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Thursday, August 8, 2019 Big Brother 21 Live Feed Updates

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12:20 AM BBT  HOHR  (Jess, Kat, Nicole)

Jess says to the other angels that she thinks it's going to be unanimous to save Michie

Kat- really

Nicole- oh, wow

Jess continues....

Jess- because you two have been so giggly

Nicole- oh that's so disrespectful

Jess- we could hear you laughing from downstairs and it was really sus (suspicious)...I want you to be aware people noticed it

Nicole- I apologize

Kat- I apologize. We weren't laughing about game. 

Nicole- we were looking for my pajamas and we told them about it

Jess- I'm not at all saying you guys are being disrespectful....people are sleeping and  people aren't in that mood right now...but you are giggling. I told =them you had some sugar

Kat- Damn

Nicole- if tomorrow is a double and we go up because we were laughing

Kat- people are always laughing....if they think it is (about game) then it's on them

Jess- no, no 

Jess tells them no one said anything other than they hear them laughing and had strange facial expressions like what could that be about

Kat says when she was on the block people laughed all the time

The girls feel bad about laughing and causing stress. Both of them say they know how it feels to be on the block and they should have been better. They tell Jess tomorrow they won't have any sugar and they will be better

Kat- we won't laugh at   [this is ridiculous....Jess isn't upset with them, she is just her bringing light to how their laughing was affecting the others, when they honestly already understand that. They are very chipper and "hyper" in Nicole's words and feel bad for it...Jess wanted them to know tho others' reaction]

Nicole- are you disappointed in us?

Kat- I know I feel so bad...I feel you are disappointed

Nicole- we are bad children

Jess- Beatches...please do not ever think that. Is my face looking that?   Don't ever feel that way around me

Nicole- a little bit

Jess- no....never you guys! I just have a resting bitch face and undiagnosed ADD

Nicole- we screwed up Kat....I feel so bad

Kat- I know.....  we done fucked up, Nicole

Nicole gets called to the DR and Kat teases that they want her to talk about their latest drama (just this silliness about their laughing)

Jess told the girls about a meeting she had with Tommy where he said he feels he is the deciding vote. He told Jess that he has no reason to not like Michie "that's all Christie." They discuss how that is like throwing your alliance under the bus.

Nicole goes to the DR.





are you.png



12:42 AM BBT

Jess and Kat discuss Jack revealing to Cliff that Kat knew about the vote flip to save Nicole. Kat said she knew it was going to be house vote, "but at that point, I didn't matter because I had already told Cliff I was going to vote to save him." Jess agrees that even if she had known about it, she would have saved Cliff too.


12:45 AM BBT

Michie says he went in the Target Room and said to them "Hey guys this may be my last night here, just know that everything that comes out of your mouth is being watched by millions of people and it could affect my reputation so I would appreciate it if you would keep it classy so that things don't affect my life outside of this house."

Kat- I'm glad he said that

Nicole comes back from DR

Jess shares the talk she had with Tommy with Nicole.

Nicole- that's fucked up

Jess- yeah, to me it's like WOW, way to be loyal to your people

Nicole- I heard through the grapevine that certain persons by the name Tommy and SIs have 

Tommy comes in traveling at the speed of light and does a very detailed routine for them including several kicks turns and drop to the floor

The girls praise his routine

Jess- that was really good. He did a death drop

12:50 AM BBT

The girls are washing their faces and brushing teeth getting ready for bed. Nicole goes back to her news about Tommy and Sis

Nicole- they realized that they don't want their wagons hitched to Christie...they realized she is playing both sides...she is always opening her mouth so them two are not opposed to her goin up which is their way of saving their own tushes

Kat says she knows that Christie was talking about Sis being annoying because she was following her around and that Sis was jealous over the relationship between Jack and Christie

Kat is popping zits  (GROSS)

The girls are flabbergasted over the non-allegiance that Sis/Tommy/Christie have

Nicole- they have mastered the scapegoat

The discuss their next target will be Tommy because they feel Christie will take the shots at Michie and Holly so she is better for their game.

