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Wednesday, August 29, 2018 Big Brother 20 Live Feed Updates


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10:28am BBT: Kaycee and Brett in the Kitchen talking about waking up and JC. 


JC is not a morning person he is talking to Sam, she is not either.  JC is an afternoon and night person.

Brett says Happy Birthday to someone.

10:30am BBT: Brett says Ha! caught red handed sleeping in another persons bed to JC.

Talking about where everyone was sleeping and Brett passed out.

JC couldn't sleep with all the snoring.


10:32am BBT: Sam was doing hand stands early this morning.

Kaycee is sitting alone in the kitchen drinking her coffee.

Tyler's hair is back to "normal"

JC is still complaining that it doesn't look right, its still straight.

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10:35am BBT: Sam laughing at JC

Brett goes to the HoH room where Angela and Tyler are.

10:43am BBT: Kaycee and Brett in the kitchen, Brett making breakfast and talking to Kaycee.

Tyler went to get Bretts lid to his cup, camera changes to Sam in the pink room and she is cuddling Tyler.

10:46am BBT: Brett making Bacon [Shocker!] Brett, Kaycee and Tyler jst talking about sleeping and JC and how he clings to you in the middle of the night.

Brett says Happy Brother, Birthday Kenny!

Angela emerges from the HoH room, Kaycee says Good Morning Princess!

Angela is sore, she didn't sleep very well, couldn't get in a deep sleep.  Weird dreams.


10:49am BBT; Angela trying to explain her dreams, that there wasn't a point or purpose to them, just being in different rooms of a house [hum...]

She leaves, sees Sam, they say good morning.  Angela asks why shes in bed, Sam said she was giving JC Sh*t it was fun.

Kaycee asks if Brett is doing Brown Sugar, he can.  Its the 1 week anniversary of trying to burn the house down [the oven fire]

Happy Brother Birthday!!!

10:56am BBT: Sam still sitting alone in the Blue room. Brett putting Brown Sugar on the bacon. Kaycee talking about her brother (its his birthday, hes 19)


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10:03am BBT: We now have FOTh as BB wakes the HG for the day.

10:23am BBT: Brett is sitting in the WA drinking a cup of coffee. BB tells Angela the bedroom lights must remain on  during the day, Angela grunts and Tyler gets out of the bed and turns on the lights then gets back in bed.

10:28am BBT: JC laying in bed saying you know i am not a morning person. sam sitting up in her bed drinking coffee.

 10:38am BBT: Tyler leaves the HOHR, JC comes out of the WA and goes to the BBR. Kaycee, Brett and Tyler in the KT talking about dreams they had and laughing.

10:41am BBTL Brett is putting foil on a pan so he can make bacon in the oven again. kaycee is laughing. Tyler goes to the BBR and lays down with Sam, Sam is rubbing his back. Just general talk going on as the Hg wake up.

 10:53am BBT: Brett cooking breakfast while Tyler, kaycee and Angela watch and drink coffee and water, Just general talk going on. Sam laying in her bed looking at a pillow and picking at it.

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11:00 am BBT.  Tyler, Brett and Haleigh in the KT eating.  No game talk.   


11:07 am BBT.  In the KT, HGs are eating and Angela looks to be making a batch of slookies (slop cookies)


11:10 am BBT.  No talking.   In the KT, cooking and dish washing.  Kaycee is doing ADLs in the WA.   


11:13 am BBT.  Sam is up in the HOH Bathroom, she has the headphones on.  

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11:02am BBT: Brent talking about a fire in his apartment with his roommate, he's Army crawling on the floor yelling about the smoke to his roommate and his roommate doesn't care, its ask crazed as Brett.  Tyler started the Fire alarm story off with his roommate cooking shrimp on the stove, left it to go take a shower with noise cancelling headphones.  Tyler gets to the apartment hears the alarm blaring, gets closer and the sound is louder, finds out it his apartment, tears in sees the shrimp and his roommate knows nothing about it.

His roommate did a review of the headphones saying the cancelled out the noise real well, he didn't know alarms were going off, [lol]


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11:16 am BBT.   In the KT is Angela, Brett, Haleigh, Kaycee and Tyler.  Angela tells Tyler he looks tired and asks is it JC?  He says yeah.  Angela says I can’t believe he took my spot, now it’s gonna smell like JC.  Tyler says JC asked if he could sleep with him bcuz he was sad and Brett was passed out.  Brett says I am just a piece of meat side ho in this house.   Sam is in the HOHR talking to herself.   


