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Wednesday, September 9, 2020 Big Brother 22 All-Stars Live Feed Updates

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Right around midnight BBT, the BB cameras show a dark and quiet house. Dani is then visible in the kitchen and the lights are up in the bathroom area. Tyler gets out of bed and joins Dani who is sitting in a dark kitchen.




 1:00 AM BBT 

Tyler and Dani are eating Vegan tacos in the kitchen. Everyone else appears to be sleeping, although David is walking around the house.



2:00 AM BBT

David is in the Love Lounge alone talking to the cameras. He mentions Nicole Anthony and how he wishes she was still in the game. He says that he is sorry for Kemi "being so focused on the game...the lack of empathy. I should have taken moments to help where I should have. I was so focused on wanting to get back in so bad...you, know...But, at the same time...I am here now and I have made jury for the All Star season...nonetheless, last year, things did not go according to the way I hoped. When I walked in the house I visualized winning the game.




7:08 AM BBT

Kevin is awake and talking to the cameras in the Love Lounge. He talks with his husband Alphonso about how he knows today will be a somber day, but he will try to enjoy himself more.




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12:00AM BBT: Everyone appears to be asleep and the lights are off. Dani and Tyler are the last ones awake, Dani sits in the KT quietly while Tyler walks around. 


12:26AM BBT: Tyler begins to peel an onion in the KT, Dani watches while Tyler cooks. 


12:47AM BBT: Ian is out of bed and walks into the KT to see what's going on, says he was worried something was on fire. Tyler has put his pan in the oven and is now preparing lettuce. Ian says he asked BB that if he were to win the next HOH if he could give his letter to Cody, so Cody would get a letter from home even though Ian is the HOH. Ian says BB would think about it and get back to him. Dani and Tyler both agree that's "so nice" and "incredible." Dani then says Ian is "confident" he will win HOH. Ian says he is. Ian goes back to bed, says if he can't go back to sleep he'll come back out. Dani says Ian "kills her." Tyler says Ian is "a character" and they "gotta love" him. 


1:00AM BBT: Tyler takes his food out of the oven and begins to build his taco, Dani does the same. They sit around the KT island and eat, they discuss Tyler's vegan tacos. BB cuts the feeds from time to time. David is also out of bed, he's in the WA washing his hands before going to sit in the lounge alone. He's upset and crying. Dani walks in and gives him a big hug, she offers him kind words and sits with him while he's upset. He talks about his family, it sounds like he also has someone in his family who is sick and Cody's news has hit home for him. Dani offers him kind words and a pep talk. BB cuts the feeds on and off during their conversation. 


1:18AM BBT: Tyler cleans up after cooking, Enzo sits at the island while Tyler does so. Enzo says tomorrow is going to be rough. In the lounge, Dani continues to sit with David while he's upset. They talk about his family and she offers a lot of support and kind words. The feeds cut on and off. 


1:28AM BBT: Dani has left David in the lounge, David is still upset and dealing with the news in his own way. In the KT, Dani and Enzo talk about Cody. Dani hopes Cody wins HOH. She says he really needs it. Enzo agrees. Tyler walks into the WA and eventually joins David in the lounge to offer comfort.


1:33AM BBT: Memphis is out of bed, he walks to the WA and then walks back through the KT to go back to bed. He comments on the lights, Enzo agrees that they are bright. He and Dani continue to talk about their time in the house and how Thursday has to be a double eviction. They talk a little bit about Christmas. Tyler continues to talk to David in the lounge. 


1:40AM BBT: Dani and Enzo talk about the house and how the week is going to go moving forward. They are both pretty confident that Thursday will be a double. They talk about various HGs and GBMs. BB cuts the feeds away from them and all four cameras are on the lounge. Tyler continues to talk to David in the lounge. Tyler leaves the lounge a few minutes later and joins Dani and Enzo, who are joking around, in the KT. David talks to the cameras in the lounge. 

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2:30AM BBT: David stays in the lounge for another thirty minutes, sharing his thoughts with the cameras before moving into the KT to get a snack. He wishes they had tea. He stares at the memory wall for several moments before going to bed.


3:05AM BBT: Cody is out of bed, he walks into the WA and lays down on the couch. He's awake, but appears lost in his thoughts. 


