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Tuesday, August 18, 2020 Big Brother 22 All-Stars Live Feed Updates

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To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who.  Mortys-TV-BB22-HG-Reference-Guide.pdf

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Showmance room lounge (SRL)
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Dining Table (DT)
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12:03AM BBT: Dani and Da'Vonne are in the lounge. Dani tells her that she has an "alliance" that she likes and "people" she "enjoys." They discuss not having final two deals. Outside, Bayleigh leaves the hammock, she says she's not sure if she's going to sleep but she's going inside. Nicole A says she's not going to sleep anytime soon. 


12:05AM BBT: Enzo is whispering with Tyler and Cody in the PBR about next week. Enzo says he's tired and he doesn't want to talk to any more people tonight. Dani and Bayleigh walk into the PBR, Dani tells Tyler, Enzo, and Cody "they're stupid." Bayleigh runs to go get Da'Vonne, she tells her that "everyone" is in the back room. Da'Vonne says "these people are annoying." Both Bayleigh and Da'Vonne hurry to the PBR. BB doesn't put any cameras in the room with them. Instead, all four cameras are on the BY while David and Nicole A swing in the hammock. 


12:10AM BBT: Big Brother still has not put any cameras in the PBR where the big meeting is being held. Instead, all four cameras are on David and Nicole A as they talk about family and their pets. BB cuts the feeds. 


12:12AM BBT: The feeds are back and BB finally has a camera in the PBR where Da'Vonne, Bayleigh, Dani, Tyler, Enzo, and Cody are all talking. The group agrees that Memphis has "rubbed a lot of people the wrong way this week." Da'Vonne wants to know why Memphis isn't up for grabs next week. Cody says he is "so set on Kaysar" because he's "f***ing out of control." Cody says Nicole F and Ian are always around each other. Cody says they need to make sure David knows that he's going to stay, because it'll be a lopsided vote. Enzo says he "likes this group." Tyler asks everyone in the group if they want to keep David, they all say they do. 


12:15AM BBT: The group in the PBR all agree that "six is the number" for the rest of the game. Enzo says there will be times they won't all be able to meet. Tyler says they will win HOH next week and have "plenty of time." Dani says everyone can come into the PBR at night and talk. The group jokes around. BB cuts the feeds. 


12:19AM BBT: The feeds are back and the group in the PBR is chatting. Cody says he is friendly with a lot of people, but he is very loyal. The group tries to figure out a name and a handshake. They agree their handshake is everyone locking little fingers. Cody says if they walk by each other and hold out their pinky finger, they need to





12:24AM BBT: The group in the PBR talk about sports and then the DR, BB cuts the feeds. 

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12:25AM BBT: Nicole F is upstairs in the loft area. Kaysar and Christmas are playing pool and Nicole A and David are swinging in the hammock. Ian walks upstairs to the lounge area where Nicole F is sitting. He asks her what she's up to as he sets up a game of backgammon. Nicole F asks Ian what he knows. Ian says he believes Nicole F is safe unless she starts making noise. He says Janelle's group is going to go after the boys first. Ian says if they win HOH she shouldn't have "too much trouble." 


12:33AM BBT: Nicole F tells Ian that she's not going to kiss anyone's butt. In the PBR, Cody says he wishes they could skip to the HOH comp. He says the next few days are going to be rough. They talk about Nicole A campaigning. Tyler says Nicole A is pretending to be mad at Kaysar and Janelle so he can get both sides of the house to vote for her. Tyler tells them to be careful what they tell her. Cody says he talks to Nicole A all the time. Bayleigh says Nicole A should go out with a "bang."


12:40AM BBT: Christmas joins Ian and Nicole F upstairs. Enzo, Tyler, Cody, Dani, Bayleigh, and Da'Vonne are still in the KBR. They repeat their game talk but also talk about food here and there. Cody talks about how he can't believe BB can't get a deal with an apparel company or even a water brand. Bayleigh says she can get a sponsorship. Cody says tomorrow will get "f***ing chaotic." Bayleigh says she's going to hide tomorrow, Tyler says he's going to do the same outside.


12:43AM BBT: Kaysar has joined Ian, Nicole F, and Christmas upstairs. There's no game talk upstairs. The group in the PBR ends their meeting. Cody tells Dani that he can't believe the other side of the house has made up so much "sh*t." The rest of the HGs are getting ready for bed. 

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12:53AM BBT: Cody tells Tyler in the PBR that he hopes the pandemic get's sorted out while they're in the house. BB cuts the feeds. 


1:14AM BBT: The feeds are back and both Nicole A and Nicole F are swinging in the hammock. Nicole F says that the "other side" has hurt Ian's feelings. In the CBR, Bayleigh and Da'Vonne are talking. Bayleigh says she talked to Christmas earlier and Christmas will not be "throwing her game away." Da'Vonne says she needs to "pray on that one." Bayleigh tells Da'Vonne everything is going to be ok. Da'Vonne says she's not going to let this game stress her out. Bayleigh says she'll make the best "calculated game move."


1:17AM BBT: Bayleigh tells Da'Vonne about her conversation with Nicole A. Bayleigh says this "sucks" because she has a great relationship with Nicole A. Bayleigh says she told Nicole A that she couldn't commit to voting for Nicole A right now. Da'Vonne says she hates how this week has played out. Da'Vonne says she's trying to figure out what's going on between Tyler, Dani, and Cody. 


