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Saturday, August 8, 2020 Big Brother 22 All-Stars Live Feed Updates

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1200 (HOH) Ian & Nicole F
Nicole A & Da’vonne just stepped out leaving Ian & Nicole alone momentarily. Awkward small talk about missing significant others then Nicole asks if he still feels good about protecting each other. Ian says yes, he really wants to go far with her. They think their best chance of getting to the end, because they have both won, is to stick together. Nicole F. would use the money to fund an animal sanctuary. They talk about how they are lucky they weren’t nominated because it’s easy to say ‘I nominate the two of you because you’re the only ones who have won before’. Ian said he’s been downplaying his win. Nicole asks what he thinks of putting it in people’s heads that they should keep them around because no one would give them the money again in the end. Ian says yeah but that’s also what Dan did, and it can become a self fulfilling prophecy at the end. Ian thought there would be more winners in the house and had planned on making a winners alliance with people like Kaycee, Josh and Derrick.

Ian says the first HOH doesn’t always have things to go off of and they usually survive and can still win. He said everything starts with the second HOH and the second HOH has never won [I love Ian for knowing crazy statistics like this -SCRTsqrl]

[Fact Check: TRUE, No one who won HOH in weeks 2 or 5 have ever gone on to win.
Season 2: Will never won an HoH, nominated 4 times
Season 3:  Lisa was the 1st and last HOH, nominated twice
Season 4: Jun HOH week 8, nominated 3 times
Season 5: Drew HOH week 3, 9, 10 (Double eviction) & 11, nominated once
Season 6: Maggie HOH week 4, nominated 3 times
Season 7: Mike HOH week 7 & 9, nominated once
Season 8: Dick HOH week 3, 9 & 11, nominated twice
Season 9: Adam HOH week 6 & 8, nominated twice
Season 10: Dan HOH week 7 & 9, nominated once
Season 11: Jordan HOH week 6 & 10, nominated 4 times
Season 12: Hayden HOH week 1, 7, 9 & 10, nominated twice
Season 13: Rachel HOH week 1, 3, 9 & 10, nominated 3 times
Season 14: Ian HOH week 6, 8, 9 & 10, nominated once
Season 15: Andy HOH week 7, 11 & 12, nominated once
Season 16: Derrick HOH week 3, 10 & 12, never nominated
Season 17: Steve HOH week 11, 12 (double eviction) & 13, nominated twice
Season 18: Nicole HOH week 1 & 10, nominated 3 times
Season 19: Josh HOH week 6, 11 & 12, nominated twice
Season 20: Kaycee HOH week 11 & 13, nominated twice
Season 21: Michie HOH week 8, 10, 11 (double Eviction) & 13, nominated 3 times]

12:14 Cody walks in and asks how Nicole F and Ian feel. Cody says he and Ian are going to work out together, and he can’t wait until he gets comfortable and relaxes, they are going to have fun. (brief cut to stars, Nicole left during the break). Ian & Cody making small talk about work and how people think if you win it’s money you could live off of but it’s not true, you have to go back to your real life and job. Ian asks, Cody how much he cleared after taxes if he doesn’t mind him asking, he says he cleared 296k after taxes but before Cody answers feeds cut to stars.

12:28 (Key room) Kaysar & Keesha
Kaysar thinking they might want to back door Memphis or it was at least an option when thinking about if Keesha or Kevin came down. Keesha thinks they can get Cody to put Ian up because he’s won before and Kaysar says other people have won and that’s not going to be a good argument to Cody. They think Cody is trying to break up pairs or alliances from previous seasons in a coy or slick way so he doesn’t look like he’s making big moves.  They think Kevin is a pawn and Cody put up Keesha with the backup plan of Memphis because he couldn’t put up Kaysar and Janelle this week. They think everyone is against them (Janelle, Kaysar, Keesha & Memphis). Keesha wanted Memphis to play veto so he could win and save them both, but he told Keesha he would throw the veto or not use it because if he did it would put a target on his back and Kaysar is in shock and says he needs to talk to Memphis because he’s not reading the situation.

12:55 (Key room) Kaysar & Janelle
Rehashing his conversation with Keesha. Janelle is kind of defending Memphis saying maybe he doesn’t want to throw away his game to save Keesha. Kaysar is going to tell Memphis there’s an all girl alliance happening and Janelle said she doesn’t think there are any alliances. Kaysar said Bayleigh told her she in a 4 person all female alliance. Janelle isn’t sure she believes it. Janelle doesn’t want to gun for veto right now either, she says “are you crazy? We are safe. If you get picked you have to throw it”. Kaysar wants to convince Memphis to win it.


0208 (bathroom) Nicole A & Kevin
Thinking about the 7 votes he needs to stay. Nicole in constipated. They briefly talk about how some people just have it made in life while others have to work for it. Someone complaining that BB won’t turn the lights off. (feeds cut)


0219 (HoH Room) Ian & Cody
Cody wants noms to stay the same. He doesn’t think anyone except the nominees would use the veto. He isn’t really sure who linking up yet but he feels good with Ian. He asks Ian who he likes. Ian really likes David, Cody agrees. They talk about how he’s the most green having the least amount of time in the house and more than half the cast has made it to the final days. They think he will be loyal. They think the divides will be more clear after the veto and you have to choose who to vote out. They also think when the backyard opens up you’ll be able to see pairs or small groups of people going off together. They also like Enzo because what you see is what you get, he’s straight up. Cody asks if Nicole F has said anything to Ian, and he says only good things. Cody said Nicole makes him a little bit nervous because he just doesn't know where they stand. Cody says he doesn't assume people are together because they played in a season together and he didn't go after people in that way because he didn't want people to assume he and Nicole were together.

