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Sunday, June 30, 2019 Big Brother 21 Live Feed Updates

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To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who.  Mortys-TV-BB21-HG-Reference-Guide.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:

Washroom Area (WA)
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Kitchen (KT)
Dining Table (DT)
Living Room (LR)
Target Bedroom (TBR)
Camper Bedroom (CBR)
Boat Room Lounge (BRL)
Tree House Balcony (THB)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
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Please feel free to post info for other updaters to let them know how long you can update, or when you're taking a break and you want someone else to take over.


...And pictures, screen caps are welcome here too.

Thank you!

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Night Owl Report:

12:00 AM BBT Ovi and Tommy are hanging out on the hammock . They call it a date on the hammock. They are sharing their "stories". Ovi tells him about his life on campus. Tommy talks about being a dancer on Broadway. He is born and raised on Staten Island and loves his family. 


12:12 AM BBT Ovi and Tommy continue to chat on the hammock. They both feel like they are one of a kind compared to the other HGs. Meanwhile Jack, Michie and Christie are talking in the HoH about Kat's "back and forth emotions". Michie says he told her to wake up, shut up and act like you are on vacation for 4 f*ing days and she won't go home but she can't do that. 


12:22 AM BBT Christie, Jack and Michie continue to rehash all their different conversations with Kat and Kemi throughout the day. Christie tells them that she informed Kemi that she is a backdoor nominee option and she cried. Christie was saved by the fish funeral so she didn't have to keep talking to her about it. 


12:25 AM BBT Christie is telling Jack and Michie about her previous conversation with Sam. Christie sticks to the script (she told Sam she wouldn't tell the rest that she knew he was using the veto) and tells them that she has no idea what Sam is going to do. 


12:34 AM BBT It appears that everyone is still up. There are several different conversations going on at the same time.


12:40 AM BBT Nicole is in  bed and Jessica is standing up next to her and Nicole is talking to her in Spanish. Jessica tells her that her Spanish is very good. They discuss the veto. Jessica thinks that if Ovi is put up, it is in their best interest if he is the one that stays.


12:42 AM BBT Christie has been given a pair of sunglasses that are also a camera. It can take pictures and short videos. She takes it up to the HoH room where half of the house has been hanging out. She says that they can do whatever they want with them. The house is excited and their screams of excitement can be heard in the bedrooms downstairs. They call them "snap chat glasses" 


12:49 AM BBT Nicole and Jessica are talking in the CBR. Meanwhile most of the others are using the glasses to take videos of each other doing silly things in the BY. 


1:30 AM BBT The HGs continue to play games in the LR where they act out different "scenes". 


12:58 AM BBT Everyone is now in the KT while they discuss what they want to do with their snap chat glasses. 


Kitchen Crew.jpg


1:16 AM BBT The HGs are playing some kind of game in the LR. One person stands facing the others similar to how you would for charades and they are the "actor". However, someone sitting is the "director". The director tells you what part you are auditioning for. The person standing has to act out the part. Tommy is the director and has Nick and then Jack act out silly scenes. 

Game Day.jpg


1:35 AM BBT The acting game continues. Ovi and Bella are acting a scene in which Ovi has taken her out on a date at Waffle House. Bella is playing the part of the girl that is not enjoying herself and wants to get away and Ovi is playing the part of the love struck guy who is trying to save the date from disaster. 


1:58 AM BBT The game continues. It does not appear like anyone is going to be anytime soon, though Cliff is stretching like he is trying to hang on as long as possible. 


2:00 AM BBT As the game goes on, Nick plays the role of the needy housewife who wants quality time while Jack plays the role of the husband coming home after a long day at work who wants to go fishing with Cliff instead. [Nick is really good at this game. He had me cracking up many times. Tommy isn't half bad either~Goldylucks]


2:14 AM BBT The game is winding down and some of the HGs start heading to bed. They discuss that this game needs to be done earlier in the day. Bella says that she feels sorry for those poor east coasters who are watching. 


2:20 AM BBT The HGs have stopped playing the game and are about doing their bed preparations. In the HoH Jack tells Michie that he wants to finish their conversation they had before they were interrupted with Christie. Jack says that she is particularly good at recapping her day. 


2:24 AM BBT Michie, Jack, Analyse and Holly are all laying down in the HoH bed. They are discussing whether or not they think that Nick has just been trying to stir the pot. Meanwhile those downstairs are starting to say their goodnights. 


2:27 AM BBT Christie has joined the others in the HoH. There is no room for Christie to lay down in her own HoH. However Christie tells them that she plans to put Ovi on the block as the replacement nom but she will tell him that he is totally just a pawn. Meanwhile downstairs Kemi and Bella are whispering in the SR. Kemi tells her that she (Kemi) is definitely a back door option and that Christie said that Bella can't be trusted because she is too close to the boys. 

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6:15 AM BBT Michie has gotten out of bed to go the bathroom. When he comes out, he stops at the fridge and drinks either some juice or milk straight from the jug. He stands there at the fridge and is eating something with the door wide open. He stops at the KT sink and takes a drink of water straight from the faucet before going back to bed. 


7:00 AM BBT The HGs remain in bed and it's all quiet.

