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Friday, July 12, 2019 Big Brother 21 Live Feed Updates

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7:54 PM BBT HOHR  Nick, Michie, and Jack toast to their success (I call their behavior middle school bullying)


8:00 PM BBT Kemi and Cliff in the WA

Cliff is in the shower and Kemi expresses that she is very disappointed in the nominations. Cliff is upbeat about it and says they'll all be friends outside the house no matter what.




Thank goodness Cliff suggested a gratitude circle during dinner, but Nicole is not at the table!


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8:44 PM BBT Michie and David in the SR

They have this presumed "agreement" to work together...act like they hate each other in the house but check in with each other in the SR once or twice a day. Of, course, Michie is not loyal to this and sees it as a total joke. After talking David up for a few minutes, David leaves then Michie gives the camera a look that says "yeah, you wish".


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8:22pm BBT


House guests with the exception of Nicole are sitting around the table telling what they are grateful for.


Earlier gr8ful plus Sam were in the HOH room having a meeting that excluded Cliff, Jessica, Nicole, Kat, and the Comeback Campers.

In that meeting the group compared information received from Nicole. Everyone denied all deed doing and comment making. It quickly became a bashing session with Nicole as the target of said bashing. Ovi (bless his heart) took exception and called them out for being rude to the other people in the house. Cliff was the voice of reason and put the whole thing in perspective.


And that brings us to the current time, when the house guests are surrounding the table, getting along famously, and certainly none of them allowing themselves to show worry at being “caught out.”. The house guests are not showing any concern or animosity at being excluded from the “cool kids” meeting. On the surface this is a very happy, very friendly group.


The talk is general chatter and all cameras are recording different angles of the room.


We hear Christie tell the group that the eviction is on Thursday. Someone asks how she knows, Christie says, “Because I asked.”


Bob: You are not allowed to talk about production.


Background conversation moves to David giving his theory of the Comeback Camp Room not having enough cots for four people, so the competition being directly after the eviction.


Tommy says the four Comeback Campers may compete in the HOH, last one down comes back in and continues for a chance to win and return as HOH.


Jackson mentions to Bella that Jessica does not seemed concerned about being on the block this week, even though last week she was very worried.


Christie shares her PMS woes with the others.



In the storage room Bella and Sam are checking out the freezer. They find ice cream and Bella screams. Kat comes in with the trash bag ans says it will be a good night. They leave the room and Jack comes in to look for a little snack.


Camera moves to the bathroom lounge, where Nick is telling Christie and Jack that Nicole will want to talk to him. They tell him to have one guy and one girl there. Nick, “okay.”


Christie says, “that was some s**t.” Jack shakes his head now, and says “wow.” Nick comes out of the water closet (could be why Jack shook his head at Christie). Sam walks in to share the mirror with Christie.



Cameras move to the HOH room.


Nick and Sis are talking about who needs to be in the room when Nick talks to Nicole. Bella comes out of the room, Jack comes into the room, followed by Jack.


Bella is bragging about how they have placed the group of 9 into such a good position.


The girls want to hide in the shower if Nicole and Nick talk, he says no. Jack keeps offering to be there, “no matter who you want here.”





Kat and Jessica are in the bathroom lounge, Jessica says the vibe in the house is off. Kat says she feels it too. Kat asks Jessica if she knows what happened in the HOH room, Jessica says no. She says Nicole is playing a very dangerous game, that the group found out that Nicole was playing both sides of the house. Jessica says she was being pulled by both sides of the house.


Kat says she was not pulled by Holly and Sis, that Nicole went to them.


Kemi comes in, they tell her she is welcome when she asks.




David, Holly, Tommy and Christie are in the boat bed lounge.


Christie asks if he is still here with a plan to “f**k s**t up.” David denies, and they laugh because all them heard him say it.


David says he came here to catch up, he was in Mexico and missed all of it. (Mexico is a code word for sequester).


Christie asks if he wanted to ask them something, David says he did not, but if they have questions he will answer them.


General questions about what David's badges mean and he makes up reasons.


Kat comes into the room and bounces onto the bed.


In the kitchen Cliff is at the table, Kemi comes by and tells him she is going to check on Nicole.


The camera follows Kemi.


Kemi says she has no idea what is going on. She tells Nicole to start from the beginning.


Nicole tells her that no one has been making eye contact with her all day. She says that Bella told her to take it in stride, but that Jack and Michie were pushing Nick to put her on the block because she had “the power.” Bella told her she was being accused of the “rogue vote”, and asked Nicole to trust her.


