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Saturday, September 5, 2020 Big Brother 22 All-Stars Live Feed Updates

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12:04 AM BBT Dani asks asks if Christmas is awake. She is told that Christmas just went to bed. She says she is going upstairs to tell her goodnight. Dani walks into the HoH and turns on the light. She asks Christmas who she is picking if she gets HG choice because she is hearing that Tyler might use the veto if he wins it. He is walking around calling Bayleigh and Da'Vonne sisters. Christmas says that she has heard that. Dani says that she thinks Enzo has a power. 


12:10 AM BBT In the HoH, Christmas and Dani are now talking about Ian. Christmas says that she is not sure what is going on with him. Since he has been in this house, all he has done is rock. Now all he is doing is hovering. It is shady. 

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12:02 AM BBT

Christmas is playing backgammon with Ian in the HOHR. Nicole is watching. They finish their game and Nicole says "that was a good game"

Nicole and Ian leave to go to bed, but they both admit they aren't even tired. They see Dani and tell her that Christmas is not sleeping, so Dani heads to HOHR

Christmas says she plays like Ian..."block, hit, attack"







12:17 AM BBT

Nicole is impatiently waiting for her turn in the DR. She checks her hair and make up over and over in the mirror, practicing smiles and facial expressions      [This is interesting animal behavior I'm observing here  -MamaLong]









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12:26 AM BBT Dani and Christmas have been talking in the HoH. Christmas has been updating her on her conversation with Da'Vonne. Christmas says that Da'Vonne knew she was in trouble when Nicole was so happy that Christmas won the HoH. She jokes to Dani that Nicole and her happiness almost blew up her game. 

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2:30 AM BBT

Dani tells Cody in the kitchen that she won a power "and it's literally trash.....it's better that I won it than someone else but I would rather have safety for 8 weeks like Tyler had"   

They talk about the day and in conversation Dani says to Cody "you're garbage" and he responds "can you stop saying that?" She says "uh uh" (as in no)



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12:38 AM BBT Most of the HGs are already in bed. Cody is sitting alone in the LR because after laying down for over an hour, he can't sleep. Bayleigh has left the BR and is in the KT making a snack.Kevin and Dani are talking in the WA. Kevin says he is feeling some weird vibes. Dani "fishy little things". Kevin tells her that he doesn't know who she is close to. Dani says that she is like the X Files. She trusts no one. 


12:47 AM BBT Nicole, Dani and Kevin are talking in the WA. They are talking about how annoying it is going to be when someone wins a second HoH before any of them have won their first. They will get a second letter. Dani "Yes, Tyler. Angela still loves you." They hope that they got a party on Monday. 


12:54 AM BBT Bayleigh and Cody are talking in the LR. She says it is hard being on the block with Da, and it is particularly hard that it was done by Christmas, who they thought they were friends with. It felt like a little jab. She also says it feels weird because everyone in the house knew it was coming. She admits that she had a miscommunication with Enzo earlier but she has cleared that up and apologized to him. So, they should be good. Overall, Bayleigh is proud of how she is handling herself. 


12:59 AM BBT Cody and Bayleigh are wrapping up their talk in the LR. She tells him that it may be more of a sh*t show tomorrow. "Prepare your mind." Bayleigh starts to head back to bed.  Cody  "More of sh*t show tomorrow? You are just going to drop that on me and then walk away?  Yikes." 


1:02 AM BBT Dani and Kevin are talking in the WA about how sticky the floors are. Enzo walked around the house with all that goop all over his feet. He even stood there on the carpets and it was just oozing. He told Enzo that he had to stop and get in the shower. 


1:07 AM BBT Kevin and Dani are talking in the WA. They are discussing that the new key HoH ceremony is more traumatic. They like the old key method better. You don't see it coming as each key get pulled out. It is just bam, your photo is up there. Kevin says he was really anxious that he was going to be nominated again. He was going to lose his sh*t. Dani tells him that he is bound to be nominated again at some point. 


1:11 AM BBT Dani tells Kevin that she can't believe that they have 8 weeks left. Kevin says it feels like they are coming up on a double. He is falling into a fatigue and with 8 weeks left, he needs to snap out of it. It is a marathon. Dani wants a halfway point party. Turn off the feeds and let them party for a little while. 


