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Friday, July 12, 2019 Big Brother 21 Live Feed Updates

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1:45 AM BBT - David and Kemi alone in the kitchen

David asks Kemi if there was one thing she could do different what would it be

Kemi tells David she wouldn't internalize things. She explains to David that she overheard a conversation between Jack and Jackson early in the game .....Jackson told Jack that he was safe because of his cooking....later she told someone that it was annoying that he thinks he is safe because he is cooking for everyone.... Jack had said she (Kemi) was a "wildcard" and that he could control that because she flirts with him all the time, Kemi said she is not even attracted to him so whatever

David- you could have played that better

Kemi- yeah, well that's what I'm saying

Kemi- I didn't change my behavior toward him, but I made a comment and it did get back to him....what he said was worse than what I said

David says he realized you don't want to give anybody a generalization that could make you a target...everyone is playing nice but...

Kemi- the only thing you can truly trust is God and your gut....I'm Nigerian...I don't make decisions based on emotion


*Kat comes out of DR

Kemi- was it DJ? He's my favorite

Kat says she doesn't want to say anything and get in trouble (about who it is in DR)


Kemi  asks David if she said anything personal in her eviction speech. He says he doesn't remember. She goes on to explain that at the end of the day she realized she couldn't trust them (Nickella) because she was aligned with them but then Bella was scheming behind her back. Kemi states that she respects Jack's game more because he was transparent and told her upfront that he didn't like her and that's why she was going on the block. She said she could work with him down the line because he is honest with her.  David tells her you can't trust anyone and Kemi says you have to trust someone because you can't win this game alone. 


2:05 AM BBT *Jackson comes in to get fruit and Kemi tells Jackson he should wash his fruit before he eats it because shit has been sprayed on it. He says f*ck it and continues eating his apple. he leaves then comes back and tells them there are comfortable uniforms in the SR "basketball shorts and all that shit"

David- Thank God.... saying Dickies are stiff and uncomfortable


3:30 AM BBT Nicole is telling Jess and Kat that when they were talking about everyone having their own bed, Bella said, "Not tonight. Tell them to wash the sheets first."

Jess- God..so we have to wait until the backyard opens up to use the bed

Nicole- I'm gonna have nightmares

Kat- They must have been really quiet...how long has this been going on

Nicole- well Jess wanted you to notice this

Jess- we have to get to the bottom of this

Nicole- the condoms were missing

*they are giddy and laughing

Nicole- when did you notice this?

Jess- yesterday...when I was returning the aloe....I was like I don't know who is doing this, but

Kat- I'm jealous

Nicole- as long as it hasn't happened in my bed

*They begin speculating that Jack/Sis have been busy in the HoH room, too (true)

Jess- I mean if you're gonna do it I would assume you would want privacy.....and this is why Big Brother is better than the Bachelor

Nicole- (things missing) first Orwell then ...

Jess- the knife, then Orwell then Travis (the stuffed carrot)...a hat

Nicole- a sex act gone wrong.......that just made my night, thank you for that....I'm gonna have nightmares but it made my night



3:40 AM BBT  House is dark and silent


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Michie is still in bed with Holly

Cliff talks about the HoH competition not being a proud moment for Texas (his and Kat's tosses were bad). He explains that the darts were top heavy and his collapsed as he threw it. (the HGs had a few practice shots before the live show, but he needed more practice)

Cliff talks about the move to save Kemi, but Jack got word (yeah, Cliff.....from you via Christie) and shut it down.

Cliff mentions the surprise of Kemi calling out Nickella during her eviction speech (a really stupid move, but I still love Kemi  -MamaLong). 


He said it got bad during a commercial and Nick told Kemi that it was ballsy for her to make that statement in a situation where they weren't allowed to respond. Kemi was digging at Nick about his prior comp disaster.

She also said by the end of the week they will both be in Camp Comeback with her, but Bella told her the math didn't add up. Lots of high tempers. The 10 to 1 vote decision was topic of conversation.

He sat next to Bella during the HoH comp and they were talking about how much Kemi would hate it if one of them (Nickella) won. And then Nick won and was yelling that the beast was opened....then gave Bella a surprise kiss. Nick day 5 or 6 had come in to the archery room where they sleep and said he wanted to playing the game but how because there were amazing opportunities in there referring to Bella and how it was something special....treading that fine line of having a showmance and playing 100%.