3:50AM BBT: Cody gets off the couch in the WA and walks into the KT to look through the refrigerator to get a snack. The lights are off in the KT and BB eventually turns them back on as Cody sits at the island to eat. 


4:00AM BBT: Cody cleans up his mess and walks back into the KBR to get into bed. The lights are once again turned off throughout the house and everyone is in bed. 


6:17AM BBT: Kevin is awake and walks into the lounge. It's hard to hear what he's saying, either BB doesn't have his mic up all the way or it's muffled by his blanket. 


6:25AM BBT: Kevin discusses his two "allies" on the block and his thoughts behind that and how he feels right now. He discusses the game so far and how he was hoping this week would be the week where things turned in his favor. [Mamalong has more on his conversation with the cameras] Kevin does eventually leave the lounge about an hour later and walks into the SR.


7:42AM BBT: Memphis is awake, he uses the WC before getting back into bed. Haven't seen Kevin go back to bed yet, so he must be awake somewhere in the BB house. All four cameras are on sleeping HGs.


8:15AM BBT: BB cuts the feeds for the wake-up call. 


8:24AM BBT: Feeds are back and the HGs are up and moving around, getting ready for the day. General conversation as they wake up and get ready. 


8:54AM BBT: Christmas is singing in the KT, BB cuts the feeds. Christmas and Memphis are sitting at the KT island when the feeds are back. Memphis talks about Thursday potentially being a double. BB calls Christmas to the SR and BB cuts the feeds. 


9:00AM BBT: Da'Vonne pulls Memphis into the lounge. Memphis says he's the "lone wolf" in the house. He says he will give Da'Vonne his vote, but he needs something in return. He says he doesn't really need anything, he only needs help with one thing and if she helps him with it he will be willing to vote for her to stay. Memphis says the only person in the house that is going for him is David. Memphis says if David wins HOH, he needs Da'Vonne to "go to bat" for Memphis. BB cuts the feeds. 


9:10AM BBT: The feeds are finally back. Da'Vonne is still in the lounge with Memphis and they are now talking about Ian and Christmas. Christmas is sitting at the KT island alone whispering to the cameras. Dani walks into the KT and gives Christmas a hug. Christmas says she spoke to either Da'Vonne or Bayleigh yesterday and apologized to one of the two. It sounds like she's talking about Bayleigh, but she doesn't ever say a name. Dani is glad they spoke, BB cuts the feeds. 


9:15AM BBT: The feeds are back and Christmas is talking with Dani in the KT about the "six" and the "eight." They talk about Bayleigh being further in this game than she was in her first. Christmas says she wants her to be "top eight" or "top seven." Da'Vonne and Memphis are still chatting in the lounge, Memphis says Bayleigh is the bigger target for the house, he says she's not for him, but she is for the rest of the house. He says that's his "feeling" of what's going on in the house. Memphis says he can read people, but not many people talk to him. Da'Vonne thanks him for talking with her and they leave the room. 


9:19AM BBT: Christmas and Memphis are talking in the KT about the next HOH comp. They hope it's not endurance. Memphis tells Christmas about his conversation with Da'Vonne. Christmas tells Memphis that what he said to Da'Vonne was good.

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9:18 AM BBT  Memphis and Christmas are in the KT at the counter, Day is making her bed in the CBR.  Memphis is telling Christmas about a conversation he had, sounds like with Kevin, that Bay is the bigger threat, but he is open to voting with the house.  He also asked Kevin to put in a good word for him (Memphis) if David gets HOH.  He said it is David's prerogative to put up whoever, and he will deal with it, but he wants a good word put in for him.  (But he put David up and as a HN).   They then talk a little louder, and talk about Memphis having a strange dream, Kevin comes in and they say good morning to him.  They start whispering again, can't tell who they are talking about.  But "she" thinks two different guys have a power, then goes off on Ian, saying different things but feels Ian is the one starting it.  Not sure who the "she" is.  They get up to go to the LR to do Memphis' Morning show.  Music/stars


Christmas and Memphis start the show, she says he has been gone a while, he states this is the first show since Kaysar left.  Christmas says then this is the Memphis and Christmas show.  He laughs, and says until you leave the house.  She says then all the way to the end.  She asks if he is okay with being number 2 again.  They start the show, talking about the presidential debates, and he wants it to be the MTV claymation thing.  More music/stars.  Back for about 30 seconds, mid sentence, then back to music/stars.

