xmas telling Ian that she is transparent. She says that she could have a strong ally in the house. She is talking circles. Ian says he is confused. Xmas says there have been several who have promised her safety and she says she didn't give them an answer. She says she just needs the house to calm down. She basically is telling him she has someone in the house without saying it. 


5:04PM BBT Xmas has basically told Ian that she is working with Tyler. Ian has told her if he stays, she will be good. 


5:07PM BBT Day and Nic talking. Day says that Xmas has been campaigning for Tyler. She says that Tyler basically stayed up in the HOH when Xmas won HOH. Nic wanted to get Xmas to vote to keep Ian. Day says she won't. Nic says the guys don't want to save him. Nic says she doesn't want to be blindsided because David will flip. Kevin told Day today that they do not have David. 


 5:19PM BBT Xmas goes to the lounge to talk to Nic. She says she told Ian that she didn't know at this time with everything that has happened. She says that Ian is laying it on thick. She says that she told him that if he stays, there is a group of 6 they can protect. Nic asks her if she will tell him later. Xmas says that she will She wanted to make him feel heard. 


5:23PM BBT Nic tells her that David, Kevin and Day is voting Ian out. Xmas says that she really wants to be honest with him but she was shocked when he asked for her vote. Xmas says that she didn't say anythign because she was weighing her options. She says that she will tell him that there are key people not voting for him. Nic says Dani won't let her vote for him to stay.



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5:30 PM BBT Nicole and Chritmas talk about Ian and his final pitch. Christmas tells her he is laying on it thick, She tell Nicole that he was saying he has more to this game. It like a bad break up. Meanwhile Kevin and David are in the WA talking while Day is doing at the sink. 

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5:35 PM BBT Ian is up in the HOH talking to himself and he says there is nothing more frustrating, Christmas comes in and tells him she will be right up she got called to DR. Nicole says ugh i hope this inst good bye messages already. Feeds cuts to stars for a minute and come back and Christmas is yelling at cody as it copy righted as songs are. 

5:40  PM BBT All general chit going on for a bit no game talk going on feeds get quiet for a bit they hope they get music with the halfway party. Cody says music for an hour i'm down with that. 

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5:50 PM BBT

Dani and Ian in the HOHR

Ian tells Dani that he feel he doesn't have Christmas' vote and he will be the one going to jury

Ian: I honestly...honestly would like prefer it if I have been getting played this whole time

Dani: played by who?

Ian: like...like...and like, like if you and like Nicole, Cody and Tyler were like playing me somehow,  I would prefer it to going out accidentally by Kevin and David

Dani: played how?

Ian: I am being facetious.  I feel like I am getting ganged up on by shitty players.

Dani: where is Nicole  [she can't save you now, Dani]

Ian: in the DR, at least I think so

Dani: you've got to talk to Day

Ian: I'm going to .....it flipped


5:58 PM BBT

Nicole finishes in the DR and joins them

Nicole says that he should talk to her before the alcohol "and it's gonna be very soon, they told me"

Ian: I can talk to her tomorrow morning

Nicole: okay

Ian: look, I am not gonna give up until I am out

Nicole: mm hmm

Ian: I feel like I am getting evicted by fucking accident. God, oh fucking damnit....and now I have to go waste fucking six weeks in the jury house. I don't even want to think about  *feeds cut*



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5:49 PM PM BBT Dani comes up the HOH and Ian says im pretty sure my game is over. Dani ask him why what happened? Ian explains he went to christmas and yesterday she said she was going to vote me out and no today she dosent know. Ian says he feels like he been ganged up on like a sheep. Ian says he is 90% sure his game is done but there like a 1 or 2 percent that Tyler could have some power, 

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 5:50 PM BBT Nicole joins them in the HOHR and he tells her the same that he feels like his game is done with. He talked to Memphis and Christmas and I couldn't get their votes.  He says Memphis told him straight up he voting for Tyler to stay and Christmas wasn't definitive.  Nicole asks if he going to talk to Day and he said he is not giving up till he is gone. Feeds cut stars.

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8:22 PM BBT

The feeds are back

8:45 PM BBT

Tyler and David have been talking for a while now in the Love Lounge. Tyler is trying to campaign, but David is pointing out every reason possible for him to question Tyler and whether or not he has ever been "his guy"

Tyler: you've been my guy; you know you're my guy

David questions him about why he hasn't been talking game with him

Tyler responds that he hasn't talked game with anyone because the past two weeks he has been trying to go home *feeds cut

Tyler asks: so are sending me out or are you sending me out

David will not give him a direct answer "are we going to have a conversation about this or not"

Tyler points out that he never treated him this way when he threw him under the bus with Da'Vonne.  "you don't have to flex at me, Man"

The conversation goes around and around regarding intentions and perceptions. 