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2:30AM BBT: Kemi and Bella are in the SR whispering about Jack. Kemi tells Bella that Jack came in and peeped into her conversation with Jessica earlier. She says Jack is being weird and they're trying to bring Jessica to their side. Kemi says Christie doesn't want Sam to use the veto. Kemi says if Sam does use the veto, they will bring Cliff down. Bella says she doesn't know if Sam is going to use it. She says Christie will want to keep both a guy and a girl on the block to "keep it fair."

2:31AM BBT: Bella says Jack has been trying to make an alliance with everyone. Bella says the 8 alliance she's in isn't a real thing, she says no one even talked to her about it. "We've never talked about it," Bella tells Kemi. Kemi says Ovi keeps creeping into her conversations. Bella says they can't trust Nicole. Kemi doesn't think Nicole would ever put either of them up. Kemi says Jack told Nicole that he's trying to keep as little blood on his hands as possible. 

2:33AM BBT: Jackson leaves the HOHR where Christie, Holly, Jack, and Analyse are. Christie sas she can't find anything. Jack says he's going to play pool with Nick later tonight. 

2:36AM BBT: In the SR, Bella tells Kemi that she doesn't talk to Jack. She says it's pointless to "talk sh*t" about Jack to Christie. Kemi says "there are feelings there" when it comes to Jack and Christie. Bella says if she wins HOH she'll put up Holly and Kat. Kemi gets concerned and asks why she would put up Kat if Kat's going next eviction. Bella says she meant Jessica. 

2:39AM BBT: Jackson walks into the SR, Kemi leaves to join Jessica and Nicole in the CBR. Nicole says she had "way too much chocolate and sugar." 

2:40AM BBT: Kemi tells Jessica and Nicole about her conversation with Bella. Nicole doesn't think the others will be "as committed" to them. 

2:42AM BBT: Kemi says she doesn't want anything they say to get back to Jack and Jackson. Jessica asks Kemi when she'll talk to Christie, Kemi says she doesn't know because Christie is still "a little frantic."

2:43AM BBT: Jessica tells Nicole and Kemi about her conversation with Sam in the WA about the veto. She says she asked if he was going to use the veto, she says he said he was "thinking about it." She says Sam said he "kinda wants to use it" since he has it. 

2:44AM BBT: Jessica says she doesn't know any season that has used a veto in the first week. Jessica says Christie is upset because she doesn't want her nominations changed. Jessica says Christie said, "this is why I don't f***ing like guys."

2:46AM BBT: Analyse tells Holly and Christie in the HOHR that Jack "is so hot." Christie says she's not playing Jack's game. She also says Kemi doesn't like her. Analyse asks if she needs to talk to Kemi more, Christie tells her to. She says Kemi wants to split up Jack and Jackson. Christie says she trusts their alliance, but not Jack and Jackson. 

2:47AM BBT: Christie tells Holly and Analyse that Jack told her he wants to do whatever Christie wants to do in the game. Christie says she doesn't trust anyone but Holly, Analyse, and Tommy. 

2:49AM BBT: Holly says Kemi is lonely and they need to talk to her more. Analyse says she doesn't want to be associated with Jack. Christie says Nick is "throwing around Jack's name bad." She says Nick is "f***ing pissed" because Jack is saying he's flipping votes. Christie says Nick is jealous of Analyse and Jack. 

2:50AM BBT: Analyse says she flirts with Nick for fun. She doesn't know why he would say that about her. Christie says Sam and Nick are "tight" and that Sam wants to use the veto. Holly says they have a separate alliance. 

2:53AM BBT: In the CBR, Nicole says Christie wants to backdoor Jack, but she's too afraid. Kemi says Christie only said that because she's upset. Kemi says Jack told her to not play so "hard and fast." Kemi says she hasn't done any "hard and fast" game moves. She says Jack is in four different alliances. 

2:55AM BBT: Kemi says Jack is trying to be the puppet master. Kemi says if she was going to flirt with anyone in the house, it wouldn't be Jack. She says she hates the way he's playing and she hopes he'll be backdoored this week. "That would be amazing," Kemi says. 

2:58AM BBT: Nicole says Christie only said that because she was "emotional and angry" and that if they bring it up to her she'll tell them she would never do that because Jack is her friend. Kemi wants Nicole to talk to Christie about backdooring Jack and to play it as doing it for the girls. Nicole wants to talk to Bella, Kemi tells her that Bella is brainwashed by Jackson. BB cuts the feeds. 


3:02AM BBT: Feeds are back, Jessica says Bella and Jackson where whispering earlier. Kemi says Bella tells her everything she talks about with the others. 

3:04AM BBT: The conversation in the CBR starts to circle back around to Jack and his charm. Kemi assures Nicole and Jessica she's not falling for Jack's charm. Kemi says Jack said they cast him to be the "tall, dark, and handsome" one who is in showmances. BB cuts the feeds for a few seconds. 

3:06AM BBT: Kemi says she knows she is Jack's and Jackson's target. She says she understands why she's Jack's target, but she doesn't understand why Jackson wants her out. Nicole says it's because Jackson said "if you're not with us, you're against us."

3:07AM BBT: Jessica said she voted for Jackson for camp director because he said he would do it if no one else would. The conversation circles around again. 

3:10AM BBT: Kemi talks about the hearing and vision test that BB made them do before the game. Bella joins the three in the CBR. Jessica says she's really sore. 

3:11AM BBT: Jessica opens the door to see if anyone else is around before going back to sit down. They start to whisper with Bella about Jack. Bella says Jack doesn't even try to hide his game play. 