9:30 AM BBT  Bayleigh is in the shower, Kevin and Da'Vonne are talking.  Because of the music/stars, it is difficult to follow the conversation.  Sounds like Day is talking about Ian, that this year he wanted to get to jury, since he knows he made it (not on the block this week), then his swagger has changed. Day said either that or he has a power.  Kevin doesn't know.  Bay opens the shower door, and just sort of stands there in her towel.  Day leaves to get a bag.  Bay says she forgot her underwear, would Kevin go get it for her.  She explains where it is, and to get a black pair.  He leaves.  Bay keeps bending over to do her hair.  (short towel, no undies).  Day is back no game talk.  Day is getting ready to take her shower now.

9:40 AM BBT  Christmas and Memphis are still doing their fake news show in the LR. 

Kevin goes back to the WA.  Dani walks in to go to the WC, no one talks.  Bay is on the couch putting on lotion, Kevin leaves, Day is in the shower.

9:43 AM BBT  Dani is out of the loo, washes her hands, goes to the side mirror, all while Bay is putting lotion on her private parts.  Neither is talking, and Day is still in the shower. 

9:45 AM BBT  Memphis' show is done, he goes to the KT, then to the WA, takes off his mic, then into the WC.  No talk between him and Bayleigh.  Then we get stars/music

9:48 AM BBT  Feeds are back.  Bay is still doing ADL's in the WA, Dani and Christmas are getting food in the KT.  Christmas is smelling the food to see if it is ripe yet, says a mango is close, she might use it.  They talk about peanut butter and honey. Just food prep, no game.

9:51 AM BBT  Memphis comes to sit at the counter while the other two get something to eat.  Dani asks about his back, if it is any better.  Memphis said the Dr was in yesterday, said being in the house was the worse thing for him, then it cuts to stars.  When it comes back, Memphis says he is sure hanging on the wall tomorrow will really help it.  Christmas whines she wants to play.  Dani says then fall.  She said he will be like the commercial, "I've fallen and I can't get up".  More joking around about his back and different things that he does for it to be worse.

9:55 AM BBT  Dani said she doesn't understand, they yelled at them to get up, but nothing is going on.  They think they are getting them ready for tomorrow.  They said it has been getting later (the "live" show).  Earlier, Christmas said she is going to take most of her stuff downstairs today, just leave the essentials upstairs for tonight.  Dani said that is smart, makes tomorrow easier. 

Christmas is back in the KT, she had gone upstairs to get something.  She offers it to Memphis and Dani, they decline. Seems to be something out of her HOH basket.  Kevin comes into the KT.  Christmas says this is what she eats almost every morning, two eggs, some fruit and peanut butter.  She puts the peanut butter on her eggs.  She says the peanut butter is so good (it has honey in it), but is more of a dessert peanut butter. 

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10:00 AM BBT  Christmas gives a spoonful of her honey peanut butter with eggs to Memphis to try.  He doesn't want it, but she pushes it on him.  He said he doesn't even know what he just ate.  He said his Memphis in the morning review, he gives it a one star.  He said he doesn't even know what he ate, it doesn't go together at all.  Christmas says some people put it in the eggs as they scramble them, to melt it.  Memphis says no one eats it.  She says her rebels are listening, she asked them to try it and they all love it.  Memphis says it is out of fear. 

Kevin is back again. Christmas shows him her way of eating peanut butter and eggs.  Talk turns to tea.  They now have a tea kettle, but want caffeine free herbal tea.  Dani says she thought people had been asking for that for weeks, she personally hasn't.  Memphis wants to have high tea in the afternoon.  Christmas says David makes a nice banana bread biscuit. 

Talk again turns to getting up so early, but half the house is still in bed.  Christmas said they have DR sessions today.  She got up so she is fresh.  Just her face, she hasn't taken a shower yet. 

10:05 AM BBT  Talk in the KT turns to their kids, and how fast they grow  up.  Memphis said to take it all in, the time goes fast.  Bay is still doing her hair in the WA, Day gets out of the shower, walks through the KT in her towel. 

