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Sunday, July 28, 2019 Big Brother 21 Live Feed Updates

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9:17PM BBT BY Cliff, Nicole  Cliff giving Nicole some advice.  Nicole hopes she doesn't hear people lying about what she says.  Cliff says people should know more about they way she plays now that she's been in longer.  Nicole asks if people keep asking who she is loyal to.  Cliff says, no, not really.  Cliff thinks the house is a bit of a triangle, Nick/Sam, the 6, and then You, me, Jess, Kat.  Nicole doesn't understand why they keep only asking her about her loyalties.  Cliff says he keeps thinking one of the couples will turn and if we have enough strength that we can grab one of those couples and get the other 4 out, it gives us some opportunities.  We just have to be patient.  [or you should've done it when you had the chance in YOUR HoH, CLIFF! - rms]


Cliff says they keep saying they want to work with him, .. Christie has her dream team and its all of us, Well prove it.  Nicole says  that's the thing, she's said that to everyone.  She's told the couple she's with the couple.  She tells us, we're her dream team and nobody questions it. but when I did that the whole house blew up. That's where she gets frustrated.  When Nick, Sam, Bella did what they did you people argued with that.  But how come when they came up with plans and targets, it wasn't allowed.  This game is all about power, double standards and hypocrisy.   


Cliff says we were lucky that nick and bella got caught up in it, got turned on, otherwise it would have been those 8 and we would've been gone.  This gives us a little breathing room.  Nicole says, I guess my blowing it up kinda helped.  Cliff, it worked out, hey, you're a power player.  Just tell everyone you had it planned that way in the beginning.  Nicole, yep, that's the card i'm gonna pull.  Cliff, in some ways i think you are sitting pretty good.  because people aren't seeing you as a threat but if they need to they could get rid of you but you are also a vote.

BOB, "Nicole, please reattach your microphone" [wow, BoB, we can hear her FINE, do that to the people we CAN'T HEAR next time!! - rms]

Nicole says it's the 3rd time they have done that to me today, Cliff says it's attached.


9:21PM BBT KT Snackson eating from the cereal bag again taking big pieces of rain bran crunch and placing them in his mouth touching his fingers to his mouth, then reaching back in for more, repeat, ...  and now Snackson/MicFridgie shows and eats out of fridge with it open the whole time.  


9:23PM BBT Snackson/MicFridgie takes some small jar of something and hides it inside a bigger container that has some other stuff in it that looks very different. and slips that container under another in the fridge.





9:28PM BBT BY Nicole, Cliff Nicole says she can't figure out the relationship between him (Nick) and Christie.  Well, Me and him had a big argument and we worked through it and I think we are fine.  Nick and Christie were so mad at each other, but now they are ok, but they are not, ...  Cliff says, Christie said she knows Nick is just playing her but he thinks they are tighter than she is letting on.  He says Sis was very pissed at Nick and he doesn't know if she would ever forgive Nick.  Nicole, Sis is a very tough read.  She would be very worried if Sis had won, Cliff too, neither feel like they know her.  Nicole says she went into the RV and Sis and Christie were talking and they asked where everyone is.  Sis asked if they were talking game.  Nicole says, i don't know  Sis replied, would you even tell me if they were.  Nicole says, i'm sure i would if there was anything happening.  Nicole says she thought they were cool.  Cliff was surprised.  He says their conversations were all superficial.  He says she always says she wants to play her own game but he thinks she can be manipulated into doing things Jack and Michie want her to do and they wouldn't feel like they have blood on their hands.  Maybe I(Cliff) am not giving her enough credit.


Cliff has just been avoiding talking about who could be going up,...  Nicole says she was in a convo with Tommy/CHrisite, you know there are only 4-5 people she can put up, that was a random number i just came up with.  Obviously we al know they are a 6.  Cliff says they are.  we just have to be patient.  Most likely you, Jess or Kat but we think Sam is still the target.  Cliff says if he was a betting man, he thinks Kat right now.  That only drives Kat away and if they do that they aren't giving her enough credit for what she can do going forward.  Nicole, I just worry if she gets too emotional and they vote her you out.  Granted we would have Sam and Nick who i don't know necessarily would be on our side but they would be,... against  Cliff said, "...numbers, and they are strong players that could take the shot and we could either join up or if things went bad, back off and jump in with Christie or something."