0219 when feeds return Bayleigh has joined Nicole A & Kevin in the bathroom.
Nicole A said Janelle asked her if she asked Cody, if Kevin comes down is she the replacement. Nicole said, no should I, is that a thing people do? Doesn’t that make it look sketchy? Nicole A thinks it’s weird that Janelle even asked that. They think if Kevin comes down, Nicole A will go up. They are trying to think of people who would be a better target for Cody that’s not one of them. They all considered Memphis but think he’s working with Cody.

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2:36 AM BBT

Ian and Cody are the last ones awake in the HoH Room. They discuss that using the veto in week one is a bad idea "too much blood on your hands". Cody asks Ian about houseguest choice (if he gets picked would he use it). Ian says he likes Kevin and Keesha. He doesn't want to get lumped into alliances because he likes everyone, but he wants to work with people who would keep each other safe

Cody- but I don't know who you get lumped in with  [Cody is fishing, big time]  Are you saying you don't want to be lumped in because you are hanging by the nominees, cause I hate that shit

Ian- no I just don't want to be pressured

Cody- even if they picked you and you play, you could say I got you. You using the veto could be like stirring the pot. I don't think people would expect, even if they pick you to play, to use it. Anybody that uses the veto on somebody...it's going to cause speculation



2:44 AM BBT

Ian- this is how it's gonna go. We hit a turning point today

Cody- really?

Ian- it's going to be strategy now and people have to have tough conversations. We're gonna see the game come afoot in the next two days. It's usually a slower burn

Cody- yeah, it's usually the first two weeks (of settling in and getting to know each other w/out strategizing)

Ian says that he and Janelle were on opposite sides in their season. It's comforting to have her but they never worked together. He asks Cody if it's the same for him and Nicole F He says they never worked together at first because she was on the outskirts. But, then she came into the final 4 and they ended up stabbing her in the back. He didn't talk to her after the show. We had a chance to build trust in our season, but we didn't in the slightest. I've only talked to her when she came up to the HoH to talk with me and she told me, "you're good". He says but everyone says that when you're HoH. "That was the only one-on-one convo I had with her."

Ian- I didn't want to come and show distrust. ...I didn't realize I was the only one not to come talk with you on Safety Suite day.

Cody- everybody, one after the next (came in to talk with him) and they all said the same thing. They all had the same dialogue and it was meaningless. Has Nicole said anything to you about me?

Ian- she seems to like you

Cody- yeah, but liking and trusting are two different things....I'm not here to throw you under the bus

Ian- she has only ever said good things about you

Cody- she worries me a little bit....in the sense that I don't know how that relationship is....after our season she said 'I never trusted Cody, I only trusted Derrick"

Ian- yeah, I had the same concerns when I saw Janelle


2:52 AM BBT

Ian- I just wanted to wait a bit and see how everything is going because I genuinely like everybody. But I realized today that I want to play with people who can win comps and protect each other...and I know that's what you are....when it comes down to it....and I like David

Cody- I'll get a better feel on people as time passes

Ian- okay, well I just wanted to have a little chat one-on-one....so that's where my head is at

Cody- yeah

Ian- I think it's been a social...like how is everybody vibing socially, but now

Cody- yeah, now that noms are locked and once and eviction...it will be on the rise. So, if you win HoH...

Ian- I'm actually not even there, haven't thought of it, but you're good

Cody- if you were in my situation, how would you have done it

Ian I haven't even put thought to it. If I were to win HoH, I don't know who would be going up. It's interesting

Cody- yeah, it's a crazy game

Ian- well, it's not my bag...honestly...I like backgammon better. I do this to challenge myself

Cody- savage

Ian- collect some checks...if this were free I wouldn't be doing this

Cody- yeah

Ian- this is all monetary based

Cody- you won a bunch of comps on your season

Ian- I did

Cody- you won comps and I don't think people gave you credit for

Ian- yeah, I can play...I don't think I'm very...I mean Dan is way better

Cody- but you beat him and now you're back here...I know you're gonna be honest and we can be straight up, but we need to bring in other people

Ian- yeah

Cody- because we aren't gonna win every comp....I think two is amazing to have surrounded by like 4 people and have that moving forward

Ian- you mean a bigger group?

Cody- you have to have numbers with you, and to be honest, I don't know who that is

Ian- I guess my thinking is I get a good vibe out of David

Cody- anyone else?

Ian is quiet and doesn't mention anyone else

Ian- he is just funny and interacting with him feels different. He's got something about him that I just dig. He's got something that...I just want to work with. There is a difference between somebody you like and somebody you want to work with.

Cody discusses concern over David because he didn't know who Dan was.

Ian- well, just because he didn't see that season...

Cody- yeah, and I don't think he is someone that I would falsely put trust in

Ian- yeah, and I like everyone. But in my season it was obvious right off the bat who didn't mesh...it was pretty clear. But this time I genuinely like everyone. But the reality is, you are a strong player, you're HoH and I want to work with you.




3:17 AM BBT

Ian asks to use the restroom "and then I'm gonna head out of here"

Cody- yeah, God....I'm gonna hit the hay

Ian- yeah, but case in point (he heads in to toilet room)

When Ian comes out he mentions David again saying he likes his moxy and spunk and he's someone he definitely wants to work with, but he hasn't talked to him at all yet.

Cody- okay, man  

They say goodnight and head to bed.