1:23 AM BBT

Michie is up eating his 423rd watermelon (just a guesstimation...rivals Matt's bowls of cereals, for sure)


2:00 AM BBT

Everyone is in bed and the house goes dark (not quiet, though...lots of smooching)

5:27 AM BBT

Everyone is still sleeping in the Big Brother house

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Thursday morning recap.  Jack was making his rounds focusing on Nick and Cliff.  He talked to Cliff about safety loyalty.  He talked to Nick about him (Nick) talking to Cliff and reiterating what a good deal it is to go with Jack instead of Jackson going forward. Jack said there are three points, one is a 6-3 house compared to a 5-4 house.  He needs Christie through the double eviction, but they understand that she is playing both sides and she will need to go.  His third point was that if Nick pulls the trigger and votes to keep Jack, then he has to make sure Cliff knows and understands.  Jack said Cliff's biggest fear is being hung out to dry.  Nick goes over the points again.  Nick talks to Cliff and they agree it is best for Jack to leave.  Cliff found Orwell and did a brief Cliff Notes, it may be his demise, but he is NOT keeping Jack.  Cliff says he is giddy.  He said giddy is an abbreviation for giddy-up, like giddy on up out of here tonight.  Most of the HG's were slow to get up and get going, some were in the KT getting something to eat.  Feeds went down at 10:45, then switched to puppy/kitty cams at 11:00 BBT.

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1:20PM BBT Feeds are back. Cliff and Nick talking in the SR. Nick tells Cliff that he told Jack he was voting him out.


1:22PM BBT Cliff walks in to the BR to talk to Jack. He tells him that he spoke with Nick and that he knows Nick already told Jack that they were keeping their promise to Jess. Jack tells him that Kat has already made a deal with Jackson and Holly. He wants to call out Kat in his eviction speech. CLiff says he understands but doesn't want to be part of it.



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1:20 PM BBT  Nick and Jack are talking in the TBR.  Nick tells him that he will do whatever Cliff does, because if it is 4-4, it f's his game.  Nick goes to the SR and talks to Cliff.  Cliff then goes into the TBR and tells Jack he doesn't feel comfortable splitting the vote.  Jack says Kat has lied through the game, he is going to blow up her game in his speech.  Cliff says he can do what he needs to do.  Cliff says he has mad respect for Jack, and it isn't just the physical aspect, but people gravitate to him.  Cliff said he is sorry, but he can't do it.  They end amicably.  Cliff said he will tell Sis and Tommy unless Jack wants to.  Jack said he will tell them, but if Cliff wants to be stand up, then go ahead.  Cliff goes and tells Sis, then Tommy.  Tommy said he gets it. Cliff said he could have bought a couple of weeks safety, but where does it go from there.  Cliff continues to tell Tommy that other people have treated him better, Jack left hm out of a lot of decisions.  Tommy said this won't make Cliff public enemy #1, just because he didn't take the deal.  Cliff said he didn't want to wait until the last minute, he has too much respect for Jack.  Cliff said he didn't want to be the swing vote, but it fell on him that way.  He said while he was sitting upstairs, he just added it all up. Nicole talks to Tommy for a minute and asks if Cliff has talked to Jack, he said yes. 

1:35 PM BBT  Tommy and Nick are whispering.  Nick said he hasn't lied yet in this game, but he doesn't want a big target.  Tommy said that won't happen.  Tommy pitches to Nick to bring in Nicole and have her jump, then they will be strong.   Cliff goes to Michie and tells him that he told Jack, Tommy and Sis.  He said Sis is upset, but that is to be expected.  Cliff hopes there isn't too much blow back for this.  Michie said he has his back as much as he can.  Cliff told Michie that Tommy said he is going to vote with them (Jack out), to show he isn't with the others.  (funny, Tommy is still campaigning for Jack to stay).  Looks like Tommy is telling everyone what they want to hear, and he will make a decision at the last minute. 

