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Friday, September 11, 2020 Big Brother 22 All-Stars Live Feed Updates

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12:35 AM BBT

Enzo, Ian, Tyler and Kevin are discussing the HOH competition and that the water being shot at them was dirty. Kevin says that it wasn't coming off the sign (some suspected the paint  from the billboard sign was coming off) because his headband is discolored. Tyler said he looked down and the water at his feet was brown

Enzo: I hate losing comps, Yo

Tyler: Dude, I was a gargoyle

Kevin: your hair was like 5 pounds of water

Tyler: my dumbass.....I didn't even think to tie it up


Dani and Day are talking in the HOHR 

Day: I would take it as a personal hit if it was you, Nicole, Kevin or Cody (put her on the block)

Dani: I won't be putting you up, despite what Tyler has to say

Day: I didn't think you would.....and maybe, Ian

Dani: I know it's game but I don't like hurting people's feelings...it sucks

The begin discussing how Christmas and Tyler started talking a lot

Dani: I had never seen them talk so much....so bizarre Day

The discuss that it's very weird Tyler acts like he is working alone

Dani: he is messy....this year he is messy

Day: He is leading people to believe that he is being messy on purpose so we send him home. It's weird.

Day: I feel like he threw it.....it looked like he jumped. Of course, I'm not telling this to anyone else. I feel very safe with you.


They discuss that he "is Bro'ed out with all the guys"

1:32 AM BBT

Nicole tells Christmas in the CBR that she has been trying to rebuild her relationship with Da'Vonne but she had her feelings hurt when Day accused her of trying to mess up her game. We apologized to each other "we got along fine after that...but that's an example of how things can turn from fun to " *feeds cut



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2:30 AM BBT

Enzo, Kevin and Da'Vonne are talking in the bathroom

Kevin: it is just so different

Day: are you stressed

Enzo: I mean there is no reason to be stressed, yo....it's hard because everyone is in everyone's f*ing cookie jar...it's f*ing crazy, YO, at some point you are gonna have to make people mad, Yo...at some point you are gonna have to pick a side Yo

Da'Vonne: Yeah...mm hmm

Kevin: I wonder how America is receiving it because I feel like America hates this

Day: they do

Kevin: I think they hate "the house vote" because I hate that

Day: they hate "the house"...what is "the house"...they hate it

Enzo: that's what I've been trying to say, Yo.....f* that shit



3:19 AM BBT

Kevin and Dani are talking in the kitchen

Kevin: can I talk to you tomorrow

Dani: absolutely....I think everyone knew I just was not in the mood tonight. And now it's 3 AM

Kevin: I understand....heavy is the crown who wears the HOH 

Enzo comes in

Dani: how long were you in there? (DR)

Kevin: I was half an hour

Enzo: yeah...that's why I took a nap

Dani: that's not that bad...I was in there for like two hours. I was like 'can I go?'  *feeds cut

They begin talking about the comp

Kevin: I was 4th....middle of the pack

Enzo: Memphis was like, Yo...no more Have-Nots

Dani: Cody was doing snow angels up there

Enzo: I was whistling Dixie up there doing my thing

Kevin: You were messing with my head.....I was like people are dancing up here; and Cody was doing stretches

Enzo: I was like, what's wrong? Yo. You got too much of a game face on....like....relax, yo! We are getting paid to be on a wall Just have fun....it ain't that serious  (not sure who he is talking about)

Kevin: it was a well designed comp

Dani: it's gonna look good on tv

Enzo: I loved the water, Yo....it kept me distracted from my arms and shit...it was dope, man....it was fun, man

Enzo says goodnight and heads to bed "tomorrow is gonna be a long day"

Dani: every day in here is a long day



3:30 AM BBT

Dani: this house is disgusting. We have to clean this whole place

Kevin: and the Tupperware too

Dani: Okay, I'm going to bed. It's 3 AM...there is much to do tomorrow

Kevin: Goodnight! Congratulations, again!

Dani: thanks!