Cody to the camera- It's a lot.... a lot....Derrick, I do not scent info like you, brother  


3:22AM BBT

Ian is settling in bed in the Have Not room. Cody is in bed in the HoH Room, but he's wide awake and studying.....counting on his fingers

The house is dark and silent


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12:03 AM BBT In the HOHR Nicole F and Ian have sealed their "Million Club" alliance with a pinkie swear. They state that they understand that their previous wins gives everyone in the house justification to get them out, even if they are told otherwise. They know better. Meanwhile Da'Vonne, Kevin and Nicole are hanging out up in the loft. Da'Vonne is frustrated when people who she would put up if she was the HOH. "Like, why are you asking me that. Kevin and Nicole are frustrated because for both of their previous seasons, they feel like the outsiders. And here they are, feeling the same way again.

Million Club.jpg


12:13 AM BBT Nicole F and Ian are still in the HOHR when Cody comes up, saying that he is about to go to bed. He tells Ian that he is looking forward to seeing Ian get comfortable in there. "I want to see comfortable Ian. Da'Vonne, Nicole A and Kevin are in the loft talking about how they were wronged during their season. 


12:27 AM BBT Nicole, Kevin and Da'Vonne are in the loft. They think that Cody put up Kevin as a smaller fish to Keesha's bigger fish. Da'Vonne "I don't think Keesha is a big fish." Nicole "They keep talking about how scary she is." 


12:29 AM BBT Kaysar and Keesha are whispering in the KBR. Kaysar tells her that he had a scary thought. What if Cody is trying to backdoor Memphis? There are too many people he could have put up. He could be going after pairs, but he is doing it this way (Keesha and Kevin) to make it look like it isn't any kind of big move.


12:31 AM BBT In the KBR, Keesha tells Kaysar that Cody promised her that Kevin is not a pawn. Kaysar asks her if Cody hinted that she is the target. She says no. She said that Cody said he was going to just let the house decide who to vote for. Kaysar replies "Bulls**t. How did I know earlier that you were going up and Kevin was the pawn? He is totally lying. That's bulls**t."


12:34 AM BBT In the KBR, Kaysar tells Keesha being up is no accident like Cody says it is. Cody is targeting their alliance. Kaysar "Here is the calculus. There had to be a pawn. It was going to put up you and Memphis, but Memphis is a comp beast. So he has to backdoor Memphis. If you go home, then all good. If you don't, then he can backdoor Memphis. He splits the alliance, and goes after Kaysar and Janelle next week."

Kaysar and Keesha.jpg


12:38 AM BBT Kaysar and Keesha are still talking in the KBR. They are discussing that Memphis needs to wake up and realize they are being targeted. They are discussing who Keesha should pick if she draws the HG Choice Token in the veto meeting. Keesha says that Memphis says he will play it and he will throw it. Kaysar is frustrated. Why would he throw it? This is real now. Kaysar says that they need to talk to him, but he is up there in the HN room. There is no way for him to go up there without the whole house seeing him.


12:41 AM BBT Kaysar tells Keesha that Cody was going after him, but he foiled that plan (with the Safety Suite). Sarcastically "I foiled that plan, so his consolation prize is going after Kevin?" Keesha laughs "You are right. You are right."


12:43 AM BBT Kaysar "I told Memphis that he needs to take his head out of the sand. Clearly his head is still in the sand." Keesha "I am going to be gone. All that will be left is him, you and Janelle." Kaysar says that they have to talk, but every time any of them get together, someone else joins them. Kaysar "We have to get the next HoH and bust this sh*t up. And we have to get Memphis to put his big boy pants on and play the game now."

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7:00 AM BBT The house is all quiet, except for Kevin who exits the HN room very quietly. He slowly heads down the stairs and goes to the WC. He is walking very slowly, like when someone is very sore, hurting. After visiting the WC, he goes and sits on the WA sofa. Ian heads downstairs to use the WC too.


7:05 AM BBT David and Enzo are also up now, waiting for their turn to use the WC. David tells Kevin that they are being targeted by people who aren't even supposed to be in the house. BB tells David to put on his microphone. David says he had a dream where people were trying to break into the house to get them. 


7:10 AM BBT Ian exits the WC and apologizes to David, Enzo and Kevin for wrecking the bathroom. Enzo tells him to forget about it. With him on slop, it is just good that Ian is able to go. 


7:13 AM BBT Kevin tells Enzo that it is frustrating that there all these people in this house that know each other. They competed in shows together, like The Challenge. They all hang out. Enzo tells Kevin not to worry. Kevin has his vote. He doesn't even know Keesha and he knows that Kevin is all alone. Enzo says he is heading back to bed.


Ian comes back in and is now alone with Kevin in the WA with David in the WC. Kevin asks Ian to please consider keeping him in the house. Ian listens and admits that he has not yet figured out where he is. He is still figuring things out. Ian tells him that he likes both Kevin and Keesha. Kevin says that if Ian keeps him here, he is not going after Ian. Ian says that he feels that. He feels closer to Kevin. That is a plus for keeping him. Ian tells him that he feels closer to him, but he is going to wait until after the veto before he confirms to anyone where his vote is going to go. Kevin tells him that there is no way that Cody is doing this all alone. When does a HoH go alone? Ian appears to be heading back to bed. 


7:21 AM BBT Kevin whispers to the camera, while sitting alone on the yellow WA sofa. "What do I do? Obviously I am going to try to win this veto. I think I have used every opportunity to talk to people. I miss you so much right now. I feel like you would tell me what to do. I am trying. These are such good players. I am so angry, but I am trying to calm down. I want to know who is behind this. Cody is not alone." Kevin says that he wants to talk to Tyler. He also feels like Janelle is the one running the show. 


