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Monday, July 29, 2019 Big Brother 21 Live Feed Updates

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12:00 AM BBT  Backyard (Michie and SIs) Michie working out and Sis chatting with him from the hammock.

Michie said he never worked during college.  Worked as a server in a restaurant making $700 cash on a double shift. He says he made 20-25K on summer break and worked 21-22 days on Christmas break taking  $7100 back to school. He said people that were regulars would buy him gifts and write him checks, "it was a good little gig." Sis talked about a restaurant she worked at her senior year. Michie asked her what type of clientele and she said families. He asked if there were college kids. SIs said no, which was good because college kids don't understand tipping. She dazes off

Michie- you alright

Sis- yeah, are you?

Michie- you looked deep in thought

Sis- Oh I was just thinking about the food, 'cause that was good food.


12:30 AM BBT  Jess and Sis plan a prank in the storage room. Sis hides in the cabinet and Jess says she's going to ask someone to get her toilet paper. They plan to prank Tommy when he goes to take a shower. Jess will go into the toilet room and yell for Tommy to please go get her some toilet paper. They are thrilled with their plan.


12:45 AM BBT Target Bedroom  (Cliff, Sam, Jess, Jack, Tommy, Christie)

Christie is telling Sam that people had been pressuring her to use her power. "You were trying hard to convince people to keep Bella"

Jess chimes in with something inaudible.

Sam to Jess- did I come to you

Jess- yes...we were talking about the 5 and you said it....it would be stupid (to keep Jack). Did you not say that

Sam- I don't think we dropped any names at all

They bicker about that conversation. Christie said earlier that she wasn't trying to start a fight.

Sam- for the most part I let Nick and Bella do all the talking. I don't remember saying that.

This conversation goes on and on with Cliff/Tommy/Jack just quietly observing and Sam defending himself as realizing that he and Nick were next on the pecking order.

Jess- in this game I'm a floater..... I don't know what the f* I'm doing, but I can't morally pick Bella over Jack....and I own that.

Christie- everybody knows you were Team Nick/Bella 

Sam- what else am I supposed to do

Christie- it isn't that I don't respect you as a person and a player but.. (Christie talks louder than needed, as Sam is sitting right next to her)

Jess tells him that the way he was talking was making it seem like he was denying being involved. Sam insists he was just trying to support Nick and Bella but didn't feel he was pushing an agenda. Christie says that the whole thing just made her emotional and left her crying. "Nick said I was an idiot if I used this power....that Jack was the greatest player of all time." Christie repeats that she felt he and Nick were pushing her not to use the power.

Sam- the reason I didn't want you to use your power is because I didn't want to burn my bridge with Cliff.

Nick tries to come in through the door and Sam tells him "Hang On Nick" Jack then blocks the door to keep Nick out so they can finish rehashing this mess fest.

Cliff chimes in- I want to say one thing. I never had a discussion with Nick or Sam.....no name dropping. It was purely me. It wasn't Sam. It wasn't Nick.

Sam says he was worried about breaking trust with Cliff. 

[conversation goes nowhere....these kids just need to own that they all want to win and are playing to win and stop guilting each other for their game play...it's mind numbing]


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1:37 AM BBT Target Room (Jess and Sam)

Jess tells Sam that she just wishes he would speak candidly and directly. She explains that his smiling confuses her because she doesn't know him well enough, so when he says something and then smiles, she isn't sure how he is feeling.

Sam- Okay, I'll be like, Jess, I love you to pieces but my heart is broken

Jess- and I'd be okay with that

He tells her he will try to be forthcoming about the way he feels in game situations. They seem to agree that they both  have work to do with their communication skills toward each other. Sam tells her that he loves the fact that when he wakes up sad and just sits on his bed that she knows he just needs that....that she tells others he needs his space and not to bother him. "That was amazing. I loved it"  Going forward, they both agree to do better at talking things through with each other.


love you to pieces.png

2:30 AM BBT  Kitchen (Sam and Christie)

Sam- we will just call each other cysts. I'm a cyst and you can't get rid of me

Christie- unless you're like a Nick cyst...then that just gets removed

Sam- oh...Jack removes me (Jack removed a big cyst on Nick's back a few weeks ago)

They start laughing then say their "good night"s and "love you"s

2:43 AM BBT  Target Bedroom (Jack, Christie, Sis, Tommy, Nick)

Christie offers new Zings for Jack and Nick using her Zingbot voice

"Nick, instead of pumping up your penis, how about pumping up your game play"  (these HGs talk about hydropumps a lot)

"Jack, you want to be a stunt double for Jason Momoa, how about Jason NO-NO-a"

Christie said she has found her calling.