1:24 AM BBT Dani and Cody are talking in the KT. He says that he is tired of being everyone's scapegoat. He says that this week has been petty. "I am over it. I came in to play big brother. Why is everything that I do personal?" He says that it wouldn't be so bad if he could sleep at night, but he can't. 


1:29 AM BBT Ian has joined Cody and Dani in the KT. He says that Cody looks so forlorn. Dani jokes that Cody doesn't know what that means. She tells him that it is okay to ask if he doesn't know. He says that he knows what it means. It means, like fruitful. Cody says they are in the 5th week and still hasn't been able to figure out the routine. Dani "Because there isn't one." 


1:32 AM BBT Cody, Dani and Ian are in the KT talking about their inability to sleep. Ian says that he can't sleep if he isn't at least laying down so he is going to give it a try. He starts to head to bed. Cody "When you get in there, can you wake Nicole up and tell her that she didn't wash her bowl?" Ian "I think I better just let her sleep." Dani "I always wash my bowl." 


1:37 AM BBT Cody and Dani continue to talk in the KT about how Cody feels like he is everyone's scapegoat and that everyone has seemed to forget that there is a game going on. He says that at least 400 times he has heard people say F**k it, I am done. I want to go home. 


1:40 AM BBT Cody and Dani are talking about their previous seasons. Cody says that his cast didn't take things personally. Everyone had enough respect for the game to know it was a game. This season, everyone takes everything personally. Dani says that during her season, Jordan accused her of trying to rip her and Jeff apart and all they wanted was to spend the summer together. 


1:44 AM BBT Cody tells Dani that no one likes to look in the mirror. They like to accuse him of doing exactly what they are doing. If he talks to people and is friendly to everyone then he is talking to too many people. If he doesn't talk to anyone, then he is accused of not talking to people.  


1:51 AM BBT Dani to Cody "I feel like everyone's strategy this season is to just say that they want to go home." She asks him who he thinks has the other powers. He said that he doesn't know and racking his brain trying to figure it out is not what he wants to do right now. We know it wasn't Nicole. We know it wasn't Memphis. Cody "Nicole walking around in her underwear." 


1:54 AM BBT In the KT, Dani asks Cody to tell her a time that her parents bailed him out of something. He replies never. His parents never bailed him out of anything. He and his siblings were held accountable. If they wanted to quit something, they had to make the calls themselves. Never allowed to skip. If the got in trouble they had to own it. 


2:00 AM BBT Cody and Dani are still talking in the KT. Enzo is also awake and has been in and out. Cody is giving her a hard time for not talking to him about the day's drama with Bayleigh. She jokes that she is going to slap him. 


2:02 AM BBT Enzo, Cody and Dani are in the KT. Cody tells him that Ian was in there earlier and said that Cody was forlorn. Enzo "For who?" Cody "Forlorn". Enzo "Forlorn? What is that? That's not a word. You have been warned? Forewarned?" Cody "Forlorn, it means sad." 


2:06 AM BBT Cody, Enzo and Dani are laughing in the KT while talking about the comp earlier today. They are talking about Cody falling on Nicole and that Nicole lost her pants in the comp. 


2:15 AM BBT In the KT, Dani asks Cody if he has ever told anyone in this house that he would vote to evict her. He says never. She says that she was told that there was a meeting and Cody supposedly said that. Cody says that he never told anyone that, ever. Cody "And now I can't say anything." Dani "No, you can't say anything. Cody "I hate this part of the game. Because everyone likes to talk. So, that was brought up in a conversation today?" Dani "That's why I am asking you. I am sure you know who brought it up." Dani further explains that the conversation was about her going up and that Cody said he would go along with that. Cody said that wasn't what the conversation was about and he is so annoyed now. 


2:21 AM BBT In the KT, Dani tells Cody that it did hurt her feelings to hear that there was a conversation about Dani going up and that Cody said he would go along with it. Whether it was actually said or not, the fact is that there was a conversation like this that took place and Cody didn't say anything to her. Cody says there was so much going on and he didn't know how she would react. Cody says that Dani has threatened to freak out in the past and he didn't want anyone to blow up. 