1:19AM BBT: Nicole A tells Nicole F in the hammock that she's not playing the game that Janelle is trying to play for her. Nicole A says she's going to "plead" for herself to the whole house and hopes to get various people on her side. Nicole A says she doesn't like there being two sides in the house. Nicole F says Janelle didn't need to "force" people together. Nicole A promises safety to Nicole F if she wins HOH. Nicole A also says she'll take the havenot if Nicole F needed to pick someone. They discuss Janelle creating sides that "don't exist." Nicole A says she "needs to calm down." Nicole F says she hopes Janelle doesn't win HOH. 


1:23AM BBT: Nicole A says she's playing nice, but that she's not on Janelle's "side." Nicole A says she's ready to "stay" and she's ready to "fight." 


1:25AM BBT: Kaysar, Christmas, and David are talking in the havenot room. BB tells David to put on his mic. They talk about food. Outside, Nicole F tells Nicole A to speak her truth, otherwise people will make up stuff. Nicole A says she's not stupid and that's why she's mad about what's been said in the house. Nicole F says Janelle is "scary." Nicole F says she and Ian don't want to work against Nicole A. Nicole A says she doesn't like that Janelle is making it Nicole A's side or David's side. 


1:49AM BBT: Nicole F has left Nicole A outside and is now walking upstairs to the havenot room. Nicole A talks to herself as she goes through the list of people she's talked to and who she believes will be voting for her. She thinks she'll have nine votes. Nicole A says she'll "ride" tomorrow out and just check in with everyone and do the same on Wednesday. She says if she hears that her association with Janelle is "screwing" her she'll have a house meeting and "blow sh*t up." Nicole A believes if there is a tie, Memphis will keep her.


1:53AM BBT: "I think I have this," Nicole A says. She talks to her mom. The four in the havenot room are all in bed and joking around. 


2:04AM BBT: Nicole A appears to be the last one awake as she sits in the hammock outside. The lights in the havenot room are now out as everyone goes to sleep. Nicole A says she needs to shower. 


2:12AM BBT: Nicole A is brushing her teeth, the lights are out in all of the bedrooms. 


2:34AM BBT: Enzo is out of bed, he walks to the WA to use the WC. 


2:40AM BBT: Enzo is back in bed, the lights are off throughout the BB House and everyone is asleep.


8:06AM BBT: BB cuts the feeds for the wake-up call. 


8:20AM BBT: Feeds are back, most of the HGs are still in bed, but the lights are on. Janelle is up in the KBR, getting ready for the day. Memphis and Christmas are in the KT. Kevin and David are in the SR changing out their batteries. BB cuts the feeds.


8:29AM BBT: The feeds are back and David and Kevin are in the WA as they get ready for the day. 


8:34AM BBT: Kaysar, Memphis, and Christmas are outside, they talk about today's music and being hungry. Janelle is in the WA putting in her contacts.


8:40AM BBT: Janelle joins Kaysar, Christmas, David, and Memphis in the BY. "Good morning, Houseguests. It's time to get up for the day," BB says, "there are fresh batteries in the storage room." BB cuts the feeds for a few minutes. 


8:44AM BBT: General conversion throughout the house as everyone gets up and around. Janelle tells the group outside she's happy she went to bed early last night. 


8:55AM BBT: Bayleigh and Da'Vonne are still in bed in the CBR. BB says "there are fresh batteries in the storage room." BB cuts the feeds for a few seconds.

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8:58AM BBT: BB instructs the HGs outside to "'lower the outside awnings." All four cameras are on Bayleigh and Da'Vonne in bed in the CBR.


9:01AM BBT: "Wakey Wakey, Houseguests," BB says and then cuts the feeds again. 


9:09AM BBT: Feeds are back, David is cleaning the KT counters. Kevin stands there, he tells David that if he wants to stay he needs to get "more than seven" votes. Nicole F walks through the KT. David tells Kevin that he doesn't know if he can "sell an idea beyond what people think already." Kevin says David is "so smart." David promises he wouldn't go after Kevin. Kevin says he's voting for Nicole A to stay. The coffee maker brews loudly in the background. 


9:12AM BBT: Nicole A walks into the KT, interrupting what David was about to tell Kevin. Nicole A doesn't understand why they woke up so early. David says it's because they'll have their COVID test tonight. They laugh about how upset BB was this morning. 


9:14AM BBT: Tyler walks into the KT, they talk about the new avocados in the SR. David says they'll save them for Wednesday night. Tyler wants to know why BB woke them up so early, he says he thought it was noon based on how upset BB was. Kevin makes a cup of coffee and walks outside. All four cameras are on David cleaning the KT. 


9:18AM BBT: Tyler is back in the KT filling up his shaker bottle. David says he's trying to figure out the "source of all this sh*t." Tyler and David whisper back and forth about people seeing through the lies. David says he'll talk to Ian again. Tyler leaves and David resumes cleaning. Da'Vonne walks into the KT, David offers her avocado toast, but she declines. He asks if he can talk to her, Da'Vonne keeps walking to the WA and David resumes cleaning. Christmas walks inside to the DR. David walks into the SR and then the CBR, before walking back to WA. Da'Vonne is in the WC, David says he wishes "Memphis shared his bathroom."