Nick has one for Sis: "Analyse, people still call you SIs. Does your mother tuck you in at night?"


3:11 AM BBT  Bathroom Area (Jackson and Holly)

Holly is explaining herself to Jackson using Kat as an excuse. ...tells Jackson that Kat uses flirting as her strategy in the game and that she has noticed it has revved up lately with him. She tells Jackson about a conversation where Kat asked her how her relationship with him was going  and when she responded that it was going well, that he is really sweet she said 'but do you think it's genuine though?" (Jackson has a facial reaction that says WTF)

Jackson- yeah, well, I don't mind you getting stressed out, but don't talk to me like that...I'm not your dog

Holly- I'm sorry...it was just a reaction  (she snapped at him earlier)...she was just planting seeds

Jackson- I'm not barking at you...I'm not mad

Holly- you say don't talk me like I'm your dog and then you tell me you aren't barking at me....that's funny


4:20 AM BBT  Holly and Jackson finally get into bed and turn off lights after hours of chatting about people in the house (nothing new). They begin making out pretty heavy then the cameras switch to a dark house with everyone else sleeping.

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3:18AM BBT: Jackson and Holly are still in the WA whispering. Jackson tells Holly that he doesn't like a girl who "throws herself...if you know what I mean." He says he "sees through it" and wonders what their "motive is." Jackson says Sam and Nick are "all about it."


 3:19AM BBT: Holly and Jackson would like to put up Analyse next to Sam after Nick takes himself down. Holly says it's annoying because Analyse is already planning to stab Holly in the back. Holly says it "pisses her off" that Analyse is acting like a "f***ing snake." Jackson wants to go upstairs to the HOHR.


3:21AM BBT: Holly and Jackson leave the WA and head upstairs to the HOHR to get ready for bed. Jackson showers while Holly talks to him about people who came to talk to her. 


3:34AM BBT:  BB tells Cliff to stop talking about production. BB then tells Cliff to stop "using production to talk about your strategy." Cliff is not on any of the four cameras. Kat gets up to use the WC. BB then tells Cliff to stop talking about the DR.


4:00AM BBT: Jackson is out of the shower and eating a cucumber in the HOHR. Holly is in bed making fun of Jackson. "You're weirding me out," she says. Holly says Analyse ate all her granola. 


4:11AM BBT: Holly and Jackson are in bed in the HOHR with the lights off. Jackson is telling Holly that this is a "game, it's not personal" and that Holly has to do what she has to do. Jackson says if Sam wanted to stay he should have won the HOH comp or the Veto comp. Jackson says Sam's gameplay is "terrible" and he shouldn't have done that to himself.


4:14AM BBT: Holly tells Jackson that "Christie and Tommy" are trying to "start something" and she wants to get to Cliff before they do. Jackson said he talked to Cliff earlier. Jackson says Cliff doesn't trust Christie and that Cliff wants to work with him and Holly and Cliff only made a deal with Christie because he was "pushed into a corner." 


4:17AM BBT: Jackson and Holly talk about Cliff and Sam. Holly says she asked Sam who his targets would be if she kept him, but Sam wouldn't tell her, even though he told Holly he wanted to work with her. Holly says Sam is just panicked. Jackson agrees, he says Sam is "scared."


4:19AM BBT: Jackson says he's "dropped some hints" around Sam, but that he doesn't trust Sam. Jackson says again that Sam is "scared." Jackson says that they can't trust him and tell him they want to take a shot at Christie, because they aren't sure who he would tell. Jackson changes the cameras in the HOHR. 


4:35AM BBT: Jackson and Holly stop talking game in the HOHR and start to kiss under the covers. BB cuts away from them and the rest of the house is dark and silent. 


7:13AM BBT: All of the HGs are still in bed and the lights are still off in the BB House. 

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9:44 AM BBT  Feeds are back.  Feeds 1/2 on the TBR with no one up, Feeds 3/4 are on HOH room, lights are still off, Michie and Holly still in bed.  Tommy gets up in the TBR, Jack asks if it is brighter during the day, Tommy doesn't know.  Tommy goes to SR to get a new battery.