Tyler is definitely feeling attacked but still tries to explain his position. 

[David gives me more reasons to dislike him every day, and I want to like him. I really do.  - MamaLong]

David tells Tyler he did not expect to come in to the game and there be an opportunity to help others (he means Bay/Day and the BLM Movement)

Tyler: I get that, but you got to realize man, only one person wins. Do you want to win or do you want someone else to win?

If I'm not that person, I want you to be that person. I'm trying to get you to stop running yourself into fucking walls when you could turn around and there is a door right there. You can't play too far ahead. You're my guy, man. I want you to succeed.  You are going to watch this back and see. Do I have your vote? You can tell me no.

David: I am unsure...I have to think about it. I need time to think.  

Tyler: Will you tell me tomorrow?

David: sure


[David! Ugh!  Foolish player; overconfident and overplaying.  His power is gone and he has no more protection. His survival is dependent on comp wins. He is forgetting that he needs to build relationships, not tear them down. I have a really hard time watching him play.  -MamaLong]

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Ian is talking to Dani and Nicole in the HOHR. He is a bit agitated.

Ian: this is not a house vote. It's not a house vote. (he keeps pounding his hands)

Ian says that he needs four fucking votes and he doesn't care who they are from. He knows he has Nicole and Cody but he can't tell Kevin and Da'Vonne he has Cody because Day and Kevin won't vote with Cody. They want to do the opposite of whatever Cody does.

Ian: I can do this. Please don't lose faith in me.

Dani: no one is losing faith

Ian: I can see it in your eyes (to Nicole)

Dani: Ian, she is sad

Nicole: I am just trying to be honest with you

Dani: we will find a way, but not David. He told me he wanted to vote you out just to spite me

Nicole: If you told him (David) you were going after her (Dani), he would keep  you

Ian: you want me to?

Dani: I don't care 

Dani leaves to talk with Enzo saying they will find a way to save Ian   

[Their plan is locked in to send Ian home, but they don't want him to think he is expendable or that this is easy for them. Dani never expected to have to put up Ian. Two saves and her true targets are now no longer an option. Tyler has never been Dani's true target. She just let Da'Vonne believe that he was and his position on the block was as a pawn to send Kevin home. Kevin was saved, so Ian went up. I still see Ian going home this week.   -MamaLong]

Ian: If I go tomorrow, I'm going to wish I was never on this show  [Sportsmanship, Ian...remember?]

Nicole: I don't want you to go. I wish I had a magical power....I would use it on you, obviously. Ian, I have been sticking my neck out for you so much that people are starting to talk about me.

Ian: Nicole...that's why you need me to stay....you can thank, her (Dani), really. But, there's no point in pointing fingers. You and me a re the casualty if it goes wrong. Which it probably will

 *feeds cut


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8:38pm Big Brother Time


Tyler and David are having a conversation in the downstairs lounge.


David is explaining about the last week and his questions about Tyler. 


Tyler tells David that Ian is a winner, he tells David that when Ian is gone Nicole F becomes a free agent. (some of this is interrupted with stars)


David tells Tyler that someone told Davonne that he tried to keep Baleigh, and now he is a "piece of s**t".  David says he knows Tyler has his own things going on, but there is no one he (David) can talk to.


David tells Tyler that someone told Davonne about it, he says the only person he told was Tyler.  Tyler denies telling Davonne, he goes on to say that he has been pushing to get Davonne to play with him but has been unsuccessful.


Tyler says anyone who is linked to Davonne is getting popped, that Christmas is linked up somehow to Danielle.


Tyler says he is being thrown under the bus because he gave information.  Tyler says "everyone loves blaming me. I try to help..."  Tyler says he felt so guilty that he just wanted to go home.


David tells Tyler that Davonne threw it up in his face that he was not trying to keep her (Davonne). David says his back is against the wall, that he was lucky when Enzo won the HOH, he says he hears people all over the house saying he (David) is easy to put on the block.


David says he was lucky to escape Christmas, but he had already talked to her prior to her win.  David says he would have been the replacement on the veto.


Tyler insists he has his own things in his head that he doesn't want to share with live feeders.  David tells him they signed up to play.


We are interrupted by stars for a few seconds.


David says these "monsters in the house." ( I don't think he is referring house guests, I think he is referring to game play in general and how difficult it is to navigate as an inexperienced player)


Tyler tells David to think about what he told Davonne, and how much they talked before that.


David says he was trying to create a wall for Tyler  to make an opportunity  (interrupted by stars).