[wow, Cliff, way to continue to be wishy washy and not see the 6 as the threat they are still -rms]


Nicole, cuz i know Sam was pissed.  Cliff, Sam told me not to campaign for him.  He wants to be seen as all alone with no friends.  That's fine.  Nicole, maybe they would put up one of their own as a pawn.  Cliff says wouldn't that be sweet, that would dangerous but  i could see Michie or someone offering that just because they are so cocky.  That would be great if something like that flipped around.    Nicole, We would have the numbers.  Cliff that would be a hell of a script for CBS,   Nicole, it would be us for and nick would jump on board, done.  [right, because you worked that well in your HoH with one of each up, Cliff, you had that chance - rms]




9:34PM BBT KT Sam, Nick, Christie, Sis, Tommy  Nick, Sis trying to make banana bread. Tommy, I put oil instead. Sis says we should probably do milk too.  She asks if it should be more liquidy.  Tommy says it kind of looks good, we just need that backing soda.  I kinda wish i hadn't added the backing powder 3 minutes ago and i added 1/2 cup of brown sugar.  How can you have banana bread without brown sugar.  Sis reads, 1 teaspoon of baking soda, Sam says not a tablespoon a teaspoon.  He asks what are the abbreviations for table spoon, Michie yells TBSP, Sam, teaspoon, Michie, TSP.

Tommy, i think we are good, what else should we add to it. Sis, try it, they both dip finger sin and lick.  Then Sis says with the butter too and sticks the same wet finger in the bowl to get more.  Both look at each other and MMMM


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[PoPTV code: POOL - rms]


9:39PM BBT KT Sam and Sis in a Knock Knock joke montage.



9:43PM BBT BY Nicole talking to herself.  "I know we are living here, but oh, my gosh people, it's just a game, like. that's the most frustrating part is they way they sometimes treat each other.  Like you are all seriously gonna say such nasty things about nick and as soon as he wins, start kissing his A$$.  Like that's i don't know maybe I'm just not that way, I don't roll that way.  How i treat you is how i treat you and that's how i expect to be treated.  I'm not gonna flip it because you're in power or because I think you're down and out, I don't get it."


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9:44PM BBT KT Jack yells from off screen, "who's in the wash right now" he repeats, ... wait for it,...  Sam says, "We are all here and accounted for" Jess(?) yells, "Someone's in the WASH?"  Jess, I think Nicole is the only one who fits in there, maybe Tommy.  Cliff says they had a cat get caught in the dryer.  He heard thump thump thump, he thought it was a shoe, he opened it up and it was panting and excited.  It was ok.

Jess yells to Nicole (in BY) do you want some slop pancakes, Christie just made them. Come on in.  Sam yells to Michie where is the syrup...  He lists of some places, they say it's right here.

Tommy is still layering more and more brown sugar on the banana bread batter before he bakes it. Sis finally puts it in the oven.

Most everyone is in KT/DT Christie is asking how the pancakes are on the inside.  They said perfect.  

9:54PM BBT KT Nick wants a splenda for his coffee this time.  A whole convo ensues as they look for it, Christie describes where another box is,

Tommy informs Christie that the oatmeal cookies are also Mother's cookies like the animal cookies.  Neither of them knew about Mother's.

Back to Splendapocalypse, nick says the worst part was someone had taken 1 out and put it back, and didnt put out the box. people saying how sorry that is, Sam, "We live with idiots."  Tommy says hang on,... i just took out a bunch of baking stuff opened it not knowing it was already out here so i put the ones that I brought out back.  Could've happened with the splenda, Nick says, "Good perspective"  Sam says, "So it was Tommy".. Tommy, nope, i don't eat splenda.  Christie, "no one likes to jump to conclusions i guess"  Sam, "Yeah, Jumping takes too much work, ... have you tried walking to conclusions"  Christie and Tommy fake laugh.  


9:57PM Funny vid - Nick is at the sink without shirt on and sam behind him as cliff comes over with his ice bag dripping, saying excuse me, sorry, as he's holding it up dripping on them, Sam slips out of the way, it gets Nick who pulls way, oh, f*, it's cold  Sam says, Is cliff really doing that, does he not know.  Watch Sam's confused expression right as he sees Cliff move in changes quick to big grin as it hits Nick.



