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Vote for Your Favorite Meme Here!!

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It is time for you to vote for your favorite meme! It's simple as pie. All you have to do is look at the memes that I have collected and placed in the link below and then reply in here which one is your favorite. You will find that the memes have all been numbered for your convenience. Voting will remain open until 8 PM BBT on Wednesday, February 13th. Only one vote allowed per person. If you vote for more than one, only your last entry will be counted as your vote. 


Here are some examples on how you can vote:


Example 1: I pick #23 "You in Danger Gurl" because when I say it my head I can actually hear Tamar's voice. It is a good representation of her theatrics in the house.


Example 2: I pick 23.


Example 3: 23 is my favorite.


Example 4: 23 


As you can see, we aren't all that picky. Just drop the number of which one you liked best and if you want to give an explanation on why you chose it,  go for it. 








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#18 would have been perfect with Tamar. 


I have to go with #21 because I think it perfectly represents how Ricky played the game and there's a good chance he will win.



Who thinks if Ricky is in F2, he'll win the jury vote...

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