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Sunday, July 28, 2019 Big Brother 21 Live Feed Updates

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Remember your time zones. Big Brother Time (BBT) is West Coast Daylight Saving (See Map Here).

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12:00 AM BBT  Have-Not Room    (Sam and Nicole)

Nicole says when she feels sick she just goes off by herself "like a wounded animal"

Sam- I wonder if we had a fever would they let us rest

Nicole tells him yes because she had an earache one day and they let her rest

Sam says, "at least we are all cool, though"

Sam talks about how worried he was for Bella hitting the bars...kidnapping and such

Nicole tells him about the Gilgo Beach bodies, "they still don't know who did it" She thinks they were prostitutes...bodies dumped there over the course of years.

Nicole starts talking about the  SPCA animal commercials and how much they affect her. 



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12:10 PM BBT The Nicole and Sam are chatting in the HN room. They are discussing that when this is all over, they are going to miss the people the most. Nicole "Only 1 person can win. There are going to be a lot of disappointed people."


12:15 AM BBT Michie walks into the TBR and approaches Jack who is laying down on the round bulls-eye bed. Michie lays down on top of them in a mock goodnight hug and they begin wrestling. Christie "What just happened here?"

2019-07-28-00.15.35-Cam 2.jpg


2019-07-28-00.15.32-Cam 2.jpg


1:12 PM BBT Nicole is talking to Jessica in the HN room. Nicole says that is obviously not her time to win an HoH. Her family probably isn't pleased that she hasn't won anything. She would like to at least say that she has won an HoH and a veto before leaving the house. So far, she can say she was a HN. 


1:20 AM BBT Kat, Nick, Cliff, Tommy and Christie are laying down in the BRL. They are trying to countdown how many days are left and what is going to happen after the show. Cliff is laying down with a pink piggie eye mask resting on his forehead. 

2019-07-28-01.20.31-Cam 1.jpg


1:23 AM BBT In the HN room, Jessica is telling Nicole that Michie broke up with Holly for a day because Holly teased him about losing his abs. He was so upset he broke up with her. Nicole "That's so funny. That's ridiculous." Nicole tells her that Michie and Holly fought over whether or not his farts stink. Jessica "That's where we are in the house. Fighting over farts." Jessica then tells Nicole about Michie being the rogue vote and his intention was to pin it on someone. 


1:43 AM BBT Nick and Sam are talking in the camper BR. Nick tells him that he misses Bella. He told his family what Twitter to follow in order to find out what is going on in the house. He says that his family probably was going crazy refreshing that Twitter feed to see who won the veto. Everyone is starting to head to bed. 


1:48 AM BBT Sam is the last one up. He heads up to the HN room and crawls into bed. The lights go out afterwards and the house is quiet. 


1:55 AM BBT Christie has gotten out of the bed in the TBR and fumbles around into the dark and finds her way out and into the CBR. She crawls into bed there. Everyone is now in bed once again. 


2:00 AM BBT Everyone is in bed and the house is quiet. 



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12:45 AM BBT Bathroom Area  (Christie, Tommy, and Kat)

Tommy- do you know... is the plan still to put up Nicole?

Christie- well, Sis was saying that Holly was torn about putting Nicole up

Christie- how is she a threat? She doesn't win anything. They give her more credit than she deserves. ..it just seems weird to me why Holly would want to keep Nick and Sam. It might be nothing, but it just seems weird.

Kat- it might just be Holly is a nice person

Tommy- she doesn't win anything

Kat- I feel like it's either the smartest move or dumbest

Christie- it's the smartest, but it's her HOH. I respect whatever she does.

1:14 AM BBT  Boat Room (Nick, Tommy, Cliff, Christie)

They are talking about the veto competition. It involved some math and moving animals. 

Christie- it was fun to watch

Nick- I would have eaten their little Tommy turds right out of their ass

Nick says at first he was gentle but then he had to get more aggressive. He got called out for the way he grabbed an animal.