3:14AM BBT: Sam walks in and asks if they're conspiring. They invite him in. He asks what they're talking about and they say "tampons." Sam says he uses the "super max" because he can't swim in pads. They ask him how he knows all that, Sam says he remembers health class. Conversation turns to general chatting. 

3:36AM BBT: Everyone is in bed and the lights are off. 


5:30AM BBT: Cliff is up, he uses the WC, washes his hands, stretches, and goes back to sleep. 

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9:00 AM BBT Wake up call.


9:15 AM BBT The feeds return and most of the HGs are up doing ADL's. Jack, Analyse, Holly and Christie are all laying in the HoH bed and Nick is sitting on the edge talking about some of the late night conversations he had last night. 


9:26 AM BBT In the HoH, they are trying to work out who would vote against the house if Ovi is the replacement nominee. Meanwhile in the bedroom, Kemi is rehashing her converations wtih Christie to Bella. 


9:30 AM BBT Jack is in the HoH bed with Michie, Analyse and Holly. Nick is sitting on the side of the bed and tells Christie that she needs to join them because he is lonely sitting aside like a 5th wheel. After a brief conversation, Christie joins them and the 6 of them all snuggle in the bed together. 


9:45 AM BBT It's been a calm morning. The HGs are up doing their ADL's. Even the crew hanging out in the HoH bed are starting to get up and around. 


 9:54 AM BBT Sam and Tommy are out in the BY putting down the awnings. Most of the HGs are hanging around in the KT area drinking coffee while they chit chat. 


9:57 AM BBT Bella is already out sunbathing. Sam is sitting out on the sofa in the BY drinking his coffee. Tommy is sitting on the workout bench. Bella plans to aggressively tan and Sam is going to wear a hat and sunglasses all day because he is burnt. 

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10:07 AM BBT Ovi is out on the exercise bike. In the KT, Nick says that Ovi is a beast. He goes to town on that bike. His eyes haven't even adjusted to being awake yet and he is beasting it. 


10:16 AM BBT It's a quiet morning. Just general talking about life outside the house. Nick is telling Nicole and Cliff about a time he got stung by like 8 bees at once. Cliff was once chased by a mob of bees. They chased him down. Christie, Sam, Jack, Michie, and Holly are sitting in the BY talking about Kat again and how she is not handling herself well at all. 


11:00 AM BBT Half the house are hanging out in the BY and the other half are in the KT. Christie, Sam and Tommy are in the hammock talking about how Tommy dances into the KT every morning. You can see him through the screen in the HoH room. Christie loves it because he does't do it for anyone but himself.


11:03 AM BBT BB calls Sam to the downstairs DR. The HGs think that means it's veto meeting time.


11:05 AM BBT WBRB immediately followed by Puppies!! It is time for the veto meeting.

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12:05PM BBT Looks like the PoV ceremony is over. Ovi is the replacement nom. Christine and Ovi go to the target bedroom.


12:10PM BBT Ovi's crying in the target bedroom and Christine is trying to pep talk him to campaign against Kat. She's also lying to Ovi that she didn't know Sam was using the PoV [she did]. Jack is there, too.


12:28PM BBT Now Anallice is lying to Ovi's face in the BRL telling him she had no idea. She didn't know what Sam was going to do and thought it was going to be Kemi if he used it. [Bleaugh. So fake]

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12:04 PM BBT The feeds return. Cliff is wearing the veto around his neck and everyone is hugging him. Ovi is in the bedroom. Nick goes to Ovi in the bedroom and tells him not to worry about it. Ovi has the votes.


12:05 PM BBT Cliff has been taken off the block and Ovi is his replacement.


2019-06-30-12.04.49-Cam 2.jpg


12:11 PM BBT Christie is talking to Ovi in the bedroom. She tells him that he just needs to lie low and let Kat self destruct. She is going around acting all crazy. "You just be Ovi". 


12:18 PM BBT Christie is in the TBR with Ovi. She tells him that he is sweet and everyone loves him. Kat is going to blow her own game. Let her do that. Christie then goes to the CBR and tells Kat, Nicole and Kemi that this is no fun. Don't be HoH. Just be liked.


12:23 PM BBT Michie is talking to Ovi in the BRL. Michie tells him "I want Kemi gone for personal reasons. Jack wants Kemi gone for personal reasons. Sam wants Kemi gone for personal reasons. Nick wants Kemi gone for personal reasons. Everyone wants Kemi gone for personal reasons, except for Christie." Michie tells Ovi that he is going to stay unanimously except for one vote. That vote will be his. "I am voting for you to leave but not because I want you to leave. Because I don't want you to leave. And you won't be leaving. But I have to do it." Ovi "I may need that vote." Michie "If there is any chance of you going, okay."


12:27 PM BBT Michie continues to tell Ovi that he can't vote for him to stay and he just wants him to know that it has nothing to do with him. He doesn't want him looking at the votes and seeing that one vote to evict him and wonder who it was. He doesn't want him blindsided. He wanted to tell him that man to man. 


12:29 PM BBT Analyse is now talking to Ovi in the BRL. She says she had no idea that this was going to happen. Ovi says it is just a hump and he just has to hope he can get the votes. He tells Analyse that he needs her and has her back and she said that she knows. 