Nicole says she told Bella about the plan to put her and Nick on the block if any of the 6 won HOH. Nicole says she also told Bella and Nick more things, and Nick went to the DR to lock in his nominations, then when Nick came out of the DR they all ran upstairs.


Kemi says “I bet Bella told them.”


Nicole says she approached Holly, but found out later that Michie was pushing for her (Nicole) to be nominated. Nicole says they are going to pick off everyone else one by one.


Kemi says that Bella told her that the “couples” have an alliance, and agrees. Kemi says that at dinner when someone says Nicole was missing and Bella said, “who's that?”.


FISH keep popping up..

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9:24PM BBT TBR Christie told Tommy she got the Whactivity power, the diamond power of veto, occurs sometime in the next 4 veto meetings and it lets her decide who would go up in place of someone saved by the PoV instead of the HoH deciding.  She has control of the backdoor not the HoH in this case.  She made it sound like an alarm will go off and then she gets to use it.

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Kemi and Nicole are still in the rv bedroom sharing information.


Kemi is telling Nicole about the connections in the house.


Kemi tells Nicole that if someone comes down Nicole would go up, but that wasn't intentional. She tells Nicole that if she strokes Bella's ego it will put it in her (Bella's) good graces. She says Bella is easily manipulated.


Nicole tells Kemi she would love to know what happened in that room, and Kemi says she would too. Kemi seems surprised that Christie and Tommy do not have the integrity she had given them credit for.


FISH again....for a few seconds.


Nicole calls Bella erratic, Nick didn't seem to be. She heard them in the kitchen saying. “another one bites the dust.” but isn't sure where it was directed.


Kemi says some people have an anxious nature and some people in this house have a lack of ability to restrain their emotions, she mentions Bella believing she is running the game. She wonders why Bella tells so much. Kemi says Nicole did the right thing, and Nicole says she would be flattered if they used the back door on her. She tells Kemi they don't realize what an asset her vote would be.


While they continue to discuss the events of the day, Sam is telling Bella that he is the number 9 in the group, and that he would never tell anyone that Bella told him about gr8ful. (Bella doing damage control here?). She says she can cover what she has told him.


Bella says Nick and Jack are “like this.”, and she doesn't trust Jack.


Sam says he doesn't want gr8ful to know he knows, he will play the part. He says he doesn't care that they feel sorry for him.


Bella, “Sometimes I trust you more than Nick.” She adds “I never talk s**t about you....or Nick.” (okay, didn't she just do that????-Grannysue)


Cliff is sitting at the kitchen table.


Nicole and Kemi are still going over old information and thoughts


Sam has come into the boat bed lounge where there is loud conversation. Sam may have mentioned seeing a production person, the camera went to FISH before he defined who “he” was.




Jessica has joined Nicole and Kemi in the rv bedroom.


Nicole is upset about her treatment at the HOH door, and Jessica defends it by saying that Jack and Michie are aggressive.


Kemi says it is his responsibility to apologize to Nicole, he should not be sending Jessica.


Jessica immediately says she was not sent, and she does it quickly.


Kemi says again that “he” should apologize. (not sure who met Nicole at the door, and shut it in her face earlier, maybe Michie)


Jessica makes more excuses for “he”.


Kemi says Nick approached her at dinner and asked to sit by her, she said “you can sit where ever you want.” Nick,”i was just asking.” Kemi says, “Did yesterday not happen??”


Jessica says men just forget, that's why they win the game.


Kemi says she is aware of how she is portrayed on tv, and tries to remove herself from a situation. She says when Nick said something about 15 friends, she took a long sip of water and thought, “the 14 of you and Orwell.” but she didn't say it aloud.


Jessica says she isn't sure if he is lying or he really thinks he didn't do anything wrong.


Nicole agrees with Jessica, and assuming Kemi comes back, and moving forward they need to be aware of where they fall.


Jessica says if I go this week and don't come back, it will be you, Cliff, etc.


Ovi comes into the room, says he wants to stop by.


He asks Nicole how she is doing, she says she still has no idea what is going on, and she is out of the loop.


Ovi says he has no idea


Nicole says she feels disrespected and ostracized, and she will not accept that. She says they could have come to the balcony and clarify. She says that slamming a door is personal and no one should be treated like that. She calls it “sh**ty and rude”





Christie, Tommy and Holly

(it could be Sis, I can only see her hair and am going by voice only, so I will refer to her as Holly with the understanding that it is for the sake of her participation)

are in the target bedroom discussing Ovi, his cookies, and Christie says she misses the old Ovi.