11:19 am BBT.  Sam is now downstairs.  She says last night I was doing handstands against the fridge.  Angela tells her she was watching her.  Sam asks what can we do today?  She doesn’t want it to be a contest though.  She says they have talked about a prom.  Angela says they can limbo. 


11:24 am BBT.  Haleigh says they can play would u rather again.  


11:25 am BBT.  Brett gets into the shower.  Kaycee is flattening the yellow peg wall to reset it.  She goes into the geometry room and starts playing with the peg wall, planning out what she wants to do.  


11:31 am BBT.  Kaycee is writing happy bday to somebody on the peg wall.  We get WBRB.  


11:33 am BBT.  Kaycee has written Happy nday kenny and a heart on the peg wall.  In the WA, Brett is in the shower and Tyler is brushing his teeth.  Brett says he misses golfing.  Faysal comes in not really saying anything.  Tyler asks if Brett golfs left handed.  He says no and that’s weird bcuz I shoot my bow left handed.  We get WBRB.  



11:36 am BBT.  Sam is in the WA now.  Faysal says to Sam don’t get me started, I’ve been waiting to crack on u.  He says he has a bag full of them.  Sam behs him to say something.  She says he won’t bcuz he wants a haircut on Thursday.  Faysal goes into the WC walking by Brett in the shower.  Brett says we have a peeper!  Faysal says i can’t see anything.  Tyler tells Sam his hair went back to normal and how did that happen.  He says they may have to do it again.  He says it grew on him the next when it got a little curl back on the ends and wasn’t so straight.  Sam asks Faysal if he really had things he wants to say about her.  He says no.  


11:44 am BBT.  Kaycee and Angela are at the chessboard.  Haleigh is up there also explaining how to play checkers.  She leaves and Kayvee keeps explaining how to play checkers.  Kaycee says chess is hard and requires more thinking.   

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11:42 am BBT  Kaycee. Haleigh and Angela are in the KT, trying to figure out what to do.  They suggest a pillow fight. but settle on checkers.  Angela wants to just lay down, Kaycee tells her no, she has to learn.  Haleigh knows how, but Kaycee tells Angela she has to play to learn.  They go upstairs to the chess set, and use fiber pills as checkers. 

Sam is in the WA with Brett, Fessy comes in and talks only to Brett.  Haleigh asks if the fish have been fed today, Sam says no, so Haleigh leaves to get the fish food. 

Brett is out of the shower.  Sam is still in the WA.  Just general talk.

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11:50 am BBT.  Kaycee and Angela are playing checkers.  Haleigh is looking at the fish.  They are wondering if 1 is dead or just sleeping.  Then they wonder if fish sleep.  Angela must be doing well bcuz Kaycee says are u sure this is the first time u have played?  In the WA, Sam asks Brett if anyone he knows welds.  Brett says I have done what is it called smolder.  Sam says soldering.  Brett asks how much a welder is.  Sam says she paid $400 for a sh***y one.  She says u could get one at Home Depot for $500 but the one she wants is $1200.  

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11:57 am BBT  Sam is talking to Brett in the WA about her truck, which is fine and a 2007, but she wants a bigger, diesel one.  She said if she does that, she wanted a fifth wheel camper, but got a pull behind sugar shack instead.  If she gets the bigger truck, she should have gotten the bigger camper.  She said it is complicated.  

Brett goes to the KT with Fessy and gets something to eat.  Angela and Kaycee can be heard playing checkers.  Brett jokes about causing a little smoke one time, and he never hears the end of it.  Brett goes into the BBR and scares Tyler.  Fessy walks into the PBR and can't find JC.  He finally sees he is under the covers, and goes and sits next to him, while shaking the ice to wake him up.  Brett throws a pillow at him.  JC says something to Fessy, and Fessy says he isn't a have not anymore, they reversed the twist (don't think so!)  Brett can't find his clothes.  There are some on the bed, but he says he is missing a ton of shit.  He puts on some clothes that he could find.

Feeds switch to Sam in the WA.  Tyler comes in to use the WC.  He says he doesn't know where JC is.  Sam asks if he was in bed with JC.   Sam is complaining about her hair.