12:32 PM BBT Michie, Jack, Bella and Nick are talking in the BY. Jack says that this proves that Ovi doesn't have the power. They think Cliff has it. Meanwhile Christie tells Sams in the HoH that she doesn't anyone to think she was gunning for Ovi. She is looking forward to Ovi staying and then telling him she knew that would happen. 


12:37 PM BBT Kat, Anaylse and Holly are talking to Nick in the BY. Nick tells Kat that he told her all along what the play was. Stay calm. Christie is talking to Sam in the HoH about how Sis is reigning Jack in. She says she is annoyed that Jack and Sis are tickling each other in her HoH bed. 


12:42 PM BBT Analyse, Kemi, Kat and Holly are running in the BY. Michie is in the KT. He stands at the patio door until just the right moment and he hops out and yells just as Analyse turns around scaring her. She screams, her heart races, and she says she will get him later. Michie says they are going to war all summer long. 


12:47 PM BBT Michie, Bella and Jack are working out in the BY while most of the other girls run laps. Christie is talking to Sam and Tommy in the HoH. Tommy says that he had no clue what was going to happen but he is good.


 12:49 PM BBT Christie tells Tommy in the HoH that everyone is starting to lose trust in Jack. Christie tells him that he told Sam it was a win win if he uses the veto. He keeps his promise to Cliff, she keeps his promise to Kat. Tommy "that's genius". Christie ensures Tommy that she isn't telling anyone else that. As far as they know, she had no clue what Sam was going to do. 


12:53 PM BBT Kemi joins Christie and Tommy in the HoH about how she didn't know Sam was going to use the veto. Sam comes in and asks to speak to Christie alone. He asks her if they are going too hard. She tells him no, she is trying to blow it all off like its not a big deal.


12:58 PM BBT Christie, Nicole, Kemi, Kat and Jessica are in the BRL. Jessica says that if this goes right, there will now be two more girls than guys. The guys play so hard too. Meanwhile Ovi tells Nick and Tommy in the TBR that he has their back and hopes that if ever needed down the line, he's got them. 

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1:05 PM BBT Ovi tells Sam, Nick and Tommy that he isn't just gong to chill around here anymore. He is ready to fight for those guys. Sam "Respect".


1:08 PM BBT Ovi is making his rounds. He approaches Cliff, Bella and Holly on the BY patio that he  likes and appreciates all of them and that if they ever need him, he is willing to do it. He then heads back inside and joins Christie, Nicole, Kemi, Kat and Jessica in the BRL. He tells Christie in front of the girls that he isn't angry at her. She thanks him for putting this all in a positive spin and he is too good for her. 


1:10 PM BBT Christie tells the girls that she got on to Jack hard. She says that she told him that he is accusing others of playing too hard but he is seeing that because he is guilty of it himself. Sam is called to the downstairs DR.


1:13 PM BBT The girls are talking about how Jack isn't trying to learn or memorize anything that will help him win comps. He is just acting like his strength is going to win it. Kemi "This isn't survivor. It isn't about how many tires you can flip." 


1:23 PM BBT Nicole and Kemi go to the SR for a victory dance that the plan to put up Kemi didn't work. They stop abruptly when they hear someone approach and act like nothing is going on when Jessica walks in. Jessica immediately puts down her shoes and dances with them. 

2019-06-30-13.24.35-Cam 1.jpg


1:38 PM BBT In the BY on the patio Sam tells Jack that he just can't think in there (the house). He is on edge and then he misses the boys too. This resulted in a hug with Tommy this morning. Jack tells him that sometimes being real is better than being a tough guy. 


1:40 PM BBT Jack and Sam are talking on the patio. Jack asks him how long do they want to carry Cliff. Do they want to carry him to the jury. Sam thinks that Cliff makes it a week or two up to jury. They are discussing the different scenarios on why they would or wouldn't tell others about a power. 


1:46 PM BBT Ovi and Kemi are talking in the KT. Kemi tells him how she was diagnosed with low blood sugar a year ago. At least 4 times she passed out in a public place. Once she passed out at a Chipotle and busted her lip open when she hit her face against their cash register. 

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2:00pm BBT: kemi in the KT telling Nooleshe is glad everyone in the hiuse recycles because that is her thing. Jack walks in and they talk about music. 

2:02pm BBT: Christie, Sis, Holly and Kat are playing cornhole in the BY. Christie explaining how to play.

2:07pm BBT: Jack in the KT talking to Ovie, Jack ask are you ok and ovie says yeah i am in a good place no stress off my shoulders. Ovie ask did you know about this and jack takes his shades off and says no we did not know if Sam was going to use it or now or if he was taking kat or Cliff off but then we knew you volunteered to go up to keep Kemi from stressing.Jack heads outside and cliff comes in and tells Ovie he is good that no one will vote against the house for sure.

2:21pm BBT: Ovie going in to put his swim trunks on so he can swim, Jessica is stripping her bed to wash the sheets after Jackson sweated on them. Nicole in the  KT Making herself a drink, Most Hg in the BY in the pool and playing corn-hole.

2:43pm BBT: Sis and Christie talking about the live show for Wednesday, Christie says she feels like when they go live that they will be sitting. Sis says i think you will get alot of screen time since you are HOH.

 2:54pm BBT: All Hg sitting around the pool just general talk about baseball going on.

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3:05pm BBT: Hg still just sitting around or in the pool just general talk going on with everyone talking at one time.