Michie and Holly are eating at the DT, Tommy is there too.  They are discussing how they are on a sound stage, that makes the temperature hot from the lights, and cold when they are off. 

Nick is talking to Jack, giving more suggestions on how to bring people in.  They discuss Kat.  Christie comes in, Jack said he is going to go to Kat and tell her the info he knows about her, and that it is precious to her and Jess's game. He is going to hold it over her and say he will keep her safe and not spill the info if she votes to keep him.  (blackmail anyone?)

1:33 PM BBT  Jack goes and gets Kat and they go to the TBR.  Jack said he wasn't able to pitch her an alliance yesterday.  He said there are people that are special to her game, and that is Jess.  He said also Holly and Michie, Kat said that is up for interpretation.  Jack said that Cliff turned down his deal, so he wants to move forward with her.  He knows she knew about the flipped vote, but he doesn't want Jess to know about it.  She doesn't know why?  She said it wasn't a big deal, she doesn't want to blow up her game.  She is trying to understand what he is pitching.  He said align with him, Tommy, Christie, Sis, if he gets the vote from her then Nick would go with them.  She keeps having him repeat himself.  She thought Cliff was with him, she questions him, he said Cliff is not voting to keep him.  She keeps asking him.  She said she thought Cliff was on his side.  Kat is playing very dumb, doesn't understand what is going on.  Kat did say she thought everyone was just voting individually.  She ask again how this saves her, he said he won't blow up her game and trust with Jess.  Kat said she isn't sure that would blow it up.

1:41 PM BBT  Continued talk in the TBR with Kat and Jack.  He tells her if she flips, Nick will flip too.  Jack said Nick said he promised Jess he would vote out Jack, and he doesn't want to go back on that promise.  Jack is shoveling his respect for her game, didn't want to make her have to explain herself to Jess and Nicole.  Jack wants to bring Nick in, she says she wants some time to think on it.  Kat says she didn't know her vote was so important, she said but now there is pressure on her.  Jack said her vote is very important.  Kat asks that she can't let Jess know?  Jack said he wouldn't.  He backpedals and says Jess wants to be let in, Kat can tell her that she has decided to keep Jack, and why.  He offers to bring Nick in , again, or bring in Jess. 

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1:47 PM BBT  Kat said so Nick hasn't made any promises to Jess?  Jack said no (earlier he said Nick promised to vote out Jack)  Jack said so Jess doesn't know how Kat is voting, Kat said no one knows how she is voting, not even him.  Kat is telling him that looking at the numbers, no one really has an advantage.  Kat wants to think about it.  Jack wants an answer right now, Kat is putting him off, she wants to "marinate" it.  Jack calmly pressures her, giving promises to NEVER put her up.  He then says that he isn't trying to back her in a corner.  He again says that he offered Cliff a deal first, but he turned him down.  He said there is a rift in the house, and it is a good time to make some moves.  (she is second choice).  He keeps offering her safety in the double eviction.  She is still waiting.  He keeps talking.  He said he doesn't want Holly and Jackson getting wind of this.  Kat said she didn't know anyone had any dirt on her.  He is now saying that if they hear it, Holly or Jackson may use it against her.  (he was going to use it against her in his eviction speech).  He said he doesn't want her to feel pressured, as he pressures her.  She says she has to go do her hair and get ready.  She said she will talk with Nick.  He said they can call Nick in now.  She said she wants to think on it, talk to him later. 

1:56 PM BBT  They come out, Christie and Tommy are there.  Christie is crying (big surprise).  She said she doesn't like not knowing what is going to happen.  Kat goes to get her roots dyed by Jess.  Cliff said he is getting his tips done.  After they leave, Christie, Tommy and Jack talk.  He tells them he offered Kat an alliance, she wants to think on it.  He said it is his last chance. 