Tommy says he fell on one and they made him let it go. He already had it and fell, but just kept holding on. Christie said it looked like he tackled him, but he didn't. It looked too aggressive so they didn't want anything that would  alert PETA.

Cliff talks about going to the rodeo and that calf scramble where kids have to run around a pen and grab a calf.

Cliff- so now what do you think the next HOH or POV will be

Nick thinks it will be double eviction.

Kat joins them and they continue talking about the double eviction. Kat asks them not to evict her during double eviction.

Nick asks about BB Comics and they discuss how great it will be to see their comics. Nick also asks about the cutouts during the food fight competition. Nick wants to keep his, and Cliff agrees that would be cool.

Nick mentions that he hopes Bella found a place to stay. "She has my mom's number"

Cliff- Day 40

Nick- yeah tomorrow is 40 days

Kat- this is the longest I've gone without talking to my mom

Cliff- me too

Tommy talks about going in to the DR and them saying you don't have to take off your mic...like, it's news or something

Nick- no, they would just give you a letter...like with Sam

They continue discussing that it's possible something bad could happen outside of the house and they wouldn't know



 1:50 AM BBT

The lights have gone out and everyone is in bed.

5:20 AM BBT

Michie gets out of bed in the HOHR (he stayed upstairs with Holly again) and heads downstairs for his early feeding. He drinks straight from the gallon of chocolate milk and attacks some leftovers. 

5:52 AM BBT

After clipping his nails in the bathroom, he goes back for more food. He then goes to the SR for a gallon of white milk and a watermelon. He cuts up the watermelon and begins eating.     [CBS, this man could not handle Survivor, so please do not consider -MamaLong] Michie finishes off half of the watermelon and puts the rest in the fridge.




Michie goes back to the SR for two bags of apples.

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6:10 AM BBT

Michie is still in the kitchen taking inventory of all the food he plans to consume today....moving things around in the fridge and going through the grapes, throwing out the bad grapes.


6:20 AM BBT

Michie grabs the other half of the watermelon and heads upstairs, eating as he goes. He is now working on a can of mixed nuts.



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5:20 AM BBT Michie has gone downstairs for an early morning snack. He also drinks straight form the milk jug.


5:30 AM BBT Feeds 1 and 2 show Michie on the WA couch. He is sitting there with a small garbage can between his knees while he trims his fingernails. Feeds 3 and 4 show sleeping HGs.


5:46 AM BBT Michie is done with his fingernails and is in the KT eating a snack. He sticks his hand in the cereal box and eats straight from the box.


5:53 AM BBT Michie remains awake and in the KT. He is preparing to chop up at watermelon on the DR table. 


6:00 AM BBT Michie is sitting at the DR eating his watermelon.


6:14 AM BBT Michie has cleaned up the mess from the watermelon, taken the trash to the SR and is now taking grapes out of the bag, removing them from the stems and putting them in a bowl.


6:22 AM BBT Michie heads upstairs with his bowl of watermelon and can of nuts. He sits down in the THB and picks through his nuts while eating them. 


6:28 AM BBT Michie is now in the HoH. He has rummaged through the HoH fridge, apparently trying to find room for his watermelon.


6:30 AM BBT Michie crawls into bed in the HoH room next to Holly. They cuddle and whisper to each other. 


6:34 AM BBT Michie notes that Holly is sweating. He gets up to get her a pair of shorts. BB changes the feeds to the CBR while Holly changes her shorts in the HoH room. Michie crawls next to her once again.


7:25 AM BBT Michie crawls out of bed. He is off camera. We can hear him, but we can't see him. 


7:28 AM Feed 1 moves off of a sleeping Holly and we can now see what Michie is doing. He is sitting down at the table and eating the watermelon that he chopped up earlier this morning. 


7:34 AM BBT Michie has eaten his fill of watermelon and crawls back into bed. 

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8:00 AM BBT Everyone is in bed, but Michie is restless and tossing and turning in the HoH room.


8:42 AM BBT Michie gets up to use the bathroom and climbs back into bed. 


9:00 AM BBT No wake up call yet.