9:23AM BBT: David walks into the havenot room and puts on socks and shoes as he sings to himself. David notices the cameras and starts singing that he "wants to stay in the Big Brother house." David then whispers that he wants to stay and go after "the people who are conspiring against me." He ties his shoes and leaves the havenot room. 


9:26AM BBT: David cracks the ice into a bowl in the KT. Janelle, Memphis, and Kaysar are outside talking. Kaysar says Kevin will vote to keep Nicole A. "Enzo?" Kaysar says, "Hell no, he'll tell you what you want to hear." Kaysar says he cornered Ian yesterday. Memphis says Ian is the "easiest to break down." Kaysar says you can easily "piss" Ian off. Memphis says Ian wears his "emotions on his f**king sleeve." Kaysar says you need to know what Ian's triggers are. Janelle walks inside.

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9:10 AM BBT  Feeds are on the KT, where Keven and David are making something to eat.  All 4 feeds keep following David, as he goes upstairs to the HN room, puts on his shoes and sings a song about wanting to stay in the BB house, he loves Nicole, but what can you do?  He goes downstairs to the KT.  Feeds 1/2 continue to follow David, feeds 3/4 are on the BY couches with Kaysar, Janelle and Memphis.  They are talking about the votes.  They think Kevin will keep Nicole, but Enzo is sketchy.  They said with Keesha, he kept saying he wasn't sure what he was going to do, he liked Keesha, etc, but Kaysar said he was just blowing smoke up her a$$.  Now they discuss Ian, and a conversation they had yesterday. 

Memphis wants to know who they think would put up Janelle and Kaysar.  Kaysar thinks Cody would, Memphis emphatically says no.  They think Nicole F would for sure, Dani maybe, but not Cody.  Memphis says he isn't sure who would, people are assuming Janelle and Kaysar are the targets, some bring up Ian, he is dangerous.  Memphis said he is bringing up Ian, and the others agree.  Christmas comes out to join them, Memphis goes in to get more coffee.  Christmas is eating slop, she tells Kaysar she made enough slop for everyone, but it is all gone.  She apologizes to Kaysar, he is fine with that.  She asks if she is interrupting, they tell her no.   Memphis comes back, says his coffee habit is going to go from 3 cups a day to 2 pots a day when he gets out.


9:37 AM BBT  Christmas is talking about making a pot of coffee for iced coffee this afternoon.  They discuss lemonade, Christmas says they can't have that.  Janelle said really?  Christmas said because of HN.  Janelle leaves.  They said they can use the lemon electrolyte stuff, Kaysar said he almost self evicted over lemonade. 

Memphis is now talking about the problems he has with his foot. He said he can't stand on it for too long or it starts to swell and really hurt.   Christmas is giving him suggestions about stretching it out, he says the doctor told him it would be better if he did that, but it hasn't.  Kaysar says Shout out to the doctor that lied to Memphis. Brief stars while they talk about the Dr.

9:40 AM BBT  Janelle is in the KT talking with David.  Kaysar said you can hear people outside of their lot, he thinks people forgets there are people living in there.  Kaysar said he is living in Julie Chen's guest house.  They talk about Julie being a fan of the show, she has her favorites, but is always professional, never shows it.  They give shout outs to her.  Christmas says if Julie ever decides to retire, she wants to audition for the job.  She has done a lot of public speaking, she can be polished.  They haven't seen her turn it on.  They are discussing who they think would take over.  One said Ryan Seacrest, they said he doesn't need to be greedy, they think maybe Carson Daly.  Every time the guys say something, Christmas puts herself into it.  She is saying she can do anything she puts her mind into.  Memphis says Nick Cannon, then they say Lance Bass.  They discuss he held BB parties at his house.  Christmas said she would share the stage with him.  She said Julie is so legendary, it would take 2 people to replace her.  One, a BB player, Christmas, the other a BB fan, Lance Bass.  Memphis wants a cut for finding the new host.  They suggest Christmas host BBOT with Jeff.  Baby steps.  (this is pretty funny)

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9:50 AM BBT  Dani is in the CBR with Bay.  Dani thought Bay and Nicole F are friends outside the house.  Bay said she sent her a DM on Instagram, and she totally ignored her.  They laugh.  Dani doesn't know what is going on.  A lot of whispering going on.  Dani wants to get Memphis out, Bay said he can't win everything.  There is a lot of whispering and laughing.  Hard to tell what they are talking about. Dani is talking about hanging on the wall is usually week 4 or 5.  Bay said they had to hang on a tree, it was the same thing, but a tree instead of a wall.  Dani wishes they would change things up a bit.  She said they used to have hanging onto something, standing on something, but now it is the wall and the spinning saucers.  (some of the games are iconic, can't see them doing away with them for All Stars - pierceka). 

Dani goes to the PBR,  someone is still in bed.  She said it is almost 10, or around 10:00.  She folds some clothes. 