2:05 PM BBT  Nicole and Nick are in the SR.  Nicole is ironing.  Nick said Jack makes a lot of sense, and his pitch is really good.  Nicole said yeah, but NO.  Nick is whispering that he made a promise to Jess to vote out Jack.  He tells her he is sticking to it, but keeps saying what Jack is trying to do with Kat.  As Nicole talks, he keeps shushing her.  She said if he is flipping, to tell her.  He said he isn't going to flip, but he wanted her to know what is going on.  She said it is going to be another interesting Thursday.  Nick keeps talking, repeating himself.  Nick leaves, Nicole talks to the camera.  Her eye is twitching, she asks Allen (the alien) to save them.  Nicole says she doesn't like when people say she is on a side, she isn't on a side, she votes how she needs to.  She likes it in the SR, it is peaceful in there. She is ironing her shirt, and says shit shit shit, she just burnt her shirt.  She hopes this isn't the trajectory of the way the day will go.

2:13 PMBBT  Nick is talking to Kat, while Jess colors her hair (roots) and tells her that he and Cliff are on the same page, they are voting Jack out.  He said his last ditch effort is getting Kat to flip.  Nick said don't do it.  Nick leaves, and Cliff comes by and says that Sis feels he is single handedly responsible for Jack going home.  He thinks Jack spun it that way.  They agree that sitting at the DR table isn't the place to discuss this.  Jess continues to color Kat's roots, telling her the hardest part is getting her hair separated from her extensions.  Jess said we are supposed to tell how we are voting, but everyone is.  Kat said she will just tell him it was a last minute decision, Kat says isn't it always?  Jess asked if she told Jack she isn't voting for him, she said she told him she wanted to think about it.  Kat says she was hoping Jess would come in to say it was time to do her hair. 

5:24 PM BBT  While Jess continues to color Kat's hair, and talk about how the coloring is going, Jack is in the CBR with Tommy,. Christie and Sis.  Sis is on the bed putting on her make up.  Christie is too.  Christie asked how it went with Kat.  He tells her that he wanted to bring Nick in so they could solidify the vote, but Kat wanted to marinate on it.  Holly comes in and Tommy asks if she knows what outfit she is wearing.  Game talk stops as Holly is in there.  BB calls out for Holly to put on her microphone.  Jack sitting in the chair with his feet up, looking down, Christie and Sis putting on make-up, Holly trying to dry her hair and Tommy just laying on the bed. 

2:28 PM BBT  Tommy leaves.  Christie jokes that he can sit is silence anywhere in the house.  Tommy goes to the DR table and watches Jess doing Kat's hair.  They aren't sure how it will turn out since they are using box coloring.  Kat doesn't like the smell, she is having flashbacks to the challenge wher she had to smell things.  She thinks it smells like bobcat pee, or maybe coyote pee.  They discuss the smell of perms, and say they could perm Jack's hair.  Jess said not to freak out, but she hasn't done a box color in a long time.  Kat isn't really worried about it.  She is sure it will be fine. 

(I am out....just getting ready now, no game talk.  Feeds sure end soon)

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2:48 PM BBT

The houseguests are getting ready for the show. Kat has a garbage bag on while she color treats her hair. Sis is applying makeup. Jack is just sitting around. Michie is cutting up a watermelon (of course) complaining about how difficult it is to cut up a watermelon without a good knife.



2:52 PM BBT Campsite Area

Christie makes a comment that she doesn't know if she should win the next HOH and Jack replies that is why he is being evicted "because nobody fucking wanted to win"

Christie and Sis are talking about what to do if they win HOH. Christie asks does she put up Michie and Holly or say that even though things were said personally, she still wants to work with them and put up two others. 

Sis- I'm so fucking pissed

They exchange negative sentiments with each other regarding Cliff.

Sis says she would put up "fucking Cliff and Kat"

Sis to Christie- I fucking hate him, Dude. Literally, Cliff you think you're gonna fucking go to the final four with them. He is a fucking pussy because he didn't want to battle it out. I'm so fucking pissed. 

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1:38 PM BBT - Cliff tells Jackson that he told jack he is sending him out and keeping him (Jackson) sis and tommy. Cliff said that analyse looks pissed but he isnt surprised that analyse is pissed. cliff and jackson shakes hands. Cliff said he is worried about the blowback Jackson tells Cliff he got his back. Cliff then leaves the storage room.