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10:03 AM BBT Wake Up Call


10:15 AM BBT The feeds return but all the cameras show house guests that are still in bed. 


10:17 AM BBT Nick is talking to Christie about how cold he was last night. She thinks that maybe Nicole took the big blanket upstairs. 


10:22 AM BBT Cliff talks to the cameras in the WA. "Sharon, if you are watching, my leg is okay. I pulled a muscle in the jet ski competition. I injured it again in the stupid sheep herding thing yesterday. I just have to massage it." Sam walks in and tells Sharon "Hi" as well. 


10:25 AM BBT Sam talks to Cliff in the WA. Sam mentions that the BY is not open yet. Sam goes over his eviction speech with Cliff. He is going to say that he is aware he is "guilty by association" but that they are all guilty by association of something. Sam tells Cliff that the house loves Jess. Jess isn't going anywhere. It may be Nicole. 


10:29 AM BBT Sam says he is going to campaign the crap with everybody. He is going to do without discussing what others have done but why he should stay. But they love Jess because she can't win anything. She's going to float. 


10:31 AM BBT Sam says that if he is going to go home, he would rather go before jury. Why sit in the jury house instead of seeing his family.


10:33 AM BBT Tommy and Sis talk in the TBR. Tommy admits that he was a little paranoid last night. He gets the feeling that he doesn't know something. They both feel that Holly won't put up Kat. Sis says that Holly told her she doesn't trust Nicole and she would like to work with Sam, but not with Nick in the house. 


10:36 AM BBT Sis tells Tommy that she doesn't trust Sam with Nick in the house. And she doesn't trust Nick at all, even if Sam is not in the house. Sis loves Sam as a person but having him there could be bad for them. 


10:38 AM BBT Tommy tells Sis that she thinks that after this eviction, the next one will be a double eviction. They need to get Nicole out before the double. 


10:42 AM BBT Sam is in the shower. Cliff and Jack are sitting down in the WA. Sam is asking Cliff about his travels with his job. Meanwhile Tommy and Sis discuss her mistrust with Nick in the TBR. 


10:44 AM BBT Cliff tells Sam about his time in Columbia when they were still fighting. "They dropped us off and said that we can't leave the city district and can't be out after dark". He went back again later and it was perfectly safe. It's really a beautiful place.


10:50 AM BBT Tommy asks Sam how he slept in the HN room. Sam says okay except it was so cold. He says it is better than the saucer beds though. He will take this any time over a saucer bed. 


10:54 AM BBT In the WA Cliff tells Sis, Jack and Jess that he gave Sam a sip of his beer last night and before he knew what was happening, Sam was running to spit it out saying he can't drink it.


10:57 AM BBT BB "I said it is time to get up for the day." 


10:58 AM BBT Tom, Cliff and Sam are talking about the comp last night. They couldn't breath. In addition to the running, there was dirt everywhere. Sam says he felt like he would have a heart attack. Jack called it full body fatigue. Sam says he thought about the fact that he was 31 and maybe the pain in his chest was a bad thing. 

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11:05 AM BBT Christie, Sam, Cliff, Jess, Jack, Nicole and Sis are talking in the WA. They are trying to guess what kind of comps they will have to look forward to. They don't think there will be a lot of repeats comps, but they all agree the fans will want an OTEV and Hide the Veto comp.


11:15 AM BBT Christie is talking to Sis in the TBR. Christie tells her that she overthinks everything and the fact that her period never started isn't helping. He is seeing people plot and doing shady s**t before it even happens. 


11:17 AM BBT Christie says that she is sketched out by Michie. Because she told Michie something and then Nick repeated it to her later. Sis recommends that she should talk to Michie about it. Christie says she just needs to trust and respect what the HoH wants them to do.


11:22 AM BBT Christie is talking to Sis and Jack in the TBR. She starts crying because she says that everyone is so calm and her brain will not stop. So she has no calm, she is off balance, she has no peace. She tells them that they need to help her by reminding her to be calm. Jack "Can I says something?" Christie "Now I need you to talk." Jack says that none of this is normal. They are in the upside down. Stress is warranted. We deal with it in different ways. My skin is crawling every day. Instead of thinking we are doing it better, be right there with us. We are all in s**t's creek with you. 