He talks about Kemi waiting at the DR door and overhearing Bella talking smack so then their yelling match started. "Why did  you do something so dumb"  "I'm not the one that was dumb"  and it escalated from there. Kemi was more the aggressor. Bella stayed in her chair through most of it.

7:38 AM  Michie is still in bed in the target bedroom

Cliff goes on to say that Kemi didn't want to go out silent. but he thinks Kemi went overboard (general consensus of all HGs). Cliff says he is not in to people causing a scene to get attention.

Cliff says if he goes out, he will go out classy and be proud of himself.

"Maybe I'll be a hypocrite"


Then later Kemi approached Bella in the kitchen again. Kemi was definitely ready to make it more than verbal. Sam was there and grabbed Bella and pulled her back and got them sorted out. It took Bella awhile to calm down. I give it to Nick, he didn't immediately vent. He has a cool head on his shoulders. I give him a lot of credit...that guy is obviously a competitor and he is smart. More power to Nick...thinks he is a great guy.


Eventually he got his HoH room. I heard he didn't want Kemi in the HoH room. She didn't want to be there, but it worked out well. SHe came up, she was nice...friendly...didn't try to cause anything. Everyone was civil and it worked out fine. "We need that in the world more in general." He told Kemi later that it was a classy move. Kemi said regardless of what happened she was happy to see him and his family pictures and all that. Nick had mentioned right before going in the room how things got heated but they were all still a family.    (nice)

That rogue vote..."I do not know who cast it."  He believes that Nicole did not deliver a sympathy vote.

Cliff thinks it wouldn't be Kat...that someone is out there trying to cause a stink and confusion (BINGO). He wouldn't be surprised if it was Nick or Bella (it was Michie, of course).

7:49AM BBT  Cliff is worried about Nicole and worried that The Fellowship of the Zing being compared to FOUTTE as the worst alliance ever.

Cliff expects Nicole and Jess will go on the block. He doesn't feel safe. He tried to get tight with Nick from the beginning by throwing a camp director vote for him, so he hopes he is okay. Nick has told him he is safe, but he's not sure.

Cliff mentions that his girlfriend, however, has mentioned that he will need to be a pawn several times to get to jury (Bella). Cliff doesn't trust Bella knowing she would throw anyone under the bus for her game.

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He is worried that Nick will be talked in to putting up a guy and a girl and then he will be the guy put up.

"I'm feeling uncomfortable about my position in the game right now." He talks about how someone mentioned the top 8, referencing Jack/SIs,  Nick/Bella, Jackson/Holly and Christie/Tommy. He knows Sam would be #9 and he would #10. He wouldn't be happy going home 10th.

He knows one of the others need to win HoH to break things up "sooner rather than later, otherwise it will be like shooting fish in a barrel." He said he knows the audience doesn't want that.

Cliff mentions that Nickella as a target has been delayed but now that Nick won HoH he is going to be a bigger target. "It's a dangerous game, I think." Cliff said Michie and Holly still have his back and it's a game of patience.

Cliff says he talked with Sis yesterday and feel they are cool. She told him she is worried that people are assuming that she and Jack are such an item that she isn't playing her game....but she IS playing her own game and it's not Jack's game.


8:00 AM BBT "Good Morning Houseguests. It's time to get up for the day. There are fresh batteries in the storage room."

(music leak)'Can't buy me love, love..." *feeds cut.



*I'm out for now.   -MamaLong

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8:00 AM BBT  We continue to get Cliff notes for the morning.  He has figured out the 8 in an alliance, Nicole told him Sam was in HOH and they mentioned it, then quickly covered to add Sam. He feels Sam is #9 and Cliff is 10th place.  He doesn't want that, but if something doesn't shake up soon, he is afraid the 8 will go to final 8 intact, then the infighting will begin.  He has heard Nick and Bella are on the outs, but that won't be happening this week.   He doesn't want to be a pawn, but is afraid he might.   While Cliff is talking we get Wakey, wakey house guest, there are fresh batteries in the SR.. Cliff said he guesses this is the end of his time, and signs off as BB starts playing Can't Buy Me Love by the Beatles.  Now on FoTH