Kevin asks about the fruit, Christmas says most of it is not ready yet, probably a couple of more days. 

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10:15 AM BBT Feeds switch to the KBR where Christmas is giving Ian, who is still in bed, some advise in case tomorrow is a wall hanging one.  Christmas says she doesn't like loose fitting clothes, Ian said maybe he will wear his tightest basketball shorts.  Christmas suggests swim trunks and a dri-fit shirt.  It will evaporate sooner.  Ian said he hadn't thought of that.  It makes sense.  He suggests compression shorts under the swim trunks.  She said that might be good, it is another layer. 

Intermittent stars/music.  Christmas says they were DR'ing people early, Ian says that makes sense, and more music.

10:21 AM BBT  Nicole has joined Day and Bay in the WA.  Nicole is trying to make small talk, she likes Day's little buns in her hair.  Bay isn't joining in.  Nic says she hasn't been in the DR in forever, Sloppies hasn't been in at all. 

10:24 AM BBT  Christmas asks Ian if he has decided which way he is going to vote.  He said he is leaning one way.  Christmas says she feels they should vote out the stronger person.  Christmas says Bayleigh won things in her season, and has been close to winning several times this season.  She said Kevin can't win HOH either, because he is so close to Bay.  Christmas feels that Kevin and/or Bay would put up her, and possibly Ian because they are friends, or one of the others they have had disagreements with.  Christmas said this HOH was hard.  She says she doesn't know who Enzo would put up (she is close to him), and she doesn't know where others heads are at.  Ian thinks they are all keeping their cards close because they don't know what is out there. She says that makes her feels better.  Ian really wants to win this week.  He said he has sucked so far, Christmas said he had a lot going on.  They discuss the powers that are out there, Christmas is glad they got to compete at the same time, she likes everyone going at once, instead of waiting.  They both think the Veto comps are fun, then discuss different ones this year.  Christmas gets up to leave, says she has to organize her drawers.  She runs into Day as she opens the door.

10:33 AM BBT  Christmas goes to straigthen out her clothes, in the WA is Nicole and Bayleigh.  Nic is sitting on the couch. Bay is still doing her hair, there is no talking.  Day comes in to use the  WC.  She talks small talk to Nicole, Bayleigh still stone silent.

10:35 AM BBT  Memphis, Dani and Kevin are sitting at the KT counter.  David is chopping something at the table.  Christmas asks Kevin if he liked the peanut butter/egg thing.  He is being very diplomatic, says it makes it a different experience.  Dani says she (Christmas) can't put him up, so say what he really means.  Christmas says "this week".  More discussion of her strange food.  Christmas asks Kevin if he wants to play backgammon.  He says he knows how to play, but isn't good at it, doesn't understand the strategy.  Christmas says she will teach him, she goes to get the game.   General talk in the KT.

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10:30 PM BBT Bay and Nicole are in the WA getting ready for the day. Kevin and Christmas and Dani are talking about her Peanut butter and eggs combination that she makes nothing to interesting going on at the moment, 

10:40 AM BBT stars on the screen

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10:40 AM BBT  Nicole is in the shower, Day and Bay are still doing ADL's  Nicole is complaining about the shower temp.  Enzo comes in, has on his hat and shades, hands in pockets.  He says he is just walking around, going to go into town to see what is going on.  Day is making a fuss of how good he looks.  He goes to the WC.  Nicole complains again about the water temp, as Bay and Day tell her what to do, we get music/stars. 

(I am out for a while)


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10:42 AM BBT feeds come back on Bay is talking to Day about hair and Cadence as they get get ready for the day. Memphis is at the table talking with the others gener chit chat. 

10:46 AM BBT Kevin and Christmas playing backgammon on the couch. Nicole in the shower while Bay and Day are getting ready for the day. 

10:50 PM BBT Christmas is teaching kevin how to play the game. Bay and day are talking about hair braiding.

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11:21 AM BBT

Nicole is talking about how she has to wear her costume for the competition tomorrow

"That's fine...there will just be a big blood spot...I'll never live that down"

Dani: Nicole!