1-:02 AM BBT  Nicole A goes to the BY, sits on the couches with Memphis and Christmas.  She likes Christmas' hair.  She said thanks, she does that at night because her hair is thin.  Nicole doesn't think so.  Christmas says she has a lot of hair, it is just thin.  Nicole takes Christmas' slop bowl inside and washes it.  Kaysar and Janelle are in the KT as well.  Memphis comes through, thinks there is some new food.  Janelle said there is food??, Memphis thinks random stuff.  Janelle said she is outta her, and goes to the SR to see what food they have.  Nicole A goes back outside, and gets into the hammock with Christmas.  There is a breeze there, makes it better that the couches in the corner.  Nicole A asks how was her morning, Christmas doesn't know why they got them up so early when they are up late, and nothing is going on.  Nicole A says she likes being out in the evening because it is cooler.  They discuss how their allergies are bad here.  Nicole A thinks there is Claritin in the house.  Nicole asks if Christmas likes to rock, she says yes, but she is too lazy to do it.  Nicole A says she likes to put her leg off the hammock and rock, but some people don't like it, they get nauseous.  Christmas loves to rock, it is self soothing. 

(I am out, no gaming right now)

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10:0AM BBT Memphis, Xmas, NicA and Kaysar on the BY sofa. Talking about Sweden. Xmas says she loves Sweden. HG slowly get up to bring dishes inside. Janelle is inside and tells them it is to hot outside for her. NicA does the dishes. In the PBR, Dani is doing ADLs.


10:10AM BBT NicA and Xmas on the hammock. Talking about how nice it is to be outside before everyone gets moving around. Xmas says she likes to collect her thoughts. Talk about rocking and babies enjoying it. Xmas asks her how she is feeling about people. NicA says people seem receptive. She says she is trying not to feel over confident nor dejected. They discuss if there is a tie Memphis has to make the decision. NicA asks if Janelle talked to Xmas and asked her to keep her. Xmas says that it was along those lines. NicA says that she is just trying to see if Janelle is telling the truth.


 10:16AM BBT Kaysar and Janelle in the KT whispering. Janelle asks Kaysar who NicA is campaining to. He tells her the floaters. They are trying to find a place to chat. They are whispering very low. It sounds like they are talking about NicA complaining about them. Janelle tells him she doesn't like sitting on the sofa and they head to the SR. Tyler comes in to get something and leaves. Janelle says that she hates there is no where to go in the house. Kaysar says that it's not like they don't know the two of them are working together. 


10:29AM BBT Tyler and David on the BY sofa. Tyler is saying that people are throwing out that  Cody, Tyler, NicF are a group. He says they make stuff up and throw it out there. Tyler is telling David that Dani is keeping him but he doesn't trust anything Dani says. David says he was trying to stay out of things at the beginning of this game. Tyler says he wanted to do the same. He says there are HG in 5 alliances. Tyler says he saw Kaysar and Janelle talking in the SR and whispering. David says they are gaming too hard. 



10:37AM BBT Xmas and NicA continue to talk. Xmas says that she has heard that David may be going after Janelle. NicA says she heard that David would be going after Memphis. They both says they did not hear it from David. Tyler and David still talking on the couch. Still talking about Dani and they do not trust her. Tyler says that Kaysar is making stuff up in his head. They continue to talk about Janelle and Kaysar whispering everywhere.


10:44AM BBT Kevin comes out to the couch in the BY. Tyler goes in. David talks to him about Kaysar and how he identifies with him because of his ethnicity. He says Kaysar is campaigning against him and it hurts because he identifies with him.  David says it is to easy in the house to do to much and then they go. Kevin asks David if he thinks he has Tyler. David says he thinks he does. David says he thinks people don't want to see him go.


10:57AM BBT NicA rocking on the hammock alone. In the KT, Xmas is looking for more slop to cook. David heads to the  CBR and asks Bay if he can talk to her and campaign to her. Bay says sure but first she is looking for her booty shorts. She asks Xmas if they got mixed up with hers. Xmas is looking through hers. Bay finds them in her stuff.