8:15 AM BBT  Feeds are back.  Cliff is up and eating breakfast in the KT, David is washing dishes.  Cliff asks if the Camp room is crowded with another person in it.  David said no, there is even room for one more, but he isn't sure when they will play for the Comback, so it might not be needed.   They also discuss the new clothes given to the campers, which is much more comfortable, and athletic clothing.  David said he told them the other outfit was very uncomfortable, and he would stay up later if he was comfortable.  Tommie goes by, says good morning.  They try to decide who plays in the final Whachitivity challenge.  Sam comes in, he and David joke about the hinky vote.  Sam says it is like turning the lights on and watching the roaches scramble.  Christie comes in, David said how good she looks, she said thanks but her eyes aren't even open yet.  They commend her for going to bed so early, that was smart.  

Sam takes something up to the HOH, and gives it to Nick and Bella.  They were still sleeping.  Bella asked what time it was, he said a little after 8.He talks about his ankle hurting, then asks if Bella wants to go to the bathroom before him, he is going to take a dump. 

8:25 AM BBT  In the HOHR, Nick and Sam are trying to decide what is going on today.  Bella is there as well.  Nick thinks it is only Whacktivity, he doesn't think it will be nominations.  In case it is, he goes over his options, Cliff, Jess, Nicole or Kat.  He said this week he will do a bitch move, and nominate people who have already been up.  He said he will tell Cliff he is a pawn, not sure what he will tell Jess.  Bella said to tell both of them they are pawns.  He is putting up Cliff because he was told Cliff is going after couples, and Nick is a couple so that makes Cliff a threat.  Nick said he never would have put Cliff up if he hadn't made that remark ( in his Cliff Notes but Christie was at the door and told everyone). Nick said he would love to put up Jack and Michie and game on!  Sam asks for a tissue, then we get WBRB

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12:00AM BBT: Nick, Bella, Holly, Jackson, Sam, and Analyse are in the HOHR. They talk about the rogue vote and think it's Cliff, not Nicole. Nick says Nicole told him that Kemi came up to her and said "thanks for the vote," but that Nicole said she didn't vote for her to stay. The camera's suddenly switch to the WA where Jessica and Kemi are talking about the Kemi/Bella conflict. Kemi tells Jessica Nick is twenty-eight and needs to "grow up."


12:06AM BBT: Kat and David are talking in the BRL, trying to figure out who Nick is going to put up. Kat says Nick won't put her up. David says Nick will put up Cliff and Jessica. He says Nick and Jack are "boys." Kat doesn't think they are. David does.


12:11AM BBT: Nick, Sam, and Bella are in the HOHR trying to figure out who the rogue vote was. They know it wasn't Nicole. Tommy walks in and asks if he can shower. Nick says he "trusts" Tommy and then asks the three others if they think the rogue vote could be Jackson. "I think it could be," Tommy says. Tommy says he asked Jack if it was their plan to have one vote for Jessica. Jack says there wasn't. Tommy says Analyse and Holly are oblivious. Nick says Jackson keeps telling him that it was Nicole and Nick feels like Jackson is pushing that too hard. Nick says he told Christie he's going to put Cliff and Jess up on the block. Nick says Holly told him Nicole came up to her and said she's "f***ed" after Nick won HOH. Nick wants Nicole to come to him and tell him why, and then also tell him why Kemi is "mad at him." "She's going to tell me," Nick says, or he'll be annoyed. Nick says he thought the vote was going to flip.


12:13AM BBT: Tommy says the rogue vote doesn't even matter. Nick says he's not putting Nicole or Kat up. Bella says Jackson really wants Cliff to go up. Sam suggests that by Nick putting up Cliff he's doing Jackson's "dirty work." Nick says he doesn't have anyone to put up because no one is coming for him. Nick says he'll do what's best for his game and Nicole will be his back up. Kat will be his second back up. Nick tells Tommy to "reel in Kat" because she doesn't have anyone. Nick says Jess is scared of him and is close with Jackson. The others don't really believe that they're close. 


12:17AM BBT: BB tells Kemi to "stop that." Nick says Kemi is going to be bad this week. Bella says she and Kemi used to read lips all the times and get in trouble with BB for it.