11:26 AM BBT Jack tells her that she needs to stay in the here and now, not be 3 weeks ahead. But don't drag yourself in the mud. She's a great person. He will try to keep her in check but Christie is powerful in her own right. 


11:34 AM BBT The HGs are just up doing ADL's and talking general chit chat. 

2019-07-28-11.41.52-Cam 5.jpg


11:37 AM BBT Nicole and Jessica are talking in the WA. They are discussing the real life applications that need to be taught in school but aren't. Like what's a W-2? How do you file your taxes? Nicole says that they don't even teach anyone how to fill out an envelope and where to buy a stamp anymore. 


11:52 AM BBT Jack says that after this show, he is going to move to LA. It's too dry here. He says that everyone says that he needs to go be Jason Momoa's stunt double. He says he was once offered a chance to do it, but he wasn't local at the time. They were looking for someone local. 


11:58 AM BBT Tommy goes up to the HoH. Michie and Holly still haven't gotten out of bed. Holly says that they are being delinquents. Tommy updates them on what is going on in the house. People are up and chatting and they still have no back yard. Holly says it is Sunday so everyone is going to see her win HoH tonight on TV. 

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12:00 PM BBT Tommy jokes with Michie that his peeing in the comp is going to be the most epic moment of their entire season. Tommy tells them "We questioned if you could hold it or not, but when we saw the quantity, you had to go. It just didn't stop." 


12:02 PM BBT Holly, Tommy and Michie are laughing and continue to talk about Michie going pee during the comp. Tommy laughs and says there are probably a million memes of him already. 


12:07 PM BBT Cliff is talking to Sam, Christie and Sis about Hurricane Rita which was a huge hurricane right after Katrina. He is talking about he was in the mandatory evacuation route. He describes how everyone got stuck on the roads out of gas. He happened to go down a back road heading west to get away from the gridlock. He ended up at a small market with 30 miles of gas left. They were only giving gas to people who really needed it and only enough to get them to the next gas station. They had caravans running to help people get around the main roads that were totally blocked. It involved driving through fields where the fences were opened up for them. It was crazy.


12:16 PM BBT Tommy and Christie are talking about Central Park in the TBR. Christie tells him that she heard it isn't safe to be in the park after dark. If you are in there after dark, you just die. Tommy laughs at her and says he used to party and drink in Central Park after dark. 


12:19 PM BBT Holly, Michie and Jack are talking in the HoH. They are saying that there are still 6 of them that they can get out so it is premature to start talking about who is going to tur on whom. Jack says that Cliff and Kat are bought and paid for until it gets down to the nitty gritty. They don't have to worry about them right now. They are in a good position. 


12:24 AM BBT Tommy and Christie have joined them in the HoH. They are discussing how Christie's poison ivy appears to be legitimately spreading across her face and it isn't for Tommy. She says that Tommy moisturizes so much that his skin is always moist. Her skin is just so dry and that's probably why.





I am going to grab a bite if anyone wants to take over. 

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1:32 PM BBT The HGs are just lounging around and talking. They remain on IDLD and they are not pleased to be trapped indoors all day. 


1:34 PM BBT Nick, Jess, Michie and Jack are sitting around the DR table. Nick mentions that once you go 3 or 4 days without sleep you start hallucinating. Michie says her freshman year in college he once 4 or 5 days without sleep. You don't know what's real or not. Jessica asks him why he went that long without sleep, he said it wasn't a choice. He then made a motion with his eyes indicating he didn't want to talk about it. No one pressed him on it. 


1:40 PM BBT Jack announces he is going upstairs to listen to 3 Tim McGraw songs and then the deep cleaning of the KT will commence. He goes up and finds that Sam is already listening to music. Jack decides that he might as well start working in the KT. 