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9:58PM BBT WA Sis, Tommy, (Christie walks in)   Sis, He told me what her and Holly talked about.   Tommy wants to hear that, she asks what did she say to you.  Holly was just pitching Nicole and we were explaining what it doesn't make since.  Sam had a hand in nominating Jackson and Jack and Nicole has won anything.  Sis to Christie, he is filling me in on the conversation with Holly.  Christie asks Tommy how he feels about it. He says I feel like we are playing chess like she has other reasons she doesn't want to tell us.  We came back with great points that negated all her reasons but there is more to it she isn't saying.  Christie says I feel like we are being played. She wants Nicole to go home, she has her mind made up.  One minute she says maybe I put up Nicole and let the house just, then next, She says if she puts up Nicole she wants Nicole to be the target.  So which one is it.

Sis says she talked to Sam and he said they had a very good convo.  She wanted to touch base again at 11 tomorrow. She kinda wanted to talk to Michie about it or something.  Christie, yeah I know (several times as Sis talked) Everything gets run by Michie.  When you (Tommy) asked her, what does Michie think about, did you talk to him, a little but not really, she's lying.  The moment we walked out of the room she went in the (hot spring?) with him.  100% not in on what's going on.  Also, Jack hasn't spoken game with me or Tommy in DAYS

[DAYS? REALLY, you buy that Sis?! you have been in the room as they have - rms]

And just now, he said something when Sam was telling a bad joke to you, worst joke ever.  He literally went to Michie, Bro, and they went outside to talk.  So we are not in on whatever is going on.  And, [Christie briefly touches her knee - manipulation, making connection as she says the rest - rms]

I don't know if you've noticed, he's trying to not make us hang out with you as much. He's all on top of you, You don't feel like that?  Sis says, no i didn't notice.

[when i watched Sis has roamed freely - rms]  

I'm noticing it so much because he knows me and you are talking way too much.  Sis, yeah because he doesn't like that [fell for it - rms]

because he comes in every time you and me are talking. Christie, I know, I know.  It sucks because there is nothing we can do about it right now, Sis but Holly is being sketchy too, Christie, Extremely. ...  Sis, I was putting my close in from out there and her and Michie were laying down talking and she would look up at me, look down and whisper.  Christie, Extremely Extremely Sketchy, something is going on 100%  I am not even being paranoid.  I'm not a f'n idiot.

She goes nick and Sam aren't even working together any more.  Tommy, did you die at that? Tommy, yes, Sis, that's false Christie, it's all BS, everything is BS.




10:08 PM BBT Kat, Sis, Christie

[entry in Like olympics, 18 - bear with me this is HARD to get word for word.  likes show up and you ignore them they are so numerous - rms]

Kat comes in,"Sam really like pissed me off.  Well, like I had a headache so I go in to lay down, and then like when i came back he was like where were you? I was laying down like I have a headache. He's like is that what you always say when you want to go to sleep you just say i have a headache, I've literally only said i have a headache twice now, so no.  And then he was like oh, how do you sleep at night when you sleep all day. I was like I literally don't sleep at all during the day.  Like i don't, Like I might, it might be hard to get up in the morning but i don't take naps through out the day like i'm awake. Like except for when i was on slop because my energy levels were dropped but like it just, it irrationally pissed me off. That's fine, argh, whatever"

Christie, "no it's ok to be pissed off"

Kat continues, "No, it's just like, pi..like I it was just like why do you really think I just like have a headache and sleep all the time, like, I, whatever."


[and another period announcement,.. WOW BB, ad opportunity?! Household Theme for Zingbot?! - rms]



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10:09PM BBT WA still Sis, I asked Jack like 3 times today if he knew what Holly was doing, No i have no idea.  Christie, no something is 100% going on that we don't know about.  Kat, no i talked to Holly today and she was planning on putting me up, Christie, When, Sis, What,  Kat, Today, Sis, When, Kat, why is there something that i'm not knowing(or mad?) about because that's scares me if she's telling me that.   Christie, No, we just spoke to her, me and Tommy and she ha son idea, she might want nicole out.  Sam mentioned that she said she was gonna do what the majority of the house wanted that she was working with really loyal people.  Kat, this is what's worrying me though is that i am 100% ready to go up as a pawn or whatever.  I don't know why but i don't think i do anything that would make people vote me out but whatever but um, i am slightly afraid that i would be that the house could vote to get me out instead. because a lot of people keep on, i don't know if they keep saying this to Sam to make him feel better.  Nicole said something like I will save this for you when you are off slop, dried mango.  