12:19AM BBT: Sam says as soon as Nick won HOH, Jack and Christie ran to the BRL. Sam says it was suspicious. Nick says he's not putting Jack up because Jack kept him safe last week. Nick says if he wins a power and can change nominations secretly, he will. He says he'll put Jack and Jackson up if he can do it secretly. Nicole comes in and the talk stops. They talk about who the rogue vote was, Nick thinks it could be Kat because she's dumb enough to say the wrong name. Nick tells Nicole he knows it wasn't her. 


12:23AM BBT: Bella and Nick want Nicole to "explain" Kemi's speech. Nick keeps demanding she tell him what Kemi's deal was with her speech. Nicole says Kemi feels like she was "thrown under the bus." Nick says it was because of the "cooking' comment last week. Bella agrees with Nick. Nick says Kemi lies all the time. Nicole says Kemi was probably just trying to take everyone down with her. Nick keeps wanting Nicole to tell him why Kemi feels like that. He says it doesn't matter and he doesn't care, but the way he talks suggests he does. Bella says she doesn't want to be Kemi's friend. Nick continues to obsess over Kemi for awhile.

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8:38 AM BBT  Sam is still in HOH with Nick and Bella.  Christie and Tommy are in the BRL, whispering.  Christie is telling Tommy about her talk with Jack and telling him he needs to keep his distance for their game.  She said he looked like he was going to cry.  Sis comes in, they talk about the rogue vote.  No one thinks it is Nicole.  They say it looks like Michie.  He is asking people about the vote, and really pushing Nicole.  Tommy spoke with him and said he is looking guilty.  Jack comes in.  They catch him up.  Now they say that it could be Cliff.  They think Cliff is America's player.  They talk a lot about him, and says it all adds up but it doesn't matter.  Jack said none of it matters, Cliff is going up.  Holly comes in.  They continue talking about Nicole. They conclude they like her and trust her.  Christie said if it is Cliff and Nicole on the block, Nick wants Nicole gone, but she said she would vote Cliff out.

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12:30AM BBT: Jackson and Ovi are in the SR talking about Nick as HOH. Jackson is scared Nick will "take a shot." Jackson tells Ovi it's not a question of "if" it's a question of "when" Nick will make his move. Jackson says Bella is "reckless" and that "she's the kind of person who can convince him to do anything." Ovi asks if Jackson thinks Nick will put up Kat. Jackson say he doesn't know. Ovi asks how close Jackson is to Jessica, Jackson says "pretty close." Jackson says he wants Nick or Bella to go home next, but it won't be happening. Jackson says he wants to work with Ovi. Ovi says the best chance for him to get back in the house is if Kat or Jessica go out next. Jackson agrees. Ovi wants to know how to "convince Nick and Bella" to put up Kat and send her home. Jackson doesn't know. Jackson says Christie has a "big ol' mouth" and Christie and Jack are close. 


12:49AM BBT: Sam talks with Analyse and Tommy in the BRL about Nicole and the conversation he had with her about their games. He then tells them about his conversation with Jack earlier and about the vote. He tells them he told Jack he didn't want to flip the vote and how he doesn't want to be associated with other people's games. 


12:55AM BBT: Kemi, David, and Ovi talk in the SR about what they think will happen. Jess walks in and gives them a hard time about a "camp comeback meeting." Jessica tells them Bella is moving all her things upstairs. Jessica leaves and the others follow. 


12:58AM BBT: Bella and Nick look at his photos in the HOHR. Analyse, Tommy, Kemi, and Sam are in the BRL chatting. Analyse says she should go to bed since she competes tomorrow. Kemi says everyone is going to sleep early. Tommy says he's not. Sam tells them what time it is. Nick and Bella hug in the HOHR, Sam goes up to the HOHR. Analyse leaves the BRL next. Tommy asks if Kemi wanted to talk about anything else. Kemi says she's frustrated because she feels like she "fueled him to win HOH."

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8:55 AM BBT  Sam is still upstairs in the HOH room, telling stories.  Nick and Bella are still in bed, Bella has the covers up to her chin  (Wonder if they have on clothes and if Sam is clueless)  In BRL, Nicole and Cliff comes in.  Subject is about how well the house is coming together. Christie said Sam took orange juice to Nick and Bella.  Christie said no one every took her OJ, and that is her favorite morning drink.  Nicole said she thought everyone was still asleep, but was told they were in the boat room.