BB is zoomed in on the spy cam as the cameras downstairs follow Kevin to the CBR



9:18 AM BBT

The lights are up in the BB house, but only Memphis is moving about



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9:26 AM BBT

Kevin is in the Love Lounge alone talking to his husband, Alphonso

Kevin: I am feeling so much anxiety. I want to talk to the doc

[This happens every week as nominations are coming today, Kevin begins freaking out  -MamaLong]

Kevin is doing deep breathing exercises

Kevin: I am going to see if I can get some anxiety medication......I can get through this. Worrying about it doesn't help. I just hope I'm not disappointing you.



We have a sleepy HOH today





9:45 AM BBT

Dani is awake now and crying while staring at her family pictures 

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9:30 AM BBT.  Memphis is wandering around the house.  Xmas is in the WA.  Kevin is sitting alone in the lounge.  He says he is thinking about seeing if he can get some anxiety medication because Tyler, Nicole and Christmas do.  He says "oh Alphonso..." 


 9:32 AM BBT.  Kevin is talking to himself and is sighing heavily as well.  He says he can get through this, he just has to think he will.  He says he has no ther choice and worrying about it doesn't help.   He says somewhere along the lines I messed up and made a bad move.  

9:35 AM BBT.  Da'Vonne walks by Memphis and he says good morning.  Kevin is still talking to himself/the camera in the lounge.  He says he is grateful I have you (to his husband).  He is thankful for this experience, the comps are fun and when he is old and wrinkly he can tell stories of hanging off a wall.  He's thankful for the experience and the comps are fun even though he is miserable.   He talks about how he's an introvert and he's tankful to be around these strong people.  He hopes he's making his husband proud and that the LGTBQ community isn't thinking "this queen?!"  He just wishes he could do better.  He thinks BB is like one big endurance comp.   


9:42 AM BBT.  Kevin is still talking to himself.  He says he needs smaller goals, don't think about the end.  He says "what do I need to do to get through this week?"  He says that feels better.  He just needs to get through this week.  

 9:49 AM BBT.  In the lounge, Kevin says he'll talk to Dani and say when it was being said that Dani was going after Da'Vonne, that he defended her (Dani).  That way A.  Dani feels he has her back  B.  makes Dani paranoid about those around her.  Kevin sits in silence.  Memphis is sitting alone at the KT counter.  


9:52 AM BBT.  Kevin says first things first he needs to talk to Dani, not get ahead of himself.  He needs to find a way to survive.  He needs to get by at this point.  Memphis still in the KT.  He gets more coffee.  

9:57 AM BBT.  In the lounge, Kevin says he is just going to be grateful and take it week by week.  He says don't even think about the end because that's overwhelming, just enjoy the day.   He says then just go from there.  He tells his husband he loves him.  He really does love him (says this twice).  He says I mss you, I just want to spend time with you when I get out of this house.  He hopes he's catching all the shiny Pokémon.  He tells him he will fight, take it day by day.  He will be grateful for his experience and adapt to the situation.  He tells himself "don't be psyched out by everyone else".  He is sure everyone is struggling just like he is.  He tells his husband I can't wait to have kids with you, it'll be fun and you'll be a great dad.  He says oh here I am going way in the future, day by day!   


10:03 AM BBT. Kevin looked like he was going to leave the lounge, but he is still in there talking to himself.  He says maybe it wasn't time to win HOH.  He says he's always been resilient and he can get out of this too.  He talks for another minute and the leaves.  He goes to the KT and talks to Memphis.  He asks if he is sore. He tells Memphis he scared him when he fell, he thought that hurt his back.  He asks Memphis if he thinks he could've lasted longer.  Memphis says yeah.  He shows Kevin the calluses he has on his hands and says they started bleeding.  Kevin says it felt like there was sandpaper on the grips.  Memphis says I thought "I can hurt myself now or save myself for another comp because I don't think I would've won". Kevin asks what happened to that DE we got all worked up about?  Memphis says we were right about the wall.   

10:15 AM BBT.  Kevin and Memphis are talking general chit chat in the KT.  Dani is getting ready in her HOHR bathroom.   

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11:14 AM BBT Nicole and Dani are in the CBR whispering. Memphis comes in ans scares the crap out of them. While christmas Kevin and David were in the kitchen making food. 