3:13pm BBT: Kami ask Christie to bring an egg outside so she brings it to Bella who wants to crack it on the cement around the pool. Someone tells her not to. They now want to play egg toss. Jack gets a frying pan from the KT and bella is putting it in the pan now to see how long it takes to fry it outside.

3:30pm BBT: Jack and Cliff in the hammock talking about family and where they live, Kami in the bedroom talking to herself .

3:45pm BBT: Jack and Chrisrtie in the KT making chicken salad. Christie ask him if he is the official pickle tester he says yes as long as you make chicken salad, She tells him she will always make chicken salad.Most Hg are coming into the KT now to make lunch.

3:57pm BBT: Tommy, Cliff, Kat,Jessica and Nicole in the BY talking general talk, All other HG in the KT eating talking about what foods they like and do not like.

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6:03PM BBT-  Jess, Cliff, Christie, Nicole, Nick and Tommy are sitting in the BY, helping Christie decide where to sleep after her long reign as HOH.   Christie doesn't care who she sleeps with, as long as it's a girl or Tommy.  Michie, Jack and Sam are in the KT cooking dinner.  




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6:03PM BBT-  Jess, Cliff, Christie, Nicole, Nick and Tommy are sitting in the BY, helping Christie decide where to sleep after her long reign as HOH.   Michie, Jack and Sam are in the KT cooking dinner.


6:09PM BBT-  In the BY, the HG are discussing what else they can eat besides fish.  Christie says that not that many people like fish and that their food budget should be spent more on chicken.  Meanwhile, the guys are slaving over their fish cooking in the KT.  They all go in for dinner, except for Jess and Nicole, who are taking their sheets out of the dryer.




6:13PM BBT-  In the WA, Christie teases a showering Bella that she should get her crackhead self out to the KT, where they are going to sing happy birthday to Jack's dad.


6:20PM BBT-  As the HG all sit around the KT table for dinner, Jackson leads a happy birthday speech in the camera to his dad, and then the group sings to him.  




6:43PM BBT-  The HG clean up after dinner.  Jess is telling Jackson that she's not feeling well, and that she took an Emergen-C.  Bella, Holly and Sis are in the WA primping/brushing their teeth.  Nicole is prepping for a shower.


6:46PM BBT- In the BY, Nicole and Cliff chat while folding towels. Nicole doesn't want Ovi to go home, and Cliff says to not do anything to stick her neck out and just go with the house. She agrees.


6:53PM BBT-  Christie is talking with Jack in the HOHR, spinning her story about how she was surprised about Sam's using the POV and that she wishes she had more time ahead to think about it.  She's looking forward to after her HOH time is up and Jack tells her that's where she'll flourish.  


6:55PM BBT-  Ovi, Holly and Analyse are in the BR where Analyse reads the Bible and Holly puts on makeup.  They wish that they'd been given an animal as a pet during their stay, since they're at camp.


6:59PM BBT-  Holly tells Ovi and Sis about how she and her roommate foster puppies in their apartment.  Ovi tells the story of how he got his Corgi named Moglie, and what they went through for training, etc.  Sam walks in and Sis asks why he looks so angry.  He laughs that he can't figure out the coffee thing.

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7:03PM BBT-  Jack and Kat are in the SR and she asks if the plan has changed.  He says no, and that he's going with the house, but she's not going home and that she has 10 votes.  He tells her that she's not a liability coming back into the house after being on the block.  Kat says she can't get a good read on Kemi, Bella and Nick.


7:05PM BBT-  Analyse and Holly whisper in the BR about Ovi, that he talks and talks and talks, but says nothing.  


7:13PM BBT-  Nick brushes Bella's hair in the BY, which he now enjoys after being taught how by the girls.  Most of the HG are in the BY, except for Jess and Ovi who are making up the beds, and Kemi and Kat, who are whispering in the BR.


7:21PM BBT-  Ovi and Jess are still in the BR making the beds after the sheets were cleaned.  Ovi feels that he has the votes, other than the sympathy vote thrown Kat's way.  He wants her to tell him if that's not true, or changes.  


7:26PM BBT-  Jack and Kat head to the boat room where Kat says that she's getting weird vibes from Kemi in that she's trying to flip the vote to get Kat out.  Jack tells her to stop talking and that Kemi has no clue how to play the game and that Kat will still have the votes to stay.


7:33PM BBT-  In the BY, Christie and Sis are playing cornhole against Jackson and Sam.  Cliff and Tommy are playing pool while the others sit around and watch.


7:38PM BBT-  Jess and Nicole are talking in the WA, discussing how Jess is feeling dizzy and what they can to for her.  Jess starts crying and Nicole hugs her.  Jess is upset about the the two people on the block and how she doesn't want either of them to go.  Ovi and Christie are in the BR, where he asks her if there's a tie, would she break it in her favor.  She says if he has 6 votes, he's fine.


7:43PM BBT-  Sam and Jack chat in the boat room about Kat's conversation with Jack in the SR.  He said he's trying to not talk too much game with her.  He explains how he reassured her that it's best for them to keep her, regardless of what Kemi might say.    Sam said that Kemi has not, to his knowledge, approached anyone about the vote and not sure that she would've actually said that to Kat.


7:47PM BBT-  Kat gets Christie into the HOHR and asks further about the vote.  Christie tells her that she's safe and to stop worrying.  She said she doesn't know who to trust in the house.  