2:25 AM BBT Dani continues to talk to Cody in the KT. She tells him that her feelings were hurt. She tells Cody everything. Cody says that he is bothered that she doesn't know that he has her back. She asks if he can see why she would be upset that he didn't tell her. He replies "Totally". He tells her that he never said he would vote to get rid of her, but he did encourage them to talk to Dani if they feel she is coming after them. He says he is more mad that they made it appear like he agreed to go along with it. 


2:28 AM BBT Dani tells Cody that the reason she was crying was because Enzo has a power and was lying to her and that her power is horrible. She says that the powers suck. Enzo was walking around in there against the wall trying to look busy because he already won one. His comment that the powers are trash, along with her power being horrible, leads her to believe that all the powers are bad. 


2:35 AM BBT Dani lays out her power to Cody. She tells him that her power is trash but it does allow her to play the next HoH after winning an HoH. She can also use it so that someone else can play again as the outgoing HoH. She thought it was going to be some great power and it is trash. 


2:38 AM BBT Cody tells Dani that he doesn't think Enzo has a power because Enzo would have told him. Dani "Not everyone tells you everything Cody." Dani says the only that really concerns her is if Kevin has a power. That could be a problem. 


2:42 AM BBT Dani and Cody continue to talk alone in the KT. Dani says that Kevin keeps trying to make an alliance with him and that she keeps ignoring him. She also tells him that she thinks Bayleigh is going to go off on Tyler. Dani tells him that Tyler has been taking things that he (Tyler) has said to her but then tells Bayleigh and Da'Vonne that Dani said it. Dani also says that Tyler has been saying a lot of things about Bayleigh personally and that Bayleigh is taking it to a whole other level. 


2:45 AM BBT Dani and Cody are teasing each other in the KT. Dani "I feel like I could get you up on the block fairly easily if I wanted to." Cody "You think?" Dani "Yes, easily." Cody "It isn't about getting me up, it's about getting me out." Dani "You would suck at this game if it wasn't for me." 

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7:03 AM BBT FOTH. Maybe an early wake up call.


7:18 AM BBT The feeds return. BB has woken up the house. 


7:27 AM BBT Memphis is sitting in the KT drinking coffee. Most of the HGs have remained in bed or have gotten up and exchanged their batteries and crawled back into bed. Christmas goes down into the KT and talks to Memphis about how funny he was last night. She says that he was slap happy. 


7:32 AM BBT Christmas and Memphis are sitting at the KT counter together drinking coffee. Christmas is joking with him that he is breathing too loud. "What part of be quiet don't you understand?" Memphis "Yes madam Christmas." Christmas says that they need to get out Kevin next.


7:34 AM BBT David has joined Christmas and Memphis in the KT. They are speculating why BB woke them up so early, especially since they did so much yesterday. They have come to the conclusion that they are probably going to pick players at 10 and then veto at 12. BB "Wakey Wakey house guests."


7:36 AM BBT Christmas whispers to Memphis that last night, Kevin went in the HN room. 20 minutes later Da'Vonne went into the HN room. Memphis "I saw that." She rehashes her conversation with Da'Vonne last night. Their conversation ceases when David joins them in the KT and says that he is going vegan until Monday. BB is again telling the HGs to wake up. "BB isn't messing around this morning."

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7:52 AM BBT Christmas, Memphis, Dani, Kevin and David are chatting in the KT. Most of the others have changed out their batteries and returned to bed. Christmas is talking about her dreams where Loyal is a puppy and how hot she gets at night when she sleeps. She says that she is like a furnace.


7:59 AM BBT Critter cam

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7:53 AM BBT

Cody is annoyed at the camera for focusing in on him in bed. The camera begins moving side to side as if saying "no" while Cody positions his covers. He starts exchanging facial expressions with the camera as if they are having a conversation (like "wanna bet").

He then covers his face in an attempt to get some Zzz







And just a minute or so later...

Big Brother:  Bayleigh Cody, Da'Vonne Enzo, Nicole Franzel, Tyler... Wakey Wakey Houseguests

7:59 AM BBT

The feeds cut to stars and then to the Rancho Coastal cuties. Looks like an early pull for veto players.

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9:26 AM BBT David asks Nicole if the girls are ready to compete. She says "yeah, it's a girl's world." Dani "Girls and Ian." 