7:25 AM BBT Kevin is talking to the camera. He thinks that Janelle might be running the show and that in her eyes, he and Keesha are disposable. He says that when Cody was here last time, he had Derrick. He thinks Janelle might be his new Derrick. He is going to try hard to win the veto. "Don't worry about me, I got this. I hope you aren't embarrassed with what I am doing. I am doing everything that I said I wasn't going to do. I said I was going to socialize with everyone. But, I have no social skills. And somehow I became the target. It's not Keesha. I talked to Cody last night. He didn't tell me that I wasn't the target. So, I am the target. Why am I the target?"


7:28 AM BBT Kevin is getting teary. He says he feels like the others have this entitled attitude that they deserve to be here. He feels like he doesn't deserve to be here. He took someone else's spot. He has nothing to go off of. No one is talking to him about anything. "I love Da'Vonne. She is either her cards close or she is out of the loop. I love Nicole (Nicole A) too but she is also out of the loop. So I have no information. I love to work with Ian. He is either completely out of the loop or in that outer ring. I feel like it is Tyler and Janelle. I need to talk to Dani and Nicole F. "How did I become the target? They put me up next to Keesha, the pawn. Am I being edited like a threat? Some outsider?" 


7:32 AM BBT Kevin remains alone in the WA, talking to the camera. He admits that he has no idea what he is doing. He needs to hold on to his VIP. He can't be throwing that around. Keesha has Memphis. Memphis is connected to Janelle and Kaysar. Cody is probably linking up with them. It is like Hayden again. And Enzo is telling him that no one is talking strategy. Kevin is thinking that maybe Enzo should be the one that he asks to play veto for him. He doesn't want to put a target on Nicole A or Da'Vonne by picking them. But, they are also all not good at comps either. 


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7:00 AM BBT

Kevin is up and heads to the bathroom. The lights in the bathroom come on.


7:06 AM BBT

David, Kevin and Enzo chatting on the bathroom couch. Difficult to hear even though BB told David to put on his mic.


7:11 AM BBT


Kevin looks miserable. Enzo heads in the loo so he approaches David at the sink and tell him that if he would use the veto he would never target him. David nods then says he's going to the kitchen



Kevin chats with Enzo

Enzo- if it's between you and her, I'm keeping you. Definitely. For real. Go in there and do what you gotta do today

Kevin- I would never come for you and we can keep that on the low

Enzo- I like you...you make me laugh...for real...and I know you got nobody in the house, and I got nobody, Bro




Ian joins them and they begin talking about going back to bed. Ian says the Have Not room was really cold. Kevin tells Enzo that he needs to catch some sleep. Kevin says he's gonna catch sleep too. Enzo leaves and Kevin asks Ian if he would consider keeping him in the house. He says he doesn't want to put him in a bad situation...."If you could keep me in the house, I don't know how well you know Keesha"

Ian says it's weird because everyone is nice and there isn't a lot of game talk going on....he hasn't figured out where he is gonna land yet. He tells Kevin he likes him and he likes Keesha too. Kevin asks him to keep him in and that he wouldn't go for him. Ian says that as a vote he feels he is closer with Kevin than Keesha, so he is closer to keeping Kevin.

Ian- hang in there....it's tough


7:22 AM BBT

Kevin is alone in the bathroom and he begins talking to his husband. He tells him he misses him so much and he hopes he isn't embarrassing him. "I know you would tell me what to do....I'm trying....these people are like iconic and I'm like they're so good, such good players and I can tell their social game is so good and I'm having  a hard time trying to... like. I don't know. All I know is I want to be so angry but I am like trying to calm it down. I want to know who is behind this. Cody is not alone. I feel it's Tyler and Janelle. I want to talk to Tyler. I don't know."


He says he feels Janelle is running the show. He is obsessed with her but feels she is throwing his name out there and doesn't know why. "I wish you could talk to me and tell me. I feel like it's 'Kevin and Nicole are these useless people' and that she threw out my name. Like Derrick on his season thinking for him. I feel like someone is thinking for Cody. Obviously I'm gonna play for this veto. I just miss you so much and I know you are like stressed out, too, with all that is going on in the hospital. So, don't worry too much. I've got this. I just hope you aren't embarrassed by what I'm doing. I feel like you are thinking I'm doing everything I said I wouldn't do. I said I was going to socialize with everybody, but apparently I didn't do it. Somehow I became the target because it's not Keesha." He says Cody said he wasn't the target but he knows he is the target. "Why am I the target? This is like an elitist game. I feel like people deserve to be here and I don't deserve to be here. Like I took a spot from somebody. But I have nothing to go off of ...but no one is telling me anything"     [This self pity is heartbreaking  -MamaLong]

He says he loves Da'Vonne and loves NicoleA but he feels like they are out of the loop so he has no source of information. He says he would love to work with Ian but he feels like he is either completely out  of the loop or in the outer ring. "I feel like it's Tyler and Janelle. I want to talk to Dani because I feel I have a connection to her. Like I love both Nicoles. I should talk to Nicole F. I'm always the outsider. I'm just like....*sighs*"



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7:38 AM BBT Kevin remains alone in the WA talking to the cameras. He is debating who he should choose to pick to play the veto with him. He thinks Enzo might be a good choice, but Da'Vonne was on The Challenge. She may be better at comps than Enzo. He says that he needs to win this veto and campaign hard. "I have no receipts. I think Janelle, Cody, Tyler, Kaysar, Memphis are for sure working together. What is so weird about that is the mixture of old school and new school. Maybe I can find a wedge, talk to Tyler. Talk to whoever the head of the new school people are. I think the old school people are running the show. He needs to talk to the new school about tipping the balance in their favor. But, then he is probably going to learn that they already have a strong alliance, and he is just out of the loop. These savvy a$$ players are building all these alliances and I am here, barely catching up. 