1:46 PM BBT Holly and Jessica are talking outside the camper. Holly isn't happy that she has to put up a 3rd nominee. Holly dances alone and says "It will twerk out". 


1:50 PM BBT Everyone is migrating upstairs. Michie and Jack are watching the fish. Michie says that the fish named Jackson is an a**hole. He ate all the food and then went and hid. Meanwhile Kat, Holly, Jessica, Nick, Sam, Sis, Nicole and Cliff are hanging out in the HoH. Holly is teaching Kat the proper way to pronounce AMBULANCE. Holly "I feel like I am teaching a toddler how to speak English." Michie to Jack "I wish the feeds were off. I discovered something last night. I have to tell you." 

Sunday afternoon 1.jpg

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2:02 PM BBT The HGs are discussing previous HGs who exited the game and got boos from the crowd. Kat laughs and says that she would boo them back. 


2:07 PM BBT They are hanging out in the HoH and discussing previous HGs. Jackson says that when Tyler made a guest appearance, he kept staring at him. "Tyler either really likes me or really doesn't." Kat says she can't wait to be friends with Brett. 


2:14 PM The HGs are discussing HGs that got evicted first on previous seasons. Kat says that they didn't even get to play so the first one out should be invited to the next season. At least David got to come back in the house and be part of a team. Nick then discusses former HG Jess and how she was a better player than Natalie and her chest was real. Kat "Yeah, totally fake." 


2:18 PM BBT Nick is talking to the others about the conflict between Mark and Josh on BB19. Mark was mad because he thought Josh was being a bully. There was mammoth sized Mark in a tutu and they had to separate him. Mark would have squashed him. 


2:22 PM BBT Sis and Jack are downstairs in the KT. Sis is thinking about snacks. They are discussing the foods that Sis doesn't like. She only really likes sugary fruits. Jack tells her she likes a lot of fatty foods. She says "Yeah, but I work out a lot." 

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Followup to the 12:00BBT mention by Tommy of Jackson's peeing in the comp Thursday (and still losing). Since I sincerely doubt it will make the show tonight, here's the clip of jackson peeing all over the comp mat, then quoting Bill O'Reilly in his famous outtake outburst:



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2:51 PM BBT Christie and Tommy finally come out of the DR. "Hey everybody, who wants to see our poison ivy treatment." Christie and Tommy are in the punishment outfits and they are literally bright neon pink from head to toe. 

2019-07-28-14.48.05-Cam 1.jpg


2:54 PM BBT Christie explains that they are supposed to be covered in calamine lotion but they look like flamingos. 



Okay, I am out. Thanks in advance to anyone available to fill in. 

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3:00 PM BBT Tommy is currently holding flash mob rehearsal with the HGs...reviewing the dance and other specifics.


3:06 PM BBT Tommy begins feeling ill. He has to stop dancing saying "this f'ing sucks" (the makeup)..."it's just a weird feeling....being smothered"

3:10 PM BBT Sam yells "Yard's Open"...fresh air is what Tommy needs but he is not allowed outside as part of his punishment. He thinks the dancing got him sweating, but the pink won't allow him to sweat.


3:12 PM BBT  Poor Cliff falls off the dining room seat to the floor while trying to lean back. He is okay.




3:20 PM BBT  Tommy decides to postpone the BB Flash Mob to Wednesday night. Apparently the poison ivy costumes will end by Tuesday.


Jack announces that the hot tub is warm so it will be hot by tonight. Cliff decides to change into his swimsuit. Jackson is complaining about his foot popping and being really painful. He is also complaining about being bloated and being very full constantly. He says he still has blood when he poops.

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3:50 PM BBT

Christie is alone in the boat room. The camera keeps zooming in and out on her face, probably shocked by how long she has gone without blinking. She looks like she is in a deep trance. She finally starts blinking and comes back to life.


4:00 PM BBT Nick and Kat are by the pool chatting about how he thought she was just there for the clout, at first. He claims she has changed, but she says she actually has been herself the whole time. She was on the block for two weeks and it was hard for her having so many people telling her they couldn't hang with her "because it was bad for their game." Kat gives Nick a pretty good pep talk saying she knows how it feels to be in his position and reminds him that things move so fast...the game could change.