9:30 AM BBT David is looking forward to hosting. They hope he gets a cool costume. The veto players are Christmas, Bayleigh, Da'Vonne, Dani, Nicole and Ian. David is the host. Dani tells Da'vonne that she is willing to throw the comp to her if she wants her to. 


9:32 AM BBT Christmas is called to the DR. 


9:35 AM BBT Dani and Da'Vonne are in the HoH. Dani has told her that Da'Vonne is not the target but that they don't think Da'Vonne has the votes to stay if she stays on the block. Da'Vonne says that she doesn't understand what she is doing up on the block. The nomination speech was so confusing. She is on the block because of a conversation that she had with Bayleigh? With Bayleigh? Dani says it is probably because Bayleigh makes Christmas nervous and Da'Vonne and Bayleigh are together. 


9:37 AM BBT Da'Vonne is talking to Christmas in the HoH. Da'Vonne says that she hates that she has to do this, but she wouldn't be a good player if she didn't ask for Christmas' support if the nominations stay the same. Christmas doesn't give her a straight answer and says that she wants to see one of them win the veto. She wants to see Da'Vonne win the veto so that they can put someone more deserving up there. If the noms do stay the same, then she does want to come back to this conversation. She wants to see her win an HoH and a veto.


9:40 AM BBT Da'Vonne and Christmas continue to talk in the HoH. Christmas tells Da'Vonne that she did have a similar conversation this morning with Bayleigh. She wants to talk options if the nominations stay the same with her too. 


9:47 AM BBT the HGs are up doing their ADL's and anticipating an early veto comp. They hope it is a rewards veto or luxury veto. Meanwhile, Bayleigh and Memphis are talking about their exes. Memphis has a good relationship with all his exes. 

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9:32 AM BBT

Dani tells Da'Vonne in the HOHR that she feels like Bayleigh is the target but she doesn't feel Da'Vonne would have the votes if she is still up there. Da'Vonne says "I don't have the votes" Dani says they need to get her (Da'Vonne) off the block



Christmas enters the HOHR and Da'Vonne asks Dani if she can speak with Christmas

Dani: absolutely *Dani leaves

Da'Vonne says she has to ask....if the noms were to stay the same, she knows everyone will be looking to her as HOH and does she have her support "If I don't, okay, but I have to ask you because I wouldn't be doing my job as a player

Christmas says that she honestly just hopes one of them (Day or Bay) wins the veto, but she does not directly answer her question "I love both of you. I want to see you play the game"



9:50 AM BBT

Bayleigh and Memphis are enjoying some conversation in the LR



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9:54 AM BBT Bayleigh and Memphis are talking in the LR. They are talking about past relationships and how it has turned them, and their partners, into the people that they are. Meanwhile, Dani, Nicole, Christmas and Da'Vonne are hanging out in the WA. Nicole is putting on her makeup and introducing each product she is using to the other girls like she is doing an advertisement or infomercial. 

Bayleigh Memphis.jpg





10:03 AM BBT Bayleigh and Memphis are still talking in the LR about the need for good communication and making eye contact. Bayleigh says that when she and her girls go out to eat together, they put their phones in the middle of the table. Whoever grabs their phone first gets the bill. 


10:08 AM BBT Nicole, Da'Vonne, Christmas and Dani are hanging out in the WA. She is talking to them about her podcast and how expensive it was to start it up. Now that they are set up to be able to do it over the phone without losing audio quality, it is much better. She recall days they traveled to do the podcast in person, and then the person would cancel after they had already bought the ticket. 


10:15 AM BBT Feeds 1 and 2 show Christmas in the HoH. She is laying in bed listening to music and holding a picture. She rubs the pictures, giggles and sniffs. Almost like she is laughing/crying at the same time. Meanwhile feeds 3 and 4 show Memphis, Bayleigh and Nicole getting ready in the WA while Dani looks on. 


10:26 AM BBT Christmas and Bayleigh are in the HoH. They are looking at her photo of Loyal. Christmas says he is blonde headed but when he was born, his hair was black. 


10:33 AM BBT Nicole goes up to the HoH to speak to Christmas before the veto. Nicole says that she would prefer to keep Da'Vonne in the house. She doesn't think that she could ever trust Bayleigh. The Dani, Tyler and Bayleigh stuff is freaking them both out. Christmas "Memphis can't compete. Do we just carry him around for a vote when we can't control him?" They discuss back ups if someone comes down. Nicole mentions Kevin. Christmas "The whole point of putting both of them up there is to get one of them out."  