Kevin says he loves Enzo, but Enzo is working with the dudes. He loves both Nicole. Ian is weird but he started talking the minute he got into this house. "This is how dumb I am. I should have known. Within 3 minutes, Ian was talking strategy in between commercials. And then, he started to say that he has all this anxiety. Every time I am around him he is acting like he is having a panic attack." Kevin is beginning to think that Ian has recognized who has the power, and it isn't him. Kevin "I feel like you would tell me to calm the F down. Yesterday I wanted to jump out of my skin. I wanted to flip tables. All I did was like, try to laugh and smile, be cute. I am trying. And then I stupidly did what you told me not to do. I hope you aren't mad at me. I completely talked about something that I shouldn't have talked about. Suddenly, I felt emotional like something is not right. I talked to Cody. I don't know what to call it. But he has like this accidental bias. FOTH


7:47 AM BBT Feeds return for just a moment back on Kevin. As Kevin continues to talk to the cameras, BB switches all 4 feeds to sleeping HGs in dark rooms.


7:49 AM BBT Feeds 1 and 2 are now back on Kevin again. He continues to think that Janelle and Tyler are running the show together. If noms remain the same, he may be able to go to Tyler and use the VIP + 1 situation. He could offer to use the +1 on him. Maybe that will give him an in with Tyler. "It is hard to be so smart on slop too. Normally I have more receipts to go off of. These people are so good. I am looking, and all I see are smiles and laughter. Everyone's game is out of control here.


7:53 AM BBT Kevin "I am going to fight for this veto. Oh my God. I am going to break a hip." He feels like he will be playing against Cody, because he can beat Keesha. He says that he needs to talk to people now, before they get picked.


7:54 AM BBT Kevin admits that he is struggling a lot more this time around. He didn't know that Cody was coming after him. Everyone is playing it off, being nice. Cody isn't the only nice one. Everyone is doing the social game well. They are having their conversations in such a hidden way. No one is coming right out and saying Kevin sucks, get rid of him. 


7:57 AM BBT Kevin remains talking to the cameras in the WA. He is being hard on himself for not playing the Safety Suite. "I am so dumb. It is only day 3 and I am so exhausted. It is this damn Covid. If feels like day 900."


I have Da'Vonne, I have Nicole. There is my foundation. They are both talking to Cody and they both say that they know nothing. So, either he is so dumb that his foundation is not telling him things, or they are out of the loop too. They are out of the loop, and being milked for information." Kevin tells him boyfriend not to worry about him. If he has to go to work, then go to work. He has this. And he is stupid grateful to be there. He is losing his mind, but also having fun. He doesn't want anyone to worry about him.


8:00 AM BBT Kevin says that back during season 11, he said he was going to be the first to go, or go all the way to the end. He finds himself in the same situation. "I am being targeted, and I can win this bi**h". Kevin says that if he was watching this show from home right now, he would be telling himself to make offers. 


8:05 AM BBT Kevin continues to talk to himself in the WA. He says that one of his biggest fears is that everyone is going to wonder how he got on the show and if he deserves to be there. He says that he has got to figure his way out of this. The first step in doing that, is by talking to people. He says that he feels like an awkward potato around all of the cool kids. "I fu**cked up somewhere." 

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8:04 PM BBT Kevin is still talking to himself in the WA. Everyone else is still asleep. 

8:14 PM BBT Memphis gets up and goes down to the WA where Kevin is talking to himself. Feeds cut to the PBR. Kaysar is now up and goes to the bathroom. Memphis and kaysar share a few words and Memphis leaves. 

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8:18 AM BBT

Kaysar and Kevin talk in the bathroom. Kevin tells Kaysar that he is out of his league. He tells Kaysar he' s smart he went for safety. "You figured it out". Kaysar says he used it because he didn't feel 100%. He encourages Kevin to get his head and the game and not be too hard on himself.


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8:22 AM  BBT Kaysar tells kevin he needs to get his head in the game. Memphis is in the KT making coffee and cleaning the counters. Memphis leaves and heads back upstairs to the HaveNot room. 

8:28 AM BBT Kaysar finishes his talk with kevin brushes his teeth and Memphis comes back down from the Havenot Room and starts whispering to memphis.  

8:34 AM  BBT Kevin gets up from the bathroom and heads back to the HNR. Kaysar and Memphis are in the KT talking. 