11:21 PM BBT Day is fixing her hair while Nicole takes a shower. Cody is also in the room and tell her whats up sloppies 

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11:30 AM BBT

Memphis and Dani are discussing Tyler in the HOHR

Dani says that Tyler told her three times last night that if she wants to put him up or backdoor him that he deserves it. 

Memphis: do you think he is just over the house and wants to go to jury? We have all gone out on a limb to pull him into this alliance. 

Dani: no, now he is like...'I'm ready to play' but I don't know if this is some sort of reverse psychology.

Memphis; no, he ain't that smart....If it were Ian pulled some shit like that...maybe I could buy it.  Look, I don't like how sloppy he is. That is crazy. 

Dani: and he is double dipping on the side

Memphis: first of all, we have had total control of this house since day one so 'what are you doing?'  (about Tyler) Why rock the boat? It's crazy. If he really wanted to just come in and go out, why bother with an alliance?

Dani says she feels he tried to play and then got caught so he is trying to play martyr

Memphis: have you talked to Cody about this?

Dani: I talked to him last night...he is really mad about the whole thing

Memphis: Good! He should be.

Dani: I have made all his meals...I've gone out of my way to be nice

Memphis: yeah, but now I'm like F* off, dude.



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11:34 AM BBT Dani and Memphis are in the HOHR about Tyler and how he is playing is sloppy. They then talk about Kevin and how he is an ant. They go back to tyler and they think the only one that will be mad is Christmas. Memphis tells him that she needs to get his word that she is not going up next week. 

11:52 AM BBT Kevin comes in and is next to talk to dani. Kevin says he wants to connect with her. Kevin tells her she is his consultant and has looked out for her. He has never gone againist her in any way. He has never said anything negative about her. He tell her when he talk to his husband she is like the cool cheerleader that hangs out with awkward people. 

12:00 PM BBT They both think tyler has a power and Kevin makes the point they all think the power is to be removed off the block but there 3 so it cant be all three. Kevin asked her is he safe this week and Dani responds with a picture and ask about if he would be williing to be help out with her bigger picture> Kevin said he wouldnt mind if he knew he had votes and if he was in a aliance and he would feel some type of way towards. He dosent want to be expendable. He dosent want to be in jury on his birthdy since he would feel like he would be laughed at. 

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11:12 AM BBT Dani then tells kevin that she thinks she can get the votes. Kevin asks who he thinks she can get she tells him Nicole Ian Enzo and Day for sure. Kevin then says he is good for not making people feel salty for being on the block and bringing them back to reality. Dani bring up the power and how she is so scred of them. Kevin then says the perfect nom is the newb because he is hungry to win. Kevin asks about David and she said she dont know him becaue he dont talk to anyone really in the house. they end there conversation hug and Kevin asks if he wants to bring in the next person.

12:25 PM BBT David is the next person to come in and he congratulates her on the win he said he is disapointed he couldn't win against Memphis and Dani agrees. David acknowledges they haven't talked much after the first week. He gave some self confidence to her and he appreciates her talking to her Just let him know before nominations. Short and sweet conversation is all. 

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12:33PM BBT:  Enzo is in the HOHR with Dani and they put the Slick6 to rest.  They joke that it's the sly five now.  Enzo says that people that don't win anything should be the targets.  He considers everyone outside of the cool 4 as the other side of the house.   Enzo tells her that if he wins the POV, he'll do whatever she wants with it.  


12:38PM BBT: Enzo leaves the HOHR and announces it for "whoever's next".  Cody comes in and Dani laughs and tells him to take off his hat because he looks like a pirate.  He says he's "Steve Pirate".  They pretend to talk game and through out crazy ideas.  In the SRL, Kevin is crying to Da' that he's just tired and doesn't understand what's happening, that he feels expendable.  Da' tries to comfort him and asks him what "she" said to him.  He doesn't answer, just says that he feels so betrayed by people.


12:40PM BBT: Kevin tells Da' that Dani told him she needs a pawn so she can execute some target.  Dani told him that he's strong, but he says he's mediocre at best.  Da' asked if he suggested that David was stronger, and he said yes - and that Dani said she's considering him too, but that if she uses David that he might actually go.   Dani tried to convince Kevin that he's got the votes.