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10:32 AM BBT

Christmas was just called to DR; the HGs are anticipating an early competition and could be a comp that involves water since the HGs heard the building in the backyard and mention of pumps

Before Christmas heads to the DR she chats with Nicole quickly in the HOH bathroom "if one of them win it and pull themself (sic) off, what's the option?"

Nicole: Kevin

Chris: but if they win it and pull one of them off we can still get one of the others out, but then again, the whole point of putting them up there was to get one of the out

Nicole: Da'Vonne would leave, the boys are in control

Chris: have they said they wanted to keep (Bay)

Nicole: what I'm saying is

Chris: I have respected every one of their HOH's...if they are gonna be pissed

Nicole: I think we would have to get together and talk.....well, how do you feel?

Chris: I am conflicted...I am disturbed about Tyler...Dani mentioned my name to Janelle

Nicole: I don't think you should do the dirty work of getting Tyler out.....do you want me to win this thing so we have options? Or, do you want me to throw it

Chris: can you throw it without throwing it?

Nicole: to who

Christmas says Dani could get it and be the one responsible but Nicole says she doesn't think Dani will want to win

BB: Dani please go to the Diary Room downstairs

Christmas thanks BB for skipping her..."I'm still getting ready"

Nicole: if we get rid of Da'Vonne, Bayleigh has attachment to Tyler...they will mend their relationship and come after us


10:44 AM BBT

Christmas says maybe we should keep noms the same

Nicole: that's what I'm saying  (worried about the powers)

Chris: do you know he has a power?  (Kevin)

Nicole: I know he has a power

Chris: but is it with noms?

Nicole: I don't know what any of the powers are




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10:38 AM BBT In the HoH, Nicole and Christmas are talking about the Tyler/Dani drama. Nicole cautions her not to do their dirty work by backdooring Tyler when Tyler is not coming after either one of them. That would just blow up their entire alliance for no reason. They discuss Nicole possibly throwing the comp to Dani so that Dani can be blamed for any fallout. Nicole says that Dani doesn't want to win it either.  


10:43 AM BBT Christmas and Nicole continue to talk in the bathroom of the HoH. Nicole says they can't afford to let anyone else win the veto because Kevin may have a power. Their only nomination options are Bayleigh, Da'Vonne and Kevin. Nicole is confident that Kevin has a power. If Bayleigh or Da'Vonne and Kevin has a power, then they are screwed and have to put up someone else. They need to control the veto so they can keep at least one of Bayleigh or Da'Vonne up there. 


10:47 AM BBT Christmas and Nicole start to talk about pre-house partnerships and the feeds switch to David and Bayleigh in the KT, LR area. Bayleigh is stretching out her muscles by sitting on the ground facing the wall in a split. She looks like she is in a time out.


Bayleigh Time Out.jpg

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10:49 AM BBT Nicole and Christmas are now talking about Ian. Nicole admits that he made some mistakes and threw her under the bus, but at the end of the day, Ian is loyal to the 2 of them more than anyone else. Christmas agrees. The only really safe back up nom is Kevin, but Kevin may have a power. 

Nicole and Christmas.jpg


Bayleigh is getting stretched and ready to compete. 



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10:48 AM BBT

Nicole says it would be hard for her to believe people don't like Tyler because he won AFP, but he still plays "like he got dragged"

Christmas: If you get it, Dani gets it or I get it...noms stay the same?

Nicole: yeah, I mean at least we have the option. We can talk about it

Chris: I want to go in this not second guessing... and then put up so-and-so

Nicole: the reason we can't give it to so-and-so is because of the powers

Christmas: what the hell is going on with Ian

Nicole: he has high anxiety.

Chris: I don't think that's what it is

Nicole: He feels really bad that he threw me under the bus

Christmas: and he threw that comp....he played very sneaky before

Nicole: Dani says she thinks you would put him up. Is that a thing?

Chris: that is not a thing. I already told him he's safe.