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9:49 AM BBT Bathroom (Tommy and Cliff)

They say good morning, and Tommy askes Cliff how long he has been up. Cliff tells him that he got up early to do laundry but the gate was down (can't get outside)

Cliff is icing his leg.


Cliff tells Tommy and Sam that maybe they are fixing the hot tub (reason why the blast gate is down)



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9:46 AM BBT  Tommy goes to the WA, Cliff is in there.  Tommy asks how long he has been up, Cliff says he got up to do his laundry, but the gate is still down to the BY.  Tommy brushes his teeth. 

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9:50 AM BBT  Sam is in the WA now.  Cliff repeats his story about the gate being down, can't do laundry.  They wonder if the hot tub is being fixed, they hope so but not sure. Cliff hopes they do an early Veto meeting.   Tommy says he hates pink (looks a lot lighter today, maybe rubbed of in his bed).  BB says sternly "I said get up for the day!"  Tommy goes back to TBR, Jack and Sis ask if the BY is open, he says no.  Sis can't believe it, Jack says maybe a luxury comp or something outside.

9:56 AM BBT  Tommy tells Sis and Jack that Holly asks questions sometimes just to make people paranoid.  Sis says she feels it too.  Tommy said he and Holly have had several conversations.  He compared notes with Christie, she feels it to.  Tommy said after talking with Christie, they figured out the common denominator is Holly.    Talk turns to Tommy being pink.  Tommy hates it, Jack said he is still Tommy.  Jack asks Sis if she is feeling better today, she said yes.  He asks if it is just a day thing.  She said there is still a few more days to go, but she is much better.  They discuss the mob flash and if they should make cookies today.

10:00 AM BBT  Jess and Nicole are talking in the Have Not room.  They are wondering who is going up.  Nicole feels like Holly will talk with people unless there is a new target.  Jess says Holly told her she will talk with people before putting them up to make sure they are okay with it.  Jess says she has to poop.  They are talking about slop, being constipated, slop being hard on their system.  Jess is talking about slop pancakes, and having to chew 100 times.

10:04 AM BBT  Tommy is still in the TBR talking with Jack and Sis.  He said there are enough targets in the 6 of them, they need to get the targets outside of the 6 first.  Tommy said he told Holly to do what is right for her game.  He said like with the Kemi thing, if something doesn't feel right for your game, then go for it, he will support her 100%.  Jack says he agrees, he is a big boy and can take care of himself.   Christie comes in, says she put a pot of coffee on.  Christie says she had her first sexual dream about Jack.  They say it is the bed.  Sis said she had a couple sexual dreams in that bed.  Jack asks who, and Sis says him and Jackson.  Christie said the dream she had last week was not a good sexual dream.  The encounter grossed her out, and it really creeped her out, and there was bad breath.  She won't say who it was, even if they guess.  Christie says the dream last night was good.  Jack is going to get up, wants to know what people want in their coffee.  Christie said she will make her own. 

(sorry, I have to run for a while.  )


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11:00 AM BBT


Production is getting frustrated with the houseguests not getting up. "I said it is time to get up for the day!" Earlier the recording "No napping....Please....Pretty please" were played and houseguest names keep getting announced to change batteries.



Holly and Jackson are fast asleep, Jackson snoring loudly,  even after multiple requests to get up.




11:13 AM BBT  The backyard is open

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11:15 AM BBT.  Sam and Nicole are talking in the TBR.  He is telling her stuff Christie has said.  


11:26 AM BBT.  Holly and Kat talking in the camper.  Kat is confused what “her” (Analyse ?) game play is.  They say it’s just pure sexual attraction, she could give 2 s**ts about Jack.  Kat doesn’t think Analyse has the power to flip things.  Kat says oh well if I go then I go.  


11:31 AM BBT.  Holly talks to Jess in the WA.  She teases and says u are going up!  She says I’m kidding!  Holly says she is putting Kat up to ensure Sam goes home.  She asks if Jess is ok with that?  Jess says yeah.  


11:37 AM BBT.  Holly talks with Cliff in THL.  She wants to fill him in on what she’s doing today.  She repeats what she has told others.  She wants to put Kat up.  Lather, rinse, repeat.  