 11:29 AM BBT 

Bayleigh burned her hand in the kitchen on the toaster oven so she is soaking it in egg white. "That is legitimately so painful"

David: that toaster oven is a beast




Bayleigh determines that her burn is pretty bad "that is bad. I'm going to have to go get something for it"


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11:06amBBT: In the WA Bayleigh says  she was going to pack but she will wait forDay to go pack her things for tomorrow . Dani and Nicole sitting in WA just talking general talk. Christmas and Kevin still playing in the LVR.
11:22am BBT: Bayleigh in the KT making a bagel as David walks around the KT and Enzo sits at the table with shades looking around. Dani and Nicole still in the WA doing ADL's.
11:30am BBT: Bayleigh has put an raw egg in a glass and is soaking her hand in it  as David is cooking and Enzo still just sitting watching them and looking around the  room. Kevin and Christmas still playing the backgammon in the LVR.
11:33am BBT: Day walks in the KT and Bayleigh tells Day she burned her hand bad  so she has put her hand in egg white and it is not helping much, Day gives her makeup and they talk about ti being concealer powder, Day heads out and Bayleigh shakes her hand saying it hurts.
11:47am BBT: Memphis and Cody in the WA doing ADL"s . Bayleigh sitting at the table eating talking general talk to Enzo, David cooking food.
11:51am BBT: Bayleigh says that was so good she does not even know what to do with herself. Enzo says he had a slice of bacon and Bayleigh tells him he needs to est he tells her that he will come out of here looking like a skeleton and she says you better eat you might be on slop next week, He tells her he knows then he will be dead.

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11:55 AM BBT  Christmas joins Kevin in the KBR.  He is in bed.  She asks if he knows how he is going to vote.  He said he has told both girls that he isn't firm yet, and he wants to do what the HOH wants.  Christmas said the reason Day is on the block is because Bay said that was her untouchable, so she doesn't feel that Day should be penalized for what Bay said.  Christmas is going over what she thinks happened with Bayleigh and Tyler.  Keven reaffirms that he wants to work with Christmas, she agrees.  Christmas is re-hashing that Bay never said she wanted to work with her (Christmas) and she was uncomfortable with the way Bay asked pointed questions. She again says no one ever made an attempt to work with her.  Christmas said you can't come in on week 5 and ask who Christmas' untouchable is?  Christmas said it took her off balance.  Christmas says she thinks it is a ride or die.  She said she is close with Ian. Christmas said she was so spooked, trapped.  The same info she has been going over the past several days. 

12:05 PM BBT  Kevin and Christmas are still talking.  He said he knows other groups are in the house, he wants to make sure they are okay.  Kevin says what they (Day and Bay) say to him and what she (Christmas) says to him, he keeps separate.  He wants to stay out of the drama.  Christmas says she understands that.  Christmas brings up Tyler sacrificing himself for Bay to make amends, but Christmas said it wasn't her job to make them feel better.  She said it did nothing for her game.  Between intermittent music, stars, Christmas said someone was given a stuffed animal, and Christmas found it back in her stuff.  Christmas again says she doesn't like the concept of the backdoor, so she doesn't want to do it.  Christmas says she told Day that she would try to keep her in the house, not because she wants Bay out, but that Day deserves to be here.  Christmas then goes over the big blow up, giving why it happened.  They discuss emotional players.  She warns Kevin to not be emotional.  Kevin asks if she thinks the house will go along with what she wants.  She thinks so, because it is the last position before jury, so Bay can go home, plus won't be an emotional juror.  Christmas thinks Day is a better player, less emotional.  Christmas says she is in a bad spot, because Day could come after her.  More talk of what Christmas knows, and justifying her nominations and not using the Veto. 

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12:00 PM BBT Kevin and Christmas are talking whispering. Kevin asks if he things have calmed down and christmas says she thinks thing have. ,Kevin says some play emotion and other play different and he gets it. We get stars. They talk about the backdooor plan and Christmas tells him she didnt say yes or no at all. Enzo and Bay are at the table talking. Enzo says the fight hurt him. 