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11:03am BBT: David talking to Bayleigh in the loft , he says do you trust i have you and Day? Bayleigh says kinda, Day Bayleigh says i know we have to be like we are not together so no one knows  and i know you just met Day. David says i can not go through what i went through last time and thats why i called you. Bayleigh says i know lets talk about that i have a hard time separating personal from Game so we stay this way till we actually have something personal say and we get FOTH.
11:07am BBT: David says you know the lies are coming out and i have to play. Bayleigh ask if he is still going to campaign and he says i think i am just going to lay low and i feel if it is a tie i think Memphis will keep me, Bayleigh tells him the vote has nothing to do with him as a person and if they vote him out it is not as a person. Bayleigh says people are not voting on people they are voting on teams.
11:10am BBT: Bayleigh says she made one commitment when she came in this house with HIm and Day and that is the one i am sticking with, She says let me ask you why did you tell janelle that she had a one week free pass? He says i told her if she keeps me but she is campaigning against me. Bayleigh says i think you are going to stay but if you do stay then we have to look at things and they are going to be different. 
11:14am BBT: Bayleigh says and about Tyler he and i had a bad moment in our season but we talked and everything is ok I told him i would not get him out and he will not get me out we went through a tough time and with what i went through everyone blamed Tyler and he was really hurt by that and i do not want that to happen again. David said he talked to Tyler and he wants to keep it tight with you too. and we get FOTH.
11:18am BBT: David and Bayleigh repeating themselves in the loft, Enzo, Memphis and  Nic A. in the KT getting food and drinks. Kaysar and Tyler come in wearing swim trunks getting a drink.
11:21am BBT: Bayleigh now in the WA with Day and Christmas getting swim suits on to go outside, Nic F. and Ian in the BY on the couch talking the campaigning going on today and how Janelle is going around trying to keep Nic A. Nic F says i just do not want you to question my loyalty and Ian says no no i won't.
 11: 24am BBT: David comes out and they talk about thr slop diet  and he tells Ian and Nic F. he is surviving on it.
11:34am BBT: Nic F. Ian and Christmas in the BY talking about making food eat, Christmas wants a burger. In the WA is Tyler, David and Cody getting ready to go to the BY.Just general talk  going on.
11:39am BBT: david goes to the PBR and Enzo says we are good and if you stay here we got to be tight yo you know what i mean/ David says yeah i got you. David goes to the STR as Enzo heads to the BY. In the KT Bayleigh getting herself a drink talking to Kaysar about cheese. Kaysar starts working on a puzzle and Bayleigh says she has gotten close to getting the puzzle done but has not gotten all they way and we get FOTH.
11:48amBBT: Christmas and David teaching  Ian and Tyler how to do hand stands and how to put the weight on your palms.  Tyler starts laughing saying you don't  need to be showing off you know as Christmas does a hand stand against the wall and starts doing push ups.
11:56am BBT: Hg just talking general talk as they make food and sit in the BY.

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12:05pm BBT: Nic. F. says she is going to go get her bucket hat as David gets in the pool and ask Ian to spray his back with the suntan spray. Kevin is sitting near the hammock in a chair. Ian says he might get in the pool in a little bit. In the KT Bayleigh is making coffee as Janelle watches.
12:17pm BBT: Most HG in the BY in the sun or the pool, They are getting Laundry done before they get a lock down. Janelle and day in the kT drinking coffee.
12:27pm BBT: Kevin in the KT making himself some pizza rolls as Janelle reads the fruit loop box and Day  makes a drink. Most HG in the BY talking general talk.
12:41pm BBT: Ian rocking on the hammock  talking general talk to Kaysar and Tyler who are in the pool. In the Loft are Nic A.  doing puzzles alone and David walks up and says he is heading  down just wanted to check on her.  Janelle ask David who was in the Loft and he says Nic A., Janelle says i am going to go have coffee with her.
12:46pm BT: Nic A. tells Janelle that she thinks it is going to come down to the wire with votes as she feels everyone is going to want to work on the same page. Janelle says did i tell you Davids pitch to me and Nic A. says yeah and  Janelle says i can not believe this guy.
12:55pm BBT: Kevin making a drink in the KT as he eats pizza rolls, Janelle tries them and says they are good and gets another one, David is standing there just talking general talk about eating as he is on slop. Most Hg still in the BY in the sun just laughing and talking general talk.

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1:07PM BBT In the BY, Enzo,Cody, Dani. and NicF are talking about Cody not getting anything for his HOH. We get FOTH. We come back and Ian says he can't wait for HOH. Dani asks if they can FF to Thursday. They joke that Ian needs to win HOH. Ian says he is 0 for 5. We get FOTH again.


1:13PM BBT Bay and Day are talking. Bay tells her how David campaigned to her this morning. She says he brought up Tyler and that he is a good guy. Bay told him she doesn't trust him but he told her he has both her and Day. We get cams on the BY and general chatting. In the loft, Kevin and NicA are going over things once again and we get FOTH.


1:23PM BBT IN the BY, Day says she has had 4 cups of water. Dani says she is tired of drinking room temp water. Cody asks he if she is using the ice. Dani says no. COdy tells her there is a bunch of ice in a bowl. They discuss sweating (it is 106 there right now). Day goes in to talk to NicA. Memphis comes up past the lounge and NicA says something to joke with him. He looks at her and goes into HOH BR. NicA tells Day that he hates her. NicA is counting her votes including Day and Bay. 


 1:31PM BBT NicA tells Day that she wants to have a house meeting. Day laughs and asks her what she is going to say. NicA says she will call it Nic's truths and Janelle's lies. She says that she wants to call out Janelle on what she said she did and what actually happened. Day tells her if she isn't feeling secure by Wednesday night, to do it then. Day says to remember if she does that, she has to be able to beat Janelle in a battle back because Janelle would go out after her. We get FOTH.



1:36PM BBT Bay and Xmas are talking in the PBR. They are discussing that NicA doesn't have the votes. Xmas is telling her how Memphis thinks she went out half way because she broke her foot. She says he underestimates her. She says Josh never lied to her and Paul always had her back. We get more FOTH. Janelle has come in and talk ends. Janelle is asking where everyone is. Janelle says it doesn't matter. They are probably conspiring somewhere. 


1:46PM BBT Kaysar tells NicA that they are trying to get rid of all the outcasts. He tells her they still have a chance. He tells NicA that if it is a tie, Memphis will vote for her to stay. He tells her she has to work on Day. NicA says she can do this. It is just one step at a time. Kay walks away. NicA says that she has already told Cody that she is going after Memphis. She is talking out loud to herself.