11:50 AM BBT.  The HGs are hanging out, cooking and eating.  

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12:07PM BBT In the KT, Tommy, Christie, Nicole, Jess and Cliff talk about being on slop. Nicole says its not eating the slop that is the problem, its not being able to eat anything else. Christie is going to make her some more pancakes. In the BY, Nick and Analyseask Jack if he would every consider marrying a virgin. Jack says that is a controversial question. He would need to know if they have sexual chemistry or not.


12:22PM BBT Jess and Cliff talk. She is saying who she trusts. Cliff asks her if she trusts Christie. Jess says she has some trust in her because she is a straight shooter.


12:25PM BBT Christie, Tommy and Michie talking. Michie says he doesn't need to sleep in the HOH BR. He has told Holly that. He is happy to sleep downstairs and let her have her room. He says he and Jack play their own game. He says he hasn't clogged her brain with game stuff. He has had no input on this week's game.

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12:29 PM BBT 


Nick was just called to the DR, so the veto ceremony is likely coming soon; he tells production he has to go to the bathroom first and then he will be on his way

12:33 PM BBT  HOHR (Sam and Holly)

Holly tells Sam she is putting up someone neutral, but she doesn't tell him who

Sam then asks is Kat going up?

Holly says she doesn't know if she is legally allowed to say, but then indicates with a nod of her head that's what she is planning

12:37 PM BBT The feeds cut for the veto meeting/ceremony



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12:29PM BBT Nick was just called into DR. Holly says she has to change because she thinks it is about time for the ceremony.


12:33PM BBT Sam goes to HOH. Holly gives him a hug. She says she is putting up someone neutral. She says it isn't personal with her or with anyone else. He says it was worth a shot. She says that she tried and she saw her game be in jepordy over it.


12:37PM BBT We have puppy reels.

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1:35 PM BBT The feeds are back


Holly put up Kat once Nick used the veto to pull himself off the block.


1:42 AM BBT Cliff tells Kat "I hate that happened" but that he is pretty positive she will be safe.


1:49 PM BBT  Backyard (Sam and Sis)

Sis tells Sam - it's not over until the

Sam interrupts - the cows come home

Sis- or the fat lady sings

Sam warns her "FEEDS". Sis says - but, it's a thing (Sam doesn't want to offend anyone)

Sis then says there are no cows in here so he just never knows. They talk a bit about being guilty by association, and Sis reminds Sam that she is, too, because of Jack.

Sam discusses his eviction speech and that he will mention his wife and family. SIs says she has a black heart in the house....her mom told her she would be embarrassed if Sis ended up being the girl that cries all the time in the house 

Loud planes are going overhead and keep distracting Sam (they sound like they are about to land in the backyard)

They both talk about how people are fake in the house.



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1:36PM BBT Feeds are back. HG all hugging.Kat is up. Holly tells her "sorry, it's to big of a threat. Cheeto Guido has to go". Talk changes to tanning stuff Bella left behind.


1:45PM BBT Michie, Tommy and Holly talking about putting together a happy hour for the evening.Kat is in the KT too. There is talk about if the speech was ok. Kat is laughingand says that she liked her "conspiring bitch" commment. Michie says yeah and the f-bomb you dropped after. Holly checks to make sure her speech was ok with her.


1:51PM BBT Analyse  with Sam. Complaining that he s the only one that makes her laugh and now she is going to die in the house. He says Nick is getting funny again. Sam says he is going to throw some scripture in his eviction speech.


1:56PM BBT Cliff and Jack talk. Jack says that he wants to work with Cliff. Cliff says he would like to see it get to the end where a few of them are fighting it out. He says he won't be a bitter jury person. Jack says he agrees.



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2:00 PM BBT Sam and Sis are still chatting alone in the backyard. When Sam mentions that Christie had been dropping names, too, Sis asked him to tell her who. Sis promises on her family and dog that she won't say anything, she wants to know if she can trust Christie. Sam tells her that he was talking with  Christie about putting up Jack and Michie...Christie was excited and asked Sam to tell Cliff to that she would do whatever he wants, so he told Cliff that Christie wouldn't use the power if he put up Jack and Michie. Sis said that Christie made it seem that Cliff was gonna put up Jack and Michie and Sam had a hand in it. He tells Sis that he did not have a hand in it. He said Cliff feels that Christie and Tommy are "the house". Sam explains that he then went to Christie and told her that Cliff was down for the plan if she didn't use her power. Sam goes on to explain that it would have been pointless to bring all that up to the group because it would be her word against his. "It would profit me nothing to fight with her."