12:19 PM BBT Christmas goes into the PBR and is talking to Dani about something (whisper), david comes in and Christmas asked if he ate something. Bay and Enzo are in the loft talking still. Nicole joins Dani and Christmas and the chatter changes to general chit chat. we get stars in between some of these coversations, 

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12:15 PM BBT  Bayleigh is campaigning to Enzo in the lovers lounge.  Music/stars throughout.  Enzo says other than Cody, he likes hanging out with her.  He says some people have to be a little fake, that is part of the game.  He tells her he thinks she is going home and it hurts him, but there isn't anything he can do about it.  She says she is fine with that, Fessy voted her out in her season, and yet they are very close.  Bay says she can tell who is voting her out, because they won't look at her.  Enzo says there is a lot going on with the other side.  Enzo says he tries to explain to David, he tries to help him.  They talk about who Dani has, and who Nicole has.  They both think Kevin is playing a floater.  Enzo says he doesn't think Nicole or Dani has a power.  Bay thinks Dani has one. He seems surprise (he is good at this!)  She says Christmas has one.  Enzo says really?  Bay THINKS Christmas has one.  Between the stars/music, Bay warns Enzo about Tyler.  Says he is good with Enzo, but his loyalty is with Cody and Dani over him.  Bay says to be careful, because nobody wants to be in the final 2 with him, because he is so likeable.  He said he is also winning things.  She is telling him he needs to put up people to get out the powers. Enzo talks about Dani planting seeds, but he acts like he is on the outside.  Bay says he knows what is going on, they don't want him to get HOH.  He says people are starting to see Ian as a threat.  He says he doesn't say anything to anyone, it can be a trap.  He says he talks to Cody, but he won't rat him out.  Bayleigh says the two people in the alliance that started all the stuff, are in a good position.  He agrees.  Bayleigh is trying to make sure Enzo continues her targets after she is gone, with the premise of it being protecting her game. 

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12;25 PM BBT Bay and Enzo are talking about him. Bay says he is doing phenomial. His social game is good. Bay says your winning stuff. He says he has all these votes. Bay says Christmas and Memphis are a duo. Nicole and Ian has his back. Bay boost up his ego. Stars again. 

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12:25 PM BBT  Enzo thinks Memphis is going to blow before too ling.  Bayleigh is telling him that he is winning stuff, and has a great social game, so he could win this whole thing.  He says on their side of the house, he trusts David and Day, not too sure about Kevin, but the other side, Cody and maybe a little of Tyler, but he has Nicole and Dani.  Lots of interruptions with music/stars.  Bayleigh adds that Nicole also has Ian.  Enzo says he might go to Ian for a couple of weeks of safety for each other.

After the stars, they are saying that there are no pawns, everyone is a good player.  Bayleigh wants to make sure that tonight they all sit down to download info so everyone knows what is going on.  David, Kevin, Day.  Bay says there is still some time for Enzo to protect himself. Enzo says after this week there are only 3 girls left, Bay says 4.  Enzo says the girls need to start winning stuff.  Bayleigh says she is athletic af, but there are some strong players here.  He said that Veto was hers to win.  More of the same.  Bay says she wants David and Enzo to vote to keep Day, so if she doesn't stay, she won't feel bad about not getting any votes.  They said they know who David and Day are going after, he isn't so sure about Kevin.  Now talking about people wanting to lay low and not win things, and they can't do that anymore. 

12:53 PM BBT  Enzo and Bay still in lounge.  Bay says Christmas is on a power trip this week with HOH.  That she is always wearing the robe, Enzo says she says she can go anywhere she wants. They discuss how they destroyed  the Janelle, Keesha, Kaysar group.  Bay said this year she has made real friendships, she hasn't had fights with anyone (really?) then she starts on Tyler again.  We get more stars/music.  Back, Enzo says don't let Christmas mess her up, Christmas did her own HOH.  She should own her HOH, and just say what is best for her own game.  Enzo says there are other duos in the house.  Bayleigh said she called her out on her shady shit, and that is all good.  Bayleigh is back to the Christmas fight.  Says the next morning, Christmas was crying, saying she was attacked.  Enzo is stroking Bay's ego, saying she carried herself well.  Bay said if she wanted to go after her, she would, and would win, but she hung back, and didn't get into it.  Now they are talking about being friends out of the show, and others they are going to keep with.  Ego stroking on both sides.  Then more stars

(Now I really am out) 

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 1:35PM BBT Kevin alone in the lounge. In the KT, HG general chatting and cooking some food.