Nicole: I think he would have an absolute breakdown

Chris: it's not necessary

They discuss how they have to keep reassuring Ian and hint that it is annoying

Nicole: I just really think Da'Vonne will be loyal to us 4. I really do!

They discuss Kevin and how he plays like the little puppy dog

Chris: he ACTS like he is a puppy dog...he doesn't give me any information...he feels comfortable with Bayleigh, Da'Vonne, David and Enzo

Nicole: so he never said he was coming after us

Chris: no, he just says who he is most comfortable with

Nicole: he's smart

They discuss the Basement comp again and how they really feel Kevin won a power.

Nicole: so Kevin got probably the second or the first one and then was just standing by the podium so he knows who won the other...that's smart

Christmas: I think he got the first one

Nciole: he has one 100%


11:00 AM BBT

The HGs have been speculating that it's going to be the spelling comp today

Christmas: it's hard to find the letters you need so I would suggest getting as many letters as possible and getting one word as the base and add a...  [they are called prefixes and suffixes, Christmas]

Nicole: I agree  

Christmas: I have no problem putting Kevin up there

Nicole: yeah, he is acting fishy




11:07 AM BBT

feeds cut to stars

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11:22 AM BBT

In the kitchen Bayleigh is mimicking the way several HG's walk. She does a really good job. She shows David's, Nicole's, Kevin's and Ian's. "Everyone has their own walk"    Kevin walks in and Bay tells him to walk like David. He does the same thing Bayleigh did. Enzo is heading their way so Kevin mimics Enzo's walk perfectly. Kevin tells David that he (David) saunters.



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 11:01AM BBT David and Bay hugging in the KT. She says that they really have a brother and sister relationship. She tells him thank you for being nice to her. She talks about being blessed. David says of the 12 left, 25% are POC of color and that's great. In the HOH BR, Xmas is talking to Enzo. She tells him she thinks Kevin got a power. She says Kevin, Bay and Day were all in the HN BR for at least 30 minutes. Enzo and Xmas says Kevin isn't speaking to them.


11:07AM BBT Xmas says she knows now that the three are in an alliance and has a power. Xmas says that Kevin pitted Cody and Nic against each other in HOH comp. Kevin comes up to the HOH BR to check on Xmas since she was crying yesterday.  We gets stars.


11:20AM BBT Feeds are back. Bay is telling David that difficult is where she thrives. All they need to one of them to come down and a bigger target to go up. Kevin comes through looking for his blanket. Day says they each have a particular walk. She shows off various HG walks. Enzo comes in the KT, he says to the cams that they are ready and let's go.


11:27AM BBT Xmas in the KT, She is looking at the camera and smiling and playing. She says she is flirting with the camera and it's flirting back. Bay comes in and asks her what she is doing. Xmas tells her. Bay and Xmas dance with the camera and laugh.

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11:42 AM BBT

Ian is not feeling well today. He has been in the DR for a long time. Nicole hinted to it earlier and Enzo mentioned that he has been getting his blood pressure checked but the camera moved rooms when he started talking about it.

David (to Dani): is Ian not doing okay? *feeds cut*




11:47 AM BBT

The camera zooms in on Ian's pic on the memory wall [not sure exactly what's going on but Ian was pleading to leave yesterday. Apparently, production talked him down. But, Ian is definitely very uncomfortable in the house this season.  -MamaLong]


11:52 AM BBT

Nicole and CHristmas are playing backgammon in the loft 'I had my anxiety thing on a veto day too"

It seems the comp has been delayed due to Ian having an anxiety attack


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11:32AM BBT David, Dani and Xmas talking in the WCA. Xmas is going on and on about the slippers from her basket. They are Uggs. David says they are really nice. Xmas says that he can get stuff, all he has to do is win win win (she is singing it). She laughs and says win!! Now she is talking about dressing up for Halloween when she was Iraq. 


11:38AM BBT Xmas still telling stories of her time in Iraq. In the LR< Enzo lifting weights, Bay is stretching and Memphis is reading the bible.


11:42AM BBT Xmas and Dani talking in the WCA about the powers. Xmas says she doesn't think it's anything that can change the game all at one time. Xmas says she has to go to the WC and Dani tells her to go. Xmas says no and sits there. Ian is not doing well and each time the HG talk about him we get stars. Enzo had said Ian was in the DR getting his BP checked.



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