Sam to Sis- and that's the story of how Sam got fucked. Christie knew I had too much stuff on her

Sis- I had no idea

Sam asks her not to say anything, that he only has a few days to try and save himself. She swears she won't. Sam says stuff always gets back and he doesn't know who to trust. She says it is not by me. Sam them speculates that maybe Cliff is saying stuff. [no, he isn't - MamaLong]

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2:00 PM BBT.  Sam and Analyse talking in the BY.  He is saying that Christie used the plan she came up with against him.  Analyse says everyone started getting sketched out by u bcuz she said u had a hand in getting Jack and Jackson on the block (during Cliff’s HOH).  Sam says Christie agreed with everything.  Analyse says she never said no, I won’t do that?  Sam says NEVER!  He says Christie looked me dead in the eye and said I never said that.  He says it was pointless to fight with her, it gains me nothing.  


2:05 PM BBT.  In the KT there are several HGs hanging out.  In the BY, Sam and Analyse continue to discuss Christie.  Sam says and that is the story of how Sam got f**ked.  Sam says DO NOT say anything bcuz I only have a couple of days to try to do whatever I can.  He says don’t tell Jack!  She says I swear to God I won’t tell anyone.  Analyse says I never knew any of this.  She says it doesn’t benefit me to tell bcuz she’ll deny it.  She says I don’t tell Jack everything, I don’t.  


2:08 PM BBT.  Sam thinks he is gonna ask Jessica, “don’t u think it’s weird u were alone 2 weeks ago and now they suddenly have reeled u in?”  He says think about it...he thinks he’ll tell her that when he campaigns.   Sam asks if all her pictures will be of her dog?  She says no, I don’t even know if they’ll give me any of my dog bcuz.... 


2:15 PM BBT.  Jackson is in the pool.  Sam comes out and is going to get in.  Jackson is telling Nick that he is glad he lit a fire under him and he is proud Nick got over this woe is me attitude.  Sam is now right next to Jackson in the pool.  


2:17 PM BBT.  Jackson is telling Sam he is just supporting Holly and letting her get time away from talking to everyone else.  He says I tried to listen and give a couple of ideas.  Jackson just tells everyone in the backyard he can fall asleep anywhere as long as he isn’t standing up.  He says I actually falls asleep behind the wheel a lot.  

2:30 PM BBT.  Tommy and Christie in the BL.  Christie says they (Nick and Sam)  have been close since day 1.  She thinks maybe they knew each other before the show.  She says it doesn’t matter.  Christie says she is gonna tell Jess about what happened last night.   She says she wants them to know the truth.  She says I told Cliff.  She says can u believe what I did last night?  Tommy tells her that sometimes her being open runs people the wrong way.  She says she feels compelled to out people and she wants everyone to

know the liar he (Sam) is.  She says I do it right in front of them.  Christie asks if someday said something.  Tommy says no but sometimes I can tell people think less is more.  She says you’re right, thank u.  Christie says Analyse seems off.  She says she is distancing herself, I think she is pissed at me.  Tommy says why?  What did u do?  

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3:15 PM BBT HOHR (Sis, Holly, Michie)

They are watching the spy cam. Sis tells them "Kat is getting on my last f'ing nerve, dude....I can't with her. I swear she has a crush on Jack" she is fed up with Kat looking in the mirror all the time and flirting with Jack. She says Kat doesn't know this thing called "girl code." Sis claims she will say something to Kat if she says anything to her. Michie says she is socially oblivious...socially inept, and Holly agrees. Holly gets called to the DR. Sis and Michie continue spying on Kat. Michie asks her if she wants to go crash the party when they see Kat follow Jack into the target bedroom. Michie goes downstairs and enters the target room to find Kat putting cream on the zit she has been picking with on her neck. Michie tells them everyone is being called to the DR and earlier someone mentioned Jack getting yelled at. Both times the feeds switched to other rooms.

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4:22 PM BBT Kat comes out of DR and stops to chat with Nicole and Christie in the living room. Christie notices the odd shape of her bruises from the HOH competition. Kat says that she thinks her leg bruises look like a map of Hawaii


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