7:53PM BBT-  Nick and Jack are in the BY hammock, with Jackson sitting beside them.  Nick said that Kat makes Fessy look smart, but she's so nice.  They continue to rehash the talk of the night where the HG have been moving around the house spinning their side of Ovi vs. Kat.


7:56PM BBT-  Feeds to to puppies in the shelter, who coincidentally have the same looks as the HG tonight - they're all over the place and/or staring at the camera.




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7:50pm bbt


Nick, Michie and Jack are on the hammock, Jack is complaining about Kat being called “his girl”. He wants to see Kemi on the block, and is determined that she leaves sooner rather than later. The girls interrupt them by throwing bean bags at them. Michie tosses them back while the others complain that the bags are going to be ruined. It sounds like several have already ruptured.


Ovi is mentioned as being evicted soon, they say they will tell him it was a “faux 5”.


Nick and Michie have a mutual back patting moment, neither included Jack.


Camera moves to the HOH for just a minute and we see Kat and Christie talking.


Back to the hammock, they men are talking about Christie's reasoning for putting Ovi on the block this week. Jack says because she wanted a boy/girl on the block and she wanted Ovi as a pawn.


None of them want to be tied down, they like going on vacation as free agents so they can meet more than one girl.

They are all flirting with Isabella. It is with good humor.


They wonder how ignorant Kat and Kemi are, and wonder if she would be a good jury vote for them. They say they want to flush out the secret power.


Conversation remains mostly a few sentences then new subject, just as it has been the last few days.


Nick wants to win HOH since he wants privacy, he will lock the door and keep the key around his neck. He wants to control who is in there better than she did. He says Christie was too nice about it.


Jack and Nick are discussing Kat, they believe she is not a good player and refer to her as “the dumbest player in BB history.”

Nick says if Kat puts them up, they will get one person down and force a replacement. Nick says he cannot let Kat win.


From this conversation it seems like they assume Ovi is leaving on eviction night.


Tommy and Sis come over to the hammock and the camera moves to the lounging area near the showers.


Jessica, Cliff and Michie are in the room, Michie has given her a concoction to drink, but promises it will make her feel better. Christie comes by and says she is sorry Jessica is not feeling good, and offers to allow her to take a shower or bath in the HOH. Jessica says that she would not do that, but appreciates the offer.


Christie gives a good description of her perfect bath, but says she would not do it because she doesn't want to miss the house downstairs. Jessica says she might take her up on the offer of the shower, but she will let her know.


Nick comes by carrying Sis, then goes to the loo. They are yelling at him to use the potpourri for the water bowl. Jessica mentions the British woman who advertises it.


Cameras go to back yard, there is a group on the sofas in the yard and Kat and Michie go to the hammock. Immediately Kat mentions Ovi wanting a meeting with Holly, Sis and Michie so he can ask for their votes. Michie tells her that is fine, but she should not let people get into her head for the next three days. He tells her she is in good hands.

Kat continues to fuss about Ovi asking for votes, Michie asks her if she can blame him for doing that. He tells her she is taken care of as long as she continues to not act out. He tells her not to talk game. She keeps saying “ok” and “I'm not.” Kat continues to talk game, that Jack and Ovi are working together. Michie tells her it is fake. Kat continues to talk game. She goes over every name in the house, he tells her that everyone is voting for her to stay.


Kat questions Michie about a compilation being made about the two of them together, but Michie says he can't talk about it.


Michie, “See??”

He leaves the hammock and starts on weight lifting.

Kat leaves the hammock.


House guests are complaining about mosquitoes.


When Christie mentioning going to the bathroom couch Kat says “I'm going to the bathroom couch.”


Ovi says he coaches kids in rowing.


Christie and Isabella lead the group into the house and away from the irritating bugs.


Ovi wants to play billiards, and Nicole agrees to a game.


Ovi tells Nicole he thinks he might be okay, Nicole says everyone seems to want to go with the house. Isabella comes out and is watching them play. Ovi tries to do the break, but messes up so badly he wants to try again. Isabella wants to know what they are talking about, Ovi says just about the votes and how they might go. He is concerned but plans to wait before pushing the other guests.


General conversation, all cameras are on in the back yard.


A few minutes later Isabella tells Ovi to just act normal, that Kat might sink her own ship. She tells him that the veto is used for a reason, but she thinks Kat will self destruct. She thinks it will come down to who is the least paranoid in the next few days. She tells him to be friendly and act normal, and let Kat spend her time alone and follow Michie around.


Ovi says you never know, but panic is not the thing.


Isabella continues to encourage him, and Ovi continues to agree with her.


8:43pm bbt


Nearly the entire house is crowded onto the bed in the bed lounge room. They look like a pile of sardines. Jessica, Michie and Kat are the only people missing.


Kat comes into the room and is standing at the foot of the boat bed. No one offers to make room for her.



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9:00PM BBT:


Cliff is called to the DR, when he leaves Kat moves onto the boat bed with the others.


Camera 3


Jessica and Nicole are checking out the damage done by a flood in the HOH shower. Jessica has a pile of towels and they are trying to mop up the water.


Kat comes in and suggests they check and see if it is from the toilet, they determine that it is from the shower. They toss towels down and dance on them to mop up the water.


Jessica says this is the first time she has used the shower up there, and this is just her luck. Holly comes into the room, and they are all trying to figure out what has happened. Holly says the loo is wet too, and it could be a leak, but Jessica says it is the shower.