1:52PM BBT Bay explaining to Xmas that Day told Kaysar they will not vote out David because of what he went through last year. That his being voted out was racially motivated. She says David is getting out there and socializing even though his being on the block. Xmas agrees. Bay says she has told them to keep fighting that no one has made up their mind. Xmas says she wants to see a fair fight. She says she even told that to NicA. Cams switch to Kaysar and Janelle.



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1:57PM BBT Kaysar says if they can get through this week they have dodged a huge bullet. He says if they can get Day, Kevin and Ian then they have 7. He says they really don't need Kevin. Kaysar says he doesn't care what Kevin does after this week. Janelle agrees. 


2:02PM BBT Ian joins NicA and NicF in the lounge. NicA tells him that a lot of people are associating her with Janelle and she isn't happy about that. She says that Janelle finds it funny that Kaysar is trying to pit Ian against NicF. Ian says they all have friends in there. He says this is what the draw was. Ian keeps sighing. NicA tells them she is not associated with the nasty game play. They both tell her they appreciate it. 


 2:10PM BBT NicA tells NicF that they (not sure who they is - guessing Janelle and Kaysar) do not like NicF, Tyler, Cody, Dani and Enzo. NicF says if they don't want her to campaign to those people then them must think she has the votes. NicA says they are tryhing to split the house. NicF says that she will be surprised if there is not a blow up tonight started by Janelle.


2:18PM BBT NicF tells NicA that maybe they don't want to work with her because she will not put Ian up on the block. They both keep talking in circles. NicA says she is trying to distance herself from Janelle but Janelle followed her up to the loft. NicF says that she does't like that Janelle talks so poorly about past HG. They agree everyone in the house are gunning for Janelle.


2:30PM BBT TYler and Xmas joking around. Tyler says in sequester there was a height chart so he and his dequester maanger took fake mugshots and he sent it to Angela to post. Xmas says that she did a shoot with Sweater X - and she put "Christmas Abbott as a kick a** b*tch" as a mugshot. She says he real one isn't very good. She has no idea why she didn't do her hair as she knew she was going in.


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 2:40PM BBT Tyler and Xmas whispering at the KT table. Tyler is whispering about there are so many HG double and triple dipping.  They begin talking about counting in the house and how many pictures there are on the wall. Xmas tells him to make sure he is studying. 


2:47PM BBT NicF joins Xmas and Tyler at the KT table. They tal in general about 36 hours until HOH comp. Tyler says he is going back out into the sun soon. Tyler rinses his dish off and puts it in the clean dishes. Cams change to the BY. Day has brought Cody a salad and he is smacking very loudly into the mic. NicF and Xmas in the lounge. NicF is telling Xmas about what NicA told her about Janelle.



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3:00pm BBT: Nic F> and Christmas in the LL talking about who is on who's side in the house and Christmas says if Kaysar or Janelle wins HOH she will have to ask them where they stand since they was working with Keesha and Nic. A. she says she will have to tell them she needs some time to think before she makes a commitment. Nic F. says yeah you have to watch with them. Christmas says she also tells David to not let  anyone know that Memphis is your target. Nic F. says if i keep David and he is working with them i am going to be mad
3:05pm BBT: Nic F. ask if Tyler had anything to say and Christmas says he is still thinking about keeping David but he is still thinking. Nic F. says if there is alcohol tonight there is going to be ciaos and she says give it to them BB. Christmas laughs and says she is going to pull up a chair and watch bring it on.
3:11pm BBT: In the BY Day and Cody are talking  as Nicole comes out and Cody says he needs to finish doing some laundry. Cody sees the puzzle and he says did you see Kaysar do that puzzle and finish it and Day says i  know i seen him and i took it apart because i was jealous. Cody then laughs.
 3: 19pm BBT: Cody and Nic A. in the BY talking  Nic.A says she is happy  most people are treating her with respect and she appreciates that but she does not want to be treated badly.
3:24pm BBT: Nic A.. says naturally when you win HOH you talk to everyone and access everything but this time if i stay and i win i already know  who i am putting up, I already know. Cody tells her that Janelle and Kaysar have done nothing but hurt her game and she needs to tell them to shut up.
3:33pm BBT: Kevin and Day in the CBR talking  Day says remember how David said he wants to talk to me all day and he just said he wants to talk to  me to Campaign and Kevin says really i do not get it, Day says probably cause i have not talked to him, Kevin says i told you when i was a have not  last week one of the benefits is you see who goes in and out of that room and it was Cody , Tyler, Cody , Tyler, Day says ok got you and they said they are not together.
3:36pm BBT: Day tells Kevin that Kaysar has been telling Ian that NicF. is in another alliance  besides with him . Kevin says why is he doing that and day says i do not know i did not ask.
3:40pm BBT: Memphis and Cody in the HOHR talking, Cody says  that Dani asked Ian by the pool who he would send him this week and ian said David . They continue talking to see who is working with who and who all they need to talk to to feel out and see where they stand. Memphis leaves the HOHR and goes to the KT.
3:44pm BBT: Nic A. and Janelle in the KBR , Janelle ask her who told her that she is gone that made her cry and Nic A. says i do not think that it really matters now and i do not want to say names. Janelle says i am just trying to figure it out. Nicole says i have spoken to everybody and i hope i do not have to worry about the  votes being so close. Kevin walks in and talk goes to taking naps.
3:49pm BBT: Nic A.  folds sheets and Kevin leaves the room and Nic A. tells Janelle  she is going to go talk to Kevin.  In the BY Ian and Christmas on the hammock  laying in the sun. Tyler in the WA doing his hair as Bayleigh comes in and he says i am trying to manage  his hair. She says what conditioner? He says yeah i just need a little trim.
3:56pm BBT: Ian talking to Christmas  about Janelle and Kaysar and how they have always worked together and he  says he talks to them and because of that he gets screwed. Kaysar and Memphis on the BY couch talking  and  trying to see where everyone stands .