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1:12AM BBT: Sam talks to Bella in the HOHWA while he showers. Nick talks to Nicole in the THB. He says he's been wanting to talk to Nicole alone because he knows she's anxious. Nick says he knows Nicole wasn't the rogue vote because she's smart. He says someone did it to pin it on her. Nick says he knows who it was, but he won't say. Nick tells her to trust him, he's not putting her up. He says he'll use Kat as a replacement if someone goes down. Nick tells her to "relax." They hug. Nicole is worried because Kemi is going to talk to her, Nick tells her to talk to Kemi. He says he "feels bad" for her.


1:24AM BBT: Jackson is talking another shower in the WA. He's talking to Tommy and Kemi about his wacktivity comp, trying to figure out who won the power. "Who frickin' knows," Tommy says. Upstairs in the HOHR,  Nicole is talking to Bella and Sam. They talk about Kemi and Jessica. Bella tells Nicole all the things she "didn't do" that others say she did. Bella continues to talk about how she won't be Kemi's friend. 


1:32AM BBT: General conversation in the WA while everyone gets ready for bed. Bella is still bad mouthing Kemi to Nicole and Sam. Bella continues to talk about the DR and BB cuts the feeds. 



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9:00 AM BBT  Holly and Sis go to the SR for batteries.  They are talking about Kat, I think  Holly is saying "she" is trying to get TV time, makes thing awkward.  Ovi comes in to change his battery, and after morning pleasantries, they move to the LR.   Lots of whispering, hard to keep track of who they are talking about.  Showmances, does America think they are stupid, is she ruining her game, is she getting to comfortable?  Holly is afraid Nick might come after her.  Bella walks by, they talk for a moment.  She talks about how great the HOH bed is.  She said once she laid down, she was out and didn't move at all.  They snicker about that and she scurries off.  More whispering and repeating, then Jack comes in, gives Sis a kiss and walk away. 

(Gotta go for a while if someone can take over)

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1:33AM BBT: Bella says she's wasn't in the wrong and that her "loyalty was attacked." Nicole says she's sorry. Nick enters the HOHR. They keep talking about Kemi. Downstairs in the WA, Holly and Jackson are cuddling while sitting with Kat and Tommy, they're just chatting.


1:49AM BBT:  David and Kemi are chatting in the KT on the couch. They talk about the comment Kemi made about Jack and cooking. Kemi says what he said was worse than what she said. She says she probably should have kept her mouth shut, "but you can't go back in time," she says. They talk about how the food isn't that good that Jack makes. 


1:55AM BBT: Nicole, Bella, Sam, and Nick talk about eviction night and what they said to Julie and who they voted for. They also talk about how much everyone eats. BB cuts the feeds when they talk about what they said to Julie. All four cameras are on Kemi and David chatting in the KT. 


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2:08AM BBT: The group in the HOHR talk about Analyse. Nick says Analyse likes him more than Jack. Bella says she likes Jackson, Nick agrees. Bella says she knows Jackson would never put her up unless it was a final three or something. Nick says he would "never let" Jackson put Bella up "early." They watch Kat, Jackson,  and Kemi in the KT on the monitor in the HOHR. Tommy and Cliff walk into the KT. 


2:12AM BBT: Sam tells Nick and Bella in the HOHR that he trusts Holly. They talk about Jackson and Jack. Sam flexes in the mirror and says he's "getting skinny." Sam leaves. Nick and Bella watch the monitors to see where everyone is. They talk about the other HGs. Nick says if Jack gets to the end no one will vote for him. Bella agrees. 


2:24AM BBT: Nick says he's going to shower. Bella says she'll join him after she gets her towel. She leaves before Nick can tell her he has towels. Tommy and Kat are in the WA getting ready for bed downstairs. 