Nick comes in, you ok, what were you saying, oh, no, sam just pissed me off.  I'm not trying to start shit.  Nick says, the less i know the better i figured out, so just don't even tell me.  Christie says "He's learning" (in a fake english aristocrat voice)


10:17PM BBT KT Tommy, SIs Sis, you think Holly would turn on us like that?  I don't think she would i think jackson.  If it is holly, it's Jackson feeding her stuff.  I think Jackson is in her ear a lot.  Tommy, i agree, i either want to talk to holly one on one or jack one on one.  Sis, I would do both.  Tommy says if you want to go for Nicole now, then it just paints a target on their backs.  As long as its not me, then I will win HoH and have a decision to make next week.  You can't get away with pulling a fast one on us.  This is something that could break up the 6 of us.  You are veering off and doing a plan that's good for only you without including us, without being open.  It's her HoH and if she really feels like getting Nicole out first and Sam is better for her game, she should just be open about it.  Whatever you want just tell me the truth i'm happy no matter what i can do whatever but if you try to be sneaky and pull a fast one that's when i don't trust you.  In Christie's HoH, she was like it's not great for my game to get out Kemi for you guys i can't do that.  He was like, fair it's your HoH.

Tommy checks the Banana bread.  They think it might be good.  Sis is getting a "knife" and she sticks it in, says it's pure liquid as she licks the FORK!  They guess at how much more time.



Tommy feels like Jack is distancing himself, but Tommy says he feels like he is too.  Lats time they did this though, nothing was up. Nothing was happening.  The other good thing is if Jackson and Holly feel like they are at the bottom of the 6.  Sis, people are telling them that and it's in their minds from Bella.  Sis thinks Jack is hanging out with Michie and Jackson more this week  Sounds like he has been making coffee for them.  Tommy says that's good for us i think.  Sis, Nicole had a weird energy vibe.  Tommy says she knows something is up, You know we had a talk with her, don't tell anyone we said we did.  we told her we wouldn't say anything.  He thinks she is just harmless. 

They are waiting for the banana bread.  Nicole comes in and they say they added 30 minutes, both gasp.  he explains it says an hour and is a deep pan.

Kat drops in.  Tommy says it's up in the air, either way.  Kat says I'm pretty sure i'm going up, hope none of you bitches flip.


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10:40PM BBT CBR Christie, Kat  Christie selling her Jack hasn't spoken game to tommy or me in 3 days spiel to Kat.  Jack and Michie are off whispering all over the place.  Something is up and only people that don't know about it are SIs, me, Tommy, You, Jess, Nicole,   I don't know if Cliff knows about it, he might.  Sam, Nick, Holly, Michie and Jack know what's going on.  Why do they want to keep Sam?  Sam and Nick in this game are so dangerous.  Sam is swindling everybody. No way I am voting to keep him in, no way, even if i go against Holly and Michie.  Holly wants to talk to Jess and Cliff one on one and see where they are at.  If majority wants Sam gone then we are good.  Kat says I don't think Holly would want to get rid of me on her HoH.  Christie, that's why she is shying away from putting you up.  She knows if she puts you up you would go home if she wants to keep Sam.  If she puts up Nicole, she knows she wants her to go home.  Nicole isn't a threat, she hasn't won a comp she is just vote and who is she even working with, no one.  If holly puts Nicole up it's because she has a deal with Sam.


Kat "I'M SO CONFUSED" [mr obvious line of BB to this point - rms]

Christie, "I'm in a bad mood.  I just don't like not knowing what's going on." [WOW, another mr obvious line so quick! - rms]


10:44PM BBT Christie, Kat, Sis Sis, let's go up and find out.  Kat, Holly hasn't really had anytime to herself. Christie, who's chasing that, she is.  Michie's not letting her have anytime to herself because he wants to keep (pecking motion).  Who's HoH is it? Sis, I'm going up there and I'm gonna ask her.  Kat, he's also, (repeats several times as she is talked over) He doesn't want people thinking that he thinks its his.  First of all it's not mine, Holly won it fair and square.   Christie, because he forced her to win. Sis, Yes, Christie, You don't think it's also weird that he literally pressured her to win if he wasn't up to something, why would he care who won?  [maybe so HOLLY gets to see her family pics and letter and her stuff and she is immune from eviction - rms]

Kat, and he as doing the same thing during the veto.  Sis, I wanted to say something like calm down because that's what you did to me and people will get mad, but i didnt.  Christie, I rally can't stand someone that's like.  Kat, it's ok because you can't tell at all, Sis, they are getting really lovey dovey. It makes me feel really uncomfortable up there.  Christie, don't you understand that's the kind of guy he is, he's using that to control her because he knows that's the kind of guy she falls for and he is preying on that so she falls for him.  It's breaking my heart and then for her to say she hasn't spoken to him about it, that's a lie. How about when she says Nick and Sam aren't working together any more.  