12:42PM BBT:  Cody and Dani are just talking through the obvious, just killing time so the other HG think that they've got a lot to discuss.   Back in the SRL, Da' tells Kevin to stop putting people on pedestals and he won't be as disappointed in them.  She heads upstairs to talk to Dani and is going to push for David to be the pawn.

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12:46PM BBT: Dani and Cody are starting to wonder if Christmas and Tyler have an F2, and that maybe Ian was to throw people off.  Dani said to not give her information because she takes/takes/takes and that's her game.  People would just go to her with info in the past.  They want her to have no new info going forward.


12:50PM BBT: David joins Kevin in the SRL and tries to comfort him.  All cams are back on Dani/Cody.  Dani tells him that she doesn't think Kevin understood because he suggested that they use David for the pawn intead.  Cody's jaw drops and then Dani gets called to DR.  Cody thinks it's time for noms and runs out so she has time to talk to others.


12:56PM BBT: Da' goes in to talk to Dani, but Dani head downstairs to the DR. Christmas, Tyler and Nic are on the bridge playing backgammon.  Nic said she gets to get rid of her Sloppies costume tonight.


1:03PM BBT: Ian, David and Kevin are talking in the SRL. They talk back trough other seasons and HOH strategies.  Ian asks Kevin how his meeting went and he says "it went well.  same old same old".  


1:06 PM BBT  Cody and Christmas are playing backgammon in the loft.  Cody: how are you feeling now that your HOH reign is over?  Chris: I'm f*ing relieved.  Cody:....I think you're going up (he is joking).  Christmas: If you put me up,  I am going to steamroll that f*ing veto comp.  Cody: alright Christmas there is something I've got to talk to you about.  Chris: okay.  Cody: you can't go around telling people I am your untouchable...I appreciate the gesture, but...  Chris: that is far from true....I have spent like a total of 20 minutes of conversation  with you this entire game.  Cody: that's not true.  Chris: I'm just glad someone else has to do that sh*t now

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1:06 PM BBT

Cody and Christmas are playing backgammon in the loft

Cody: how are you feeling now that your HOH reign is over?

Chris: I'm f*ing relieved

Cody:....I think you're going up (he is joking)

Christmas: If you put me up,  I am going to steamroll that f*ing veto comp

Cody: alright Christmas there is something I've got to talk to you about

Chris: okay

Cody: you can't go around telling people I am your untouchable...I appreciate the gesture, but...  [It's good to see Cody's sense of humor in light of his pop pop's death...he has been struggling with the loss, but has also said his pop pop was a big supporter and would want him to carry on]

Chris: that is far from true....I have spent like a total of 20 minutes of conversation  with you this entire game

Cody: that's not true

Chris: I'm just glad someone else has to do that shit now





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1:23PM BBT: Kevin and Ian are now alone in the SRL and shake on a pawn pact.


1:24PM BBT: Christmas and Tyler are now playing backgammon on the bridge while Nic looks on.


1:25PM BBT: Kevin asks Ian if the house doctors will prescribe meds here.  Ian says probably not, that you'd have to have a pre-existing Rx, and why does he ask.  Kevin says that a lot of the HG have mood stabilizing meds....  [feeds are cut]


1:27PM BBT: Dani is back up in the HOHR with Da'.  Da' asks if she knows what she wants to do. Dani said she's scared of the powers, and upsetting two people.   Dani tells her that Kevin will probably go up, and Da' says "oh, so that's why he's downstairs crying".  Dani is horrified to learn this and feels bad, but then says he's the perfect person to stay because nobody goes after him.


1:29PM BBT: Dani asks Da' who she thinks Kevin would go after.  Da' tells her "the same person as you".  Dani brings up the powers again and wonders if they have to be stated ahead of events, or if it can be used after the event - which would expose Dani's cards and leave her dead in the water.


1:34PM BBT: Dani tells Da' that David will probably go up next to Kevin.  She continues that David won't talk game with her - nothing.  They've talked about personal stuff and about his journey in this house, but never game.  "This game is hard".  


1:39PM BBT: David, Enzo and Kevin around around the DT.  Mimphis walks past, Cody goes by in a towel, Ian strolls through.  Memphis goes back by.  Kevin leaves.  Enzo heads to the bathroom.  Memphis walks back by.  David is now alone.  They are expecting the noms to be done around 3bbt, and David said that'll give time to anyone with powers to f*k sh*t up.  