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0756 Kevin alone in the bathroom
I’m gonna fight, I’m not giving up and don’t worry about me. I know you’re stressed out with other stuff, I’m fine, I’m going to do this. I’m going to do this it’s just you know how I am…I’m so stupid, I should have done the safety sweep. I’m just so dumb. It’s only day three and I’m exhausted. It’s this damn covid, it feels like day 900. I’m so disoriented. I have Da’vonne, I have Nicole A, they’re my foundation. The part that gags me is that both of them are talking to Cody and they are telling me they don’t know anything. So either I’m like so dumb that my foundations are like not telling me things or they are out of the loop too…I don’t know what time it is, but if you have to go to work, go to work, don’t worry. I got this and also too I’m super grateful to be here so don’t worry. I am soaking it in, I’m having fun too so don’t feel like I’m not, it’s weird, like I am loosing my mind but at the same time I’m having fun. Don’t feel like I don’t have this. Don’t worry about me. I thought on season 11 that I’m either going to be the first one to go or I’m going to make it all the way to the end. That’s what’s happening here, I’m the first one targeted. I can win this. I can win this veto and flip this around. I wonder what other people would say to do, if I were watching this what would I be saying? Make offers? Which I will 100 percent do, but I’ll wait until after the veto, is that stupid? Should I be making offers now? I just hope I’m not embarrassing anybody. I’m just having so many feelings like why am I here? I’m sure America is thinking how is Kevin like here with all these good players, they are so good. I don’t know why they asked me back. I hope they aren’t like we shouldn’t have asked him back, he sucks. Maybe I’m not good enough. These people are so cool, I feel like an awkward potato. I’m just trying to fit in and I don’t fit in. Normally I could like fake it and laugh but that’s not working. I must have done something wrong. I f’d up somewhere, I just messed up…I just came in here like OMG, it’s this person and that person. I should have been more about strategy and numbers. I was trying to go off vibe, I wasn’t looking for symbols of where people are leaning. The problem with that is, the people here aren’t giving off those symbols. I didn’t think enough to be like, do something different. I need to have those strategy talks. If my intuition is right, and I could be totally wrong but like if Janelle is behind this then why is someone I look up to targeting me? It’s like I don’t know why but she hasn’t talked to me. (Memphis walks in) [ya’ll he’s breaking my heart. I just want to give Kevin a hug -SCRTsqrl].

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8:46 AM BBT Kaysar and Memphis finish their talk.Kaysar heads to the SR to change his battery for the day comes out puts something in the fridge and is to be in a deep thought. 

8:56 AM BBT Kaysar and memphis have general chat. Kevin is in the HNR talking to someone and feeds cut to wake the others up. 

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8:45 AM BBT

Kevin and Ian are whispering in the Have Not room while the lights are still out. They talk a lot about past seasons and how they have handled this new season. They both feel they made a mistake by just talking social and no game talk. They both say the slop is messing up their gut. They have a lot of gas.

8:56 AM BBT

Kevin tells him he did no pregame with anyone and Ian says he didn't either

Kevin- but these people  *feeds cut [come on production!!!!!]

8:59 AM BBT

Feeds are back and the boys are still chatting in the dark  *feeds cut again

9:00 AM BBT   feeds are back   (Dani mentioned yesterday that they are supposed to get a 10AM wake up)

Ian- yeah, it might have been pregaming. I don't know

Kevin- I wish I had a better read on Janelle

Ian- yeah, but I can always say I got here with no pregaming.....I followed the rules

Kevin thinks they will wake them up any minute for veto player picks

Ian farts really loud

Ian- did you hear that?

Kevin- get it out

Ian says he may need to head to the restroom and if he does he will stay up 'If there is anything I learn from this it's that I should just stick to backgammon"

Kevin- yeah, I'm a big fan but I feel this is just not my thing

Ian- I like strategy games not social strategy games

Kevin says some of it is like a slot machine in Vegas

Ian- yeah like a crap shoot

Kevin tells Ian that at least he has already played with some of the greats, but he hasn't "I fell like I'm gonna look back on this and say this sucks"

They agree that playing charades last night was the first time they had fun

Kevin- we should do that more

Ian tells Kevin he has to go to the bathroom because it's gonna start exploding out "sorry man"

Kevin- yeah, you should go  [these poor boys! They are all having a hard time with the slop -MamaLong]

Nicole has been listening in and says something as Ian leaves "Memphis has been up for awhile"

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9:00 AM BBT the feeds return. This was not any wake up call, because feed 1 and 2 are still on Kevin and Ian talking in the dark HN room. Kaysar and Memphis are downstairs talking at the KT counter. Memphis is talking about how Keesha has such natural likability and it was so easy for people to want to vote for her. Meanwhile, others like Dan, have to work for it. 


9:04 AM BBT Kevin and Ian are in the HN room talking about how this game is more social than strategy. They both find board games and strategy games easier, over social ones. This game is also a lot about luck too. 


9:09 AM BBT Ian has exited the HN room and gone downstairs where Kaysar and Memphis are talking. Bayleigh joins them as well.


9:11 AM BBT Ian and Memphis are talking to Kaysar in the KT about their current slop experience. It is really bad this time around. Ian says that this time, he can see himself not doing as well on comps because of the slop and the fact that this time around, he is older. Kaysar says that back to back slop weeks is beyond torture.


9:14 AM BBT Kaysar tells Ian, Bayleigh and Memphis that when he came back on the show for season 7, he wasn't committed. You can't do this game and not be committed. He should have just opted not to do it, instead of doing it the way that he did. It is too emotional. Bayleigh agrees. She says that she cried yesterday and had to remind herself that she chose to do this. 


9:20 AM BBT Instead of slop, Bayleigh says that she will likely use have not time to fast. She says that fasting makes her feel good for a while. 


9:23 AM BBT Wake up call


9:35 AM BBT Feeds return. Several of the HGs are up and about doing their ADL's. The WA is full of ladies getting ready for the day. Christmas is called to the DR downstairs. Dani wonders if things are starting already but Christmas tells her it is probably for her meds.


9:40 AM BBT Nicole F is also called to the DR downstairs for medicine. Kevin is in the shower. Da'Vonne and Keesha are primping in the WA. Bayleigh is in the KT doing dishes. Christmas, Dani, Memphis and Kaysar also just hanging around in the KT.