1:41 PM BBT - Cliff tells Jackson that tommy is going to jump on bored to make it look like he is not part of the 6. Jackson then leaves the storage room. Cliff is in the storage room looking in the fridge for something not sure what. Jack talking to Kat in the target room. he said that cliff is not on his side. Kat questions him and ask him if he (jack) is sure. Jack says he is positive. Jack is trying to get kat on his side because then christie would be the target next week.

1:48 PM BBT - Jack is still trying to get kat to join the "new 6". Jack said he would still the target because he is biggest threat right now. Jack tells Kat that he wanted to tell her the info because he know that Kat is close with Jackson and holly and wanted to tell her before Jackson goes. Jack says that he doesn't want a tie break.

1:51 PM - jack tells kat that he wanted to tell her to the last part of the day because he didn't want her to have time to go explain to nicole or jessica. Jack then said he doesn't know what side kat is on. Kat then says that Jessica told her to vote whichever way that will benefit her in the long run.jack says he can go get nick right now. Kat asks jack if she can think about it before grabbing nick. Kat said she wasn't really till she knew her vote counted this much so she is nervous now that she know it counts this much.

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2:58 PM BBT

Jack and Michie talk in the kitchen while sharing some watermelon

Jack- you eat more watermelon you're gonna turn into one, boy (using exaggerated country accent)

Michie- you already know  (using exaggerated country accent)

Then talk turns serious...

Michie- we have three hours left in this house together

Jack- my photo is going to be the best looking black and white, Boy...it's gonna be the best black and white up there, boy

Michie- don't lie to me outside of this house

Jack- What?

Michie- don't lie to me outside of this house; ...I'm dead fucking serious

Jack- yeah,  literally in my eviction I'm going to say that I'm so glad I'm done hearing how fake everybody fucking is and I can't wait to have real conversations

Michie- and don't pull this shit outside of here

Jack- what do you think I'm lying about

Michie-  I'm saying don't break my trust; don't fuck me over in real life...I'm chalking it up to Big Brother

Jack- it is single handedly the biggest regret I fucking have in this game and it fucked up our games

Michie- everyone's...fucking everyone's...I love you Dog but don't make me have to cap your ass (laughs) no, not that but don't make me have to turn my back on you


3:01 PM BBT

The feeds cut to Rancho Coastal Humane Society


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7:06 PM BBT The feeds are back

Christie to Michie- I didn't vote you to be a dick

Michie- I know, we already talked about it

Christie- I love you

Jess- I'm glad we are all here

Christie- I know...glad it wasn't a double eviction

Christie commented that it was a really fun HOH  


Kat tells Michie she feels like she's fucked..."I think he's going to put me up"

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 7:03PM BBT - The feeds are back.  Christie, Nick and Sis are in the target room while the others are in the KT watching the faces wall.


7:05PM BBT - Tommy gets lots of congrats from the other HG.  Back in the target br, Tommy tells Sis, Christie and Nick that they're safe.  They thank him and he tells them to not be weird that he doesn't say that out loud going forward. Christie tells him to stay true to himself.  


7:06 PM BBT Christie to Michie- I didn't vote you to be a d*ck.  Michie- I know, we already talked about it.  Christie- I love you.  Jess- I'm glad we are all here.  Christie- I know...glad it wasn't a double eviction


7:09PM BBT - Nick  tells Tommy that he didn't want to win the HOH and threw the comp to him.   Nick wants to be able to play in the double eviction next week.


7:10PM BBT - Kat's moving in to get Tommy's ear and to explain that she voted the way she did to keep Jess safe.  He says he understands and loved them both - and voted to evict Jack as well.


7:18PM BBT - Tommy checks in with Sis in the SR to make sure she's ok after Jack's eviction.  He said he will listen to other people and then come to her to bounce ideas off of her.  She wants to start making the cake for his birthday.


7:21PM BBT - Kat, Sis, Nicole, Nick, Jess and Cliff are in the KT fueling up post-show.  