Tyler continues to tell David that he (David)  is the reason Davonne refuses to work with him, (but we are interrupted by stars)


Tyler tells David that he is here to make his and Angela's life better, David agrees that he messed up.  Tyler tells him that he just wants to be alone in the game for now.  Tyler also tells David that only one person can win the game, he wants David to be successful.  Tyler tells David that everyone knows he won the power, David does not admit.


David says he wants to win an HOH, and he wants Tyler to work with him.  Tyler says he is stuck here and does not want to sit in his despair for six weeks, he is gunning.  Tyler tells David he wants his vote, he doesn't want to hear any reasons why David won't vote for him.  Tyler says the episodes will explain that he is open in the game.


Talk relaxes a little, the confrontational talk has ended and the two of them have become friendly to the point of a hug before David leaves the room.


David offers to send Enzo in.


When David goes into the washroom Ian questions where he has been.


David, "It's campaign season, man."


Enzo says he is showering first and will check in later so Ian goes into the downstairs lounge with Tyler.


They joke about it being the only time one of them will be on the block.

(Ian says "unless there is a battle back."


Ian tells Tyler that he (Tyler) is the only person in the house he likes.


Christmas and Nicole F are in the cartoon room, they send Memphis to eavesdrop on Kevin in the key bedroom.


Memphis just walks into the room instead of listening at the door.  The girls says "Memphis is not stealth."


Nicole F tries to send Christmas to find out what Kevin told Cody, Christmas says he wouldn't tell her anyway.  Christmas tells Nicole F that Danielle is giving out information she shouldn't be and doesn't even realize it.


Nicole is worried that David will be mad at her and plans to stop that from happening.


David comes into the photo bedroom and Christmas follows to ask him if everything is okay, David says he is okay, it is just the campaigns are hard core.


Christmas mentions, "that little thing that happened upstairs?" David says no (must have happened while feeds were down).  Christmas asks if Ian was intense, David say he wasn't.


(Christmas must want something from David, she is using her "sweet voice", bordering on flirtatious, well she does that until she forgets to, LOL Grannysue)


David asks Christmas if they were to go far together by playing chess with the game.  David says he will be the natural target, people go after the rookie or the winner, he says it gives him the edge in the game.


Christmas is happy to agree....


David goes on to compliment his perceived connection with Christmas, he tells her that there is a critical eviction ahead.  David says he admires Tyler and hoped they could work together, or at least feel that he was. David mentions Tyler not wanting to be in the game, Christmas tells him that she thinks that was real.


David asks Christmas if she could possibly flip to vote to keep Ian.


Christmas asks what is David's relationship with Ian, not just getting votes.


David tells Christmas there is a bigger opportunity to bond with Ian going forward.  He says that Ian is a shield for a bigger group in the house, but Ian did not believe him.


Christmas says she thinks Ian would be worried about working with her (Christmas) if he stayed in the house.


David says if Ian does stay they can use his outburst as a way to keep him as a primary target.


Danielle comes into the room, David asks if she is ready to come down, she says "Nope."  (not sure what happened while we were shut out of the feeds here, but Danielle doesn't look or sound happy at all.)


Christmas says she is not really opposed to the idea, she says that Tyler is very good.  David says he had a conversation with Tyler and it was obvious why Tyler is considered legendary.

Christmas asks if David made any promises to Tyler, he tells her no, that he didn't feel he needed to.

Christmas asks David how Ian being her "untouchable" will work out for her, she says he is not, she repeats it twice.


David says they can work around something like that.


Christmas asks why Davonne wants Tyler to stay, then says or why she wants Ian to go.  David says probably because she wants to avoid being an 'outlier" in the vote.


Enzo comes into the room followed by Tyler.


They talk about the size of different suitcases. Enzo, Tyler and David all have large ones.


Christmas says she is traveling the world with a carry on. 


Tyler and Enzo leave the room and cameras follow them.


Ian and Davonne are sitting on the living room sofa.


Tyler goes into the downstairs lounge with Enzo.


Tyler tells Enzo that David tried to blame Tyler for not trying to keep Baleigh.  Tyler tells Enzo that he told David he will look dumb when he sees this back. Tyler says David wouldn't say either way so he wasted his time.


Ian and Cody try to come into the room and Enzo and Tyler yell, "It's mine, it's mine!!).


Tyler says Cody is all p***ed off because someone is saying stuff. 


Enzo says they just have to stick together with Cody.


Tyler says Davonne has to go, she is talking all over the house.


Enzo says that Tyler knows where Danielle is, she put him up.


Tyler is worried about a four to four vote.  He worried that if there are four votes hidden for Ian, then Nicole F will give a pity vote and make it five to four keeping Ian.