4:18 PM BBT  HOHR (Holly, Tommy, Jackson, Christie)

Tommy asks about the plan. Holly said she wants to talk with  Sam, but "both of them were in here" She said she knew they both wanted to talk with her but neither would leave, so eventually she left. 

Christie- so it's Kat? (the renom)

Holly- well, I want to hear what Sam says


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4:30 PM BBT  Nick, Kat, Cliff, Nicole, and Sam are enjoying the backyard. The rest of the houseguests are inside.




4:34 PM BBT Jess is getting water out of the container in the fridge when it starts going crazy. She runs to sink with it....."what's happened?"







The spout was dislodged. Tommy fixed it. 

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5:00 PM BBT The Have Nots are eating Chips and Slopsa (only the chips are actually made from the slop; they are allowed to eat salsa). Jess says the chips are made with oats, water, garlic sauce, and mayo. Sam thanks Jess, saying she gets an A+. Jess tells him that means a lot coming from him. He says he has never given anyone in the house an A+.


Nicole- cheers to us

They clink slopsa bowls.





5:11 PM BBT

Holly starts getting handsy with Michie under the blankets...suggests they go in the shower for Michie's sore foot...that it will make it better.

Michie and Holly are currently having sex in the HOHR (under the blankets, but it's obvious)

*Feeds move to backyard*


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6:10 PM BBT Holly and Kat are talking in the HOHR. Kat has told Holly about Cliff's Angels and how she won't tell them anything. She also talks about a "big secret" ...how Christie and Tommy were so adamant about breaking off the couples last week. Holly says Christie is a great player and that people come to her for everything.

Kat- it's because she was the first HOH...that's like the best HOH to win because you're a leader in the house

Kat continues by telling Holly about Nick trying to form The Outsiders.


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7:00 PM BBT  A Summary of Evening Conversations


Holly spoke with Sam who is campaigning to stay in the house. He doesn't really have much to barter with, but he tells her he will be a duck in water and easy to take out, which makes him a value to keep in the game. Holly tells Sam that she never intended for him to be the one going home. The only thing that would make her want to do that would be if he wanted to go home to be with his family. He told her he is wanting to stay...willing to sacrifice going to jury....he wants to try.play.


Nicole, Tommy, and Christie talked in the boat room about Nicole's game and all her fears. They assured Nicole that she  has every reason to be so hesitant after what happened with Bella. They encouraged her to play her game and know that she was selected to be in the game for a reason...that she should play her game, her way and not feel pressured to tell anybody anything she doesn't want to tell them.. Christie tells her she is her own worst enemy because nobody sees her the way Nicole thinks they see her.


Michie talked with Jack about Christie. They both identified Christie as the strongest most powerful girl in the house that no one is willing to put on the block, except Nick and Sam. Michie is definitely pushing an initiative to keep Nick and Sam around to take that shot for them. Jack seemed to play to the conversation, but his body language was saying something else.


Sis talked with Nick and they cleared the air a bit more. Sis tells him she wants to trust him because she felt he was her best friend in the house. They talk about Jack and Nick tells Sis they will have beautiful babies. Sis tells him they will NOT have kids together.


Nicole breaks down with Jess telling her that it's hard for her to express how much she loves people because she has lost so much and doesn't want to set herself up for  more big loss. [heartbreaking to hear her open up about this]. Jess continues telling Nicole that she should never feel she has to be or do different than she is and she should never feel that she HAS to tell people what she is planning to do.  What is pressing Nicole's emotions so much right now is that she doesn't reveal what she wants to do with game moves and she knows this makes her sketchy to others, not knowing where her head is at. Jess reminds Nicole that this is a game and tells Nicole she needs to be a slightly more aggressive version of herself when playing this game. She wants her to let the fire that Michie caused when he spoke ugly to her to fuel her so she has the gusto to approach all of the HGs and speak to them before they vote. Nicole agrees.  Jess wants her to advocate for herself more.