7:23PM BBT - In the target room, Michie unpacks his suitcase while Holly keeps him company.  Nick reads the Bible in the RV bedroom.


7:26PM BBT - Sis tells Michie she thinks Tommy will put him up as a pawn against Cliff. Michie says he will go home next to Cliff...next to anyone.


7:26PM BBT - The HG are trying to figure out where everyone will be sleeping.  Sis says she doesn't want to be anywhere near Cliff.  Christie said she's going to leave her stuff where it is, but will also be sleeping upstairs.


7:34PM BBT - In the target br, Michie tells Cliff that he respects his game.  


7:45PM BBT - Nick talks with Sis in the RV room.  She is bored, so he offers to stop reading and to talk with her.  She is bummed that she came so close to winning the HOH by .04 seconds.  Nicole is with them and say that Sis and her are the only ones left that haven't won HOH.


7:48PM BBT - Cliff tells Tommy that he should get his room soon since they finished the comp early. Tommy was hoping that he would be let off the hook with his punishment, but it will continue.


7:50PM BBT - Tommy jokes about starting his one on ones now and the others laugh.  Nick is dead set on getting HOH next week and being the first repeat winner.


7:54PM BBT - Tommy tells the other HG that he wants to sleep alone tonight.  They all agree and that he deserves it.


7:57PM BBT - Tommy is predicting who will be in his pictures, what will be in his basket, and who wrote a letter.  He said that everyone signed releases for him, vs. Jack who got a letter from his trainer.


7:58PM BBT - In the KT, Sis is already campaigning against Cliff with Holly and Michie.

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7:17 PM BBT

Tommy just got called to the DR. He thinks he gets to remove his rocket costume.

Earlier, SIs told Tommy he needs a cake in celebration for his birthday. He said he doesn't need any more celebration after getting the HOH.

Cliff met Tommy in the SR and told him to enjoy his HOH. TOmmy told him he definitely wants to talk with him later.

7:23 PM BBT  Holly and Michie are in the Target Room

Holly- I have no idea what Tommy will do

Michie- neither do I


The Houseguests are trying to figure out their sleeping arrangements. Cliff is going to sleep in Sam's bed in the Campsite Area. Sis said, ""I don't want to be anywhere near him" (meaning Cliff) and Michie says he understands. Christie is going to sleep with Sis because Sis doesn't want to sleep alone. The angels will go back to the RV.  Seems like Michie and Holly are going back to their original bed in the Target Room. Nick is sleeping in HOH with Tommy.


Sis tells Michie she thinks Tommy will put him up as a pawn against Cliff. Michie says he will go home next to Cliff...next to anyone.

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7:45 PM BBT

Tommy walked in the RV just as Sis was telling Nicole and Nick that she is going to bake a birthday cake for Tommy. Nicole asked if she wanted help and she said sure. Just then Tommy walked in the RV and Nick said to Nicole, "Nugget go with Sis". Nicole got out of her bed and said she got the message...that she will leave. Sis then told Nick he just kicked her out of her own room. Nicole and Sis go leave to start the cake but NIcole returns after discovering they have no eggs. Tommy confirms with Nick that he can sleep in the HoH Room. Cliff joins the group in the RV. Tommy is really excited to get his HoH Room, letter and pictures.

Tommy is still in his punishment costume.




Tommy tells Nick he wants his first night in the HoH by himself but then he can come up the other nights.

8:08 PM BBT 

Christie discovers the Polaroid picture of Julie from the RV is missing. They think Jack took it. [I'm not sure if it was ever confirmed that the photo that looked like Julie is really Julie, but they are talking about it as if it is]. They think Jack took Travis, too.

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9:00PM BBT (or so) Tommy has said he wasn't gonna tell anyone what he is gonna do.  Cliff, Holly, Michie are in the TBR speculating on who might go up.  Similar convos elsewhere but no one knows.  

Soon after feeds had returned, Tommy had promised Sis, Christie, and Nick they're safe.  

He had told Holly and Michie they were safe before the show.  

