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Saturday, September 5, 2020 Big Brother 22 All-Stars Live Feed Updates

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Ian determines she must do 42 laps per hour. The HGs wait at the backdoor to go outside.



Bayleigh says if she doesn't finish her 500 laps she won't be able to play in the next veto.



 9:37 PM BBT 

Bayleigh begins her laps  [Her butt is going to be hurting!!!  -MamaLong]




Bayleigh has finished her first 10 laps of 500. The HGs created a cheer. "Let's go Bay, Let's go Bay, You can go, All the way"

9:44 PM BBT

Ian brings the backgammon board outside so the game can go on while cheering on Bayleigh. Christmas moves over on the couch then apologizes to Ian if her feet smells. SHe decides to smell her feet to see if they are offensive.

Chris: actually they don't...not terribly




9:52 PM BBT

Bayleigh has completed her first 50 laps in 23 minutes.

Bayleigh says she can't switch directions. She has to stay in the same direction.


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10:10 PM BBT

Bayleigh's right pedal broke so Christmas is serving as pit crew and is attempting to fix it.   Chris has repaired the pedal and Bayleigh resumes her laps. She wants to keep going until she needs a break. Da'Vonne is running behind her for 10 laps.




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11:10PM BBT: Nic, Ian, Dani and Christmas coninue to talk in the BY chairs.  Memphis is lounging on the couch.  A couple of the guys are playing pool.  They're all getting really tired.  Now alone, Nic whispers to Dani that they need to come up with hand signals because she can't see behind her.



11:13PM BBT: Lots of feeds interruptions.  Nic, Dani, Memphis and Ian talk about all of the costumes used on their seasons.  Frank holds the record for the most worn.  Christmas is now inside now, flossing her teeth in the WA.  Bay continues to cycle in circles.  Ian says "she's way ahead".  


11:15PM BBT: Nic stares at herself in the BY mirror and takes off her wig to readjust her costume, saying her head needs a break.  Christmas is laying on the couch, one leg draped over the back, the other flopping the other way.








11:20PM BBT: Bay hits the 200 lap mark.


11:22PM BBT:  Bay hits 256 laps.  She wants to knock it out and then sit in the hot tub.  She asks production to turn it up to 100 degrees to get it ready.


11:27PM BBT: Bay starts talking to sSwaggy in the camera.  Da' tells her to keep going because the cameras are definitely on her.  She says she definitely deserves to be doing these laps because "I suck".  

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11:31 PM BBT

Nicole and Dani go into the bathroom and Nicole removes her box costume. Dani whispers to her "Da'Vonne asked if she stays can me, you and Nicole work together to get Christmas?....Don't forget that" Dani tells Nicole she likes her hair and wants to do hers like that  [like a two year old's hair?]

Nicole:It's so freakin' cute  (she thinks she looks so adorable in her costume with space buns)

Dani: that is cute

11:36 PM BBT

Dani: Call me into the DR because I'm going to bed

Nicole: Dani!

Dani: well I am...you can stay up

Dani begins whispering about Christmas thinking Bayleigh and Da'Vonne threw the competition and that she's crazy for thinking that. Nicole hints that it could be strategy.

Dani: Oh my God, you're nuts. You have been talking to her too much. 

They go back and forth telling each other they are nuts.

Nicole is afraid to go in the KBR to get her pajamas because Memphis is sleeping. Dani holds open the door while Nicole rummages through a pile of clothes on the floor. Memphis is clearly annoyed. Nicole tells Dani to open the door because she can't see anything. "I'm trying to find my pajamas"...she isn't being quiet or careful to not disturb Memphis, and he has clearly been awakened. [She better be careful! He gets very agitated when trying to sleep]

Luckily, Nicole eventually finds something to sleep in and escapes with her life in tact.




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