12:05 pm BBT  Tyler walks past Brett in the KT, they talk about something that Brett is eating.  Brett says he is making a mess, Tyler says he is watching him, as he goes to the BBR.  He looks in the PBR, turns around, and gets some clothes to change into. Tyler then goes to the SR trying to find something to eat. Tyler then goes to the KT, still looking for food.  They re talking about movie quotes, then what to name their kids.  Tyler like Valhalla, Brett says Bruce (Almighty).  Not much going on, no game talk, just HGs trying to find something to do.

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Brett says everyone in the HOH was probably checking out his buns while he was climbing the wall. 


They then talk about how last time they worked out like that it was right before it was an endurance HOH and all of them were sore.


Brett still hasn’t gave Angela her massage and saying he is gonna make burgers around 5:30 and the day is crawling by cause he woke up early today. Hopefully he will be tired at a normal time tonight, “but now she’s ready for her massage” JC SAYS 

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“You are a strong boy, you’re dreams will come true” Brett says in a mocking JC voice. 


Angela says “why do you want everyone to eat JC?”


JC says cause everyone needs to eat before the restock kitchen. JC then suggest making cupcakes.


(we all know JC wants the girls to get fat) 



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Brett brings up the original energy beer SPARK! 

Conversation goes from there about energy drinks and coca-cola.


5:47 pm BBT Then Brett starts talking about bath salts and everyone eating each other faces. 

Angela is so confused. (I don’t blame her) 


5:48 pm BBT Brett is now taking about legal weed called spice and salvia and how it’s sold at gas stations and how Miley Cyrus smoked it.


Angela left this room on this convo. 

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Brett always has a story.

He says how some days it’s zero degrees in Boston. Kaycee says she doesn’t know how people live in cold weather like that.


5:55 pm BBT JC says he doesn’t know what to do with his life and Kaycee says she’s getting tired. Kaycee can’t eat and is hungry, JC wants to eat: 


Kaycee says how she needs to shave her legs, but like to shave outsides. JC says his ball are shrinking. He doesn’t know why. 

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Hayleigh asks Fessy if he is about to shower and he says “yeah.”

She tries to leave room and he says “come here.”

He says “come here” she says “What Fessy you just want me to sit here in silence and stare at you?” 

He says it’s their last day together.


She says listen “If I leave you need yo go make friends and I’m extremely worried if you’re in this house by yourself!”


He says “it doesn’t matter!”

He says “they”don’t matter.(talking about level six side) He admitted he doesn’t know how to play this game.

If she leaves she doesn’t wanna see him for seveal weeks

He says “I don’t really care about that right now

she said that him saying that really bothers her, one of them is staying and he needs to get his shit together. She then says he is so frustrating”


6:07 pm BBT



Changing subjects to braiding his hair. He says no. She says we don’t know if you are leaving Fessy. He laughs. 

 She says she didn’t have a pick to part his hair and will give me then next round. He asks if he can have it. She says no that’s the only one I have. 

He says then I don’t need your sweater in the jury house. 

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7:05 pm BBT Tyler and Angela are snuggly in the HOHR bed.  JC is talking to Haleigh, Brett (in shower) and KC (shaving legs) in the WA.


7:31 pm BBT Brett goes upstairs and Tyler and Angela quickly break up their embrace and retreat to separate sides of the bed.  Brett talks about what's for dinner, and then go through scenarios for the next HOH.

7:42 pm BBT Tyler goes downstairs.  Brett gets the lotion and starts to massage Angela's back.  As he unhooks her bra he says "it's called verbal consent" to the feeds.




7:52 pm BBT JC, Haleigh, Sam, Tyler and Fessy are in the KC.  Sam said she won't know how to act in society when she gets out.  They all agree that they've had more inappropriate conversation in the house than they've ever had outside.


7:55 pm BBT JC tells the others in the KT that they should name their daughters "Jenna Talia".  Lots of laughs.

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Angela and Tyler finally getting their alone time. They’ve been waiting for an empty room. She’s been upset today about how the jury treated her and asked her questions about her life growing up with her family. Angela’s emotional day. 


6:08 pm Tyler says this is the most difficult thing in the world and he just wants to grab on her.


Tyler calls her Angela 2.0


Angrla says she just ants to fall asleep on Tyler. With no one coming in. She’s sick of people coming in.

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Anglea says how she is in real life is how she is protruded on the show. That’s why DR is questioning her about her life so much today. Hopefully coming out on why she is the way she is. She says she never told anyone her life story till she was on this show. Being locked in a house with nothing to talk about. (Her story is sad and I feel for her-Shelbykc)

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