2:31AM BBT: Jessica is talking to Kemi in the CBR about the "all women's alliance" and the Black Widows and about what she said or didn't say. Tommy, Holly, and Jackson whisper in the SR. Tommy tells them that he thinks the rogue vote is just to pin it on Nicole. Tommy wants to find out who it is, unless it was Jackson or Holly. He says he doesn't want to keep talking about it if it was one of them. They say it wasn't them. They still think Cliff is "America's Player." They think Cliff was the one vote to "stir the pot." Jackson says he laughed and said Kemi when Julie asked him who he was voting to evict. Jackson says he doesn't care if anyone thinks he was the one vote. "I wish it was unanimous," Jackson says. Tommy tells them Nick thinks it was Jackson. Tommy wants them to get together and figure out who they think did it. They talk about Cliff and how he would want to stir the pot. "It's the f*****g Orwell thing," Jackson says about Cliff, "he's never going to own up to it."


2:34AM BBT: Holly wonders if Cliff is "on to them" about them listening in on his monologues. Jackson says he doesn't want his name put to a vote he "didn't f***ing cast." Jackson says Nick shouldn't be "pushing" any of their names as the one vote. Jackson keeps saying he wishes it were unanimous. 


2:37AM BBT: Tommy leaves the SR. Jackson and Holly stay in the SR. Jackson says it's "fine" that they're throwing his name around. They talk about Kat and what she said in the KT earlier. Jackson says Kat is a "loose cannon." Holly says she's a "loose cannon with a lot of things." They talk about who knows about them being together. 


2:40AM BBT: Jackson pulls Holly close and whispers into her ear so we can't hear. Holly says she "doesn't want to look stupid." They kiss. They talk about Kat and what she says about Jackson. It bothers Holly. Jackson says Holly "stresses" him out. Jackson says Holly needs to talk to him. Holly wants to go to bed. Jackson wants Holly to say what's on her mind. Holly feels like she's shot herself in the foot for several reasons. Jackson tells her to list them. Holly doesn't want a target on her back, or on Jackson's back. She doesn't want her parents to be upset, she doesn't want her friends to judge her. She doesn't want the other HGs to talk about them in the DRs and she doesn't want to look stupid. Jackson says he has the same concerns. 


2:42AM BBT: Jackson and Holly talk about Nick. Holly says Kemi told her that Nick is going to go for Jack and Analyse. Jackson and Holly think it's strange that Jack was sucking up to Nick. "I'm not good at being fake nice," Holly says. It sounds like Holly might know Jackson was the one vote. She tells Jackson  "it's not a lie if you believe it" when he tells people it wasn't him. Jackson tells Holly about his conversation with Ovi earlier. They then talk about Bella and Nick. 


2:49AM BBT: Jackson and Holly talk about the cameras. Holly says she hates them and she "looks like sh*t." Jackson asks if she's sleeping in what she's wearing. Holly says she'll change her shirt. They leave the SR and get into bed in the TBR. "Stupid cameras," Holly says as they follow them. They whisper in bed. In the BRL, Kat and David cuddle. 


3:04AM BBT: Kat and David leave the BRL, Kat says she's going to shower and get ready for bed. They walk to the WA and David says he wants to talk to Nicole. Nicole says she's in the WC. Holly and Jackson are still whispering in the TBR. Jackson tells Holly he wants to keep the others in the dark about him being the rogue vote so they "genuinely won't know" if Nick asks. 


3:17AM BBT: Nick and Bella are in bed in the HOHR with the lights off. They talk about Nicole. Nick says Nicole "is not a good liar." Bella agrees. "I hope she's sleeping alright," Nick says. He thinks she's lonely. They talk about the other HGs and who talks to who. 


3:30AM BBT:  Jessica, Nicole, and Kat are in the CBR talking. [ MamaLong has that conversation posted above! :) ]


3:37AM BBT: BB turns off the lights in all the rooms and all is quiet. 


3:50AM BBT: Holly and Jackson are awake in the TBR whispering, the lights are still out.


4:30AM BBT: Everyone is asleep and all is quiet. 


5:56AM BBT: Jack is out of bed, he walks to the WC. 


6:02AM BBT: Jack is back in bed. 


6:32AM BBT: Jackson is out of bed, he wanders into the SR and looks in the refrigerator. He looks around, eats fruit, and then goes back to bed in the TBR. 

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3:35 PM BBT The feeds are back after the Whacktivity comp. The girls are dressed in baseball tees and matching bandanas.


3:44 PM BBT  "Nominations Today" is on the living room screen

Christie- I felt every single leg on my body. 