Bunch of sitting around waiting for the HoH room


10:00PM BBT Christie telling Kat in the SR that Tommy hasn't told anyone who he is putting up.  Apparently, Nick told Kat she might be up.  Christie is getting eggs, cake mix and frosting from the SR.



10:03PM BBT Everyone but Michie is in the KT/DT.  They are all eating.  The cake is being made.  

[VERY POOR technique by Sis.  You DON'T crack eggs directly into the mix so you don't get shell in it! - rms]


Sis: "I'm not a good cooker, but I'm a great baker, only when I have a recipe."  [You are not doing very well with grammar either. - rms]

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10:22PM BBT They are all at the KT talking about seeing people through the doors waving at them.  They saw how excited people were to see them but then said we aren't anything.  We are excited to see them.  

Christie informs them that Julie's selfie photo and Travis are missing.  Jack took them.  

Kat says she respects that.  [Okay, so you respect theft and/or kidnapping, nice! - rms]

Jess JUST found out Tommy was the one who took Orwell.  She said, I know nothing.  They recap hiding Orwell.


10:39PM BBT Nick tells what he said when he voted. 

Christie says she can't believe the audience reacted to Tommy's vote.  Cliff points out it was because Tommy was the 5th vote so that evicted Jack.


10:54PM BBT Everyone heads into the HoHR

10:59PM BBT Christie is over by herself looking at Tommy's pictures.  Nicole comes over then Cliff.


He got Ed Sheeran's new album.

Christie and Nick ask who is his mom, and who are the aunt's in one picture.

Christie said Nick asked Christie which aunt she liked better.


They wish him a happy birthday, 29th.

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11:11PM BBT They are all in HoHR and BB Explorer is called for his smell mission.  They all yell, No!  Tommy jumps up and says, "Nothing like a good ol' slice of Humble Pie!"  

[Gotta give it to him.  He is handling this punishment well. Nice white balance on the hall camera to Camp BB, BoB.  His hat was pink! - rms]


They made a human barrier and Cliff held up a blanket to block off the cake from his view (and the smell)!

Tommy has about 48 more hours as a rocket.

They talk about slop and who may need to go on it.  He said he wants to avoid picking Sis.  Cliff says Holly, Nick and myself.  Sis yells from balcony, "Aw, I love you.  You don't have to do that."  Nick yells, Holly, I wish you had given me a break after I lost Bella but I was right on the block.  Holly says, I'm sorry Nick.  They all are in a good mood, for now.

Orwell has Ovi's Orange T for University of Tennessee pinned on his bandana.

11:31PM BBT Everyone in the KT singing Happy Birthday and Christie brings down the cake.    [Take that BoB!  Good luck stopping that singing! - rms]


[need a screenshot of his cake - rms]

11:32PM BBT Christie shows the cake to the feeds.  BBAD has it on very briefly but should find a pic on a feed.  It says Happy Birthday Tommy Brocket and has a rocket shooting off into space.  [There is something above the rocket, not sure if it is a cloud or something else.  Maybe BoB panics about the image and what may be there and shifts off it.  - rms]


They debate scrapping the colored frosting off.  They used Sqwincher packs to make the color.  (water flavor additive)  They decide to scrap it off, too sour.

11:42PM BBT Kat grabs Tommy at the Buck door.  She says Nick told Nicole that he thought you were putting up me and Cliff.  [Wow, let the guy enjoy his birthday for 2 seconds! - rms]

Tommy says if Nick said that, that's only what nick thinks.  He doesn't know what he is gonna do.  He only really knows about one side of lats week and he wants to learn more about what all went on.  Tommy is carrying a clean suit and is trying to get to a shower.  

Kat tells Holly on bed outside CBR and says she wants to go home but now she can't because of jury.  She is already panicking and nothing has even happened.

Holly says as a question, He would never target Nick?  She then complains that Nick said Tommy has the most attractive family I have seen yet.  She says she takes offense to that, I am sitting right here.  [conceited much? - rms]


[PoPTV code: SLOP - rms]

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