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9:25 AM BBT:  We have FOTH.  I think it might be wake up time for the HGs.


9:34 AM BBT:  Feeds return.  Bay, Christmas, Kaysar, Ian and Memphis are in the KT.  They are discussing how they don't have knives. Kaysar jokes that they can do a lot with butter knives.  Everyone agrees that a toaster oven is a nice touch. Bay says that "they pulled out all the stops. It's All Stars."


Kaysar said that he is taking a beach towel during the POV comp.  He asked who else wants to lay out with him. Christmas is called to the downstairs DR.


9:37 AM BBT:  Nicole F, Day, Keesha, Dani and Kevin are in the WA doing ADLs. It is just general chit chat. 


9:40 AM BBT: Nicole F is called to the DR downstairs with a mask on.  She says she thinks it's for medicine. Day and Dani laugh and say just do it anyways if it isn't. 

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9:33 AM BBT

The feeds are back and everyone is up and about

BB-"Christmas, please go to the diary room downstairs"

Dani- it's starting already

9:38 AM BBT

Several HGs getting ready in the bathroom - Keesha, Nicole F, Da'Vonne, Dani, Kevin and Ian is in the loo

Nicole is applying a cream to her face to depuff  because she feels swollen. Dani says she feels like she looks like she has a black eye They laugh about the house doing damage to them..."what is happening in this house?"

Da'Vonne- what's that do

Nicole- it depuffs

Keesha asks her how it works

Nicole F- "It's called Lift V Facial Intensive Wrap....it's amazing, made in France"  [made by Clarins and it's actually called V-Lift  -MamaLong]

BB- "Nicole Frenzel, please go to the diary room downstairs"

The HGs laugh because Nicole has a mask on

Da'Vonne- they wouldn't dare

Nicole F - it's just medicine


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9:45 AM BBT Memphis and Cody are up in the loft whispering. Memphis is telling him how some of the girls are talking about there being an all boys alliance. Memphis tells him how Kaysar approached him this morning all paranoid. He had to tell Kaysar to calm down before he spins himself out of the game. Cody "It's the first f**king week." Cody says that as long as they are sitting next to each other, they are fine. Memphis "He (Kaysar) thinks there is a master plan in this house. If there is a master plan, he don't know about it."


9:49 AM BBT Memphis tells Cody that Kaysar's paranoia is probably coming from Janelle. She has played this game way too many times. She is spinning all in her head. He says that Kaysar thinks Kevin was put up as a pawn.


9:51 AM BBT Memphis asked Cody what he wants done with the veto. Cody says he wants the noms to stay the same. The only person he would even consider wanting to put up would be Kaysar, and he can't. 


9:54 AM BBT Memphis and Cody continue to whisper in the loft. Memphis tells him that he has an in with Dani. Memphis' wife actually did Dani and Dom's wedding. 


9:56 AM BBT Keesha goes upstairs while Memphis and Cody are talking in the loft. She asks Cody if she can use his shower. He says yes and then pauses for a second before joking "But we will be watching". Memphis laughs out loud. 

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10:00 AM BBT

Cody and Memphis chatting alone in the upstairs lounge. They make note that no one knows they are working together. Memphis says he thought Kevin was going to spin himself out of the house (because he was so upset being put up) but they told him chill out. Cody said that Keesha told him she knew it would be her because she hadn't talked to him "I was like....good, I'm glad you said that". Cody says Ian talked with him last night and tried to spin Nicole as a replacement. Memphis says they need to get that "fucker" out. Cody said he was trying to pull info from him and he realized he didn't really want to work with him because he was giving him nothing. Memphis asks him who he is going with if he get HG choice. Cody says Christmas. Memphis laughs about Kaysar being crazy in his head "I was like, how much coffee have you had?"    They continue laughing about others.

  [These guys are being really cocky now  -MamaLong]





10:10 AM BBT

Dani and Enzo talking in the PBR.  Dani whispering about Nicole F and Cody (couldn't decipher) They discuss who they can work with. Dani says that Day and Bay are obviously a pair and they have to be careful because they talk to Janelle. Enzo says maybe they can pull Memphis in. Enzo- says maybe they will all just fuck up and we can creep in.  Enzo heads out.

10:14 AM BBT

Tyler walks in the PBR and starts talking with Dani. She compliments his shoes then "Who are you feeling, Keesha or Kevin?"

Tyler says he doesn't know. They both agree they like both of them. Dani says that Kevin is having a hard time being here. Tyler agrees that he carried his bad experiences from last time into this game.  [and that is what will get him voted out if he doesn't win veto  -MamaLong]

They both say no one is talking game with them at all    [wow....do they really think people are gonna believe that claim?]


Tyler is playing his dumb, surfer persona "So hey, do you wanna win veto?" He says maybe it will be prizes and stuff. Dani says no, it's too early.

Dani asks if he's going for HoH next week. He says yes he is going to gun for it. They tell each other they will not put each other up.


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10:11 AM BBT David, Nicole A and Kevin are all up in the HNR talking. David commends Kevin for being a Have not this week. David remember it being so dark and cold in the room. Kevin says he knows he is the target this week. 

10:15 AM BBT Kevin said this morning he kept asking why is he here, he said these other guys are icons. Nicole A says so are you as well. Kevin says no he is isnt but he is. Kevin knows that there was others that were bitter that they didnt get the call back once they knew people were getting the call. Feeds cut. 