Nick claims he didn't even finish (it was timed) so there is no way he could have won. Jess laughs that no one won the power (because no one is admitting they won).

The competition had to do with building a phrase with letters and combinations of letters. Sis comments that she didn't even finish either, "I swear"

They had to finish the phrase "Don't meet Julie on eviction night."  Christie is the only one who admits to finishing the phrase. 

4:07 PM BBT fish cam WBRB

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4:10 PM BBT Feeds are back  (bathroom area Tommy, Christie, Jack, Tommy, and Christie)

Jack- how did you enter the words or letters

Christie- it was really cool...it was in the woods. It was dark. They called it the basement. Little shacks and a Coleman light. When we first get in they make us read these instructions outloud. 'beware...there is a curse...blah blah blah...find the missing...' then to the other side were 6 magnetic slots where the letters go....hard to see the patterns.

So you actually have to rip apart the instruction board to form the letters. There were 6 words. The pictures were kinda hard to see. Didn't you think?

Jess- I thought they were hard because of the hissing cockroaches.

Christie- there was always a mound of them on top and I couldn't clear it.

4:15 PM BBT HOHR  Nick, Bella, Holly, Jackson

Nick- I knew I wasn't going to figure it out. I was like, Dude, how much time to have left, but he couldn't tell me.

Holly- they wouldn't give you a time clock

Nick- I just knew I had 20 minutes

*feeds cut*

On the stairs, Jack, Bella, Sam and Kat say that Jess had to have won it.

Jack- I caught her in the kitchen. I said Jess won it and she gave it away

4:22 PM BBT Christie and Sis and Tommy in the Target room

Both deny having it. Sis is sure Jess won it based on her comments after the comp.


Sis- see yours was the cockroaches and mine wasn't (what was hardest part of the comp for them)

Christie- the puzzle.... "Keep your eyes open to see"  and I was like this is so easy. I sacrificed like 3 minutes hovering over the thing and sending love to the cockroaches so they wouldn't harm me

Sis- my issue was literally...Christie I stood there for like 5 minutes, like was it steak or meat....  diamond + E E...like what could it be

*Cliff walked in

Christie- before we started I was like okay, I'm good, but then I felt them

Sis- I couldn't figure out the Julie...and then I hit the buzzer wrong...I hit it like 4 times. I spelled Julie wrong

Christie- for me the puzzle itself was not that bad, but I wasted the first 6 minutes of me getting in trouble for how I was doing it...knocking them all out (she used a closed fist to move the roaches but the handlers kept stopping her and telling her she couldn't do it that way, that she was killing them)...but I just couldn't do it

*feeds cut*  (I'm sure production is warning them about talking about production  -MamaLong)

4:35 PM BBT Christie says if she wasn't PMSing she would have been fine ....didn't think it would be a skin thing...and the room smelled like an uncleaned lizard tank

Sis- but how high did they go on you

Christie- forearm; like "mother f'er   mother f'er"  *screams; She (Jess) must have swiped it so clean that it was clear as day

*Jack and Holly walk in

Holly- how big were they

Christie- the pictures were like this big (5 x 7)

Sis-  the roaches were huge

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4:41 PM BBT Christie If I wasn't PMSing I would have done better  (enough, already)

Sis- she is a bad f'ing liar

Jack- we should go wait on the couch and see her coming out of DR; she won't be able to contain it

*they leave*

Cliff walks in and suggests to Christie that if they think Jess has it they should put her up to flush out the power 

Christie- yeah, she said in the bathroom that she just used two fingers and swiped them aside like it was no problem

Cliff- if you can do or say anything to keep me off the block I would...

Christie- I haven't even talked to Nick

Cliff- I don't want to go home

Christie- it would be nice to not be nominated

There's a nut (I think it's nuts???) tossing/catching in mouth contest going on in the kitchen between David, Jack, and Sam. Nicole is the spectator. Sam goes in for his catch, but Jack snatches it before he can get it.

Sam- I could have had that one!.....the championship game!!!


4:47 PM BBT Feeds cut and we have puppy cam "The Houseguests are Filming SOmething Awesome" for the nomination ceremony

4:56 PM BBT Feeds are back and it seems it was a false alarm for noms.

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4:57PM BBT Feeds are back. Noms haven't happened yet.