1:44PM BBT: Da and Dani are wrapping up their talk.  Tyler is next and Dani tells Da' that she's not even sure what she's going to say to him, and then tells her that she's so happy she's here with her.  Nic heads in to check on Dani.  Dani tells her that Kevin told her that if he goes home on her watch that they won't be friends.  Her takeaway from that was "you won't get my vote".

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[It sounds like Dani is planning to put up Kevin and David; but she tells Day that Tyler would be a backdoor plan, all while saying that she is scared of the powers. Of course, this is just what she is telling Da'Vonne.   -MamaLong]

1:34 PM BBT

Dani says she doesn't want Kevin to go home and he makes a perfect pawn because no one is after him.

Day: so this person you are going to put up, are you doing it immediately? (she means Tyler as an original nom)

Danis says "hell no....hell no"

Day: so who do you put up next to him, David?

Dani: probably

Dani says David doesn't talk game with her at all. "what am I supposed to do?"  (meaning David gives her no reason to Not put him up)

Day says she will talk to Kevin and he will be fine "he would probably work hard to win the veto"

Day: so you put them up next to each other, one of them comes down and you put up that person...if that person doesn't have a power

Dani: I can't make anyone in this house feel safe or it all blows up

Day: but you know that person is the veto chip magnet

Dani: it didn't happen last week

Day: you just gotta make sure his chip doesn't get pulled....if it does maybe you could convince him to throw the veto to you



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1:45 PM BBT

Nicole is talking with Dani now in the HOHR. Dani tells her about David coming up but not really talking game. Nic says that if her target is still there at the end of the week, that's fine. She doesn't want to be on the block with Cody. She says Ian is after Cody now "because of what happened"

Dani says that she will tell Tyler that they hashed things out "but I need something....what could I say? Tell me I am safe for the next two weeks"


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Cody and David are acting less than their age (Dani's & Nic's words, not mine) in the kitchen. They are loud and drumming on the table, making all sorts of noise. The girls say that he acts like a frat boy. "He is 29 going on 15"

Dani: Cody makes the house fun but he is so annoying

Nic: Vic wouldn't act that way




1:59 PM BBT

Tyler now visits with Dani in the HOHR. Dani tells him "you're good with me, You know that, right?"

She offers to make a deal that he keep her safe for two weeks

Tyler: I'll go one step further and say until final 4

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1:59PM BBT: Tyler finally makes it into the HOHR with Dani.  They did into the HOH donuts and split one.   He asks if she knows what she'll do and she promises that she won't put him up.  They make a verbal agreement that they won't go for each other until F6 are at the end.  He says he won't even do it until they hit F4.  He tells her that if he was her, that he would backdoor him.

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Tyler: are you thinking Kevin and David are the safest route?

Dani: yeah...there is nobody else...nobody else

Tyler: I'll gun for that veto if you want to pick me

Dani: your chip always gets picked

Tyler: it didn't last week

Dani: I know! You could have been a Never-Not

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2:13 PM BBT

Tyler tells Dani that he 100% doesn't have a power but he feels David or Kevin do. 

Tyler asks if they (BB) have ever given someone a second vote?

Dani: no

Tyler says his power was to not be put up at one nom or at one veto. He could have blocked himself from a nom but could then be put up at a veto ceremony. Danis says she is going to keep her eye on the Diary Room to see who goes in there. Tyler says no one has said anything to him about the powers. "I know it's not me"

Dani: and I know it's not me   [she is such a good liar!  -MamaLong]

Tyler: David would not tell a soul. He probably wouldn't tell the diary room either.  [LOL]

Tyler says if she puts them up maybe she can flush out a power.

They begin watching Cody on the spy cam. Dani says he looks like a pirate "he has really let himself go....he cut his moustache an inch shorter than his beard the other day" 

Tyler: don't say anything, but I thought he was trying to look like Derrick the other day....with the white thing (a hoodie). He looked like Derrick.


Tyler leaves and Christmas enters for her meeting with Dani in the HOHR


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