10:20 AM BBT Keesha and Tyler are talking about the veto. Tyler asked her if she wants to play and she tells him she dosent know. Tyler then asked what if it has rewards involved and Kessha said rewards wouldn't be this early considering it only the first week. Chat then changes to general chat. Cams 3 and 4 change back to the HNR where Kevin and Nicole are talking. Kevin thanks Nicole A for their friendship especially in a time right now. Nicole Then says she will be back she going to change her batteries before BB yells at her for that. 

10:28 AM BBT Ian and Enzo are on the upper lounge talking about Ian relationship and how long he has been with his girlfriend. Cams 3 and 4 then change to Kevin and Nicole F are talking about her returning season and who she was on with. 

10:33 AM BBT Janelle and Nicole Are doing ADL's and Nicole A asked how she slept Janelle tells her she didnt sleep good and Nicole A apoligies to her. No game talk just general chit chat going on. 

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10:34 AM BBT

Christmas is showing Da'Vonne how to do a particular exercise in the LR "it's like a dead lift...for legs, butt, abs, back, arms...the motion is the same". Cody and Memphis are saying Christmas is bad ass. Bayleigh "I wanna have fun. I wanna be playin" Bay joins in.


10:34 AM BBT

She is now leading a class with Bay and Memphis




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10:37 AM BBT Christmas Memphis bayleigh are in the star Lounge doing some kind of excersize. Christmas is the instructor. 

10:41 AM BBT Cody and Kaysar are talking up in the HOHR. Cody asked Kaysar how he is doing and Kaysar said he is doing good. They complement on the food they have had and how good it was. They said once they had salmon they finally feel like a normal regimen. Cody says that he got to focus on his breathing at night before he can finally fall asleep. He says his mind is always going 100 mph an hour at night and finally took him awhile to be able to sleep at night.

10:45 AM BBT Janelle asked Cody if she can use his shower today she said there no hot water in the other bathroom at all. Cody says yes she can. Nicole F and Da'Vonne are in the CBR talking and wispering about how they feel in the house. Nicole was talking about why she was crying. Nicole then mentions that one of the camera was following her and how she was sweating.

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10:47 AM BBT

Nicole F and Da'Vonne are talking in the CBR 

Day asks how she feels about the noms. Nicole F says she would be more sad if Kevin left. They both agree they like both.

Day asks if she thinks Cody would put her up. She says she doesn't know because Paulie unfollowed her and stuff and she doesn't know what that's about. Day says she doesn't think he would. Nicole says that she believed him the first time and it didn't work out, but she did that to Day too so she doesn't know.  Nicole says she thinks he will work with a guys thing "he very well could put me up but I am trying to put that out of my mind"

Nicole F- "The camera was pointing right at me yesterday, like the main camera pointing right at me. They were like scoot over and I saw the blonde hair and I was like FUHHHHHHHH" (Nicole is talking about the nom ceremony)

*the camera switches and Nicole F gets a warning *you are not allowed to talk about production

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10:55 AM BBT Kaysar and Cody re talking the nominations an how he forgot that Kevin is also a have not he heard keesha tell someone when walking by and that is when it hit him he was a have not. he felt so bad for him. Kaysar said he talked to Kevin this am and then keesha yesterday. Kaysar said he said the same to both of them and Cody agress he likes them both. Kaysar the first few weeks is ll about survival.

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Janelle says there still was no hot water. They begin talking about the other HOH room from Cody's season and how it was the coach's room on her season. Janelle said she loved her team but they were so bad. She tells Cody that years later Boogie told her that her team sucked and that he built his team based on the bios.

Cody- how did he have the bios?

Janelle- he snuck a phone into sequester

Cody- Wow! He would. After everything I've heard I wouldn't put it past him

*the camera moves and they get a warning

"Cody-Janelle-please change your batteries"  [passive aggressive warning?  LOL]

11:25 AM BBT

Kaysar and Nicole F are checking out the Have Not room.

Nicole- where is the furnace

Kaysar- there isn't really a furnace....this reminds me of DIsney

They are admiring the way it was put together. Nicole tells him that he reminds her of Victor. Kaysar talks about how he seems like such a nice guy.




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11:02AM BBT Kaysar and Cody talking in HOH BR. Talking in circles about making contacts in the game. About if someone is good for your game and can you stand them. Right now everyone is being social and getting along. All cams on HOH BR.


11:13AM BBT Cody tells Kaysar about Nicole in his season. He says she trusted Derrick more. He says she is super skittish and Cody would move around a lot. He says he flirted a lot with all the girls on his season. He says he thinks Nicole didn't know how to take him so didn't know to trust him. He says Derrick's mind works in a way that no one else's does. Jani tried to take a shower in the HOH but comes out and says it's all cold water.


 11:19AM BBT In the SR, Cody and Jani changing battery packs. COdy asks Jani if he made her feel like she had to play for safety. She said no but he told her she should play so she felt she should. Jani said that she had asked him if he wanted to work together but he didn't really say anything. Cody talking in circles trying to explain that he thought he messed up. We get FOTH


 11:27AM BBT Nicole and Kaysar talking about Enzo and how sweet he is but on the crazy side (in a good way). Nicole starts to talk about Shane and Danielle and the restraining order. We get FOTH.

 11:32AM BBT Cody is called to the DR. Hopefully Veto pick.


11:33AM BBT Dani and Enzo chatting. they don't want to play POV. She says she just wants to sit and chill. She says she just wants to sit there and make fun of people. They begin whispering about Keesha and if they want to keep her in the house. Dani says she doesn't really talk to her. 



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