Enzo says Danielle and Nicole F will go after him (Enzo) and Tyler, but he doesn't think it will be Cody.  Enzo say when Davonne, David and Kevin go they will have to go after each other.


Tyler says they have to position themselves so it goes against Danielle and Nicole F.  Tyler says that David is ruining himself by chasing after that bunch.  Tyler says when he tried to warn him, David told. 


Enzo says he told David people were after him.  Enzo says there comes a point when you have to go after them (The Committee).


Tyler tells Enzo he does not have a power.  Tyler hopes Nicole F is able to vote to keep Ian.


Enzo says he told Ian that he might not be staying, but Ian is determined to keep trying.  Enzo says he needs Tyler and Cody in the game.


Tyler tells Enzo he tried to plant some seeds with Danielle regarding Nicole F and thinks that is why Ian is up.  Tyler says he has noticed a little tension there now.


Enzo says they all have enemies and targets.


Tyler tells Enzo that he told David who he thought the votes would be to keep him, he is worried that the votes might not be there because David thought Davonne is voting to keep Ian.


Enzo says David might not be hearing much about what Davonne is planning.


Tyler says Nicole F and Danielle are trying to get Christmas to take shots at Cody.


Enzo is going to tell Ian that he (Ian) does not have the votes to stay.  Tyler says be careful, Ian might have a power.  Enzo says he may have questions, he won't stop going.  Enzo says Kevin won't talk to him about votes, and David doesn't talk to him. 


Tyler tells Enzo not to do Nicole F's dirty work for her, Enzo is re-thinking.


Enzo says Nicole F wants him (Enzo) to be the one to tell Ian, because she hates lying to him. 


Tyler says, "well stop lying then." 


Enzo is fussing about Memphis going to bed at 10:00 pm every night, not having to deal with what is going on in the house, and still being safe.  Enzo says "this guy's gonna win it doin' nuttin."


Nicole F opens the door, leaves immediately.


Tyler says he might put Nicole F on the block and tell her "you put up your best friend."


Enzo says Nicole F and Cody have pre-gamed. Enzo says Ian has done nothing to keep Nicole F safe.


David comes in and says he "went off on Nicole F." He says it wasn't bad, he was drinking and stuff.  


Enzo says "you don't have a power anymore, settle down."


David says Ian is sitting by the stall, Enzo starts cracking jokes about Ian being the guy with the soap and candy in the bar restrooms.


Enzo says this season is a mess, David says it's about to get messy.


Tyler asks David what he got on Nicole F about, David says he was just kidding him, nothing happened.  


Tyler and David are talking about the price of shoes.


Camera moves to Nicole F and Ian in the upstairs lounge.


Nicole F is telling Ian that he probably doesn't have the votes to stay.


Ian says if he gets the votes, but if he gets certain votes he will lose others.  He insists there is no "house".


Danielle comes by, Ian pushes to use the HOH room, says he wants Danielle in there too.


Ian tells Danielle he needs four votes to stay.  He doesn't care who they come from.


Ian says he knows he has Nicole F and Cody's votes. He wants to have Cody tell Enzo that he is not sure, but leaning towards keeping Ian.


Ian says he is not rolling over to die, he does not want to go to the jury house.


Nicole F says she doesn't think Davonne and Kevin are going to vote to keep Ian.


Ian, "what am i supposed to do then, roll over and die?"


Danielle says no, he shouldn't do that.


Nicole F says she talked to them (Davonne and Kevin) and they don't want to go in that direction.


Ian insists that five people have told him they would vote for him if he has the votes, but no one is getting together on it.  He insists that there is no big group.


Danielle tells Ian that David is going to vote against Ian to spite her (Danielle).


Ian says he talked to David, and David told him it was 60-40,


Nicole F says tell David you are going after Danielle.


Danielle is very uncomfortable with this conversation, she stood the whole time, then offered to go "right now' and talk to Enzo.  She scoots out of the HOH room.


Nicole F is trying to tell Ian gently that he isn't going to be staying in the house, that he does not have the votes to stay.


Ian says he has the votes but doesn't have the votes.


They sit silently for a few minutes, then Ian says if he goes tomorrow he will wish he was never on the show.


Nicole F says she wishes she had a power that would allow her to save him.  She says she has stuck out her neck so far it is beginning to look bad on her.


Ian says "well that's why you need me to stay." 

Nicole F, ---crickets--

Ian points at the HOH bed, "thank her, really. but it's no use pointing fingers".He says that he (Ian) and Nicole F are the casualties here.


We get stars.


Danielle is not talking to Enzo as promised, she is talking to Cody....


Ian says if he goes he will always hold Danielle responsible, Nicole F says she had no say in it.  Ian says he is upset that he didn't say "that",


We get stars....










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