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4:08 PM BBT

NicoleA is alone in the lounge talking to the cameras about a possible "Expose Janelle House Meeting"

NicA-  I would be so locked in with Janelle, Kaysar and a motley crew of maybes, and that's no good for me anyway. I have to promote myself to everybody in the house, especially this early in the game and if I'm campaigning to everybody, those people want to know... 'like, I don't want you, you're with Janelle', so I have to distance myself ...if this works out, I did it, we move forward. If it doesn't....OOPS!, but I made things more interesting.

Damn! We have a lot more days and that's what sucks. If somebody does report back  *feeds cut*

When the feeds return NicoleF is in the lounge, but she leaves.

NicA- Ideally it doesn't get back to Janelle and I still get Janelle and Kaysar's votes and I get the others' votes and it's more than a 5 to 7 or a 6 to 6 in my favor. If it does get back to Janelle it could still work in my favor because if we do a house meeting and she is flipping out on me I very much have evidence I can state. But would everybody want me here because that would mean that me and David have the same projected target and David is more likely to win something and execute it. *feeds cut again*

NicA-...saying that especially if there is a house meeting and then Janelle will say that I'm saying that as a front and people will wonder if it is a front.....so,  if it gets back to her we have a meeting and if it doesn't get back to her, we let it ride. Giving them a heads up is no bueno..."Too many people are associating us guys so I have to distance".....even though I am genuine in them being my targets, it's not going to be seen that way. I am either right or I am so,so wrong....if my tush wants to stay I cannot be linked up with them and I need one clear person to target. Since a person has spread lies about  Nicole and Cody and Ian they will know that I am with them, In reality I am only with this gal right here. If I'm out the door, it is what it is. 

Nicole says she won't press the issue today. She will just talk to people who want to talk to her, and tomorrow she will ask who is voting for her.



4:48 PM BBT

We hear a loud scream, either Christmas or Dani. Unfortunately the camera is not on the victim. Kevin scared one of the girls. Cody asks "was that Dani or Christmas?" The answer is not audible.


In the PBR David asks Tyler if he wins HoH would Tyler be okay with him making him a Have-Not.

Tyler- Hell no, I'll evict you......just kidding

He tells David that's fine



4:55 PM BBT

NicA campaigns to Tyler in the love lounge

It's a long conversation but truly irrelevant because Tyler is steadfast working with David. Nicole says that some tell her to do the house meeting and some say she shouldn't. Tyler tells her that if she told everyone her truth and then he is somewhere in the middle (opinion on house mtg)



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4:06 PM BBT Ian and Christmas are in the hammock talking about getting HOH next week. Day and NicA are in the SR talking. Nicole says that she is going to just let it happen if it blows up it blows up. She knows she is screwed ethier way. FOTH, 

4:10 PM BBT  FOTH, NicA has a monologue in the Loft. She says she is going into next week with a shield of Janelle and Kaysar whereas anybody she would be so locked in with Janelle and Kaysar and a motly crew of people. She has to avoid Janelle and Kaysar. If she moves forward phew if not oh well. NicF walks in. She says ideally if it does get back to Janelle she could get back to her it would 5 to 6 rather then a 6 to 6 vote. she said it could still work in her favor if she flips out on her then she has the evidence. Then goes on to say that they both  (NicA and David) projected target. David probably the one to would be better to exacuite it then her. FOTH. 

4:15 PM BBT NicA says she will pray to god it dosent get to  back to Janelle and if it does then lets have a meeting. She then says people could think it could be a front. She said she coud have distance her from Janelle but she doesn't know how to word it. She says that she would avoid them  (Janelle and Kaysar) and would have to have 1 clear target. 

4:17 PM BBT she says that she could link with up those that told lies about Ian NicF and Cody. She says she is not going to force the issue. They only one she wants to talk to is tyler today. She said she will let people come to her and talk if they want to. She says tommorow she is going to follow up with Tyler and Enzo and hopefully talk to people and lock in votes. 

4:21 PM BBT NicA says she knows that people are working together but that is irrelevant right now.  Ian and Christmas on the hammock talking about the weather christmas says she is hot while Ian says he is freezing,  FOTH, NicA appears to be a trance. Day Ian  talking about different foods. NicA says she dosent think Janelle and Kaysar vouched for her with Memphis. NicA says she would have worked with them. She said she may be eating her own words,   She dont think they were scrambling or flustered. She and now she is trying to gather an army of people together. She said this sucks. She said she not saying they are working together, she suspected that. She think they are using her tos plit the house. Janelle told her she got the votes when she knows she dont got them. She bring up the point that Janelle and Memphis had wine for 2 hours. They sent her to go wake up Kaysar and she says she not waking him up. She says she not their delivery girl she says that a bunch horse crap. 