I'm out for the rest of the night, but I'll try to fill in gaps tomorrow morning  -MamaLong.

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 7:06 PM BBT Sam and Holly are talking in the HOHR. Sam tells Holly thst he thinks it best to keep the target on Nick because in the long run it will help her. Holly agrees and says yeah. Jessica and Nicole are in the BRL talking as well.

 7:13 PM BBT Jessica telling Nicole that she feel like it was Kemi that told her she had a conversation with Kemi about the banishment. Jessica asked her (Kemi) why she was banished and she said it was because she was the only one who asked not to be banishment.

7:20 PM BBT Nicole says to Jessica that she promised herself she wasn't going to get emotional the rest of the game. Jessica laughs and says yeah right it only day 40 in the house we still got like so much more in the house.

 7:32 PM BBT Holly and Sam talking about cattle and her farm in the HOHR. Christie, Tommy, Jack, Nick, Kathryn, Analyse are in the RV room talking general chit chat. Jessica then walks in and joins their conversation

7:34 PM BBT Jessica poses the question if we are at a party who is likely to get angry. Tommy is the first one to say he would. Jessica is in shock and says no way. Tommy then explains he says if someone was to disrespect him or his friemds he would pop off.

7:54 PM BBT Holly, Sam and Nicole up in the HOHR talking about the Have-Not room (old camp comeback) room. Sam says he like the temperature in there and Nicole says she like it because it is quiet in there.

8:01 PM BBT Nick tells the group that he said the first person he would get into a fight with is Christie. Christie says you was right i was the first but then we got over it and she then goes on to say she is proud of him.

8:13 PM BBT Holly and Nicole talking. Nicole said she doesn't know what it like being HOH  but being on the otherside it feels werid. Holly also admits that it was hard putting both Nick and Sam up but she feels it was a pretty straight forward week because the hole house agreed on the targets.

 8:19 PM BBT Nicole tells holly that she just wants to iitirate her plea. She says she appreciate Michie and Holly both being Straight forward with her. she said she been very loyal especially with thses lsst few votes. she wants to move forward with them and stay moving forward.  Holly chimes in a ugh it so so hard because she litteraly has no reason for any to go up. she also said she woshes onw would start a fight.

8:25 PM BBT Nicole then asks where her head is at as far as targets go if that the right wording. Holly says thats the problem i really dont have any Target's, but as far as nick and and sam. Nick was the one makkng the big waves in the house with everybody in everybody's mind so from there she doesn't know.

8:31 PM BBT Holly then asks Nicolw what did bella say about her and michie. Nice starts explaining saysing that bella came to her her and this was before the blow up and tells nicole she know she really trust michie  and Holly and that them two are going to vote for me to stay and then tell nicole that she need her on borad to do it. Nicole says allgedially bella told michie amd holly the same thing.


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9:00PM BBT TBR Holly, Christie, Tommy Holly is trying to figure out how to sell Kat going up.  She still is thinking about Nicole though.  Christie says she thinks Sam will still go, and maybe make an enemy out of Nicole.  Holly wonders if Nicole is more dangerous in terms of stirring sh*t up.  Holly says she still wants to talk to people to be sure if people are Ok with sending Sam home  She thinks if she puts Kat up, Sam will go home.  If she puts Nicole up, she wants to make sure Nicole goes home.  Holly then repeats some of Sam's plea, not working with Nick, they aren't hanging out, ... Christie points out that is likely a red flag.  Tommy asks what Jackson thinks.  He and Christie are selling that Sam got Jackson put up so is Jackson ok with him staying?


Tommy says he thinks there are too many targets in the 6 that we should focus on targets outside of the 6, not floaters.  Christie thinks getting rid of Sam disarms Nick and Nicole, getting rid of Nicole disarms no one.  Tommy says if Sam isn't here, Nick wants to win HoH and do what they want because he wants back in with us.  Tommy blows positive reinforcement at Holly with you are doing great, blah blah blah,...  



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