5:11PM BBT Jess grabs Nick to chat in the upstairs lounge area.  Nick said Cliff came to him and asked not to be put up. Nick says Cliff is being weird and he thinks Cliff is America's Player and he doesn't trust him.  Nick say that he wants Cliff out this week because of the funky shit he's doing and the crap with Orwell. [Tommy seems to have spread his AP paranoia to Nick]

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6:33PM BBT The feeds are back

Nick nominated Jessica and Cliff up for eviction.

7:00 PM BBT In all seriousness, the house is blowing up tonight. Too much to even translate. CRIKEY! In short, Gr8ful + Sam are meeting and talking mad smack about Nicole. 



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6:32PM BBT -  The feeds are back.  Tommy and Bella are talking in the HOH BR and Kat, Jackson and Jack are in the SR.  It sounds like they're still trying to figure out who voted for Kemi to stay.


6:37PM BBT - Jess, Cliff, Nicole and Jack are in the boat room.  Jack had just finished telling Cliff that he was a pawn before Jess walked in.  Jack tells them both that he can be a POV houseguest choice for either of them.


6:39PM BBT - Cliff and Jess leave the boat room and Jack promises Nicole that she's not a threat and is not in danger this week and that he will always be honest with her if she is.


6:38PM BBT - Bella, Tommy, Sis, Jackson, Christie, Sam, Nick and Holly are in the HOHR going in circles about who voted for Kemi, and Nicole's vote.  They are also hammering out the story of bullying in the house.  


6:49PM BBT - Kemi, Nicole and Jess are in the WA where Nicole is telling them that she went upstairs and Michie told her that it's not a good time and then shut the door on her face.  Nicole is aware that they want her out, and can imagine what's being said about her upstairs.


6:57PM BBT - The gr8ful + 1 are still in the HOHR, all hopped up with power that they can't even sit down.  They just keep exciting each other by thinking that they know what's going on with the other side of the house, laughing loudly where they can be heard downstairs.


7:00PM BBT - The big alliance upstairs is trying to think of a new name, finally going with "Not Falling For Your Sh*t".  


7:09PM BBT - Cliff and Nick are in the WA and Nick tells him that he's safe and has the votes.


7:10PM BBT - The big alliance meeting has now adjourned and all of the HG are now down in the KT where they start to prep for dinner, which appear to be steaks.


7:19PM BBT - David and Ovi are in the SR and Nicole comes in.  They tell her they're talking and she said "they won't talk to me and you won't talk to me".  David tells her to be savvy and to hold it in, not going after them directly.  Once she leaves, David tells Ovi also that he cannot let the emotions get the best of him.


7:28PM BBT - Cliff comforts Nicole in the TBR, where she says how important it is that they realize that she's human and has feelings, even if they really do believe that she has the power and cast the rogue vote. 


7:39PM BBT - Holly and Michie escape back to the target BR where Michie says they just dodged a bullet. They're both overwhelmed by the outcome of his rogue vote.  And while they know that it wasn't Nicole that cast it, that she was still playing both sides of the house.


7:41PM BBT - Tommy, Sis, Bella, Sam and Nick are in the HOHR are talking about telling Jess that it's too early to say that she's a pawn, after telling her already that she is not going anywhere.  Nick is determined to convince everyone that Jess has a power because she made the comment of "if I had it, I couldn't invoke it until later", and people are starting to buy into it.


7:51PM BBT -  In the HOHR, Bella tells Christie, Tommy, Sis, Nick and Jack that Nicole swore on her grandmother's life.  Christie laughed and said that she didn't lie, because Nicole's grandmother died 3 years ago and only knew one grandmother.  Christie said that she cried in her arms about it at one point.



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7:20 PM BBT  Making dinner in the Kitchen post Gr8ful HOH meeting

Jackson- I'm gonna lose my shit

Sis - I want to kill everyone in this house. I f'ing hate everyone

Jack- why are you getting so pissed? I'm f'ing stoked

Sis- because she's a dumb bitch, she's f'ing crazy (talking about Nicole)

Bella- good! I've been waiting for this moment....for weeks

Sis- If you f'ing bitches would let me go off I could give you a show...but you don't want me to do anything



7:40 PM BBT Hichie in the Target Room smooching loudly



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