Jessica says “At least it is not toilet water.”


Someone yells to see if they are okay, they all say all is well.


Holly says her “butt” is sunburned. (That happens) She is worried that she will be in a competition tomorrow and will have to deal with it.


Christie comes in and they tell her about the mess, she says it happened to her and because of the angle, water pours out. She says “bad construction.” She is more concerned about getting her last ice cream. Christie says the fridge up there freezes everything.


Jessica thanks them for helping.


Bob, “Jessica, please put on your microphone.” That tells us that production knows about the flood.


When Jessica comes downstairs several of the house guests have moved to that area and are snacking on ice cream.


Michie is at the refrigerator pouring chocolate milk directly from the jug into his mouth.


Camera 3 moves to back yard.


Nicole and Kat are at the washer and dryer, Kat is complaining about Nick crowding into her. They are adjusting the timer for the laundry, hoping the back yard does not close.


General chatter throughout the house still happening at 9:40 BBT.

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Camera 1


Ovi has joined the group in the bathroom, he tells them he does not want to be “Debbie Downer”, they all tell him he is not.


Cliff joins the group on the sofa while Nick is washing his hands. Nick tells them that the bugs are not as bad now as they were earlier. They talk about playing billiards.


In the boar bed lounge Christie, Isabella Jessica and Kemi are laying on the bed.


Christie tells them she is so over “him”, but Sis is so attached with him. Christie tells them “he” is salty and is terrified that Kemi will win the HOH. (he must be Jack because they mention his hair). Christie says he is upset because Kemi mentioned him cooking on day 1.


Kemi says she pays no attention to him.


Jessica tells them that Jack told her no one expected the veto to be used.


Christie says that Ovi and Jack have some kind of deal going on, and he is banking for Jack to rally for him. Christie loves Ovi, but Kat is better to keep around and let her do her meltdowns. She says Kat is not a competition threat. Christie says Jack is obsessed with himself and was flipping his hair around while he tried to pressure her into putting Kemi up. Christie tells them she told him, “this is not the Jack show.” She says he has been salty around her ever since.


Kemi tells them that he wants to play a game like Tyler, and the public will hate you.


Jack pops his head in the door, they change the topic to birth control methods, and they do it in a graphic way. He steps back out the door.


In the storage room Ovi is campaigning to Sam, he makes it clear that he will not have bad feelings if he leaves, but he would like to stay. Ovi tells him that Sam has a family and he wants to help him win it.


The camera goes back to the boat bed lounge and the girls, who have resumed their game talk.


Kemi says if she was HOH and Jack came to ask who she is putting up, she would tell him, “you”. She has no hesitation about that.

She wonders if she would put Michie up next to him. Kemi says Jack thinks he is running the game.


Christie tells them Jack wanted to make a pecking order for evicition.


One of the girls whispers,”He needs to be out before jury”

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10:00PM BBT: Analyse and Nick are in the WA, Nick is telling Analyse who he would nominate if he wins the next HOH. Nick says he's going to use Kemi as a "pawn" and tell her Kat is his target, but she's really his target. Meanwhile, Cliff, Kat, Holly, and Jackson are in the hammock chatting. Holly says Bella told Ovi earlier to "enjoy his last few days." Cliff promises that if he hears the votes have changed and Kat will go home, he will tell Kat so she's not blindsided on national television. He says he'll do the same for Ovi, he plans on telling anyone that they're going home right before the vote. 

10:02PM BBT: Kemi and Ovi are playing checkers upstairs, Tommy watches. The four in the hammock are still chatting about the block. They all agree Kemi "dodged a bullet this week." Jackson says if he win's HOH "her a** is going up." Kat agrees the same. Jackson says he's not even going to backdoor her, he'll just put her up and win Veto. "She pisses me off," Jackson says. 

10:03PM BBT: Jackson says he would be friends with Kemi, but he "cannot stand her as a player." Holly says she doesn't think she could be friends outside of the house. Jackson says Kemi is a "cancer in this house." He says Ovi will vote however the HOH wants him to vote, so it's pointless to "get him out." Kat says she forgot she had to give a speech during Veto. 

10:08PM BBT: Jackson tells Kat to "keep it classy" in her speech on eviction night. Kat says she's still going to "call some people out." She then asks Cliff for help writing her speech. Kat says she's going to enjoy her next few days and get as tan as she can. 

10:09PM BBT: Cameras switch to the group in the WA, where Nick, Jack, Analyse, and Tommy are chatting. They're also talking about Kemi and how she's the next to go. Nick tells the other three that Kemi's not going home this week "because of who went out first." BB immediately switches cameras. All four cameras are now on Kemi and Ovi playing chess. Ovi tells her he thinks "the house is with me," but he's still unsure. He says he's solo right now.


10:12PM BBT: Two cameras are back on the group in the WA, Nick is still talking about Kemi and how she dodged a bullet this week, but she's going home next week. He says he'll lie to her and tell her Kat his his target, but he's taking Kemi out if he wins HOH. 

10:13PM BBT: "There's no way she's staying, bro," Nick says, "we'll win power week two...we'll win power week three." Nick says he's going to put his feet in the hot tub. Tommy tells Nick, Jack, and Analyse that Ovi and Kemi were talking about Nick and Bella upstairs. Nick says he "came here to win." Jack says he "also came here to have fun."