1:41PM BBT Bay and Day talking. Day says this is her last hurrah because she has realized that these two world can not exist. Bay tells her that her other world will make her so happy. Day says she knew that even before she got the phone call. Bay tells her that if she needs a prayer warrior - she is there for her.


1:49PM BBT Bay and Day talk about what they are going to wear. Bay says that she is going to wear her winning dress. Day says they are supposed to wear athletic wear. Bay says she is done. She says the only person who can change her going is Tyler. She says she has told him they can work this out. She says she isn't giving him another opportunity for him to lie to her face. She says if she does, she might have a meltdown and tell him how she feels. She says that she is tired of Ian walking around scared of her. It pi**es her off.


1:57PM BBT Tyler is pulled into the lounge by Day. Day tells her that her heart is heavy with the issues going on between him and Bay. She says Bay wants to make it right. Tyler says he does too. She says that she should be working on a vote but her heart is heavy with this situation. We get stars. Day wants to know why Tyler didn't go up. Tyler says that Xmas says it wasn't in her game to put him up. He says that Xmas told him he wasn't any part of them going up.

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2:13 PM BBT

With tears in her eyes, Da'Vonne tells Bayleigh in the Have Not Room that she will be okay and she wants Bayleigh to go and fight for her game. SHe also wants her to go talk to CHristmas. "I don't want you to just roll over and die....and I love you"

Bayleigh: I love you too, but my nature has always been to support. I don't need to be in front.

Bay shares that she feels her purpose for being there is to support Da'Vonne "if my job is to take a bullet so you can keep going, I am not bothered by that...I feel genuinely that you are far too underestimated in this game....you stay in this game, you have a far better chance to win. I stay, I'm out next week. I am aware of where I stand.....I don't mind talking, but I'm not gonna grovel."




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2:35 PM BBT

Bayleigh talks with Tyler in the Love Lounge. She lets him know that she isn't sure he has been genuine or not and that she hopes she is pleasantly surprised when she goes home. She tells him that she doesn't have the energy to keep holding on to any big emotions with him and she is tired of people saying she needs to kiss up to him. She just want to have to keep rehashing things

Tyler: then what are we doing right now

Bayleigh: I just want you to know where I stand because I have campaigned to everyone else

Tyler says that he has been genuine with her...that he told her about popping off about her because he wanted to clear things up "I thought the only way to clear things up would be to go home before you....just get out of here and let..." *feeds cut


Bayleigh: this is my pep talk for you....you are stuck here. Come on now. Get your head in the game.


Bayleigh: I want to go home and watch and be pleasantly surprised

Tyler you will...if you go home...you will. At the end of the day, I don't care if you hate me, if Day hates me, if Swaggy hates me. I just don't like...  *feeds cut



2:49 PM BBT

Bayleigh: what I'm saying is this is tv and when this is all done, we get sort out the real. I want you to know, you are not my enemy

Tyler: even in here we are not 1000% sure but we have receipts...just know, there is gonna be a receipt with negative and a *feeds cut*  when they start driving it home I told you they were trying to drive it home. So that's why

Bayleigh: as long as the conversation we end on is the real one we will be okay

Tyler: this is the real one today....it's true...you'll see

Bayleigh: yeah but that's what I'm saying. We both had to protect ourselves

Tyler: you will be pleasantly surprised

Bayleigh: Great...I'll be chillin'...you have no idea

2:51 PM BBT

*feeds cut, again

2:54 PM BBT

Tyler: What do you want me to do tomorrow

Bayleigh: I want you to keep her. One vote for me isn't going to do anything

Bayleigh says she has counted the votes and Da'Vonne has 7 votes.

Tyler brings up that Da'Vonne and Christmas are fighting. Bay tells him the fight was over her.