10:48PM BBT CBR Sis, Kat, Chrisite Christie says if she puts up Nicole, we need to make sure Sam goes.  Sis says, Christie, no, we can't. Christie, that's fine because i'm obviously not gonna be the only one.  just know there is a reason we are playing into it.  Sis, we can not go against hem right now.  And jack wouldn't even do that either, Christie, because he's in on it, Sis, obviously,   Christie agrees.  [think she is just trying to go to sleep, no way that is over - rms]


10:53PM BBT LR Nick, Sam  ships that pass in the night    Sam said someone told Holly, that if Sam was going he wanted to go before Jury.  Sis said she heard that too?  Nick said I was talking to Kat if i go home i get to see Bella, if Sam does he at least gets to see his kids.  I didnt say he wanted to go home.  Sam said, Holly was like, if you go home now at least you get to see your family, I was like staying one more week maybe i can make some moves and join someone because I would be a free agent.  I could totally work with you and Michie, we've never done anything.  Sam says, alright go, and they part ways, kept it short and out of the way.


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10:53PM BBT CBR sis, Christie, Kat Christie says if Sam stays and they work together, f' us.  Kat, who would they work with, Michie, Holly, Jack

[Cliff comes in and now i can't hear. Blew my ear drums - rms]

Banana bread is still goo in the middle.  Tommy is gonna cook little longer 

Jack comes in, they ask how is work out was, good.  

Cliff says he drank cup of coffee because he will be up a while anyway.  Jack offers up that they have a lot of decaf.  placebo.

They talk about the blender cups.  No one really uses them now.  Christie loses her cup all the time.  

Cliff says Kemi's is in the SR if anyonee needs it.  He says he wants to go fill it up with something and put it in the Fridge.

They debate if the pictures on the wall in this room will be used in a comp. 


They bring up with Cliff what is the secret we are not in the loop on?  He hadn't heard anything.  


11:00PM BBT KT Jack, Tommy, Sis, Jess They bring up it's hitting people that soon they will be in for the full time of BB.  Before it was like, might be here just a few weeks.  Jack points out he is moving into a house Aug 10th and won't be there for 2 months.

Everyone keeps asking about the banana bread.  Jack says just leave it, everyone opening it is why it hasn't cooked.  He tries to look at it with the oven light.

Tommy pulls it out and puts knife in it.  Still gooey center.  Jack says they were all like little kids is it done yet?  mimics little kids


Funny: 11:18PM  BoB says "Houseguests must be awake between the hours of 10am to 10pm."

Jess um it's 11:11 who's falling asleep that can't fall asleep.  Tommy, wrong card probably

BoB, "Sorry"


More chatting.

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11:35PM BBT BY Cliff, Michie  Michie ... will need to go at some point.  Cliff, I know, i've told you and others my strategy is just to be patient try to survive ... Michie, it's chess and not checkers, Cliff, and i know the 6 of y'all aren't gonna last forever.  Michie, holly and I know that there are strong contenders and strong players and if they make it past a certain point this game very well could be theres.  And i would rather strike first, not now,  it's way too early for it.  I am just planting a seed.  Holly and I would like to work with you.  Cliff, I know we have talked about it before.  Michie, there are people in my 6, only one of us walks out with confetti and I'm not trying to get 6, 7 or 8th or 5th,..  Cliff, some where down the road,  you me holly, one or two others, it is what it is, i'd love to get to that point and then just head to head we see what happens.  Michie said, for the record after double eviction, holly and I will not be coming after you. If you want to take some shots at people i know we are going to and would love to have your support.  Cliff, I'm not gonna worry too,..  you know me i don't mind taking a shot. Michie I know you don't and you have some support from a few folks.  Cliff last time when i got it the HoH it was so quick.  If i get another one in the next couple of weeks, I loved to sit down with the two of y'all and figure out what works best for all of us.  Michie, there's a couple of people i have in mind that are very beneficial in terms of both of us lengthening our game. But there's a fine line between how long they stay in the house where it's beneficial and then it becomes detrimental. Finding that balance is very delicate.  Cliff, I don't want to spend 8 weeks in a jury house.  I am here for longer than that.  Michie, neither do I and neither does Holly.  FYI, don't mention anything to the hims, as far as they're concerned I am onboard for the 2 weeks and after that its fair game.  After that you are not in my cross hairs and neither for Holly.  Cliff says I appreciate that, I am a patient man and I will sit tight and once something happens we can talk more about it but i am certainly game for that without hesitation..  Michie, Holly and I can't do it alone...