AND in walks Ovi!!


Tommy, “we were talking about your cookies.”


Ovi says he hopes he hopes he didn't offend anyone.


Tommy pretends he has trouble remembering what he could possibly done, then offers Ovi the opportunity to work with them if he returns to the game.


They try to sell Ovi on their offer, saying they only don't talk game because they worry about David.


Tommy says “s**t hit the fan today and we did a gratitude circle later...” (that did not include Nicole, just sayin'--Grannysue)


Christie denies personal game play or comments.


Ovi tells them cookies will be out soon. He asks them to give Cliff a nice word, that he is feeling down.


When he leaves, Tommy rolls his eyes, and says “he is scared to s**t”. Christie giggles. Tommy, “now we have a maid.”


Holy says over the next few days Nick and Bella are gonna want information and they need to know what to say so it is not random..


Tommy says Cliff was after everyone but Nick and Bella, that he was conspiring to not send them home.


AND...Cliff walks in.


He asks if they mind if he hangs out, of course they do not. Cliff lays on his bed, Tommy leaves the room.



9:55pm BBT


Jack comes into the target bedroom with Christie and Cliff, and Tommy comes with him.


Christie is telling Cliff she doesn't know specifics, just random facts.


Cliff tells them he does not play “He said, she said.”, (regarding the rogue vote).


Jack and Christie say the vote was not a big thing, Cliff said Nicole was upset about being blamed for the vote.


Christie is steering the conversation, she says she has no problem with alliances. She is telling Cliff that she heard her name, wrong place, wrong time.


Cliff says that Ovi, Nicole and him (Cliff) talked and decided to work together to try and stay longer in the game. He says he is being dragged along, and he has no personal anything.


Christie says people will listen to him.


Cliff says he doesn't think he has done anything personal or wrong while in the house.


Holly comes into the room while Cliff tells them that this game is a diversion, a small part of his life, and he wants to have no regrets. He wishes someone had come to him and said what they were thinking. Cliff says she destroyed his game (Kemi?? and the eviction speech).


Nick, Sam, Michie and Bella come in, followed by David. (Michie passed gas and it was cringe-worthy).

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9:34PM BBT Tommy, Christie, Sis are in the TBL and Cliff walks in and talks to them trying to clear the air about anything he said or allegedly said and he still wants to be friends with everyone,...  Christie says she doesn't have a personal problem with him at all.  Tommy and Christie say give it a day a lot has gone on today,...  (...  Cliff leaves)


Sis says Bella told Nicole that Christie heard Cliff talking about stuff (Cliff Notes).  Christie then jumps up and asks if he should go tell Cliff she heard him doing his morning (Cliff Notes).  They discuss this a while.  Tommy and Christie confer on how to discuss it with him.  Christie practices her speech to him.  ...  "But I did happen to wake up early one morning about four days ago and I went to the bathroom and on my way back i heard you talking and UNFORTUNATELY I kept it there,.."   [rms - wow, UNFORTUNATELY, you mean purposefully eavesdropped]  and more discussion of what she should say

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10:00PM BBT TBR - Tommy, Christie, Jack and Cliff are discussing some of what was said.  Cliff discusses some of what he had said.  They all spend bunch of time going through some of what was said.  Cliff said he dent like the he said she said and says he is being drug along becomes someone he was working with did that...  goes on a while of back and forth affirmations.


Holly comes in and it continues.  Cliff says he wished someone had come to him and discussed what she had done [rms - assuming Nicole]


Michie comes in.  Soon after David, Nick, Bella, Sam all come in complaining about the smell.  Michie yuks it up [rms- more sophomoric stuff just like the Nicole bashing]


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11:45PM BBT TBR Sis and Tommy talk about Sis, Jack and Christie. Sis doesnt see her and Jack together after this. She wants to just be friends that hook up sometimes. They try to figure pit if Jack does stuff to try to make Sis jealous on purpose to put distance between them for the game. Tommy keeps trying to plant this wedge into Sis pushing her towards Christie. 


11:52 PM BBT CBR Nicole goes to bed and is crying


TBR Tommy explains his and Christie’s conversation with Nicole to Holly, Michie, Sis including their suggestion for her to get together with a few of the people to talk about it.  [rms - this whole thing feels like teenage stupidity ugh. So immature ]



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