4:25 PM BBT NicA says he tries to put herself in the voters situation her vs David. She finishes her monolog and doses off in a sleep. Dani Kevin and Day are in the KT talking and Kevin said he is gonna give a birthday shout and Dani says please do. Enzo and NicF are talking whispering and talking about Memphis they say they got to keep an eye on him. 

4:30 PM BBT Enzo and NicA talking about NIcA they say that she is a sweet girl and that she knows the game she knows how to navigate threw the game. They both hope that Cody gets HOH again. Enzo and NicF chatting he ask her she played 3 times now and he asks her what different from then to now.  FOTH. Enzo says everyone is too smart.  FOTH. 

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4:35 PM BBT Cody and Ian outside talking in the chairs, They talk about how NIcA was being truthful about Janelle pulled her aside and made up the lie about NIcF and Ian and Cody says that she had Kaysar told since he tells it better. Janelle was laughing about it. Cody says that NicA wanted Ian know about it and says he knows about. They then talk lime and lemon lime and Ian has him bring him one. NicA says she got caught snoozing. Ian asks her how she is does she have a pulse and she says she feel like she has one but dosent want to be over confident. she then ask Ian if she has a pulse and he dosent know. She said she tried to talk to memphis and he said to her it up to the house and it would be up to him to break the tie.  

4 :45 PM BBT Enzo and Cody and NIcF talk about Christmas and how nobody could have beaten her in the Safety comp. Enzo ask how she was on her season and NicF says she was loyal. Screaming goes on down stairs and they try figure out who scared who. They whisper about Janelle and Kaysar and how they are just making stories up and then go to tell that person to try and split them up. Janelle and Ian talking she ask him to wash a red tee shirt he as and he said something and she puts it back down just general chit chat going on right now. 

4:55 NicA pulls tyler aside and he ask if she can talk to him. Tyler agrees and they go into the loft to talk. He ask how is she feeling today and she says it blurry. She then says going to say the same to everyone. She said she is was used by them (Janelle and Kaysar) and she feels stupid about it. Tyler says do they know about it and she said not that she know yet. we get FOTH and she said she says a vote for me is a vote for Nicole she is not assciotated with that. FOTH. She says that if they are your ally the dont put you on the block they dont blow smoke up your hiney. you dont drink wine with them. Tyler says it werid and FOTH again. 

5:00 PM BBT NIcA says she pinned ethier way and the only way she knows how to get out of is to tell the truth and that is what she doing. Tyler agrees and says that the only way out of it . NicA says that they told her not to campaign to her and when she was nominated they didn't care about her. Tyler says awe man, she says when she lost the veto they didn't console her or give a crap but now they think they can use her to split the house and now they are using her.She is the escape goat. Tyler says she is doing it to everyone she (Janelle) they did her Ian Cody and Tyler. NicA says she tried to ask if they want her to go talk to Memphis and they told her no no dont do it. She dosent know what they are talking about up there and Tyler says he dosent know ethier. Tyler says he dosent know where everyone is at all. Tyler knows she isn't lying but it hard, he is trying to put himself in her shoes. Tyler says she trying to to draw the lines.

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5:13 PM BBT NicA says that if she says I'm going against them (Janelle and Kaysar) and then change my mind your going to know im lying. Tyler asks if they have followers that will put her up and NicA says she doesn't think so. NicA says she doing it to everyone. She also said that she makes it look like Kaysar is with her when he is not. NicA says it hurts her to be against David. Tyler says she is making it harder for him to decide. Tyler knows she telling the truth. Tyler says that if she is going to do the house meeting do it sooner before it gets to them and it have may have already. He normally would not encourage the meeting.


5:20 PM BBT Tyler says that think they she is or are assciotated with them. Tyler says the only way they think she could say is David is associated with him which Tyler dont think he would do or have time to devlope. Nica Says everyone could be just being reciptive to her and then send her home. Tyler says he wishes there would be some kind of power but there isnt because they would have been told already. NicA says she wishes there was some power FOTH 

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6:16 PM BBT

Janelle is talking with Da'Vonne in the Comic Bedroom. Jani says no one has asked how she is voting.






6:18 PM BBT

NicoleA is campaigning to Dani in the love lounge

Dani- "You don't even have to pitch me, Man. You know I like you. You know I want to keep you."

NicA- all she wants is a split house



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5:30 PM BBT NicA says that she been thrown to the side. Tyler says he needs an indacaation that david is asscioiated with them but he hasnt seen it yet. NicA says she cant get the traction. NicA says that Janelle said that David said in the sr he is going after Memphis and that she is going for Janelle and Kaysar. Nica says she dosent want to be known for the crazy one with a house meeting week 2. She then goes on to say they did it in her season but toward the end with Tommy and Michie and they send tommy who was telling the truth. 

5:43 PM BBT Tyler says what would would happen if you tell her they have a house meeting and NicA says they would come after her and burry her alive. Tyler then says think about your family and your intergity. 


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