11:41PM BBT BY Cliff, Michie  Michie, ... or If they won, i'm screwed.  so that's kind of what i'm talking about and its like maybe it wouldn't be so bad if one of them stayed.  Because they would be willing and able to take shots that some people are to scared to do or don't want to get blood on their hands for.  Cliff, "here's the thing jackson, I think that, in some ways, that's what i'm waiting for, i can't be the only person taking shots at the people"  Michie, i know, that's what i am talking to you right now. Cliff, i've thought the same thing.  Michie, Maybe it wouldn't be that bad if Sam stayed, I hope this stays here, Cliff, not a word, not a word, Michie, i do trust you a lot, Cliff, nick trusts me a little bit but there won't be anything passed that direction or to Sam either one.  Michie because what i am saying to you doesn't fly with 4 of the other people i am working with.  Cliff, not a word even to Holly, it's just you and me and i will keep it that way.  Michie, i am kinda looking at things from different angles, kinda playing devils advocate.  Cliff, we are getting to that part, Michie, Everything that people say and do there's a reason behind it and is it really because its for the good of the house or for the good of that person's game, Cliff, I know, I haven't been in the position where i could do anything except kind of play along with whatever. but if things change.  Michie, last thing I want to see is holly being bullrushed into the corner and being used Cliff, yeah, i know, this is her HoH, you better make it count.  Michie, and that is why I am trying to be cognizant of things going on and trying to give her some alternative points of view.  because some people are very pushy and very loud and very vocal.  And there is a whole relationship between the 6 of y'all that i am not even aware of, i tell you this much you know who i want to work with.  if anything needs to be done this week or next week just let me know  Michie, i am not naive and not ignorant to what goes in in this house, not just in this house but in BB in general.  Cliff we are at that stage of the game it's not the easy stuff any more.  Kemi, ..., they were the easy ones, now not so much.  Michie, it's becoming much more strategic. then its also like if nick and sam both stay can they really be trusted and who would they take shots at.

Michie, I know Holly and I don't want to be in their crosshairs but I wouldn't be upset if some other people were.  Cliff, I think i could help guide that, Michie, i know that not all 6 of us can be in final 2 but its too early in my game personally to take a shot however shots will need to be taken at them so maybe it wouldn't be too bad if they stayed.  Cliff, let somebody else get some blood on their hands.  you know how i feel about you and Holly.  Michie, I know how you feel about us on a very candid level (laughs), cliff, sometimes there's benefits to screw ups, Michie, I heard it with my own ears, Cliff, well good, there isn't a better validation than that.  Let me know, I am playing low key since there is nothing in my control.  Michie, same, that's why i am keeping my distance, from holly until it comes that time, last thing i want is oh, he's in her ear constantly, its his HoH. Cliff, hey worked out perfectly, you get to fight for HoH next week, Michie, so do you, I'll let you know when the time comes, good talk.

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11:51PM BBT outside RV  Cliff goes back to tell Tommy the banana bread was great.  pretends to talk to BoB, next HoH i want Tommy's banana bread.

[a challenger for LIKE density for the LIKE Olympics - rms]

Kat "I don't know, I was like, I never really like, I guess I don't really think about it because I forget that we are in a game like that. (giggles) So like sometimes I like forget like oh yeah, they might have been ..."

She follows with her catch phrase, "I mean, I don't know, you know what i mean"

"So then, so sometimes like if people stop talking when I walk up like i kind of like forget like oh, yeah they were probably talking about me..." Tommy and Christie walk all over her convo saying not necessarily you


[had to fast forward to orwell, couldn't take it - rms]

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