10:16PM BBT: Nick asks about Nicole, Tommy tells him she'll vote with the house. Cameras switch to the group in the hammock. Kat says she doesn't want to be a pawn anymore and she doesn't want to be a pawn again. Jackson tells her to relax. He says to just sleep, get up, eat, tan, and look pretty. Jackson says she'll be a target if she acts like she did the first few days in the house. Jackson tells her "this is a game" and if she shows any negative emotions she'll be gone. He says being a bad roommate will get you voted out the house.  Holly asks if she has an annoying laugh, Jackson tells her she has a "cute laugh" and then goes back to lecturing Kat. "No one is playing you," he says. 


10:20PM BBT: Cliff and Jackson leave the hammock, leaving Holly and Kat alone. Kat says she's "nervous" because Christie is "going anti Jack." Holly wants to know what happened. "Same old thing," Kat says. They talk about Christie and Jack.  Kat says Christie wants to do a "final five with the girls." 


 10:24PM BBT: Nick has his feet in the hot tub and he's talking to Holly and Kat. Holly says she's afraid people are going to make gifs out of her falling asleep in random places. Inside, Ovi is in the SR and Sam walks in. Ovi asks Sam if he knows how the vote is going to go. Sam says he's "hearing 50/50 stuff" and that he knows "Kat doesn't do anything and the house notices that." He says she "doesn't bring anything to the table and based on that alone Kat is most likely going home." Ovi says it "sucks" if he's going, but he wants to know so he'll have "composure up there." He says he trusts Sam and he hopes that he won't be going home. Jackson walks in and their conversation stops. Cliff walks in a few moments later. Ovi says Sam was giving him "bad inspirational talks." Cliff leaves, Jackson stands there and eats nuts while Sam and Ovi awkwardly talk about the last comp. Sam then talks about his "hemorrhoid problems."


10:30PM BBT: Christie is in the BRL with Kemi, Jessica, and Bella. Christie is still complaining about Jack, going over everything he's said and done today. "I'm going to do what I want to do," Christie says, "this is not the Jack show!" Bella says she '"dislikes" Jack because he "takes advantage of people." 


10:36PM BBT: Jackson has left the SR, Ovi and Sam go back to talking game. Sam says Christie was "a little salty" with him this morning. They talk about Christie, Ovi says he's not mad at Christie. 


10:43PM BBT: Ovi is pacing in the TBR, he's talking to himself as he goes over the votes. He thinks he's going to stay, he thinks he has the vote and he needs to "lay low, be calm, and be happy." He says Bella is a "lost cause, forget her." He says he's "coming for these people if they let me stay." "I'm not a quitter," he tells himself. In the WA, Sam is telling Cliff, Analyse, and Jack about his conversation with Ovi. Sam says he was "pretty happy" he was able to get it all out without laughing. Nick runs in and they all laugh. 


10:50PM BBT: The house starts to move around, general conversation throughout the house. 


10:53PM BBT: Ovi goes to the HOHR and talks to Jack. Ovi asks if he can trust Jack, Jack says Ovi is an "incredible player." Jack tells Ovi that he's a better player than Kat, so Ovi will stay. Ovi says if he's going home he just wants everyone to be honest with him. Jack says "yeah," and then "you're going to be fine." Ovi says, "I'm trusting you bro." Ovi tells Jack that he is his "ride or die." Ovi gets up to leave the HOHR, Jack tells him "he's good" and to "get some rest."


11:06PM BBT: Christie, Tommy, and Nick join Jack in the HOH bed. Nick says he "pays attention to everything." They talk about the decor in the house. Christie tells them the next comp won't be a memory challenge. Christie says she's "insane at memory" and the universe wouldn't let her miss a memory comp. Christie asks the others in the HOHR if Ovi is going home. They all agree yes. Ovi and Cliff are talking in the TBR about the votes. Analyse walks into the HOHR with Jackson, Christie says Ovi thinks he's staying. Jack says "everyone is lying to everyone." Christie says she doesn't want to blindside Ovi, so they'll tell him right before the vote. "I feel so bad," Analyse says. 


11:15PM BBT: Nick says their eight person alliance is the "bomb squad." "It's f***ing amazing," Nick says, "we're just going to pick them off one by one." Christie says if Cliff wins she's going up. Nick says Cliff would put up Jessica and Ovi. "Cliff's not dumb, bro," Nick says, "he doesn't have the votes." Christie says if Cliff was smart he won't win the next HOH. They all agree that Cliff has the power. 


11:17PM BBT: Christie asks them about Kemi, Jackson says he's going to win HOH, put Kemi on the block, "beat her a** in the veto and then send her home." Christie says she "believes in a backdoor to get someone out." Jack says he's "tight" with Jess, but she's "two faced." Jack tells them that he never told Ovi that he's not going home. "He has to go," they all agree. 


11:20PM BBT: The group in the HOH talk about Kat, they agree that Kat will do whatever they want her to do. Jack would rather they backdoor Kemi instead of putting her on the block originally. Holly comes into the room. They say they have seven of their alliance members inside and they wonder where Bella is. They talk in circles about how Kemi is their target next week, they're the best, and food. 


11:41PM BBT: Nick leaves the HOH and wanders around downstairs. He walks into the TBR and asks them where Tommy is, even though he knows Tommy is in the HOH Room. Cliff and Ovi chat in the TBR. General conversation throughout the house. 



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