Tyler: it seems Christmas should have handled that better because Day would never go and start something


Bay: Christmas was out of control..,..But, like I said. I'm happy I didn't get worked up because I just was like

Tyler: yeah you did good. I'm proud of you

Bay: she yelled at me because I told her I didn't like the way she was talking to Day

I told Christmas don't put your hands in her face....do not clap at her ... But, I'm okay, and I can count ....there's 9 voting so it's 7 to 2

Tyler: who are the two

Bay: David wanted me to stay and then if COdy or Enzo...But, I know Cody...everybody....it's fine. I will not be offended and I don't want anyone feeling bad about it


[There must be  kangaroo on the feeds button in the control room today. Sheesh! Feed cuts left and right  -MamaLong]

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2:01pm BBT: Day says she sees two people in the game not two players and she wasn't to remain friends and Tyler says thank you and she says i do not expect your vote and thats ok. Tyler says he feels bad he does not want to vote Bay out and day says i think she feels bad because she thinks it is your fault that she is on the block. Tyler says no matter what i want you to now i got you in here and Day says i appreciate that. 
2:11pm BBT: Day and Bay talking  and day telling her how to talk to  Tyler later and to tell them that you sacrificed to be here also and do it without me in your mind and you need to fight  to campaign and stay in this house, day says I will be ok as she is crying and tells Bay she has a pure heart so go talk to Christmas.
2:14pm BBT: Bay tells Day that she   feels she was here to help protect Day because that is what i do i help. Day and Bay telling each other to campaign to stay in this house repeating  themselves before they go talk to Tyler and Christmas.
2:23pm BBT: Memphis and Christmas in the HOHR talking about if Day wins HOH and puts Ian and Christmas on the block Memphis says let her win the veto and we have the votes and we send Ian home and Christmas says oh thats good. 
2:25pm BBT: Christmas talking about Day and bay and how they are counting their votes and preparing their speeches to blow everyone up and how Bay will bomb.  Day and bay heading  out of the HNR back down stairs as Christmas and Memphis watch them on the monitor and then Memphis says it will be interesting to see Days game after Bay leaves and Christmas agrees.
 2:35pm BBT: Tyler and bay talking in the LL, She tells him that there has been alot going on and she says she has been crazy this week because she did not know what was going on and she says she has not said anything and he will see when he gets home and watches this. She says she is very emotional this week. Tyler  keeps agreeing with her . Bay says this time in the game i can say i personally went out of my way to be nice to you and get along with you and Tyler says he has done the same and bay says i believe you but the damage was already done and we can not go back and change that and you are the only one i have not come to campaign to  and what is between us is beyond the game it has nothing to do with this game it is personal. Tyler says i know and when i have talked to people i have always come to you and i wanted ti clear things up with you.
 2:44pm BBT: After the stars Bay says i am not going to final two and i am not going to jury , Jury was very very tough for me you know and we get stars again.
 2:46pm BBT: Bay tells Tyler to get his head in the game  because he is stuck here. Nicole and Day in the HNR talking about Nicole, Day and Dani working together, Nicole tells Day that she has nothing to worry about but Nicole says i do they will come for me before you.

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3:03PM BBT Bay and Tyler in the lounge. Talking about messages and things outside the house. In the HOH BR, Xmas, Memphis and Nic talking about David's vote. Memphis asks Xmas if she is going to tell him who she wants to go. NIc says he is closer to Bay. Memphis says then let him vote for her. We get stars.


3:08PM BBT Nic asks Xmas if she knows of anyone coming after her. Xmas says that she thinks maybe Day. Nic says she does't think so. Xmas says she is hoping that keeping her word will help her with that. They talk about who Ian may put up. Nic thinks maybe Kevin and David. Memphis says that would be great. In the lounge, Bay and Tyler still speaking. He says he will never speak a bad word about her. She says good and we get stars.


3:14PM BBT Nic and Xmas talking in HOH. Xmas saying that itis in both Day and her best interests to lock in that if Day wins HOH that she will not be a nom or BD. Xmas says that will show her a leap of faith that Day will stick to it. Nic says maybe the four girls can get together and Xmas can talk to Day in front of them. Xmas says that she just needs witnesses.


3:20PM BBT Nic and Xmas talking. She says when people can watch back they will see that she was very loyal. Nic says that they sides are even right now. Xmas says there is a higher probability that they will win HOH. She says the only one she is worrying about is Day. Nic says that they should have the convo before HOH tomorrow with Day. Xmas talks about being friends outside of the house but game level she has to check out. 

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